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Is there any reason to believe this higher reality is anything other than malevolent?

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& there must be a higher reality underlying physical realities, and the latter is simply a function of the former.

Is there any reason to believe this higher reality is anything other than malevolent?

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I am a student of the Gnostic scrolls from 3rd AD found at Nag Hammadi Egypt in 1945, and I believe that some of them are on the mark and some misleading. All are difficult to understand. To answer your question, I believe that the reality we are trapped in currently and which we get recycled through life after life is under a psychopathic predator force called the demiurge. However the creator of the universe, of which each human contains a spark (fractal) of its spirit, is vastly benevolent. I also believe that the famed tunnel from near death experiences is an astral entrance to a figurative roach motel leading to the demiurge s recycling center, and the trick is to escape his reality to the greater reality, which in theory is possible but difficult. Since you asked and for what it is worth.

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However the creator of the universe& is vastly benevolent.

What is the basis for this assertion?

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I don t know - why limit Unconditional love to ‘vastly’ .

But consider you are supported in having any experience you call forth, knowingly or via a back door of deniability.

Nothing is denied you or forbidden.

But by YOUR word is your freedom to give and receive. (In the measure of your giving).

Would a Nanny state Universe that protected you by locking you down, be more benevolent than the gift of freedom to accept and share truth by which to Know Thyself truly? or a Lord it over tyranny of conditional compliance OR ELSE!!!

The old idea was of a Creator apart from Creation which was messed up in our terms by guilt and penalty and which is given a Reset instead of a Rest, every time Consciousness starts to restore our right mind.

But an integral Universe can be as benevolent as can be, and yet experienced as treachery, if the freedom of the mind by which you see is itself set in treachery. It takes one to know one. This is recognising feedback rather than selecting only what a mindfilter is set to accept.

el Gallinazo

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As I mentioned, primarily from the Nag Hammadi scrolls but also from many other experiences and research in my life. I am afraid you cannot fact check it however, and I now realize that your question was rhetorical and rather an assertion.

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The scrolls that you just described as follows: some of them are on the mark and some misleading.

So in other words, you pick and choose what to believe from them.

So they are not a basis of such belief, but are rather a source from which one might be able to cherry-pick support for virtually any contention, which is a pre-existing belief.

Got it.

Me to Fact Checker

What you got is an infection ;-)

Running on beliefs operating invisibly as the normal conditions assigned as reality does NOT know its own cognitive dissonance and protects such a lockdown mind of asserted reality, by uncovering and invalidating the belief-reality-choices of others as a means to dictate the narrative.

This infection is contagious, and once you take it in, you are taken in. No blame. Its experience is valid within our own learning.

The entire spectrum of all experience is a source from which anyone can cherry pick for self-reinforcement.

Because this has been psychologically determined to operate does not exempt the psychologist from his own diagnosis.

You are considerably more likely to find what you are looking for, and that choice also determines what you are looking with or through. Therefore, transparency to self as to what we are moved to seek and find or align in as purposeful or an expression of meaningful endeavour such as joy in being along the line of our particular themes or proclivities, is the discernment of the receptive, and the willingness to align in the movement of the recognisably true desire. How to know truth from self-illusion? That s a good starting question to use to recognise and release self-illusion to the current readiness and willingness to abide.

If you merely think about what you already think, you loop as if actually taking thought from the source nature of thought, when it runs as a derivative adulteration and substitution for true Currency (Presence).


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I really don t think you got jack. It s not about blind/ arbitrary belief but lived and heart-felt experience. The content of the scrolls is 100% garbage unless one has their own mystical insight to refer to and an understanding of the historical context (the scrolls were almost certainly hidden to protect them from destruction as they were found in an obscure goat herder s cave).

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The content of the scrolls is 100% garbage unless one has their own mystical insight&



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David Bohm has a lot to offer that isn t just using the quantum ideas as a reinforcement for imaginative and entertaining stories.

A newish documentary Infinite Potentials is on YT and worthy of watching in my opinion.

