Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Cultural and historical dominance and development

History can be seen as  a current of ideas that are fleshed out in human experience. Some 'thrive' become 'dominant' and develop until they lose their initial vitality and become stagnant identifications rather than active aspiration. A constantly shifting environment of ideas that themselves spawn all sorts of further ideas. All of which is outpictured and reflects back to our mind.
The idea of dominance is a very deeply held idea and is associated with an individual person or group wielding power and maintaining privileged conditions.

There are all sorts of factors that can be seen as a confluence of nature and nurture, in the unfolding development of human events.

I would like to suggest - that the ideas use whatever channels are optimal and that the human ego - whether personal or national - is part of the programme and not the mind of the programming.

Genetic inheritance means that ideas which are fundamentally separative from and undermining of - Our Life as a Communing Intelligence - pass on their foundation no matter what form they take.

The notion of control and dominance is central to such a mind - yet it actually creates discord and scarcity and meets apparent breakdown and failure.

The global society is brought about via corporate activity and intent that is in many ways the 'dominant and controlling power' regardless of the apparent dominance of host nations.

However, the consequences of instability are increasingly dire and cannot be hidden, or disguised amidst propaganda and distraction.

So I expect a fundamental awakening - at a deeper level than our history could suggest - albeit via great stimulus to find a truly sane basis for living.

Curiously, mere thinking blinds us to the current of Living Thought that could be called inspiration, guidance and a truly heartfelt  intelligence.