Thursday, 19 May 2022

Determined by symptoms assigned mythical causation

in response to the themes in:


I write this as in invitation to ponder - not a proscription.
The details of the modelling of life as biology become insanely complex because our minds are predicated to mask in obfuscation, prior to the rational development that then thinks to 'make sense' of the world as seems.
While alignment in integrity of being is directly healing, the mind of judgement (including theoretical modelling) becomes a reverse template for the capacity to look at the mind instead of reacting from its masking filters.
“Everything is BACKWARDS; everything is upside down! Doctors destroy health,  Lawyers destroy justice,  Universities destroy knowledge, Governments destroy freedom,  Major media destroys information, And religions destroy spirituality".
~Michael Ellner

This is a result of minds set in a reversal of cause and effect. 'Determined by symptoms assigned mythical causation'.

Mind - as awareness of intention, value and desire, can generate postulates through which to structure or model fruits or results.
Mind can identify in such a focus, to be-live the experience as a point of view given continuity & support, as an adaptive adjustment to and within self-conditioned results, operating as a consciousness relative to a projected body and world.
But in all the above, an embracing context is discarded or excluded by the selective focus, that then presumes itself autonomous or self-existing in a specifically objected experience of the only reality that is.
A persistent inertial fulcrum arising from an identified or protected pattern of imbalance as a sense of self set against otherness reflecting denial of a greater awareness.
Context or Terrain is thus the true address and nature of what seems to be a self-reinforcing conflict from the objected or defined 'self'.
An objected or split sense of self is set by dividuation to seek wholeness externally as the driven sense of lack resulting from dissonance, disconnection, & struggle in fear of pain of loss. The intent to individualise is then a unique expression of life set in specific patterns of relational orientation as strategies of self-surviving within a relational expression of unrecognised or addressed wholeness - experienced as conflicted self-contradiction in motion.
Defences hold the memory of their invocation or conflict as a worldview/identity or masking filter for conditioned perception-response, as a reiteration of conflicts projected but not truly addressed.
The patterning of the body is not a result of body parts or pustules exercising creative
 autonomy as 'minds of their own', but alignment within nested fields of our own currently unfolding experience of core themes and definitions.

Hamer's 'new medicine' has relevance for a psycho-physical appreciation in place of a myth of physical determinism.

Tuesday, 17 May 2022

On the means to pre-empt an unwitting choice

 in response to the themes in:


Accepting a premise unwitting by engaging in its terms or framing.

The fake choice is thus a means to pre-empt an unwitting choice.

The urge to react becomes invested identity in outcomes.

Narrative identity is already invested – and so this can be profiled as a means to target a particular or range of profiles for such reaction.

From the perspective of inner peace, loss of peace rises from a sense of lack – so that experiencing a filfilment can trigger a desire to grasp or keep it. Here is the identity in lack reacting to what is here as something that can be lost and losing it by grasping at its form.
We then defend such identity as a sense of self-specialness against threat of change – such as to run as a protected narrative that filters and rules what can then be allowed.

This will automatically frame its thought in false binary – such as to vacillate between expression of a self specialness (anger) or repression of the action-component (depression). But freedom is in whether to choose to persist in self-illusion, or release it for a renewing or our mind. As illusion only ‘works’ to mask reality by remaining unwitting, bringing the choice to awareness makes ‘re-choosing’ the habit an active intent.

The act of persisting in self-illusion by willingness to attack & deny true or living relationships is a definition for sin or living death in hollow parody of life trapped in its own driven image.

The function of illusion is not inherently sinful, but a personal freedom within our inherited creative potential to enhance, augment and contribute to shared frameworks for experience, and exchange. Mistaking what we make for true creation is where image or symbol substitutes for living qualities – that cannot be defined or contained in the realm of image or concept. To the mind focused in object-modelling, meanings may seem to be innate or built-in to the object. Yet they never truly leave the mind that holds them.

