Monday 20 November 2023

An alternate reading of inheritances

An alternate reading of inheritances

in response to the themes in:

(actually to themes in the comments)


An alternate reading of inheritances:
What we resist, persists.
What we disregard fades from non use.
The patterning of physical & biological structure is assigned 'laws' in our genetically based evolutionary backstory of a materially determined focus in object continuity.
Workability is integral to function. So that our intent or desire to focus in experience as a specific representation or embodiment of significance, value and meaning is a functional consciousness within an infinite or unbounded field of probabilities drawn from 'potential' both of 'past & future' - which thus shift the gestalt of the framing consciousness through which a 'self' & a world of selves, arise as if 'self-existing' separate organisms.
That we acknowledge shared Biome reflects a shared life in terms of the edge of our visible structures, yet all perception is an organised selectivity that - like quantum probabilities - has collective predictabilities when we generalise and normalise rather than engage the specific directly - as a unique expression of the Field - that we each are as well as participate in.

My point is to notice our framing assumptions or ideas that have practical of commonplace usage - but are not directly participating in the field of aligning our current appreciation of meaning or value-fulfilment in both significance and gratitude for being.
Group-think is a habit that goes along to get along within a world of masking over back-grounded conflicts to persist a past onto a present into a future - or continuity of self-imaged meanings, as identity-complex given permission to run as 'subconscious' framing for the life we are choosing now (knowingly or as determined by narrative or mythic identity.

There's nothing but reality to experience - but we cannot define without a representational image or concept of 'What Is'. Where we 'come in' to our sense of self & world will thus shape all experience that derives from it. The release or 'death' of an identity pattern opens multiple perspectives as an integrative consciousness of resonant compassion - in place of exclusive identity struggle. Resonance is a quality of being - that can be framed by hindsight to object continuity, but is qualitative & thus the field of energy information as consciousness that we assign to levels of shifting judgement.

Thursday 16 November 2023

Action & Reaction?

Action & Reaction?

 in response to the themes in:



For every action there is an equal & opposite reaction, allowing for dampening effects within the situational context - -(NB I also appreciated not using the cybernetic term 'system' there).
The 'users' of systems are contextual in terms of shifting or flipping polarities - as in being used while ostensibly identifying as a user. Such shifts are interesting moments or momentum shifts of perspective but the dependency & complementarity of polarities runs beneath the cat & mouse driven development of strategies for control or domination - as distinct from symbiotic functional resonance - the 'win-win' of unfolding coherence as contrasting with 'win-lose' of polarising exclusive identity- the cyclic boom & bust of a rotational torque of a cancel 'culture'.

What we resist, persists.
I appreciate your expansion to underlying principles.
War on 'whatever' is THE way to feed and grow the thing ostensibly being cancelled.
The lure of a fake virtue as gain of function is 'follow the credits' or in the same arena of charge - escape the debit - to someone somewhere else.
The fear of loss can drive an insanity just as can a magical wish to gain.
It's the human ego-thing given permission to run in our name.

The use of tech or the identity of Technos seeks & is possessed by technical 'solutions' to relational conflicts whose inner conflict are thus projected out as weighted judgements setting forced inclusion & exclusions externally. As a result the resort to narrative control as the distribution of blame/exclusion & credit/inclusion. "Permission to associate, move, buy or sell (live)" according to 'WHO says?'
Does such a structurally programmed tyranny induce a shift of consciousness by which consciousness can feel & know itself conscious - because the winding up of 'control' is robotising a 'screen' dissociation of 'selfie-ism' as a fragmented id in its own (externally derived) movie adaptation?

What we choose to leave un-used fades by non use.


