Friday, 3 May 2019

A New Story

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If contrary to narrative propaganda, our past was catastrophic - as experience of terrifying and terraforming series of events that gave rise to a 'consciousness' of defensive dissociation that effectively emulates or reenacts its archetypes, then we are self-generating and replicating our beginning (trauma) in our ending.

The assigning of powers to gods of Earth and Sky is itself a power of the mind or of the Word 'made flesh'. Or rather made manifest. Now we assign powers to a legion of derivatives.

The mythic archetypes structure the narrative mind. Science thinks to be above that in its Promethean ignorance and arrogance.

Perhaps we can agree that the 'Story' that is running is broken or bankrupt, exhausted and failing - no matter how ingeniously the same old themes are repackaged or rebranded to sell or suckle upon as if an escape from toxic debt.

No need to wait for a new story. Simply disinvest in allegiance to the 'same old' in any of its shape-shifting deceits - and bring willingness present in curiosity and desire.

For what?
Can we uncover living desire that is NOT fear-framed?
Can we embody or make manifest anything that is truly worthy of giving and receiving for its own sake and not as a means to get something from or get rid of something onto?

A mind in its own spin can think to make a heaven and find itself in hell.
Is there another source or basis for thought than what we are 'already thinking'?

Is 'hell' essentially a conviction in fully justified 'hate'?
Is there a Higher Court than our own judgemental convictions?

Is it possible to want to be 'right' over anything and everything else and prove it by destruction?

Wormtongue has set the mind in a dark place.
But only by willingness to listen and give allegiance there.

Wisdom comes to those who release their claim to know - in and of themself.
We are in this together - and all together in a common Cause.

But the perversion of a true desire sets a mind against its own function.

Forms change

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Forms change.

Meeting a true and shared need finds the pathways of fulfilment. All who join in support share in its blessing and extend it. the roles each plays are secondary to the living purpose.

The issue with the human mind and personality complex is to identify in role as status or worth - as a segregative and special sense of self.

Leadership is any and every kind of initiative in the witnessing to a living worth - but life's fossilisation into rigid and set currency or code of meanings is the imprint of its passing and not the movement itself.

Love has no need but to share itself, because its nature and law is sharing.
But in a grasping of dead concepts given sacrifice as the means of power and protection rising from a fear of lack and loss. Denied, or withheld love and life is the shadow or corollary to the denier.

Using the word love in a world of its denial and substitution with a manipulative masking evasion, is likely to lose attention because it is always woven into the lie as an appeal for sympathy or allegiance - but often in the guise of the wounded and broken love from which a call to hate rises in victory. For in this world of hate given power, love is weak and must be protected, hidden, masked over, and kept out of mind - lest weakness undermine its role as controller and protector against a chaos of its own but unrecognised making.

This attempt to suppress, by assertion is a 'self' that seeks either the mask of love or the mask of a righteous grievance for its denial.

But beneath all such coverings of entanglement is the true and original movement to know and be known.

We have entanglement in the mask and we have true life in the movement of its being us.

Whatever tools or roles we adopt or align in - they will extend or magnify the purpose we accept by acting from it.

Without self-awareness and self-responsibility there can only be the abnegation of consciousness that manifests as a blind demand to be led or fed in its loss of communication to conditioned responses.

Self-illusion is not a sin - but an error of mistaken identity. Persisting in sacrifice of love to feed or persist in the error is the wages of death - and a dead concept life and world - until the original error is revealed and corrected.
How we see our self is how we see others. Not in terms of form, but in terms of worth.

If identities of polarised conflict cannot meet in shared purpose then their egos are held more dear than the call to recognise another as ourself or ourself in the other.

The self-illusion is the fear that divides, to rule in secret.
Denied fear must cover its tracks in false causes.

When deeper fears are triggered or revealed - where is the willingness to stay present and discern the true need?

Framed by a Dispossession

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Mortal terror and fear of pain of loss, underlies all tyranny. Have you another view?
Framed in terror is the struggle of defence against it - and the emulation and alignment within it.
The conventional commenting framework reiterates the same themes repeatedly.
Human conditioning reiterates the same themes repeatedly.
How you choose to frame your reality is up to you.
But the ability of mind to recognise a framing is the shifting from a distorted and conflicted reality to a recognition of coherence.

It is the nature of the mind to see what does not fit or support its framing as dissonant, ridiculous or offensive.

