Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Disinformation is untruth - calling for correction - not countering


The idea of disinformation is of untruth.
Untruth can be easily corrected by truth.
Give a true witness and reveal the lack of substance to the false.
The idea of countering untruth is using 'untruth' as a false flag against which to identify in 'righteousness' of socially engineered conformity and compliance.

A lack of substance can only hide in deceits and denials.
Accusing its own sins  in the other is the nature of their denial and evasion in attempt to escape them without accepting correction of a realignment in genuine relational honesty.

The attempt and intent of post truth politics is of manipulation by deceits to undermine and bypass a conscious process of communication.The mind of such intent has lost its capacity to communicate and can only operate as a tool of secrets and lies. Looking within is not self-judgement - but self recognition.
Even looking within to recognise who we are NOT serves the restoring awareness of who we are.

Framing in lies MUST fear truth and deny and distort it for its own notional security.
Fear is pervasive and fragmenting to consciousness. Responsibility for thought is NOT a matter of mind control, but the natural quality of real relationships. Honesty is the basis for and the result of a fundamental trust in Life, oneself and others - in the extension of a genuine willingness to relate, to listen and to speak as we are truly moved as an honesty and congruency of being.

Under fear of pain of loss, freedom is redefined as compliance that seeks approval under loveless dictate.
But all such coded choreography broadcasts 'slavery is freedom' to a blind and hateful 'god' working through guilted or shamed sense of self-lack. Fear calls on guilt when HIDDEN and protected against truth. Bt owning our fears uncovers them as NEED for truth - from outside the fragmented entanglement of narrative control.

NEED for truth is uncovering the true desire from the masking of the false.
Without true foundation ALL else is inherently and automatically corrupted.
We don't need to MAKE or DETERMINE truth so much as open willingness FOR true relation and communication. To make truth a weapon is the 'war' to which truth is the first casualty.
Truth CORRECTS illusions - it does not destroy them but investment in illusion MUST fear its own destruction and seek to protect its investment.
The corporate and reputational investment in a loveless and destructive technologism reduces all life to a systemic control without any real or shared significance. 'Uniting' under threat of fear of pain or loss is NOT a true joining NOR addressing the true nature of the situation. But if enough energy of attention and allegiance is give to a false sense of power and protection then it will become real in the minds of those who promote and propagate fear and guilt in complex packages or instruments of deceit so as to 'get rid of it' onto the unwary or ungrounded and vulnerable. And indeed incentivise people to self sacrifice themselves and others so that the racketeering can be 'sustained' under ever diminishing returns.

Monday, 15 July 2019

The personality cultism of a 'tv reality'


The 'prison' is a mind capture. To seek to escape it is to reinforce it as a reality.
The first 'false flag' is the assignment of opposition and attack, to 'OTHER' as a means of hiding one's own conflicted thought and purpose under a diversionary displacement that dissociates a split off SENSE of self through the leverage of grievance and vengeance or self-vindication - as a sense of becoming worthy or regaining worth or power at the expense or denial of the OTHER.

I appreciate the article for willingness to look beneath the personality cultism of a 'tv reality'.

Considering 'Giving unto Caesar what is due unto Caesar - and giving unto God what is due unto God (worldly power in frame of conflict or Living Creative) opens a profound meditation or self-honesty - for what you give 'with-ness and worth-ship' to is your acceptance and thus yours to share in.

It should be clear that deceit is the nature of a mind at war with itself - and thus with everyone and everything. But step outside the framing of its illusion and see it is but a sick parody of life. A self-evasion set in a script of seeking OUTSIDE for what its very seeking denies and fears within.

Guilted fear seems to create a hollow and sick or indeed sinful world from which no escape is possible and so 'making the best of a bad or corrupted Job seems the only life and world there is. Thus the power struggle for ascendency and privilege within the prison, and for the fantasy escape in repetitive and addictive private gratifications.

