Tuesday, 19 January 2021

Isolated under machine modelling given worship

The commenter was trolling of disinformation but in pretending to ask a question invited my willingness to address the question.


(Affect a conversational familiarity. Introduce doubt. Plant a lie and the father of it. Bob).

For anyone who still wonders; Isolating properly means separating out only that entity or object - and nothing else mixed in. THEN research can determine if there is any causal role for disease. It can also test sick people for viral load. Koch's laws can be applied as science and reason to fearful superstitions or wishful hypothetical belief.

The computing trick of a reconstituted RNA molecule from short sequences found in a soup of matters that are not specifically identified, is an artifice or construct of the mind or purpose of those paying and paid to 'find it'.

Tom Cowan recently did a talk with Freedom Health Alliance that will be on one or more of the vid channels. He gets it across in a way that serves an understanding, rather than a manipulation to a polarised and polarising opinion or 'identity'.

If weaponised 'virus' is being made and 'released' - is that through the eye of a needle? The hard evidence for transmission is hard to find. Toxic exposures leading to cell death result in fragments that may communicate the toxic experience as part of a collective adaptation. Life is Communication. You could say the idea of vaccination is the intent and attempt to get benefits of a controlled sickness upgrade manually so as to forfend getting sick in the frame of Life feared and demonised. The archetype of sacrifice goes back to species trauma under 'Gods' of Overwhelming Terror for which we have no current reference point excepting as our psychic inheritance and human conditioning.

The invocation and triggering of fear then is itself a 'viral' communication of archetypal pathways of survival strategy that are 'cognitive dissonance' under the 'reptilian' brain of a domination absent doubt, or 'will to power' given acceptance as the imitation and invocation of power over and above all else or 'Terror'.

Terror can operate insidiously. Fear of threat can operate the same kill switch as an actual disease or threat. It is the 'god' or power by which the world that we think we know is made 'real' to the mind of its adaptation.

Isolated 'individuals' are taken out of living context, and normalised to comply under fear and reward for special mitigation of fear. Such is an 'operating system' of broken 'meaning' re-incorporated under narrative dictates by which to serve the 'Caesar' of legal fictions and social mores that mask as the Law of our being.

If you 'read' the world in the discernment of the heart, then the masking mind and world will reveal itself to your release and reintegration to what the mind-made world or 'anteroom' was made to conceal. Fear of death DOES the thing that its mutations 'seem' to protect from - as death in life or a living death. Such a choice is always now, but frames itself in a past stamped on a future that denies the expansion of present to Presence. It IS a choice - no matter how armoured, defended, concealed and aggressively protected against exposure AS a choice by conviction and belief set in driven necessity.

But at the level of our being - and not within the frame of our mask of thinking. Regardless the 'intent' assigned to the seeming causes and effects of a breakdown of what we lived as real, the disintegration is also a revealing of us to ourself - or the bringing of what was hidden to an awareness of self that can no longer hide that it is hiding, and so is brought to an awareness of the choice for fear and hiding as their own willingness - regardless the outer repackaging of self-justifications.

Conscious choices grow conscious-ness and character.

Acquired and inherited judgement, machines 'consciousness' as a golem to a script acting out. In this sense a 'collective' of fragmented 'individuals' runs like a bot-net, on given instructions.

Freedom has to be an inner presence form which to accept and align, or it is locked down and masked as the 'body' as a symbol of distance, withholding and withdrawal from the field of relational being.

Monday, 18 January 2021

Follow the Science?


The TV medium en-trances to the realm of entrainment and hypnotism. The trained puppets are not intending relationship, or communication but masking a manipulative command in its image and form.

That's a matter of being lured and phished.

We never left the Garden and the tempter whispers yet.

But WHO told you you were naked?

Or susceptible?

Garbage in; garbage out.

Follow the guidance of the heart's discernment - or be phished by the mind in its own spin - set as if against or apart from wholeness.

Appeal to authority is a well known - but often effective claim to right.

Masking in virtue associated with or assigned to authorities is a well known but often effective manipulative disguise.

Insofar as science is the application of reasoned  questioning of our world experience, it is open to empiric evidences that refute or confirm theory or narrative meanings derived from modelling our experience.

But as a scientism of masking narrative deceits, it operates a machine thinking of technologism. 

