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Themes to the breakdown of communication to an insanity given power

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I wrote:
The US is a ‘show’ culture, the show is the ‘stand up’ personality where the medium blocks the message.
But every facet (of our world) offers the opportunity to recognise who you are NOT.
If you need to demonise another, is it because they represent something we have not released in our selves.

I look for relational honesty rather than ‘impactful or branded presentations.

Sharon replied: Did I demonize somebody?

Are you interested in exploring the theme or predisposed to taking everything personally? I offered no offence to your person.

Alex Jones attracts viewers on the basis of joining in 'justified hate' which serves the purpose of substituting for love's honesty and is a form of demonising or invalidating such as to claim virtue from victimhood. That there is factual information within propaganda seeking emotional investment (by reaction) is the weaving of truth into a frame of lies.
If you recognise the framing of a communication as an attempt to trick or coerce, then you are wise not to react to it at face value, but step back and decode its true content - which will be an alloy of a genuine communication framed in distortions of possession and control. However, the genuine communication may be entirely unconscious to one who knows not what he does - as the fact of existence within the realm of Communication. What meanings you give, will be what you receive and be-live.

So in general terms, do you mask in claim of virtue derived from focusing in the guilt, sins or unworthiness of another?
If people knew what they did, they would be unable to do it. That they experience a version of 'reality' that 'makes them do it' is the nature of tyrannous or fear-defined identity. That such an identity can set us in a role is evident, and we not only identify in role, but project our own motives and roles to others out of our own past experience - and act as if our imagination is their (or the world's) reality.

To check back to Source for reality testing is the unwillingness to run on false currency - because it is not truly CURRENT - and involves overlays of distortion and bias. Discerning what is truly present is both a giving and receiving. When they are in balance, we know no separation of inner and outer - and have that experience as one of being more than joined in a compensation or mitigation of pain and threat. Love embraces what is as a perspective of recognition, appreciation and gratitude. Nurtured grievance 'love's to hate and hates to love. Only you can truly choose to accept for yourself. But from that choice a world arises in reinforcement. If you demonise or invalidate yourself, you may cover over or downplay the act but only to see others in the same measure and by response, 'teach them' by compensations for withdrawal and withholding of appreciation, such as to socially mask in avoidance, blind spots and bubbles of diversion and displacement.

Again, I am writing to the themes underlying the larger breakdown of communication to insanity given power. Not specifically to your contribution which I appreciate for owning that something can pass off as real, before revealing itself as artifice.

But a true disillusionment does not seek another illusion to persist in as real. And so can be simply a shape shifting illusion in which the goodies and the baddies keep changing as the current reactivity to a world set in grievance. As if the world cares about our story - excepting at the personality level of allies and enemies to narrative identity, which is the realm of the manipulative mask - if we let fear lock us down in divisions, distancing and isolation as our life.

Ultimately or truly you cannot demonise another but that you hate yourself, and they need not accept what you offer them. Nor need they or you, accept your judgement upon your self as true.

Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Tilting at scapegoated statues

Tilting at scapegoated statues is an effective way to divert attention from history in the making AND from addressing any controversial history with revised documented and factually supported history - instead of the copy and paste of the currently established narrative dictate. 
In other words the use of controlled and imposed or erased and distorted history to assign guilt, invalidation or penalty by association is the device for dumping toxic debts onto others or to those holding views that do not support the frame of judgement as true.
The idea of self-specialness as conferring moral superiority over others is not limited to racism, but is the exceptionalism of a profound cognitive dissonance that blindly does the very thing it accuses in others, without any sense of hypocrisy or self-deceit. 
This is the claim to power by aligning in the assignment of guilt and unworthiness away from self, over which to justify and support denial and attack as moral imperatives. The 'holy war' syndrome has nothing to do with religion, and everything to do with the expunging of guilted doubts and conflicted fears in the 'believers'. Yet if they truly believed the would rest in wholeness rather than attack their own shadows.

Truth simply is

in response to the themes in:
Just Wanttosay
This whole mob just feels orchestrated. Is this another move of the globalists towards a new one world order? First it was corona, and now BLM is used to achieve the next step in some evil plan ...? But rest assure, the truth always wins in the end.

