Thursday, 29 May 2014

Capitalism sucks dry

A bit of a tired repetition chimed at the Daily Bell - champions of the free marketeers

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Capitalism has often been designated as the least worst of available evils, but it is a catch-all term that has many facets.

It is all about power. About fear and guilt and the self-protective defenses that become the very thing we thought to defend against.

What does it profit a man to gain the world and lose his Soul?

What does it profit a man to scam others into losing their Soul for the promise of a future that never comes - or is over in an instant?

What profits us is determined by what we define ourself to be - in relation to our Life, our world and each other.

These definitions are the scripts by which manipulators lose their Soul for the lead role on a stage set for fools.

Ultimately we do unto ourselves - but in the 'mean-time' we seem to get at ANOTHER's expense.

Win win relationship remains available - but winning from the loss of others has become the modus operandi. It all comes home to roost - not as a punishment - but as an opportunity to choose anew.

While the terms of choice are set by a false premise, only powerlessness is on offer. The power that seduces and corrupts is powerlessness in exquisite disguise. The power of illusion is the opportunity for creative freedom - but the illusion of power is the denial of creative spontaneity and appreciation, in favour of the worship of achievement and self-will.

But once hoodwinked we do not recognize the nature of our mis-invested identity. Steal a loaf and get jailed. Steal a kingdom and be called king. Steal the mind and become a god who lets fools rule by whatever system they will - for they all depend on your dictates and come to you for power and rescue.

The addiction to power uses whatever serves and has no allegiance to any persons or ideas beyond the term of their usefulness. As long as this mindset of rules 'rules', powerlessness is the presumption from which all follows on. To break the spell rather than recast it in a new disguise calls for the 'cold turkey' of the Soul. But it isn't the Soul that is in turmoil ... only the idol or image of it that the mind has stolen as it own precious specialness.
Beneath the mask of relative innocence is the mask of guilt. Beneath the mask of guilt is a perfect Innocence that the mask of guilt was made to hide. But you cant have it without sharing it. Perfectly hidden to that which wants it so!

False choices keep a sense of powerlessness in play

Commentary into a conversation at with Gilad Atzman and Brother Nataniel discussing the disproportionate influence of a particular kind of Jewish identity in world affairs - and in keeping that fact out of the mind and media of the populations of the ruled.
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While a major catastrophe MAY trigger an awakening, 'catastrophism' is the mentality we are to awaken FROM!
You only need to have the eyes to see and the ears to listen, in order to receive and perceive truly - if YOU essentially define yourself in such a way that ONLY catastrophe can 'break the spell' of your own self-programmed identity the YOU need catastrophe to get you to listen up and pay attention!

The more we train our mind to notice the ways by which we listen instead to our own  propaganda - and choose to leave it behind us - unused - the more we discern Life within its Own Recognitions instead of via the filters and distortions of a false self-premise.

Because we all live in each other as well as with each other we will find our own 'homecoming' coincides and meets with others along the way. But if we set ourself up as a shepherd to get everyone else to tune in to what we believe is true then we haven't let truth speak through us - and are still in the business of asserting power rather than sharing power. Asserting belief based reality rather than sharing knowing-based reality.

The mindset of 'power OVER' is one of competitive exclusionism - a selfishness that allows only for a 'love' that IT can command and control. Its symbols in the world are those persons, institutions and corporations that exemplify such power ideals.
Give unto the mindset of Caesar what is due unto it; namely disregard and withdrawal of validation - of heartfelt allegiance and identifications derived FROM it either positive or negative.

Give unto God - not some jealous exclusive power-god who would 'lord it' over Life - but unto the Life of your Life - and the true qualities of your shared existence ALL that Is due unto 'Him/Her' and which the 'lording it over' mentality presumes to take as witness to its own power.

This 'corrects' the mind of self-delusions and vanities by acknowledging truth. I do not have power in and of myself excepting to share it as it is given me in love. If I choose to share the idea of self-power that creates unlike love - that is in secret from its own true nature - then I choose to forget who and what I am as Life Expression in order to wilfully persist in dark, fearful and unshared thinking. That we can seem to join in such thinking is the only power it has. But there is no intimacy in conditional demands set and met - no matter how ingeniously we devise and disguise our transactions.

To regain true power one has to release false power. From the perspective of false power - there IS no true power but only force and guile - that makes truth in its own image. But You do have a Source Consciousness - and its Gift is undefiled by anything you can think or do. Freedom is what You Are - and only pausing from misidentifying definition will allow You to recognize this is forever true regardless the circumstances. Of course we ARE mostly deeply identified within our character and script and unaware of it - and the script operates in darkness in order to be experienced real. Thus Gilad is correct in saying we only need to live and speak and act from the light that refuses to hide fear and thus hide in fear. 'Goyim' could be a term for the non-illuminated - that is those who are unaware of the script-level. However, I venture that a true illumination exposes and dispels any coercive or manipulative persona-status as a scripted deception no less than any other dreamers of a curiosity in loveless segregation.

The hatred of the Light is the fear of non-existence and personal 'damnation' - yet that is only a reflection of what fear has MADE of the Light. There IS no fear IN the Light - yet even our persona and world becomes a vehicle of Expression when given TO the Light. Anyone with music in their heart knows this in practical terms; an absence of coercion opens a channel of true communication and sharing. Humanly we have explored all the ways we can of trying to bend the light to our will and suffered fragmentation and conflict in fear, pain and isolation.

In our ultimate defeat is our true hope - for what we try to take by guile and force is freely given to the willingness to share. It took millennia to learn the mindset and world of scarcity and limitation that false power demands and it will be a process of releasing that distortion which reintegrates the Expression to its awareness of Source. But our Now is the point of willingness, discernment and desire.

It is impossible to hate what is truly owned and embraced as part of You - though it is completely possible to leave it unchosen. What we give focus to determines the world of relation that we experience. Waking up to the script is not the refuelling of another self-determination to grasp and wield power - no matter how 'noble' the surface intent.
We have become expert in self deception and thus self-limitation - for our own reasons. But we are not obliged to persist in that learning any longer than it is our desire to do so.

When a deceiver hides in any form, the form gets to be identified with fear and hatred.None of us are as innocent as we present to ourselves or our world - at personality level. And all of us are Expressions of a Life Creativity that can not be defiled - but CAN be covered over with diversions and distractions.

Identity has become a matter of differentiation in form - where in truth we are identified by our Source Consciousness, and the unique signature we each communicate is a differentiation of the freedom to embrace, extend and reflect within the infinity of Life Expression. At this 'level' we are Spoken through. True love or creativity is spontaneous and simply cannot be done - though mimicry can pass off as a 'fine set of clothes' to a fearful (self-doubting) audience.

Self-doubt is in 'search of identity' or validation - but our existence is already wholly given and is not in doubt unless we confuse existence with concept, image and idol. The 'world' of warring identifications is necessary to maintain a false id. Hence the need for the enemy or other to 'unify' that which otherwise would disperse in its own free directions of Life-integration. But to the 'jealous god' of an exclusive identity such reintegration is the greatest heresy and threat to its 'power'.

When the self righteous shout their hatred of the lie - be sure they are covering their own. That's how it works. If, like Jesus, one recognizes the capacity to lie (or assert fantasy at cost of truth) and the kinds of ignorances and fears that drive such behaviour, then there is already a capacity to embrace the being and forego the behaviour - and the thinking behind it. There may also be the capacity to serve as a reflection of worth to those who feel they have to steal it to have any - simply by not joining in hatred.