Saturday, 30 May 2020

Denial of Reality

Reality has a subjective element - and at heart this is free will.
No one can be forced to accept what they are not ready or willing to accept.

What then, when events unfold that split what seemed one world into many?
There is a mass even not dissimilar to a trauma in which we - or others temporarily lose our mind - or rather - are taken over by a survival instinct from 'back' in the reptilian fight flight (or freeze) mind, that operates from a direct and immediate sense of threat to be separated from or mitigated by any means and at all costs.

On - which is a mixed bag of articles and comment - was a t-shirt slogan:
"Crisis doesn't change people, it reveals them" ~ Eric Walters.

We talk of 'End times' (at times) in the sense of the drama unwinding to catastrophic destruction - but less in terms of apocalypse as a Great Revealing. We all live as if we walked the Earth - until a deeper psychic disturbance pulls the covers off - and we all have different patterns of fear, set in strategy, as our survival - before any consciousness of choice within the world and mind that have developed from or upon our core sense of being alive in our own right.

Fears have a front and a back end - in that unconscious or denied fears will be projected to our world.
And yet in a way that mitigates and masks them - so as to mostly avoid or defend against their representations. If there is 'One World' it would be where our willingness to share opens embracing perspectives - but for a lockdown mind there is no embracing perspective - but a lock-out of any other view as threat to life and thereby enemy to be denied - regardless the cost. 

So I see Revelation as a Time of Choice - for an 'emergent-see' is the nature of being brought conscious as to our current and active priority - even if it has run as a default beneath the surface presentation.
This can involve a psychotic adjustment period, if the denials have never been addressed. To witness our own shutting down is a madness of compulsion that has yet to be brought into light. But here it is.

Coming into birth, to self differentiation and adaptation to a world of separation trauma - implicit in every abandonment, rejection, denial, attack and betrayal - is the burying of the heart to where it cannot be hurt again - while masking in strategic compensations and substitutions.

If we are in a Time of Choosing to Live - rather than the winding up of the mask of choosing not to die - then we are meeting contractive compressions that trigger or bring back ancient conflicts amidst surface realities that are suddenly broken or threatened. How do we respond to fear?

Those who have already reenacted an underlying identity-threat are not available to full relationship - because they are dissociating to 'survive'. But that does not mean they are entirely absent - it just means everything is being subsumed and filtered through primary threat. And so what is needed is a true sense of connection, which does not have to attack or support their current perceptions - to extend and share  a willingness for love - in terms of sharing being in some way and at some level that is consensual or free of demand or coercion.

This may seem a tall order if we are also triggered to a sense of abandonment, rejection or betrayal - but in the dance of relationships - whoever is in the moment of a capacity to hold and extend a quality of worth - operates a channel for presence to align a synchronicity of communication - that no matter how seemingly small is a shift in both or all concerned.

When I am identifying in pain of struggle, and likely to attack those who reach out for me - if any should come near - I actually WANT to be reached, healed or undone but cannot find the way - and am compelled to a negatively self-reinforcing spiral of mental and emotional pain - until either the pattern fades or disintegrates for lack of support, or I am found in a moment of connection - from which a freedom to release myself and others is natural and obvious.

I am suggesting we do not know what is going on when deeper imperatives operate - perhaps in ways we are ashamed of and hide from and wish to forget. But a sense of self-betrayal is part of it - and if not addressed at least on some level, will poison the heart and set in cynical disregard of relationship - characterised by quickness to put down, or smear others in hateful ways - not least because that is our current relation to our self. As we see ourself, we see others. Compassion for our darkness, is not feeding a hidden agenda unknowingly, but being with what is real here as a willingness to uncover a world we can love, appreciate and share in.

Competing realities cannot bring that about - regardless the revealing of lack of substance in another's view. There is nothing sentimental in the love that I feel to be within all that is. Substitutions and compensations for loss of presence to artifice, is in the mask set over ancient hatreds. But true sentiment is the quality of felt experience and any 'reality' that divorces from the qualities of its Expression is partial - even if it can be measured and corroborated.

If we are to die to our illusions, give us a bridge of transition by which to let in what we can integrate.
Is this a true desire? Then it is prayer in the heart - which never was a supplication to an 'other' but an attunement to an unadulterated truth.

Denial served the very basis or our capacity to split and externalise Our Mind - capitalised because it isn't IN any thing apart and is the desire for shared experience - also understood as recognition, appreciation and gratitude. 

I have come not from a political background but from a 'spirituality' that acknowledges denial - rather than operates it. Another name is 'masking'. There is more than face value in the covering and distancing under fear of contagion. Our own Psyche is revealing.

Placeholders such as 'science' operate as if realities we have already reacted to as self-evident. It is easier to 'shoot the messenger' (blank another) than question our own narrative when a war (threat) is on.

Don't forget to breathe! Or better, remember to breathe the feeling of being.

Cockup, Conspiracy or... alien agenda?

Cockup, Conspiracy or... alien agenda?

Cockup, Conspiracy or... alien agenda?

People have to live from their current capacity to embrace - all that is.
The polarising in virtue against vice cannot see it in themselves and the polarising in vice as a fundamental honesty against virtue-signalling hypocrisy cannot allow virtue in its own self-definition - excepting a reactionary defiance.