@Just Wanttosay  Truth simply is. The masking of the world is compelled to deny its lack of substance by generating conflicts of self-referencing but polarised bubble identity. Is it a new order? Or is it the locking down into a bio-technological system of fear-driven incentivisations and controls?
The idea of order from chaos is one of active discernment, resonant recognition and the establishing of a foundation through which to live, the archetype of order over chaos is that of judgement set in form, by identity in image.
Identity in image and form is temporary and could be said to 'always lose in the end' - but nothing we make is altogether without truth or love because it is who we are - beneath the mask of personal and social identity reinforcements.
Rest is assured in truth - and conflict and dissonance is assured in attempt to assert narratives over the truth as substitution for reality.
The global system is a conflict management system, designed to operate top down. Life simply does not work this way. But the fantasy ideal of control is that of eradication evils - and the vindication or vengeance of the self-image in its moment of lording it over a life that does NOT support it - but can be temporarily made to robotically go through the motions. But those who sell their awareness and expression of freedom of being to survive under terror backed coercion, are hollow, stuffed shirts. 
The globalist idea openly targets the evils it sees as blocking a new era of life on Earth, and progressively corrupts and undermines them by leveraging global money and media, and has the belief that once obstacles are cleared, a new world can or shall appear is in no way indicated by ANY seeds of inspiration for a future.

Everything is defined and framed against 'evils' from its own perspective - one of which is clearly the evil of a conscious populace. Hence the denial of and attack on consciousness by all and any vector. The shadow gov can only run in darkness, and so darkness must be established as the new normal. Its a kind of zombiedom with a  tellytubby overlay. As if there is non one really there! And yet they all operate as if to installed scripts.

Framing Death in False Narrative

to various comments on the above:


The consumer becomes the consumed utility. The sealed unit is only servicable by specialists under vertical management that operates to rules set out as global edicts given granular compliance.

But yes, there is not only no sense – there is the deliberate assertion of nonsense as an overt show of psycho terrorism – and choking of rights and freedoms – backed by various leverages or capture of public support – but specifically key institutional lockstepped compliance.

I appreciated Sumption’s gumption as one of the first to openly challenge:

“I am not a scientist but it is the right and duty of every citizen to look and see what the scientists have said and to analyse it for themselves and to draw common sense conclusions. We are all perfectly capable of doing that and there’s no particular reason why the scientific nature of the problem should mean we have to resign our liberty into the hands of scientists. We all have critical faculties and it’s rather important, in a moment of national panic, that we should maintain them”. 

Jonathon Sumption. Former Supreme Court Justice: ‘
This is what a police state is like’
The Spectator


The US is a ‘show’ culture, the show is the ‘stand up’ personality where the medium blocks the message.
But every facet offer the opportunity to recognise who you are NOT.
If you need to demonise another, is it because they represent something we have not released in our selves.

I look for relational honesty rather than ‘impactful or branded presentations.


Many facets to this – including the presumption a virus is THE pathogenic cause of one condition that is a confluence of many – and and of none! For asymptomatic infection is a made up status for healthy people who fall foul of variable and unreliable testing parameters – as with the previous lie that HIV was a virus that caused and resulted in AIDS – and was highly contagious etc.
The headlines and photos do the framing of emotional investment – regardless the legally defensible caveats and quiet retractions and walking back of claims once the regs have been signed into law.

The belief by reaction to voodoo of medical expert authorities, and the result of social exclusion and denial of the new ‘leper’ is the mad parent who masks their malice behind a virus while choking and poisoning the children who huddle closer for ‘protection’ or comply in pathetic hope of avoiding the next blow.


Yes infant mortality rates dropped as a result of pausing vaccinations.
This is an exposure of an 'Achilles heel'.

CHD are a worthy source to support - not least for their wherewithal to launch multiple legal challenges through such channels as are open.

