Thursday, 23 November 2017

Shallow breathing and living charge

I would be inclined to expect unfelt and unconscious shallow breathing to be part of weaker function. With mouth breathing as a sign of lack of energy. What is 'over breathing'?  (Ok I looked it up).
I've recently adopted the 'nitric oxide dump' 4min exercise from Zach Bush (Mercola brought him on stage at some forum recently and I followed him up). Nose breathing is part of its working and chimes with other things I recently met on not mouth breathing.
When the shoe fits - wear it - but chasing 'health' in terms of externals is a reinforcer of a sense of lack.  Breathing is a core fundamental activity that as with so much else can set up a positive or negative reinforcement loop. Is it not all about where we are coming from? A sense of connection lived or a sense of lack in seeking elsewhere.
I don't know a lot about NO  - and if as I do - it will open a lot more that I don't know or perhaps frame me in presuming to know.
But Zach Bush indicates the first 4 mins or so of a persistent exercise release the NO - after which it takes a couple of hours to replenish (?) - and so don't repeat the exercise again too soon. So this is just me repeating what I heard. Stress-triggering NO opens the flow to more regeneration, repair and robustness to the musculature and vasculature. Sounds plausible. Its all about finding your balance in life or perhaps losing it in habit-forms of sleepwalking through it.

If we were regarded as a living battery we would need charge/discharge cycles to maintain and embody polarity charge. Which is that flowing yin-yang embrace of each within the other and both/all within the whole. In our society, a polarized communication breakdown operates both poles against the centre instead of a centred balance point embracing both (all) polarities. A false centrism denies polarity in risk aversion. Loss of balance in alignment generates an action reaction reinforcement that depletes and exhausts the natural desire to support and embrace it. Everything falls apart without a true rythmic balancing of the centre with its field, and the field with its centre. Control is not top down - except as organised disorder trying to pass off as control. Alignment in unified purpose is a true control. In simple terms this is in the felt qualities of our being that seem cliches to their lip service or masking facade - but joy in what we be and do is not complicated though such purpose lived will inevitable meet all the 'complications' we individually and collectively set up to evade, delay or deny presence in reacting to something passing off as true.

Lost heart communication

I have read and lived enough to accept that the heart is not the 'pump' it is believed to be, and that that the whole cardiovascular system (no less than any of the body) is literally alive - or enlivened. I also read that there are very thin walls in areas that are presumed to carry huge pressure loads...

I feel that assigning 'evolution' as 'THE truth' is no less prone to the ills blamed on its predecessor - (or worse - for at least a god might change His or Her Mind) - whereas a reverse engineered narrative control - can't be questioned or challenged - 'post truth' is the assertion there is none but the operation of power gained by another's loss or denial.

"Settled Scientific Consensual Edicts and Regulations Save Us from mad heretical dangerous threats and evil terrors" - (truly felt and shared appreciation and participation in living). But the idea of lawful or congruent unfoldment of (any accepted) idea is Logic - and even if presumptions are insane - their logical outcomes proceed unless the predicate is changed. A mindset is a choice-pattern or fixation of 'minding' that seems to be a possession (or possessor?). At least in its time it does.

The idea we humans are out of communication or dissonant and destructive to our own nature, is the development of a 'second nature' that 'killed its predecessor' - as the persistent and defended focus of an overriding assertion of subjective development of need driven learning ability.

The basis of this does not bear close scrutiny - and so the mind looking out simply will not look within - indeed a masking persona is our means by which not to. How else to entrance the human experience? - Which is far more than our animal capacity - as the parent of any developmentally handicapped child knows. The human 'world' is a 'meaning-model' that is held and maintained within consciousness and embodied in cultural, personal and biological expression. But as I indicated, the meanings we accept true logically determine our resulting experience even if magical or wishful thinking - and so we are both teaching idea and learning it - either in a mouth to ear loop of conditioned reaction of with some spark of conscious discernment as to the legitimacy and veracity  - and coherence - of our reality experience.

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

New light on heart health?