There is the same pattern in science generally of being whored to the funding that is invested in the model that is become too big to fail (because it already has but that cannot be officially accepted) and so modelling operates to serve framed and shaped focus of funding and endeavour.

Believing and climbing into their own models, that require ongoing sacrifice to save is selling them to an increasingly dumbed, numbed or disinterested population. Leaving them nothing but raw and open deceit and coercion to save their world as mainstreamed to any mind it can hind susceptible enough to hijack.

I hold synchronicity to be instant that is not within the time function at all.

If you need time to understand this you have to get out of sync to have the think, in which to see you already knew it.

Interesting that the term spin is applicable to quantum effects and entanglements and sub atomic components of a whole, that All the king s horses and all the king s men wont be able to put together again, but which when we stumble upon the truth, will be recognised as already true. That s what discovery really means. Not a flag or a patent of a feather in the cap.

el Gallinazo

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Yes, David Bohm was one of the great geniuses of the 20th century. I agree that the velocity of entanglement is infinite, but that is impossible to prove experimentally. 10,000 times the speed of light is a good start.

Me to el Gallinazo

Infinite is not scalable ie the scales extrapolated from a 'subset' such as velocity only apply within the subset of such an 'explication'.

So Infinite is neither big or small - being the Source and true nature of All.

As a totality of potential vectors (and composites of interacting vectors), an infinity of expression opens as awareness of existence. We are accustomed to see expression in temporal terms, as a result of the nature of identifying in object consciousness or object persistence, as if this is the only 'real' reality. However the non-physical is clearly of an 'arising spontaneity', in which a whole rises to awareness in all its parts - and not as a Humpty Dumpty narrative that predicates identity within a broken wholeness that then drives it to regain its 'Paradise' or Golden Age' - that truly represents an inner outer balance, alignment and wholeness of expression, but is associated with symbols that gave meaning to our first sense of resonance - but through the experience of losing it or getting in our own way and struggling to increasing identity entanglements - and ... here we are ;-)

Resonance - as I understand, is one communication through all instances of its receptive. That the communication then takes different forms at different scales, mediums and conditions is part of life's rich tapestry. In some sense I see this level as energetic signatures of qualities that operate physically or quasi physically, as information domains that pattern or structure what we call physical existence - through which Infinity beholds Itself in ever new and expanding perspectives. What we posit in time may simply be a series of steps of adjustments in which our ability to perceive motion as cause and effect in sequence, translates a 'higher level' of cause and event as one.

Resonance opens a synchronicity in which the normal divisions of our experience are transcended in place - that is we don't 'go anywhere elese' so much as shift or release to a higher or more embracing perspective.

I suggest that we cannot see what we do not believe or at least actively believe against, and so there is no way to 'get anyone' or ourselves to see what we are unready or unwilling to see. This even holds true for empirically verifiable falsifications of an accepted model ;-)

Did you watch the documentary? It revealed that Bohm was blackballed for undermining the 'random' level of quantum theory in a way that no one could find fault with. And so it was - by top down edict - ignored.

However the discovery is a seed that can sometimes gestate for a long period until the conditions for its acceptance 'synchronise' with re-discovery.

When truth is denied, those who persist are those who are truly moved and who love (resonate) with truth - albeit under the radar or away from 'Herod's fear of threat to power' - (domains of identity set in structures that block or filter and distort receptivity, so as to operate as closed systems with an Open Universe).

While the expression of One Thing Going On takes infinite forms, there are underlying commonalities that reveal as fractal patterns at all scales. Pattern recognition also having the quality of a resonant match as intuitive recognition of the whole revealing through the part.