The farming of humans, or humans as lab rats, is not new, but its technologisation as global systems of full spectrum dominance is delivering us to evil, as a world in which “Everything is BACKWARDS; everything is upside down! Doctors destroy health, Lawyers destroy justice, Universities destroy knowledge, Governments destroy freedom, Major media destroys information, And religions destroy spirituality".~ Michael Ellner


Any insight can become subverted by a world (mind) of possession and control.
The idea that though manifests, is not wrong, but the assignment of guilt to 'wrong' thoughts embodies denial under mask of virtue. This became an insidious double bind on the minds of those who though to technologise thinking as is to manually engineer their reality. Especially those whose 'sickness' or failure left them doubly damned. Is the theme not familiar?
Aligning in the heart of honesty is not available to any who would mask in virtue or justifications set against the evils of others by which to claim it as a right of leverage.
Thinking can mean many things. In its highest it embodies conscious intention and reflection, as a capacity to investigate, explore, imagine and validate experience.
But for the most part, thinking is now a conditioned indulgence of a dramatic fixation of emotional reactivity - instead of willingness of attention and intention to resolving or negotiating conflicts that the habit identity is defined by and CANNOT think its way out.


Hiding, self evasion, dissociation and denial are strategies of masking over what cannot be faced or accepted at this time. Masking in virtue is part of regains a sense of falsely derived movement under paralysis - and is always characterised by setting over and against accused and invalidated guilt, unworthiness and hatefulness or stupidity.

How in hell do we find the means to raise the capacity for communication when the very mind is become a weapon turned upon itself?

The mind that buckles can become psychotic or paralysed in 'freeze' mode under trauma. I feel open to write to the freedom of others not to read me, but I notice that I do not have automatic permission to enter into another's field.

Why would 'Jesus stand at the door and knock?'. 
Because the true will is holy, and the intent to override is the denial of our own wholeness - as if deprived or denied by another.


For the intention of your point I agree with you.
But the flu stats if given serious inspection are also inflated and distorted data toward the manipulation of the mind to accept a trojan vector of disease as it 'normal'.


The HIV scam brought this in as an industrial process – but the idea of the carrier (typhoid Mary etc) has been used to hide the ‘virus’ in the healthy – as like a hidden ‘guilt’ that can be arbitrarily ‘exposed’ and punished or ‘treated’.

This is the same pattern as all the other ‘guilting to undermine’ and neutralise or manipulate ruses.

The idea of contagion is originally that of corrupting thought.
Once such thinking runs the asylum, any true communication is attacked as if a heresy or contagion.

Cognitive dissociation is literally identifying in the mask – operating a masked agenda and interpreting everything in terms of reinforcement of the mask, or threat of exposure in loss of face and lack of substance.


The redefining of human beings as risk of infection regardless of clinical symptoms – under regulated and ‘mutating’ testing parameters and policy ‘guidelines’ backed by coercive threat, is the great opportunity for a 4th Reich of Bio-Terror, for if fear can be induced to self-serving denial in a critical mass, the will to power can lock into a new density as a framework or structure for the denial of the will under a scream that cannot move.

Tuesday, 30 June 2020

What really makes you ill #2
What really makes you ill #2

Andre Kaufman with Dawn and David of the book of the same title.

The idea of a balanced whole or homeostasis relative to inner and outer conditions is fundamentally a spiritual responsibility. The usurping of which is masking in power, virtue, freedom or safety. Coming FROM a presumption of lack - will reinforce lack in the mask of bolstering a need-lack instead of aligning in need-fulfilment.
This arena is also associated with bringing every kind of relational problem to a panacea that will make the panacea the arena of the expression of unresolved denials or suppressed experience - which is not only stored in the body, but comes down family and other constellations of resonant connection. 
The psychic aspect of our whole being is underrated or masked out by design - not least by identity entanglements in attempt to manipulate it! 'Narrative framing or control' being modern terms for mind-magic.