Vincent Nonnenmacher posted

Interesting to see how these ‘specialists’ are prompt to dismiss such long term established empirical ‘wisdom sayings’ as non sense when modern science could try to explain that our own biochemical pathways could use garlic as a backup source of sulfur for deficiency of Cholesterol-sulfate.
There is a very interesting article here :!po=81.1475

Where a lot of clues that our host <Malcolm Kendrick> is seeding along its 3 part wonderful threads are assembled in an intriguing explanation.
It is exactly as a thriller, where all names are cited, even atherom formation, elevated blood pressure and trombosis are exposed not as the culprit but explanation of ways for the body to regulate flow (there is also some explanations on why such difference between arteries and veins due to electromagnetic fields differences due to water conduction and exclusion zone differences between the size and flow conditions).
Fascinating to say the least!

Richly resonating to say the most!

Does not this study most directly address the 'process' or development of incompletely identified prime suspects (atherosclerosis) regarding heart disease? While reasonably challenging more than a few sacred cows - but under a congruent hypothesis of significant accounting for observed experience?

I am already aware of Seneff's and Pollack's work - (and of the establishment antipathy to 'plasma' underpinnings as the Way Things Work - (for it would mark the end of a 'dark matter-ialism) - for its principles are scalable from the Galactic to the intracellular).
 " It's Life Jim - but not as we thought we knew it!"

I appreciate Seneff (and anyone's) willingness to explore the premise of Body as of a wholeness, operating by design to maintain core function under conditions of defficiency or toxicity. This contrasts with our (unconscious) framing in the conditioned narrative presumptions of a flawed, failed or fallen nature, (guilt assigned to weak or failed body/mind), attack, (consequence of guilt), breakdown,in pain and loss, (penalty), and the call to intervene without checking the truth of our perception/belief/experience/reaction.

Interventions may embody 'limited sacrifice' seeking to pre-empt or mitigate greater penalty, heroic rescue, by appeal to magical reassigning of causes and treatments to diversionary focus and procedures - but they can also align with serving the reintegration to health and wholeness in its own terms - rather than in terms of all the king's horses and all the king's men. Many may assign the idea that life has its own innate guidance, support and recovery system as delusional, but that is the result of the idea we can override life to comply and conform to our model of definition, prediction and control ...or fearful defence management. Who is in fact delusional?

As someone who has developed an intuitive discernment in terms of consciousness - I see the same core pattern of belief-protection operating out-from a sense of lack of wholeness defending its image, model or identity against wholeness or health. This predicate running pervasive to our consciousness/worldview and invested self-interest. "Everything is backwards" as the Ellsner quote expands. Perhaps IF we corroborate Seneff's findings as valid - it may help question the way we frame questions.

The history of the suppression, erasure, demonisation via smear, and domination or manipulation of 'consensual' narrative account and belief, can be used a guide to opportunities NOT taken that remain available. But no one can open to consider a view that challenges, undermines or renders obsolete the currently invested identity - and there's the rub. Invested identifications operate as accepted/believed true in place of relational integrity - and wholeness or congruence is relational integrity - that is also 'scalable' as resonant communication.

A false or mis identification, generates negative synergistic reinforcement. Similar in a sense to the adage that a lie calls upon another to keep it hidden until the tares overwhelm the crop... or the harvest gathered in.
And yet the development of a complex subjective (mythic) consciousness upon such identity-reaction maintains psychic-emotional survival within the physical - but at odds with or dissociated from a true appreciation of existence and in a sense, blindly at war with its own good.

The upshot being that we generally get it upside down and back to front as a result of an original error that 'problem solving' obliterates from the possibility of revision. So perhaps it is not an error until we do not want the result it brings. As the song goes - 'some dance to remember, and some dance to forget'. (Hotel California)

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Disease of the heart split off from wholeness

What Causes Heart disease? - a series of posts by Dr Malcolm Kendrick

My reflections began with response to the not unfounded idea that stress causes oxidative inflammation and disease).

Does not the term 'stress' here needs qualifying? - because the sympathetic activation of the nervous system (within healthy function) is accompanied or balanced by the parasympathetic response. They work as one thing, (e.g; stress initiates production of nitric oxide as well as suppressing it). Persistent or chronic stress (via a range of vectors) results in deficiency and/or toxicity and thus a persistent state of inflammation. This leads to dysfunction that then triggers 'backup' or re-routing systems of fulfilling function, that in time becomes adapted as an attempted 'homoeostasis' within 'stressed' (inner and outer) environmental conditions.