True communication is resonance. The interjection of dissonance (self-contradictions), can run as a distortion or blocking filter to a derivative experience that ‘normalises’ as a defended but covert identity set to protect its distancing and masking from exposure that threatens reliving the original ‘Separation trauma’ that its regards itself as a surviving fragment of rather than mask over.

How do you get a masking ID to release its (destructive or blocking) defences?
You cannot.
Communication is a resonance of living qualities freely aligned in.
But what we make in the mask as a means to boost or bolster our own, or break and enforce another, is all framed within the mask of a manipulative mind – no matter how intensely or cunningly mimicking life.

By the word that comes from our own mouth (mind) are we corrupted?
Giving true witness – and indeed true with-ness – must learn to recognise and release the false. Garbage in; garbage out – also applies to our fruits or experience that results from the use to which we put our mind.

Running on habit seems natural or easy as a freedom from responsibility at heart, yet taking on a complex of emotional baggage for issues that may not be ours to take on – excepting they mask for our own denied inner conflicts, that are seeking integration or release from denial – but by distorted or perverted means.

Functional is often used for reductionist thinking, but I have it that our true function is joy.
When we take on or give ourselves other functions, we generate the sacrificial reversal of mind, in which the imaged idol or model demands sacrifice of the living to be sustained against the ‘end of the world’ (in terms of that identity/paradigm).

Saturday, 14 May 2022

Fake Normals

 in response to the themes in:

Be aware the adoption of the 'normal'. You are being framed, if you know you are being invited to contract with an offer, you are free to choose not to accept it.

Normal in this sense is a conditioned sense of self and world.

Natural can also be misused, but can point to that which is 'of itself' 'as is' or without artifice or man-u-facts.

The breakdown of a social masking 'reality-adjustment' holds an opportunity or Call to align in reality, as is, or a priori to our narrative conflicts under an Authority problem.

Without the Call to reintegrate and align truly, a cycle of compression or gathering seed qualities of potentials for expansion in new growth, are lost to mere contraction, limitation and death. There Is a Choice within a mindset of meaningless choices, and this is to see such a mindset as no longer representing who and what you truly are, and have joy and freedom in being (if it ever truly did!). So to notice its patterns, and choose NOT to use them. This is not at all to choose to oppose them in yet another polarised refinement of strategic identification under a world that makes you in ITS image. (with your consent).

So we can withdraw consent at the level of reactive behavioural impulses, by pausing or desisting them from reinforcement as our habit or 'normal'.

'Control' mind wants to define in order to predict and control, so will seek to keep us in a crab barrel world. But a fundamental faith or trust in our being, in existence itself is a movement OF being that knows itself in the living and giving, and not in the grasp of a proprietary possession. There is a balancing of Self and 'normal service' that requires discernment such that we act from a wholeness of being instead of consenting to a disconnect of a mind running a head of, and getting lost in its own spin, as a sense of limitations, constraints and strictures set in dying structure.

True answers are not a re-manipulation of symptoms, to a 'balance of powers' demanding sacrifice, but a confluence of self interest or revealed needs. This is another shift from pathogen-driven to a terrain guided sense of life.

We do not truly 'live' in the spun out 'reality distortions' of a mind made mad by its own reversals of cause and effect. Thoughts cannot really imprison mind. But we can 'fall asleep' in our thinking, to become normalised to see and react as if there is no other way of seeing and being.

Thursday, 12 May 2022

Masking Reality

 Mike Stone's ViroLIElegy site prompted some responses to its themes.


don’t mean to be dismissive of the journey into complexity but I see that our minds create theories to replace or mask a ‘Theos’ or Divine Will that ‘moves across the face of the waters’.
I relate this to the self-organising of plasma – which is in effect the electrical/magnetic force as the primary expression of both matter & life, at all scales – not just atomic.
Self-organising or self-sustaining systems are expression of their terrain and never actually ‘separate’ but express boundary conditions within Communication as individuated expressions of the whole.
Our psychic sense of separation as an autonomous entity set apart from its living context, speaks of trauma that ‘shapes’ our thought, perceptions and response to project or externalise a pathology as an attempt to work it out in image, in model and theory for application as ‘control’ which is the mind-substitution for Communication as what we might call Bio-Field communion.
I sketch this out in case anyone resonates and enjoys the connection.
The principle of alignment in spirit or unified purpose, is a release of obstrauctive and obfuscating conflicts or toxic debts from restored clarity of a functional awareness – such as joyful endeavour.
Life is designed (unfolded meaning) to be lived. Including the ‘be-living of false or wishful vanities that generate ‘lessons’ for both correction and expansion.