However, the point that I felt to to respond to is shock testing of the system - alluded to in aircraft design technology.
The opportunity to consolidate control over life on Earth - is the seed and the consummation of the mindset in possession and control. To 'be as gods' - translated to power in terms of private agenda set in image and form. In this meanings are made to replace Meaning by devices of separation or attack and division. However - back on point...

Everything is being grown and fed into a control system that various agenda align with as a sense of power and wealth set against fear and pain of loss.
This is also to say an interjecting template to a full and direct consciousness of existence operates blocks and filters of distortion and denial such as to compartmentalise consciousness into fragmenting and polarised pieces under a narrative dictae for puuting Humpty together again.
The nature of the power grab is all or nothing - and this is set up in the minds of many as 'an offer you cant refuse'. It may see itself as emerging victorious as full spectrum dominance, but its undertow of dissonance is by no means eradicated or absent or ceasing to drive it.

The mind of the dreamer is unaware of the complex script that supports their dream. People think banks keep our money in vaults, and that the currency of exchange financially or in officially accepted idea - is external fact rather than common consensual agreement - running systemically behind the masking narrative of a controlled or lockstepped 'construct of reality'.

The intent to shape and define narrative at will - from a top down imposition - and have it be so! Is to 'lord it' over all who live beneath the canopy or are forced into dependency and allegiance to it as The Order made flesh. Here is the inversion and reversal of True Power - which is in all and serves the whole - and for which we have little capacity to recognise, honour and align in love of.

You wonder about, but do not name, an 'alien' will. Taking the core meaning of alien as 'Other', note that the division or conflict of a split mind under great pain of fear calls to an EXTERNAL  power rather than turn within to face its own conflict as a self-transparency, and does so as the survival of a sense of self under threat of ultimate Separation (death or breakdown to insanity). Here is the lockdown, masking and distancing to a physical prison that serves to protect from an intimate or direct psychic threat. It is all being 'shown' to the willingness to see.

The idea of separating from our Self and becoming 'other' or stranger to and alienated from our Self is an idea given power by reaction. The development of consciousness is the unfolding of Idea in the minds of the many and the many in the one - for without the masking off of a physicalised or mortal sense - we are NAKED. However, the introduction of lack or shame into transparency to truth grew to become the basis from which to seek to create as 'gods'. The plural here refers to archetypal trauma of separation experience that assigned Power to things, events and forces that shaped our world (and consciousness of) - and it is these archetypes that re-enact the mythic drama in new clothes - as if to have escaped the patterns that set us in fear driven thinking as our 'normal' - running just beneath the bubble of surface realities that are never allowed to truly align - or else our 'alien agenda' would be exposed.

There are other facets to all reflections in our experience, and one that comes to mind is talking a madman down from a suicidal futility. If he 'sees' betrayal and denial everywhere and in others and life it serves nothing to tell him he is wrong. The art of opening a channel of communication with an alienated civilisation on the cusp of destroying its own consciousness, has to use the terms of the consciousness itself - so as to open a resonant bridge. A 'battle of wills' is always an exclusion zone for any real communication, and forcing outcomes always inherently brings a reaction of like measure. Not in retribution, but as the nature of the Law of Idea or Mind. What you give, sets the measure or your receipt. That the FORMS of exchange are diverse is the nature of life as exchange. If we were monopolar forms giving monopolar gifts there would be no increase of the expansion of consciousness as greater than the sum of its parts. Into such a dead end - is the idea of polarised expressions of dynamic possibilities. None of which are to 'lord it' over' but all of which serve as valid facets to a whole. The release of the charge of denial - allows the Field of a true and present awareness to restore balance as a living system - which is open and yet embraces partially closed systems as patterning through which to know and be known

To find a true resolution one has to expand and include, not lockdown, lockout and exclude - but this runs counter to the mind-training of a compartmentalised mind set in polarise identity reaction. You have to WANT truth - against the grain of a believable and convincing alternative - to uncover your own freedom to yourself. Else it would be simply thrust upon or programmed in - As Satan said of Job being a mere robotic obedience. Love of form can blind us in attempt to possess and control it as our own proprietary domain. reverse that and recognise we bind ourself here by seeking to enslave life - whether in bending or manipulating others to our will, or bio-tech futures Inc ™ .
Self interest does not have to 'conspire', if it is already operating from a hidden root of fear-defined control. But what ELSE could logically proceed from insane premises but insane outcomes that are not recognised as the result of garbage in; garbage out.

It was a novel virus. And operates as a conceit. We invest emotionally by reaction and they redraw their 'science' to plausible legal deniability.
You know there is no consistent or solid science in it - and yet our reaction is to use science to appeal or convince it.

Follow the evidence!
And use science to test the evidence.

Maintaining the appearances of diversion and deceit is part and parcel of profiting by them.
Psyops are not operating from a true foundation, but seek to hide or divert in devices that delay the uncovering of NO foundation. Because this is a collective will, power is given to keep unthinkable or overwhelming fear at bay. 

I don't see others as being knowing complicit in the whole - excepting through their own narrative distortions. Fear operates an invisible hand. Invested allegiance in fear as Protector, takes on the 'religion of sacrifice' that fear demands.

Human as incentivised lab-rat is being played out as systemic control.
These ideas replace by extending the guilted mess of individual freedom.

