Thursday, 22 September 2011

Reality beyond magic (response to article: 'The Magic of Reality' by Richard Dawkins

Qualities of be-ing - such as awe, beauty, wonder - and indeed love in its root sense of oneness with - are not the realm of science - but of course the practice of science is in a context of intimacy - because being is an Intimacy that cannot be defined.

Because our mind does define reality - in its own imaged symbol and concept - we have identification with our definitions. I am this - I am not that.

This psychological self is a fundamental to all else that comes forth. Like a big bang it 'splits' Unified Singularity into an experience of apparent division, in which awareness seems to be locked into - or existing AS - a mind predicated upon selection or judgement. The psychological self of such a mind is associated with a will or focus of control that can be called 'survival'. It is outwardly oriented toward objects - including the seemingly private objects of its own thought. It cannot 'know' of what is forever beyond its capacity, that is it cannot know of the innate qualities of Be-ing - but that it is suspended or temporarily unemployed.

You are infinitely more than your thought could ever define or 'know', for you are the awareness in which All experience occurs. But this is not the psychological 'you' - but you as Expression of Universal Awareness.

We cannot turn the source of awareness back upon itself, but we can look at the objects that arise in awareness - and so we study 'the world'. But the apparatus we are looking WITH may colour and distort the findings - as a lens darkly.

So science is an attempt to uncover truth uncoloured by wishful or manipulative stories. But in doing so it separates the observer from the observed and reduces its remit to the most gross of phenomena.

Of course there is a value in using 'as if' to conjecture, test and apply or incorporate findings, but 'as if' is not the nature and truth of awareness Itself.

Science must be of true service to humanity and not merely of utility to vested interests - if it is to hold the allegiance in the hearts of those who do feel the desire to serve and honour life.

The capacity to act out the mode of conflicted competition is not our original nature. I say this because I know that there is a love of truth that abides in a communion with that which is forever Alive beyond definition - whatever symbols or stories we may or may not use as our attunement.

I look to discern as best I may - that which is of true service to us all. To do this necessitates suspending or putting aside the personal investments of the psychological self that is forever seeking to validate and support itself in differentiation.

Writing as I do, is attempting to communicate from a different presumption of self and so is defended against by the mind that is certain that it thinks it knows. Of myself I make no particular claim - but of a sense of love and beauty and wonder I am willing to reach out.

The blindness of man is that he thinks he is what he thinks he is -  self validates in mutual agreements - but forever finds difference and opposition and makes overcoming this his 'meaning' in life. But Meaning - (Unified Singularity) preexists even the thought 'I".

Thank you for your attention.

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