Gain of fiction serves the usurp of function. Temporarily.
I hear Tom saying there is no concrete evidence that these theories are true or work in the way they are said to work. But they are the output of highly focussed investments, and attract more investment, to participate in medical or biological memes given social dominance, such as gene dogma.
What does this evidence tell us about the mind we participate in?

We have a freedom to be-live ideas that are not true of reality, and experience their result as a filtered and distorted or blocked reality. But this is self-limiting by definition, and by resulting dissonance, dysfunction, conflict, disease & death.

We therefore have a capacity to learn as an unfolding consciousness of multiple perspectives in balance and alignment with reality that supports & life as the discernment and participance in reality that cannot be objected – except in concept as a symbolic gesture or casting out.
Sow and reap, or GIGO.

I paused during writing this, to share a morning reading – which speaks exactly to these points and the underlying confusions and fallacies that generated a need for healing. It isn’t within the scientific paradigm of a physical self-self assembly requiring control, but is open to reproducibility of intention & desire for coherent experience: Healing as Release from Fear

I’m not promoting beliefs, but bringing attention to the field of contextual framing that sets, limits and unfolds beliefs. That we may suffer at our own hand, unwittingly. Such as to react to false information & reap negative results assigned to something other than pre-existing assumptions that can be recognised and released because they are being brought to awareness.




‘Sinister’ can be the intent to block knowledge by the setting of complex defences that induce an attraction to conflict in evil, as if understanding must be wrested from lies!
If something is revealed false, it serves no basis from which to build or think from.
If we find we persist in a false habit of thought, then that shows us that we think it gives us something we believe we need or cannot live without. That evidence now leads curiosity to uncover another facet of a ‘complex defence’ to a reality test, or self-honesty.
Getting identity from hated or feared evils is, in my view, the misuse of a stepping stone, as a conclusion.



In terms of principles, the breakdown of organisational structure ie 'cells' or functional energy-informational domains within a larger terrain (domain), will resolve to recycle or elimination as both a material energy function & the deeper or subtler psychic or 'consciousness' field that is more informational as a qualitative vibrational domain - from which and in which patterning grows form as function.
So in old paradigm-speak, there is information accompanying 'presumed particles' that holds resonant capacities of communication at a level of life we cannot dissociate from to objectify and map our mind into 'control' over.
There is an intent that guides & aligns the organisation or order we are 'mapped into' as World.
This statement is not adding anything to the 'physics' so much as acknowledging the qualitative recognition of communication as the field of resonant domains within a vibrational or charged energetic experience of existence.
It is the function of mind to extend or give & receive meaning. Nothing has in-built meaning. But conditioned responses SEEM autonomous within a time-space continuum.
Object continuity is part of learning the focus of a human world. Mapping out meanings is a cultural overlay to a relational interplay of infinite complexity. Beneath the ritual languages of any 'official domain' run the core archetypal themes or patterns of the human conditioning.

From this perspective, we might seek to align in meanings of coherency and fidelity to an integrity of being, rather than to old maps and models in which we may be subconsciously investing 'identity' - or masking in unwittingly.
Pathological biology is in my view, a projection of our 'broken psyche' or separation trauma, onto our relational (experience of) body & world.
The NEED for 'enemy' can generate its perception-response regardless of any empirical or relational situation. We cant tell another what their experience of reality is or should be. Nor vice versa. But we can find the conditions that grow and support a wholeness  in life, rather than lockdown to fear set tyrannous in the minds stamped by their currently accepted past.