The contraction to regain control and maintain possession works a death wish or regression to Unconsciousness, as 
What is called for is a qualitative shift of priority - not a quantitative blood letting by ruse of trojan ploy. Compression has to draw on true priorities by which to release the baggage. But much of our 'Economy' is baggage - or parasitic burden - thriving on conflicts and interest.

We meet 'Simon Says', it is a dictate - that has acquired vertical control of the institutional bases for social organisation. It is not the Noble Lie, but the necessary, craven and debased lie - that must be fronted our by crisis actors pretending top represent our interests. Yet if that is power, then it glories in its own projected 'hindsight' to deny the humanity of the sacrificed as a weakness in the face of a moral duty to undertake a necessary evil etc and etc.

The intent and attempt to weaponise biology is undeniable - BUT

The intent and attempt to weaponise biology is undeniable.
But in order to frame this issue more clearly, the use of the infectious myth as cover story for toxic exposure has to be addressed. Otherwise the psyop of the targets own fearful defence reaction is left out, and the agency is assigned to biological function - enhanced or otherwise.

Taking the covid19 stats as a whole, it is reasonable to say that IF this was a bioweapon - period - then it did not go off. (or perhaps only went off 'biologically' as a proof of concept for specific experimental results).  The overall cause of death figures do not greatly differ from other years, and are lower than some 'bad flu seasons'. Its profile for the most part is similar to death by all causes. The deaths due to lockdown do not belong in the assignment of covid19. Nor do many of those who were in very weak health as a result of various other conditions and died as a result of a complex of bodymind failures.

However, the covid19 was NOT simply a medical emergency - and only became one by framing as pandemic, relentless media blitz - that has at no time stopped - though it changes tack.
It is identified in my opinion - as a psyop, and the bio-weapon plays a role in the reinforcement of the psyop - EXCEPTING its front end, which is the mandate or prioritised executive for vaccinations and medical or biotech interventions that are by definition biowar.

The covid19 myth is that it is ONE disease pathogen to which all else is assigned or subsidiary. This is reflected in the denial of service to most any other medical need. One pathogen to rule them all - and built into a new world order as a propensity for 'infection' (colds) that will never be cured and must be managed under biotech surveillance and reinforcement.

There are biological responses to high toxicity involved in the fact.
There are adverse immune responses as a result of recent flu vaccinations - that may well have provided antibodies that interact negatively with the body's natural defences, or injected canine genetic material - including canine coronavirus - directly into the bloodstream of its target population - with cross reactive negative outcome. But in any case, every vaccine is by definition an attack on our immune systems - as are antibiotic and toxic exposures.

Basically, to operate a shadow government or private agenda set over wholeness, the integrity and natural healing response of wholeness has to be denied, demonised and substituted for by systems of manual override. This extends and reflects the mind that makes it -as set apart from life and the lives of others, fearful of loss of possessive controls, that reflect back as controlled possessions and pre-mptive in mapping attack onto anything that moves or changes outside its bubble of control, into which it thinks to bring life into and force it to conform to ideals taken for reality.

Fear is both the problem and the 'solution' as an answer that keeps on 'giving' but its fruits are negatively defining in debt, slavery and loss of consciousness and will, to a systemic paralysis that by definition cannot be moved against but will encapsulate or stricture the movement to death.

The sense of death and destruction as power over life can be taken to seem to be an aggrandisement of self - while in truth being used by one's own denials or hates - unknowing. The nature of denial is to 'see itself' in others so as NOT to own its consequence, and thus a true cause is hidden in symptoms flagged away from self, such that attention in penalty or sacrifice is enacted there. Such is an elitist segregative pattern that operates through the many as the consolidation of negatively defined power, in a few.
It is the normal of a mind set in judgement upon life, world and others. This is the 'operating system' for a world set in narrative or mythic representation of divide and rule.

True divisions are diverse and unique expressions of energy and exchange as a relational field of richness we feel and know as life. Life is fundamentally symbiotic - but not coercively so - and so there are both balance points and imbalancing movements operating together as functions of a higher or greater unity-in-expression. Human archetypes of order and chaos are set in war - that splits the mind as an expression of war, masked in imposing 'order', masking against limitation and loss by subjection - both in self-reinforcing negative or separative intent of a private agenda set in self isolation, masking in social distance and defended by rules of engagement that lockstep an unnatural condition to a new conditioning, by which to align under the god of death, and thus the power to withhold, mitigate or avert fear of pain of loss, onto others, world, and a self that is then willingly sacrificed or denied.

'The Call to live' can be covd over but remains with you - no matter what defences are erected against the heart's knowing, or how insanely they are enacted upon ourself and relations in the attempt to survive fear of pain of loss as a bubble set in grievance, to which the true currency or presence of life is then conformed or denied access.

For the Call to war and death, believes ITSELF to be the call to live and takes priority over all else - which is thus rendered in terms of food or asset, protection or weapon, ally or reinforcement, or enemy and threat to be suppressed, denied, subverted or denied.

Where there is fear there is leverage and funding - regardless that the 'solutions' feed the fear, the fearful will always vote again for the same basic ruse that operated from the outset of a 'separate' or masked sense of self set over denied or unconscious or unexpressed, represented and integrated self.

At what point does the voice that promises to protect from fear, lose allegiance because its 'answers' have become more fearful than what they were supposed to be protecting from?