As for C02 - the life-giving must be demonised in order to frame the self-destruction as attractive, salvatory or a necessary moral sacrifice.

Framing of the mind in its own thinking is our capacity for self-illusion.
And in a sense - the 'self' illusion.

Usurping of the true by the false MUST be a giving up of the true to the false and CANNOT be an actual power set over and against true.

Does that have relevance for Venezuela?
The wielding of the US proxy for global tyranny.

My last comment was a responding 'installation' to BigB's post, reflecting perennial themes in terms of modern tech-induced dissociations - and while it did not specifically address Venezuela, the situation in Venezuela - as part of our new world disorder is not a separate symptom or disease from the body politic - which is also the politic of the Corps.

Framing in the corporate is a resonant correspondence to the 'love of form' associated with 'Satan' - or form based reality AS the ONLY truth - which as a world MUST rule out the Creative from a mind to possess and control.

Insofar as we are invested in and participant in this world, the practical issue is the basis of our guidance or 'intel'. Because EVERYTHING else is subordinated to its framing interpretation.

The usurping of 'intel' is mind-control. But always by the agreement or consent of the subject but through the framing in deceit. Nonetheless, the decision to act as if something is true is and act of acceptance and belief and investment of identity that then automatically elicits protection or defence. Mind-capture is where the subjects operate the protection and enforcement of their own unfreedom. 

How is it possible that power of life and in life be brought so low?
For Life is not absent.
But is the rendering of such a conflicted and limited state an actual and active choice being enacted as direct and lawful consequence of ideas being given acceptance, investment and allegiance?

Are we running on false or indeed a deceitful 'intel'? - under a notional security that operates a law of diminishing returns?

Beneath the sideshow are surely such an entangled mess of dependencies, that anything true has to be denied because it would reveal the lie in any of innumerable facets that cannot then be limited and so any part of a hateful and deceitful system is deemed 'too big to fail' and given not only protection but persists as an ongoing sacrifice of the living to the dead. So give them narratives of diversionary shock fear to leverage hope of saving from a 'framedevil' by which to feel 'morally justified' by compliance of investment that makes it their own.

Time can waste as well as being wasted.
Under shock-doctrine time is collapsed to a fight flight imperative. YOU MUST ACT NOW TO SAVE the Planet, humanity, the polar bears, your children, the future, your self.
This is the undermining and overriding of the mind 's capacity to monitor its own thought - and the hack by which to induce belief by reaction of invested identity.
Does fear MAKE you powerless or do you GIVE power to fear.
Where you go for your 'intel' remains your choice - always. But you must see that the usurping of a mind under fear operates to block out and deny any other voice.

There is a basis for self-governance that has not 'sold itself' to fear.
This means owning and reviewing our conflicts and contradictions with a willingness to uncover healing, integrative opportunity and practical ways to grow and embody trust in place of hates and fears born of judgement set in private and polarising agenda of possession and control. Its framing is hidden only by our willingness to focus within or through its limiting belief.

If you want to possess reality in form, you limit your reality. The form does not DO it to you - nor another who invites you to share the form. But the invested identity in form sets up an addictive 'hungry ghost' by which to seem possessed of an insatiable lack. Driven by compulsion and weaponised to defend control of supply.

Thursday, 2 May 2019

Losing Face - Brought to a Choice

The attempt to work within the 'system' under some hope of change is the price of becoming 'embedded journalism' that operates the proscribed 'standard of care', according to top-down global edicts by a hidden few who 'settle science' to impose 'consensus'.

A proper accounting for the 'system' is too disturbing to the consciousness that is identified and adapted within it as a power of protection - and yet it is also true that help is extended and received as a core nature of being even under the framing and subversion of  'systemic control'.
The replacement of a living Mind by a tool makes a slave of life - but also the illusion of a power over life.

Power over life makes life in its own image by rejecting and attack or denial of all that does not support its fantasy of control as the maintaining of separation from real relationship, communication and thus from Life in true functional endeavour and expression. It runs as a protection racket by deceit and coercion such as to undermine functional wholeness for some form of privileged survival in return for a compliance and allegiance to the system that has been called and shown to operate a 'Medical Mafia'. But as such is only a facet of a mind - or use of mind that has become a broad spectrum subjection, in terms of framing life - you, I and our world, in false and life-denying definitions for prediction and control OVER, rather than functional alignment to the Call and Nature of Life.