The tooling of the mind to control is a defence set over fear of loss of innate or natural authority of being to a lockdown of dissociation as a body. As a usurping substitution in symbolic representation it can only cast out from an archetypal patterning that for the most part invisibly structures a 'consciousness'  set in polarised and polarising conflicts.

Love of truth shall reintegrate to the truth of love just as truth of love shall inspire and guide the release of a special or conditioned 'love' to a resonance of timeless being that is not absent our experience of time, so much as masked out.

The Worth and Value of Living


 I haven't seen more that the references to Sumpton's remark but value is first and foremost what we each and together accept and extend as worthy. This is priceless, or in the realm of qualities that cannot altogether BE quantified. Give unto the Living what is due unto Life.

In a realm of limited and limiting circumstance that we take as our world, we cannot impose or make real a 'will' that orders change to comply or cease - and insofar as we persist the attempt, we become the means of our own limitation, depletion, and loss - as conflicted within Life - setting ourself in the wish of power over life; subjugated in, and driven by grievance.

King Canute endeavoured to show the limits to worldly power - and that it rests within the Power that holds all things true (as the condition of Life, that knows and shares awareness of being).

But the dissociated mind of the wish to worldly power, interprets from a fear defined powerlessness - for what ELSE would sacrifice truth and life for illusions that cannot have, hold or heal?

Within the order of the world is the realm of necessary requirements for an individual and relational order - which is not just quantitative but resting on qualitative discernment and discrimination. Give unto the life of the body of the world, as is its due.

In any situation of need that seems to outweigh resources, wisdom calls on the centred honesty or transparency of account, from which to discern the path for the Living. "Dont just DO something, stand there! - or abide into connected peace as the quality from which to attend the Living. Fear induced reaction may cast itself as 'saving others' but is inherently out of true with the need of the situation because fear withholds and withdraws in reaction to limit and control its own experience. Wisdom is acquired through living through such experience as the willingness to grown and learn in Life.

Materialism as generally named, runs the quantitative mind as IF an exclusive set of predicates and programmed reaction that re-iterate a past upon a true presence unrecognised. And while it can blindly 'get it right' sometimes, it can also charge off into a repeat of its underlying fears, while believing to escape or overcome them.

In a current systemised system of corporate machine 'thinking' everything - including our identifying beliefs and values, is quantified as a dataset to input as a parameter in a closed system of Economic Control to which Life is conformed and sacrificed so as to 'save and protect' the system. Such that mere symbols of the value of Life are incentivised as 'moral memes' by which to leverage a 'computer model' of the extension of the idea of standing outside Life as if to control 'it'.

What we agree by actions, to share as worth or value, establishes the foundations of our cultural expression - which is a communication matrix through which we organise and live our life in the world as an integration of inner and outer reality. This is our choice as to what we align in and accept and value by sharing or living FROM it, and as such is our currency of thought and language - and all that proceeds therefrom. The true 'Currency' of being is both Timeless and actual or Current - from which the mind can and does lose awareness of, as a result of engagement in its 'self and world'. So much so as to mask over and become exclusively identified by the mask, within its world.

Confusing the levels of Mind Alive and masking models of self and world, is the underlying problem that sets answers where answer is not, to cast us into impossible situations that generate unsolvable conflicts, that we adapt within as 'normals'.

If there is a 'Reset' or better, Renewal - it is a natural outcome to a dissociated mind and model set at odds with its own being. And not a manually contrived continuity of control-masking fear, that reveals itself as insane reversals of protected narratives by which Life is usurped and substituted for. Such 'Ideals' set in fear as 'escape or overcoming' of feared and hated outcomes of pain and loss demand sacrifice of Life. Such 'idol worship' actually persists and propagates fear, under a masking redefined 'world' that limits, filters, distorts and denies consciousness, by coercive deceit that must first protect self-illusion against disclosure as its very 'survival' in the guise of protecting from fear - by recasting it away from self to others and away from Now to a future that must be averted or delayed as death framed in humiliation, hate and fear. This need no be.

Sunday, 17 January 2021

Meaninglessness masking over smoke and mirrors


 Meaninglessness has become the basis and framework for almost all human endeavour - as in the attempt to escape an unreal problem causing very real problems that in turn are misinterpreted to cascade as a new world illusion that will run a while as the destruction of the old and the basis for redistribution of priority and therefore wealth and power.

