Friday, 20 September 2019

Fake news is false witness and false wits work a mask over truth

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Fake news is false witness and false wits work to mask over truth and so cannot be a true with-ness or workability - and the attempt to make them work is the assertion and demand of denial presented as the sustainability of internalised identity structure.

As such 'fake or false communication' represents a sense of separation and disconnecting conflict as derivative 'realities' that operate a weaponised defence set in  fear and pain of loss - condensed and focused in a tyrannous mind-framing given power of fear.

That false witness may be seen as absurd or unsubstantiated or the lie of the intent to deny and corrupt truth, is not effective - excepting we see within ourselves and release allegiance. Because pointing out the errors of another will be interpreted as attack, and countered in like kind. Extending a true witness is to the willingness and freedom of others to see or hear and not a weaponising of 'truth' to the frame of the lie.

A mind set in attack is not looking or listening or open to communicate. All that is seen and heard under such a mind is serving the intent to survive upon the denial of the other. All that is said, shared or given is for the survival or sustainability of the self in its polarised identification.

Regardless the forms this may take, an underlying polarisation of the mind set against communication for its own 'survival', operates through the fear of pain of loss associated WITH communication, relationship and the opening and growing of trust.

Polarising corruption of conflicted communication sets fences, walls and tipping points of territory of possession and control that itself then operates a tipping point into insanity, unworkability, dysfunction, degradation, destruction as a denial of life brought unto death. There is an intention and act of stealing that reveals a true basis for having and being - the truth of possessing life is invisible to a mind in things and forces.

Fake news is itself the bait to engage reaction within the frame its sets. The mind of the personality does not primarily work through rationalisations, but through trust of its internalised structure - that has externalised reflection in social and cultural mores and institutions. Looking within needs to be the always awake corollary to looking 'out' in relational endeavour - or else we run on surfaces that deny - and so are then denied or undermined by - depth.

Internalised structure of conditioning beliefs and definitions, usurp and deny living communication of the heart of wholeness, or seeing and hearing truly. The first Call to correcting our sense of self, reality and world is a transparency to Self in place of mind-control-reaction. Unless self-honesty has a foundation from which to extend, then lies, passing off as the true of you, go forth and multiply - to return in their kind and measure - for such is the nature and fruit of idea given acceptance and allegiance in act.

What could possibly deliver us unto evil but a lie given power of identification as true - and persisted in?
If a polarised 'identity politics' rises to awareness as a tyrannous means of divide and rule, then learning to read our own identifications of reaction is the key to releasing OUR part in giving power to self-destructive masking illusion of protection from hate and fear as externalised powers set in opposition to Life. Forcefully expressed or clearly embodied communication is not inherently coercive or hateful - excepting to an identity set by hateful coercion as possession and control.

Communication is love in action, and not merely words or ideas wrapped around the same attempt to mask in the forms of acceptability with respect to our current spheres of significance. The desire to exist and to be known to exist is inherent to (our) existence - and yet the fixation in the FORM of its expression makes a mind-control or dis-possession that is simply NOT in our Right Mind - and therefore calls ONLY to restore alignment. Persisting in the attempt to GET RID of or overcome or escape dissonance in symptom works the effective denial of Cause - and therefore of the healing or undoing of effects and symptoms arising from a forcefully asserted mistaken identity.

It is impossible to judge an 'other' without also judging ourself - even if we have developed the collective ability to believe we can - and do - (and therefore are judged in like measure). The FORMS that unfold or derive from specific fixation in externalised fantasies or ideals of fulfilment become grotesque and grievous - but the core 'program' running is that of using the body, and by extension the world and the bodies of others, to enact fantasy for private agenda that seeks reinforcement in masking contractual agreements.

That the body, and world can serve a tangibly felt and shared intimacy of purpose is uncovered in any naked moment of transparency to Life as love in action - a quality that is blocked, usurped and lost to the attempt to hide in the forms of love from a sense of self-lack. Under such an error, we live as if love demands sacrifice of self to a set of rules - rather than inviting and supporting being the true unfolding of your being.

Love set and replaced by rules is the basis of systemic sacrifice of Human being to a tyrannous fear of invalidation, rejection and denial. This is then what we have done and still do in the name of love - because this is what comes from taking the name and nature of love in vanity of self inflations or entanglement in taking on the lives of others. The mind can take anything out of true context to serve or support private agenda set over the living as if to create in its (your) own image.

Narcissus is the symbol of  fascination and worshipful identification in self-image - which is no less image in forms of 'power' for its own sake, 'freedom' without honour, or 'love' without relation. All such notion works as self-contradicting and self destructive doublethink - running as the sustainability for a fake life in a fake world - which might be harmless enough it it wasn't also the active attack upon and undermining of the true.

The way to release that which has no rightful belonging in who we recognise and accept ourself to be is to choose not to use it - by being whole in what we are choosing. And if it seems to persist as a habit - to be vigilant to align in conscious choice as the forming of a new 'habit' of wakefulness to our core responsibility for thought -  that can otherwise drift or be open to deceit when allowed to run on 'automatic' as subconsciously acquired or inherited strategies and adaptations. These run invisible to a surface attention - yet not to the intention of any who seek to manipulate us as if to act out their 'needs' on or through us.