Thursday, 10 September 2015

Communication breakdown or refusal to feel and know

These were commented into one of the UK mainstream news articles on the legality of UK drone execution on Syrian territory.

To an expressed desire to summarily kill presumed or alleged enemies without due process of law:

Does that apply to those in positions of power who attempt to usurp from within? (No less a crime but who steals a kingdom is called 'king').
If false case is laid before you will you give a blank cheque to execute the framed - as in Iraq's invented "weapons of mass destruction".
Is 'terrorist" a clearly defined term? Do you see that many terrorists become legal governments - as in the founding of Israel for example -or the ending of SA Apartheid.
If you are aware of the true context in which inflammation arises you would not seek to inflame it further with arrogant self-righteousness. A process of communication and core justice is generally persistently DENIED by those in power to those who suffer denial.
But while suffering the illusion of righteous power, war - in one form or another, persists! War draws many into it to become the sacrifice to its god. War operates the economy and our thinking in almost all aspects of our culture.

To an expressed desire to automatically strip citizenship from any presumed or alleged enemies without due process of law:

As I see the current trend almost EVERYONE is being systematically stripped of their citizenship through ruses of manufactured austerity and likewise seeded 'war on terror'.
In the usurping of wisdom and in the name of protection does Foxy Loxy induce the willing to entrapment.
If Foxy has your thoughts - you may think them your own - until a true account is called.
Justice is not in the world of war - but it is inescapable. "Everything you do, you do unto Me" holds a meaning the war-minded refuse to hear - and war is the way to block the ear in mass distraction and notional security. The enemy is subtler than a mind in reaction can imagine - for such a mind is generated BY the fear that hides in deceit. I declare a state of peace to exist beneath and beyond the mind-world of hate of fear and shame - but it is only found by true willing desire. Who would scapegoat others with their own guilt - let them hear the crowing cock.

To a summary execution (inavlidating dismissal) of what I wrote without due process of communication:

Wrap it up and dismiss it - as if you have actually engaged in communication. Such is the nature of an ignorance and arrogance that is defended against the possibility of feeling awareness - of the presence of life. Yes you can manufacture emotionality as part of your strategy, yes you can ardently worship and defend some symbolic token of 'Life" but what you cannot or will not do, is listen - because of course 'you already know'. But to judge is not to know and everything you give out comes back - not in vengeance but as justice of setting the measure of your worth.
Consider that the 'war' on terror - has and is forcefully SEEDING the very thing it purports to 'eradicate' whilst operating the eradication of rights and freedoms of its own population. It also asset strips the Earth to an evaporation of misery and debt and powerlessness. Into which at some pre-ordained threat, the need and call for global power as protection is inserted.
There are better ways to live than upon a foundation of terror - which operates to split off our minds from Creation Itself.
To find true cultural renewal on has to go much deeper than the fear by which we are manipulated - or it is but rebranding spin upon denial of a war within our own consciousness.
It may be so that anyone can become anyone else's hate target - or be run over, fall down stairs, etc But the replaying of terror symbols in the mind as a persistent threat by which to shut down the truly creative being we are is a self-made living death. You THINK you can use it to have your moment of power - and obviously you have your reward - but such victory is hollow and fleeting - and honesty rises if you don't keep it at bay - because true nature does not use coercion to be all that it is. Only the lie calls for such defence to seem thus to survive.
Hate is blind - whether us or them, but consider that false flag and trojan deceit is established in the mind of power as necessary evils - and the price it demands collateral loss. It is never satiated but fleetingly.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

The NWO since 9/11

‘Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death’: The Loss of Our Freedoms in the Wake of 9/11
By John Whitehead


The act of terror is one level of terror but the use of a terror event as a defiant assertion of power over the mind itself is a different order of terror. A new holocaust for a new brand of exceptionalism - well its an old brand re-applied...

