Thursday, 7 February 2013

A lack of cultural integrity - Staffs Hospital horror

I wrote this in a desire to look at the underlying mental and cultural context that is to my view, part and parcel of such inhumanity as has been uncovered in The Staffordshire hospital horror.

The ascendancy of rationality applied with a divisive and piecemeal analysis as a scientific discipline has subverted our thinking as a culture of control. This expresses itself as a corporate/consumer model when writ large - and a independent private mind writ small.

The emergence of digital processing technologies and connectivity has extended the reach of both corporate interest and of private consumption.

Information and communication have largely been subverted as a method of managing perceptions and manipulating minds.

But underneath all of this is the consumptive mindset of 'getting'.

The identification with 'getting' is considered normal or natural to us whenever we identify private or partial interests above true or whole interests, but it is compulsive, mechanical and superficial. It is disconnected from any true cultural inspiration and runs as a mechanical fulfillment of transactional tasks and targets met without actually expressing a relationship of trust. The lack of a community of trust is evident not only between the providers of the service and its recipients - but in the culture of the workplace and from the top down.

Devaluing human lives, in business and provision of services, subordinates real communication and relationship  to a pervasive culture of fitting into a machine that does not care and can not care. The combination of a blame culture with a litigious self seeking 'entitlement' as well as an absurdly cocooned risk averse orientation to life is a severely inhibiting set of conditions. Along with this is the corporate control of Big Money, and Big tech and Big Pharma, such that rich and powerful lobbies tend to set  or heavily influence the agenda in what they see as their best interests or simply seeing answers in terms of their own specialization or approach.. This effectively means people are processed for profit, in every walk of life including 'health care'.

The socialization and training of people to embody such a society undermines our native intelligence and buys us off with extra or extended powers of technical interventions and observations.

The idea that Man is a machine reduces us to the mechanical and this itself is an insanity or sickness as well as a blindness. The mentality beneath this IS a machine and needs to be seen as such from a truly living perspective.

The only way to renew a culture of inspiration that embodies the practical qualities of a truly connected or loving commitment in life, is by example. Where what people say and what they do is congruent, it witnesses to a power of life rather than power over life.

Society - western culture - is seriously out of alignment with the truth of life, and nothing will or can truly work when it works against our true nature and fulfillment as a mechanism outside the wisdom and guidance of the heart.

This is not sentimental - but a process that is transformational. The avoidance of real relationship is the refusal of life as transformational. The roots of our sickness are hidden by design and much of what is studied at the level of form is in fact the activity of camouflage and deception that works below the threshold of our consciousness. Our ideas shape our mind and reflect as our experience and behaviour. Look at the ideas that are active and discern honestly or be controlled by them unknowing!

Thankyou for your attention.

This is a general background response to the Staffordshire Hospital horror. Commented to an article:

Mid-Staffs: the inquiry has missed the mark

 "The terrible failures at Stafford Hospital were not about resources. They were about deep-rooted cultural problems that top-down recommendations will do little to change"

Wednesday, 6 February 2013


There are two kinds of crying. One is essentially manipulative, but the other is the uncovering of the truth of love. We get caught up in our story and read into it and live it as a virtual 'life'. This is not real relations but a drama of our own spinning in which we become identified. But Life is love - though the human mind covers it and dissociates from its true relation. And this love breaks through our defences and reveals a different perspective than that of 'my life' or my wishes.
The story of the sacrifice of innocence to a power of private self interest is archetypal. It cuts to our core because it is a story about our own loss of true being to a mentality of fear, guilt and manipulation from which we felt powerless to escape.
There is also something very intimate in looking at wilderness and feeling known. Truly intimate in terms of a deep stirring of our true being. This evokes all of the qualities of true being.
Let our tears be honouring of Life and it will grow in our hearts.

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David Attenborough admits crying over animals 

Primate change - wake up and smell the coffee!

Fear is contagious and can be used to leverage an outcome - but that strategy backfires when crying 'wolf!' brings derision.

We are not in control - it is inevitable that our attempts to gain control will move us into more out-of-control perceptions that ramp up the call for more control.

We are in relationship, not just with our environment and each other - but with the very Life that lives and moves us.

The control mentality seeks to exploit relationships and the relational mentality seeks to appreciate them. In the former is our corporate consumerism with its hollow asset stripping waste of life. In the latter is our true abundance.

There is a natural element of control within a system that is quite different in character from an imposed control. It arises from Life as a movement of integration.

The scientist broke a medieval stuckness but has simply personified another variant. Unless we accept a living relationship with Life we are sacrificing the Life to a conceptualisation that runs as a program of 'getting power and control' over Life.

The mind that believes its own thinking overlays the heart's knowing with justifications for its own dissociation.

