Saturday, 24 December 2011

on reading of Laurence Freeman ‘monastery without walls’ in FT

Whilst one can gather a common thread of mystical or transcendental basis for religions - it might be more direct to see all interpretations and descriptions - and their derivatives - as an expression of what might be called experiential Fact. "THAT anything exists - That Awareness Is". Such Fact is not subjectively or objectively approachable via what we call the mind. Insofar as we attempt to speak of what reveals itself WITHIN the acceptance of BEING, we tend to use cultural symbols, concepts and stories, that inevitably become referred to and given currency - OUTSIDE the awareness of the Acceptance as IS, and as such, are subverted to the realm of 'interpretations and descriptions', that are invested in, believed, identified with - and part of the game of self in a world conflicted.
Meditation in the outer sense, might be whatever circumstance of intent and investment of receptivity serves to allow the restoration of perspective of wholeness of being.
To live out from a fragmented or conflicted self sense may be exciting and full of promise, for a while. But the mind spins its story and commentary upon what is essentially a dissonance of being.
No matter how many minds collude in self validating their own personal 'reality' - the underlying dissonance is active because it is 'made real' by the attempt to overcome it.
The Perspective of a direct awareness, is innocently empty of problem based identity, and inherently serves the dissolving and resolving of a problem based consciousness, one step at a time. The problem solving (and problem creating) mind wants to 'know or understand' in advance, so as to strategically 'survive and prevail' as an independent agent. So it is resistant in refusal to stop and listen and feel - without an object of reaction from which to get a reflection.
But the feeling of Being cannot be substituted for with anything that the mind can get or gain or acquire - beyond a momentary hit of peak experience. So often it is those who have succeeded in worldly terms who genuinely come to seek for a depth of wholeness, integrated being and clearly guided purpose.
To enter Silence or the resting of the mind of thinking, is always an individual willingness. One can militantly silence aspects of the mind - but the force that is applied is not receptivity, trust or recognition of the Movement of Being. But its very essence, is the releasing of the wilfulness of an wish for independent authority, and as such is an opening to a Truly Relational Being.
Within the Peace of Wholeness, is every dynamic by which we identify life - but seen from an Inclusive Perspective. In such a shift of perception, the problem may be seen as the answer - but ONLY from such a shift - because the self defining mind is an act by which all is perceived externally as separate polarized forces. Everyone knows this at some level in their life; to be in the zone, in the flow, an at-one-ness or sense of guided or supported act. But they tend to seek to get it, try and hold it and lose it. And so spend most of their life actively maintaining the conditions of distraction from the awareness of the Unified Integrated Wholeness of this and every Moment - allowed to be itself one with you.
In one way or another the shift from what does not and can not really ever work, to The Way Things Work - is natural and inevitable, because sooner or later, the game is up and one cant even pretend otherwise. Amidst the breaking through of the new one can cling to the old and take a crash course later, or recognize the Change and tune into it. Fear distorts and blinds the mind in reaction and reenactment. A means of calm is essential and desired in order to discern truly.
Wisdom cannot be stored or handed down directly, but in our own willingness of trust and receptivity, we abide IN relationship with whatever LIFE IS - and listen for that which is recognisably of a Unified Will - as our true expression. And abide in it as it abides in us.
The urgency of the call for true vision in our times is acute, but paradoxically this is a call to Be, to freely align our self under or in service of Being - and regain the integrity of honesty and trust within ourselves - as a basis for all our relationships and dealings. One step at a time, or rather, this step now.

Thankyou for your attention

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Scientists say Turin Shroud is supernatural

By an Intimately Mysterious Power is Awareness. Awareness-I of thought and of identification with thought, allowing thought-me to think that I am as I think I am - and while by that same Power, the illusion persists, I may experience my interpreted version as if it were real.

Wishing something be true - or that it be NOT true is not the same as desisting from assertions based on the thought-me - which NEVER CAN be a separate, independent actor or observer - much as the WISH for such power appeals to the fascination with self-creation.

Awareness beyond interpretations - that is Intimately allowed to be all that it is - Opens a Perspective that thought-me inherently blocks, distorts and misinterprets.

The thought-me may identify with religion or atheism - while it invests in the outcome for its own self validation.
But (for want of words) Self, - the Unified non-local Field of Awareness/Energy, is not affected by modifications of the thought-me, any more than clouds affect the Sun. But this is not true for the local view - that experiences the shadow of its own wish-belief-assertions as a polarized play of action and reaction.

There is Communication from the Self to All That It Is - because being Unified, no part is excluded. But to the local view - which experiences itself as if inside a body that is itself inside a world - it seems as if there is a para-natural Order or Power or Being - of which it tends initially to be terrified - because awareness of Being is the undoing of the 'reality' of the thought-me.
But the thirst for Truth - (in distinction to the search for truth as an extension of the thought-me) - is the condition of preparing for and welcoming of Self - (even though the identification with thought-me as a condition of dissonance and darkness, tends to call it God or Spirit or Light) - in the false conviction that it is a Separate Power to itself. Whilst this is true at the level of thinking and identifying - it is not true at the level of Awareness.
The Awareness, so taken for granted that we presume it to be a given, is, for want of better words, the Light of You.

The experience of self-creation plays independence like a prodigal child - but can only do so within an absolute dependence of which it needs to be unaware in order to play.
But when the ground or reality of the thought-me disintegrates from under it, and its concepts, definitions and beliefs rendered meaningless, (be they religious or atheistic), the 'game' is up - and the thought-me becomes repurposed as a teaching-learning device - in place of being an unquestioned basis of self survival.

Until there is a glimmering of such, the thought-me is impenetrable - because it 'already knows'.
We can observe this in our minds  in any moment.
But if we try to think our way - we will slip from  observing the programming, and instead be mesmerized by the programmed me-thought.

There is no benefit to the thought-me in quieting itself to allow a deeper listening in Awareness. But there is every benefit in releasing a false and limiting self sense, and allowing what is Already true, to register with You - such as your current capacity allows.

Religion decays and becomes degraded, insofar as it is used  to validate the thought-me, or to manipulate the thought-me or engage in conflicted struggles of the thought-me. But at its Root it is not a man made Movement, that awakens and serves as Unifying Awareness and Principle, for the reintegration of self as Self.

In a dis-integrated me-thought world, the Need is for Unifying Perspective that serves to uncover an innate Integrity - as a true basis to live out from. Not as mere ideas - but as a currently felt presence and participation in relationship - instead of in war of 'relationships' that the thought-me engenders.

Thank you for your attention

In Peace


Monday, 12 December 2011

Frozen Planet: David Attenborough stumbles on the melting ice

Clearly the most astounding accomplishments of the human mind is its capacity to disregard beholding the awesome wonder of Be-ing, by focussing on its own self commentary, within which is everything defined in our own image. (The vanity of our 'understanding why' distorts the appreciation of the wonder 'that'). I find it uses natural beauty to support  a mix of meds and propaganda though I doubt any of it is consciously intended as such.

Armchair entertainment that remains shallow and divorced from the wonder of the experience. I could wish to have alternative commentary options - perhaps simply including footage of those who were there.
Images so beautiful, yet somehow missing the relational sense of wonder and blessing of being in the wild on its terms - at least in some moment or degree!

Technology is allowing presentation to usurp content. But not without huge outlay of investment.

Still, all very interesting as a snapshot of the mind and times circa 2011. And I have watched it despite being irked by the commentary.
There is such beauty unimagined - just a step outside the mind that defines everything. Somehow the TV can use the most inspiring to help keep us cosily insulated from our Life.

But only if that is in fact our active willingness.

In Peace


Thursday, 8 December 2011

What would Jesus Do?

(First comment)
What Love would DO would express what love Is. Mere mimicry in self-righteous force of will is not loving.
All that we 'do' proceeds from what we think and accept true. The thinking by which man is deceived is undone by a true willingness to love. Jesus, may symbolize  and support our willingness to see love's presence and to be love's presence in place of trading in or asserting a false presence.

(Second comment)

Discern the apparent polarity of action and reaction. Step back from 'sides' or personal investments - and listen in the heart for wisdom, in peace. Trust what comes from such a wholeness, be unafraid and don't worry. (or subscribe to any thinking that undermines the 100% of its wholeness). The Spirit of our Source is One. A mind may be legion - but only by fighting its shadow. Are you tired yet?

Astronomers Find Biggest Black Holes Yet

That minds can understand ANYTHING of the universe indicates that Universe is an Expression of MIND and that minds are not in FACT independent little persona's riding in a temporary organism - but Expressions of Mind.