The intention of the Internet is in its makers, funders and global roll out by and for the purpose of possession and control - because such is the purpose running the mind of systemic dictate or rulebound perception and response. The shift from attracting investment of identity in freedom to proprietary capture of corporatised identities is now moving to the Internment of Things - in which all movement of energy and informational transaction is to be monitored and adjusted - but not to a discovered laws of science so much as the weaponisation and marketisation (possession and control) of manipulative narrative control.

So seeking to 'survive' or maintain privileged access or rights as ANH - is missing the wave for the particle.

One can also see all of this in terms of frequency vibration. The signal communicates to a resonant receptivity or 'mind-set'. The frequency of fear and attempt to control  from an imagined separateness from life is a dissonant blocking or jamming noise to the reaching of Life unto Its Own - but takes forms that substitute for and subvert the Living to symbolic representations, taken out of context and given false association.

Insofar as we are beings of Choice - recognising the choice we are in fact making, or persisting in without knowing we make it, is where all our conflict arises, because what we accept as our self or true of us and our world, is then given power of protection against threat perceived in its framing.
If you do not uncover a truly natural foundation from which and through which to recognise and share in the Living, it is as a direct result of active but often unmindful choice - or 'habit'.

The nature of our world at this time is making it harder to run the old habit as belief, conviction and allegiance - and so it is being revealed or re-offerred us to choose anew - or choose not to give unto fear what is due to love of life - even though fear's dissonance blocks, confuses and deceives the mind that gives attention there for power of protection.

Giving attention in Life rather than to models and images and representative currencies of life is Life through us - and to us as a relational extension and recognition. 

Losing Face is humiliating  but also freeing from the attempt to live the mask. Humility is a clear clean place without affectations of any kind. The habit of the 'world' is strong while it is co-created as a world of 'forgetting'. Choosing to join in re-Membering Life is releasing the surface-tensions of futility of control from the 'outside in', to a Movement of recognition whose nature is radiance or shared.

The only 'warning' is to become vigilant against deceit so as to hear and align in the Call to joy - regardless the conditions of a mind in conflict. Natural health is natural function of unselfconscious awareness in movement of being.

Disease process includes the bringing up of stored or unresolved conflicts and toxicities to a current awareness. Denials seek a light of acceptance for release when seen in light of willingness for peace of wholeness.

Wednesday, 1 May 2019

The Apple i-Doll ... and a deep sleep fell upon Adam

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I had the idea of the Apple i-Doll.

Make your own i-Life' and be free to do ANYTHING you want with it - and don't forget the code for waking up from the experiential extension to your own thought control.

... and a deep sleep fell upon Adam.

Terror and horror are the proofs of sin. But the Cross was not merely a precursor to Big Brother's Boot on the face of a true Presence - but a witness for waking up.

What you choose to USE anything for is your i-Life.
Or you can relinquish a private will and its conflicted world for a living presence that is known by sharing.

Fixating on horror does not heal it, but it may reveal a need FOR healing.
The use of evils and grievances for private agenda is a key to freeing our mind.
Sufficient unto the day are the evils thereof, means own and address what is coming up within the day you give to Life so as to share it.
Power of Mind given to hate generates hateful results. But it is not a separate power so much as a wish to use power for a separate or private agenda - set over and against the whole and therefore your Brother - who is Brother by virtue sharing in the same life and not by a gender.

When you have no use for hate, how will it maintain your employ?
I am not picking on you - but on the normalisation of an anti-nature.

If you had to choose joy OR grievance - instead of trying to make them one through some sort of narrative identity complex - would there really BE a choice is the true nature of the choices and their outcomes were in the Clear?

Can we motivate and align in the power of true desire instead of trying to coerce a 'resistant and reluctant nature' to conform and comply to the stick of guilt and fear?

Does our sense of investment in power or control operate a self reinforcing feedback of the need to control and of the systems and devices of control - such as to keep the god of terror alive by which to maintain the subjective prison for the sake of the guards employ?

You have something right in your installation - in that Life (in the body) IS suffering - as the Buddha teaches and as the Cross teaches. Transcendence of the body-limiting mind is moving past the subjection of its fixation that dissociates to a world or surface reality of temporary 'escape' into which of course the fear leaks or breaks in, breaks down and kills.