A culture that expresses a wholeness of being is not a culture of private self-interest or even of collective self-interest. It is a culture of wisdom.

The attempt to 'do' Life manually is absurd. That doesn't prevent the folly of trying. But the Life is not a closed system that can be mapped and controlled to suit the comforts and vanities of virtual identities.

We adapt not only to external factors - but awaken to internal or cultural beliefs and definitions that are coincident with apparently external factors. And what we thought reality shifts. This is beyond the capacity of thinking to describe or account for, but Science is uncovering the Mind that is also the Universe - of which the scientist is integrally part of and one with - not as scientist - but as Mind Itself.

The human mind is a filtering control mechanism relative to Mind - but the experience is a partial and limited misperception of a Whole.
The change in climate is part of a larger change in which one could say we are opening into a greater perception of our wholeness as a unified integrity of being. But to the mentality of fear, guilt and control, it is read as a time of terrors arising, of powerlessness and inadequacy seeking ever more desperately to leverage compliance.

But this is because of the mechanism  or lens through which we look. A truly relational perspective is natural to us - if we put aside the mind of fear and walk out of the manipulations of guilt and listen to Life with an honesty of discernment, in our world, in our brother and sister - and in our own thought processes.

Listening is not getting a handle - it is coming back into true relation.

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Climate change means catastrophe in UK, not café culture says professor - in the Telegraph

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Cometh the hour, cometh the robot?

This writing came from reading an article on  called 'Obama must face the rise of the robots'.

Work work work is 666 - never comes the 7 - the fulfilment.
But the 7 is not merely the symbol for  'job done - lets have time out for leisure' - but is that in consciousness which recognizes the fulfilment of the desire through the work and knows it Good. That is to say the aspect of awareness that fulfils the innate function of Life to "Know Thyself".
This cannot be substituted for AND be fulfilling. To fulfil a mechanical destiny is no fulfilment at all.

The goals associated with "getting" - whether that be getting wealth and power or getting more control - a better handle on manipulating mind or matter - are ALWAYS an expression of a sense of lack or fear and thus extend that consciousness such that, within it, one can never rest and Know that Life is Good.
Indeed the attempt to conquer and control life leads to a limiting process in consciousness such that man makes of his mind a machine. For Man has forgotten the nature and function of being amidst the idolatry of his own thinking.

Technology serving shallow and mechanically conditioned desires is blindly destructive and self-seeking. Wisdom is the discernment of truth - not in a philosophical sense of defining or determining truth - but of listening beyond our conditioned thinking for the true nature of an event or relationship and the true desirability or value of the movement of response.

I propose that Maslow's pyramid is upside down - and that all of what is beneath the apex is in fact only meaningful within its context. But Meaning is not as determined or defined by human thinking and then embodied in action - it is the very nature of the action itself in true light.

We do not see simply because we have effectively programmed our minds to see something else. The Faustian pacts by which we trade our Soul for power are the result of the 'devil' of our own wish to deceive ourselves - to become powerful and special in our own right.

Now those who get to wield the levers of the new Wizard of Oz may feel that this technology is for the benefit of all mankind - simply because it suits their current appetite for power over - rather than relationship with. But the loss of awareness of Soul is the gain of a meaningless existence - regardless of the spin that may be set upon it.

The machine is already installed and programmed in our minds - indeed we take it AS our mind! - The expression of this will continue in terms of the manual override of Life via technology of ever subtler interventions. The purport to serve Life is the appeal to justify technological 'answers' to issues that are much more complex expressions of problem in consciousness - and technology is being employed to insulate us from the true feedback in which a process in consciousness can find true healing or resolution. It insulates us from each other and enables a virtual existence to enact and transact hollow relationships.

The unfolding of the new technology offers a wake up opportunity to our minds - to our thinking - to the foundations we have been working, living and thinking FROM. The 'ghost in the machine' has it back to front. The machine is an artefact of MInd - not a mind or lots of minds - but Mind.

As you give so do you receive, is a law of Mind. Man's thinking has sought to control Life - himself, others and the world - and this leads directly to an experience of being exactly so controlled. We call the result, 'The Human Condition' - and we get stuck there because we do dot awaken to that it is a current conditioning and not a set condition. Until we change our mind about our mind - it runs a program of divide and rule, limitation and depletion, suffering and loss - for the sake of passing vanities.

Yes - there is a wonderful capacity and function of the providing of the means to fulfil vision and desire. But it needs to be truly felt of it will simply add further layers of entanglement to already ihtractable problems. BUT powerlessness is the beginning of humility and the waking to the need for true discernment. I sense that little of anything I write here can find an ear until the pride of our human thinking has been revealed to be all of a false foundation.