Thursday, 28 August 2014

Shooting down reality

MH17 alt news

(This comment is addressed to the compulsive alt-news junkie amidst a world in which governments and media and purveyed and presumed realities are increasing disintegrating from any semblance of integrity).

Seeking answers 'in the world' seeks where fear persists in protecting itself from exposure, where confusion persists in propagating endless 'new' problems from the 'world's answers'.

Disarming propaganda is not using one's insight as a weapon. The weaponisation of communication is a false mask pretending to communicate. One cannot have a relationship or communication with the persona of a merely coercive intent, and to attempt to do so not only casts your treasure before that which cannot and will not receive, listen or honour it - or you, it degrades, adulterates and corrupts your own knowing of yourself with the baitings and snares of confusion by which you are tempted to abandon discernment for the lure of judgement.

When evil steps out to be undone, do not call on it, employ it, use it or trade in it.
When Jesus said 'resist ye not evil' he meant give your whole attention and desire to that which truly moves you as one with all that lives. This is not passivism, but discernment and active choice COMMUNICATED.

One may use the confusions of evil deceptions to more directly identify what you are NOT - and thus release, repent of, turn from and put behind you.
Only thus will what you ARE replace the mind of judgement and division - and its play of power in the 'world', with a Unified and Unifying Movement of Being.

Look within while apparently looking out and acting in the world and grow the willingness of self-honesty. Guilt and fear and their progeny are in our mind and active in hidden ways until we cease to feed and employ them. Looking directly on what is in our minds NEVER condemns us, but actually frees us to choose instead of being coerced.
The 'world' is many things to many people, but when our own minds are healed of their own mis-beliefs and misperceptions, it can reflect back to you - to us - the glory of the innocence of beholding. Where you choose to look to find yourself (your joy) is up to you. If you entangle yourself in a confusion, rest the mind and do not act out from it until it is reintegrated by Life you do not coerce, manufacture or control. It only takes a moment now - but resistence may manifest any and every kind of distraction so as to prolong a sense of independent power - that you think you need whilst identifying in a disconnected isolated and manually overriding sense of existence.

Every day [sex]-ism

Sex-fantasy objectivism operates as private association (or mutual reinforcement of fantasy associations) which is inherently at the expense of and in fear and withdrawal from, an actual intimacy of relation-ship or communication.

Disassociated and split persona operate as if they were 'free' to fulfil a sense of inadequacy and lack by getting from others what their fantasy symbolizes to them.

Paradise seeking stems from the sense of an Innocence of true embrace lost, but in negatively defined self MUST seek outside itself - for a fearfully defined sense of self proceeds on the basis of being NOT love, of NOT deserving love, or NOT being safe to open to love. And all of its attempts to regain a sense of connection externally via masked and wishful strategies of persuasion and coercion bring about the failure to love or communicate or be adequate to a situation or relationship and thus reinforce the foundational belief of unworthiness to love.

Likewise the negatively defined self wants and seeks to be validated by others and moulds itself in social adaptation to fit in with what it hopes or believes will win approval and acceptance ... or at least protect against being judged against and rejected. In focusing and identifying in the persona as if this was one's self and life, one interprets the actions of others so as to support and reinforce one's script - even when the experiences themselves are negative.

Other-ism can take any and every form because it is the choice to see the form based meanings that our personal and social definitions accepts as reality, INSTEAD of living the relationship that is actually present. INSTEAD of living from the integrity of a positively defined sense of self. The willingness to reintegrate from the masked or split self-sense shifts from an exclusive focus on the 'me' of one's personality structure, to the revealed relationship that is energetically unfolding.

Whereas the persona-based self operates within a surface reality dictated by thoughts, the actual relationship includes the observation of one's thoughts and the capacity to accept or not accept thought that otherwise runs like a programme of conditioned reactions. A negatively defined sense of self works as a hidden agenda; a covert operation, a fear-protected sense of specialness that inherently blanks or judges others and uses then strategically and presumes the same mind at work in others. There is no love in the kill or be killed mentality and universe - but there is the cultivation of coercive masks and behaviours that pass off as love and thus provide advantage or protection not only for secret sense of a persona under threat, but for a society that hides together in darkness.