That the 'Emperor is naked' is not a means of getting legitimacy FROM the revealing of sin or invalidity of being in another. It is the condition in which to release the framework of self-lack or self-doubting division to that which embodies or expresses us - regardless the overly or imposition of the scripted fig-leaf thinking of an interjecting priesthood or financial sector.

One definition of 'good tv' from the perspective of the purpose of its broadcasting/suckling is anything that gets attention and keeps it. Thinking operates the same device of keeping attention diverted - until and unless there is an awakening or expanded and 'upstream' perspective that notices and observes and discerns the thoughts and their feelings for their resonance or relevance to the likewise conscious active purpose being lived.

To let thoughts steal our attention and awareness to be fitted or entranced to fictional substitutes for real relationship and communication is to accept insanity while accusing it in our world.

“Everything is BACKWARDS; everything is upside down! Doctors destroy health,  Lawyers destroy justice,  Universities destroy knowledge, Governments destroy freedom,  Major media destroys information, And religions destroy spirituality". ~  Michael Ellner

The release of a reversal in mind is the automatic or spontaneous appreciation of SEEING it.
So it is 'natural' to the attempt to survive in a false (in) vestment to employ division and conflict in any and every guise so as to rule OUT a direct awareness - or indeed a true Intimacy of being.
In this sense the fear of loss of self is framed as the greater 'evil' that the 'devil we know' protects us from. But the nature of a lie given power over truth is the sacrifice of truth as a prodigal journey to nowhere in terms of desecration and depletion set in a script of 'knowing more and more about less and less' - until 'bottomming out' to the direct seeing of the script as it is - and not as its thinking entrances or phishes the intent and a-tempt to USE it as a private agenda set apart from and over Life.

Leaving the bait hanging is freedom to discern a true movement of being instead of thinking you are separate from your Source and Nature - and thus from Life and the Source of Life. Captured thinking 'does' this - but only though attunement and allegiance to its purpose.

I was looking at 'rattlebacks' prior to reading this article. (These go back to ancient cultures). In the light of this response I see an example of being spun against our nature such that the spin sets up a wobble dissonance that sets up an oppositional rotational torque to the spin, which brings to a stop - and then turns to spin the other way than its original impelling force.

A rattleback, also known as an "anagyre", "celt", "Celtic stone", "rebellious celt", "rattlerock", "spin bar", "wobble stone" or "wobblestone"

Dissonance may start out as a 'symptom' to excommunicate or eradicate - but is in fact genuine feedback to the currently accepted 'structure, framework or template' of thinking. An Internment of Things coupled to an energy-guilt driven Economy may seem a way to 'control' or manage conflict, and thus enable an unsustainable 'backwards' thinking to persist in complex devices of delay, but only by embodying the very hate that was originally sought escape from - and as a monopolar 'Victory' over an unworthy and hateful 'life' relative to idolised images of a fantasy seeking to determine truth.

The grace of noticing is a gift of a true Inherence. Honour the gift and let an appreciation, appreciate.
Or use every moment of insight to fuel the mind of judgement - as a marketised and weaponised subversion of Life to possession and control - by which we are dispossessed and powerless but for an illusion of 'security' or 'freedom' under a protection racket of death and taxes.

Find a true communication within - from which - as surely as night follows day, thou canst then be false to no man. That is - what you give, sets the measure of your receiving - and NOT a set of built in meanings assigned to the conditions - although these MAY be deeply habituated by reactive response. Freedom from old habit is freedom to notice it and thereby bring it to the realm of choice. persistent choosing sets the new or currently accepted value FROM which you live. This is backwards to the world that is trying to 'get it' in some other moment under some other circumstance as a mind so full of its own entangled investment - a relational awareness  is forgot or rendered 'unconscious' to the active priority.

The Call to joy or wholeness of being is always now. Not 'after you've mended your nets'.  Borrowed time is stolen from presence- but aligning in true presence (from thinking to already know) is the growing recognition of a timelessness that cannot be encapsulated  or mine and mind-defined but can be aligned in and embodied as a regenerative expression of the truly sustaining.