Yet allegiance is normalised or habituated by complex levels of learned and acquired conditioning, that can only be released in the moment of noticing they are running or about to run. the grace of noticing is the free attention that fear binds under polarised reaction - which SEEMS to be a realm of choices in which to become lost or 'identified' BY reaction - instead of freely aligning as a heart and mind response.

I don't know about 'survival' being actually the result of our seeming control - for the underlying structures of such dependency can be removed in a moment. But I do have a sense of bringing the essence of who we are and what we have lived to SEED. As a consciousness of balance points through which life knows itself lived and shared in freedom of being truly moved - rather than a manual mind-override or denial of the movement of the heart's recognition for the fantasy of control in a prison world.

Friday, 29 May 2020

Good Cop, Bad Cop

Invalidation by smear can also use a bad cop to get the majority over to the good cop's point of view.

This can also be part of a poker game that knows the opponent's hand - being the provider of online services in to which nearly all emotional reaction is being fed to trend models of outcomes to choose between according to where the emotional investments are placed.

Identifying the 'person' is making an identity judgement and aligning that instead of receiving and sharing identity from true worth. This is a development of weaving your own mask by associating and presenting the mask of others - who are given authority (or anti-authority) and so will pass off as virtue in one's own navigating of models and outcomes to choose between according to invested emotional identity.

I'm for truth, no matter who tells it. I'm for justice, no matter who it is for or against. I'm a human being, first and foremost, and as such I'm for whoever and whatever benefits humanity as a whole.
Malcolm X

I choose this quote because it breaks the tribal or ideological pride barrier.
One only has to use certain terms or name certain persons and meet a wall of denial or invalidation.
But perhaps this is how we lose language and consciousness to unthinking fear-evasion bubbled up in a new world soap designed to kill the human virus.

'Coming out' of the closet of hidden or masked over presentations that are not our truth, but ran as strategic attempts to survive conflicting and fearful situations, is not to make a new 'identity' presentation. That is just a change of masking - such as the government or establishment perform as part of seeming to change while nothing really is allowed to change, excepting to notch up the tightness of a  masking narrative dictate, by which to generate a charged polarity of leverage on those who are incentivise to comply in selling out for a hollow agenda - that is simply fear of pain and loss, set as assertive denials of others and of communication and of life.

I sense that the wake up that we think we hope for, or seek in our world, is not going to be to the evils of others, as a moral outrage calling for 'Change!', but our own self-betrayals.

I feel we have to live and face our self in such ways as to no longer have anywhere else to mask, run or hide to ourself. The script shall run its course, to its pivotal moment or bottoming out. In similar way as an episode of shock sets off an internal dissociation and fragmentation that runs as a masking defence until, its shock bubble disintegrates to restore a truly Current Communication and relational appreciation.

All systems that replace relational trust as a dance of relational communication between and within us, are only as good as the integrity of those who use or apply them. The core issue in this theme is the replacement of relational specificity with mapped out meanings made into systems of automatic reaction. It isn't that we cant make and use tools or systems, or shortcuts of idea - but that if we become identified in and subjugated to them, we become 'living tools' or slaves to our own mind-manipulations.

'Don't-know mind' is not set in judgemental conclusion', and so is open for the prompt of a resonant recognition. If we choose not to align in our life, we have chosen to deny it for a world that bottoms out in death while alive. From which we may then call on death to save us from!

Our true humanity is not at the personal level but does have a very specific or intimate recognition of self in another and another as ourself. Nothing to do with the masking of private agenda in forms of love or concern, or of protecting or contesting these as if armed and armoured self is the only honesty.

The persona level is the masking over of what is kept behind, and what is kept in the dark, behind is the capacity to be possessed or taken over by fear-driven archetypes that are patterning of reciprocal entanglement rather than 'entities' or self-existing evils set against us or set within us in ways that must never be exposed or we would be utterly rejected. Why would evils run - excepting they are framed as lesser evils relative to an unthinkable  or utterly unacceptable horror or dread?

Good cop-bad cop is a mindset - even without its development as a manipulative system of mind-control.

'Don't-know mind' is not set in judgemental conclusion', and so is open for the prompt of a resonant recognition. If we choose to align in our life, we have chosen to release investment in a world that masks in death while alive. And alight in restored quality of  appreciation for being - that of itself shares or shines to a like purpose in others - if and as we learn to get out of our own way.

Thursday, 28 May 2020

Moving past the mindtrap of evils, one step at a time

To a commenter asking how to overcome great evils - after suffering the result of the attempt.

Sufficient unto the day be the evils thereof - can also be said as one step at a time - and in the priority of what your  day truly lived brings you rather than a wilful attempt to get ahead of yourself or take on what is not in your timing or the synchronicity of a greater readiness to release.
If we engage with darkness, is it a war by which we think to atone for, mitigate or deny our own?
Opening to that negative choices are enacted is itself a difficult awareness to abide. But bringing what we are experiencing to stillness, by yielding to our being, is what was once called 'giving it to God'. The Nature of truth is to purify and bring forth what is true or serving the acceptance and recognition of truth, while illuminating what is false as NOT yours or simply 'not here'. If we have debts or involvements of unfinished business, then we have in some level agreed to become part of others we have used or have used us - or patterns of such that we took on from our family of cultural resonances.
Finding your centre, your groundedness and your moment by moment self-acceptance for where you are right now is a basis for acting within life rather than trying to become  what you think would become acceptable in the Heart of God - or your Brother or Sister.
There is a paradox in a true self-acceptance. It is not at all fatalistic, or limiting.
If you were learning to play piano, you can only grow by practicing and can only  grow from where you are currently alive in expression.
End of rope is a great opportunity for a sudden turnabout - this applies to the Human Race at this timing.
Such is the power of love. Unadulterated.
The art of holding the focus or aligned intention and desire while getting out of our own way.
What's wrong with being a complete beginner - each and every day?