I watched an Asian ensemble playing music that I could not at the time make sense of - as it built up to drop away every time is 'achieved' what I felt was music I could move to. There is that in life that which flowers for the flowering and not to 'survive' or be possessed and defended against change. The Void or 'zero.point' of existence is not threatened by anything within its infinity of expression. But our awareness of our connection to Source is within our own realm of choice and responsibility, and the belief in disconnection triggers such trauma as provide the archetypes in which humanity experiences itself trapped, locked down and normalised to fear of pain of loss and death - set as structures of defence that distort and block our receptive. (Demi-urge - sounds like a split urge or conflicted purpose. Do you know its original derivation?).


a combining form appearing in loanwords from French meaning half (demilune), lesser (demitasse), or sometimes used with a pejorative sense (demimonde); on this model, also prefixed to words of English origin (demigod).

I'm sure the Nag Hamadhi scrolls are not in French - but I see the translators intent.

Thursday, 24 September 2020

Communication is the true ground of being - not infection or guilt 


What is important is not the mechanistic medium…

(Oh, I remember the days when the ‘printing press’ and the ‘publication of book’s was scorned as:


bound to make the population ‘dumber’ because they would no longer use their memories,

and all around the work of underhanded mountebanks! )

Books are obviously to blame for all social ills.

Or is the Authors who have the power?

There is a trade off.

Our forebears held almost the whole of their Way of Living in the living generation - who also had access to information in ways that we either do not, or do not trust - or actively fear.

The externalisation of a relational dialogue (ask and receive answer) for a coded set of symbolic meanings is a technological development that no longer operates within the constraints of a relational field, but within written and reinterpreted meanings that become self-referencing self-justifications for what can be called a base nature of lack-based 'getting' that is masked in coded virtues, so as to seem civilised in its appetites.

Infants would perhaps devour the world if it would fit in their mouth and 2-3 year olds commonly suffer greatly at not being able to rule the world.

But back to your point, the pattern I pointed to is the issue, not the book or the tool. However if something is specifically tooled to serve a control agenda, that proclivity will be in its structure from the bottom up, and its liabilities will operate through any but the most aware, who are the least likely to want to use it.

Structures set up to capture and marketise or subjugate, may be set up as honeytraps that witness what could be shared or achieved, but that was only to get the flies into the parlour.

If a dissociated and split mind set in lack-based 'getting' - to which it is blindly driven and dramatically engaged is the greed that is the root of all evil (because  there will never be enough of any thing to substitute for loss of the power of love), then all technologies can be subverted to marketising and weaponising for impact if our core cultural identity is forsaken for identity in grievance, that both fears reliving, and yet seeks vengeance from a sense of lack, and wound backed up with emotional intensity and locked in by guilt and blame.

Author-ity is power, but true power is always of a relational root - while a usurping authoritarian mindset operates from a dictate appealing to 'mysteries' by which to robe a lack of true substance in seeming expertise or knowledge.

If you are the authority in your own life, your word is command - not coercion, for a true command only witnesses to the willingness of the whole, while a coercive control seems to 'command' by fear, threats and promises.

As we do not create or author our own existence, we have no authority in and of ourselves alone, because we are not such a creature. And yet the attempt to take such a role and run with it always delivers us to a lockdowned, isolation from the very life that lives us - and yet we distrust, actively fear and attack it as some kind of contagion that would weaken our defences. Which in a sense is true because it would reveal they are a self-defeating and taxing burden no longer needed.

Power is in sharing - and even the lie of a sick and sinful unworthiness for love and life is given power by being 'shared' - although if there is no real meeting, there is no real sharing, and its power is sandboxed to the minds of the believers.

A newish term for this 'sharing' is resonance. For those who share of the qualities of life are in now way lesser for sharing them, and the more who share, the stronger and more integrative the consciousness of such a life.

If the usurping attempt to 'make life' in our own image operates on a manipulative set of filters and distortions, our true authority rests in being exactly who we are - without adding or taking away. This quality of transparency to life can happen gracefully despite all our defences, and yet we can learn to grow the conditions that do not block, but actively invite the 'contagion' of a truly shared being - in which our unique signature characteristics shine - because we are no longer masking against the light of a feared exposure.

Communication is the true ground of being - not infection, or guilt for muddying the channel with fears that self-replicate until truly owned.