The personality cult is a casting out of personae in a scripted diversion. But only to the wish NOT to know which is inherent to wanting Reality to be OTHER than (it) Is. Once you assume a PERSONAL possession of control, even through the generation of an experience of chaos that then demands limitation - you are phished. Harmony is the result of listening or receptivity to the 'field' of relation to the point of recognition or discernment of a true 'with-ness' and 'worth-ship'. When you are truly seen or heard, you know it as a quality of relational acceptance. Give as you have then in truth received and don't let 'falling over' be anything other than learning to walk.

Saturday, 13 July 2019

Apocalyptic Deceit

in reply to

Just a note to the framing of the article.
I invite and suggest being vigilant against propagating the information in the framework of reference asserted as consensual (sic) climate science.

Our attempts to study weather, climate, and cosmological context are ALL in infancy and predominantly expressing the accepted MODEL - as in filling in the gaps rather than challenging belief or dogma masking as fact.

Part of this 'false inheritance' is to stand on the shoulders of giant MISTAKES or 'wrong turnings' that become so fundamental to all invested identity of resource and reputation as to become 'ossified' or effectively put beyond question or officially supported or allowed discussion.You know where the 'power' is by what we are not able to openly discuss or speak to without fear of penalty and exclusion. But this is in fact where fear gives power away TO - whether knowingly or in unconscious recognition of the structural nature of funding, career and security.

So while people recognise 'climate contrarian' they are also invited into a polarised framework of identifications - that works to divide and rule out genuine communication.

Now it may be that the 'ruling elites' believe there is no way to communicate to those who do not share their worldview and so PR and the psyop replace the idea of democratic accountability, and replace the voice of the individual with quantified systemic data or frameworks of value relative to the 'ideals' of control and possession of all means of control.

It can so easily be obvious that the USE of apparently scientific data models is political and manipulative - indeed coercive. As such it qualifies as a psyop in intent whatever the apparent content being flagged up for threat and alarm. To immediately react to the assertions is to miss the baited trap - becausehaving reacted, we have in effect suffered a stolen identity by being phished.

Insofar as I consider Earth's always changing climate, or the desecration and despoiling of our living environment, I see the MEANINGS we give to change effect the archetypes we then re-enact or recycle through the ages.

But the core issue that I remain vigilant against is that of deceit - through the vector of our own self-illusion. For when ancient or primitive fears are invoked, the response that is triggered is blind and blinding.

In exactly the same way the 'primitive brain' or sympathetic response operates the contraction and shut down or subordination of all but immediate physical pathways in fight or flight and it is as if this 'response' is running autonomously as a past that must never be revisited or revisioned - and so re-enacts its pattern of denial and projected hate and fear in attacking its OWN shadow in everything.

Our catastrophic past (not the narrative of millions of years of uniform gradualism) has 'structured our consciousness through which we perceive and experience a self and world and brother as estranged, other and unlike. the 'territory' of our 'under-current denials' is what our surface mind was invoked to rule out. And so I CANNOT talk to you there or reach you there because it is a ruling out or denial of direct relational communication.
However beneath the masking presentations of self and world is a living presence that is in a sense put on hold while dealing or dallying with the drama of a conflicted sense of self and world. I will meet you there because there is no 'where' else that true meeting or true 'with-ness' can arise or occur.

With the advent of a greater awareness comes the fear of invested illusion still clung to as true. That we are in some sense 'stuck' in negatively self reinforcing habit of belief, interpretation and response is simply evident, but every polarised faction 'sees' the problem in the 'other'.

The NEED is always to pause instead of emotionally react - ESPECIALLY in emergency. The asserting insistent insinuation that we MUST ACT NOW OR ELSE! is the manipulative intent to prevent reflection and communication, so that a reaction can be set off that is like a shaped charge. Such is the psyop or psychological weapon.

