Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Speaking on death


I posted this as a comment to the above article on the Guardian (comment is free) but they chose not to publish it - and removed comment options since.

I don't feel that the words we use IN THEMSELVES are the matter.
What matters is that our word is one with our thought and deed.
Anything and everything can be said ABOUT death without being able to speak what it Is - perhaps because in our current framing death of an OTHER is experienced as IS NOT.
The breaking of the 'continuity' of a world in which that one  was integrally participant is a sudden transition to a world in which they are NOT - excepting the trace of their lives in our own. For until it is our own release of such a continuity of self and world - we live on.
If you are embarrassed in the presence of love you will hide your fear, shame or unworthiness in terms that  gloss over or actively deny true felt relation - not merely with the one who dies to our world, but to our own intimate resonances - which may well be an alloy of love and hate because such is the nature of the personality level. The death of another may open a greater gift than likes and dislikes or patterns of affection or grievance. For the love that they are - regardless of the life that they lived - is revealed as a Silence that we cannot speak or define - but from which we emerge with the gift of them in our heart - insofar as we are accepting and abiding of a love that cannot be grasped, held onto, controlled or possessed.
There is much in our current framing of life that has it backwards - no wonder then an insane world. The word you give in your heart is who you are accepting your life, self and world to be. If we make a 'dead world' of evasions and deceits how can we then recognise it in love?
Life in the body is an idea of becoming possessed by the attempt to possess and control. Life is through the body, even as Meaning is through the word-form and not IN the image or idol of any expression of an Unspeakable Infinity that is truly an Intimacy.

If Consciousness is shifting perspectives of experience - then we do not really GO anywhere - excepting within a given or accepted framing of perspective. Note that I do not GO to this website - no one ever does. Virtual frameworks of reflected meaning serve the purpose we give them. Giving a true word is restoring the capacity to receive it.

Thursday, 14 November 2019

The greatest threat to our world at this point in time?

I posted this to a health site I wont name because I accepted they may not feel able to publish it.

The greatest threat to our world at this point in time is Global Climate politics. Not because CO2 greens the planet and supports Life on Earth, but because it is a long, persistent and massively funded and 'astroturfed' campaign to shift the global Economy to an initially carbon guilted system under the IoT (5G+) - but as you know once you have the law and system in place those who decide what the consensus shall be can expand the parameters for social debits of any mandated regulatory 'protection'. The issue completely diverts from all other pressing clear and present dangers and has conditioned humans to regard nature as a victimised grievance for which we hate ourselves and consent to die - not in those terms openly - but the enforcement of global austerity (for the saving of billions of computer modelled casualties) under globally set and enforced regulatory structures built into every level of social interaction is NOT Our or Earths's sustainability but that of the ability to persist in that which produces the toxic debt to dump or outsource it to our willingness to eat it - and feel morally superior for doing so. 
You may not feel to publish this and I understand if you choose not to. 
In which case it is simply from my heart to yours. 
You could look at the documentary 'Banking Nature' with a critical eye - (youtube). 
And research the headline before propagating it? 

"Future is sustainability from the heart of one’s being. This may be said of a person, a family, a business, or a nation. ~ Jeshua from 'Love Without End'

A commenter said:
Climate change is a diversion from what's really going on around the world

YES. It is both a cover story that diverts from actual toxic dumping - across a broad spectrum and a means to shoehorn the gullible into a systemic subjugation to energy and behaviour control under the IoT (5G+) 
Why are people gullible? Because they are afraid to frame their own question and truly find out. But that ... is consciousness.
Use it - or lose it. Regardless the media and political circus the rolling out of global regulatory structures is inexorably proceeding without any real oversight or accountability - like so much else - the matrix runs to keep the food chain occupied.

Monday, 4 November 2019

Ecocidal Apocalypse


This worthy article only skims the direct human consequences of degradation and death while the indirect ills to our lives are implicit in degradation of most all life on Earth.

I watched the documentary 'Banking Nature' on youtube last night - in which environmental scarcities (toxic debts) brought on by  rapacious Corporate industrial development are repackaged under capture of the legal system and a hired weaponised 'science' -  to set up a system of investments and speculations for money-sucking coercive control structure that also transfers The Natural World  to Corporate private ownership - (Which may ostensively be pension funds and investment spreads etc - but via a financially regulatory 'Canopy' of top-down control). 

The same system of agenda that wars, pollutes and destroys for money and power, work the environmental mindset and movement - and set it in motion many decades ago as the means of ITS sustainability at ANY cost. Their expertise is to get YOU to buy their toxic consequence as if to gain thereby.

As for the 'legality' of a capture or coercion of the politicians who regulated their protection FROM any real accountability under the law - this is the boot of Big Brother (tyranny by terrorism) on the necks of all who conform and comply for fear of pain of loss or favour of personal advancement or profit. We meet the same thing in seeking accountability from the the Federal Reserve and the same thing behind regulatory capture of  'medical' or 'climate' guidelines that crept into mandates by manufacturing the science and pushing its fake news as standard mainstream mind-capture.

It nurtures and uses greed of personal self-specialness, in profit or privilege, to leverage such 'assets' - but is set on power under any and every means of deceit - but for why? To what end? What does it want power FOR?

Insiders may believe various narratives that are fed them by their handlers and believe the end will justify the means - but the nature of an alien or non-human hate being welcomed and supported and protected as Law, Government, Power and Protection - is malevolence and death.