 "THEY are seeking to destroy you and THEY are not like you and I, but are all around us and you MUST NOT challenge my protection of you, as this fear pervades every aspect of your life, and you MUST NOT challenge my wounds nor question my justification for attack - or you are supporting THEM - you are not then one of US but like THEM and forfeit whatever voice you had for THEY only lie as a prelude to turning on you". So you must be seen to support me or you choose to share THEIR fate.

It was a kind of mental blitzkrieg. It has shifted everything - but with different effect. That is - I awoke to behold the intensity and audacity of the will to power by deceit and terror in such a way as to no longer give allegiance or trust to anything reported - for it was more than an iron fist beneath a glove. It is a deceiver revealed, not merely in the world stage, but in my own mapping of trigger points.

And to be fair, deceit is so pervasively part of the human currency that it is the audacity in disregard for life that buckles the mind - not the destruction of buildings with people in. Any traumatic death can stop the mind - but the attempt to dictate the world narrative and enforce that as the prevailing truth is asserting a new world order that veils its power in an obviously falsely framed and set up attack. That's the power - not the mini nukes. They know we know its a set-up. They are confident in denying any voice to make any real difference.

The setting up of a horror to then make pseudo-religion of, is a form of mind control.

Very clever people study the mind with a view not to healing but to manipulating. They can falsely frame and subliminally trigger the guilts and fears they know are in you but denied or unhealed. They see humanity as a mechanism that can be programmed and manipulated - and except themselves by virtue of a sense of specialness, to be as lords or gods over men. It's an old script.

Whoever comes to find they have been checkmated by outcomes they did not expect may wonder if it was a fate they brought on themselves or a destiny they could not but enact unknowing.

Meanwhile the call to war is still in play... or is it the Call for healing? You get to choose.
The prism splits light into frequency bands and the times we are now in are a time of prism by which our choices - our responses - establish who we accept and believe ourself to be. I cant tell you how - but I sense a vibrational splitting to parallel Earth realities, so make sure you are on the bus that you are happy to live in for the next Cycle. It's getting more difficult to change buses. But nothing is difficult that is wholly desired.

Whereas dread of terror would deny all choice and frame only within the a war of powers, True acceptance embraces and releases all that is, as it is to be itself anew - and in this does freedom to choose rise as a positive integrational act rather than a fear defined avoidance.

That we have a choice is the communication beneath the captive attention within its own narrative, awaiting your noticing. What you choose to attend is your freedom to accept and live from. But if what Is... is denied and hidden by a false framing deceit - then the choices that are left you are no choice at all but what the device dictates.

The consolidation of power becomes the call to more deeply examine what we give power to - for it is ours to give, according to the meaning we get from the Word or definition we give. The false flag is a primary device for using a self inflicted wound as a means to displace or direct blame in hate and therefore appeal as justification for making war while guilting the other. Kids utilize this in the cradle and I sense it is part of the forgetting by which to enter a human lifetime.

I am always talking of the mind whatever the issue because it is an unwatched mind that falls prey to deceits that usurp the mind unawares.
This need not be. One can use the experiences as an education rather than being triggered in reaction. Its a choice.

Good and Evil?

A commenter on this page asked me the following:

"Are evil and good the same entity?"

Most of what I write is as it says at the top; a willingness to listen. Giving form to what comes is also a willingness to feel what phrases and vocabularies to use and editing to correct or clarify - but still within the willingness of listening.

Here's my response - it is stated but only to your own willingness to consider and reflect - for you can seek to determine or you can consent to recognize. These are different uses of the mind. One judges - and is judged, the other accepts and is accepted (knows no rejection).