The end of self-illusion, is not the end of the capacity to imagine, but the release of the wish to give such imaginations priority over Reality - which our human experience is always an uncovering of - as we are willing to receive ... according the the questions we hold in our hearts. When the mind overrides the heart and induces the heart to support its illusion, it is still the heart's allegiance and support that empower the acting out of the mind as experience. Therefore such thought has no power without the vibrational field of true desire - which in this world is love's fulfilment or recognition, through experience of polarised expression.

What would it be like if there were a different reality than what is?

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! (ROTFL!)

No - listen...

What would it be like if we made a different reality than what is, from which to explore and experience what isn't - AS IF it is?

The instant of a truly shared decision is where power is accepted and given.

An 'alien will' crept into the minds of those who thought to be as gods in a world of their own making. And yet nothing we make is wholly without some deeply hidden spark of life.

In choosing Not to use the means for denial of life, are those means repurposed to serve re-cognition and appreciation of life. This means free-willingly putting aside the mind we made to hide in - that we also keep hidden from a full awareness. The free will is a gift to share in. If you want for yourself alone you have to self-isolate under judgement that splits off to lock down and mask over. But whatever we choose sets the measure of our receiving, which is the gift of freedom - whether we use it to 'deny itself' or to extend the gift by which we know who we are.

Test the tests and the testers as well as the veracity of what is being tested for 

RT-PCR testing is NOT an antibody test.

It is primed with samples of genetic code supposedly unique to the (supposedly identified) virus it is set to seek for and register a match by a magnification of the results to the 'sweet spot' after which artefacts or noise drown the signal - which can be in our terms infinitesimal - hence NOT a measure of the amount of virus but an indicator of its presence.

It doesn't need a 100% match, and the parameters for how close a match is accepted as a match seem to vary but I have seen 80%.

It has been pointed out the the genetic difference between a human and a chimpanzee is 1%).

As the tests can use different primers, and be run a different number of times and take samples in different ways - perhaps under different procedures of rigorous isolation from contamination, they are THEMSELVES UNTESTED and simply not fit for the purpose they are being used for. A fact made public by one of its Nobel winning inventors and many others.

Yet even if the test was 100% accurate with no noise or error (impossible but I posit to make a point), the 'original code signature' of the virus is a composite of fragments woven back together by computer programs as a recreation of what the virus should look like if one could actually be definitively found and identified and shown to be the cause of disease.

The actual samples - of very very few Wuhan cases - were not so definitively identified, but rather 'located' in a mix of code fragments that could have and surely did contain all kinds of matters - such a broken down cellular debris (that the body of living cells and its agencies recycle and perhaps communicates through).

So there is no gold standard from which to derive reliable currency of fact. But as with the financial sector, there are 'priesthoods' of established elitism that 'look after us'.

The 'discoverers' of the novel thingamajig stated on the study that no proof of cause was claimed - not tested for. Everything you read from the 'magicians' is also a legal document of plausible deniability. That the WHO and media ran off with it so as to 'make' the hapless or 'power hungry' govs  force quit the system to roll out the long prepared regulations by which nothing moves or transacts without permission. At least without incurring loss of credits by which to be starved or squeezed down to compliance or death.

Those higher up the food chain buy a little time perhaps.

Antibody tests have a completely different set of shortcomings. Until HIV, they meant you were at least relatively immune because you'd had it. Now they also mean you are 'infected' regardless your health or freedom from clinical symptoms, vigour and functional integrity. As such you simply cannot be allowed out unless you have an up to date medication and vaccination passport - along with enough carbon credits. Similar variable apply to antibodies - which are NOT the key to immunity - as the T cell findings prove.

Test the tests and the testers as well as the veracity of what is being tested for.

But there is no funding or support for anything true, when the story has to hold up and serve it highly funded and supported purpose.

PS: I have no doubt an immense field of complexity can be thrown at anything anyone says, but if  I have missed or falsely represented anything of significance I remain a willing learner.

The End of Reality ;-)

The Void does not contradict anything.