Once this has been seen in one field it can become a signature alert to all - EXCEPT where personal investment in our worldview insists in making an exceptionalism - a case where loveless and dishonest means serve an accepted and invested goal.

Our Choice is always between aligning in the embrace and extension of Life - or the alignment in evading or avoiding the fear and pain of loss of life. the forms this takes are legion, but they asll sacrifice a truly shared appreciation now, for a future that never comes, begotten of a past that never TRULY was AS WE INTERPRET NOW. For while conditions may occur, our response to them is the creation or generation of meanings.

'Inherited and acquired fears' map out a world of conflicted insanity management Inc.
A truly current or present appreciation is the gift of releasing allegiance and identity from old patterns that no longer serve or fit who we now recognise and accept ourselves to be.

Conflict management Inc has to induce and insinuate conflict within your mind to operate through you.
Thanks - but no thanks!
There is a Peace of unconflicted being to any who would pause and desist their mind-reactions enough to free the awareness of Noticing. When we notice our thought we are no longer running as a background app, and from perspective comes new choices. Here is where we need be vigilant against putting the new wine in the old bottle paradigm - else we are subverting the forms of our insight to serve and strengthen the mask. No blame in noticing. Self-honesty is a gift of our true Inherence. Why feed it as 'sacrifice' to a god of guilt?

The Aztec regarded their race as 'chosen' in terms of engaging war by which to gather and effect the sacrifices that forfended the end of the 'Sun' or Age. The same pattern takes different forms - both collectively and individually. True worth-ship is shared to the glory of the Source and Nature of our being. True with-ness is receptive to the truth under all conditions instead of spinning off into a conditional 'love' of possession that of course dispossesses us. But the nature of a true alignment is the release of obstacles and not the struggle to eradicate symptoms while persisting the cause.

The weather, the oceanic currents and indeed earthquake and vulcanism are all in essence the result of electrical charge and discharge flux. This is true atomically, as it is in our Solar system, and through the Galactic to the Universal - and in our biology - as in our consciousness. But a compartmentalised denial of consciousness operates as if separate parts can operate separate and conflicting realities. This can then be used as a tool of limitation and doing so persistently becomes identifying in the tool as the determiner or framework of perceived meanings.

Computer modelling variable inputs to arrive at the result that attains funding and reputational status is a no brainer - or rather requires looking for the support of the projected model. Quite apart from the theory of Greenhouse 'gases' as the driver of radiant energy. Perhaps nanoparticulates in our atmosphere might yet come to the rescue of the theory - so as to justify the political shift to an Internment of Things under global and granular energy controls? An end to war? At cost of an end to Consciousness and life. Devolving to an unconsciousness is not an answer to unresolved conflict - but if given devotion, can obliterate all responsibility so as to merely live in the scream that cannot even find a voice - and accept this as the Way Things Are.

Friday, 12 July 2019

A mind trap of ingenious deceit until we choose NOT to persist it

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We have choice as to whether to persist in a 'thinking' identification, or instead to watch or notice such 'thoughts'.

In the first, the thinking generates a corresponding 'reality' experience of filters and rules of a narrative identity, that operate a persistence of a sense of possession and control. As if inside our own thinking or model.

In the second, the attention shifts from 'within the definitions' of currently running thought to the coherence and congruency of its experience relative to who we now accept ourselves to be in relation to others and world.

The second is of course simply  a moment of introspection or self honesty that may be delayed, evaded or defended against by  frameworks and processes of thinking that operate ways to re-assert, persist in or sustain such thinking OVER the dissonance that rises AS the symptom of conflicted premise and misalignments in ways that persist the original error of taking or being taken in by the self-image in place of a relational extension, reflection and sharing in the qualities of being.

Such that for self-illusion to 'live' prevail or survive, truth - of a resonance within wholeness of being - must 'die' or be denied.