Our imminent 'extinction' is nothing at all to do with a cynical cover story of carbon dioxide as a forcing agent for computer modelling billions of deaths - excepting as a means to induce people to pre-emptively shoehorning themselves INTO EXACTLY such an IoT control system of globally enforced population control  - that has nothing to do with qualitatively intelligent shifts to better ways of living together and everything to do with systemic energy and behaviour controls as an enslavement of those who survive by delivering their fellow beings unto evil.  For such is the nature of The Choice... to save yourself, you must deliver others to evil. Now guilt and fear of loss says you have no way back. But truth is not set IN the past but in releasing the past of what you no longer consciously choose to carry forward. This is your power of decision.

The truly positive I can share of coming to such an impossible situation, is that in awareness OF such a Choice is the opportunity to know the true nature of such a 'self' as nothing BUT deceit - and no longer accept it as you or let it be as god and life to you - regardless how deep the learned habit of its persistence as a symptom.

The meaning of 'Apocalypse' is NOT the associations of catastrophe and destruction that is inherent to all invested illusions brought to truth - but the revealing of ourselves to ourselves. Hate will reveal you hateful and a 'self-hating humanity' is charging up the wherewithal to empower its own destruction. But an evil HUMANITY is not the cause of destructive intent and effects - but rather the systemic usurpation and subjugation of our humanity to a false sense of power and protection by which we choose slavery under illusion of freedom - but as one who knows not what they do. Hiding fears, gives them power in the dark while seeming to have temporarily escaped or mitigated them. Lather rinse and repeat...

Revealing you unto your self shall also reveal the nature of what hate is and does and why.  But you CANNOT kill what you did not create. But you can 'kill' your ability to recognise your true creation over and over, over and over, again and again - under the belief it 'saves' you from a Total Loss. Winston Smith is Big Brother. All characters are cast of the mind that makes them. A loveless predicate makes a loveless world - even if Infinity is through and through and All about. 

No amount of reasoned argument can reach those who have - under whatever pretext - chosen not to listen because they believe they already know. While this fact can be used to embrace a 'post truth' manipulation of the psyche instead of engaging in human relationships, such a choice is only seemingly meaningful or plausible for those whose goals are such as to justify denial of life and of others to make THEIR dream come true by coercion and deceit. 'They have their reward' - or the fruits of their current choosing.

You do not need Jesus to remind you that the seeds and roots determine the nature of the fruits. Nothing worthy of love can come from hate excepting the recognition of an overriding need to relinquish it. Refusing this is makes the overriding fear of a mind invoked to defend against truth - regardless insanity! The energy of such, shines on the just and unjust alike but our relational alignment within it can be a true or false witness.

Our overriding need is not coercive upon us because it is our true nature Calling and the nature of truth to be itself. For love has no need BUT to share itself because that is the law of its nature. The tempting habit is to believe that coercion and deceit  must be demonised, got rid of, killed, eradicated, excommunicated, denied and walled out or denied voice. For that is how an attraction to guilt 'works' deceit as investment in FORMS of correctness.

When the 'Law' is become a reign of destruction, look to the law that is written on our hearts - and shares there. Give truth its due and you will re-cognise yours as a basis from which to live. A mind of lies is a tricky way to not listen within the heart - and so to hold the heart 'weak and captive' to an evil imagination given power. Nothing given power by You is weak, but it may present itself as victim, grievance or loss in appeal for sympathy and support - and rage in exposure.

Murder and genocide are not lawful under systemic corruption of formulation, interpretation and application of law by expertise in Corporate deceit.

Such 'protection' is a racket for powerlessness under fear and guilt, 'made real'. That is - it is manufactured and fed  in exchange for awareness and sharing in truth of love and life no longer believed possible Nor deserved. Self-hate calls for self release - but into life, not in death. Insanity is a collective or mutual attunement to a dissonance or blocking signal. Illusions must be 'shared' to seem real. But only love Can share. And sharing cannot be forced on others or on our self and be anything but an imposter. True Goodness is a resonance of recognition in act that shares life - and not a fig-leaved credit set or stored up against guilt-debits.

We do not create (our) being - but we DO make or accept the predicates or definitions of our relationship to being and to each other invisible - by acting as if they are true and then reacting to a world we make and take as reality itself.

Fascination with conflict and horror becomes obsessive, negatively polarising and destructive.How can we serve the release of others when we share the same 'habit'?  Self love takes time to centre and renew perspective in the heart of wholeness or currently connected relationship. Without simple but profound fundamental responsibility - nothing can grow or be built that doesn't fall apart or deliver unto the same sense of failure. To persist in what doesn't work and cannot work is a refusal to learn or change or grow. This is a failure of approach that guarantees a failed outcome under plausible deniability.

Friday, 1 November 2019

Virtue signalling is of course, acting as if one had it

in response to the themes in:

On poppy lapels and the glorification of war.

Everything serves double duty. That is - it will serve the meaning for you that you hold in your heart.
Others make their own choices according to their current sense of themselves and their reality.

I watched a documentary on Putin this year in which I was alert for the messages he gave out - ie for propaganda or deceit. Insofar I did see it - it was towards upholding a national identity that was willing to focus on strengths rather than focus in old hatreds and divisions. 

The practical reality is of maintaining a workable sense of self and society as an ongoing balance of interests. There are backgrounds to world wars that are still ongoing and are morally toxic to even consider.

