Sunday, 6 November 2016

Propaganda devices of deceit

Propaganda techniques of Empire

Devices of guilt deflection are part of the mind by which truth is denied in favour of the personal sense of power in manipulation and control - in which communication is 'weaponised' or indeed 'marketised' - same thing really.

One can study the dark arts in pursuit of power from deceit or one can uncover such device as having no attraction or meaningful function - and every destructive influence - within our own accepted reality.

The point is that uncovering such as if it ONLY applies in the perpetrator - is liable to throw stones of righteousness by which to hide our own hidden deceits.

The collective urge to hate and attack such deceit unmasked operates at the point of opening a deeper communication, embodies the very same energetic of hating our own 'sins' on the other and killing them. This is old magic that keeps a sacrificial system in place of opening in communication - by which I mean an honest relating within ourself as between.

The willing sacrifice of Life - of Sanity - to destructive insanity is becoming more obvious as a choice rather than a survival need set within false framing - for evil only grows with attempt to fight it.  I differentiate being baited into hating and fighting evil, from true witness and accountability - which is not hate or fear-driven.

Integrity of being, extends to relationship and communication. If there  is a 'second coming' it is through your willingness to be found in integrity and to stand and live from it. The mind may already wiggling around for a place to hide Watch the mind, Be vigilant against deceit and not lured into lies that set you up to be 'run' by a hate agenda. Joy in life is not ephemeral but unifying - and provides a perspective of discernment that conflicting fragments have discarded in the attempt to validate themselves upon the invalidation of others.