Saturday 11 November 2023

From Scapegoating to Gaslighting Psychosis

From Scapegoating to Gaslighting Psychosis


 I don't usually transfer my twitter/X output to blog but here's an exception:


1. While some of us are opening eyes that see,
the nature of structural tyranny remains the basis for 'seeing' only as dictated by the 'survival' of its mythically framed identity, relative to false accusation of guilt & penalty of 'justified' collective sacrifice.
2. Accusation of one's own sins in the other runs such a survival mechanism, in escaping them to the goat.
The intent to manually 'lead' the mind of social 'following' becomes a mindset of deceit; the psyop seeking gain of possession & control function by the projection of guilt
3. Corruption of power hides & yet reveals itself in who & what is not allowed to be spoken or brought to question. The question of guilt & penalty of ritual violence is set by grievance, made sacred to the glory now assigned to victory of war & death over life as arbitrary power

in response to:

Prominent anti-lockdown critics like Murray said some useful stuff. Now, he is spouting utter gibberish. Herein lies the danger of "following" anybody. We should always listen to each other but you are the only leader that counts in your life. Your opinions are yours alone.

TalkTV: (Douglas Murray tells Julia what he thinks is the main driver of antisemitism in the West in recent years.

"It's been from the importing of millions of people from the Muslim world.")

Thursday 9 November 2023

Remembrance - Grievance or Blessings?

Remembrance - Grievance or Blessings?


in response to the themes in:

Neil Oliver: ‘Remember’


Social masking of collective violence runs as part of the nature or nurture of systemic conflicts seeking solution by sacrifice.
Competing for possession and control rooted in fear of dispossession and loss of face - as a direct result of identity in image or symbol - idol substitution for a living relationship.
Live not by lies! - is very laudable, but if we are born into a world where truth meets rejection - do we not each grow a mask for surviving, learning and making or supporting such a world as is our survival?
The lie given power or priority as filtered and ruled permission to think & speak or move - demands sacrifice of truth.
Self-illusions have coasts (oops - but also yes boundary conditions) - but Self-illusions have COSTS in terms of true function - or joy in living.
The dream of a gain of function breaks down to a nightmare entrapment in a machine of death - be that physical or hollowing out of the living to a ghastly parody of life.

It is my faith or intuition that our Holy Spirit - Wholeness of truth masked over but never lost - harvests all that is true from what we live. This Is my beloved!
The sanctity often assigned to the dead is a reflection of the intuiting of the love that they lived (and are) regardless the faults or confusions of a conflicted human existence.
Giving or releasing to God (under any or no name) is the receiving O God - The Comforter is not a 'feel-good' self medication but a restoration and renewal of heart in life - with the love that Is integrally part of who we are.

It is the nature of the masking over conflict to hide in the form or appearances of virtue, and to protect its hiding place in the name of virtue by accusing its exposure to the sin of the Messenger. So the 'glorious sacrifice' for whatever symbols are held up draws on the sanctity of love for support and protection.
And in some ways, the pattern of ritual sacrifice for ongoing survival is part of what has brought us to the freedom to recognise the difference between freely given love in action, and coercive gaslighting to guilted 'virtue signalling' by which to save the Appearances of the established order.

But war masking as righteous serves only the continuity of war by other means. The post WW1 treaty primed the WW2 primed the World Order that few are aware of as a continuation of the same - though is that not revealing just as a WW3 looms as a world reset to locked down dictates under false gods?

Every time awareness grows toward a breakthrough to healing - terrorism claims its own. But we do not 'come here' to 'survive' or to be in 'control'.
But to live and share in the unfolding or our being - as an experience & exploration of all that we are - through the human experience - which doesn't just happen to a subjected victim, nor is it just as we think, claim or believe it to be. We are active participance - perhaps phished by compelling self-illusions set on Plato's Screen of projected Idols?

As we think in our hearts so shall we be-live. Mind-manipulations work to deny the feelings of pain, loss, rage, shame, apathy in exchange for an unconsciousness.
But all these are the fragmented result of a loss of true enthusiasm - joy in living. How to realign but right now - right this instant - without a thought?
When the Game is no longer worth the candle - will we consent to die, fight the dying light or put it behind us in the decision to give light to truth revealed that we do not manufacture?