Almost all of of 'lockdownsceptics' joins the mainstream in the chewing over of meaninglessness as if telling it it is not true will be heard and change the mindset in invested self-illusions. We can only accept truth in our own hearts - but will always find some relational exchange and synchronicity in such restored alignment because we are relational being.

Fact 1 - the method and means of the asserted discovery of Sars-Cov-2 are highly questionable and relate more to computer modelling of preselective bias than any empirically isolated and identified entity or object.

Fact 2 - no study has investigated this reconstituted 'Platonic' ideal of a virus as a cause of any disease.

Fact 3 - no one actually has any samples of actual Sars-Cov-2 for the purpose of such research.

Fact 4 - the PCR testing parameters developed by (the usual suspect) Dr Drostren and peer reviewed, proofed and published in under 2 days - with digital information and no actual virus sample are highly questionable and are being called for retraction by scientific peers as fraud or without foundation.

Fact 5 - The Corporate Financial sector is part and parcel of innumerable NGO 'fronts' and proxies of business, state and media - such as to exercise disproportionate leverages over all traditional checks and balances, such as to be able to generate the narratives by which to set regulatory structures under which to make their position safe relative to collapse of social and economic order resulting from their corruption of systems that serve to hold the conditions for life, into systems of predation upon the lives of others. This includes language and meaning. The result is meaninglessness or insanity.

Fact 5 is the context of 1-4 - and reflects the methods assigned to a parasitic hijacking 'virus'.

The mind has the capacity to mask over and deny its own act and intention by accusing and attacking the same in others, In this way it reveals a signature to its own inner conflict. However the collective will is weighted towards externalising our own unresolved conflict and assigning blame, rather than creating the conditions for healing, undoing and correcting as a reconnection and alignment in felt presence of communication restored. It is my sense that this - as an addictive pattern - has to bottom out - for the uncovering of a true willingness for serving and supporting Life - rather than seeking or evading vengeance set in ancient patterns that can be represented as an alien will or mind set over 'Planet Lockdown'. That is to say the covid mind trap is drawing on and leveraging deep fear and hate from which the unprepared mind recoils to mask in self-protection of cognitive dissonance, hell-bent on normalising a sense of continuity of a separated or split sense of self as some fragment of a sense of Paradise Shattered.

The capacity to question the questionable is because its resulting dissonance calls on and guides the willingness to release it.

The symbol of the Fall for the Garden, as a mindtrap of masking over a sense of self-wrongness set in fear expecting penalty of pain of loss was addressed by the questioning "And WHO told you, you were naked?" - that is - WHO tells us we are unprotected, vulnerable and susceptible to threat and attack in fear of pain and loss?

Our own 'thinking' operates as self-invested illusion - when allowed to divorce from felt relational presence. Our computer modelling mind would run off into its own spin as if a self-creating narrative seeking to be made Real, which has all the reality we give it, though never less that that, and where we give priority to self-illusion we shall sacrifice the living to idols of power and protection, over and over again. All illusions are temporary but the awareness of truth reflected in the realm of change opens recognition of a timeless context for the power that holds the conditions for the extension and support of Life in expression.

Workability is integrality. Our conflicts are not to be systemically eradicated, but re-evaluated from a greater perspective. The intent to manually redefine the mind that is being currently attempted is the nature of the original error seeking 'reset' on its own terms in place of Renewal in truth restored.

Hence it personifies war on our awareness of truth as a mind set in dissociation and defence against love's honesty now.

- - -

Posted in similar vein later today at


to 'under-the-weather':

There's a difference between Covid deniers , those who say there's no Covid which could be challenged mentally, those who refuse a PCR for no reason, and those who are making use of their legal rights and govts illegal abuses of their rights in a less than dire pandemic which they can prove legally.


Covid-19 is the umbrella term for a range of 'disease' that includes 'health' (no clinical symptoms). This is presumed to be caused by a new or 'novel' virus codenamed Sars-Cov-2.

Respiratory diseases happen (with seasonality).

Particular features that are loosely called covid pneumonia are eithe the novel set of disease symptoms - or highlighted by the intense media driven spotlight of fear, funding and reaction. The cause or causes of which remain open to question - as do factors of susceptibility and treatments.

Fear is used as an old normal to mobilise a campaign or crusade of both funding and regulatory controls that ratchet always tighter at expense of rights and freedom to exercise responsibilities.

I could challenge you 'mentally' if what you mean is to question whether you are in your right mind or under the influence of a cult or scam. But I trust you are doing the best you can with what you have.