Not in terms of being wiped, but in terms of willingness that allows zero-point to register as the already movement of being.

Conscience, self-betrayal and fear masking in virtue 

I am totally into tuning in for guidance. I usually invoke the heart's recognition as a result of stilling the mind so as to watch or see the mind -in-act rather than be running its reactions.

But you keep invoking your conscience as if either its all about you, or all according to your sense of right and wrong? I wasn't writing to you personally but expressing my view to the theme. If that releases you from responding as if I am asking or telling you something specifically - then you are of course already free!

I see the mind of judgement of good and evil as the cause of the loss of true awareness to a masking persona.
Fear and hatred of evil drives a masking 'mind'. This is simply evident - unless the fear is active when it is NOT evident.
Though it is a bit more involved, and relates to our primitive survival response taking over, when the heart and mind is set incoherently in fear - which carries the potential for shifts to new perspectives where the old strategies don't apply, BUT... if the new is blocked or feared and resisted, a revert to the old pattern is the re-iteration of the past on the future as indeed Orwellian Big Brother's Boot. We can do this to ourself - and can observe that we do it, readily.

I didn't take issue with you on your conscience - why would I? - you are free to choose as you will. But you bring it up as if fear, hatred and masking the hate behind fake virtue is not going on. What is a mask for? Hiding in or hiding from transparency.

So for you perhaps, fear and hatred and a need to be right, or claim the right by making others wrong - plays no part of your life, because you are guided without distortion or bias of fears, old grievances or hatred of violence etc? 

My point is that by far the most of fear is unconscious, culturally masked and normalised by collective evasions and filters, and is kept so my the bubble of virtue signalling - that 'knows it is right' by the wrongs it has received, and therefore doesn't have to unmask, engage or re-evaluate its judgements.

Amongst other things, I see the agenda that covid is a key part of, as leveraging unconscious fear, hate and shame, as a consolidation of control set in power over life on earth. But in doing so, fear and its deceits are brought into awareness. Even if many retreat deeper into a lockdown and lockstep allegiance, with an attempt to impose control or put the lid back on - in some tighter and denser and more unconscious mask against relationship. In that sense 'A control agenda' is calling its Own - if you are not called - don't follow. Listen for what truly calls you. Perhaps your conscience is the guide to hearing and acting from the Voice of your truth - as your willingness to love truth and honour the truth of love?

My sense of conscience is in recognising another as myself and myself in another. It is not in moral codes - though when these are rooted in the heart I recognise the heart.
Moral codes like any system can substitute for a real or living relationship.

By pandemonium I meant 'house of demons'. It was coined as an opposite to the Pantheon.

The difference between either recognising the force of life and centring in balance within its movement, OR fearing, blocking and denying it, is the difference between heaven and hell. It isn't the force that is different, but our perception-response or conscious responsibility. Demonising unrecognised life is what fear 'creates' when unattended or running as a system on autopilot.

Otherwise fear would wake us up rather than drive deeper to illusion. (I know some will go either way, and some try to lock down and find they cant live with themself in self-betrayal).

So I thinkI have bridged to where you are in many ways - have I not?
I don't actually do judgement of people (Dr Buttar or others) as a basis for identifying with what they say or do. I recognise the spirit through their willingness regardless any distortions or limitations and I join in spirit and celebrate the light. The mind of judgement is - I repeat-  the problem as I see it, for it polarises good v evil in shifting ways to suit its own survival, identity, self-justification or sense of continuity. And yet until another point of reference opens, its division rules out a conscious basis for choice. In this sense it is fear defined rather than released of such to a discernment of who you are. My link was to a collective willingness that manifested a real medical conference through Dr Buttar. Many are very quick to idolise and that is the mind of the problem.

To align as who you are, requires no justification or apology to anyone. But to present as who you are not will seek all or any pretext for its support and reinforcement. It is inherently threatened by truth and works to mask against exposure. There is no peace in it. It cost the peace of knowing and aligning our own heart. Perhaps you call that alignment 'conscience'.

Self betrayal will surely generate self-hatred and self-denial of self-blocking conflict scripts that generate deep and terrible fear. I do not speak from books.

Fear is rooted in self-conflict - projected or cast OUT - as a way to persist in the sense of self in its ideas while compartmentalising or discarding dissonances - out from self.
Of course they are not forever got rid of and we are obliged to reintegrate - and release what does not belong together - with the core being the true of who we are - and not the self-illusions we may have acquired or invested in under times of expansion.

We are now moving into extreme compression - which can be likened to a crash course in spiritual discipline or conscious responsibility for thought, feeling and response. Otherwise a crash is just a crash. A way to suffer, pain and loss in death that seemed to reach for life but fell away or was stamped on by a Protector who betrayed. Perhaps because its employ was born of a self-betrayal seeking to hide?