Pain and fear are related. The capacity to abide the territory of discomforts as a willing curiosity rather than invest identity in a bubble of exclusion is part of a way of reintegrating psychic energies that have associated in or through physical and emotional crisis. The capacity to yields as a transparency to being is the release of manipulative mind - without in any way denigrating it. In general we are already set in reaction and thus already framed in narrative identity - that reveals recognisable scripts or themes that trace back to separation trauma that doesn't, have to be 'figured out' to be accepted and released. Re-alignment to a fundamental self-acceptance will often release the conditions of self-judgements that operate as split domains of conflicting response.

Soil biome is very important to life that grows, that we receive, assimilate and live by. Glyphosate and other anti-bio (control agenda) also undermines our own biome - which includes our ability to digest food. But more significantly as a core life support adaptation within our environment.

“It may shock you to know that all the world’s bacteria have access to a single gene pool, which has provided an immense resource for adaptation, manifesting an array of breathtaking combinations and re-combinations for three billion years! Any bacterium—at any time—has the ability to use accessory genes, provided by other strains, which permits it to function in ways its own DNA may not cover. The global trading of genes through DNA re-combinations provides for almost endless adaptation possibilities. Therefore, what has been done to one has been done to all. Widespread use of antibacterial agents is both futile and disastrous. Future life sciences and medicine will comprehend the more effective use of agents to stimulate positive adaptation of bacteria resulting in chains of supportive symbiosis. In the presence of love, these positive adaptations naturally occur. In the presence of hatred and fear, negative and resistant strains of bacteria are more likely. Life forms are ever changing, and yet the basic chemistry of life remains the same. Do not cling to forms that are passing, but seek for an understanding of life that embraces and includes all possibilities. This is accomplished through integrating and expanding patterns and relationships. In this way, you will see God as the creative power of life. When I asked that you love one another, I was not just giving you a recipe for human fellowship. This is the doorway to life eternal.”  (The Keys of Jeshua - Glenda Green)

The two books that contain 'Jesua or jJsus' responding in scientific terms have extremely coherent compression of information - such as a holds diversity in wholeness succinctly. The compression that we are for the most part experiencing or reacting to negatively is the call to reduce conflicts from our period of expansion to the essential qualities - which never conflict with being - or to put positively - are integral to being. Information is often 'hidden' behind judgements that set no go areas. But the capacity of imagination is a freedom to attract and open connections to anything and everything that is relevant to the question of movement of curiosity and desire in a timing of unfoldment that can integrate to consciousness of its expression or extension - in our lives, in our world. But a fearful imagination is essentially blocked, filtered and distorted - so as to see in ways that protect the fear or mask it, by dissociation and displacement. If we have no place of reference beyond the mind of reaction we are literally taken over by survival response - also associated with the reptilian brain - as if a fear-response become locked on as default within a self fulfilling loop from which no real escape is possible excepting to question its reality as our own.

Dont underestimate nocebo effect as a driver of perceptions and behaviours

On meeting a commenter of an established norm with a another's dumping opinion on 'virus as unreal't hat offered no real support or basis for its opinion and thus misrepresents it and offers no real communication - while insinuating self-righteousness. 

Dont underestimate the power of the nocebo effect as a driver of perceptions and behaviours. But don't let that be used to simply deny evidences either. Question from a place of heartfelt honesty or be deceived by a mind of habit. A belief can be acted upon as the reality, become reinforced by reaction and generate its own reinforcing supports. If you look at the past you see so many beliefs powered cultures that cannot now be fathomed - AS IF we are NOW 'awake' or in the real world and they are effectively used as a prop to the current era or discarded.

The challenge to the virus theory is not the existence of code fragments wrapped in protein, produced by living cells, but their functions. Cholesterol was falsely flagged as the cause of heart disease and a vital function was demonised and undermined that left us weaker systemically. There are parallels.
If the virus is not itself the cause, does not mean it is not a form of extra-cellular cellular communication. What we know about biology is always at the cusp of so much that we don't know - but stories are taken from the leading edge as if the light from the gods - with Promethean consequence for the underbelly of a false light!

A computer virus only exists and runs in a specific set of conditions. These we know can be malign - as products of a manipulative intent that we all recognise or share.
But because we have identified in a psycho-pathy of conflict that uses communication as a weapon against itself, does not mean the Cell or Self of which we are budded is evil and that its messengers must be killed or denied as contagion to our bubble. Yet that is the way a manipulative sense of self withholding, operates.