While mind is asserted to be merely subjective, imaginative and essentially separated from and defined by material reality - ONLY material interpretations will be perceived or accepted.

But the Unified Field is MIND, or Non Local Indivisibility of which local instances of apprehension occur as instants that reflect and express 'Know Thyself'. Being knows itself in the act of being.

"Be still and know God" is evidenced in the Awe of Awareness Intuiting its own Existence.

The presuppositions of the self as separate actor and observer are no less wishful thinking than of a God of a different Nature to Awareness Itself.

THAT anything Is, is the First Wonder, WHAT anything is, already focuses attention on a 'separated facet or part' of a Singularity of Being, temporarily ignored or forgotten in the persistent definition of the image of Itself. The awakening of Unified Wholeness, is not an intellectual act or option, but Is the Ground of Being regardless of the use to which mind is put.

To experience a wondrous Life in place of divided, managed and controlled life, remains a current option, and also allows a greater discernment to inform our participation in relationships, allowing the distorting lens of action and reaction to fade to a restored Perspective.

Friday, 2 December 2011

I thought the term 'Islamist' was coined to discriminate from Muslims - an 'Islamist' being a militant reaction against western corruption and subjugation.
To see the term adopted as a replacement for Muslim indicates the pervasive nature of a polarized and fearful counter reaction in the minds of the media. (Are there minds in the media or are they effectively controlled, manipulated or silenced to such an extent as to purvey mindless acceptance of propaganda?).
Old Religion is full of liabilities - but so is modern secularism.
Church and state seem wedded in the West - only it is hidden in a Corporate consumerism that uses freedom and democracy and NEEDS to create evils that make it at least seem a lesser evil.
It is easy to see what is 'wrong' with other cultures and focus on it but that is also to fail to communicate from a place of honour .
If the 'West' sees only a world of managed war in which to prevail by any and all means and allow bits of truth to come in where expedient - then it is sick and needs to be sicked up and thrown off.
Not by external or internal aggression - in a deceptive self righteousness born of a lack of humanity and compassion for oneself and therefore others - but by all of us recognizing that we are sick - and need to be restored to the basis of sanity - which is trusting truth. This really must be from the ground up - there is no way it can be imposed upon or coerced into existence.
Whatever the appearances of Egypt's election results, I feel there is a Movement that is not politically usurped or manipulated - and if those serving as leaders do not tune into and become a part of its Expression, they will not continue to serve as leaders.
The old powers cling on by any and every means they can. This applies universally, but in the Middle East, the apparatus that maintained suppression is disintegrating. In the 'West' we are bought off with consumer distractions and medications and have no way of articulating our sickness from a standpoint of health - yet. But our own society is increasing moving toward subjugation and control amidst an asset stripped scarcity. Indeed the expectation of unrest is anticipated with the immediate implementation of state power - which increasingly expresses or is subject to, corporate interests. (selfishness writ large without responsibility or accountability).
A saner world is always a possible next step from an insane world. Man's vanity and arrogance are self-blindness. You don't need an external God to see that thought can utterly deceive, but we do need some basis beyond our thinking, if we are to challenge our own thinking - and the experiences that our thinking generates.
The heart's discernment is not a luxury - but is the very wisdom we shut out with our own self certainties.
Thanks for reading. It isn't that I want to assert yet more ideas - but rather to open a wider perspective. The helpfulness of a generous spirit, and a willingness to grow trust with others is a currency that works - regardless of the personal or cultural basis used to inspire it. One starts from wherever one is with whoever one is with.
Someone else is not going to do it. The way we see the world is our innate responsibility even if we try to give it to our past thinking, our media or our governments.
War is not the answer to a breakdown of communication, but it is often used as such, and we will be invited to participate by thinking that triggers our fear, manipulates through guilt, and sets off reaction. Nothing new here.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Is the global warming scare the greatest delusion in history?

Various points here... the  revealing of a collective chicken licken hysteria in the name of science, undermining science as a trusted or credible source of information. There is a baby in the bathwater...

The collusion of corporate interests in the role of foxy loxy. That senses ways to exploit a shift in values or power and plays along for private advantage.

That regardless of theories as to why - fundamental Global, economic, social and cultural change is occurring - and also in our climate.

The opportunity I see is perhaps our necessity - and that is to recognize the pervasive mind at work, in its guilt and blame driven fears, in corporately controlled society that subordinates all to a shallow asset stripping private advantage, and in an attempt to use anything and everything to mere profit with no sense of true wealth or value of anyone or anything.
The problem is never what it seems or where it presents itself. Yet to uncover it where it is will also uncover the answer.

To communicate the answer is not recognisable to the mind that thinks it knows the problem. A false self certainty must be released if a more graceful shift in cultural awareness is to be embraced.

The old way will choose war, because the old way IS war.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Don’t call children obese, health staff are warned

Has anyone noticed that the usage of names changes - such that a name becomes stigmatized and rendered unusable. Thus we become ever more managed as to what we are allowed to say. But all along it is primarily the spirit - the energetic relational context - in which something is said that is either honouring the other - or is in some sense judging them.
So if we are to look at language as a tool to release us from guilt, fear and conflict, it is not enough to try to change the surface. We need to wake up to a sense of worth in our own and each other's presence - in which difficult or necessary communications can be shared.

What we have in our society is a confusion between self and self image. Our self image is necessarily in conflict with reality - because it is a wish - no matter how deeply or heavily we invest in it or ally ourselves in attempt to protect or support it.

Our self is innocent of such confusion and conflictedness and can be shared in what is called the practice of loving - (another word that has been devalued by mis use). To acknowledge and recognise and honour the presence of life in another is not only the way to open and abide in a like quality of life for oneself - but is the way of a truly practical harmony and functionality.

Self worth is not something that self-image based self can effect or accomplish - because it is Already True - but obscured by the active distortions introduced by a wishful - and indeed wilful selfishness. Such a selfishness is not a basis for blame - but for correction. In other words, a state of the forgetting of love's presence is a call for the rewakening of love's presence.

I am not merely speaking of or to a mentalizing capacity that seeks to control life via understanding or applying ideas - but of awakening the need and the call and the willingness for and active expression of love - as a practical expression of well being.

When a culture of 'protecting' gives rise to a tyranny of blame - in which one is disinclined to actively exercise and grow TRUST - we should not be surprised that our world is in bankrupt, in ruins, rudderless and clinging to illusions in futility.

There is a sense in which we are all fat - beyond an abundance in gratitude and have become hidden from and over protected from ... Life. We all have different masking strategies. It is always easier to see in others what we do not want to own in ourselves and it is that which gives rise to a desire to blame, judge or scapegoat others. Education begins at Home - and shares out from lessons learned - in willingness to grow in our own capacity to love.

Friday, 18 November 2011

What price the new democracy? Goldman Sachs conquers Europe

Everything expresses its originating idea.
Fear is behind the masks of control. Fear effects a distorting and obstructing influence on perception and communication. Fear is a self fulfilling prophecy. Fear is used as a means of manipulation.
BUT fear exposed soon becomes its own undoing, for an intolerable life ripens a willingness to question and challenge presumed knowledge and identity at its foundations. THAT IS, to violate the rules or bounds set by fear and uncover in light of awareness, the deceptions whereby suffering and powerlessness are substituted for a Whole-Souled Participation in life.
The essence of the deception is mentalization of life.

The uncovering of the mind that was hidden in the darkness it needs to maintain in order to survive or prevail - is a reflection of us each and all. Not in form and in differing ways - but we can recognize this in our own thoughts and intentions, and we can wake up to our capacity to discern directly, and cease to subscribe to, or validate, that which actively undermines our fundamental sanity or peace.

The shift in individual consciousness is also a wave. A Movement of Renewal that looks like death from the old perspective. But mentalization does not know life because it is the condition in which a mind is closed as a result of self certainties of 'already knowing'.

Be assured that deception is endemic to human consciousness but that this is essentially an expression of a fundamental self-deception; "The father of the lie".

Money is to be redeemed; that is, to be uncovered in its original meaning or true function - relative to true wealth, value and exchange. And this will be the expression of a dawning sanity in which mentalising is recognised as ungrounded, and worthless currency - no matter how clever the presentation or how persuasive the sales pitch amidst the distracting tricks of scam, illusion and too-good-to-be-true offers.

Why would I expect Cultural Renewal? Because I see the bankruptcy is far deeper than economic. This bubble holds the end of our ideas of ourselves and our world - and therefore the uncovering of a fresh appreciation.