I has a closing thought on the empty tomb - a bit like Fort Knox. A bit like Jesus.
To let the dead bury the dead is to accept and embrace the living - in Spirit.
If we use the Past as a burden or grievance by which to stamp on the face of the living - is that choosing to live the love that creates new ways to be that honour what we have been rather than demonise and deny the hates that then run dark as shadows of masked & loveless agenda?


Friday 3 November 2023

The Map is Never the Territory; the Model is Never the Reality


The Map is Never the Territory; the Model is Never the Reality

This response was to comments on that question many of the assumed scientific modelling for biology.


I understand the map is never the territory; the model is never the reality.
But there can be applicability or use for them as an augmented focus or extension of awareness to specific directions & results or experiences - as long as we don't get lost in the model. Else we become Narcissus framed in our own image of self & reality.
Mythic archetypes reveal psychic realities of framing identity.
But my point is enzymes or magical powers are assigned to observable processes or results, such as sugary or fruit waters into wine, some form of energetic exchange within our bacterial biome that operates transformations and even transmutations of fundamental or underlying physical & biological structure.
As we regard our 'self' the doer of a controlled sense of experience (within a greater context often seen a threat - or asset to be ate) - we make a world of things that cause effects - rather than a Field-understanding of a symbiotic or homoeostatic balancing within an organised disequilibrium (Balance in motion & exchange).
A fractal holographic approach to phenomena of common experience is participant rather than subject to a world that is in some sense framed by intent to marketise and weaponise for 'getting' or boosting a sense of self-lack-driven control also known as fear, set in polarised conflicts that effectively filter or block a felt awareness of being, to gain a specific psychic-emotional focus as a temporary basis for exploring experience of totality via limitations.
In some sense our 'cover story' enable buying time to think some more - along the current framing of identity as 'cultural development' or unfolding experience of meaning-as framed by an internalised & defended mythos, of shifting narrative filters that as archetypal patterning, relate to Past as Separation trauma or catastrophic shock of loss & dissociation & recoil from Infinity (Wholeness beyond measure). 

Monday 23 October 2023

Violence in Psyche & the Social Order

Violence in Psyche & the Social Order


in response to the themes in:

Violence goes much deeper than that.

A Course in Miracles reveals the mis-taken identity from attack as the basis for masking 'defenses' that do the thing they defend against.

Rene Girard has uncovered some of this from observation.

The mind we are framed to 'think in' is 'hidden' by its nature.

Jesus speaks of those who know not what they do.

Judgement set over & apart would do violence of attack of denial of the living truth - if God were mocked! But as we judge so are we in receipt of our own measure.

A sense of self-lack, set in fear of pain of loss seeks to GET or Boost itself from 'outside' - or rather from the misperception of Totality. It does so by GETTING rid of - or sacrifice, as a subconscious ritualised survival reflex of a mind locked down and distanced by a body of limiting & masking defences in a world of threat & grievance set in (power) struggle.

Rationalising masks of self-justification result from the weaponising of love & Reason - against their Source-Nature. This makes NO sense. Nor does a world in which “Everything is BACKWARDS; (everything is upside down! Doctors destroy health, Lawyers destroy justice, Universities destroy knowledge, Governments destroy freedom, Major media destroys information, And religions destroy spirituality". ~ Michael Ellner).

We have learned/trained our mind to see effect as causes - by the attempt to GET RID of or dissociate true Cause by framing reactions to False Evidences Appearing Real by Separation trauma of relational pain - within the heart, thus with one another.

The Prodigal is a replacement for the Promethean nightmare.

There Is a basis for seeing with new eyes of true Inherence as the release of a false or mistaken inheritance. It doesn't require more than recognising that (of myself) I do not know (and cannot know), for I am not OF my self (my own making -excepting image given power or priority).

But I can and do know that I do not WANT what I have made of my own attempt to create or manipulate reality, and thus release in the desire or prayer to be shown or revealed in truth I do not manufacture.

A true Foundation is never truly lost, but can be deeply hidden by the attempt to 'scape it' for the experience of our own thought & result or reward. The sin is not our mind, but the reversal of Natural Order of persisting self-illusion at expense of awareness of truth. Which is 'spiritual death' or dissociation from a truly felt embrace of and for life.

