Thursday, 27 September 2012

Money, wealth and wisdom

Financial Times: Investing for the future
Kick-starting the flow of ideas

The article focusses on certain details - but I felt to comment on the underlying mentality:

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Money is taken - accepted and agreed as value. But when that value drifts away from what is truly of value it becomes a bubble that cannot maintain its structural integrity - no matter how ingenious the soap mixture becomes.

If wealth grows, there is a win win situation in that there is a shared benefit. But if money-wealth grows in ways that actually undermines health and integrity. Then dysfunction and eventual breakdown is inevitable, because it is not truly wealth, but sickness disguised as wealth, as illustrated in the term 'toxic debt'. There are other 'hidden' toxic aspects to a lot of what is reckoned to be wealth.

Such error is at such a fundamental level of our identity from which our thinking comes forth, that very few can bring it into a greater perspective but are defined and dictated by its perspective.

In simplest terms, we need to re evaluate everything in terms of the whole and not engage in mutual 'fremnity' definitions which seek to use everything and everyone for a personal or private intent.

This is no more than an honesty or true congruency of being, yet from a freshly uncovered perspective that is NOT an expression of our own thought, so much as of a desire to listen, discern and notice, what truly fits, or works, as a larger fulfilment of our conscious desire.

This is not an appeal to thinking - which doesn't not listen because it thinks it knows. But to the heart - which is the wholeness of being and its unified expression.

Intuitive sense plays a much larger role in our lives than is usually acknowledged, but usually within very specific problems and goals. In the world that is unfolding in our day by day, I feel a much greater calling to a true accounting, not merely of balance sheets, but of a perspective of wholeness, that cannot be defined by parts taken out of context.