Waking under the Radar 

I sense that Fear calls its own, as does Love.
Love calls us present, Fear calls to division unless harnessed to bringing us fully present.

My sense is that fear calls to illusions, that are given power to mask against feared or denied reality - and how is that going to pan out? War on Reality is what is panning out.

Anywhere along the path of an attempt to follow old strategies that run counter to our true needs is an opportunity to stir a real question. This may have to be under the radar as an inner negotiation of willingness to open something fearful - but in different ways to the sense of disquiet or self-betrayal being instilled or demanded by compliance to the 'new norms'

It is important there be a witness to an alternative to old programming running blind in control agenda. I don't see it as having to battle with the old so much as be itself and grow regardless or because of the denials or persecutions that reveal the old as without eyes to see or ears to hear.

The liability of persecution is in losing who we are to personal vendetta.
I appreciate that Vernon, persists in being himself regardless.
If others are not 'waking', perhaps it is we who are stuck in judging what that should be, or what it should look like or ow others should act, when it doesn't fit our own narratives?
What would waking up be?
Is release of self-illusion waking up to what it served to hide? Is this a step by step unfolding to a depth we haven't perhaps accepted yet? Are we each in different pathways of patterns of denial that contribute in different ways to a collective paradigm shift?

I see many are keeping their heads down and keeping their recognised liability for getting lost in fear in check by living the day at a time and finding practical ways to live or hold their family.
A lot of this is about making relationship with fear, instead of becoming possessed by it. (Dispossessed by it!).

Some people have already lived through terror or griefs that others keep well hidden or lidded over in masking social evasions. They do not want to open to the unthinkable and will defend against it if they are either unready or coerced.It is not only unwise to terrify people, but counterproductive, yet this is what HAS been done under the Covid pandemonium.
terrified minds can be vicious if pushed. In other words the serving of a waking up is not a call to war but an active compassion. Or we become the thing that we hate while signalling virtue.
I do not write to 'pick on' the poster but to join in the theme being brought to awareness.

I had a mail from Dr Buttar about the 'Advanced Medicine Conference' just held in a Hotel Lobby despite all kinds of obstacles and denials. Regardless whether I agree with all he says I appreciate the total willingness that manifested the event.

The willingness for freedom may be alloyed, but without it, we will give it to control systems.

The Covid-19 mask 

The Covid-19 Mask
by CC
You are a symbol of fear
That tries to force itself upon me.
You suffocate me and stifle my words.
You are a lie.
You are a symbol of submission —
Like a bridle on a horse
You break my spirit.
You make it hard to smile.
You hide me and make me lose my individuality,
Perhaps even a little of my humanity.
You are a barrier between me and the rest of my fellow humans.
Will I ever be free to breathe in the fresh air again?

There is another step from here now;
Full ownership and embrace of our masking persona.

I appreciate every step of willingness to connect within the feeling of being.
As the masking of a narrative forcing is revealed false

The inhibition of hate and hurt is the bridle on fight and flight.
But the freeze of trauma is the subjugation of love to a broken spirit.

If you would wake now I invite you to read the poem aloud - with conviction
and notice where your own integrity is sacrificed to a narrative set in lack and loss and powerlessness.
If you are connected at heart you will not choose to give acceptance to your own denial.
Set in the frame of being denied, hard done by and unjustly treated.

This world is a challenging life to live and a changing of parameters in which we find expansion and compression as the breath through All That Is.

That you feel as you feel is your freedom. I share in freedom with you - and choose my own measure of giving and receiving. In shared purpose we are of one mind. Time and space will arrange to serve. But in split mind we will always be out of timing. As time for evasion runs out - the split is brought to awareness.
You cannot war with yourself and win anything but a world of war to die in. And so using the moment of noticing as a call to joy or connected being - is undoing habit of a masking from our 'lie' as a willingness to be found in truth. New choices grow a new consciousness that is not predicated upon the old or set over and against evils, fears, hates and strategies of survival.

I wrote a bit this morning that may serve context - as a result of being baited by the mask and choosing to use the moment to serve a deeper connection:

The underlying dynamic we cannot and need not escape

You are love - but have made of love something to be feared, or masked in shame.
Let it be a mistaken identity.

Be the curiosity you are born with!

Do you think about the lives of what you eat? 

Perhaps they are not even interested. You are projecting your mind to another.
One doesn't have to argue anything in following Reason and Intuition to an integrative understanding and appreciation
Insofar as the Firm runs the Farm, it serves their self-interest to do so.
Do you think about the lives of what you eat?

The thing is, that how we choose to frame our perspective, is our choice and our consciousness. Nothing comes into a realm of limitation without being limited!
Perhaps there is a misidentification with the body as limit or 'locked down' mind stuck in its isolating body?
There is a 'Field' element to our mind as well as a bio-computer running in an electric Universe. A way of recognising and receiving connection, communication and consciousness DIRECTLY.
If we had set our minds on creating through limitation and division and denial rather than extension, inclusion and expansion, would we be using 100% of our minds to generate an experience of only having access to 1% - that then protects itself from the whole in presumption of being whole as a self-isolate in lockstep to protect scarcities  by which to protect control set over feared chaos.
We each have our own version of fear and control set over the heart's decision - unless of course we release the identity to align in true desire - instead of masking substitutions.

Here is a test for truth.

If it resonates with the peace of your very being and extends to others without fear or favour.