I didn't address the cultural expression of our particular circumstance, but the reversal of a false reversal is bringing the problem of fear-conflict to the felt light of truth, rather than trying to bring our light to the conflict - as if to fix, change or eradicate it.

Is this not why Jesus warned "resist ye not evil"?

Presuming to act for God or Good on the basis of hated and feared threat of pain and loss will be shaped or framed by our respective personal & cultural survival strategies.

Core beliefs and self-definitions are hidden by our focus in their results as our means of self-boosting reinforcement.

Let me be still a while, that awareness rise of itself to re-cognise the qualities of being beneath the Appearances by which I can so easily be 'phished'.

Saturday 21 October 2023

Inner conflicts are not truly resolved externally

 Inner conflicts are not truly resolved externally

 in response to the themes in:


Any moral judgement of the Other is an assumption of superior or better or right that seeks to guilt the other as priming for sacrifice.
The self-image is how we present to others AND to our self.
Saving the Appearances then becomes the preservation of the social order to which the perceived assigned threat is sacrificed for virtue's sake. This ritualises the violence by which to raise it above vengeance - in a culture that shares the same moral 'conscience' of belonging - from which the scapegoat is excluded or denied.

Of course I see the denial or erasure of consciousness of felt connection, to a ghastly pardody of life, but I also see it is the result of our basis for seeking and applying ‘solutions’ that do not work, but deliever us to the evils we thought to escape.

In terms of magical or external ‘solutions’ to masked or dissociated inner conflicts, we buy time perhaps to a mitigated experience before all the elements of the original conflict partake of the arena of the wished for ‘solution’. What have people ‘injected’ - regardless of the sales & marketing claims of bent and bought ‘science’. For our science is also used to seek external ‘solutions’ to inner conflict, as the predictive control - to which our felt sense of participation is sacrificed to the Model or idol of ‘Progress’ - which is predicated on the demonising or invalidating of the past.

Deep cultural framing in guilt and fear born of self-lack seeking external boosting is ‘responsible’ for the unchecked ‘correctness’ toward groupthink of a collectivised mob or herd identity - cast out in any number of ‘individualised’ and constantly mutating ‘identities’.

Polarised identities are tyrannous, while also operating in sync with their shadow or double - in which they are intimately entwined.
To seek & find or be found in a ‘greater love’ than self-seeking (which easily masks in virtue signalling, is to release the judgemental convictions of self-& other AND therefore the face of control, to acknowledge in truth, “I do not know what I truly need, and above all esle I want to know”, Real questions open the receptive to real answer - that rises of and as our very being - not as a repackaging of a manufactured identity. And always as a quality of connection from which to take encouragement in recognising direction or guidance and support.


Sunday 15 October 2023

The nature of a masking reality experience

The nature of a masking reality experience

I started writing into the theme of a comment:

But decided to post here for those with interest or resonance in the framing of consciousness to its experience of self and world.(The linked page focuses in questioning predicates of the genetic dogma or model of life as genetic structural determinism).


I appreciate the gist of this and your last long posted reply as putting forth a positive framework rather than simply saying x,y, z doesn't exist.

I see the pattern of cover story for persisting in self-illusion (set as conflict with Source-Nature) as a mythic (narrative) self-image cast in -and thus casting out archetypes of Separation trauma to a self-dissociation of grievance set in fear-conflicted, pain of loss.

Lies by which we live are thus the masking of fear, pain and loss within the family, social & cultural 'consciences' of belonging - as existential survival in terms of a dissociation that can also be framed as an addiction to the masking personae as the means to get perceived needs or get away and get rid of perceived threats. As a getting mechanism it masks in forms of social manipulations that operate a collective but generally tacit set of rules and filters by which to maintain separation within appearances of limited 'joining'.

Maintaining face or control has a private or inner masking against looking within, and a public face of seeking reinforcement, acceptance or vindication.

All the above is usually considered intellectually as if operating in terms of rational concepts but the most part is pre-verbal developments of learning, acquisition and inherited adaptations that constitute our respective and collective sense of self and world as experience and exploration of idea through experience.