There are tipping points as to our capacity to maintain an upside down thought system relative to a true inherence, and yet the ingenuity of mind-in-thinking is the ability to accuse or flag and attack its own conflicts in 'others' as a distribution of fear, guilt and negative consequence away from self under illusion of power by which to sustain and validate a false identity in 'righteous' attack in the name of security or defence.

I write to you the reader as an expression of the true power of choice - because while we project the cause of our dissonance out and away from our self, we make ourselves powerless to change it and compelled to hate, deny and defend against the 'other' who is charged with all the 'meanings' we cast out or indeed cast them in.

The incapacity or refusal to look at our own thought is sustained or supported by fear, guilt and pain of loss. All of which can be seen as a mind trap of ingenious deceit until we choose NOT to persist in a tyrannous and reactive thinking of false promise AND premise, and in pausing, open a space of NOTICING directly. This willingness to listen - rather than shout into our own cave grows a reintegrative consciousness as a continuity of a shifted or awakened recognition of coherency. One step at a time.

Freedom talked about without embodiment, is a parody acted out and be-lived - and that is the nature of an attempt to make life in our own image. Hollowed out and grotesque caricatures given power of worth-ship and with-ness. A false currency is not truly Current - but is passing off as a presentation by which to cover over or distort a true currency of worth and with-ness or relation for a private or hidden agenda - at cost of the whole.

When we are taken in and taken over by false thinking, we are as 'one who knows not what they do'. Reflecting the nature of the thinking and the choice being made is not the attacking of our own 'sins' in another. The ingenuity of the thinking mind is  worked through division, unconsciousness and diversion or displacing dissociation. The truly creative is the extension of wholeness - not the projection of hidden self-denials as if 'outsourcing pain of consequence' can in fact serve anything but the 'sustainability' of a self-deceit or 'mind-capture'.

When symptoms usurp and besiege us, we are in 'thinking' that is running as if reality itself and our investments keep us in a framework of threat, struggle and reaction. Looking within directly as the grace of noticing - is not a process requiring time - but we may find ways that help to pause or desist or disengage from  restless reactive identification. We may then notice all kinds of resistance or evasion to seeing - but this also can be noticed instead of identified against or blamed.

Addicts may wake as the release and walking out of a false sense of self-lack, but the undoing of any learned habit is the growing of new behavioural expression of active willingness in persistent and consistent choice that arises from and is sustained by the recognition of wholeness that is always within the release of a false identification.

Where we choose to seek guidance, direction and support is our ongoing or current acceptance. 'Checking in' with the heart is not emotional appeal or manipulative distortion, but a transparency and account to self-honesty that THINKING would usurp. How to tell the difference? WANT to know the difference! The wish to have truth be in your own image is the willingness NOT to look at what doesn't fit or support your current belief or definition. Thus the MORE of who you are is denied you under the attempt to effect a self-inflation or aggrandisement set against the lack and loss or unworthiness and invalidation of others.

If you want the freedom to uncover and share in true awareness, you have to give that purpose to have it. Split purpose operates a bubble reality awareness set against rejected or denied self.

Thursday, 4 July 2019

Adulterated Sustenance and a false sense of security

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The loading of the food supply with excess or unnaturally occurring glutamates from ultra processing or simply adulteration with toxic ingredients (toxin is the dosage ingestion or exposure), shares the same corporo-political profile as the vaccination industry in effecting a management of stock for purposes of exploitation or degradation and controllability, with regard to inducing reduction of brain function and of natural immunities to systems of capture and control.
There are multiple vectors through which such a war is waged and singling any out as THE cause is inviting refutation. Not everyone eating glutamate rich ultraprocessed or adulterated food is autistic - but may nonetheless suffer degradation of function such as brain fog.
Not everyone receiving vaccinations registers a recognisable, lasting or observable degradation as a result.
The body has multiple pathways of coping until or unless it doesn't. The complexity of environmental and biological factors goes beyond any linear consideration.