Friday, 22 April 2022

Gain of Fiction

in response to the themes in:


 I now see GoF in terms of the mindset of narrative control - framed and filtered reality adjustment. Narratives as a means of both evasion of reality and an active cover story of justified attack - ie pre-emptive defences. To quote from the article:

“We can either wait for something to arise, and then fight it, or we can anticipate that certain things will arise, and instead we can preemptively build our arsenals,” says Morrison. “That’s where gain-of-function research can come in handy.”

The underlying signature of GoF shows recognisable characteristics that are in effect the fallacies upon which our separate self-sense runs 'distanced and masked' as a defended body-mind or physicalised consciousness within a split mind or fragmentation from a prior unity–masked over by reaction that effectively holds a virtual replication of Separation trauma fenced off or dissociated and displaced as a mythic or 'narrative' projection that can indeed be traced to 'mythological archetypes' that pattern a broken constellation seeking for reparation or fulfilment externally - ie out from a sense of lack, inadequacy, limitation, denial, adversity.

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
Couldn’t put Humpty together again.

So of course the ego of a phished self-image is the archetype of the 'virus' of hack & hijack that then goes forth to multiply as negative or reversal - ie an abundance of debt, conflict and pain seeking to escape or get rid of it as a development of unconsciousness.
But the Principle of 'contagion' is not physical or flagged to external agents - but is communication itself - or indeed love.
Recognising and releasing the lie and the father of it allows the ego of self/world to serve as an instrument or vehicle of re integrative healing. Such that what had seem 'attack' or pathological is revealed or translated as an opportunity to accept undoing of a burden and block to love that we already are - exactly as we are.
The shift of such an exchange is to see and be in a light or freedom of a quality that cannot be manufactured by imaged symbols and concepts, yet does not attack or deny what we have made so much as redeem or refine to a love that we can recognise, accept and share or shine in.
That this may be a 'fleeting glimpse' doesn't deny its transformative influence as a revealing from which to question the 'narrative mind habit' - for new 'habit' requires consistent & persistent action - from acceptance of worth in place of our own gaslighting - regardless the 'help' of others.
Seeking to articulate the heart, can always be used for gain of fiction, but aligning in simple joy is fully functional, joy is not in the thing, but resonates the 'space' that is awareness at infinity - or 'edgeless' but also simply an embrace, a moment of beauty, a shared appreciation, an inspiration, an inner quiet that gently shines of itself.

Friday, 15 April 2022

Short summary of what Covid isnt.

 in response to the themes in:

 There WAS NO PANDEMIC - except under the redefinitions of WHO - which don't mean what we all think it to mean.
There was NO virus - except under genetic definition obtained from indeterminate matters but never from an actually isolated viral entity. They changed the meaning of isolate - it doesn't mean what we all think it to mean.
There was no infection - but only a seasonal condition whose causes or natural function are ignored while a virological model  creates its own priest-class of definition, modelling as prediction and CONTROL.
There are no tests that are specific to the CATCH-ALL condition, PRESUMED to be caused by a novel virus to which we are TOLD we are naked and defenceless. WHO told you you were naked? (said the Lord).
Nor are such 'tests' meaningful for infected or infective status and so THERE ARE NO CASES excepting clinical condition presumed or false flagged to a made up condition. This leaves real clinical disease unaddressed or mistreated but FALSELY medicalises the healthy as asymptomatic spreaders.
There is no risk requiring warp speed experimental mass toxic injection with genetic modifiers and nanotech components, that offers NO immunity but only toxic burden and degradation of health.
The WHO consultation frames what can be written as feedback such as to rule out rebuttal of its terms while gaining 'evidence of consent' from all who contract to engage with them.
A world of lies in which love comes to suffer and die?

Wednesday, 13 April 2022

Crisis calls attention present but fear resists

I put this into : THIS Is The Next CRISIS To Prepare For... by  Neil McCoy-Ward.

He outlines stages to illustrate what historically happens - and is against occurring.