Therefore I see the patterns of beliefs and behaviours in the world running for the most part covert to the casting of identities acting out a self-reinforcing or compelling experience of the currently active 'beliefs' running as structurally framing rules and filters of attention and intention as meanings given acceptance.

Casting out or projecting is a distortion of what mind is and does as the extension of Idea - which is Creative unfolding and expansion of qualitative appreciation in all it parts whole. Projecting to get and get rid of is the 'extension' of the mind of conflicted dissonance, by which to perceive instead of know. To exchange the intimate intuitive Participation of being, for a world of false appearances seeming real to which we give our reality as to an image that we love because we made it, but that cannot love us because it we made it for getting or boosting a sense of self-lack set into defences of masking limitations and imitations of a love framed in pain of rejection, abandonment, treachery and betrayal. Intelligence as ingenuity dedicated to artifice set over and against fear of total overwhelm is a cover story by which to buy time against the Inevitable - for illusions are temporary appearances of substitution for reality, given 'life' by our reactions - such as being phished by image and forms that do not represent the meanings we assumed true.

Our models of life and world are for most part representing the mindset of predictive control. rather than the unfolding and extension and thus participation in Meaning - that is qualitatively integral and innate to being, yet hidden or masked over by the wish or attempt to grasp, possess and define or control.

Gene genie is trapped by the wish to rule its own world.
Not unlike the Prodigal Son.
But the willingness to release a false inheritance for a true inherence as a servant or extension of a true will, is not a regression or stamping out of all we have lived, but its refinement and repurposing to a reintegrative expansion of a living.
"Behold I make all things new!" as the living moment.
Stamping the grievance of a past on the present into a future forever like itself is a decision that can never rest fulfilled, because Presence is not as presented, but that we insist by acting out.

The true nature of thought is masked over by doublethink of self contra-dictions by which we think to think alone, apart and besieged by fears set in ever shifting threats. This is the word we give our embodiment yet live as if subject to being externally or physically defined and determined. Because we want -or believe we need what that gives us.

Nike's comment:

How does the System cover up the fact that our body is harmed by factors that are mainly attributable to those who are in power?

How is the fact that our organism is harmed by conditions and situations generating hatred, envy, worries, fears, annoyances, sorrows and soul sufferings covered up? 

How is the fact that our body is harmed by conditions and situations that force us to overexert ourselves physically, overexert ourselves intellectually, not sleep for 8 hours at night, have a restless night’s sleep, not have enough food, eat poor quality food, drink water contaminated with chemicals, metals and minerals, breathe polluted air, be exposed to noise pollution, be exposed to light pollution, be exposed to the elements and be exposed to shock thermal?

How is the fact that our body is harmed by synthetic chemicals that are toxic, used in industry, in agriculture and animal husbandry, in food processing, and in the production of drugs and vaccines, covered up?

How is the fact that our body is harmed by artificial electromagnetic radiation, which is unnatural, covered up?

How is the fact that our body is harmed by some of the investigative medical procedures, some of the medical therapy procedures, and some of the tissue replacement medical procedures masked?

The answer is simple:

1) Some so-called Medical Faculties are created, in which some so-called doctors and some so-called pharmacists are trained.

2) At the same time, the population is trained by teachers, journalists and television people to believe that these so-called doctors and pharmacists created by the System are very intelligent and honest, which is why they fully know how things are with health and disease and are sincerely concerned with healing the sick and keeping people healthy.

3) After which, these so-called doctors and pharmacists created by the System blame the ruination of people’s health on some so-called bacteria, on some so-called viruses, on some so-called genes of heredity and on an alleged permanent abuse of salt, sugar and fats that almost all people would be guilty of.

Tuesday 3 October 2023

The Power of Nightmares

The Power of Nightmares


in response to the themes in:



The cultivation and use of terror threat is 'the power of nightmares' against which can be set the will to power (as 'powerful' solutions that reinforce or glorify the problem that begat them).