Once anyone takes and makes identity in the frame of the deception, they are emotionally invested into, reinforcing of, and fodder for, it intent.

When you see a new item - so called, you are under offer to enter a contract by engaging in its terms. If you zoom out from liability of being phished by emotional reaction you will see it is a legal document in the framing and phrasing of its qualifying small print as well as around otherwise highly emotive or provocative imager and messaging.

These attempts to capture mindshare and bypass rational thought, are challenges to your integrity. If you do not maintain integrity, you will let it in where it will undo you from within - under illusion of moral justification.

I wrote a bit today on core facts that are mostly unestablished assumptions set as the basis for this whole restructure of economy and human society.


It SHOULD be up to the authorities imposing such restrictions of choking our relational freedoms and business to prove their case at every step. They have not HAD or allowed an 'opposition' or oversight of checks and balances.

This tells me that the institutions are 'bought, corrupted or terrorised into compliance over a long term process that kept the medical avenue as a trump card, and switched lockdowns for established protocols at the critical point of a drilled and lockstepped support for emergency.

Once beliefs are injected into the collective, they will persist against all evidence.

They may be established by fear, but they operate under the belief in masking protection from fear. This is what the refusal or unwillingness to heal demands. And the means by which fear operates a masked agenda of control.

It is not my call to actively 'deny' what has not proven its existence in terms that are empirically anchored. Nor do I accept theory and assumptions as 'the science' or as fact. But I am open to answers and would of course broaden my scope from a virological psycho-pathogenic obsession which fuels a cult-like fear and superstition of cognitive dissociation.

I don't deny that we experience 'colds'. What they are seems to have eluded science for a century or more - but it would appear they have now been redefined as a basis a self-extinction of Humankind - whether or not trans-human carbon units persist. No XrRebellion is mobilised, because we are for the most part prepared, cultivated and ready to abandon our life to a control system that has been growing through a monopolising of technology under corporate 'stakeholders'

Saturday, 16 January 2021

Who is the judge and for what purpose?


The whole thing is who gets to define anything, and for what purpose?

The weaponisation of language undermines the consciousness that accepts it as a framework and currency of communication and exchange.

Who live by the sworded word, dies by their own measure.

Thinking about freedom can seem to be free, in the same way thinking about anything can seem to be free. The mind is on one level an object modelling of meanings as an interface with - and mask over a Reality that has one Quality - designated by such words as being, existence, actuality, presence, but the moment we qualify this Quality that is universal to All That Is - we engage in definition, and generate an experience or result.

The world we 'share' even as a realm of conflicting and competing narrative assertions, is an augmented or modelled and extended experience.

We are free to engage in self-illusion, but we are not free to make it true. 

Reality-bubbles are temporary by definition.

Invested self-definitions lead to desperate and destructive resort as a fear of pain and loss - as both conflict and sacrifice - unless and until those definitions are re-evaluated and released for a more truly aligned sense of self and world relative to who we now accept ourselves to be - rather than as a product of a past made in fear, grievance and anger.

Freedom is not at the body level and therefore not strictly applicable to speech, but the body and the action of expression is the vehicle or expression of a Mind that is free in its original nature - but also free to chain or entrain itself to attachment and identity set in possession and control - which then claim 'freedom' in the terms of whatever context these apply. And so  bound free will, is a doublethink in terms or a self-contradiction of innate conflict operating as Garbage in; garbage out.

Loss of peace and joy in being is the cost of conflicted purpose or mind, and so the correction is to look at the underlying beliefs that give rise to the dissonance. But the habit of chasing investment in the 'world' will seek to change the realm of effects in order to again 'feel better'. This may start out crudely - but will learn the arts of manipulation, and masking disguise in childhood. Those who are most driven will develop these abilities in ways that become, applied behavioural psychology, social engineering, propaganda and stark coercion backed deceits.

I sought to sketch a contribution that is not 'already polarised' in an already wheel rutted futility.

We ARE free to live the consequences of our acts - which have relational reflection and exchange, but in attempt to evade what truly belongs to us - as the fruits of our giving, or as the teaching and learning in shared experience of relationship as Life, we can and do 'redefine' our meanings and mind, as a way to limit and outsource or externalise our conflicts and debts onto others who for their own reasons are willing to 'eat our sin' under narratives that promise the opposite of what they deliver - to the misidentified and confused attempt to find external solution to inner conflicts.