Virtue signalling is of course acting as if one had it, but virtues are qualities of being that shine and share in resonant recognition that holds social or cultural consciousness - whereas the masking in forms of virtue feeds a cynicism that - on recognising the hypocrite - hates and attacks the truth the mask was passing off as.

I look outside the narrative mind - indeed to look from a new place upon it.

Great destruction is catastrophic to our sense of self-continuity - whether man-made or assigned by guilt as 'humanly deserved' or simply the shock of no longer sharing life together or even having the same life - because everything has changed.

While grieving is grievous, the original sense of mourning is a releasing into Life - a greater Life than my terms, conditions or expectations and demands. There is an honouring of the dead in Life that aligns us in love and love is our primary connection and communion within ourselves and among ourselves.

Grievance that refuses Life is a kind of blind hatred that 'knows not what it does'. This seeks vengeance or vindication in its own terms and worships the pain of lost love and power as the driving force for defence set against reliving or re-opening to Life perceived as treacherous - and therefore deserving its own 'coin' in return.

Sustainability for self-illusion must hide or pass off in the forms of social acceptance and reinforcement. And so wherever a light shines, the forms of its expression become attractive to those who seek to gain by association or indeed mitigate a fearful sense of isolation and self-conflict for which they may have no reflection or articulation - and so suffer 'mental illness' in secret within a society that is set IN the mask and AWAY from its own conflicted purpose and desire.

So yes - there is a denial of Light that compels sacrifice to maintain the conditions of darkness - or the lies that must be asserted and enforced to hide the already lies on which we stand as if solid ground. And yes it operates a hateful agenda of using our minds against ourselves - and each other. But do we GIVE it the power to deny our right to a natural Communion within our self as with our lives and everyone who lives in us?

Seeking moral high ground is the first sign of a lack of awareness of a deeper integrity - that we do not make or manufacture - yet shines forth under the conditions of aligning in transparency to it - to a love that moves us though we know not how.

Our narrative continuity is an invested self-identity played out in the flux of always shifting appearances - but if we choose to take it FROM our past, we shall repeat its themes - via every kind of attempt NOT to.

The nature of a naturally felt Communion within Life is of Presence - always arising anew.

Apocalyptic revelations of 'what lies beneath' echo back to great catastrophes that shaped or structured our thought and development of consciousness. 'Gods' or Power set over Life being associated with Terror and Destruction. Terraforming of the earth was WITHIN humanly recorded memory - but set in a frame that is incomprehensible to the Human developments of such consciousness AFTER the stage was set to a stable Cosmos in which a Foreground Power became background to our psycho-physical expression of its emulations and appeasements in human thought and behaviour.

We now live AS IF our current sense of World is the same as what has been for millions of years. But we MAKE our prequel as the frame of support of a present sense of definition and control - and if you intuit Orwell’s illumination here you are not altogether wrong.

The mindset of control is rooted in denial of its own chaos, and is stamped upon the presence as a mask that reiterates its theme under the attempt to control, defend, atone, or amend.

Yet I marvel that "Behold I make all things new!" - as applied to terraforming events that literally made raised up and moved or levelled mountains is also true at the deepest quality of awareness of Existence.
While we may think with Heraclitus that we are never in the same river of the same man - to feel and know the newness or nowness of each moment as it own is a quality of resonant recognition - which even a moment or a touch of - can completely shift our experience of our day.

Yes - I am aware of much 'Hidden History' of deceits that pains the heart to contemplate - and yet I also see that we each and all live our choices within the frame of our living, and I cannot make yours or another's. But unless we step outside the dictate of the frame, we shall not have perspective or freedom to  transform it.

Manipulation seeks to engineer our thought and reaction to serve hidden agenda - that must sacrifice transparency and accountability to an overriding dictate - however presented or structured. 

Listening in the Heart is a willingness to pause of the mind of its own spin and open a true connection.
The 'territory' around the awareness of Life whole may be every kind of fear.
Running off as if a separate 'whole' is a false inheritance.
But despite the Wasteland of war in pain of loss, in debt and death, the poppies bloom.

Consider the lilies of the Field...

Thursday, 31 October 2019

Salem Witch Trials

Fear of chaos is fear of loss of control that projects itself onto flagged targets to be sacrificed instead of awakening responsibility for fear, in love of truth. Fear is for the most part a self-conflicted state - assigned to its symptoms as externally caused. Without such an 'enemy' would we have a 'self' in the kind and nature that we pesume?

Fear does usurp reason in the heart - which is a heart and mind as one - when fear is hidden, unowned and projected away.

Self-illusion defended against truth is fearful by definition. If the voice for fear is given worthship as power of protection, then truth is demonised and attacked wherever it 'threatens' to expose the lack of substance of deceits that become sin by their persistence. Control being willingly sought by the ignoring and overriding of relationship and communication. That IS the nature of a mental or psychic dissociation from self, other and life under mutually reinforcing illusion. Fear is hateful and hate directed away from self mitigates the 'hateful self' This can also operate on the body - such as to interpret disease as an evil to be burned out, destroyed. Germ theory is only a change in terms to substitute pathogens for curses or evils. Addressing the Terrain or living context is addressing the situation that manifests the symptoms of what may be the body's intent to heal or detoxify. Stephanie Senneff has interesting interpretations of the body as finding workarounds that meet a core need by sacrificing lesser needs in scenarios we define as 'Life Gone Wrong' and the call to war of forceful interventions. But what is wrong may be a systemic deficiency, toxicity or imbalance.