The pathways of symptom recognition in a social sense are like unto hidden sins that are revealed but denied and concealed in lies or narrative control.
Adulteration of Life is an interjection of lies under guise of false premise and promise.
A sense of lack is fed a sense of self-inflation, that becomes a dependency on lies that set us against our true or transparent relational honesty.

The Reid's story is not set against a plausibly deniable incompetence, but an actively defended deceit. When deceits and disinformation operate to deny or cover an honest enquiry and its findings, we can note the symptoms of a psychic emotional dissociation and bring vigilant against our own proclivity to succumb or become framed in a reactive baiting or entrapment.

The issue beneath all else is of freedom of information, discussion and education as the basis from which to accept and align in outcomes. In the guise of 'freedom from feared evils' and 'freedoms to engage in self-gratifying fantasy' is true freedom exchanged for a toxic indebtedness packaged and presented perhaps in sweetness, savour or indeed saviour.

The science or logical consistency of true premise, cannot take place or bear fruit, when all communication and information is 'marketised and weaponised' to a mindset of possession and control.

“... the true object of propaganda is neither to convince nor even to persuade, but to produce a uniform pattern of public utterance in which the first trace of unorthodox thought immediately reveals itself as a jarring dissonance.”
~ Alan Bullock

The unsaid assumption here is that very very few are willing to stand in their own wits and witness or indeed maintain true with-ness - when doing so is perceived dissonant to the prevailing social order.

The weaponisation of language is the logically consistent symptom of the lie  - and the father of it - as a persuasive distortion interjected into the nature and quality of open communication.

When I looked for 'causes of death' statistics in UK (I had read iatrogenic outcomes are the third leading cause of death in US and UK) I encountered the statistical field of 'deaths from vaccine preventable diseases'. If I need to explain this deceit, then you are currently incapable of understanding. 'Mind control' is another term for post truth politics - which is really a disintegration of the capacity to weave and hold a narrative distortion over a chaos of demonised symptoms.

Demonising is setting an identity over and against a perceived or feared evil. Anything given a negative charge has all the power given it - but the way in which the effects of hate percolate and erupt in our lives, our families and our world is then by unseen vectors, because we have cast out of mind or ruled out vital information and indeed a part of ourself. The attempt to eradicate fears or magically get rid of them is simply their repackaging in complex instruments of systemic deceits whose investments are 'too big to fail' else the only defences against 'chaos' or plague or apocalypse are lost - regardless their 'side effects or corollary damage.

It is my witness that the attempt to impose order generates the chaos it claims to then vanquish, control or manage - and this is the nature of a false sense of self AND its attempted self correction both. I can as well say a false sense of reality here because self/reality are two sides of the same split of mind. If we WANT self conflict cast OUT, then we want a power to do this and then suffer it by our own word. The power of the word or definition is well recognised by manipulative propagandists - but only as a weapon or shield against OTHERS. They do not know what they do while they seek to 'get' their self at expense of the other. To use the lie is to be used by the lie. This is a 'mind-capture' or mind-block depending whether you assign power to such a mind or recognise it is an expression of the adulteration of power through the lens of possession,conflict and fear of loss.

I always push deeper than the current narrative in invitation to listen beyond the frame of mind-control habits and thus illuminate the nature of the ideas and beliefs that paint us into a corner. This will always INCREASE awareness of fears rather than diminish them - but to a true vigilance and responsibility instead of a false sense of security. Fears are effects or symptoms and not primary causation - unless you of course insist! But that wont make it so for anyone but yourself - while you hold the set of such a mind as your self. Piling up defence against feared life makes life a capacity to bring down your walls at a stroke!