Such is Unconditional embrace and support for even the most hollow parody of life.

As a wise book said recently - 

    "Everything is permissible, but not everything is beneficial..."

    "Everything is permissible, but do you still seek that which is untrue? If your answer is no, why do you still go after it by partaking of illusory thoughts? That which you think is that which you experience. If you have tired of the experience that is untrue, stop feasting on its thoughts. Let them pass by without tasting them".

Because we are Free(dom) we can contradict our own thought and as a split or divide and rule mind, operate the doublethink of illusory thought that has the nature or reactive, conditioned or machine thinking - under which Adam sleeps. The hollowing out of a mis-taken identity winds up in its prodigal wasteland. This in truth is the grace of the limit to pain, such that we cannot become locked in self-illusion forever, but at some point stir with a question that the mask CANNOT ask - not answer - but only strive to actively ignore.

Resting or yielding to the 'Void' - in the sense of 'no thing' we can step apart from to make word or definition of, is resting a miscreant mind to yield to our source-nature - from which our sense of self and world rise as a whole or a synchrony of thought, feeling, purpose and accomplishment. Until the mind-habit of possession and control kicks in and runs AS IF your true desire, (You), to manage your conflicted thought, perception and behaviours. For once we identify in image, we perceive imagery - as a 'screen reality' of thinking that has found an external technological replication in our current development OF the consciousness assigned to set 'face' as a masking over 'control'. Beholding reality is a true or resonant Participance. You cannot speak it - but that it Speaks You and all things through You - but not you as your are cast out to seem to be in division.

I was also a techno-avoider during its first phase of adoption. Whatever the hype of personal computing was - it was nothing resonant with life as i lived and grew by living.

I bought in in 1998 as a digital virgin - (apart from a word processing typewriter that I previously used to generate my own business stationary mouse-less and only a small screen for the typed text) - ostensibly to make my own brochures, but also a curiosity to uncover what it is in the context of the purpose I hold in life. Or whether and where or how this digital processing machine serves the Spirit. I didn't connect it to the Internet (Extranet? or Intern-Net?) for over a year which I used to learn of it in my own way, by exploration and experience of both intellectual and intuitive participation.

In short, Tolkien's vision  - while clothed in a fantasy form, has the nub of the matter - but Sauron (reptilian brain) is not 'out there' - any more than any else of the cast are truly cast out. Technologism, masks in science or reason, to serve possession and control - which is the underlying 'archetype' for a self raised OVER loss of control, loss of face, loss of love and loss of power.

We react to the meanings we have given the world we perceive. And such reaction is in large measure conditioned reflex or an internalised structure rendered invisible by its incorporation to our 'mind-as-defence' mechanism.

We may learn by reading the fruits, results or expression of our 'reality' experience when it is brought to the living 'territory' or Current-cy that it purports to symbolically define, model, unfold meaning of, or 'make sense of'.

That which resonates true is truly lived and shared in and one with all else true.

Nothing else truly is, but only seems to be, while we choose to delay accepting and aligning in who we truly are created to be - which is as ineffable as our Creator or Prime Radiance. Freedom as Imagination can only create along the line of its Thought, and as conflicted lines of thinking cannot know itself free.

How this shall unfold our world is our participating experience.

If we give priority to 'thinking' that has no resonance with All That Is - we put up masking or blocking signal against a Greater Communication. That this is within our Freedom does not mean it reflects freedom to contradict our Self, unless we realise that the conflicted world we see and expereince is a valid result to the 'inputs' of conflicted premises or and parameters.

Prisoners can jockey and fight for position and privilege within the prison so as to have relative freedoms or comforts set over their fellow inmates. Even 'Stockholm syndromed' worship and allegiance to their captor in exchange for a lead role in a cage - or at least set over someone else 'pushed down'. The resistance to freedom in the many who are both imprisoned and convicted poor, is of so long in chains as to trust nothing else to keep the little that they hath. While those who protect their status and position in 'wealth and privilege' will deny any light that would come nigh and dispossess them of the sense of possession they have learned to 'love' as power in a locked down world of deceits defeats and destruction.

