Thursday, 24 March 2011

Acid trips, self knowledge and the hidebound

Know Thyself is the Law of Being. It operates always and in all ways. Give as you would receive - because they are one in truth.

But to a mind engaged in hiding within its own thought - in its definitions, judgements and experience, the Law of love is hidden - and a prodigal journey is undertaken wherein a Heavenly Inheritance is squandered for the 'hit' of being a 'someone in my own right'.

All that you are remains all that you are - yet awaits your welcome and acceptance while you insist on being as you are not and demanding its little life is your own.

In ignorance, this ego thinks to 'discover' reality - as if Reality is not already Perfectly Alive and in Communion with Its Own! Put down the mask and be found in Its terms or play on in illusion and learn you do not want it.

The Ground of Being rises gently in us all - as a remembering of what was never really separate - and the playground of the night-mind is released of its fascination such that it becomes less and less easy to believe in, find fulfilment in or remain its follower. Perhaps it becomes more painfully meaningless. Painful because that is not your true home or environment

To 'stop the world' - which is of course to disengage the mind from its own chatter, its own drama-story and its own defensive lockdown on feeling/knowing anything fully and directly - is a simplicity of Universal grace. A noticing of what is already Moving in awareness from a perspective denied by the previous thinking. To be aware is not to think or even an act of attention - but is a grace and gift of being.

There is no need to use force against the mind to open her secrets when She gives all that she is to you freely in love.
Love - yes. That is what is seemingly lost in the tricksy mind that presents itself so as to hide in form that love's honesty is avoided.

Love is unimaginable to the mind that demands self specialness then hides from the consequences. It thinks it knows - and is therefor as blind and deaf as Narcissus by the pool.

The desire to know truly - to truly know - is awakening desire. By whatever paths it leads out of self illusion, be grateful - but don't presume the forms that served you as necessarily relevant for others.

The mind of deceit is not intending to deceive. It simply believes it knows and that it is you. But it doesn't know love and so it doesn't know you.

There is no experience high or low that can fulfil you excepting the truth of you - and that is not outside you, or hidden by anything except the desire to see Mind external to you and play out as if a-part, in a private mind.

Love is never so lost as to be unable to call its Own.
All experience can serve learning if we are following the discernment of the heart.
If we come at last to wisdom, we will not be able to give it - but only to live out from it and in its light - amidst a world in which folly is held in higher regard.

Thankyou for your attention.