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A book is nothing without a reader

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Fair dinkum
Schumacher and Erich Fromm.
‘To Have or to Be’ is one of the most important books ever written.

A book is nothing without a reader - who is nothing without the willingness and wherewithal to understand it and let him-herself be changed by living from what is revealed by the book in the reader.

When the student is ready, the Teacher appears - or when there is willingness to know, the unfoldment of the answer within the active desire occurs. A chance meeting, remark or book appears. To such a one the book is alive. To others it is words.

The spirit of the living is not reached by application of the dead letter - but if there is also a desire to heal or to know, then dead letters will not completely block answer - though old habits of thinking and seeing may co-opt and subvert it as part of the curriculum of those who try to possess the answer for themselves.

In form (material sense), having - or possession is an object of affection (or indeed affliction) given meaning and attention for the role the meaning plays.
In mind, ideas strengthen by being shared.

Currently we have mass propagation of a split minded ideas (doublethink or self contradiction) through a manipulated 'narrative identity'.

The impulse to heal the divorce of heart and mind (or mind at war with itself in denial and substitution of the heart's desire) is evident in a 'scientific' milieu.

But the objectification of everyone and everything is hardly the basis for having and being life.

'He who binds to himself a joy
Does the winged life destroy;
But he who kisses the joy as it flies
Lives in eternity's sun rise'.
William Blake

(Schumacher - economics as if people mattered).

Release and be released. (Or seem to possess and likewise be possessed).
Properly understood, it is never the thing in itself that binds, so much as the use to which it is put. If we try to fill a sense of self-lack with people or things, we not only give worth-ship to self-lack, and strengthen it in our minds, but mis-use others and lose recognition of all things alive.

To have freedom give freedom.
This is relational responsibility that is easily lost to habitual or institutionalised protections and controls that effectively tell us what to think, see and how to respond - but as if it by our own choice.

Bringing a disciplined curiosity to the activity of our own psychic-emotional and physical perceptions and responses is counter to acquired defences and so is not only 'upstream' - but becoming conscious of denied or suppressed self-experience. Much of people's willingness to give up freedom for a sense of protection is protection from deeper fears that are defended against being uncovered.

But they are no less active for being suppressed from conscious awareness and the rising of fear in the world anyway undermines the case of actually being protected, and the guardian of freedom is then revealed as a guard of a mind-capture and what had seemed solid is revealed illusory.

I understand Erich Fromm's work holds your deep appreciation.
It is often true that people of influence are revealed and revered after they are dead. It is also true that influence works in 'strange ways' - that is - not via the 'cause and effect' mechanism that so many seek to use as leverage.

I hold that while we can be temporarily 'possessed' by mad ideas - especially with social reinforcement - that only a fragment of mind dissociates the whole and doesn't and cannot 'leave' or separate from the whole of which it is integrally part of. And so a true sanity waits on welcome, and not on time.

Debt slaves, the EU and You

Debt slaves, the EU and You

Money (or shared value) isn't made out of nothing - but out of contractual agreement - knowingly or unmindfully entered and accepted. I sense that contractual 'law' is the primary instrument of the psyop - or politics (relational organisation) by deceit.

The idea of creation at the level of form is of negative and positive 'charge' that, if brought together, cancels to One - not to zero. But in terms of the 'power to do things' wholeness or 'One' is seen as loss of power and loss of self, and rather than operate FROM wholeness, we have 'all the King's horses and all the King's men' engaged in power struggle against feared Threat,that protects and extends fragmentation rather than align in healing it.

Fragmentation is the nature of our consciousness and society and identity or worldview in polarised reaction rather than aligning in unified purpose, or wholeness, knowingly accepted and lived.

I haven't yet read Chris Hedges book (yet) but the core meaning of forgiveness of debts in the 'Lord's prayer' speaks all the way down to our true account and relation with Self or Source-Nature, (God), with others, as with our self.

To bring a true account to light, we can say that insofar as we have not (yet) released others, (of asserted needs and demands for repayment, so are we subject or captive in the same measure to others or to 'otherness' of external conditions. As also pointed out in other comments here, the nature of the mind with regard to setting a false account and passing off as true, is in complexity of obfuscation linked with emotional appeal or manipulative intent.