Jesus said "Man was not made of the Law, but the Law was made for Man".

In his time the reversal of consciousness under fear operated a system that had become a prison and a sacrificial racket over the lives it was intended to serve.

Our 'systems' are still operating as if representing Authority in the world, but include the same corruptions that effect regulatory capture by which the guardians are transformed to prison guards. And though the forms are different, nonetheless his core message resonates true - regardless time and space, for it is of the Eternal that Speaks even in a world of deceits and death, not just in his witness, but in everything true - that has no-thing for you outside your Participance.

How to love in such a world?

Can be translated to reveal;

Love to release yourself from loveless habits.

Which is to first, seek and find anything truly resonant as a basis for living From a connected sense of life - rather than from a sense of lack masking in virtue and be-living the lie AS IF it saves your life.

The heat death of the 'virus' and the cycles of life 

(The commenters here prefer evidence based science rather than being hit by a stick or deceived by a study called 'the science'. So your not being understood needs to take into account an ongoing sense of being actively dis-informed or passively mis-informed under a masking in or presumption of science).

Patrick, If I understand you right, you are passing on scientific information that verifiably finds that temperature (ambient heat) is critical to the composition of what we are calling viruses and assigning the function of pathological infection vector. Such that at higher temperatures (summer), their composition breaks down as a protein covered fragment of RNA or DNA.

This also associates with the cooler (respiratory) regions being the receptive terrain to taking in and perhaps replicating such 'biological information' - as I prefer to call it.

I feel this is a worthy facet to an understanding of seasonal detoxifications that use the lung (and snot and sweat) as a means of elimination. (That is of course my current way of seeing this ;-)

The vit D also comes into seasonality and focus on 'covid' has shown it to be a primary factor in 'susceptibility' and criticality of symptoms.

The harnessing of predictable events by a priesthood seeking to retain control via fear and superstition is an old pattern, but still in use. Much of the covid exercise is  harnessing that people get respiratory disease and that this - or complications arising from this in end of life situations gives the seasonal peak in the distribution of natural deaths - that as far as I know is the pattern of life on Earth.

The study of the external 'causes' or conducive conditions, can only go so far because the receptivity to taking in and replicating the information (RNA etc) is more than merely contact - and that is the realm of 'immunity' or susceptibility - or perhaps the need or functional activation of information because it has a resonant 'fit' to the receiving organism.

The latter is 'health' as true function, rather than as a surviving fragment of 'health-under-threat'.

The latter is as if the fight-flight response is permanently switched on - as a psychic-emotional loop of self-reinforcement. Our broken view of health is one that breaks everything to 'understand' it in terms of prediction and control.

The science that does not fit or serve the dominant or establishment narrative is not given funding or acceptance if it threatens an already active investment of predictive controls. The investment is not in veracity of truth, but in the currently accepted identity. The identity is that which gives us place, fitting, and meaning to the world in which we live our experience. Self-assigned identity operates to fit life and experience to its rules and filters.

I don't know if I can 'save lives', but life we have can be saved from being wasted under mis-identification that runs as 'normal' because no one has truly questioned the basis from which they think. (Fear or the split of mind). I don't believe the 'renewing of our mind' is a reset operating as the destruction of the old.

The idea of redemption is that of bringing in our alloyed, adulterated or false ideas, and having them refined, purified or saved back to the original of their derivation, or undone of error - such as to be refreshed or restored to the qualities of living presence rather than mental derivatives (or derivatives). So while in a sense a 'Reset' is inevitable as a natural cyclic period of compression, the fear of it as retribution or catastrophic is the view from within invested illusions - that are the baggage to be released - freely - in the timing of the recognition they no longer anything that you could want.

Sufficient are such opportunities of the day thereof. 

Presuming to know locks down the mind 

“Generally speaking, there is much we do not understand about this virus and its effect on our bodies. We know it isn’t good. Most all of us believe whatever it is we need to believe, generally speaking”.