Evil and good are not entities.
The desire for the knowledge of good and evil is the desire to judge it so.
In Original Creation is no evil. For all is recognized God (Good) - without a second).
From the desire to judge good or evil is an image of God, (of Self - of Life - of Existence Aware) - taken as God, that is then confronted with experience as an entity over and against the Infinite that is not yet embraced, recognized or accepted within the imaged self and so seems OTHER - for ANY image, idea or symbol can only point to or be an expression OF the Infinite Creator-Mind.
The judgement of OTHER unrecognized brother -  becomes the projection of dissonance that is then sought to escape by seeking to get rid of it. But this is self-rejection and thus rejected self experiences itself limited, denied, abandoned, betrayed and victim of evil as well as fearing it is evil to deserve such communication.
The fear of split minded judgement seeks to regain the 'Good' but can only grasp at forms that momentarily echo Connectedness - but then reinforce a sense of disconnection and depletion.

The contraction and density of fear, and the fragmentations of projecting/escaping evil operate a facet of self-will which denies or forgets the Good in the attempt to regain it in false terms - for the Good cannot be grasped or possessed and such idea is a confusion of identity in form.
The expansion and rising of awareness through recognition, reintegrates to a truly extending creation aligned in acceptance and joy - with no sense of a need to posses or grasp and therefore free of any sense of possession by evil in thought word or deed.
These two operate the polarities of the physical experience as an entity in form or rather through form.
The journey of experience as the unfolding perspective of self-awareness is the 'rewakening' to the Good while still in lifetime - yet the Good is strictly not in time but is the glimpse of the timeless bleeding through the ordinary moment of appearance as blessing or joy.
The experience and belief in evil is a complex deceit because deceit is the lie and the father of the lie. However, it has a role in the recognition and forsaking of what is NOT you - as part of accepting what Is. Prior to such willingness it masks itself in the forms of the good in the false promise of becoming something in its own power. For the sense of powerlessness it will not accept and so cannot recognize or yield the judgement by which such experience of powerlessness is generated.
When judgement seems to be protector or saviour, fear is hiding beneath it. Is that evil?
It will seem evil when hiding and protection sacrifice all else to achieve it. And if that is to be blotted out from mind external evil MUST be sought and found to generate a relative innocence upon which to make a self in the world.

If evils are pretended not to be - they grow in the dark unseen while working through us unknown.
"Sufficient unto the day be the evils thereof" offers a timely proportionate adjunct to investigate and challenge the evils or ills that arise as if to spoil or interrupt one's day - for that which is resisted, persists and that which is fought is fed attention and focus. So the way to put behind you what has no place in you is one of pausing from reaction, releasing one's thought or judgements to a genuine receptivity and trusting the movement of one's being. If fear is felt, feel it but do not its bidding. Let it be accepted that it is there so as to come out from darkness. Now it can move and change and reveal you to yourself in ways that expand your capacity for Life.

To tune into the fearful or evil, is to participate in its vibratory correspondences. To open into a true relationship with the living is to put fear behind you and shift to a higher frequency perspective. This can be so readily observed as to seem redundant - yet fascination with evil actually attracts an unguarded attention and allowing or receiving love, joy or peace will often be cut off or recoiled from almost immediately. So it can be said that you contain both within you and yet if you learn to choose one and let the other go the temptation to judge against will be left hanging - because you will be whole in your choosing. One cannot be whole in denial for that which is denied is inherent to the seeming existence of the denier.

Thankyou for the question. If it is a true question, you will have the measure you set.

Protection, regulation and the State

Cycling to work without a helmet? Please think again
FT article by Charles Wallace

Culture is a complex relational interaction. It has been noted in a study I have read but haven't a link to, that the appearance of a cyclist affects the attention and cautions accorded them. While we may all think we are mindfully present, most of the time we are reactively conditioned by past experience.

So the lycra-sporting helmeted cyclist LOOKS like they know what they are doing and is automatically accorded less space and timing than one who is not appearing so proficient, professional or indeed armoured or indeed at times, aggressive in their assertion of taking their right of way.

A relationship can be codified and rulebound - but then that is no longer a relationship but a subconscious routine in which rights of entitlement can blind the actual negotiation of communication occurring.