We have to load or set the charge before a trigger has effect.

Compound toxic debt/unresolved conflicts.

John Titus speaks similarly to you well worth a check in with.

Current conflict - Scott Ritter or Alexander Mercouris of The Duran


The Different Drum by Scott-Peck on community building's 4 phases: 

Pseudo Community (socially masking over suppressed issues) 

Chaos (Emergence of what was repressed including Mr Fix It) 

Emptiness (Not unlike bottoming out - an exhaustion of support for pain of conflict)

Community (Presence of acceptance of what is, as it is - a basis for true shared appreciation & endeavour)

These are participatory states we can move through or recognise, as well as shifting between as individual and community of shared endeavour. The experience of love as embodied life is often where the mind interjects as attempt to grasp - ie "I never want to lose this - I want this to last" - which compunds a sense of self-lack to crytalise the forms, image and associations rather than the blessing of being freely aligned. While this immediately shifts the quality of the experience, many are phished until sometime downstream where conflict with reality, is interpreted in way to reinforce invested self-image rather than revise or reevaluate our invested 'worldview' or strategy-habit of thought and response. The key to all this - perhaps - is to be with or in conscious recognition of where we are in any given moment. We think to come from our peace when we are angry at being disturbed, or from a threat that is no longer active but triggered by association etc. Have a Good Day

Monday, 11 April 2022

China Shanghied by Bio Fear?

 in response to the themes in:


Gain of Function is popularly assigned to weaponised 'viruses' rather than weaponised 'solutions' to naturally occurring biological processes false flagged to such agents.
So the genetic technology is a vector. However gene theory set a narrative for vast global investments that did not pay off in terms of hyped or projected cures. What to do? Keep it going as cancer therapy where iatrogenesis is hidden within results of 'standard of care', while reinventing it as a function for a new form of fast track 'vaccination' run from defined & patented genetic licences.
Viruses never were actually discovered in life, nor proven to be the vector of what is interpreted as infectious diseases. But genetics came to the rescue as a means by which to no longer require looking - along with a shift from clinical empirical science to modelling via biomarkers assigned as (adjustable) data points to the process of management of sickness (healthcare). The idea of inserting genetic material into a living cell is the very replication of the idea of the 'virus theory', and various methods have been developed to effectively rape or violate a cell - including the use of nanotechnology - which is a vast realm of global investment with vast promise for a huge range of applications including 'medical' - including biological testing and 'drug delivery'. While the PR for the Graphene and biotech industry reads and can be seen as science fiction written into living creatures, this is essentially the public face and particularly for fellow scientists or investors. Again its principles emulate the theory of the virus as an exogenous hacking of bio-function but go further in maintaining this as effected by signalling that is reciprocal - that is an Internet of Bodies.
What can be firmly verified on empirical principles rather than within appeals to authority operating out of a black box of effectively spun out defence projects to the corporate sector is a work in progress, but it is well to note that if the target BELIEVES the threat real, their reactions can be frames so as to induce them to self-destructive behaviours.
Covid should prove this point beyond any doubt unless still struggling within the identity conflict it sets its target in. Once identity is heavily invested in a course of defence, recognising and releasing the error becomes a path at odds with an active self-defence - and so can only occur when the error becomes completely inescapable against a reality that can no longer be 'framed' as an ongoing 'battle'.
The Military Industrial Complex in all its broad spectrum dominance of social institutions depends on 'ongoing battle' no less than its branch of 'Medical Industrial monopoly'.

Ways to hack biology: starve it, poison it, and diagnose the result as authoritative nocebo - ie : now you have irrevocable gene damage/incurable disease etc.
For cells you cannot nocebo - but the cloaking of toxic or foreign protein in hydrogel (cell water is gel water) employs electrochemical principles for breaking through the cell's integral condition so as to insert a trojan intent - regardless whether well intentioned or malicious. The story is the same archetypal pattern as goes back to our mythic representation of 'Fall' to a conflicted and alienated state of driven behaviours set in lack,   shame, masking attack and irrevocable guilt.