Invest in a true Foundation. Calm the mind enough to feelingly discern from an always fresh perspective and do not follow the blind into the pit! Fear is not the guide to the healing or undoing of fear. Protection breeds fear - but wisdom knows how and where to be in each moment.

That which is without true foundation or integrity cannot be maintained without sacrificing wholeness, abundance, trust and real communication. Withdraw such investments now and be guided as to where to give your attention. The conspiracy of the fearful is being brought to light and found unworkable. This is Good News.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Economic Meltdown Fears

I've enjoyed reading many comments here. Thankyou.
From where I live, I try to discern the underlying issue at the level of personal responsibility and relationships - for the nature of what is commonly held to be our human consciousness is not so different from what I see as our social and economic expressions of that consciousness.

Because I seek to speak from a different starting point, I can rarely make sense to any who presume their own self definitions and mutually agreed definitions to be self evident, but there is a difference between real wealth and money, between mutual agreements (that are generally tacit), and reality.

The myth of the Faustian pact serves well enough to illuminate that we can use deception and manipulative intent to gain a temporary experience of becoming or getting something that then cuts us off from our truth, wholeness and health - and whose seeming reality then disintegrates to reveal us hollow and without substance in the face of an overwhelming self-damnation.

But the fact is, that what is true remains always true - and is never a matter of definition, ownership or argument, but is a present discernment to which our heart surrenders and to which our mind must align. Sanity is not a matter of maintaining a private self interest at the cost of all else - even if in panic of fear, that is all that seems available to invest in. Nor is it devising a system of mutuality with the intent of balancing such fearful self manipulative intent so as to minimise the more extreme effects of coercive will - though this too is sometimes the best we can find until we calm to a deeper perspective.
A Foundations of sanity must begin with trust - for only the trusting can afford honesty.To 'trust' in deceptions is insanity no matter how many seem to share in it.

What are the real values in our intimate experience of life - and in the commonwealth of the world we share?
Are these discerned and embraced with joy and gratitude?
Or do we accept a substitute life in which we are essentially programmed by a false self interest easily manipulated even though led to believe it is independent?

The disintegration of what we thought real or a real protection, may be fearful - but at some point fear itself is realized to be an inherent aspect to the problem and a greater willingness to release old certainties or preconditions must rise.

Prayer is not so much a petition of beliefs - but a profound emptying or calming of the distractive layer of thought and emotion and experience - so as to become truly receptive - and directly so. Transformationally so.

I cannot tell you what it is to be restored to a wholeness of being - for it is not available outside the willingness that allows it. But I do say that such a willingness becomes the basis of an entirely different perspective because it is alive and awake prior to any machinations of a thinking, defining and judging mind - such as has become the currency of a 'reality' by which we deceive ourselves.

The nothing-ing of what we thought was in our power or possession is a great opportunity to awaken at a depth that before was unavailable - because we successfully insulate our awareness from our real relational being.

What cannot be allowed gracefully, will nonetheless be accepted ultimately - if it is simply true.

The entire basis of our thinking is being brought to view on the big screen. Not to judge or hate or rebrand in less toxic appearance - but to recognize ourselves in and become free of an ignorance and available to what is actually here.

Are confidence tricksters the guides for living? A wholehearted commitment to life cannot come from such a mentality. But don't pretend it is only in the those who exemplify it in the script of the world.

Maslow's pyramid must stand on its head - not for others - but for oneself. Cultural renewal does not come from incremental additions to man's estate - but discerning and following the call of life now. Always now. Then let all else be done within and out from such a relational connectedness. It is not religion in the sense of making and asserting an identity for oneself - but more in the spirit of uncovering a shared meaning in our relationships. We will see a different world from such a willingness and acceptance.

Beware the seductive attraction of conflict. It offers a cheap thrill that dopes its victim for the slaughterhouse. Watch the mind that thinks to 'watch the world in private'. The art of self deception is in pretending not to know. When this is fuelled by great fear its demands are ever more cunningly fulfilled - as a maze of un-understandable complexity. But it is the wish NOT to know that underpins the whole enterprise.
Whatever the world does or seems to be - our own experience is determined by the structure of our values, beliefs and commitments. If we are lost in a 'bubble' of an inflated self, then we can only miss the point and know not what we do

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Being offended and taking offence

The law is not a tool to make reality - even the law of the sword. But if we use it for such then we will suffer the law of the sword.

In my own terms - my human identity is a personal and cultural structure through which I have experience. Such experience is 'created' or rather interpreted through the filters and distortions of my identity. If this identity is running as if it were in fact true - then I will war or compete with others in order to prevail, get even or protect my 'self'. This brings suffering - even if the call to war is seductively right or hopeful.

But there is a greater, deeper or more direct appreciation of identity than any derivative form of self image or self concept.
One way to access this is to notice when I take offence, pause from legitimizing reaction of my own thinking - and enquire directly and honestly into my own part in the disturbance. Why am I not at peace?
What is in my mind that agitates me? A willingness to learn of what are the triggers to war in my own mind will reveal a mind of judgement and blame. In the past this has been called the devil - for it is a deception wherein one's own shadow is denied and put upon the 'other' - where it can be hated, denied or used for selfish ends and yet be seen as if one were righteous or protective or helpful.

Whatever the human culture, there are fundamental laws and responsibilities of mind that cannot be escaped. The attempt to escape them brings suffering because it becomes an attempt to fight or defend against Life, The Nature or Reality, God, Truth, or the Way Things Work.

Freedom to express is active within relationship - not in a vacuum in which some right is enshrined to any individual. That we can think and act as if we are independent from our relational being is an unconsciousness or ignorance. Stumbling in the dark, following the blind, brings suffering.

Our shadow, is those aspects or our own self judgement - that we have denied and become fearful of. To reclaim a true wholeness of being we must become more honest than our minds or society are perhaps accustomed. In the west, we tend to worship our conceptual constructs as if they were Fact rather than story or interpretation. Our minds are thus not only closed in judgement - but deny us the sensitivity of a direct participation in Creation - in the relational field of Being.

Conflicts serve a purpose of bringing attention to what needs to be brought into awareness. If we allow the denied mind to be known and released of the need of hiding and defence - then the conflict is no longer serving purpose and will not find soil in which to grow.

In all situations, there is a way of communicating without judgement - because there is a way of expressing one's own true feeling being - TO another in a relational honesty. Learning such ways of communicating are part and parcel of learning more deeply and directly of one's own heart and mind.

The temptation to conflict is as deceptive as is the temptation to avoid or deny it. The 'self' acting outside a true relational awareness brings suffering. It can also justify and 'legitimise' suffering and declare it natural, inevitable or 'the human condition' or God's Will. But suffering has our participation although we are generally culturally fitted to agree to hide this active element.

Trouble abroad serves to distract from trouble at home. See how the mind works and become free of a self illusion that brought suffering.

If we find how we become deceived by our own certainties - then we have a basis for a compassionate approach to others who are just like us.

Trying to make a mind of rules cannot substitute for a real relationship.

Life doesn't abide by our rules and if anything our rules deprive us of life. But law in its true sense is not wishful - but demonstrable. All of us will in time come to teach and learn so as to align with law because we will lose our capacity to 'enjoy' or abide in suffering. Perhaps this will be on our deathbed - but perhaps such a 'now' is whenever we are willing to truly listen or discern in place of 'expressing a freedom of thought against the grain of the guidance of our heart'.

Of course we do not enjoy being intimidated or inhibited by force or threat of violence, but are we already active as such to others?

The Golden Rule is not wishful thinking - but speaks of an innate law of action and reaction at the most fundamental level of our mind.
The desire to hate, kill or deny those who do what you hate in yourself is a perversion of the Golden Rule. But seeing this IS the opportunity of salvation or awakening from a hidden, fearful deceptive identity.

Thankyou for your attention

Wednesday, 2 November 2011


 I was offered a link to Marianne Williamson Occupy LA October 12, 2011.

(The Youtube of a video of a recent talk).

I felt prompted to respond to the use of the word smart.


What does 'smart' mean to you?

Does it mean wise?

Does it mean clever?

Is the mixing up and confusing of these capacities the basis by which clever deceptions dis-empower the 100% of their True Inheritance?

The heart is wise.

The mind is clever.

I wrote something on this earlier in the context of the fall of a dictator:

I write into the mainstream news sites with a simple willingness to witness to a perspective that is usually not communicated or available in the mainstream mind.