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Technically and legally speaking vaccines are biologicals not pharmaceuticals and amongst other things, this means not subject to the same checks and controls as are legally  imposed on pharmaceuticals.
Both can bypass or trump all legal rights and channels of transparency and accountability under the aegis of national (or global) security.
Pharmaceutical corporate cartels of monopolised 'health care' supply both and have ongoing and open records of fraud and deceit where for the most part the fines administered are of little consequence to their power or profits.
Whereas pharmaceuticals can be sued for damages, biologicals - as I understand it - cannot, and so operate without any check or consequence to negligences or knowingly harming. Nor can their power to control the narrative be openly challenged by anyone of influence without penalty of smear, exclusion and denial or block to career or professional development and social standing.
This is supposed to be because the cost of NOT doing so is painted as a terrible evil and anyone undermining such a protection against such an evil is then promoting or aligning in evil.

This sort of insidious device is increasing operating as the 'mainstream' in any and every field of influence. "Welcome to telly tubby land. Do not adjust your set"!

Friday, 28 June 2019

The Cost of the Lie

The lie not only brings destructive outcomes in order to justify and reinforce its own sustainability - but does so at your expense - because the lie is the ongoing sacrifice of true life now to an usurping mind.

The mind-capture or mind-control runs a post truth society - in which what is true is whatever deceit given power determines to be true for its own 'sustainability'.

“... the true object of propaganda is neither to convince nor even to persuade, but to produce a uniform pattern of public utterance in which the first trace of unorthodox thought immediately reveals itself as a jarring dissonance.” (~ Alan Bullock)

'Don't let truth get in the way of a good story' has a humourous aspect in terms of exaggerated dramatic effect in the telling - but the defence against the dissonant in those who are identity-invested in their story as true operates as an extension of survival reflex - as the denial and defence against perceived chaos under the belief in an imposed order.

Attacking the symptoms or killing the messenger may serve the industrial marketing complex in its pharming of humans for marketshare or indeed mindshare, but only to suppress the immediate need or call for healing/alignment into a narrative displacement in which a 'saving' spin is assigned to a conflict management system by means of focusing in fear and insinuating guilt from positions of power or trust.

Shock, fear and manipulated sympathies operate the undermining of consciousness to then frame it in 'MUST DO SOMETHING NOW!' as a persistent fight-flight mind-capture. This is where the true choice is hidden BY reaction.

Surely it is now possible to see that lies always hide in the form, image and symbol of the accepted true - as a masking or hidden agenda. If you can see this in any one situation then you are equipped to uncover it in all - EXCEPTING your investment and attachment to lies that you WANT to be true. Exceptionalism, double standards and self-specialness rise from WANTING truth to be different than it is. While this WANTING is given hospitality and priority in your thought, the mind is effectively cuckolded by its OWN thinking - dissonant or blocking to the transparency of life to it true Movement.

To such a set of mind - the movement or living communication of life as our being,  intimately felt and known -  is framed as threat and dissonant to a false sense of self-possession and control.

“Everything is BACKWARDS" (Michael Ellner) because our thinking is predicated upon a misidentifiction that in a sense has developed an operating system in which to run itself - the 'world' as WE judge and make it to be. A self-conditioned 'reality' by which to sustain the experience of a private sense of control as an exclusive sense of self reality.

Such a mind HAS to do whatever exclusion-thinking determines in order to 'survive' - but must do so as YOUR allegiance and identification. It needs you to run. Because it has no power or existence apart from what you give it. There is an inner counterpart to a world seen without and suffered as real OVER us.
What you WANT to be true (with all the force of psychic emotional investment) conflicts with All That Is. And while you use division to get a sense of self you have the results or rewards of your thinking. Discernment moves WITHIN wholeness.

As for our physics and cosmology - it is no less distorted and framed in its corporate and institutional investment. The 'model' is deemed 'too big to fail'.  Such a model is must extend itself into insane contortions to accommodate 'incoming' challenges to its veracity.