On the other hand if it induces fear - especially under the claim to make you safe - beware you don't mistake this for your peace - because it presents and illusion of peace that will come when the flagged cause of fear is dealt with, eradicated, legislated or vaccinated against.

Fear says "I will make you safe".
Love shows you, you are safe.
Each can seem to be the other - but true safety has a loose belly and a quality of presence that can take itself lightly - while extending self worth.

An example of fear working division is the bioweapon fear.

If your mind WANTS fear and conflict narratives by which to make identity- notice that and allow that to be a point for further curiosity.

Denial, Persecution and Choice

(RE: Judy Mikovic)

She has a legitimate grievance of being denied her right to justice.
She was vilified for making public the presence of foreign and animal genetic materials in vaccines - which as far as I am aware was first suspected but then known a long time before - see Fear of the Invisible by Janine Roberts for a balanced, documented overview and critique of the virological science and industry. I wholeheartedly recommend this book as a sane perspective that asks and investigates real questions - including the willingness to disprove ones own  belief or conjecture.
I have read Judy's new book - Judy also played a major part in officially uncovering that HIV does not in itself lead to AIDS - but Judy is heavily invested in virology as pathogenic, as well as in telling her own story which she feels deeply denied of a hearing.
So there is a very strong personal narrative that in my view appealed to moral outrage and judgements, mixed up in science as a contest of being right rather than true. There were some passages I appreciated reading - but the primary narrative is not a greater understanding of the science - which I don't find Judy to be adept at getting across to non specialists - it is more an expression of a sense of being denied that distorts the record by unquestioningly asserting her own narrative identity.

Fear of the Invisible by Janine Roberts will leave you inspired - regardless the mess - the terrible and ongoing mess, of lies built on errors and mandated or protected by regulation as official medical diagnosis, testing and treatments as 'standard of care'.

By all means listen to Judy and find out what is there for you. But because she has been vilified for whistleblowing does not set her virological specialisation into a sanctified religious dogma.
But then listen to such as Zach Bush, or Andrew Kaufman. Who are not grinding their own axe but extending an inspiration that can be understood, appreciated and shared in.

Fear will always set your agenda if you let it.

If you are persecuted for true witness, let it serve to deepen your faith and love in truth.
Don't seek to make truth a weapon for your own vindication.
Or you live a broken truth set in bitterness seeking vindication for a past that is NOT HERE now.
But which is dragged up and stamped on the face of a present forever denied true presence - which would expand of itself as the truth of you, in place of a sorry and dark image seeking its sand castles be restored.
Forgiveness releases us from the demand reality be other than it is.
How can we see truly while locked down in the stamp of fear seeking power and protection against its own shadows?

I suggest that biology does NOT contain WAR in the way our split mind has made our life to be.
That it is much much easier to use the fear and belief in bio-weapons and invisible evils against which we MUST lockdown and lockstep in fighting NOW - as both a source of social controls and direct ingestion or injection of toxins - which are the underlying vector for promoting viral expression - that the body would naturally benefit from - unless the full immune expression is blocked, suppressed or attacked.

I recommend vigilance against polarised and polarising conflict - especially when exposed to hateful and outrageous injustice. There is no phishing attack more likely to take your identity from you than self-righteous hate masking as holy war. Nor is anyone more deaf or blind to the reality of themselves or others or the greater Life that we innately share - than hate and fear-fuelled righteousness running in the name of love - but always a VICTIMISED broken and betrayed love - that can be invoked - but does not answer or heal - except as a promise for a new order that NEVER shall come.

Fear says "I will make you safe".
Love says "You are safe".
Safety amidst conflicted feelings is not being driven BY them to lockdown and hide them OUT THERE - as if separateness keeps the devil at bay - rather than locked away in our own sense of denials projecting out unmindful.

Love is the capacity to be with what is as the willingness to recognise truth here.
Love of truth is honesty or transparency of self to our being. The truth of love spontaneously or automatically extends and recognised itself shared, as the blocks or fears to aligning in presence are released by no longer giving allegiance there.

Contractions are not the block to birthing. If you have it backwards you fight your own being AND make the pain of that into a narrative identity or separation trauma. And I suggest we all have - and do - but are at the point of bringing this to a conscious awareness - hence the liability to psychotic reaction. It is messy, but that is not where to bring our attention.

You have to freely and for you own reasons WANT to embrace life on Earth.
It's not enough to NOT want mess of fear of pain of loss.

Now do our times serve to hold an ongoing focus in setting priorities?
Can our fear become a means to bring ourself SIMPLY present - despite all the mind-mess of self and others that will churn and recycle as a focus of attention and identity as long as we persist in its framing as our necessity.
The renewing of your mind does not first call for its destruction.
Anything truly given over to truth is already transformed to terms that serve your reintegration.
But we cannot force another to open to what they are currently unwilling or unready to accept - and this has collective significance as well as for our communications with others.

We cannot force an awakening humanity - without losing our breath and timing to a self-depleting panic that sets off burdens and blocks to energy and communication. But we can - and are called to come into our presence as the timing or synchronicity of being the love that we are - which is NOT sentimentality or virtue signalling manipulation (not attacking those who cling there). If you could DO love there would BE no life.
The whole point is extension though you. Be truly moved in anything you do. Your total acceptance is in love's honesty, not won back by arms or means of personal achievement - and so not LOST THERE!