The psychic-emotional or 'inner' conditioning' is implicit because our response to any event is the determiner of the meaning we take from it - and thus determines any consequent reaction. Unresolved and unreleased 'conflict' of fight/flight response can and does filter our experience of everything - including attempts to escape stress by inappropriate means that themselves become an inability or refusal to address it directly - such as addictions to masking diversion. In other words much of this runs unconsciously beneath subconscious habits of reaction and belief that find support and reinforcement as social mores and behaviours or indeed regulated medical practice.

But in biological terms; action is a stressor - but also a functional AND meaningful fulfilment of being. If 'functional meaning' is limited or reduced to serve a stress-inducing sense of asserted self-will - rather than aligned and felt meaning - then muscle function is seen to fulfil its purpose as 'work done' toward attaining a goal - but set against some sense of opposition and depletion, and thus as an effort requiring or demanding sacrifice.

But if the term 'functional' is expanded to embrace a felt freedom in wholeness of being - then the embodiment of the true of you knows itself in the act of such movement of being; an act that is aligned or unconflicted with who you feel and know yourself being. In this appreciation 'work done' serves or embodies the meaning of giving and receiving, of a natural sense of belonging - rather than compliance and sufferance under transactional demands of a sense of isolation and limitation or defence.

Dissonance of unsupported isolation and limitation calls for defence, and maps out threat - as an overlaying or filtered awareness of being, re-routing energies and priorities as an autonomic survival reflex, until the conflict is resolved and relaxation re-opens functional presence of re-integration and regeneration.

But if such dissonance persists as unresolved self-conflict, the relaxation, reconnection is effectively blocked by being indefinitely delayed by a mind set in restless or compulsive engagement of attention against genuine relaxation. This survival reflex runs as a masked and masking conditioning - as a subjective sense of managing its 'self or life problem' in terms of maintaining psychic-distantiation and a sense of private or personal defence and control relative a fragmented or 'chaotic; sense of compulsion to "DO something!" in ongoing reinforcement of a narrative identity as the re-enactment of the patterns of its own 'conflict resolution' mask or personality construct.

'Trouble abroad diverts from trouble at home' - and in a sense our 'world' operates a displacement  and diversion from core issues of 'escaped' or 'lidded over' self-conflict. We don't just 'see' what is truly here - but through the filter of our (psychic-emotional) mind-filtering - and suffer it as real while the filtering operates unchallenged as purposes no longer called for or needed.

This surface personality is in a sense, extremely fragile - and thus heavily defended against literally impossible odds - because 'reality control' is impossible (and unnecessary) no matter how charged up the attempt to put such a Humpty together again - however or whoever is flagged up as the scapegoat or bogeyman. Indeed a closed-minded defence against healing perspective is the result of exclusive investment in such a narrative identity that at root, polarizes against a feared, hated, 'enemy' or 'evil'. And it is such deeply conflicted aversion and denial that sets the 'foundation' for a relative sense of self-righteous 'escape' from perceived and believed guilt and fear of profound self conflict.

Any triggering event to the breaking of such 'reality' to the uncovering of otherwise concealed (unconsciously denied) conflict may be experienced as an extreme 'attack' of overwhelmingly traumatic experience. But also to an awakening to the More of what life is - than what we thought and accepted true.

Is our life experience a balanced rhythmic flowing exchange in which psychic-emotional consciousness reflects both a feedback mechanism to our defined object environment - AND a vector through which self-aware recognition automatically aligns the field of its own definitions?

A state of persistent conflict/inflammation, invoking 'backup' strategies of more complex and less efficient systems of fulfiling function (survival) - has a psychic-emotional corollary of 'consciousness' ... as we more or less consensually imagine, define, accept, and operate from as if true. It is hardly a 'blank slate' - but rather a dissociated personality adaptation overlaid upon its original nature. Conflict avoidance becomes parasympathetic dominant and passive-aggressively withdrawn from relations. Conflict expression becomes the blind arrogance of self-righteous assertion upon others - and overrides communication and relationship. The embrace of seemingly polarized conflict is the true nature of being that gives us identity of alignment in unifying and reintegrating purpose. I hold that we have it backwards - putting consciousness as the 'effect' - and yet as we define consciousness it IS an effect. The power to define thus is however the power innate to consciousness - even when running as if unconscious to a sense of life lived independently within its terms.

