Tuesday, 14 June 2011


The transcendence of self-will opens an Awakening to Life beyond life and death and is the essential Teaching and Demonstration of the story of Jesus - and restores true Purpose as the basis of our mind and our life.

When man puts his faith in his own thinking, he becomes self-concerned, deceived by his own fear and insanely disconnected from the source and nature of the love that unifies all things in Peace - and usurps all the functions that truly and rightly are of God and not of self-will. God has nothing to do with organisations on earth or human theologies or beliefs. God is a term pointing to the unified Source and Intimacy of the Life that is All That is Present - where you seem to be. God is the Totality of You that is denied, in order to play out the dream of an orphaned private authoritative mind or will. But God is only lost to those minds in dream while the dreaming is accepted and desired above reality itself. Where the desire to determine and control what is real usurps the acceptance of and participation in Reality as Given. Unified Being does not give a polarized experience. That is a gift we give ourselves and can thus be undone.

In everything we do, we teach ourselves - but also others. Human thinking, in its disconnect from living trust that can only be known in the heart, teaches deception and robs the life of the Life - of the true and present unadulterated feeling of Being.
The 'story of me', my world, my emotional drama - is NOT our Life - but is an overlay of self-will. The journey of a human life gives many opportunities to awaken as the Life. The key is to question or challenge our experience that seems unquestionably real. Not to merely think about it in its own frame of reference - but to willingness to look directly at the mind in action and see how it creates its experience that then defines 'you'. Such is an intimate gift of awareness.

There is more to You than a temporary freak of private thinking and its assertion of meaningless 'meanings'. Love is greater than death for love merely waits on welcome - but death is the ‘achievement’ of a lifetime of going it alone - even if it presented in socially acceptable terms.

To open the heart to love and give witness to love's Reality is the Sunniest and Holiest Place on Earth. This death is the death of meaninglessness and suffering in isolation. Instead of using the mind of self will as means to die to love's Reality moment by moment, through our human life, why not uncover the truly glorious and wondrous quality of the Innocence and Sanctity of Being?

What of pain? Pain is pain - but what we make of it is hidden behind the desire that wants our projections of meaning to be real.
Pain is rooted in the heart and mind that is separated from itself - from the Loving Unified Presence that You Are but believe lost to you. Pain is the Call to awaken from the dream of a separate life, all by yourself, by your will, in your private mind, defended against the infinitude of You as if protecting a real life.

Your will IS done as you elect to determine the meanings of all things - but until Heaven and Earth pass away as separated states - you can not know yourself One in peace, love and joy. Therefore let ‘Thy Will be done on Earth as it Is in Heaven’ hold your true Will in trust while you are restored to the knowledge of the Father you thought to have divorced - and to the full Inheritance that you thought to have squandered.
By willingness to relinquish the self-will that is your first-born son in true and universal service.
We are not human becomings - we are human be-ing. Let the qualities and nature of true Be-ing go forth and multiply in place of the falsely fragmented meanings we thought to make real before.