I write in the trust that the desire for 'a better way', has not been altogether usurped or taken over, by reaction and the manipulation of reaction.

For unless we have some awakened understanding of the nature of our capacity for deception, all 'miracle impulses' will be distorted and misdirected.

Deception always involves hate, fear and judging against - or rejection.

In my experience, the blocks against seeing what is really going on (in our mind) are so self-wilfully impenetrable, that they often require the self-sickness, exhaustion and helplessness brought by war or fundamental struggle.

But in the willingness for Light - for an innocent awareness - we may find we are ALREADY 'painted into a corner' - from which the obvious and necessary path is ALREADY offered us; to release our futility and realign with the Movement of Being - that IS our life felt in wholeness.

To speak openly of our heart's truth is a power - because it is an extension of trust - with no strings attached - at one with the Movement of being.

All else is of the mask and witnesses or 'shares' the power of the mask.

But even a little willingness to drop the mask and allow love's direction, invites a spark to come through. And the nature of the spark is of the same nature as the Light Itself.

All miracles are maximal teaching-learning opportunities.

"A miracle is a service. It is the maximal service you can render to another.
It is a way of loving your neighbour as yourself. You recognize your own and your neighbour's worth simultaneously." ~ A Course in Miracles

If we think that 'Waking Up' is what we do after we have climbed Maslow's pyramid - then never will the 'Kingdom of Heaven' be established in our hearts, our appreciations and our world.

But this is not something to ask of others - but is for those who DO feel the Call, the stirring, the Movement - however dimly.

'Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven' is to pause of our own thought or reaction, listen and feel for the Movement of Being - as the re-opening of the vital component of our every act, and not a 'something to do' that can be added later when everything gets sorted out ...

Because without willingness to doubt or challenge our own experience - questioning our own mind of its thoughts and perceptions - it runs as a blind program whilst giving the illusion of life to a 'special one'.

Blindness not only stumbles in its own confusion - but rides roughshod over the call of others to be heard.

Their call therefore becomes our salvation, because where we actually hear it, is where awakening to Wholeness occurs.

BUT our mentalizations of what their call is imagined to be, are the block to awakening - and allow us to not only avoid our heart's knowing - but use the 'plight of victims' as a weapon in a battle of wills that we are full participants of - and which constitutes a state of wilful ignorance relative to the nature of love, to your Original and True Nature - that you share perfectly with everyone, because you didn't make it.

In Peace


After a dictator falls ...

The symptoms of a sickness may exacerbate the condition and seem to be a cause, but the real cause of a fearful tyranny must lie in our hearts. The mentality that overrides an honesty and integrity of being is ever deceptive, but uncovering such a deception in ourselves is the opposite of our programming.

The heart's desire for a true and better way, must maintained as an ongoing spiritual renewal, for if the heart is allowed to be covered over, a spirit of willingness and real communication is lost to the warring of perceived self interest.

It is common sense to structure society so as to limit the excesses and corruptions of private self interest, but such does not inspire and unify.

The true heart may discern, despite complexities or deceptive presentations, and it is this faculty that is needed in us all. Such a cultural shift must arise from a refusal to use the old mind of manipulation.

It is easy to give up responsibility to others, to leaders or to external conditions and hope on them and then hate them, but there is a basis from which we can live that shares a present willingness to listen rather than think - and act our from a felt wisdom rather than a triggered reaction.

Tyranny runs deeper than we may realize, but depends on darkness to operate. Therefore cherish and protect our capacity to bring fears and difficulties into a shared awareness, by living from a guided and connected sense of the presence and wonder of being alive.

Monday, 31 October 2011

Climate change, sanity and staying open.

The issue for me isn't about whether fundamental change is occurring on many levels - including climate - but of being aligned with the creative energies of this change.

Distraction is delay. I saw two male pigeons fighting in the road. So intent on each other in their refusal to back down. A moment later an explosion of feathers as a truck hit them both.

Controversy and conflict are not where we find inspiration and connection with Life - but amidst controversy or conflict, we can pause our personal reactions and seek a communication that in some way serves a larger purpose.

I don't see fear as the basis for loving life or our world and each other - though it can set off the alarm to seek a true accounting of what the real values and priorities in life are.

For myself, I stand Maslow on his head - Seek a true sanity of being first - and in that context find what aligns with and expresses life. Such doesn't stop me doing whatever is needed - but does give a basis of living out from a sanity that grows and strengthens trust, patience, listening, and tolerance.

Fear, blame and coercion are not sane or healthy, no matter how cleverly we may conceal them. The real threat to our well being and our environment is a mentality that must be challenged in ourselves, shaken off and left unused. Not someone else's mentality - but our own. We each are responsible for our own part and only in fulfilling our own can we serve others by example.

The denial most deeply held is not about human guilt for climate as such - but about human guilt per se as the justification for unworthiness - which will pervade any practical issue and render it unsolvable. Trading in unworthiness is a contagion that becomes a 'way of coping' with what cannot be faced. But all that ever needs facing now is a practical step arising from a true accounting. Joylessness calls for correction - not for blame and a covering over with surrogate 'pleasures' or self assigned validations.

So much 'saving the world' is really working on an inner wound that we see reflected in our world. A split of heart and mind in which a sense of guilt or wrongness of being arises.

If we are honest we might find that what we thought to atone for or put right is not out there but in our own identification with guilt and judgement of our own mind. And if we deal with a problem where it really is - then we can become more present, focused and inspired in all that we are moved to accomplish - including personal, social, and cultural projects or initiatives that embody wholeness and well being as a basis for a life honouring way of living with each other and with our planet.

But without the awakening shift from personal investment to a unified willingness - what is there except an ego struggling to prevail by whatever seems to be its strategy.

It wasn't the truck that killed the pigeons - it was what they chose to make their focus of attention which prevented their natural capacity to get out the way.Technically the cause of death was collision with truck - but the data doesn't tell the truth. Keeping a full and present conscious awareness is a way of being in the willingness for truth that isn't so much defined and determined, but discerned and trusted.

Without trust, there is no society, no structure or basis of communication. Data doesn't do trust and true communication. Instead of gathering or interpreting data in fearful attempt to control life, we can share life's blessing. (Of course we can do science in such a spirit. Everything has its place).

What if we aren’t alone after all?

Curiously, I believe that we tend to operate as the alien 'intelligence' that cuts itself off from our Unified and Universal Being - in order to play out a fantasy of imaginative independence by which to experience ourselves as creators and determiners of meanings.
To release the distractive interference of self-will is to become receptive to the 'Music of the Spheres' - which I choose a symbol of the Universal Communion of which we are not at all separate, even if almost totally unaware.
Our notion of life is self-projective. Which is to say we tend to see through a 'self' lens darkly. If the self presumption is directly investigated, then the basis of thought itself is brought into question. Surface thoughts may seem to be irrelevant fluff - but the nature of thought, intention and desire cannot be in any way separated from experience. And thought is not unlike a field of flowing energies in which the mind constructs its models.
Perhaps, we approach a new stage of evolution, in transcending the proactive and reactive movements of life, and opening to a cocreative conscious relationship at-oneness with the Movement of Life Itself - which is not defined or definable - yet constitutes the totality of the experience of being - right where you are - as a node or individual expression of Is.

Because our language is completely inadequate, any attempt to even point to THAT anything is - as a Conscious Being-ness - which contains all that it is and needs within itself, reads as a nonsense.

Yet my first point is that the presumption of self evident being - as a disconnected mind in a mechanically existing organism/Universe, is a nonsense. Man usurps his very Being and believes it!

Our experience of and relationship with the Universe - as conceived to be outside - reflects our inner communion of being. When the model of what is taken as the self shifts - so will our cognizance of all else. Focussing on things screens out relationships. The scientific model is a divorce from the true heart - and hence blind.

The so called aliens that are yet dangerous to themselves and others, are like ourselves, very safely limited in our scope of influence. But that which could be said to represent our potential is also present in a supportive but honouring relationship.

The nature of progress is not of a special destiny of becoming something in our own image - but of serving the integration of the whole. Ideas and symbols and teachings have been given and largely usurped and degraded by the mind that thinks it thinks alone - and lives to get for itself. But energetically the seeds are available in the conditions for their activation.

Human experience is a teaching learning opportunity. It is our own mind that we teach - according to what we want to learn. This is a fundamental and unchangeable responsibility of Mind. Seeking and not finding is itself evidence of looking where the answer is not, or in terms that filter, distort or deny the findings. But unless we know the question that activates our consciousness, we will not recognize the answer even if nothing BUT the answer is in our face.