To be true to oneself is to align with the love that you are - regardless that one may not feel or perceive this way while still entangled in the masking persona of attempt to substitute love - as if what Innocence once freely shared now must be manually applied or maintained or protected.

Innocence is lost to our awareness when we shift into the protective and socially adapting mask of our personae. But it is only covered over and distracted from by the addictive engagement with the private thinking beneath the mask.

Much of our thought runs unconscious and is part of what aligns our experiences and colours and patterns our relationships and communications.

Willingness to uncover the core curiosity of our being is of that spark of Innocence that can be covered over but never truly lost. Guilt, fear, blame and shame all conspire to 'protect' what seems to be a residual relative innocence amidst an otherwise overwhelming chaos of conflicted self-sense - or experience.

Responsibility is not about blame - at all - but is uncovering the grounding truth that OF ITSELF embraces and supports you in being and doing and relating and communicating what and who you are as a living presence.

One CAN call for correction from a sense of self that is itself willing to allign truly - and this is entirely different in feel and in frequency and in effect from the call for vengeance - no matter how disguised it may be in the strategies and mores of the social masks of self-righteousness.

Bringing one's experience into the light of a present awareness, and into the arena of a shared sense of value, will serve to heal it of distortions and misperceptions unless the revealed insights are simply repurposed to reinforce a subtler and more sophisticated mask OF self-righteousness.

'Self-wrongteousness' used to be called sin; a sense of lack, inadequacy, powerlessness, self-conflicting division and dis-ease that operates as meanspirited and loveless thinking that seems like an 'evil will' which not only cares nothing for others - it cares not for anything except its self - as it defines itself to be, and in your name.

The sense of dissonance from which all such self-conflicting confusion arises is not escaped by such strategies - but only disguised. When one's experience no longer serves as the hiding place from which to wield power or shield from those wielding power, there can be the noticing of qualities present that are not actually part of the drama. A light can stir in the mind that was dark. True questions and answers flow in place of a managed confusion spinnning ever more deceit and inevitable defeat.

Trying to be and do what we alone are never conceived or designed to be and do is a futility. The key is the word alone - for one is never alone in the way fear-thinking has come to assert and experience. Relationship and communication are the very core nature of our awareness, our existence, our consciousness, feeling, thought, word and deed. Learning to listen instead of reacting, allows a capacity of choosing to grow in place of a sense of victimhood. Use everything without exception as a means to realign and reintegrate you with You... or persist in a sense of self-exceptionalism that seesaws in futile attempts to deny, fight, overcome or eradicate a negative that does not manifest without serving You in some way on some level, known or unknown.

What we resist, persists. Hanging in there with your integrity - and therefore with Life's Integrity is not a fight against evil, but a persistent sense of faithfulness to what you know or have the faith of willingness to know, as the truth of your desire.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Propaganda scripts your movie?

An article on headlines:

My Comment:
'We' are not bombing anyone. 'We' are being baited into identifying with a scenario in which desperate and predatory fears get to prey upon humanity, while feeding us various kinds of scripted movie roles.
While 'we' give attention, energy of identification and acceptance to such scripting, 'we' operate within a framework of a negatively or fearfully defined consciousness… which is thinking and thus 'seeing' only as fear demands and compels.

The blind thus lead the blind. The moneylenders in the template supply all sides of every conflict - for that is their hidden victory rising from the destruction and subjugation of 'others'. But the 'other' - no matter how different in form - is Lived and breathed and known in the Same Life that lives and breathes and knows you, now.

But Who Wants Peace?

crakinshot"Boris Johnson has called for the presumption of innocence to be reversed"

Quite possibly the scariest policy I've ever heard a politician (with power) come up with.

LondonsEye crakinshot 26 August 2014 12:44pmHe was referring to the Jihadists returning back to Britain. Not your normal everyday joe living in the UK, don't take it out of context!