# 2

Stress also activates nitric oxide production/release as well as limiting it. While generally agreeing with your sketch as a work in progress, I am aware that we mythologize our experience of world and body, or rather, we interpret the world mythically. Perhaps A.I may learn to think as a wholeness instead of trying to put Humpty together again in impossibly complex linear conceptual mappings of variable responding at once to each other?

So I sense Life embodies a communication of balanced functionality that our good v bad 'narrative identity' can only distort. And so I see the good v bad narrative identity as a symptom/reinforcement of a persistently maintained imbalance aka 'define and control mentality' or psychic-emotional defence - as a result of a perceived and believed loss of wholeness of being - and adaptations of persisting under such conditions. This 'development' runs its prodigal course as a dissociation in fragmentation that eventually results in desire for and reintegration within wholeness of being - which is directly Felt Life - rather than emotionally reactive or suppressive mentality operating upon it. The blocks to feeling being - including substitutions  for true presence lived - are both biologically conditioned and psychically reinforced. Does the blood beat the heart? Does environment determine the particulars we see as 'agents' - ie bugs, virii, bacterium, fungi? Is 'environment' merely or exclusively physical or is 'psychic' a pervasive field of informing-information to a tangible expression/experience? Indeed is our consciousness actually the biogenome?
Without it we would have no life in the body - and mitochondria is the intracellular powering of vitally organised bio-electrical and kinetic energy. Why exclude the informational energetic of consciousness?

The consciousness of the personality construct is in many ways a reversal of Consciousness; a cause defined and trapped in its own effect. I see that prematurely opening 'identity in persona' (presumed consciousness) into Consciousness could result in heart failure or psychosis. But I also see that clinging on to outgrown beliefs as a personal sense of 'power' also necessitates 'breakdown' of such a focus or structure in Consciousness.


I cant escape the feeling that the attempt to find the 'cause' in a complex network of symptoms or effects is inadvertently hiding or protecting the cause from exposure by investing in search somewhere else than the realm of Cause.

That is to say - I hold that psychic-emotional conception, filters and distorts a pervasive field of energetic informational communication - (that may facilitate communication breakdown) - relative to its alignment or dissonance in relation to core function.

'Self-inhibiting consciousness' may also be assigned as subjective consciousness can seem to suppress life and seem to step outside it. We can embrace this as its own process of development and discovery, through which consciousness of self and world change as a result of adopting or releasing limiting belief. "It's life Jim, but not as we think we know it".

While science has worked like a demon to exclude consciousness - excepting as some sort of afterthought (an image we are rapidly embodying in robotic compliance to our own beliefs) - it is of course an expression of it. (A self-defeating dead end unless something stirs awake!).

If the yin/yang of sympathetic/parasympathetic function is the key of wholeness or health - then attending to the realignment to wholeness undoes the conditions associating with a state of dysfunctional imbalance. I sense that 'attacking' or suppressing symptoms often works a magic of seeming to work until the result of being further 'attacked' reasserts itself - perhaps in new forms. Don't just do something! Stand there! And react not without pausing what we think we know, enough to be genuinely curious to know.

I sense an aversion to 'simple answers' is when these are assigned support narrative assumptions already aligned with invested or conditioned identity. However that seemingly simple narrative identity investment is an extremely complex psychic-emotional complex with only a 'front end' that seems self-evident as 'the world'.

Not perhaps the kind of conversation that fits a 'medical model' - but that is the nature of the narrative control; it filters to rule-out (as psychological defence) - so as to rule over a subjective experience, and yet becomes subject to its own thoughts believed true. A useful tool, consciously held, or a forgotten consciousness in conditioned reaction.

 I don't see a necessary war between purpose (aligning spirit) and desire (matter to you). But if what matters to us is framed in such a way as to defeat purpose, then complexity confounds the desire as persistent un-fulfilment of core function/nature. Narrative control is a strain and a burden of impossible 'responsibility' because it is the effect of self conflict, seeking causes outside - and be-living them AS testimony to being 'right' or validated over or upon a sense of wrong, projected away.