It is - as far as I know - quite possible that this writing embodies a shared intent - far beyond little binra's capacity to construct - but entirely within his capacity to receive - express in a language of concept - and appreciate.

I feel that Everything is alive - not organically - but partaking of and sharing in Universal Being. As we have judged our beholding of reality - so have we 'been judged'. Not by a God - but by the law of action and reaction.

In the way of resonance, we may yet unfurl our true wings - which is to say awaken at a deeper and more inclusive perspective of awareness itself. What is the speed of thought? Not a question because distance is inapplicable to mind - which is nonlocal - even if our human interpretive structures collapse the Infinite to a trickle so as to be able to resonate and relate to it.

The aloneness of man is not in time and space - but in his orphaned consciousness that has yet to awaken to its true Source - and so sees all things evidencing his own mind - made in his own image.

 Said Anthony:
It will be more sobering a discovery to find we ARE alone.

Now, that would be truly scary.

Take any relationship - any at all - with any one or thing, and see if you can allow it to be the intimate embrace of your full awareness now.
Aloneness is withholding the extension of your presence. (Your love).

This is a secret to the lonely - who think that something else has to occur in order to be distracted from aloneness - which is felt to be a painful existential reality. But an all oneness that intimately embraces all that it is - and is aware of - is hardly bored, disconnected or trapped in a mind in a body in a mechanical universe of death ;-)

It is true, we can subscribe to thoughts that seem to mean conflicting things - but what could this mean except that we are choosing to be conflicted and play both sides?

So in a sense I am agreeing that there is an aloneness that is associated with taking thought for oneself at all. But I do not regard the latter as inherent to a communioned sense of Self - for want of a better word.

Thinking - in the sense that I am using it - cripples the intuitive feeling being. Like being an anemone with its tentacles crunched inwards and knotted up in convolutions.

But yes - scary - that is the draw of the mind to drama, excitement. challenge and a feeling of thrill not unlike a drug - but that's not sharing life - though its on the menu to choose if you want it.

The thoughts that carry the feeling of alone do not have to be used. "I notice feelings of aloneness" allows a spacious relationship that can feel what is beneath the experience - whereas "I feel alone" elicits identification and reaction - resulting in leaving it unfelt and unrelated with.

We can only discover now.

Internet porn is a poison seeping through society. We can - and must - stop its spread?

Beware the self righteous seduction to hate and exclude!
Seek rather to discern the nature of a true sanity.

Pornography expresses a mind-separation of sex from loving, and reflects a fantasy of sexual or power relations without context of real relationship.

What one 'gets' from any relationship - can only be the disregard of love's sanity for the indulging of a fantasy relationship. To love a fantasy is to be worship loneliness.

It can be seen that those who indulge private fantasies make 'society' with fantasy 'others' who subscribe to the same kinds of desire. But such 'relationship' is actually an agreement to keep love, real communication, OUT - or limited so as to give priority to a private satisfaction. That such is destructive of real relationship and fails to actually satisfy, but instead invites desensitizing repetition and addiction - is DENIED by the wish to persist in hiding from real relationship.

The true nature of self in relationship is NOT consuming, getting or manipulating.

Inviting such true context allows all else to align of Itself.

In Peace


Gadaffi the human, the symbol, the teaching

Did Gaddafi not believe he actually was what he thought he was - born of a deeply felt demand to escape the terror of a mind at war with itself?
In this does he not share the human condition of identifying with thought, protecting it and projecting to exclude.

While it seemed he had power, he believed he was powerful and violated his own people to maintain and protect power for himself. And in the same mind, did he also deal with other leaders who see love only as a disguise to get what cannot be got with force more directly?
When it all fell apart, he was powerless against the very forces he had once thought himself master of - and which played out the same mind of vengeance upon his body.

When we see such a figure on the world stage, do we see the role he played in a war of conflicting powers? A madman who succeeded in losing his mind to a blindly fearful manipulation of life that embodied the very conflict that he thought to escape.

As long as fear is hidden so as to protect a lie, we also will suffer a tyranny by which we seem both served and suffer. We might think we can keep it ineffectually private and under control - but it permeates the whole house up from the basement in which it is locked - and leaks out to re-enact its ritual wars and diseases.

The Holy Spirit will not allow anyone to Really lose their true mind and works with every opportunity of willingness to restore faith and integration.
But a mind intent on vengeance will not cooperate in its own healing.

Hate enacted out upon the hated, is not a cause for satisfaction, celebration, nor justice - but is the ritual sacrifice of God's Son - the Life we recognize as one with our own - upon whose death a lie is raised as if alive. That is the tyranny which slips in and out of men's minds unnoticed while setting up new hosts as it abandons an old one.

Abiding in truth is to be without judgement or knowledge - but at the unfolding of the recognition of truth at the threshold of our awakening.
Let us learn to submit all seeming power to the love and wisdom of our true Holy Spirit. Again and again ... and yet again. So as to open our lives and our world to the power of love. Love unifies where fear and hatred divide. May love enter and work through the hearts of all who actively seek to share Life. May it cause us to pause of our rituals of hate and fear and instead - cast out the mind that insinuates itself as if our own, as a faithless deception of our own thinking.

And may all who call on love find mercy. For such Call can only be made by the stirring of love within.
Our hearts are the prayer of our communication - and are but temporarily blocked, while asking for what cannot be and yet insisting it be found.

May the stirring, wake us from distraction to the true desire that moves us and is our life.

In Peace


Steve Jobs last words ... Oh Wow!

Infinite Intimacy seems to be limited by a defining awareness experiencing its perception.  In wish to be a creator on its own thought, it loses universal awareness to focus within limitation, which is a temporal ideation construct.

Losing the world must regain the Soul - but Soul is never really lost - only obscured. That which never really left wakes to that it always already is.
The idol of i will - plays out as our world, but Universal Will or the Movement of Life remains our only true Source and Condition - even if the illusion of independence is an insanely great and addictive idea by which to think different from God, for a while.

The hardware is in fact running in emulation on many levels of binary thought. When our avatar identity is released, the light or awareness of being is revealed - knows itself - as is - instead of filtered. It isn't an object - its the living context all along.

Steve Jobs is becoming a symbolic function to the world mind - he is chosen as serving as an exemplar of success and vision - albeit within a narrow social technological framework. But Steve Jobs the man was the love AND the call for love - both -  like we all are, without exception.

Machine-minded man believes as his structural determinants dictate. But the heart's truth of man is love's expression - whether he knows it or not, cooperates with it or not, integrates with it while alive or not. Love is also embodied in excellence. Art is a process of expressing or embodying the Movement discerned within.
Cultural vision is the embodiment of ideas as fresh expressions rather than derivative template mentality.

He was in touch with Wow! as part of being who he was. His mind tuned into bridging inspiration into practical effect. Though it seems  a trite phrase, Wow! is a precursor to Awe, in which we can only behold and be silent.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

When the bubble of a false perception pops it can be seen to never have been true, but it was believed and experienced as real. The roots of deception may seem to go very deep in our thinking and yet any deception itself is simply NOT true and pays the COST of truth while it prevails.

Restoring a basis for a true sanity is THE task NOW. True roots can never grow from coercive-mind. We need to observe OUR mind and hold it to true account. To the knowing of the Heart.

Lawlessness, fear and a greater Embrace

(This originally started out as a response to 'Why don't we riot more? on a BBC site. As ever, I look to the underpinnings rather than the effects themselves. There are negative cooperations in which we mitigate or dampen the liabilities of war and conflict that are strategies of self seeking by mutual agreement - yet without any actual joining of heart, any intimacy of life shared). Then there is an idea of law as emanating from an Innate and abiding Wholenes and Sanctity of life - such as the law of Moses - which is not simply utility - but to serve as a stability for a more conscious life in alignment with - rather than in opposition to - revealed truth. Not as revealed or determined by man - but as revealed in the heart of one who trusts beyond their own works or the experience of their own ideas reflected. Practice of such receptivity is spontaneous movement of life - and is not dependent on religious beliefs or concepts - which arise from such pure experience and yet tend to become substitute for realisation. As images that distract from what cannot be defined.

- - -

It might seem that the fear rules the world because, ‘getting’ and ‘getting away with and not ‘getting’ caught are secretly enshrined in the heart and mind of man. When getting by force of will meets overwhelming opposition, strategies arise in the mind and evolve - born of the wish to prevail at least temporarily - as a life against overwhelming forces that can not finally be overcome or resolved - except perhaps by death!