The arrogance of an era that thinks AS IF - it NOW understands and controls and improves nature, frames all that is natural as either weak, unreliable, threat, broken etc - or to be exploited, enslaved, used up and replaced. This says more about our conscious (sic) ness. By our reactions and their fruits our mind is revealed. Science is an attempt to rigorously control our actions so as to uncover what is rather than discover our own artefacts - and there are challenges to virus theory in terms of the artefacts introduced by our methods of 'seeing' or measuring en vitro. Rife's dark field microscopy found en vivo a world that did not support vested interests of its day and it was 'lost'. 'Kill the messenger' rather than lose possession and control under the existing masking beliefs of dominant self-interest. (There is a circular self-definition there and the negative binding loop is characteristic of a false or self-circular reasoning or referencing).

But in any case, the human experience is one of diversity of beliefs, definitions and perspectives that is a feature, not a bug, once a field of relational communication is respected.

When people take their normal as The Natural, they have remade the world in their own image. These bubbles operate as conditioned responses for the most part.
The current intent to manually reset and recondition the human 'normal' or conditioning patterns - not just to sell crap or induce dependency for private gain - but as a global and granular control system, reveals the mind from which we have been operating under masking 'virtues' - coming out 'from the Deep'.

Question: Can fictitious thinking hijack or take over and destroy the very mind in which those thoughts arise, are attended, and valued as a basis to 'think some more'?
What does fictitious thinking mask in, but a mind in a body in a world?
We have experience of the mind in its body in its world, but where exactly is the realm or domain of experience?
Do thoughts actually leave the mind that thinks them, or do we operate a temporal spatial model in which we live the experience as a psycho-physical expression?
Even before we collectively replicated the pattern of embodied mind into this computing medium of packets of code that interface digitalised data streams of results that seem to be a self evident and normal communication. (Hi there 'SON OF SHEM!').

As a witness FOR the field of relation and communication, I speak to the choice to integrate by expansion and inclusion - rather than masking out, locking down and limiting so as to subordinate all else to a control system. And in terms of psychic sensitivities, I see our current models are far too set in masking out and masking over a deeper level of relational conflicts that are generally associated viscerally with intense and strong emotional reactions that are no less active for being masked - but we learn not to look or speak there. Virus theory has become a defence or masking cover story for a pile upon pile of denials and like the banks and toxic debts - too big to fail. yet it it too false to stand - even if humanity is sacrificed upon its altar - as we do. Conflict is not the way to resolve a bug in thinking, even if it can temporarily block attention and awareness by displacement.