When I was a boy cancer was often not said out loud - as in "Voldemorte' (Harry Potter's shadow).
Name magic set in fear of invocation became fear of social exclusion for speaking openly.

The application of 'The Science' to life as biological machines set in battlefields has both a bent and bought aspect. Seeking fame & status to set a career sets intense competition - as in seeking the Nobel to prove radiation caused mutations proved the theory of Evolution (false claimed, later retracted but then shifted to 'causing cancer' as part of the genetic hijack of life by physical determinism. The Science is always socio-politically framed, and philanthropathic  resources masked for the buying of The Science through networks of influence set systemically or behind the scenes, in the framing or focus and selections that deliver the answers that serve its sense of self-interest as the means and the will to power via masking as benefactors.

The use of The Science to discover or define officially/legally accepted facts, is in modelling risks set in frameworks of hidden manipulation. Such risk is then propagated via Media to capture and focus public attention and even demand for marketing 'solutions', investor & tax funding and more insidiously regulatory capture.

Protected or securitised narratives are then set as definers of the distribution of rights and immunities to reasoned or lawful accountability by the power of nightmares weaponised by 'morally' dictated solutions, to gaslighting or social guilting compliance as the parameters of official acceptance. Cancer is a securitised narrative. Whatever cancers are or do in biological function is overlaid by deeply set fears compounded by deeply toxic 'treatments' dictated and protected as 'standard of care' – such as to compound mortal fear as set in a battle with an 'attacker' cast in shifting shadows backed by (fed by) a trillion dollar industrial war on life defined as a closed system under attack (Life=War).
Psychic-emotional(or Spiritual) expression to physical tangibility is ruled out by a closed system of physically defined or caused life & world. In fact such an influx is associated directly or indirectly with deep Separation trauma - that a mindset of control is invoked to mask over and make safe from (in terms of direct awareness of). So our true creative impulse is demonised by the judgements and filters of the mind - that is to a very large degree conditioned or operating without conscious awareness in such a framed set of personal and social meanings projecting as our surface appearances to which we then adapt or align and accept as physicalised or given conditions, rather than conditionings that serve or served us in our past.

This effects a bubble 'reality' defended against greater fear that runs beneath the terror symbols that operate as guardians for who or what we accepted our life and world to be. Such is a 'personal and collective control mindset' that is easy to see and judge in 'Them' or Others and less evident in a self-justified assumption of ongoing normalised self-interest.

No one can pop or rip open another's bubble or mind to force acceptance of what they are as yet unready or unwilling to see, or know, and so regardless - they will 'see' something 'else' in terms of mitigating or substituting for deeper self-attack or self-denial to a dissociating displacement or encapsulated sense of saving a fragment from a lost or broken wholeness of being.

The replication of the 'solution' of dissociating, displacement is fragmentation leading through persistent unhealed crises to unconsciousness & death in life - as a 'saviour' from powerlessness, rage, grief and pain given welcome and function us guide & protector of broken love or love set in war.

Joy in being - as enthusiasm of endeavour is felt presence of connection to qualities that are timeless and therefore deathless - yet forever or by definition behond the grasp of a mind to possess and control - taking in vain.

The Eternally 'Immune' or Holiness of a light unstained runs within the mask of time and place, as a giving & receiving in true with-ness and worth-ship - not as the result of a self and world set for getting.

Who would save his life shall lose it.

"& those who earnestly are lost, are lost and lost again" - The Guests L. Cohen.

Thanks for the 'text box' of comment to the theme!

Thursday 28 September 2023

Masking in a Cover Story - Lest The Light Gets In

Masking in a Cover Story - Lest The Light Gets In


in response to the themes in:



Amidwesterndoctor's blog shares perspectives that expand or break the control-model of pharmaceutical pathology - yet also stands as gatekeeper for- no disrespect in the term as I use it for protection of established identity.

The issue of bent & bought science, or indeed giving false witness into official record, runs as corruption in the modern remit of science as the sole arbiter of meaning that matter, or meanings that rule out and therefore over others.