Love of truth is Everything. Marketisation and weaponisation as an illusion of possession and control COSTS awareness of everything true. The willingness of the many to suckle on and serve insane agenda is maintained by deceit associated with fear and coercion. But if you notice this 'voice', you can choose not to react as if it is your truth and open a space of willingness in which to see what a mind-reaction kept hidden. Fear and coercion operates a negative identity and agenda - as determined by what is feared or hated and NOT wanted. No room then for what you truly want and are. 

in reply to

I appreciate your comment in many ways. So that I pick only some threads that catch my attention is not a disregard of others in your willingness for sanity on Earth.

The positing of a finite system is rooted in self-asserted reality. While experience can teach, it can also reflect and reinforce what we already believe or hold certain. Self-honesty is willingness to observe and own (or not deny) our conceptual and perceptual responses.

Scarcity is at the root of our 'psychic' adaptation as separation trauma - that can apply to love as it can to sustenance or protections. Artificially enforced scarcity is the modus operandi of capturing or cornering a market. The intent to capture and control 'mindshare' is what I see operating through psyops or deceits that induce predictable and harvestable reaction.

To vested interests, any 'rival' technology or information that cannot be subverted, captured and controlled is denied (The Herod syndrome). Personal power is thus given worth over the Good in which all share. This is the power that corrupts by taking unto a private agenda what is given us to share in.

The Universe of tangibility and visibility (physical reality) to our self-sense is energy as it is also informational resonance. A self-set apart sees 'things' in themselves because such is the lens of self-definition.

Energy of informational flow can be blocked by conflicted dissociation and fragmentation - which has its cause in the attempt to possess and control rather than receive to share in. Our prodigal wasteland is a logical outcome to its predicate. The intent to persist in what does not work and can not work seeks sustainability of the lie - packaged and presented as your salvation.

Detecting the signature of the lie is innate to our being - but we learn to live in a mask and in a sense become the investment in the mask that becomes blind to its own exposure as self-protection. The global warming or climate change story has all the hallmarks of a propaganda campaign by which to induce the population to war - only in this sense as a complex war by which to limit our consciousness and freedom to systemic energy and thought control. If you can see that we can limit and deny ourselves and our awareness by such means - why not be open to that this is an ongoing signature pattern of self-limiting denial? And bringing curiosity to our relational experience rather than being framed in acquired or conditioned 'certainties'?

There is certainty of being - but not within the attempt to possess and control it. We get in our own way.

Telling the truth what to be

For what purpose and whose agenda?
It isn't science that blinds - but masking in forms of science.
Corruption is systemic and pervasive and hence a 'culture' of lies to run the cover story. 
The hate is the cover story masking in self-righteousness - not in those who reject it.

Corporate-politics works the post-truth agenda of marketisation and weaponisation of science as technologism.
Once framed by fear, the target can be harvested as an asset or used as a proxy. PR works the presentation.

The devices of manipulation of weaponised language works a protection racket.
Doublethink masks over contradiction as a narrative control.
Everyone knows the 'Ministry of Health' is the Ministry of Sickness - but few want to know what they know and so they use zealotry to deny their doubts.

No need to identify as 'anti vax' - simply call for a just and true transparency and accountability.
'Too big to fail' means 'PRIVATE KEEP OUT!' along with  redistribution of loss of health and wealth to serve the dominant private agenda.

When 'science is settled' because you say so!' is the intent to rule out science - along with freedom to challenge and uncover the already true. Fake science TELLS what to think. This undermines whatever truths may be selected or woven into support for the edict. R Kennedy Jr offers a sane voice in an extremely polarised issue.

But there is no room for truth in a lie - and so truth must be conformed to the demands or conditions of the lie.
To the investment in the lie - truth is heresy. 
There is a choice here - and if fear would coerce then choose not to listen there or give blind allegiance.
Fear (of pain of loss) works to divide and rule out. Everyone protects their investments as they see it, but not everyone knows what they do.

The headline of this article either tells the reader what they need to believe, or tells them what to believe and so alerts the reader to the ruse. How to spot fake news? It works to frame the narrative in terms that work a hidden agenda.