Tuesday, 5 April 2022

Spiked by Narrative Interjections

in response to the themes in:


The s-protein is the core component™ around which the 'solution' is based.
Gene based tech is then purposed to induce cells to make s-protein, so as to then induce antibody response, as a novel means to 'immunize' according to the idea that antibodies confer specific immunity to specific diseases.
Inserting genetic material requires 'transfection' or the breaking into or hacking of the cell boundary by PEG coated payloads.
Notably reproducing the hijack and reproduction of coded results  in a mechanism presumed to occur 'naturally' as infection.
As a sceptic of invested stakeholder narrative leveraging spun out of defence to biotech™, I expect the payloads are undisclosed nanoscale experimentation for the kind of 'applications' touted by the nano biotech industry and generally introduced into many pharma drugs and biological testing.
The Germ theory didn't pan out as expected & invested, so genetics came to its rescue. Genetic miracle cures didn't pan out expected profits either, it was kept on life support as cancer therapy where failure doesn't actually show up - any more than AZT for HIV 'test' diagnosis. Graphene is one among many facets and components of yet another huge investment drive, not just for profits but for utilising extended controls but remote and real-time monitoring
How much of any 'Sell' to investors is hyped up confidence trick supported by psyoperated Media (& WHO driven) lockstep?
So last but not least the nocebo.
Who amidst the covidan cult era can doubt the power of the mind? Those who manipulate minds dont!
Injected people are being programmed to believe they are time bombs set to go off. On top of all the contagion fears & social exclusion fears.

BTW T cells clear up dysfunctional cells. No need to 'attack' them. Pathological projections permeate a weaponised 'biology' that simply does its thing as best it can with what it has - regardless the self-destructive behaviours of an identity complex running as if in control of life.

Monday, 28 March 2022

Principles and Principalities beneath scripted narratives

in response to the themes in:


When you write or speak we are 'this or that' or 'I am this or that' you are giving a word of definition, that you both teach and learn.
Nearly all commentators are focused in the 'world' as seen through narrative identity, and this will always say much about the commentator and perhaps something about the world - but filtered and ruled by judgements.
A war of Principalities is at a higher or more fundamental level to which we perceive results as if causes or agents in their own right.
Errors or uncorrected fallacies at a fundamental level rule out a true or whole appreciation such that partial truths are taken as ultimate or fixed and untruths are taken as true. Such active ignorances effectively attack, deny and undermine our awareness of truth, of life, our self and each other.
This can also be looked at as separation conflicts or trauma, that remain unhealed under masking denial, to actively but unknowing rule and filter our thought, perceptions and responses.
Look at how we seek and find identity relative to conflicts, coercions and deceits as an automatic reaction, and so are delivered to such deceits because we are not consciously responsible for our own thought.
Narrative identity becomes masking persona becomes a sense of lack driven to seek externally for validation , reinforcement and support.
These are the stories we are constantly running or referring to within our own mind as well as in collective cultural scripts.
That our reality is a psycho-physical expression of spiritual qualities - indeed love - is to say it is all about love. But what we seek to substitute from a sense of lack of love is a manipulative mimicry of forms of communication and exchange that mask a lack in seeming virtues or contracts and exchanges as attempt to organise or manage conflict and risk of threat in fear of pain and loss.
The masking and control mind is progressively unmasking itself and unable to maintain its sense of continuity, and so is driven to increase control & expose itself loveless and therefore meaningless in truth, in the unwillingness to release invested self-illusion.
We can see the pattern out there, but I invite bringing it home to where our realm of fractal responsibility for wholeness in all abides, for love is ours to receive and extend - but for the ruling out of a gaslighting narrative that we can learn to recognise and disregard.
The still small voice of a true discernment within all that is, remains as loud as our willingness to listen. We have taught and learned a world where love comes to struggle, suffer, sicken and die such as to internalise and crystallise the thinking that be-lives it as the mortal human condition, rather than a deep set conditioning.
We are and have the power to teach and learn differently, by releasing a false sense of self-protective futility to a presence of life revealing. This does not support our dependency on prediction and control and so it seems a void and is avoided by minds set in structure.
But there is another and better way to see than by a gaslight darkly. The pain of futility helps to loosen the grip of habits that ran unseen, so as to release energy and attention to the grace of noticing and the wonder that questions as a movement of intimate curiosity.
Problem solving can be addictively compelling but before Abraham was, I Am.
Prior awareness is not a commodity resource for private exploitation, but if you insist, and you can, you receive in the measure of your giving but do not recognise your own participation in an ill outcome. And so true principals are lost to conditional expediencies that perpetuate rather than release from conflict in ever new 'solutions'.