The conditions we cultivate in our self, our relations and environment can be deeply compassionate without projecting our hates and fears onto them as if to then fix them or make them feel better - and this was was I commonly met when I experienced a completely unexpected suicide of one I love dearly. Many cannot think or meet or deal with horror and so they distance by affecting to care and in so doing, wanted me - in agony of loss - to help THEM feel better. Do you see that it was not their fault - for they know not what they do?

The 'separative' mind is structured to a fear-driven denial as its survival - but I do not accept this as the true of being - but as what we have 'made' of life - through the wish to run our own version through a capacity to deny or become unmindful of what Is (true).

There IS a Call to heal but it is not recognised under a call to vengeance. A call to hate seems like a call to sympathy when masked in a framework of justified compliance or indeed sacrifice.

And note that if the oppressed have struggled for identity under oppression, that is worthy of honouring in order to grow beyond - in right timing of a free willingness, just as we need to be able to embrace our feelings truly to at some point rise in free willingness to embrace life anew.  Resurrection is a true honouring release of the past - but its blessings remain with us. Love waits only on willingness to share it - but the shock of love lost is a traumatic 'separation' of alienation from our Life, that affects our species over millennia - not just specific times and places and events.

I hold we 'devolved from Consciousness by the way - and so I don't call on the same witnesses as the myth of slime evolving through predation as a blind urger to persist. I see the blind urge to persist as the energetic structure of an identification in using the body lovelessly; the iDoll.

Lest We Become What We Hate

Are you falling for the trap of so wanting to be right as to then not being accurate.
If anyone knows and loves or is someone Jewish who does not fit your blanket judgement - then it is revealed as a race or group hate rather than a criticism of ideas, issues or actions.
That there may be a baby in your bathwater is then thrown out - and an actual anti Jewish smear feeds the manipulation of the Jewish identity in the reinforcement of the 'others' who hate and deny you JUST for being Jewish.

Therefore you also risk being associated with the very agenda that you purport to be against - and losing support from many who may support a critical view of specific ideas, issues, actions etc.

So regardless what your focus tells you is wrong and against which you get an identity of being 'right' from - you are letting hate run your mind - and inciting others to join in hate that targets people who are NOT responsible for your grievance - which you haven't indicated the nature of.

Deceit is the underlying evil to be revealed as baseless. Regardless the forms it masks in or through.
The need to project it onto the SCAPEGOAT is the deceit or magic by which to feel better about yourself (less hateful) while not addressing your own. I am not picking on you personally. This is a fundamental block to waking responsibility for what IS in our power to change.
Giving power to negative projections as your PRIVATE self-protection is a subconscious agreement by which 'consensual reality' operates as narrative control. That there are some who wilfully manipulate the hate and fear and consequent hopes and dreams of others who are less awake and aware is part of the (acquired or conditioned human) nature of a mind and world at war with itself.

Earlier today I watched an interview about 'Russiagate' with Aaron Maté and Chris Hedges - and I had two intuitions. One that Aaron was Jewish, and two that he was the son of Gabor Maté. They are both examples of witness and willingness for life regardless of the conditions arraigned against them. the courage of their convictions.

In science - if there is ONE example that disproves the theory - then either the theory has to be modified to accept the exception or thrown out.
Even the OT 'Lord God' in wrath was willing to stay his Hand if there was even ONE Just Man.
Is there One Just thought in your heart?
Look to the Living!

What makes us truly human is our willingness to extend humanity especially when tempted to forsake it.
Or we become what we hate.

Corbyn - an asset to acquire?

Or an asset to acquire? - I've been reading a bit about Lloyd George.
There are those who temporarily seem to block or counter a planned agenda.

I note that a GPS route-giver immediately reroutes any deviation. It has no other purpose.
The purpose of 'survival' in its own terms operates at a level that we are rarely aware of and as power for its own sake.

Power does not run through the old political or institutional channels excepting to maintain a 'face' for narrative control. The 'threat' to the 'establishment' or its globalist agenda is more to the maintaining of a narrative that masks and supports, or hides and diverts exposure and challenge to its rule. But if QE (quantitative easing - sic) for (compliant) citizens or subjects is part of a further state capture and dependency - then who better to be allowed to 'win it' for 'the people'.

Who pays the piper calls the tune.

I also respect Corbyn for his example and demeanour in representing the trust of people who support him - but leadership brings entanglements that I feel have compromised him in the attempt to unify a Party that has abandoned its roots.

I haven't a sense of an inspiring vision from him - so much as seeking to mitigate the damage of a system that cannot be openly questioned.