The Greek pharmakoi, singular pharmakos, refers to victims who were ritually beaten, driven out of cities, and killed, for example, by being forced over the edge of a precipice. The word pharmakos, designating a person who is selected as a ritual victim, is related to pharmakon, which means both "remedy" and "poison," depending on the context. In the story of the horrible miracle of Apollonius, the beggar is a pharmakos, a kind of ritual victim. Apollonius points to him as the demon causing the plague (he is the source of pollution or poison), but his lynching restores the well being of Ephesus (he becomes the remedy for the crisis). — Trans.”
 ~ RenĂ© Girard, I See Satan Fall Like Lightning

Deceit is false currency by which self-illusion seeks sustainability

in response to the themes in:


(On propaganda in the modern world).

Deceit is the false currency by which a self-illusion rises and seeks sustainability as a substitution for your life.

Truth is the condition in which deceit cannot enter and has no existence.

And so the mind of deceit must by definition distort and block truth by framing itself in fear's protection. 

If self-illusion is seen as a mis-identification, given power under fear of threat, and then suffering a growing entanglement of dependencies as survival necessities to the frame of such a strongly invested identity of fear-defined sacrifice to 'any means of sustainability' - then fear of extinction fuels the rebellion against a true self-honesty brought TO communication. Such fear MUST deny all other views and seek to undermine and invalidate them - at whatever cost - because such fear is a false sense of possession running blind as the determination to NOT see and NOT know by the intensity of the felt and driven need to 'know' or rather assert and defend something 'ELSE'. The lie is the progeny of  purpose that it serves, and replicates its core pattern in any shifting of shape.
There is no love in it - but only appeals to manipulate sympathies of token 'association' with caring  that is set in contrast and opposition to a hated and feared outcome, threat or flagged enemy so as to guilt and shame non-support or criticism and offer compensation of release from guilt by 'morally righteous' and socially incentivised 'identity' of active compliance and support - as the Stockholm syndrome of a accepting protection of a racket or tyrannous subjection - as the only life left to have.

The use of words is the framing and defining of reality as we accept it - either at heart as our conscious witness - or in compliance of subconsciously internalised structures that effectively operate a mind-capture to the human-conditioning - that has developed or evolved from ancient separation trauma - re-enacted down through the ages.

Whole we have agencies in our world that likewise operate on false currencies given allegiance as our 'too big to fail system' - my key interest is in recognising our individual responsibility as awakening freedom to be and to see and know in being - instead of personal identity acquired in a world of guilted blame that  operates a negative economy of the attempt to get RID of its penalty by flagging AWAY from a hidden self ONTO others, and onto external or imagined conditions.

This splitting off and attacking or hating and excluding the hateful in the OTHER is the outsourcing of fear and pain of loss to the undermined, dominated or deceived. In the short term is a release of psychic-emotional charge that is seen as a 'hit' of pleasure - and self-inflation. And so addiction to such self-pleasuring operates the mis-identified 'joy' of judging and rejecting and setting self over others as if some kind of vindication for an inherently self-isolating act, or as victory of vengeance set over projected hate and unworthiness of a denied sense of life and world. This is of course self-destructive under the illusion of a personal or private 'victory' or to rephrase - the inherent result of holding private agenda at cost of the wholeness that gives - and shares life.

Insofar as survival is fitness - it is in fitting our living terrain - which is NOT  an exclusively physical causality or dependency - but a psycho-physical wholeness for which we have no sense apart from intuitive resonance that aligns or is synchronous with the primary shared qualities of being.
The interplay of qualities to quantities that serve qualitative shifts of perspective is "Life, Jim - but not as we think to define and control it".

Regardless of ideals or revolutions in reaction to 'changing our world' it is always changing - because our perspectives are never really fixed, hardwired or written in stone - excepting that there are primary or foundational agreements upon which all else must follow. This fruiting of the roots is a tree of life when the root is truly shared - and yet the same power of Mind-in-Extension can as freely express conflicted, contradictory and self-limiting ideas and beliefs to effect not only negative fruiting in scarcity, war and debt, but at cost of a true and shared appreciation in gratitude for the gift of being - whose measure is open to the balanced sharing of its qualities.

Sharing is not imposed but uncovered. Consciousness is an extension of communication of being through whatever translations enable recognition.
Enforced 'sharing' is dependent on maintaining the differential of enforcement.
This polarises the belief that 'order' is called on by chaos (threat) as war, rather than called for BY chaos as a messenger or symptom of an otherwise invisibly denied psychic split.

The accusation of our sins in the other is so evident, that one has only to look at or think of another to notice it. Excepting we do not notice it while looking instead at what our thought frames as justified judgements of accepted currency that effectively short-circuit any genuine connection.

Attempts to unravel the lie will be deceived into thinking to know better than another and serve the same purpose in new clothes. But holding or abiding in simple truth  aligns the conditions in which the lies of the day thereof are revealed untrue, and worthless or meaningless as any source of foundation from which to build or framework to grow in. Thanks - but no thanks.

I notice two 'laws' that pertain to Mind that have practical application:
What we resist, persists.
What we choose not to use, fades from non use.

This tells me I need to uncover and learn the ways of witnessing truth that don't feed the troll.
And that the new habit of consciousness of such a choice will strengthen as the old choice is no longer 'struggled with', vacillated in, or interjected back into the new (as if to 'this time make a better person in whatever frame that may appeal as an overcoming, evasion or denial of a past that made us worthless).