The politically correct and fund-attracting 'knowing' that these effects assigned to a virus are directly resulting from it, is  based on assumption.

It would be scientifically correct to acknowledge that there is so much we do not understand about how biology functions as a whole, as well as in its parts in relation to the whole - and even specifically the causes of the symptoms showing in the very tiny percent of those who have the post respiratory infection 'pneumonia-like' complications.

But we know flu vaccinations can modify or disrupt the underlying immune function, as well as good reason to suspect contaminants in such vaccines interacting with the natural response to a coronavirus infection.

Which by the way suggests that such 'infection' is an evolved and belonging functional response to conditions, and not the condition in itself causing effects.

Adequate vit D levels and other simple nutrients along with taking steps against toxic exposure loads would address this 'world stopping problem'. As would enlightened compassionate but firm nursing of the health. Not the sickness.

The covid ID - as a hacked mind in the many, WANTS to attract and weave itself into any and everything to reinforce and validate itself - as if it is You!

One day - (or in an afterlife review) - you look back and wonder how on Earth (or rather in the model running in its name) did you exchange your connected or right mind, for a locked down mind of a one way communication - which is not then communion but programming as bio-machinery. How does a thought 'hijack' its cell, so as to take over all systems and replicate itself?

Perhaps the cell has to repurpose from symbiotic alignment in a whole, to a prison of disconnection.

Anyone can make their own observations, follow their questions and test their theories with regard to honest self-evaluation, so as to release obstructive or taxing baggage and grow in coherent perspective.

But only the technical class of a highly trained  and framed set of perspectives and procedures can claim to dispense 'knowledge' by which the wheels of the world are turned.

Stepping back and looking with new eyes is the last thing that happens if the shock value sets the mind in reaction as a survival issues set in such terms.

If indeed we are in some sort of 'end time' of an epoch or civilisation or similar - then we are arriving at the last thing we are willing to look at by dint of having tried to look everywhere else first.

Curiously the idea that 'something out there is going to get you' is both a threat and a promise. Truth can never leave you, and there is the promise, but feared truth always seems to be trying to break back in and destroy our mask of separating self-isolation, set into rules and conditions for sharing or communication. Fear of Life masks us in fear of death. What death is  - or is not - remains to be uncovered at our 'end-time', but truly opening to life is to open to a timeless quality of knowing that has no 'leverage' or intercourse with a leveraging or manipulative mind. However, in a quality of joy or connected heart and mind, we are moved to endeavour that of itself serves a whole, and is whole. It is not the self-evidence of functional wholeness that needs calling into question, so much as the intent and attempt to leverage or bias it to serve private agenda at expense of the whole. (Which motive arises from doubting or questioning our existence itself and thus exchanging Communication for manipulatable data that seems to have to be managed and controlled for 'self' survival - as the lens through which a Promethean light is projected.


What we learn from this pandemic for the next, which will come,
is to protect the vulnerable and let nature take its course,
not to say physical distance, hygiene, & masks might be used.
How long does it take to ID the vulnerable & who is safe?
In 2009 pandemic, it was the young most vulnerable, not the old.
That was true in the 1918 pandemic, too, wasn’t it?

What exactly are you talking about Dan?

The media pandemic by which corporately 'partnered' governments so over-reacted as to be inconceivably destructive to our way of life... ah - there's the rub - or rather the intent to rub out a way of life.

Normal has been 'cancelled'.

The new conditioning is in progress - 'nudge nudge - know what I mean!'

You clearly believe what you think you need to believe - but I ask you'

What could possibly go right?

Hyped up 'pandemics' are a tool or means of milking, leveraging and reprogramming the fearful, as a cover story over toxic policy and practice, running wilfully blind and self-serving agenda.

Deaths by all causes occur as part of a life in form. Cells that refuse to release back into the whole within their natural or functional part of the whole are called cancerous - as if no longer part OF and one with the host that is now fed upon.