My reply to LondonsEye

You are aware that 'anti' terrorist laws and procedures have become simply part of a mindset that is NOT confined to a specific context?

That the definition of 'terrorist' is expanded and in effect redefined to mean whatever the existing or established 'power of the day' determines it to mean?

If anything or anyone for any reason is determined to be a threat of any kind and for any reason deemed in the notional interest - then they can become the recipient of dehumanising actions and intent.

I declare that we are not defined by what others have 'done' unto us or unto our loved ones, but by what we choose to give. It is by what proceeds 'out from our own mouth' (mind) that we are corrupted.

Is 'your normal everyday joe living in the UK', a conditioned and manipulatable part of a 'bot-net' whereby the very few act upon the very many as if to represent the authority of the whole?

The 'holy war against jihadists' operates an example of using the hated scapegoat to invoke and acquire the power that is willingly given to the scapegoat by those who have been baited and triggered into fear.

A cunning device that is used over and over and over without anyone noticing, because the fearful WANT to direct their hatred and fear AWAY from themselves. In order to take it out of true context and act it out upon a world of judged against 'others'.

Cast ye the first stone who is without sin!

Even as ye do unto the least of my brethren, ye do unto Me.

To truly enter into a process of communication must be willing to be uncovered in our OWN dissonance and misalignment of self.

The extension of a clear and true presence does not require or employ coercion, nor evoke in others the reactions to a sense of being coerced.

But who wants peace?

Negatively defined EU and waking to and from an insanity

An article about the ongoing EU crisis

Without the post WW2 shock and guilt tactic there would not be an EU in the current sense of a negatively defined entity. For its foundational raison d'ĂȘtre is not economic or cultural exchange and abundance, but the ensuring NEVER AGAIN of such horror as has been imprinted and embedded and continues to be imprinted and embedded into a negatively defined society.

Negatively defined self operates as a deception in which fear runs a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Perhaps history repeats itself simply because the story is believed. Story is so fundamental to human consciousness as to be its 'operating system' as a virtual layer within which to identify and assert meme-bership of such story.

The convoluted efforts to protect and maintain a lie or false story against the Intimate Movement of Reality Unfolding become an ever more complex 'defence system' that becomes so fractured and conflicted within itself as to disintegrate.

In the revealed truth that shines obvious in absence of asserted coercion, is the true role of our self-definition and its story-children illuminated. Go forth and multiply - but if you seek to hide the Gift of Life so as not to lose it, you will multiply lack and nothingness, no matter how finely it is dressed up and presented.

What you appreciate (give focus and value to) appreciates or magnifies to your awareness. Go for what you truly want and beware of the invalidating stories that would pull you into the crab-bucket of mutual self-scrificial obeisance to a false 'god'.

- - -

On the same page a commenter posted: (amidst a longer rant):

...until we AGAIN individually and collectively wake up and INSIST that corrupt "rule of predatory man" be replaced by "rule of law", the only KNOWN solution for "keeping the peace", for all of known history:
To which I reply:

The predation of the part upon the whole and thus of all parts upon each other is an insanity or self-deception to awaken to that it runs and thus awaken FROM. 
One insists or stands firm within one's own consciousness in the conviction that a fearfully defined self is NOT an acceptable or legitimate basis from which to then justify coercive (predatory) will upon oneself or on Life.
To go 'part way' with awakening is to stop at seeing the script running IN OTHERS as if it is NOT therefore running in oneself.
You are the casting director to your own experience. You CANNOT give roles that are not within your own consciousness experience. However FEAR can usurp this level of consciousness and thus redefine all things to protect ITSELF - especially from exposure to a light in which its lack of foundation stands obvious.
Each of us have our own unique perspective. Anything that fear can distort can be seen clearly when the desire to employ and identify fear is released. Love does change everything (undoes the reversing distortions of fear) and truth does set you (in the realisation that you are) free. And in the 'meanwhile' a sense of self-dissonance asserted and given allegiance to does bring an experience of disconnected, struggling, lack and depletion of power and sustenance that cannot BE rebranded into "victory' no matter how much one sacrifices one's joy to the god of vengeance for promises that ever recede and evapourate.