If we want choice in any true sense, we have to align in its active acceptance.
This is to embrace life as it is - in relational willingness rather than from a preemptive strike of judgements that define to control.

There's a Big Screen signpost of a world showing what you are NOT or where you do NOT want to go - but uncovering what we DO want is the willingness to stand in a sense of worth and uncover the life that then meets us. This can be in any moment of noticing the pattern of a self-limiting thought or act and choosing not to take the ride of the seemingly 'known'. Pausing to connect.

The disinformation and division of fear propaganda is to deny the intelligence of the 'target'.

Intelligence is not a fixed quota of 'assets' but a quality of connectedness that finds pathways of communication. That which depends on a psychic-emotional disconnect to seem to be real, thrives in a bunker mentality in which the fear of what the other might do is projected onto others and defended against by attacking them before they do it. There is no end to such madness but exhaustion and death - except of course the grace of noticing.

Wednesday, 30 October 2019

Yes - it is all about 'control' (GM biotech)

in response to the themes in:

Yes  - it is all about 'control'. Anything else is subordinate to serving that purpose.

The mindset of control, or the setting of thought under the intent to control, is a way of  'seeing' only in terms of structures of control that represent closed systems operated by an outside controlling intelligence. For that is the fundamental belief in active identification with 'fear, division, attack and denial'.

The seeking of power as unquestioned reactive defence, orders to change the distribution of power in the system to regain or attain the idea of 'controlling intelligence'. As the final and uncontested judgement over self - as life on Earth.

This use of mind frames its experience, and environment so as to force outcomes that represent power and protection to private agenda set over and against others - and making alliance in common enemy, threat or fear so as to use others or set them to serve hidden agenda while following self interest in the frame of their own perceived self-interests.

This is negatively defined self-interest,  set in defence as fear of pain of loss to a scale of overriding fear set against inescapable pain of total loss. In other terms set as survival necessity and overriding all else when activated.

Negatively polarised identity operates the psycho-pathy of loveless thinking - or thinking from a self-justified withholding and withdrawal of alignment in hate - as if a power of protection, In control as if a substitution for the heart's acceptance and decision.

It is a negative creation made by fear and denial running in our name.

The nature of self-illusion or deceit is to pass off as true and substitute for or usurp the true.
The nature of such a mindset is to dress up in or mask and hide behind the forms of the true. And so the waking from an unwitting bot-net of support for deceits that are destructive by definition is the un willingness to run on a mind framed in forms and appeals of  adulterated 'truths' running any kind of guilt and fear based agenda.

Notice that to the mind under such agenda, release of fear and guilt as leverage would leave it powerless and unprotected. Notice that we use fear and guilt in our thinking and our common language as a sense of separate self protection. Notice I am suggesting to notice and not to judge and deny or force anything to be what it is not.

That a loveless and dark creation can be fed and protected to become the destroyer of life on Earth is the measure of our willingness to love to hate. If what I say in stark terms were obviously so, we could not bear our lives. Great ingenuity is called on to mask denial in forms of power or protection.

What could possible go right?


Noticing can right to the heart of a true recognition - instead of feeding the death spiral of blind judgements.

'My Holiness' is a translation of 'monsanto' - is it not?
As if Our innate and integral wholeness of being is protected by a manipulative proprietary patent.
Such is the nature of the corruption of power.
The nature of wholeness is to recognise our self in another and to give in the measure that we  - in truth - would receive.

I add - 'in truth' - to the Golden Rule because under self-judging hate we believe we deserve punishment, denial and separating from a love that we can no longer share in - and so a reversal of consciousness sets love as hateful, unreal, and treacherous. And makes symbols and idols of love as weak and victim - by which to raise war in its very name.

Self-hating humans become a zombie-apocalypse.  It doesn't matter if we can target or be framed to target 'special others' to mitigate our hate. That is simply how to keep it as an active denial beneath our minds, while believing we escape it onto others.

It's all based on lies. Deceit is not undone by attempts to eradicate or excommunicate - but by being brought to the light of truth. Meanwhile truth is brought to judgement as a willing sacrifice or as the giving up of  a true willing - how else can illusions find 'sustainability' but at cost of true?

How insanely painful must life get before we notice that we feed problems by warring on them, as if to make them go away? And have thereby made ourselves victim to a 'problem- management system' that generates 'sustainability' from as a mandate of compliance?

GM and biotech is nothing to do with with caring for anything but its patents, profits and power to protect and enforce them.

Yes I know that Nobel thought dynamite was so terrible that it would deter going to war.

There are many scientific geniuses who were and are completely naive in regard to the drivers of war.

Monday, 28 October 2019

Throwing stones at Jordan Peterson

 a quote that resonates in me:

“I'm for truth, no matter who tells it. I'm for justice, no matter who it is for or against. I'm a human being, first and foremost, and as such I'm for whoever and whatever benefits humanity as a whole.”
~ Malcolm X

If I recognise and resonate in truth - I own what is revealed to knowing. I extend gratitude and appreciation for the truth.
The making special of others is similar to putting truth IN the object, book or person. This a a kind of magic of associating with something while separating from it.