It takes one to know one.
There is nothing in the mind of the world a denial mind cannot use to serve a denial agenda.
But a true forgiveness releases the narrative identity as an opening and willing alignment in simple unadulterated presence. We never really forgive an 'other' - but we can release others from judgements that pre-emptively seek and find them and life unworthy for failing to support the world in our image.

Willingness to learn rises from recognising we do not know and desire to know.
Running on partial or substitute 'knowledge' is living in a 'model' and taking it for the reality.
Locking down in the model and protecting it from reality.
Well that is not workable - and so will fill with pain of conflict and sacrifice to run out of time in which to live that experience. This is experienced as compression in which the call to Life is the refining of priorities by which to expand the quality of living within the conditions available. But the fear of loss of invested control calls for ever more sacrifice of limitation as if contraction consolidates power. This is illusion. Compression realigns within the power of Life - which is qualitative - and yet recognisably informing and energising a realm of quanta, as densities, ratios and relational resonances. And behold with innocent eyes a world made new.

Learning and growing a new focus is not a fix for the old vision. If you bring the fruits to your old master you trash your self in vain.

Hiding our own sins in others while pointing the finger

Is a quickness to accuse the hiding of your own sins in others and pointing the finger.

It is the self-isolating privilege of a an idealised opposition to see what is unworthy or lacking in every one else.

Why cant everyone contribute from their own perspective - even if they only have their own experience to go by?

Everyone always operates from self-interest - and for your own reasons you accuse everyone else of pulling the flax over the eyes of a public you presume to save.

In a world of lies competing for 'truth'  is the one who points the finger of accusation any more valid?

That you are being lied to should be no surprise. You have lied to yourself since first your self-consciousness sought to hide. Narratives are never 'truth' but can be aligned or transparent to a truly unified purpose.

 You say - and all you say is "it's all a complete hoax, a psyop, a nonsense and a disgrace". As if you are right but all others are being fooled. And so as to hide actually true exposures of deceit in a persona that simply cant be taken seriously without seriously denying human connection and consciousness.

So I don't believe you and I call you out for predatory entrapment of the weak minded under the invitation to a special sense of superior blanket dismissal - that is evidenced in flat earth commenting and perhaps soon in  'There is no virus!" as a result of Icke's popularising genuine science to a 'They are deceiving you' sales pitch'.

It takes two to tango. The wish to be deceived is the wish to make and maintain a narrative identity that runs IN YOUR NAME and thus and as a placeholder or substitute for your presence.

A masking persona is set as justification for defence and offensive or preemptive blocks to an externalised or projected conflict that is being locked down and lidded over and separated from - by normalising narrative adaptation or lockstepping compliance to the protection of the conflict from true resolution. Thus the fear and the control both operate the same false derivative currency of coercion and deceit.

Seek for and find what has worth or can be translated to terms of worth. 
All I am saying, is give peace a chance.
The condition in which conflict and its progeny of fear and control are healed or practically transformed to workable steps, is the peace of your being.
How this could be manufactured into a means of fear set in destructive terror is simply from your persistent willingness to leave it, discard it, abandon, reject and desecrate you connectedness to it. You set the measure of your relations with your source, and your relations (brother, sister and world).

Consider that the unfolding of our life is an ongoing revelation.
IF you had any power to be so, your would be The Spoiler. 
But no one can truly take from the life of another but by a deeper agreement - and entanglement in the illusion of power - now acted out, and now subjected under.

If you want to' lord it over' - you have to recognise your subjection is your own reflected gift with interest. This is not 'divine retribution' but the physics of resonant reflection.

Give as you would in truth receive - and vice versa.
Listen to this guys latest interview with a willingness for relationship and a discerning heart. He only has a piece of the picture - but he has integrity in what he shares.
I  witness for him from my peace.
You are entitled you your opinions but not to claim or infer a superior knowledge.

Notice the suggestions of the mind and ask in your heart "Is this true of me?"

Notice the suggestions of the mind and ask in your heart "Is this true of me?"
You CAN hypnotise yourself with fear and fascination with fear, along with narrative investment in conflict.
The opportunity of a conflicted situation - addressed within our part in it - is to resolve by accepted decision. As long as you assign responsibility for your life to an externally set causation, you will be conflicted with what actually moves, calls or impels as the true desire of the heart.
Recognising and reorganising priorities under compression can mean releasing investment in false or masking narratives to align wholly in who you now accept yourself to be.
Coercion and deceit operate a force based and toxic economy - no matter how cleverly the pain is redistributed, mapped out or isolated from. Is this 'power'? Or is it the perversion of a true economy in the attempt to support illusions to which we have become normalised and habituated?
And so yes, the shifting from dream-habit to dread nightmare is the revealing or unmasking of a negative or segregative and conflicting division, that is brought to awareness - but cloaked in the symbol and sign of the dream. Waking, is not to nightmare - but from the mind-capture of the dreaming state. The character in the drama is not the self-awareness of recognition in the heart. Love is the power of the reversal of a denied, locked-down and isolated heart. But love is the extension of who you are in what you think, feel, say and do.

If we give loving support to a mind or narrative that undermines, terrifies and crushes us, we might ask - 'what purpose does this serve for me now?' - Because we always have some 'pay-off' at some level to our behaviours - often from long past or deep core experience in formative years.