The urge to replace living relationship with mechanism is often a desire to persist in an out of true sense of self-specialness (that embodies relational ignorance and arrogance), and seek a technological or external 'answer' to an internal 'problem' of communication breakdown

This results in layers of externalised rules and socially enforced agreements that serve to lock us into communication breakdown as the redefined 'reality' so as then to have to 'engineer' and impose a coercion upon life that is no longer trusted to know or find its way.

So deeply and pervasively is this cultural breakdown substituting for a Living Culture - in which a true and positive sense of worth and value is extended and shared - that the negative risk avoidance thinking has come to believe it is the only rational voice and that any other is a quackery or heresy or 'dangerous' and therefore threatening and therefore to be defended, against by protective regulations.

As for how to live your live - recognize it is not yours ALONE but that you are always in relation to something - and in human terms to each other. How to be true to yourself within relationship is the journey AND the destination. A false thinking may wish for power to make the world or others fit your unresolved emotional demands - but sooner or later one has to own one's own and bring it into a willingness of communication and integration.

Risk is part of life. Everyone negotiates their risk level according to their sense of their relationship to conditions. When life is subordinated to a risk averse sense of socially agreed limitations, fear is worshipped above life, and a suppressed will to live results in lack of creative engagement in society. It may find other avenues of expression, it may become morbid, dissociative and dysfunctional in social terms.

An opening and embrace of life is not a mental act, under mental supervision, to adhere to rigid mental rules backed by fearful disincentive. However, we live in such a society and have to negotiate our path with everything that is present - that is prescencing itself as our unfolding life experience. Risk aversion - in terms of codified and worshipped fear, is far and away the greatest threat to Planet Earth at this time. For under such deceit is every fearful script blindly re-enacted to protect the 'devil we know'. Risk assessment needs to reintegrate to knowing who you truly are and what you desire. This is a process of discovery that will always meet challenges by which to learn and grow in ways perhaps one did not expect - for what the past-conditioned mind expects is not a truly living relationship and in many ways is armoured and defended against such a revelation.

The belief that one is made safe by any external condition is the most dangerous state - because one no longer pays attention. Trust in God - but tether your camel comes to mind. Give to God what is God's due and give to Caesar what is Caesar's. The discernment is your own to freely accept but if you give to fear what is due unto love of Life - you sacrifice your Life to a god of fear and diminish capacity to even recognize Life - so as to only 'see' in terms of disconnected thinking and yet worship such thinking as if it is your salvation and your Self. Take off that VR helmet of 'thinking' a moment to see from a greater perspective and then honour your fears without sucumbing to them, and do what you will - as the relational balance point within your experience.

 @Mike It is often the case that changes intended to answer problems merely suppress them and they sprout out in several new heads that are not always seen as related - and so focussing on problems magnifies problems and keeps us tied up in problem - which is great for say - the pharmaceutical industry, or any other problem seeding and management industry.

Or to put it in reverse, the seeming problem is often a more complex displacement of simpler but fearfully associated relational problem.

When a paradigm shift occurs it is because the multiplicity of problems or anomalies starts to become unworkable. The model is not serving and one has to go back to the template at its foundations - accept a fresh take that resolves or doesn't call up the problems that the old model proliferated but was unable or unwilling to recognize as messengers of something the old model rejected that is integral and wont be denied.

 Another point I notice is that attempts to SHOUT and grab ATTENTION in lights, signs, hi-vis paints and clothes are all upping the noise level so that the mind HAS to learn to set a new level.

Now in this paragraph above, the all CAPS are three distinct words - but if every word was in some way emboldened, italicized, flashing on and off, capitalized - moving about on the page - you would have to develop a new level of skill to actually ready it.