BECAUSE Climate is so complex

BECAUSE Climate is so complex - it should be protected from (power political not party political), narrative manipulation.
Because SCIENCE is always more complex than media spin or corporate utility - it should be protected from political narrative manipulation.
Manipulative from the point of view of fears, environmental guilt, and the targeting and leveraging of these to further private agenda under the mask of protection from disaster.

Private agenda - backed by huge (global) investments are locked into models just as individuals are locked into polarised identities. When it comes down to it - people act from their convictions and beliefs - and find the science or whatever other justifications support them.

Quite apart from the manipulative framework that pushes this agenda as a global leverage to an energy (guilted) Economy under the Internet of Things. (Internment of Things?), the input from our Sun is considered only in terms of radiative force. The standard model does not allow or acknowledge the electrical force as the embracing cosmological  factor at all scales. The Solar capacitance to Earth is itself the driver of earth's so called magnetosphere, and the electrical nature of 'weather' within and above the Earth is within and beneath the forces that are generally supposed to be at work.

The closed mind - or in 'spiritual terms' the closed off sense of a separate mind - posits closed systems as a result of its assertion of self-autonomy.
Nothing could be further from the truth. The attempt to 'close the mind' is in such terms as 'settled science' or 'scientific consensus'.

Reversing the Purpose of Propaganda

in reply to commentary on:

It is true that a mind sees what it wants to see.
It is also true that neither this or the Sputnik article gives links to sources - but in the era of astroturfing - this becomes harder to validate.

Taken just as a story - and parsed for manipulative design and intent - I find the 'western' Media to be operating aggressive and destructive deceit or 'narrative control'.

The patterns of propaganda are recognisable in stirring fear, hatred and willingness to align in support of life-destructive acts.

When a would be unipolar dominance is targeting regions of non compliance to an ever tightening system of broad spectrum controls, it is appropriate for such regions to resist or not comply - while seeking for multipolar recognition. But all the Russian state has to do as propaganda is hold a narrative for Russia - they do not need to actively undermine the 'West' - for it is already undermined and operating a self-destructive or self-contradictory agenda - that is effectively capitalised and targeted to prepare the way for an acceptance of a global government - but... according to who's plan?
Russia's english news only need give a platform and a voice to those who are denied or walled out by their own Media - or rather by corporate media assets.

But your point regarding automatic acceptance is valid - even if your judgement casts you as the one calling everyone else sheep - as if you have never followed or responded to a suggestion without first checking in.

It may be that there are no real sides in any of the wars - soft or hard. Global finance has no allegiance to anything but temporary usefulness for ownership and control. What does it profit a man to gain a world at cost of Soul? A harvest of denial.

In a world of lies - how to know?
In a mind of lies - what seems to be an asset turns out to be a complex instrument of toxic debt.
That COULD be the way to wake up - because self-honesty is the grace of noticing.

It is easier to deceive a man than convince him he is already deceived (Twain).
How can a mind given to (accepting) deceit, lead to any other outcome than a world of lies?
But having made such a world (of denial) can it serve any other purpose than that which made it?

Purpose is not IN the world. Purpose is accepted in and as the mind. Whatever anyone else chooses - you are the determiner of the purpose you accept for you.
By investing personal identity in private possession and control - is power given to conditions and interpretations of feared, wished or imagined meanings as if to protect and extend our self-investment - and thus become subject to a world set outside ourselves - and then seek to adapt to, escape, or overcome by opposing.

But still within the original 'error' of the belief in possession and control - which reveals itself as a false possession that dispossesses us of whole Souled awareness, set under a tyrannous substitution for the true and free will - or the grace of noticing and aligning in a true recognition.

The Purpose of Evolution

An interesting juxtaposition of meanings in the above phrase "the purpose of evolution".
purpose is of the Mind - and the theory of evolution - while also of the mind, posits a mind-less material existence as CAUSE - in place of MIND - which is truly always our greatest Intimacy of true environment - regardless the focus in objects of attention.
Thus a 'mind' randomly accretes or assembles over billions of years as the illusion of a mind - in total subordination and dictate to a persistence of energy patterns or genetic mutations.
But those who hold such an anti-magic wand can use it to block and deny Mind in any Movement that does not support the Model of materially captured convictions.
I note that when it doesn't suit us, we WANT to assign cause outside or away from self - and that can be to a god as much as to a random accident or disease of genetic or materially set conditions

Purpose and desire are fundamental to all that then follows.