Jordan Peterson has held a relational and coherent demeanour throughout a very public persecution - and as such has shone the Spirit of a true witnessing amidst tricks and deceits. 
If people feed you a role and you buy into it - you become food.
Sacrificing ourself to a 'higher calling' is very common in anyone who finds they are receiving love and gratitude for being true to himself. But he also has an identity set against evils - which is different to receiving identity from truth.
And so the risk of becoming brittle by attachment to narrative identity is the other choice to deepening his faith in Life as fundamentally an expression of truth - regardless the overlay of conflicted identity.
Love is sustaining - and he has been sustained by the love of many to bear through hate - but that also means letting it in.
His wife hasn't been in the limelight - but she has been with him in what he has been living.
If he takes on guilt for her condition, it will block the love he needs. That is what guilt does if not faced, addressed, reconciled or undone.
People may put others on a pedestal so as to use them, and then cast them down when they no longer serve. But that's crap.

Walk alongside your brother or sister in Life. Sometimes you may falter and be glad of the helping hand. Sometime you are called to extend the hand. This is very obvious - UNLESS you are seeking to sustain a narrative identity at cost of true with-ness.

Be wary of judging another as if you set the rules that they must obey to serve a world made in your image.
And if anything has been truly lived and shared it is your true harvest. Trying to cling onto the form is the doubting of its truth in your heart.

My take on science is much more sceptical with regard to its underlying historical human baggage and presumption that then logically gives rise to building hugely invested structure on fundamental mistakes - but that is the narrative identity protecting the model that provides sustainability of reputation and funding. Fear of extinction rebels against the truth that would refresh and renew.
Jordan Peterson does not appear to be aware of the crisis in a subtly and also not so subtly captured Science - not least because he is very active within his own research in drawing the case for reasoned human endeavour.
He may also be overconfident in terms of the arena of debate - when for the most part there is none - only the feeling out for a vector of attack. Or he may be driven to meet targets despite severe health challenges - ie the mind and body refuse to support the 'mission'.
So he is actively teaching himself by example and also somewhat willing to learn from his own experience as a reflection of his inner alignment.

You have a choice when you meet anyone - in thought or in person - to extend a blessing or curse them. It isn't that it is 'wrong' to blame or call down penalty or invalidation so much as you do this unto your Self. There is a false harvest of denials piled up that remain yours regardless whether others take them on or not. If you have no peace - look to where you hold un-forgiveness and protect it as a chosen identity running in dissonance to the love that you simply are. Nothing external can resolve what is awry within yourself - but it can set up an addiction that then carries all the charge of those fears.

Hallowe'en and fascination with horror

in response to the themes in:

Fascination with horror and evil is in the sick attraction of guilt - sick in that we want (give ongoing focus to) what we hate and fear while presenting a sense of self-lack, division and powerlessness.
The use of limitation, lack and division to generate a bubbled self-separateness is both the fantasy of wish-creation made real - and subjection to what we made real by wanting it so. The victimiser is blind to its act and consequence within the narrative of a self-fulfilling fantasy possession - (as called psychopathy or narcissism on SOTT) - and the victim gives support by reaction in a like but opposite reaction as the charge of grievance seeking vengeance as a negatively polarised fantasy fulfilment. And to the 'engine' of a recycling guilt runs down the generations and hearkens back to Ancient beginnings - that SOTT sometimes points to in terms of a catastrophic past.
I have read that Hallowe'en stretches back to the fall of Atlantis - when so many died in a day that the next day was given/taken up by a mass communion with the dead - for the dead then were not dead in the way that many now wish to be - under the current tv set mythology of being turned off.

This reminds me of the pervasive popularity of Spiritualism during and after the great wars of the last century.

All Hallows (all made holy in love's remembrance and release) is not celebrated by a mainstream media manipulation - perhaps because the Church neutered love of its direct communion, to become itself a ghost.
As for apocalyptic fear - see that very little real progress has occurred with regard to an underlying human conditioning that is manipulated or leveraged but rarely allowed to be brought to the surface. Fear is protected from exposure by guilts and terrors - because fear brought to light reveals itself as a true need - or rather a need for truth.
When you recognise your need for truth above all else you release all investments in lies and the father of them to the heart's recognition. Honesty is in the Heart and not in a substitution of weakness presented as a means to manipulate others or forfend a greater penalty by keeping the wounds while projecting them onto others to direct the penalty away from self.

As for inducing the children who come to us in trust to play in macabre masquerades of horror made as play - does it prepare them for life in anything but Hollywood?

Testing boundaries is part of finding who you are and also of seeking the love that holds you in being where you are.
Limitation can also be assigned to an eggshell or a nest. What happens if you come out before you are truly called but an aborted potential? Not that some cannot find the way to learn from any experience rather than be neutered and rendered to the living dead.
?The usurping and adulteration of Meaning is the spiralling out of a destructive and depleting attempt to 'play outside the Law of your own being'. That this is impossible means that you will find yourself in an impossible situation - with no way out.
?BUT... that this is impossible remains your true salvation - regardless the phantoms of a mind split by fear.
?There is no God but God - does not mean the words but the truth they point to. The mind can make its own 'reality-experience' within the heart or within the willingness of the heart to play 'dead' to a casting out in defence against a world turned to horror.
?The purpose you align in is your heart's acceptance - excepting when an old fear is triggered to run the old defence.

?The purpose of self protection SEEMS to be loving - but may be the masking over fears we are either unready to face or unwilling to own - and so we call to external powers to 'save us' as if there is no love within. Anything given power comes by invitation, but may not leave without wholly relinquishing it. While we want its protection, hate and blame and fear operate in the shadows - excepting when of course they rise to break the world you tried to love.