That such a complex fudge operates AS IF a self evident reality - is testimony to the power of the mind in generating believable illusion as personal and social experience.

At a deeper or more intimate level, the mind in story operates to obscure its lack of substance by means of narrative control or narrative identity. A true account must identify truly to stand at all - else the seeming of wealth or value is passed off as a substitute currency of exchange, backed by hidden fears and insinuated guilts.

The Faustian pact in principle is of 'getting' something for private or personal gain, that has strong appeal in its (short term) moment, but carries a hidden cost or 'payload' in terms of the psyop of deceit, that seems but small print of no immediate concern in the moment of entering contractual agreement BY acting from the belief one HAS gotten some power or protection, and is using it.

Clear and conscious open agreement can establish lawful relations that honour all parties concerned in the context of the whole. But the manipulation and corruption of the law denies relationship itself - except as serves alliances of mutual private interest set over others, and blind to the whole.

In general terms to the title of the article, the question 'who are we?' and 'how shall we live?' is not asked or answered in any of the so called 'debate'. This because we are already invested captives to a transnational corporate management of a technocratic system presenting itself in various faces over a lack of true substance  - as the only 'life' there is - short of penalty of exclusion.

In street talk, we have learned to think, exchange and act out 'bollocks' because the mask demands it. The mask is the mind of power and protection against un-faced and unowned fears.But what we give to 'Caesar' or power 'in the world' is taken from the truth and thus taken from our true recognition and appreciation, to see a world in which our 'debts' are hidden or mitigated by the intent of assigning them to 'others'.

So the power-grabbing (power-corrupted) 'elite' enact the dream of 'getting' or setting their 'reality' to their (mind-substituted Will), while outsourcing the pain and debt of consequence 'away from such a self' and onto the 'others' or to the living nature of that which sustains life.

And yet 'elitism' or self specialness of a judgemental exceptionalism is not particular to 'Them' but is the basis of 'mind' of common currency - for who does not identify and protect their own right to judge - and hold to account?

The 'mind' of judgement operating private or personal agenda is the wish to be 'as gods' and carries the cost of penalty and exclusion while given allegiance and identity as our OWN.

To receive and abide in a true presence is to  release the charges of any personal investment so as to feel and know from a perspective arising in and of a wholeness of being - which is not 'nothing' but One. This runs the reversal of a mind that has been conditioned or acculturated to operating in reversal as normal, or as the acquired second nature of a masking intent.

The Emperor's New Clothes are 'in vestments'. Everyone protects their investment as themself - until they see not only its nothingness, but the cost of the sacrifice such a substitution demands and exacts.

Deceit is the hidden issue beneath all complex obfuscations or masking 'realities', but running first as self illusion, by which to offload responsibility to 'other' or 'outside' - so as to get a self set apart from, (and secretly set over), others, and life. Who listens there, wants someone ELSE to pay or be sacrificed in their stead. But truth does not call for sacrifice of anything but illusion. Only illusion given truth invokes and enacts sacrifice - while assigning false flagged 'causation' to diversion and dissociation.

Tuning out from 'bollocks' is the freedom to listen in the heart and tune in on and from qualities of being that naturally extend and find witness - because such is the nature of Mind in giving and receiving as One. Giving false witness can only 'receive' in like kind. Far from getting rid of the hated and feared, we pile up denial in hell, but with such awareness kept at bay while denial can be hidden or assigned onto 'others' or 'life'.

The mind in fear and division is 'painted into a corner'. But of course. Evil is self-limiting by a process of fragmentation assigned to 'Other' - and WANTED there.

One doesn't 'cast out' or subdue evils, so much as re-establish the conditions in which they have nowhere to abide. You are such a one and in common Cause, we share such a One.

Decrying 'divide and rule' while persisting in its 'mind' is the nature of accusing oneself in the 'other'.  This entanglement uses 'others' to serve a role in a personal fantasy substitution in a game ruled by feared denials. Until we become aware of doing it, we are as those who know not what they do - because we do not know who we are - having run off with a 'stolen identity' by which we are cuckolded of a true inheritance.