Monday, 21 March 2022

The pathology is in the adopted and invested model

in response to the themes in:

(Malcolm's article is a wry and witty reflection on the state of pharmaceutical medicine (sic).

 My response:

The pathology is in the adopted and invested model.
Hence the blind watchmaker 'finds' mechanisms to provide gain of function to the protection racket that retains the term 'cure' for attracting investment and sales PR as code for future profits, and the proverbial carrot on a stick.
A materialistic model for life, biology or health is at best a systemic conflict/risk reduction modelling to which life is then sacrificed under the high priests of The Science.
The same could be said of geopolitics in reference to risk of loss of profits, assets and possession of those whose economic models embody an entropic conflict set in scarcity - and generate such, just as allopathic pharma generates sickness, disease and death.
The psycho physical nature of biology is being revealed by the intent to hack the biofield.
When the great gene promise failed its global stakeholders, they doubled down in it biomarker basis for new narratives to exploit, while covering for the failure to actually find viruses in sick people. While incorporating the other side of biotech - of biofield hacking. I may add that the spontaneous organisation of the electromagnetic structuring and function of blood in vivo underlies all chemical interactions right down to nanoscale particles and nano-current signalling. It is also in 'concert' with cosmic weather or solar fluctuations to the exogenous terrain to our planet's 'cellular membrane' which is principally an electromagnetic phenomena.
In time, we will shift from a force based model of life to a resonance based model for life. Perhaps now, perhaps one now at a time, perhaps as a result of releasing the attempt to force perceived symptoms of dysfunction, into fitting a pathological model.
Iatrogenic disease is not a side effect, but a direct consequence of abnegated responsibility in both physician and patient. - much of which is a culturally conditioned 'freedom' to persist in self-illusion while masking over evidences that - if addressed honestly - would invalidate the model and treatment protocols.

Friday, 18 March 2022

Contagion fear hijacks our mind to lay our lives to waste

in response to the themes in:



What we assign, assume or falsely flag to pathogenic infection usurps any true account, and therefore any true healing or corrections to what is actually a pathological mindset.

Contagion fear is cultivated as the basis for funding & controls extending to genetic definitions that remake life in the image of a bio INsecurity state - 'War on pathogen', as yet another psyop that DOES hijack and lay waste!

This is no medical or scientific endeavour, but deep and long standing gain of function research that re-frames functional life or response to challenge & imbalance pathologically, such as to break down and override natural boundary conditions, communications and relationships.

The WHO is set to assume power over all UN signatories on its assertion of 'pandemic'.

Contagion fear running as a stakeholder to its own invested captivity, delivers us to such an evil in exchange for a grotesque and absurd parody of masking virtue.

The nature of soul-sickening corruptions is such as to invoke a deeper honesty of question - and answer, than invested or indeed captive identity ever allowed before. This does step out of the 'world we know' or thought to know. Unmasking does involve a sense of exposure to fears that can in their moment seem compelling and real. But investment by reaction sets them as beliefs, and as basis for habit or conditioned response of accepted identity.

'The science' can be called to question with regard to narrative manipulations, but the underlying terrain is psychic-emotional fear, set in masking defences. This is a spiritual responsibility, not the result of something 'out there' intent on breaking in, taking you over and laying you and your life to waste. But look! - this is exactly what our fear generates by its defences!