In this the victim and victimiser meet and share in the 'making' of an external separate locked down world of masking meanings that MUST be protected against Disclosure for survival in the context of the 'fear-evasive' manipulation of a mind set over the presence of Life.

The generating of a 'new' mind and world that is being manually attempted is a contraction of the old possession and control (fear) narrative continuity, given more ingenious and sophisticated tools operating systemically as a fear incentivised bias to be set in the minds of 'the Many' as their common purpose of normalised collective sacrifice in return for a lottery of abuse framed as moral salvation.

I am certain there is a better way than mass sacrifice to idols of control as a result of conscious appreciation for freedom of being - as distinct from special personal status within collective agreements that are not at all solid or enduring, such as to set up the fear of threat of loss as the pervasive subjugation that characterises our human conditioning.

Mutating Variants in Fear of Threat



penelope pitstop

someone mentioned on here yesterday that all these new variants UK, South Africa and Brazil are all countries where the Phizer trials were conducted.

Coincidence or causation we will never know, not one to be a conspiracy theorist or anything but i found it rather interesting.

Consider that IF such a malice was intended there are no checks or defences against it being carried out and assigned to wild mutations, and blamed on a lack of public zeal for self-destruction.

One can identify poliovirus in children that is a vaccination strain as distinct from wild. But under a Cartel Pharmasorcery, where is the means or the will to independent accountability and transparency?

The population is being normalised to constant threat as the basis for total control. Alex Thompson at UK Column started a series on the mind control process called disinformation by the then KGB. It will illuminate some sense of the mind as a targeted proxy for a destructive and coercive intent.


Reply to  penelope pitstop

Its an interesting point, it plants a suspicion in my mind certainly. But I dont know how it could be proved or disproved.

That's where science begins. Asking questions and refining the questions.

How might we prove vaccines help more than hinder?

That's where the science is aborted. Such studies are not funded, allowed or published.

A belief in anything can be so forcefully cherished as to be protected from question, and fear of negative consequence provides the force, and the funding of allegiance and support.

Our self-invested identities are a complex of such 'beliefs' and operate as invisible structures of presumed and defended 'reality'.

Those who question their 'reality-experience' are those whose masking persona has failed to hide or cover what lies beneath.

The suppression and inhibition of fear and hate results from perceiving it as threat, and defends against 'threat' by masking over and projecting or diverting away from self-responsibility. Blame as redistribution of psychic energy, along with penalty of pain or exclusion.

Maintaining defences must needs hold such hate as righteous or justified by grievance, and to this end, all that is of love is likewise perceived as threat to the capacity to protect a broken, wounded or betrayed 'love'.

The feelings and insights of love are thus equally perceived as threatening, treacherous, fickle and deceitful and thus demonised and denied in the frame of the hated and feared 'self-conflict'.

Love of truth must then be chosen over fear of love set in frame of denial and deceit, IF a mistaken identity or 'love of fear as protector', is to be released. The nature of the defence is something we have 'made' that runs as a machine mind, that knows not who and what you are, for it is made to masked over, distance and deny your awareness of a fear, hate of guilt whose origin lies beneath a complex of defences against disclosure.

If we choose to heal, then the action element of hate calls for inhibition, but the action element of love needs to be disinhibited. Instead of sacrificing love to a futile, depleting and destructive defence that can not work, we need learn of love anew, by bringing the fear or hate into the light of an awareness that heals our perception and restores perspective.

This simplified sketch does not indicate just how entangled and fragmented our 'defences' of conflicts have become. But a universal key is 'release and be released'. This does not relate to behaviours, but to the projection and perception of our own motives and judgements onto other lives, and to our world.

How can we prove or become certain that anything is true of false?

As distinct from becoming captured or controlled by a belief that WANTS it so?

Self-honesty is a transparency to true account at the level or quality of our being, regardless of the measuring stick and hierarchies of judgements that 'make' a world to mask out and cover over 'separation trauma' within Mind - that take on physicalised partitions as the Human Conditioning.

To the 'mask', there is no other reality than life under threat of death as the struggle for power. But you can recognise this is not your reality by the simple grace of noticing it in act. And open the basis to ask and receive answer that is growing Conscious from a mind renewed.