But the true Power of love embraces the world, despite all experience of a fearful & coercive self-seeking that blindly attacks its own Source & Self. Its Guidance discerns from a true Peace of wholeness, as the basis of law of sameness, (Golden Rule) and law of oneness (Love). True Law is held in the heart. Coercion undermines heart-trust & ever demands more 'control'. But such insanity calls for healing, not feeding.

IndaUK replied:
If your day job involves writing lyrics for pop stars, well done, keep the words flowing.
I think you'll find, when you look closely, the only law that counts is not God-fearing-love but the law of the jungle. The first law, your golden rule, is eat or be eaten. Feed yourself or you will become food.
The weak have be gnawed to death. The fat will be eaten next.

To IndaUK 89:
Our thoughts are what we currently accept true for us. As we do accept, so do they program our perception and experience. Such fearful 'mind' as you indicate is to be uncovered - but it is a veneer of confusion that can be undone; healed, If you will. Apart from Love's reality, there can only be the mad scramble to 'get from' or avoid being deprived, even if civilly managed. Mind can deceive!

When life happens different than we expect, we seek to ‘regain control' by our thinking. But what IS to happen is NOT under our thinking-control, which reactively reenacts 'old tapes' BUT we can respond truly from a present discernment of life as it is. Everything in the ego-mind works to AVOID being still and simply knowing - such as to live out from a shared presence of life. A Prodigal waste!

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Reality beyond magic (response to article: 'The Magic of Reality' by Richard Dawkins

Qualities of be-ing - such as awe, beauty, wonder - and indeed love in its root sense of oneness with - are not the realm of science - but of course the practice of science is in a context of intimacy - because being is an Intimacy that cannot be defined.

Because our mind does define reality - in its own imaged symbol and concept - we have identification with our definitions. I am this - I am not that.

This psychological self is a fundamental to all else that comes forth. Like a big bang it 'splits' Unified Singularity into an experience of apparent division, in which awareness seems to be locked into - or existing AS - a mind predicated upon selection or judgement. The psychological self of such a mind is associated with a will or focus of control that can be called 'survival'. It is outwardly oriented toward objects - including the seemingly private objects of its own thought. It cannot 'know' of what is forever beyond its capacity, that is it cannot know of the innate qualities of Be-ing - but that it is suspended or temporarily unemployed.

You are infinitely more than your thought could ever define or 'know', for you are the awareness in which All experience occurs. But this is not the psychological 'you' - but you as Expression of Universal Awareness.

We cannot turn the source of awareness back upon itself, but we can look at the objects that arise in awareness - and so we study 'the world'. But the apparatus we are looking WITH may colour and distort the findings - as a lens darkly.

So science is an attempt to uncover truth uncoloured by wishful or manipulative stories. But in doing so it separates the observer from the observed and reduces its remit to the most gross of phenomena.

Of course there is a value in using 'as if' to conjecture, test and apply or incorporate findings, but 'as if' is not the nature and truth of awareness Itself.

Science must be of true service to humanity and not merely of utility to vested interests - if it is to hold the allegiance in the hearts of those who do feel the desire to serve and honour life.

The capacity to act out the mode of conflicted competition is not our original nature. I say this because I know that there is a love of truth that abides in a communion with that which is forever Alive beyond definition - whatever symbols or stories we may or may not use as our attunement.

I look to discern as best I may - that which is of true service to us all. To do this necessitates suspending or putting aside the personal investments of the psychological self that is forever seeking to validate and support itself in differentiation.

Writing as I do, is attempting to communicate from a different presumption of self and so is defended against by the mind that is certain that it thinks it knows. Of myself I make no particular claim - but of a sense of love and beauty and wonder I am willing to reach out.

The blindness of man is that he thinks he is what he thinks he is -  self validates in mutual agreements - but forever finds difference and opposition and makes overcoming this his 'meaning' in life. But Meaning - (Unified Singularity) preexists even the thought 'I".

Thank you for your attention.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Mind control by a virus

Please permit me a multidisciplinary observation and proposition:

We humanly tend to presume an independent mind in a body, separate from - and in competition with other minds in other bodies. But such evidence as this article suggests that Mind is in fact not just greater than any individual programmed system or organism, but is greater than species.
 I suggest that Mind - as the Context of ALL experience, is all pervading - as a non-local Field. Not an External to us God-Mind - as mythically imagined or conjectured, but an All Inclusive Singularity of Unified Awareness.
But the many levelled programs of 'self versus world' and 'self versus other' and 'self versus self, are of such a distracting complexity - and indeed fascination and wonder - that attention is fixated toward the contents of experience and the processing of such experience as an ongoing reprogramming of 'our own mind'.

Because we humanly desire and presume our own independent 'power' and identity - with a sense of separate self-will, we seek and gather the evidences to support our 'self' and see that as identical with survival. But the focus of the separate self-sense is a self fulfilling distraction.

Perhaps, unlike the caterpillar, we have a capacity to discern the mind that is operating or active in our case in any particular instance. I say this because the human consciousness is of a nature that is not merely organism - but is Self-Aware - which is to say directly aware prior to any process of identifications or applied meanings. To open or awaken this quality of being is to open at a level associated with inspiration, illumination and direction amidst a unified perception. It is also the capacity to discern thoughts which could be seen very much like viruses, in that they find a welcome in a host-mind and then undermine the host so as to multiply at the expense of the life of the host.
That the world reflects the inner aspects of our mind-strategies is hardly surprising - because mind is our projector and receptor.
The idea of mind as the control of something separate from it is an expression of a choice to separate from life in order to conduct an experiment. But one cannot separate from life excepting imaginatively.
Fear not that you are being manipulated - unless of course guilt or fear is the active principle - in which case, desist acting on such basis and feel for the integrated movement of being that is at its very nature - Life.

Thank you for your attention.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Post 9/11 comment to comments

Is there a tacit understanding here that this commenting and even any outcomes as to what "the truth is", is somehow irrelevant? I say this because the issues are often subsumed to personal agendas, with derogatory names or remarks at the end of otherwise well communicated comments from many facets of the issue.
I have trust in life - perhaps because I have had the shit knocked out of me and somehow stayed in for the ride. I don't have trust in human thinking to appreciate or understand anything Living - excepting perhaps rooted in true service and inspiration, where it is aware of its own limitations.
I feel there is more to the destruction of the two towers than I can account for in terms of how and why, regardless of how and why. A sense of unreality that I felt at the time and since, was also a sense of the rising global awareness of an unreality that is surfacing in the world in all kinds of ways. I feel it is an unreality of the world as we define it that is dawning. I don't mean the unreality of our feelings - but of the structural idea system that gives rise to our experience of the world as we know it. I guess I'm talking apocalyptically but not in a doomsday sense. More in a sense of a passing away of an illusion of a world - and its self as separate from the Living Reality in which and of which Everything has its being - even our wishful wilfulness with its dramas and pains.
Of course our personal experience is dear to us - It becomes the story of our lives. But experience can also be delusional - when it is framed within an invisible context or presumption that effectively distorts and filters Everything.
My daughter killed herself some years ago, I felt undermined and altogether undone from below. The image of Sauron in his crumbling tower came to mind as a symbol of defeat. I hadn't thought of myself as in any sense akin to Tolkien's dark lord. But I came to honestly see that the phrase 'my daughter' held a meaning for me that was as if ‘my life’ was my own creation and my daughter was taken from ‘my life’. We live our 'my' as if it were true - but nothing Living can be grasped except in vain imaginations that rob us of the life we can share.
Symbols work in the mind much more powerfully than verbal ideas. There are those who try to use this against their own kind for their own ends. But when we are triggered by anything, we can also pause and release the energy of reaction. Why? Because we don't have to play the role in the script that we are seduced or baited into. There is so much more to life than what we think - but we are as attached to our thinking as to our first born child.
The world - life - will not conform to our attempts to command and control but rather will draw us into ever more complex attempts to manage and manipulate everything, until we exhaust all resources and are undone. But the nature of deception is that it passes for real and mistakes help as hindrance.
USA post 9/11 has been somehow neutered. Obviously not as a military arm of whoever gets to set the agenda - but as a nation in which freedom and democracy once meant - or was believed to mean - a living trust shared. The shadow also fell in the UK. The ‘war on terror’ is a bald faced contradiction that no one felt able to publicly speak against but almost all adopted as if it were currency based on something real. It showed the fear of power.
The stuff that we carry deeply and perhaps unknowing, that is jack in the boxed into our lives when they are broken of their promise and our desire - is the stuff of betrayal, abandonment, loss, and anguish - with all the guilt and hatred that that expresses. Hard to live through - that's why society works to keep the lid on. But it is also the opened place where we find greater honesty, great compassion, a more real basis for living than getting any kind of thing or experience for ourself.
Time doesn't heal. Loving heals. Vengeance doesn't heal - but feeds and seeds war and suffering. What is the basis for trust? Honesty. 
What is the value of trust? Foundational to all else! When we see another as unworthy of love's honesty, we are already participating in throwing the first stone.