Monday, 25 August 2014

Guilty until proven innocent - reversed consciousness

Johnson calls for 'guilty until proven innocent' for suspected terrorists

Mayor of London says ‘minor’ law change should reverse presumption of innocence for those who travel to Iraq and Syria

- - -
There is a way of looking at Everything that presumes it guilty first and then decides whether it can be used to promote one's private agenda or not.
This mentality runs somewhat secretly in most of us - unless so blinded by self-righteous hatred that we openly display it as if fully justified.
From it's perspective, everything that threatens or is not useful to its agenda is an adversary or adversity to be overcome. It uses whatever means are available to achieve its goals by persuasion, stealth and guile, or coercion.
It is incapable of communication - for communication is redefined by such a mentality as a means to get something or get someone to do or not do something and 'listens' only so far as to determine threat levels, and neutralise them - along with turning any form of the communication into ammunition for its own agenda.

I am describing a mentality that we can all recognize in ourselves - but which is in most of us recognised to be deceptive and mean-spirited or fearful. There is a growing embodiment of such mentality in our world - and while we consent to be fear-driven, it seems to shepherd us as if to protect us from our fears.

recognising a fearful and deceptive mentality becomes the basis of choosing NOT to use it - and pausing so as to discern a better way.
There is always a better way that acting out from a negatively defined sense of one's self - and that is from the willingness for a reintegrated sense of self.

That which we hate in others is that which we hate in our self. In the shadow of our own fear we hurt ourselves over, and over, and over again.

Therefore own our fears honestly and be willing to learn from them. This does not mean the lack of a firm and clear capacity to say NO! to unacceptable behaviour.

Are we to become the thing we hate... a terror state…?

- - -
Johnson said most Britons wanted “someone to come along with a bunker buster” and kill the man, reported to be British, “as fast as possible”.

But is not THAT precisely the aim and purpose of the video… to provoke such self-righteous hatred along with a blank cheque as to how it is used?
I am not an expert on Psy-ops but until a full investigation reveals the full facts, I see propaganda being propagated regardless of what those facts turn out to be - if they are ever discovered and published.

Those who WANT a war-mind are those who see it as furthering their own private agenda. If a majority of the population WANTS to be cathartically manipulated as if to scapegoat and kill their 'hates and fears', then they will choose to be so deceived to serve their own private agenda of remaining 'unconscious' and not responsible FOR that consciousness.

Wanting someone or something ELSE to make the bad feelings go away is the device by which evil seems to come into our world as a PROTECTION from a deeper fear. This is inherently a mentality of deception… "the lie and the father of the lie". If we personalise evil, we do so in order in order to separate from a mistaken sense of our SELF.

Radicalise is another name for polarise. There is nothing accidental about the concerted drive to bait populations into polarised and conflicted sense of themselves and their world.
Divide and rule has another polarity - and that is unify and communicate.
Denying the humanity in others is very likely to eventually make them cancerous to the whole - that is to seek out their own needs from under a sense of being denied by the whole.

Many 'in power' are seeking to act AS IF they represent and control in the name of the Whole - but they do not - or they would not need to use deception and force to achieve their/our aims. This kind of 'power' is also known as corruption, because a sense of wholeness of self is consumed and replaced by a hollowness of fearful disguise - that may promise all kinds of rewards, yet delivers only evaporations of indebtedness.

#4 - in reply to:
BigFrankSFCan anyone imagine this buffoon running this country? the stuff nightmares are made of.

The US had 'Dubya' for a two terms, (before flipping to a seeming opposite polarity), so in that sense yes I can. An actor merely has to be able to play their part. Do you honestly believe 'leaders' are running their countries?

Nightmares are when what once seemed solid and rational suddenly shifts into a deceptive quagmire from which one cannot escape - not least because a dream never was what it seemed, and the persona that operates within it never was the one that makes the script.

Nightmares are (made of) unfaced fear. The personae often represent those aspects of ourself we have not yet recognised and reintegrated and focusing on personae operates as a way of protecting the fear from exposure.