Jesus did not write Scriptures - but those who did sought to align the truth of their witness with the forms of acceptance. The mind of prophecy is hidden from the materially minded who see at best predictions rather than a true reading of the current energies in movement.
And the making of the prequel by which to support one's claim is simply part of the way the mind works - though Jesus did not call on that for his person.

Once a messenger has been smeared or debunked and walled out or turned to an idol by which to bring out in support of an otherwise dead letter society, it becomes impossible to reference without translation into terms of hate. That is how it works.

The message we receive is not determined by any external power but by our own accepted purpose and desire. When we align that with Caesar or power in the world - we take it from true recognition and fulfilment. Until we no longer know our purpose and have buried, denied or crucified our true desire.

For the hell of it?

Quoted extract//:
What images of death do we live with?
Or, to put it another way, if you believe in life after death, what image of heaven do you entertain? Not what do you think heaven is, but what do you desire it to be? If you object and say you don’t believe in life after death, the question is still valid. For we are, of course , here playing a game of the imagination. You need only make believe, for the hell of it, that there is life after death. Or life before.
What would you like it to be? Imagine. What would you like this life to be? Maybe that’s the real question. //

To turn the phrase above around...

You need only make believe, for the hell of it, that there is death after life. Or non-existence  before.
Reacting AS IF something is true - makes it real for you.

And so believe that you are in possession of a separate, limited, personally autonomous life - defended against inevitable loss and death.
But what if - running off with a false or mistaken identity or 'inherited effect', we are defending an illusion of a life alone and apart from the inevitable Truth of One without a second? Be that unified, unconflicted and whole. Be that timeless, always and already Fact.
The ability of the mind to create is also the ability of the mind to limit in division - as a negative creation - which is of course a contradiction in terms.
A mind predicated upon self-contradiction is a mind serving two masters - of mutually exclusive purpose that effectively cancels out in vacillations of confused reversal.

A Course in Miracles offers a framework of understanding for the willingness and recognition of formless beauty now. This is hidden by the mind of vengeance and the nurture of grievance in destructive sympathies of a worship of pain and death - as if separation is salvation for a life saved from a terrifying or overwhelming love - and so of course seen not as love and freedom but as fear and sacrifice in suffering and death - while fear and sacrifice in suffering and death are held to be love and freedom.

“Everything is BACKWARDS; everything is upside down! Doctors destroy health,  Lawyers destroy justice,  Universities destroy knowledge, Governments destroy freedom,  Major media destroys information, And religions destroy spirituality".                     Michael Ellner

JOY opens and shares or radiates the quality of wholeness of being - but the attempt to possess and control it, enslaves, kills and substitutes a fake 'reality'. Instead of guilt and sin - bring curiosity and willingness. Be a s a little child - Ask and listen in faith instead of fighting the elements of a fake reality that are of course your own denial.

When we attempt to judge by make believe we CAN and have - and act as if it is true - we reject, override and deny the reality of Wholeness - in specific patterns of association. We may not feel (experience) ourself victimiser - but the denied experiences lack of love and light and acceptance - or a separated sense of disconnect in fear of 'non-existence' - and the eliciting of the NEED for light that meets denial or blanking under unseeing rationalisations or preoccupied and engaged non listening - and so becomes negatively polarised in hate of the 'life' it is given' the giver of such a life and by the fantasy of vengeance or self-vindication over YOU.
You are BOTH! But the mind of judgement of good and evil is a mind of conflict and division and not the Mind of Creation through extension of wholeness to a recognition of truth and beauty.
Truth and deceit are NOT at war  but are both in your mind as voices telling you who you are - and so you are at war with yourself under a deceit - and see a world through the lens or mind of war and deceit - as a means of power and protection (from the truth of a love made fearful by deceit).

Hate is not righteous or loving no matter how cunningly toxic debt is packaged into complex themes of 'self-interest'. But until a true account is owned - your investment is given all the power of your protection.

Psyops as attention baiting

(We are induced to accept a framing of belief by reaction of invested identity - whatever we think or believe we are doing).

I think an insider definition of 'good tv' was anything that kept you watching tv.
Is a psyop fundamentally a baiting by which to effect its hidden agenda through being taken in - on any level?
And self-reinforced by investment of identity that then propagates the meme to its targets?

Without the power behind it, lies would be disregarded or laughed at and given no power to obscure the truth. But when power is invested in lies as necessary to its protection against 'threat' - it runs like the Terminator - 'It will not stop'.