Thursday, 24 October 2019

Scary Clown Propaganda

Allow that there is another layer or facet to subliminal programming; namely subliminal prompts to awaken.
All deceits offer an education in the undoing of their device - but only to the decision to wake up.
Reaction within the frame is always NOT looking AT it.

Allow that the mask or persona can start out as a jest or a playing out and dressing up - but when the mask WONT COME OFF! - the nightmare phase kicks in as a struggle to survive within the mask, seeking sustainability of the mask. The mask can be seen as ego, or matrix or false thinking given power. The underlying recognition is key - not the forms of delivery.

Be aware that terror symbols guard the mask against disclosure while guilt of persisting in sin locks you in its substitution for life. Those ‘who know not what they do’ are successfully masking and masked off from love by the mind in its own spin.
For a perspective on my use of 'sin':

"When a fictional aspect of personality is face to face with true existence, such questions arise as: ‘Who am I? How can my projections and inventions be integrated with reality? How can these self- generated factors—unsupported by reality—be made real?’

Existence exposes truth, and it can be a great defender of your own truth if you allow it to shatter that which is not really you. However, if you persist beyond your challenges and revelations to enforce your invented reality with intentional deception, you will enter the world of sin. Sin is a much simpler thing than you may think it is. It is just the force and mischief used to instill and empower invented realities. To the degree that you have made such investments, you have moved away from God.

“In the ways of the world, a great deal of energy is spent on judgement, which is nothing less than competition for dominance among invented realities. Judgment is a cruel, childish game of egos, competing for position. The sly, unspoken intent is that he who succeeds in sustaining a judgment is above judgment. That is not true. The fact is, the ego cannot and will not forgive. Withholding forgiveness is the ego’s assault against life.

Love does not judge. Only the ego judges, and through judgment it will perish. Your love will sustain your immortality, for love knows nothing of judgment." (From Jeshua in  'Love Without End' by Glenda Green).

The word God is not as important here as is love of truth.

Truth is an inner recognition of outer synchronicity. Not a separated form, image, concept - which can so easily phish the unwary as a way of masking off our Inherence with a false inheritance.

Another meaning of apocalypse is a revealing. If we cling to our invested illusions we will resist the revealing of self-creation to a true Self-Awareness. But there is a deeper purpose in the 'compression' back into seed potential.

Follow where you find resonance - and leave what is not for you at this time. Thanks - but no thanks.

There are foundational ways to realign and navigate the 'Shift' - without which we only experience 'Shit'. Thaey have always been true - but as the pressure rises (resistance), the need for a true conductivity becomes our fundamental need - or to put it another way - we are stripped to reveal our fundamental need. The masks of fearful evasions may be intensified but they are seen now as masks.

The function of illusion by definition is to pass off as true. Seeing illusions AS illusions is no longer a basis for identification in acting FROM them as true. This OPENS the way for Life to reach us more directly. Because we are not so heavily engaged in reaction to a past that is not here.

Note to James. Consider releasing emotional incredulity (you can become somewhat repetitive in this) in response to the actions of the un-Reasoned. The presumption of rationale may be correct but everyone operates the strategy of their own survival in the frame or terms of their current identifications or definitions. Nor do any of us let ourself know what we are unwilling or unready to know , yet.

'What would I have to believe to have the experience I am having or repeatedly meeting?' - can be productive. It can also extend compassionately to others who labour perhaps desperately under false belief that is not recognisable as belief because it is their reality EXPERIENCE.

Dissociated personality facets are unReasoned - where Reason is wholeness and Sanity and not merely a rational layer set OVER unreason or chaos of inner conflict - so as to block or lid over what is not allowed to be known or owned - at this timing. However that does not mean we cannot be curious and grow willingness in discovering WHY or what the blocks or inhibitions are supposed to be protecting us FROM - and whether in fact they are now recognised and accepted true - regardless the past that set them in one way of another.

“The stupidity is strong in humans”.

Stupidity is given power by the wish to limit, reject and deny.
And project away from self to 'other'.
Who may be offering a perfect lesson in self-forgiveness.
What if everyone else had already Woke - but left their roles in your Script for your own willingness to awaken - there being no other way than willingness to accept reality as it is rather than through the frame or lens of what we thought we wanted it to be.
I offer this to myself - and not to pick on you.

Releasing judgement to a true discernment includes a willingness to notice how I can frame myself in powerlessness by my own accepted and acted out definitions or core beliefs - invisible and unrecognised to a reactive habit of a world I think I know.

Nitinol - A New Free Energy System

Nitinol - A New Free Energy System

(Documentary from 1982)

Energy may be free as infinite potential already gifting awareness of Existence - but sources of energy for physical exchange into work done have to be accessed according to availability. Receiving and giving is different from getting or losing. The mind of definition can degrade a true exchange to a private sense of power and possession. Energy can 'go to our head'. False glory feeds the pride before the fall and a boom and bust economy can become the energy economy of destructo-capitalism - as a parasitic feeding upon destructive responses to dissonance of fear, conflict and limitation as the ordering of a top down sense of control over (and feed off) loss that is diverted to 'others', to the environment, but which embodies as a loss of heart, vision, relational feeling and recognition of worth - in short to a mechanisation or robotisation of a usurped human heart (wholeness and balance of being).
The archetypal polarisation of order and chaos served a past that is not here. We have the wherewithal to find order within apparent chaos and grow or flow with it. We also have the ability to recognise where order is generating chaos so as to know where to relax it.
But the binary polarisation of order as good over chaos as evil works the negative or segregative movement of 'forgetting' unity - without some facet of which the physical experience cannot be engaged in.
Finding the balance of the inner and outer is the key to sustaining life rather than seeking sustainability of the lie that sets them apart and against each other. Form follows function. But form is not in itself cause or determiner of function where the quality of meaning is a transcendent resonance or matching recognition. Form based reality can phish the mind to lose identity TO a sense of loss of love, loss of power and need of defence against a dissonant experience of existence or hostile World.