Truth, truths and a war of lies

Truth is simply and absolutely beyond belief. But experience of truth will be freely and fully believed or accepted true. Such unspeakable quality of wholeness of being is not available to a thinking, judging mind. Not can it be expressed by such.

But there is a quality of just and honest measure and witness that serves to hold sanity, health and harmony in our lives. We can discern truth if we have some basis in ourselves that is awake to the false in our own mind.

But to that which is altogether engaged in illusion, there is no free awareness to notice or listen, so the Spirit of Truth works in subliminal ways to loosen the dreamer from their dream. When we 'get' it, it is not at the level we thought we were in.

The mind can take and use truths out of context and then they are not truth as it is - but truths used to serve a wishful or imaginary context. Truth cannot become what it is not, but truths can become lies and war become the protector and determiner of 'truth'.

When the living context, in which truth is experienced as it is, is disregarded by the mind in its own determinations and definitions, a state of conflict is experienced which usurps reality as soon as we attempt to overcome or prevail against a dissonance of being inherent in being - as it were - out of true.

Is there deceit and conspiracy to manipulate? Yes, but it is more complex than good guys v evil guys, for the nature and complexity and enormity of the fears that drive the human machine are not of a nature that are felt be allowed exposure. But they leak anyway. Truth will out.

There's a symbiotic relationship of those who seek to deny or escape responsibility and those who are obliged, or inclined, to take on what cannot altogether be evaded.

To manipulate mind is simply part of the norm of modern societal control. Those who dissent will be invalidated or rendered impotent. The power is not with politicians. It seems to be with the corporate and financial system that owns most nations and companies. But it is all a system of thinking - something that we all made up, so it is all something that can be unmade or abandoned. Something that can in our own experience, be reevaluated.

Deconstructing believed or perceived reality is not so much an act of person, as a desisting from act, it is a withdrawal of support from a mentality or motive in oneself and one's society that has been uncovered as false, unworthy and destructive to our peace. When that which doped or denied or distracted is released, life knows its own way from a different basis than pursuing secret self interest.

The world will seem at times to bait us or persecute us when we step outside its mind. But that is because it was made in the desire to step outside the mind of Truth. But Truth is not somewhere Else, someone Else or somehow Other - to the Movement of our very Being. It isn't necessary to call Truth God - because that which is beyond definition is not partial to the forms of address - but to the way of an opened feeling or intimate relationship, it is truly and universally loving. This is something that humanly, we forget. We forget the true nature of love. We think we know, forgetting that the mask is not our heart.

Our world is shifting - more than climate and more than socio political balances.
Fear seems to have the first say when change renders the old way obsolete. But the capacity to look on it, and feel past it for wisdom, is innate to our being - if not to our training. But we can align ourselves anew with a living relational participation - if that is the desire in our heart.

As for disagreeing about our personal paths, beliefs, mythologies - does that have to be a point of contention, if we can find a true willingness to communicate and share what life simply is experientially?
How does a new paradigm rise? By thinking? No. By recognition and welcome into our hearts. What is the desire to share life in peace? Innate. Why isn't the world running on such a basis already? Because we wanted something else in the meantime - but the imaginary meantime is fast running out. So now time is restored to always, because truth is always, already and only true, but that which changes is not a basis or foundation from which to live. Though our world can reflect and share the good, the beautiful and the true

Conspiracy, deceit and reality

I offer what I write as 'upstream' to the issues here that seem to become polarised. Not least by the article's bait. Nothing is communicated in war except the refusal to open a line of open communication. War is a way of shifting society - the larger mind - when its intransigences do not yield or adapt gracefully to change.
We do not humanly tend to be aware as unified consciousness, we tend to create an identity in differentiation and fight its flag, as if our life depended on it. And this becomes repetitive self-fulfilling prophecy of Self-defeat.
What we tend to accept as reality is of course our human conspiracy. It's disintegrating and fragmenting effect is also the opportunity of an uncovering of the working of our mind - such that we awaken from our own spell by which we were deceived.
We seem to agree to define life in our own image - and give that priority in our mind. This is the way we deny the direct, vital and felt communion of the whole body mind with the all pervading quality and energy of Life. Just call it Joy for now.
Thus we become the determiner of what everything is and what it means, rather than the beholder of the Inherent Meaning of Wholeness of Life.
Why do I say this here? because the problem cannot be understood at the level it presents itself, and the primary underlying conspiracy of which I attempt to point to, is of mind fragmenting and hiding its own deceptions from itself in order to prevail as 'a' mind or will, over and against the life that it is actually one with.
The will to prevail is usurped from the will to love. They are not the same. We do not like to present the will to prevail openly because it is antithetical to love, to a shared, unified peace of being. We keep it hidden. It keeps us in the dark. Ok, we let it out in sport. But without honouring the game as a whole - including our opponents, our part is meaningless even in victory.
The will to prevail is disguised as love, as protection, as coercive manipulation, as passive aggression and as every kind of deceit. It always meets with opposition, because it is itself opposing - so it sees enemies everywhere - even in those it calls 'friend'. There is no love of truth in a lie. Its only power is of being hosted, protected and given agency of expression.
The manipulation of societies is not whether the deceits are believed, but by the successful achievement of shifting the mind to a fearful basis. Once that is achieved, they can be further manipulated. From a point of view of mind, it doesn't matter who or what, it only matters that the conditions are maintained in which to prevail. This will seem to be personified in a few, but they are simply hosts for a mind we all partake in unknowing. Until we wake up.
There is a lack of communication where fear is given power, and much that is known is kept hidden by the simple conspiracy of self interest and self protection. Yet this is the very mind that has to be looked at and found to be working against true self interest and against our peace. 
The means by which the mind uses power are the same means by which the mind is exposed as without validity. We may not convince others by our own limited articulations of something wrong. But we do need to bear witness to something true that communicates itself freely, when a tyranny of deception is undone.
The strategies of mind can be seen as a divinely ingenious decoy and distraction mechanism. But who or what sets in motion the purpose that it fulfils but the active desires and intents of our hearts? Looking outside for reality has its place in a larger wholeness - but is blind without a true discernment. What are you and I - and all of us actively calling forth as the determiners of value from which all else then proceeds? Is it truly honouring of you and of life?
Personalising issues reveals hidden investments. Focussing on such weakness in another for personal advantage is playing the same game. The willingness to find true communication has to listen inwardly and not merely 'understand' and process what seems to be arriving from outside.
Listening inwardly is a silence of trust for that which is uncovered when mind-processing is rested. Here is the condition for awakening a perspective NOT made by human guile. Acting out from such a renewed mind grows a different fruit than conflict, fear, guilt and war.
The capacity of the mind for deceit is much greater and more pervasive than anything in the world would have us suspect - because as long as it is cast out upon the world, our own mind's participation and involvement is kept secret.
A lie, protected from truth, becomes an evil. But a lie seen as a falsehood, may be seen as unworthy of support. What is resisted resists. But what is not used becomes obsolete.
I'm sorry if I'm hard to read. Its part of the territory and not my desire.
Thank you for your attention!

The first writing got to the stage below when I felt to just start again. But when I got back to it as first draft, I felt to include it below:
When the presumptions upon which a mind is predicated are undermined, the identity associated with the old mind continues to attempt to 'make sense' in its old terms.
Such reaction is compulsive, overriding all else, and is not open to truth so much as to reinstating its own basis for validity. For our sense of self is associated with the organisation of our thought and self-construct being valid to our own mind. Of serving the root desire that is active though not usually consciously recognized.
Choosing to believe is not merely about verifiable data, but of defence against that which can not or will not be accepted, being either beyond integration with current belief, or too undermining of the reality construct of self.
We are all 'working' through the device of the mind, with its virtual identity lived out amidst a 'human conspiracy' of looking away from the underpinnings of our own mind. We tend to be ruled by it, programmed by it and successfully so when unaware that our virtual identity is but a dream fuelled by an imagination and desire overlaid upon an actual movement of being.
There is that in us that wants to dream a self and live it real, which gives its power to definitions and beliefs willingly so as to have the experience that becomes the self and world we know. It isn't merely survival, it is a will to prevail. But it is not unified, true or real except as active desire to experience wilfully.
There is also that which wants to control the experience, by using the symbols and images
I have read a lot of the comments on this page - and used the process to watch and rest my own mind. What came up to say is speaking to that which is willing to listen amidst the appearances of this aspect of experience. I myself am also a listener.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Before considering capitalism or any ism

BBC Comment 1:
Any mind of a false basis gives rise to effects which undermine its own basis; a self undermining process of seeming 'creativity', 'innovation' or 'becoming'. But at a cost kept hidden, minimised or simply accepted/lived as 'reality'.
A mind that becomes enamoured of its own thought seems to 'leave' the heart - or Wholeness. But self-will is not God-Being you-with-everything. Be still, feel-know.