So if there is hope to escape from lies as weapons backed up by power to make or break our life in its world - it has to be by recognising where and how we give power away by our allegiance and focus of energy and attention.

Reading them to see what their payload is may have merit. How much of what is sensational is timed to divert attention from what is really being effected?

G W Bush played the fool - but was everyone fooled? Not once or twice but over and again!
Trump - the last Trump? - is also a brand.
Is it not just the way those seeking power have been induced or 'incentivised' to believe thats how power works - comply or die?

As the Dream disintegrates it become more and more incoherent, false and forced - everything falls apart - its centre cannot hold. But is it OUT THERE in the world or is its 'signal distortion working our thought?

I don't watch tv - - ok - apart from occasional selected online pulled access to content of my interest.
But I don't tune to the channels or vibrations of crap - without feeling sick - and that's good as long as I do not normalise sickness as the new standard, adapt to it and become and invested expert on it.

The invention of the media and particularly the moving image has radically transformed  minds, societies and politics - which immediately moved to possess and control it as the PR of social engineered minds and society.

One of the Commandments was to make no image of Reality - and then not to worth-ship image instead of Reality as in idol or symbolic substitute for true relation. Imaged reality is a manipulative or private mind. Starts off as a bit on the side - ends in stark insanity.

What I understand from stark insanity is that I don't want it. This is an ongoing lesson because whenever I notice a triggered reaction - I see another call to align in what I DO want - instead.

A way of life that frames us in fear, division and loss

Yes, I recognize a ‘way of death’ runs AS IF a way of life and I accept this recognition in myself as a Calling or waking to a personal and relational responsibility, that is not possible to grow from or upon a fearful and addictive identification in a conflicting identity.

‘Bottoming out’ is the failure to maintain ‘narrative control’ as a believable basis for allegiance. But as a result of every kind of evasion and denial with all the ingenuity of which mind is capable BECAUSE what we most desire aligns our thought and behaviour.

My reading or our times is of the end of an era  - where the ‘era’ is not merely a passage of time, but the world under its specific ‘Sun’ - which in this usage is an internalised ‘model’ of reality - set up as a tool for its manipulation. Or rather as the means for exploring the experience of possession and control as a theme or focus.

I think the story of the Prodigal Son suffices to give the sense of taking a living inherence out of context to run as a mis-taken right of inheritance. We get in our own way - and blame it on anything, everything ELSE.

I have the experience of the world - insane as it is humanly revealing itself in these times - and yet also holding a intimate quality of natural or innate beauty that inspires thoughtless being whose qualities can be known - but which is itself one without a second - until the mind ‘resumes’ its interjection of interpretive definition to make or control (its private reality experience).

Opening the field of awareness is the grounding of all we think, feel and do.
I cannot tell anyone of what they are as yet defended against as a result of projecting fears kept hidden and investing in keeping them so.

One of the reasons I write is to witness another quality of response than the fear-driven reaction. It may not seem fear driven to survive against perceived and believed threat - or to align in countering perceived and believed evils, but that IS the nature of the evil - to hide in the good unseen as a private agenda.

Uncovering the false as false is part of freeing ourself of a false allegiance or a false sense of self and world. It may be that very few are as yet willing to abide the hateful or feared of their ‘room 101’ so as to look on it from a willingess and desire for truth and so be free to look past terror symbols to what they are but the guardians set to keep hidden.

But every willingness to move through fear in willingness for healing of wholeness of being is part of its growing in our mind, as our noticing and as our capacity to see real choices instead of being framed in fear - or in attempts to stamp out fear in its symptoms.

To those who have (and thus share in being) more shall be given - because what we truly appreciate grows or appreciates.
But from those who have not - (an appreciation in shared being) more shall be taken - even the little they have. This is simply the result of a negative appreciation. the Law or Mind is the same, but working to create an abundance of lack or debt. 

Identifying in lack and limitation is the model of private possession and control.
I am not addressing ‘things’ but Ideas that are assigned to ‘things’.
 When our accepted Ideas as to who we are and what life and the world is for - change - the experience of self and world HAS CHANGED.

But the attempt to manipulate the ideas of the mind that makes the world (narrative control) is always the magical attempt to change the world to align with a core sense of private possession and control. And is simply the exploitation of leveraging fear and guilt and hate so as to incentivise behavioural conditions of compliance to a hidden or masked agenda.