You don’t want to see that almost all of the death you bandy stats on are part of the natural cycle – even if they occurred under unnatural social and political circumstances.
I don’t WANT your idea of ‘protection’ and do not accept and believe your idea of threat and harm. To let Nature take her course is to be in our own nature as aligned purpose. As with the idea of mid-wiving or nursing the health of ourselves and each other. 

But pathological thinking has no room in it for a true Health or wholeness of being alive, here and now, and so translates it as 'risk of disease and death'. As I understand from Malcolm the latter is 100%. But here now - in the moment at hand  and alive I witness 0% risk of death. 

Fear of pain and loss can rob us of the live we have and of it natural and rightful unfoldment AS a humanly lived and shared existence.

Predictive planning has rightful place within the whole, but to lose your Soul for a computer model is set in false premises, following false profits to a false outcome. No amount of force or cunning suggestions will change the premises from which your 'model' operates. It is not your humanity - but while you have human consciousness you have choice. Fear may tell you what to think, but you are the one that chooses to listen.

No - it was not true in 1918 - and there is no truth in your flawed nudgements.

Saturday, 19 September 2020

Open and unmasked use of fear as 'protection' against fear becomes unworkable

 The separation-device operates to mask the fear without undoing it, and so a bubble of control is maintained around a narrative that shifts and changes - but always to evade questioning or disclosing the core of control set over fear.

So the ego or masked sense of self, operates a self contradiction of fear seeking protection and a protection racket of fear and threat applied to everything and anything that keeps you listening to it - for such is the only life it has. It thus speaks to you as IF the only life you have. Its lack of substance underlies your lack of faith or trust in your existence - and so while there may be periods of success in keeping fear from conscious awareness, they are punctuated by reminders that 're-prime the pump' or reset the narrative, such as to defend against disclosure of what the mask is made to hide, and hide in. 

The internalisation of narrative beliefs, 'becomes us' - for the masking structure of whatever strategies are acted out, becomes invisible in social reinforcement as normal.

Any behaviours can thus be trained or conditioned to become normal. But that does not make them natural or aligned with who we are. The contradiction of social demands and conditioned compliance with who we are is itself a source of fear, for the 'world' we take as our 'reality' is a bubble that disintegrates or is transformed by awareness in truth - in which a wholeness of being reveals incongruity of thought, perception and response.

The willing alignment to a re-evaluation of self and world is a healing of the mind and of our relationships with ourselves and our world. But in a 'normal' that defends against true messengers in fear of change as pain of loss, the pressure of denials demands ever more resources and indeed sacrifice of the living, to maintain a face of 'control' that masks over trauma revisited. For the 'patterns' of our personal and social adaptations are sets of learned behaviours, much of which was in our formative experience - prior to the development of the mind of self-reflective reasoning or choice. 

The obvious and unmasked use of fear as 'protection' against fear becomes unworkable. It cannot hold allegiance or believability, and the nature of the device becomes more starkly revealed as coercive deceit in which we are more invested than we think. The emotion-backed coercive mind can terrorise, to set a lie over truth, but cannot make it true.

Truth requires nothing be added or taken away to be itself.

Separation from truth is a self-contradiction running in compelling emulation 'as if' its exposure is our damnation or utter undoing. But passing through fears demonstrates such fear is unfounded, while reinforcing investment in protecting them from awareness buys delay at cost of true fulfilment now.

As a collective 'breakdown' we are experiencing something like the fall of the tower of Babel.

The mind and world fragment into polarised compartments of broken communication.

If a Temple should fall, its lack of foundation is revealed. That we can engage somewhat gracefully in a process of change contrasts with, kicking and screaming all the way. But how we arrive at acceptance is not a determining of truth so much as willingness to re-evaluate our priorities in the fact of lack of support for our old thinking, perception and response - which runs 'subconsciously' as if to escape the leading edge of freedom to be the expression of a true fulfilment. For we have all experienced pain of a world that betrays us and sought never to allow such again into a heart - withdrawn and withholding from life as 'protection' from fear at our core.