There is a point where the attempt to manipulate attention are counter productive and result in an automatically defensive ignorance of such intrusions. When I surf the web, I have no problem focussing ONLY on what I choose to give attention to and disregarding anything that is not resonant or relevant to my purpose. But then I have a clear sense of purpose and familiarity with the Web. As one who once lived around London but now out in a much quieter and slower paced environment I note how much less spacious and denser and more over stimulating the nature of using roads is in areas such as the south east - while also noting the impositions of taxing, penalising and invalidating the car user that came perhaps from the Green movement but then becomes a trojan horse by which to assert the power of the State within the mob that are induced to deny a voice to any other view than has been sanctified by divine threat. But I DO recognize car drivers SHARE the road with all others be that cyclists or pedestrians, and being bubbled off in isolated environments coupled with ego-centricity of ignorance and arrogance is a dangerous combination - as well as that so many now have and use a car that it all clogs up almost all the time, every day, in so many parts of our country.

I would look at the ego-centricity as the common element in most kinds of problem. It is 'sold' to us as freedom and protection by ads, media, educators, politicians and any other kind of manipulative intent, and is so in use as currency that it is hard to even talk about. But when we are out of true, we are not in the flow or appreciation of our presence - of our life - whatever we may be doing. Un-resolved or unrecognized fears are what ultimately deprive us of our true or natural inheritance - because they are not perceived excepting as points of leverage, and not owned but pushed away or hidden from. Thus so many demand to be managed while complaining about the management.

Assassination by drone

Cameron’s drone strike in Syria raises questions

I do not give credibility to anything reported at face value, especially when effectively pasted into the main stream media. In modern times more sophisticated ways of engineering perceptions and indeed consent are available and used without due transparency or accountability. A purpose of self-protection operates openly. But what is protected to persist may not be true of us and may actually hasten loss or death. Fear stifles growth and war inflames negative 'growths'.

We are assured that our established institutional power structures are acting in our best interest and not serving their own private agenda as a power cartels - for by the regulatory protections that deny transparency and accountability, they become cartels imposing upon their will upon their citizens rather than in a genuine relationship of service.

Criminal acts are not acceptable and the rule of law is called upon. No matter who is involved.

Is the seeding and propagation of terrorism used as a proxy for other agendas? - for the so called "War On" anything has always effected the promotion and seeding of that thing - wither haplessly or by design. So who benefits? - what agendas are enacted within its cover? Follow the money? Note the consolidations of power? What are the weaknesses by which we are exploited to support what we would not otherwise choose or tolerate in ourself?

Are you told what to think? Is fear the basis of our thinking, or are we indeed created in and of a true presence of communication extending?

The 'deceiver' is fear-thinking. It plays all sides of any conflict and uses our fears as a point of gaining leverage and support. Personally I recommend not to use it, for no matter what it promises it always deals the same hand.

It appears that Mr Cameron is openly dealing the death penalty to British citizens in a foreign country without any prior procedure of trial or accountability whilst appealing to secret intelligence under notional security to justify himself after the act. That the individuals may have in fact been who the intelligence says they were and intending what is said they were is not the point - though anyone emotionally captive to the narrative will insist it is THE point. But that is the power of controlling the narrative! The war being unleashed is not contained or containable excepting by pausing from reaction within the narrative of hate and fear and the distortions and deceptions that are natural to hate and fear.

Everything we do, teaches others but also sets the measure of our own learning. We come to believe our own spin! We ARE each and all making choices that determine our world - and the world that then unfolds of such choices - for to choose to love to hate invites hatred to usurp our sovereignty of will in a false sense of power and an over extending reach that hollows out and lays waste. And we are undone not by 'enemy' but by our own vanity and folly. Who thinks they can control war? The globalist "elite" and their new world order? They embody the idea of war - not in their core humanity - but in the idea of exclusive right or power to prevail over and deny all else. And of course such action brings equal and opposite reaction - which they think they are using but they are out of relation and cannot see the humanity of others because they do not accept their own. I do believe a global governance will come - but one that serves the balance points for a maximal diversity of living, not a top-down dictate upon slaves. We've been there so many times.