Uncovering the mind OF denial without triggering the blame and shame of guilting invalidation is choosing NOT to give allegiance and support TO a mind of denial.

Selfism underlies EVERY form of ism that is deemed hateful and is the willingness to hate the OTHER as the ‘saving’ of the ‘self’.

Deceit runs as a self-illusion regardless the agencies of its operation. Giving our life and world to deceit is the result of unowned and unfaced fear - and its progeny.

The Model that we have developed as our current world is no more true than any other and is subject to the same distortions of definition for prediction and control - of a private agenda - as is any relational endeavour that becomes afraid of or invested against change, expansion, and unfolding of a true  and truly shared appreciation.

Demonisation is a private export. But C02 will green the Planet. It enables naked mole rats to live extremely long lives. Nothing is so blinding as the assertion to know as an investement to protect. No one want to keep you blind more than those who want to export their ‘demons’ onto a willingness to suckle Big lies. An noone more arrogant in their surety that humans are suckers.

Sucking on worry is toxic debt packaged as concern.

Oh - so much for my quick rejoinder!

Robotic presentations of a dead and destructive agenda

The generating of fake narratives by which to attract support and undermine or block challenge of a free awareness is a 'robot' presentation of ingenious defence for a dead and destructive agenda against the living witness.
By which - we know not what we do.
The 'intelligence' behind such manipulation is itself generated by fear of extinction - in rebellion against communication of a true an living account.
'Illusions 'battle' only with themselves' means the battle is false but that engaging in war with illusions costs us fee awareness of the true - as if we have to 'make' truth true. In this we give truth to illusion and make an intended witness to truth a point of view in a contest - which is to say we make a version or illusion of truth in attempt to 'win' a point.
When we believe we have to employ a manipulative spin to communicate 'effectively' we lose communication and become a robot voice under fear of loss of self. In other words a manipulative fear operates  AS IF a self protection - howbeit we are deceived.
The revealing OF the means of deceit is its undoing as a basis for allegiance - but the attack upon the false sets up an identity in polarised reaction that NEEDS the false to maintain its identity. This is why I believe Jesus says, 'resist ye not evil'. Not as a passive or pacifist ideal, but as a clear warning against temptation to engage in deceit by which we become the thing we hate - but are the last to know in defence against revelation that is associated with our undoing or extinction rather than with a restoration to truly shared being of a real relationship.

Resistance to the evils of a deceiving frame of thinking is love of peace and the vigilance for it against deceit and division.
Peace seems impossible in a world of deceit - and that is its function; to attract, assert and protect a mind of war as 'protection' against fear of extinction, invalidation or loss of self. Bringing the 'lessons of the world' to our own willingness of awakened responsibility resists the frame of blame - and so is free to extend a true witness in peace - and resonate a like quality in those who know not what they do - but have the innate capacity to recognise and release what does not truly serve them.

There really is no way to beat deceit at its own game. If a will is given to self-illusion, then that is not ours to force otherwise, but nor need we join in or support what another knowingly or unknowingly gives willing identity and allegiance to - or comply or conform with demands and conditions arising from loveless intent that undermine integrity or wholeness of being.

But note - truth supports its own witness but not the demonisation of others as a way to 'become' true, good, whole or worthy. The Voice for truth delivers us from all evils as we but listen only there. This of course is the undoing of a habit of a mind to listen to our own narrative 'control'  - but we can only release a habit through awareness of a choice - and not in the frame of a habit of self-judgement and self-penalising hate, rejection of denial. That is the frame that spins itself out as a strategy of delay in time that wastes as well as being wasted. But each of us lives both the judge and the judged; or both the compulsive self assertion of rule, AND subjection as fear under denial of light, of relational awareness, of a true being.

There is a light in which we see we judge ourselves in others, but not to bring guilt down upon our self, but to deliver us from identifying in the wish to be 'as gods' in judgement of good and evil - as if set over life and over against others. Such a willingness of a self-honesty serves to re-waken the discernment of the true from the false and give willingness only to the true. Our part is in choosing NOT to engage or persist in the blocks to true with-ness or worth-ship in any moment of noticing - because we are choosing to align in joy of the freedom of wholeness instead of feeding a 'habit' begotten of fear and blindness that  effectively takes us 'offline' in a robotic trance routine regardless its presentations.

Thankyou both for your witnessing a love of truth without succumbing to a hate of lies.