To say we have collectively been groomed, entrained or conditioned to a model predicated on predictive control is to abnegate our own participation in seeking its personal comforts and conveniences relative to pains and conflicts pushed under or brushed away.

The representational model is taken as the reality to which all must conform, comply and sacrifice to. It runs internally as if self-evident or common sense, but at variance with evidences that then must be ignored, denied, repackaged and sold as extension to the model - rather than reveal the model as no more than a limited and limiting representation that became idol by its lack of participation in reality.

The seeking for external causes of inner relational conflict is for a cover story by which to buy time against exposure of feared or hated truth. Investment in the personae and strategy of such a world-view has all the energy of such emotional intensity set in presentations of self-justifications or moral compulsions even to the extent of gaslighting, in which guilt must assign to the other by which to undermine the message or evidence they not only represent but are.

Giving power to lies that protect us requires a blind eye, an unjust weighting of issues by which to attend always to something else but the thread of our own unravelling to a more direct participation than thinking would allow.

The psychic element to our physical experience is largely disregarded or airbrushed away - excepting where the model-as-idol permits hubris to glorify its image of delivering a progress that stamps the past in its image as unworthy - if not genetically bio-insecure and demanding protective controls against life defined pathologically by vested authorities set over and against life.

Mind capture is always also an inside job. Regardless the protestations of a hindsight set in blaming, the act or decision to participate was ours - even if running covert to our self and social masking presentations. So what would simple curiosity reveal if not framed in guilt associated with fear of pain of loss? Are we not 'self-revealed' by our reactions - & Self-revealed as the stirring awareness in which such patterns can be recognised and released?

The virus - and the gene and even the nano-bio-tech are all of the archetype of hacking and hijacking life as the intent & attempt to possess and control or indeed create in our own image.
We are thinking beings with an innate desire to make civilisations (social orders) through which to explore experience of Reality as can be-lived or shared.

If we are to lockdown in dissociated fragmented paralysis of will under mind-control set externally as The Model, then it is not simply done to us, but through our determination to persist the illusions of possessive control that find support and reinforcement in our psychic, emotional and physical 'experience' - as if proven real.

The Law of Life is innate to living, who would control, receives in like measure. Who would save-for him/her self alone, has lost awareness of truly shared being to a falsely framed Gain of Function.
World as Psyop does not need a 'devil' - we generate lies to protect cover stories, that replicate and mutate as if an autonomous identity complex - of all that we identify 'against'.

Negatively identified self is not a true and direct receiving of the Gift of Life - but a mis-taken inheritance by which to be-live exclusion or denial set in grievances seeking vindication, if not vengeance acted out on body & world.

I would not underestimate the power given self-hate - that runs masked but unwitting as our projections to become our world, but I would release and be released of pain that interjects between unselfconscious joy in living and true desire - as a rules-based order or mind-control structure to which love comes to die.

Tuesday 26 September 2023

Masking Artifice as Lockdown in Denial?

Masking Artifice as Lockdown in Denial?


in response to the themes in:



What God creates, shares being. What we make is artificially derived - except that we participated in the extension of Creation. Such that 'judgement' sets over and apart, as an artificial construct set in and by conflict & struggle under fear pain and loss; while discernment reveals knowing within All That Is - as felt awareness of the qualities of integral being - to which thought aligns in service instead of running dissociated, as mis-taken inheritances.

Narcissus in addicted image can figure for Human thinking. Is this our first begotten 'son' that we are called to yield in exchange for a conscious Covenant with Living Thought?
God is Source-Nature of Self in All and All in One - we cannot 'think' miraculously but that we release or yield to That Which Is - as the moment at hand. Always nigh - yet an perpetually busy mind has every kind of self-justifiction running for why to attend its own unfinished business first.
So don't just Do Something - Stand There!

Our resort to being is not an answer or response to any framed problem set to seek answer in some other moment, place or time. but re-alignment in and of the life we are as the basis to draw from and be moved by a true of being - to which all else must serve if we hold faith in purpose of healing and renewal.