Our humanity is the key to our divinity - but to become in the image of our hate is to forsake our true inheritance and believe ourself denied and to seek scapegoats to dump on and to kill.  It isn't really fundamentalism, extremism or radicalism - but an exclusive self righteousness within whatever forms mask the hate and thus give it justification - or sanctify it in the 'religion' of victim sacrifice to a jealous and vengeful god - for such is the god of fear  - regardless to forms it takes.

Waking up is a capacity to discern the communication within the form - rather than captive to form-based narrative. Why feed a man with fear when you can teach him how to recognize phishing attacks?

Monday, 7 September 2015

The refugee

The Daily Bell has an editorial:
The Real Refugee Problem – And How To Solve It
By Ron Paul

Ron Paul identifies US led meddling in other countries affairs as the cause of wars and refugees, and calls for the dismantling of Empire.

Is it an empire? Is the dog wagged by its tail? Is the host hollowed out to be discarded by a parasite that fooled it into self-specialness and illusions of power? Is the US gov capable of controlling or holding to account or even knowing about what its left hand is doing? Has corporate coup already occurred but for the writing up of international 'trade' agreements to anoint its jurisdiction over nations. One can go deeper down the rabbit hole of the manipulative layers of mind but to what purpose unless to free our own. "Oh but we are already free" say the conditioned many who are freely open to participate in manipulation because they do not know their own fear and hide it where it can be hacked into through the back door by trojan thinking.
But where does the rot begin? Is it where brother joins with hate in denying brotherhood by which a true Consciousness (Father) is known and tangibly shared? Does it end where such ancient hatred is undone to a present loving? Will the war persist while hate has an object of its affliction? Does it take millennia for the echoing wake of such rejection and rejectedness to fade to true hearted sanity and reason?
Do we not collectively and individually re-enact the worship of a god of hate and war by sacrificing the joy of life and the youth and vitality of life's promise, to feed its relentless and unassuagable appetite? Before we throw stones - are our own hands and hearts clean of hidden hatred? Do we consent to let others do our dirty work so as to persist in a bubble of self righteous armchair criticism?

Regardless the words and perspectives brought to communication - is the quality of our presence. For the words and ideas have no power without our presence and in absence of true presence can any ideas seem to find pathways of compliance such that the nations unwilling to war are so easily tricked over and over and over again. If you want to be Human, you have to step up to the mark and be founded in a true humanity. If you prefer to trade in your humanity for an even deeper level of slavery dressed in trojan thinking - then that is the default choice you are consenting to by not waking up at the now of your being. To avoid risk turns out to be the most dangerous choice available, for it gives away all power to 'them' and to circumstance.

When the war comes to your life you will have that choice made for you - it IS being acted out and you are homeless in search of the basic foundations of human existence in a world that largely ignores or rejects you.

The war is not just military, it is globalism of a destabilising and asset stripping mentality that seeks power and profit apart from responsibility of just relations. A mind divided not only cannot stand - it can only bring the whole house down.
While there is a call to do something - the first call is to know - and I mean know - where you are coming from. For the false currency of triggered reaction is the basis of a conditioned society that is simply 'engineered' to its master's bidding - and the master of a reactive identity is fear - even if it wears love's disguise.

No one is at home in war but the mind locked in defence has forgot that there is Home and believes home is the eradication of adversity or opposition; or the securing of all factors so as to achieve dominance by which to overwhelm and undermine 'enemy'.

We but attack our own sanity and being thus blinded believe our own fears tell true.

Money cant buy me love

Money cant buy me love - but love can recognize its abundance within a flow of Communication in all kinds of currency of exchange

It’s official: money can buy you happiness
by Emily Cadman

Need I say the article linked above reads shallow and silly?