The above was the BBC character limit for a comment. But within that limit is enough information to undo the virtual identity of a 'thinking personna' and rewaken the feeling awareness of your true being.
That is, in the event that attention is free enough of a compulsive and addictive distractedness, which effectively blocks any real communication from interfering with the actively lived-out-from identification.

Experience of a self-in-the-world is interpretation - and it is also definition and evaluation, giving rise to attractions and aversion. The mind is divinely ingenious at remapping itself so as to maintain its experience as the validation of its idea of its self - but has to make adjustments that sacrifice or exclude large areas of fantasy and diminish its scope and range. But at every period of unsettling or adjustment, there is opportunity for awareness to rise from its true root - NOT via theinterpretive layers or filters of past experience and the bias of imaginative self-will. Such is the seed of true culture and renewal because such is the direct communication of wholeness to Itself.
The mind will interject itself and 'assimilate' or subvert the forms of the new cultural expression to its own self-will - unless and until enough free awareness allows the uncovering of such a mind-act to ourselves.
In a greater willingness to look, listen, and discern - more intimately and directly than a thinking, judging, strategic mentality would allow - do we begin to expose the roots of the 'mind' by which we are deceived in our own experience.
But the awakening experience is of a different order, of a different Root. It is not a self assertive strategy and its nature cannot be communicated to a self-seeking strategist. For its Nature is communication itself - as a communion of unified-Mind or being - at a 'level' beneath and beyond the capacity of the definition-limited sense to know.
Yet the awakening or stirring of this Consciousness, is felt at the Heart.

The mind will try to use the influx of insight, healing, love-recognition or heightened functional capacities to bolster its self-in-the-world. But this will deny the Heart.

The denial of the Heart will be reenacted - with all the suffering that that brings forth - until responsibility for feeling is accepted.

You are (one with) the love, and are called to live out from the true Heart. Not as a self-strategic getter of experiences - but as the true presence that is Gifted you to share - by your willingness to discern/recognize Truth over and above the meanings and definitions you have given everything before.

Silence, is anathemna to the thought addicted mind. Yet how can mind make itself be what it is not excepting via imagination and desire. The Silence of Being is no absence of being - but is the direct appreciation of the Isness, the Presence of Being.

Only from a True Root will true fruits come forth. Religion tries to define and map and codify this into a system, but all such attempts stand outside the intimacy and directness of your true being. What God is Joined One - no man ever can come between.

The most immediate, intimate and direct source of help, guidance, perspective, sanity and peace of wholeness of being - is right where you are - in place - closer to you than your thought or even your breath. The mind seems to look out at the meanings it made - as if they are external to it. Therefore it is said "Look within". But really it is simply a call to behold anew.

Our human lives can express false of true values. Deception, coercion, manipulation and exploitation are not the way of  Life. Therefore they are the way of death - of the hiding and denying of the light of Life to our appreciation.

The only real basis for a change in the world we share, is the release of the struggle to change the world and each other - or even of our experience of the world and each other. For all such action breeds reaction, opposition, conflict, depletion and loss.

The Movement of Unified Life is already Moving as One but we do not see it. To rest the thinking mind of its role as guide and protector, and to be the willingness to listen and feel - is to know again the Movement of True Desire. It is associated clearly with peace, acceptance, love and joy - whatever layers of thinking habit remain.

No-one nor teaching can substitute for your own free relationship within the Light of your own heart.
But in your willingness and desire to know again what the mind seems to make forgotten, will teachings and helpful encounters come to you.

Desire is the leader in all things. But the mind can profess a different currency than truth. Therefore test the active desire by being still enough to feel and know that it is one with your Heart's trust.

Trust is the foundation of our sanity, of our commonwealth and of our joy. But to Be trust, requires a presence of recognition extended and shared. There is no system that can rule in place of the Heart. Our involvement in our life cannot be escaped. But the meanings we give everything can be undone to a greater appreciation - from a fresh basis - always available.

Behold! - I make All Things New!

BBC Comment 2:
It is impossible to get through to tweedledee & dum unless one is a monstrous crow. Self interest is inherently self evident as a basis for all else. But a falsely separated sense of self is a false basis for all that comes after. Hence the adjunct to build on rock not sand. The foundation of our very self and culture is now held to question. This is not achieved by thinking on its old premises.

BBC Comment 3:
There is an inevitability bringing the dissonant mind to account - and there is a desire to delay the accounting. Delay tactics may be ingenious, but do not actually resolve the dissonance of an out of true basis of operating. If anything, they compound it. In thought, we tend to fear the truth - and assert our own. This choice brings war - to all levels of our experience. Managed war is still war

BBC Comment 4:
The mind that believes it has, seeks not to lose. The more it has to lose, the more power is exerted in resisting real change. When we are humbled of our vain imaginings, we are free to choose where to invest our heart's loyalty. The mind that believes it has not, seeks outside itself.
The mind sleeps easily in its own spin and proceeds to run on a programmed basis until rudely awakened. Pop !!!

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

US debt crisis - Bill passed to raise debt ceiling

Who actually knows or understands what this is really about? Who actually wants to go deeper than the polarised issues on the surface?

The insanity of the debt based so-called free market economy is a scam. Deception is part of the arsenal that owners of global corporate interest use to effectively control governments and their citizens, like sheep. It is also part of the currency of thought of all who live out as if they are orphaned from the very Life that Lives them.

For none has ever successfully coercively controlled Life or others but that they have undermined their own awareness of life in the process. Here is a true accounting: Who releases the desire to gain the world of a private self interest must remember his/her Soul.

Sure there is housekeeping to attend to - but unless the distortions of mean-spirited, fearful, conflicting and deceptive self interest are unmasked - in our own mind - how can we begin to have a true or sane basis from which to act?

There is absolutely nothing new in what is going on - excepting the scale and forms in which the same old story is acted out. To me it feels ripe for a global awakening from a grass rootsshift in perspective.

Maybe there isn't a desire to wake up yet? Maybe there's a desire to keep watching the movie unfold as if it could deliver a meaningful outcome in terms of a private self interest?

It isn't just compromise that works - but the actual uncovering of communication and trust where before was a believed and feared enmity.

One cannot deal with deception without becoming lost. One can listen for and be guided to take a step at a time in becoming free from deception.

Part of the secret is that the deception we see in our brother is the key to releasing our own.

Individuals can practice this. In doing so can raise the light of truth as an environment in which deception has no foothold. But we cannot use truth for our own ends and expect to remain in touch with our own sanity.

When everything is changed - it is futile to deny what is. The bubble that pops is not only financial - it is an illusion that seemed real enough to live and believe at the time. The desire for illusion, as a masked vanity and arrogance of mind, would reinstate itself in another host. But the opportunity to wake to truth that we do not ourselves make or judge or define is here - and is the restoration to a sanity and innocence of being unimaginable and unacceptable to the mentality of guilt and fear - of command and control. This is not a battle in the world - but is the split in our mind of trying to serve two (oppositional) masters. But can the false actually be an opposition to truth but that something true WANTS it true for them?

A True Accounting is in order. The "Prodigal wastrel" is not what he seems. Willingness to serve love has love rushing to meet you. Don't let problems define the love that you are out of existence! "There is always another way of looking at this" - which arises in the instant we stop demanding on our own defined terms. Total surrender to God is - after all - only acknowledging that our self-power is not actually an Independent authoritative power in its own right - and never can be. But it is our responsibility to listen and to discern and to recognise and appreciate all that is True.

Let all those who are in positions of trust, awaken to that trust and rise to the call to serve. And if they cannot hear - let the example serve as a wake up to all of us who in one way or another are part of the unwillingness to love.

Thankyou for your attention!