How then shall I think, say and do? - but of a living will that I do not and can not make - but that receives all I thought to make to use for the healing of the split mind, that thinks it thinks alone, cast out, and beset by guilted fear set irrevocably by judgement.

Artifice is a masking 'reality' - but WHO told you you were naked?
Self-imaged consciousness serves a stepping stone to conscious co-creative being in true relational endeavour. But as grievance set holy, runs dark to its own Calling, perceiving threat in every situation as the call to war justified! In which a self made of lack and denial claims vindication in death set over life as 'victory'. There is no satiating such an 'appetite'. No resting point of sufficiency. True forgiveness accepts release from our grievances & hates in the 'othered' - be that our body, or our world. Give only as in truth we would receive, now and now - for willingness is always a present receptive to the unique discernment of the moment at hand. Through which is recognition extended - with or without a word. A qualitative consciousness is the root and branch of a true cultural endeavour.

Saturday 16 September 2023

A World Where Love Comes to Die?

A World Where Love Comes to Die?


 in response to the themes & comments in:


peter mcloughlin

The flaw of all ideological and teleological viewpoints is 1) they see power as real and 2) they believe they can know the end purpose of history. Both premises are false: power is an illusion and the end-purpose is determined by reality. Unfortunately humans do not fully control reality. The one thing history tells us that everyone eventually faces the war they are trying to avoid. That makes our teleological outcome one thing – nuclear Armageddon. Paradoxically, the only chance of avoiding that fate is to accept it.



You will be very glad you do not & can not control reality!

Power OVER is the illusion. Or if you prefer; control masks as power, while what we think to possess, possesses us.

History tells us whatever we choose to hear - but if we use it to stamp continuity of narrative identity set in lack & grievance, it tells us we are made by conflict and pain of loss to struggle in a world where love comes to die.

The desire to heal receives a blessing shared.

Sow & reap is cast out in time and place of differentiated or fragmented sense of self/reality, but is the true nature of the timeless. How can all the king’s horses and all the king’s men put Humpty together again but as in-silico/virtual models to which life must be sacrificed - over, over and over again.

On the other hand, leave them alone and they'll come home, dragging their tales behind them, suggests a natural alignment to a homing signal or indeed innate Nature.

Our denials never truly leave the mind, but they do limit & filter the range and focus of awareness as attention - so as to compartmentalise a sense of self in its own 'chosen' reality augmentation - or substitution. (Image & thought).

Human being is a verb. Life is a verb - but a nounce or reporter/bearer of news - translates to an object model of weighted significances taken as currency.

So the use of mind for judgemental denial or limitations by which to focus in specific arena of experience, sets its own 'fate' as a jack-in-the-box of charged psychic conflict under a disintegrating masking dictate. Though we may humanly experience the compression of being denied as impending death, barbarians at the gate or madness pushing through the bolted cellar doors. The power of love is not control, but to a covertly set control ID must be seen as threat or contagion, to be demonised and killed.

As in the parable of the tenant farmers & the messengers of the 'absent Master'.

To the practically minded - have I said anything (that can be useful in their ongoing focus of problem solving or war on...whatever)?

How separate are we really - right now and in every now - from our source and true Nature - but that thinking makes so?

Individual expressions of the whole are recognisably felt as qualitative but the concept individual can be quantitatively represented as locked down 'meanings' competing for acceptance at cost of awareness of wholeness or Soul.

The wish or desire to create (reality/experience) is itself creative, but only within the light of the always already creative. Anything we sow or give value to by sharing will frame what follows on - while its premise is protected (as self). Conflicted premises follow false profits. A true prophet reveals the healing of conflict as alignment in true Currency of with-ness and worth-ship.

Our grip on self/control is its grip on us. Releasing an unworkable or self-conflictive covert identity cant be magically effected (though we may die over and over in the tempt), but as the recognition of what we are not, in the light of what we are -regardless any belief or judgement set against its Messengers.

The time of compression enforces a release of the unworkable to a unified focus within life. There is no true unity in war, but there is siding with freedom to be that you are. Unless we give it, how shall we know we have it?