Attempt to escape unhappiness is covered OVER with substitutes for Happiness. When the medications/magic wears off the unhappiness rises to awareness. One can look within and know the nature of unhappiness OR one can call on external power, conditions and substitutes to suppress or deny it by masking its symptoms. Collectively we tend to turn a blind eye to anything that threatens to undermine our personal mask/defence - not least by making the messenger/symptoms 'evil' and thus deny the cause in our 'war on symptoms'.

As for the moneylender in the Template - have you not woke up to the cartel that rises from inserted and captured regulatory 'protections' that generate and protect not the supply and trading of the Goods of life - but the private agenda of a power 'class' who define their happiness as being specially superior and in control or dominion over the 'mass' of a humanity worthy only of coercive control at best and cynical exploitation or collateral sacrifice at worst.

However, in the same purpose as Jesus, I invite using the reflection in the world (privately owned central bank creating debt based money as and when it serves their private agenda - or indeed other similar, such as big pharma and the military/notional security cartels) to illuminate the same patterning within our own consciousness and consequently in our cultural values, and vocabularies of exchange and communication.

Investment of identity within the world of change can only be fearful. True happiness is 'upstream' to external conditions in which the external condition AND the 'internal subject' arise together from mistaking an image or form of reality for the Real Thing.

"And you will weep each time an idol falls" A Course in Miracles

Trojan mind operates as form which deceives because it is automatically accepted without question or challenge: Vaccinations

Google always filters Vactruth mails to spam.

Vaccination is a polarized issue. This itself is a sign of coercive intent and reactive opposition. Both of which operate to deny discernment.

I do not support or subscribe to the vaccination industry or to the lobby that it garners in seeming to offer protection against feared outcomes and power over life.

After moving the vactruth email to my inbox - in case Gmail might learn it is not junk to me I followed its link:

Infant Dies Following 5 Vaccine Doses

I understand why those learning of the true cost of vaccinating can become righteously hateful in response - but inflammation is not true information and I felt to comment thus:

Vaccinating is operating an anti-Life intent - behind a mask of the seeming power to protect from fear.
To choose NOT to vaccinate is not anti vax - it is simply to choose Life regardless of fear, and leave anti-Life un-chosen.
If you have already allowed any form of anti Life to usurp your sovereignty of will - then don't add to that with worry or fear - but reclaim your will by aligning with true desire - free of hidden hate and fear - which do NOT truly protect - but merely displace or hide anti Life in forms of deceit that bring on loss, conflict, sickness, and death.
Anti Life gets its identity in OPPOSITION to, but Life shares identity within Itself.
Jesus said 'Resist ye not evil" - because to feed hate with hate is to become hate.
To recognize the hateful beneath the forms of deceit is to recognize a choice that can be left unchosen.

We use the world to substitute for real relationship in so many ways - and have done so for millennia - so as to be caught up within our own deceits. Waking to - and then waking from such an oppositional self-will is often deeply and cuttingly painful - but FROM such a cut to the Soul-feeling is a truly humble and compassionate resolve accepted one's heart's desire.

Another commenter Erwin Alber said:

Vaccines have never protected anyone, saved anyone's life or prevented anything apart from health, sanity and common sense.

"Belief in immunization is a form of delusional insanity."
Dr Herbert Shelton, USA

I reply to Edwyn and the thread readers:

But don't forget the placebo effect.
Faith can work miracles. But investing faith in magical or deceptive intent gives power away to a wishful or power seeking sense of fearful existence. For the wish is but a covering over a willing otherwise and the lust for power is the isolating burden of those who believe themselves powerless and threatened with exposure of invalidity and unworthiness of self.

I'm not disagreeing with Dr Shelton - but I am saying delusional insanity is much more deep seated in human consciousness and life on Earth than is recognized by those who begin to see some of the symptoms and signs it is there - but still WANT it to fall exclusively on OTHERS.

Belief in scape-goating others and killing them or driving them out of town is a form of delusional insanity or wishful magical thinking. It CAN seem to work for a while - but then the sickness returns and so the war escalates and war-mind replaces the Peace in which truth is discerned.