“I do not know what anything is for.”
To me, the purpose of everything is to prove that my illusions about myself are real. It is for that purpose that I attempt to use everyone and everything. It is this that I believe the world is for. Therefore I do not recognize its real purpose. The purpose I have given the world has led to a frightening picture of it. Let me open my mind to its real purpose by withdrawing the one I have given it, and learning the truth about it. ACIM.



The idea that choosing to not act, is an absence of the presence of conscious communication is the reaction of a driven and coercive compulsion to DO SOMETHING.

The latter is the means by which we choose to give up choice to a private and protected identity set in fear and attack.

Most everything said about viruses represents a projection of such a human psycho-pathological set of conflicted 'meanings' (sic).

The underlying psychic NEED to assign demonic or malign intent onto Life - and normalise it, is the unwillingness and perhaps unreadiness to own, face and live through fear as a transformative desire to heal.

Instead, fear is fed with sacrifice of life and lives as if the power of protection in distancing, locking down and masking narrative by which to raise a parody of life from fear of death under blind 'controls' that can never have enough 'control'.

Once it passed its tipping point, the mask of virtue could no longer be maintained. It's a death cult under mind control.

Hence I listen in the heart for the movement of being that knows life by sharing it.

The modelling mind can serve practical function. But to invest identity there is to dissociate to a fixated fascination with our own 'reflection'. 



No one who walks the world in form but has fear striking at his breast.

But the expression of fear called ‘control’ is mistaken for Power.

Worshipping control is a death cult seeking power over feared Life.

Making entertainment from fear is another way to limit and dissociate or distance from what we choose not to look on.

That our choices can become conditioned reactions or normalised behaviourally set ‘thinking’ is a programming by the past upon the present so as to escape reliving a past trauma. The word trauma here is used for the psychic split and not any physical associations. Nor is it used to elicit sympathies of emotional reactions that play out private conflicts on others as if to use them for one’s own agenda as a paramount concern.

If as would seem reasonable to assume, fear, is recognised as a tool of manipulation underlying a global collapse or power grab, then why are we not addressing fear in all its deceits?

For the most part because fear runs the mind we think is ours alone, and that we protect as a private sense of control, by seeking social and perceptual reinforcements by which to seem to join, but always on the basis of a prior claim to separate. In such a world, freedom is assigned to the body as the limit of the mind, and as the currency of locked down minds. Escape into fantasy masks over the pain of loss in symbol and substitution for lost love and its separation trauma. Perhaps for a while the dream seems real and full of hope, but only until the fear from which it hides is masked out.

The mask disintegrates to reveal the ‘escape’ unreal or deceitful, and the underlying disturbance rises to be healed. But fear cannot see this because it blocks seeing as its new normal of ‘control’.



Fig leaves represent covering over a sense of self-lack conflict and shame. God can be represented to those who don't think in such terms as nakedness to an intimacy of being. Nothing added, nothing taken away. But to a masking mind God is distanced, locked down and masked.

There is no truth in the masking mind of fig-leaf thinking - but what we choose to give.

The adage of 'Give unto Caesar what is due unto Caesar and give unto God what is due unto God' is applicable to a fundamental choice that did not exist until the choice for masking or hiding from God, remade all things in our own image.

What is not apparent in mythic representation is the terror that arose from self-hatred and shame. If God mandated coercively, there would be no free will. Hence under a false god of tyranny under fear and deceit free will is denied and replaced by 'granted freedoms' for compliance to arbitrary and shifting 'rules' or 'moral guidances'.

Fear inherently misinterprets everything, including Scriptures of true teachings, insights and inspired thought and endeavour. Fear cannot be separated from self-doubt and division. The attempt to become certain by acting as if to earn or become worthy propagates the original error of self-judgement given priority over God as your very being. Here is the 'private mind'. Who can reach the minds of the self-convicted?

The idea of the Holy Spirit is of a gift of discernment within Life and not set over and apart as 'my thinking' under official authoritative judgements or identity set in reaction to any externalised authority. 

Choosing one is to let the other go. Trying to choose both results in conflicts that effectively deny awareness of any real choice. Resting and releasing the mind of conflict is actively giving faith to Life or being instead of to our own fears and thinking. Making the conditions in which love can register in our awareness is not 'creating love' nor the guidance and direction as to how the movement of being extends, expresses or simply shines as a quality of unselfconscious presence.

A mechanical mind sees a mechanical world - and thinks that to understand is to align in prediction and control. But what you truly understand you love and appreciate the gift of (being one with).