Monday, 29 June 2020

Kaufman - Not just in the information, but in the demeanour of sharing it

Dr. Andrew Kaufman: Philosophy and Science in Crisis with Elisha Celeste  

The teaching you share is not just in the information, but in the demeanour of your sharing it.
You are therefore 'teaching' a living context for communication and exchange.
In this sense we can all be agencies for 'open field awareness' that embraces and over time, replaces a polarised emotionally reactive opacity - or masking agenda.
Transparency to truth is then a willingness to give expression or embodiment as we are truly moved - and so learning is not merely gaining insights or better models by which to manage our lives, but a participance by which to learn what is ours or given us to be, and what is not.
The releasing of what we are not is the corollary to accepting what and who we are - and the defended masking persona is a learned or acquired strategy rooted in conflicts that are broadly 'separation trauma'. None of us are 'open for communication when triggered into fear-defined identities that must seek protection, reinforcement and control as primary survival objectives - but we can SEEM to be presented in ways that can pass off as present - and all of us can participate in social masking evasions that are ritually set habits, conditionings and therefore belief, perception and reaction to 'conditions' that are often a filtered, distorted and therefore destructive or self-limiting use of mind. It is as if an augmented reality model has developed from our past that literally covers over our direct experience and appreciation for being - and for the innate or innocent qualities of being.
A significant factor in any healing is the willingness tor receive, accept and share in it. Any conviction of guilt stands as a block to worthiness, which the mind can translate into narrative justifications, stances and armouring that sets up dissonances in the field of relations. The 'externalisation' of Life as both Creator and Creation is the inner recoil of a dissociating fragmentation - that we are humanly adapted, fitted and identified to as our 'normal' - or habitual focus and patterns of response. All the king’s horses and all the king’s men, not only cannot put Humpty together again, but can only reinforce the belief in lack as the drive to regain what was lost in external terms. This is what we see as a cognitive dissonance rooted in communication breakdown - but asserting and defending as structural investments - that stricture and choke life by the attempt to manage and control it. There is a place of inhibitory responses within a re-integrative willingness because without recognising willingness we suffer our reality and relations as coercive. But this is within the context of healing and not as war on symptoms operating in substitution for love and life - as some sort of masking in apparent virtue as a result of signalling good intentions. Until we release struggle within our condition, we cannot open an embracing and expanded perspective from which what it seemed to be (or seemed to compel and define us to be) is no longer active.
I am writing in part as a gesture of companioning - as when two or more gather in shared purpose a living context attracts alignment - in our own timings and synchronicities.
A key implication of the 'fragmentation of mind' is that self-isolation or dissociation and displacement are cast out as belief given power, but that we never truly leave the MInd - and so remain within a greater relational 'Field' of energy, information and exchange, of which we are an integral expression - no matter how complex the patterning of defences that define us otherwise.
The idea 'everything is connected' has a qualitative meaning as synchronicity, and the nature of Communication as a whole in all its parts, is where cause and event are one. Living from wholeness is a willingness to listen for the will of a true desire, instead of masking in reactive substitution from a sense of self-lack.

The belief humans are conditioned responses it itself a conditioned response or fear as control operating as an inertial fulcrum - offcentre to the balanced 'disequilibrium' of an order that rises from 'chaos' as distinct from the imposition of coercive 'order' over feared and denied 'chaos'.
So our healing is in our willingness to discern the basis through which to abide the apparent chaos - that would otherwise trigger recoil and reaction to 'mind' that displaces to world, others and body.
But our experience of self-protective impulse can be not on very intense, it can completely gap or dissociate our presence, while the threat of triggering conditions remains current as our mindset. Separating narrative identity of habituated response, from truly appreciated presence, is NOT something we can DO from a mind of judgement, but is something that is gifted through us in the willingness to pause judgement. But here is no less of an invested identity than perhaps we see in the too big to fail banking, medical or military structures. Yet the willingness to see it, is already a differentiation from its automatic control in our name. And so indeed curiosity is the movement of being that simply asks, of a quality of being that also simply answers. Answers from life are recognisable resonance in the heart of shared being - while the mind would weaponise or marketise insight such as to use the forms of association to buy more credit, fuel or time for control-mentality - which at root is a self-evasive manoeuvre of psychic survival of a private or unshared reality. regardless how many join or lockstep bubbled realities - their commonality operates fear of Intimacy of being, as masking substitution for knowing and being known truly - which extends to the ordinary moment of our relations and world.

The 'covid' command operated from within. If your 'name' was called, your mind was already captured, or invested in structures of conditioning that are fundamentally characterised by 'control' set over life - as distinct from a balanced relational discernment within life. The nature of the 'big lie' is the capacity to repeat it and weave derivative or supporting narratives to persistently saturate anyone who gives emotional investment by reaction. The power to do this is tacitly recognisable as a terror  and a tyranny whose narrative offers an identity of ritual compliance as a deferment or mitigation of fear, of pain, of loss.
All of us are intuitive, but few are consciously or directly awake there - and so we have feelers that simply recognise where the conflict and pain lies, and where the evasion or (temporary) escape lies. In the same way, false assertions structure funding and career opportunities that most simply flow along as 'the world they have to survive and perhaps thrive in'.

Whatever the 'ego' of fear and control, seems to say or do, the voice for the healing or reintegration for wholeness undoes or translates to terms of love - including all sense of betrayed or denied and broken love - over which an armouring is invoked to limit against Total Loss.