The department of energy wants to find new means of energy so that they can bury it in patents and keep it from the people, so that the energy companies can totally deplete the natural resources of oil and coal.


Not to deplete an abundance of oil and coal - but control of energy, via 'peak oil' oil wars and cartels, and persistence of the fossil myth as mainstreamed consensus dictate. With CO2 as the false flag to demonise (regulate) carboniferous fuels as agents of doom and crippling guilt - and therefore a new wave of righteous terrorism - global energy and speech and behaviour surveillance and control comes in through the IoT and 5G+.
The algorithm is of possession and control set against fear of loss as loss of power and of life. The mind of such a ruleset knows not having and being are one and so seeks to get its very sense of existence from the undermining, disempowerment or denial of others.
Fear of extinction bred a rebellion against Natural Order as a mind polarised in denial of its own fear and fear of its own (projected and unrecognised) denials.
If we want to find a true escape from such a vicious spiral, we have to bring an un-natural but learned habit of conditioned identity to natural law - instead of seeking to force fit life into a sacrificial model of sustainability for possession as control set over self, life and other.
Energy is a potential. Resonance is in synchrony. Drawing from Infinite potential in resonant purpose is not set over and 'against' or framed in problems derived from such a setting. In this way, interference and dissonance are feedback that serves our 're-tuning'. 
Originally, interferences and dissonances were used or interpreted for the expression of forces and densities. Identity in enforced or coercive density seeks power to survive or prevail, but that which truly identifies us is not reaction. Stillness is a quality within all things that 'thinking and thingness' hides. So our inherited and acquired 'thinking' needs become itself observed from the curious willingness not to auto-run its configuration so as to 'check in' at a deeper, higher or prior quality of resonance that may be beyond belief but is not beyond acceptance to a willingness to suspend active disbelief.
The movement to wholeness or reintegration is its own flow and pathway of undoing polarising illusions as identity of exclusion.
Awareness of subjugating and sacrificial systems of order serves questioning their authority, veracity and workability. But often to become another version of the same thing in more complex forms.

So I write to invite a deeper sense of systemic thought disorder - that can be owned and changed in our own sphere - rather than polarise against its social political derivative expressions - that largely run autobotically.


Having now watched the video ;-)
Engdahl's 'Myths, Lies and Oil Wars' provides a background to the political development of energy cartel as a dominant globalist agenda.

I was reminded of the biological phase changes that Ling and Pollack (I read Pollack's Cells, Gels and the Engine of Life) uncover as a much simpler and more accurate account of cellular function - and which Pollacks 4th Phase of Water - brings into our appreciation of the physic world rather than the model of established physics institutions. Though his work vastly understates EZ water implications in my opinion - and I understand why.
Magnetic qualities extend in ways that I haven't explored very much - including paramagnetic qualities which may play a vital role in biological energy exchange for at least plant life.
The idea of restoring to original form under certain conditions is a very resonant idea. It corollary being the conditions that have to be sustained to maintain a distorted form. I tune into that in terms of human 'original' nature. I see the physical also reflects pointers and reminders to an 'implicate order'.

Climate fear as socio-political leverage

Tony Heller is very good for uncovering documentation of past events and news that belies the hysteria inducing assertions being pushed as mainstream news, education, and alongside a mission creep of regulation that is unfolding inexorably towards mandate.
The narratives that people believe in different sectors may be different and yet the means is deceitful and the outcome a system of controls based on targeted and directed blame and penalty as a basis for an energy economy with global and granular controls under an Internet of Things that extends to control of speech and behaviour as the engineering of thought.
Tony Heller also reveals all kinds of statistical manipulations and distortions along with many evidences that belie the claims to CO2 levels as the cause or forcer of either warming or climate change.
Crony capitalism is merely consolidating its death grip on life under the facade of reigning back 'capitalism', industrialisation, energy use and of course population.

Different people are induced to support or at least not object to an agenda that elicits their sympathy over and against a perceived evil - and so the 'Left' hate capitalism as if profit from individual endeavour is itself corrupt, 'Greens' are trained to hate themselves (human beings) for a despoiling that is corporately and financially engineered - by a system of plunder and control that outsources toxicity out from its cash account onto environment and populations - as both physical toxicity of biocides and psychic toxicity of deceits by which to induce sacrifice of self and society to the reinforcement and sustainability of an unaccountable and sealed system of laws and controls put beyond reach of any democratic ability to change.

Somewhere beneath all appearances I trust that each is being made aware - at heart - of the choice they are aligning in or accepting for themselves. The mind of 'control' of life as the feared unknown is also the fear that denies life in belief that it must remain hidden. Ruling out life is a way of death - and at some point this can no longer be masked over as security or protection or indeed progress.