Thursday, 13 December 2018

I notice I am triggered by the terms 'sustainable healthcare'

I notice I am triggered by the terms 'sustainable healthcare' - I read it as doublespeak in the Orwellian sense. At risk of sounding archaic, the very truth of our being is our true sustenance and the attempt to run 'our own little racket or private agenda' is the false sense of control that actually blocks awareness of our being as love - and therefore our capacity to recognize and relate truly. Sustaining illusions as if their protection is our own, because we have invested in them as our own reality and defend them through hell and high water - even unto death. What are our illusions but our judgements given power and worth-ship as true?

As I see it the intent (indeed the unconscious addiction) to using the mind and the body lovelessly  has individual and collective result in toxicity, malnutrition and disease - at all levels of our being and of its expression as culture in society. Addictive identity investment - which is a form of dissociation - grows from a failure, refusal or unreadiness to face or own psychic-emotional - or relational - conflicts. Something 'else' is invoked, imagined and substituted for what our mind is thus predicated NOT to see. One facet of embracing dissonance in a deeper honesty, willingness and curiosity of being, is of growing the capacity or consciousness by which to notice or observe our own thoughts, emotional responses, and actions, as an awakened responsibility of embrace - instead of the self-evasive reaction in blame, shame or judgement. 

Discernment is of a different order because discernment is a result of embrace, where judgement operates upon life or self or other AS IF from outside or apart from life self or other. THIS is using the mind lovelessly, because this is a form of denial or self, life and other for the sake of a 'getting' or lack driven compulsive and coercive sense of separateness seeking its own resolution, completion or fulfilment OUTSIDE itself - in attempt to manipulate or change the conditions rather than of releasing conditioned reaction to listen, and align in a true receptive that naturally extends of a wholeness of being - rather than a lack or fear-driven attempt to control in the gesture of a self-protective survival response to a threat that is projected into life from its own denied and unhealed past.

What I attempt to sketch is foundational to our nature as love - and as broken or violated and betrayed love, the latter of which is a human conditioning to which we are most deeply fitted or adapted and defend against illumination or exposure regardless its evils - because we have deeper fear - indeed terror or horror set in refusal to ever allow its reliving that holds the line against the Unthinkable - despite the demand for sacrifice such a 'self defence' demands. 

For the cost of even a necessary lie is always truth, and the multiplying of lies, debts or toxicity corrupts or in a sense aborts any new movement of life, of love and of being to serve the lie or be denied or withheld light, voice or acknowledgement.

Regardless our masking or mitigating good intentions, or reframing in terms of evils that make the 'war on something' a seeming source of moral integrity, that becomes coercive and tyrannical as mandatory or regulatory compulsion, or monopolised and systemic capture.

A loveless system substitutes for and  replaces and usurps the heart. The 'science' of a loveless technologism works the undermining, overriding and replacement of living relational being which is a wholeness-in-movement, to a sense of logical controls based upon conflicted and conflicting predicates. Literally knowing not what it does because its operatives know not who they are.

“Everything is BACKWARDS; everything is upside down! Doctors destroy health,  Lawyers destroy justice,  Universities destroy knowledge, Governments destroy freedom,  Major media destroys information, And religions destroy spirituality".                     Michael Ellner

I use this quote often, because it points to the reversal in our predicates or core beliefs and presumptions. Nothing else COULD arise from reversing due cause and effect.
The assigning of causality to effects is the denial of true cause and its substitution or usurpation by a mind and world of lies believed and defended true - and therefore necessary to learn and adapt to - as part of human participation.

Love is made weak and ineffectual by equating it with doing - as the action of a personal capacity of goodness, kindness or fairness in terms of socially accepted FORMS of behaviours that are then masked in or mimicked as a presentation of social correctness or freedom from attack - because once love is split into forms of 'should and ought to', we are under the attack of a doublethink or self-contradictory narrative coercion - that makes a god of blind structures and rules to which Man is then fitted, conformed and indeed sacrificed.

Love is the capacity to rise ever anew, and guilt, fear and division, the obstacle to its true receipt and natural extension. The willingness for the 'renewing of our minds' has to be vigilant against the deceits that fear and guilt mask in as seeming goodness, kindness or fairness - from our peace. It always only has to be some willingness - or even a little willingness, given now, in place of a faithlessness to self, each other and world.

I am sure that Rob and ANH walk the line of seeking to find language that has 'traction or currency' in the system. Of course we have to work with the current or active belief system - but our relationship is our active communication or we become subverted to support and extend ways of avoiding relationship and communication and honourable or true outcomes, under the oppositional identity.

Let our true identity be revealed anew in its extension TO the true in others - rather than  asserting or defending a polarised reinforcement to our mutually conflicted entanglements - whose nature is denial, dissociation and displacement.

Responsibility is NOT blame but freedom. Releasing what we never could 'control' nor are truly responsible for, is the opening to what we are not only a 'response ability' but a natural alignment within the creative. Within being.

Being with, being moved, being and sharing the qualities of life is not well served by a mind of control that is by its own self definition, apart from, set over and isolated. The inhibition of misdirected or loveless communication is needed, but so is the disinhibition of love - even though this is where our deeper sense of threat is associated. 'Coming Out' as love is actually a yielding or releasing of private identity assertion to a movement that we may be one with but not in claim of possession or control over. Love sustains all that is true in me - and guides and supports the revision and recognition of the true that confused itself within the false.

How does that relate to sustaining a sickness care system? Not a lot! But the awakening of a true and free responsibility is the foundation without which sickness is merely redistributed, just as demons and evils were reframed to diagnosis of [insert Latin nomenclature here]. We can only work with our current ignorances in a willingness to notice and undo them as we find freedom to live this. So seeking for freedom somewhere else is not a valid path even if it can be reliably sustained as a global economy - at cost of course of freedom.

Confucious - asked what would he do if in the seat of power - replied "I would redeem the dictionary". This may not be the best translated sense of his meaning but what we accept and assign meaning to, frames our narrative continuity or identity, our perceptions and reactions or range of choices, and our conditioned acceptance and suffering of it all as real.  This is the blueprint or template level of our experience of our world; the word or definition, believed and reacted from as true. 

Thursday, 24 May 2018

Recovering the lost world

My comments:
The idea extraterrestrial 'impact' is a misnomer once the inter-terrestia plasma field dynamics are appreciated.

Recovering the Lost World, 
A Saturnian Cosmology by Jno Cook
Chapter 9: Event of the Younger Dryas;

This does include information on the Carolina Bays - and possible sudden evolutionary influence - (Venus fly trap). And makes sense.

The mythological representations of plasma thunderbolts or plasmoid 'arrows' are ubiquitous around the world. The insistence that they are imaginary and ignorant superstitions is an expression of amnesial defence and the fact that our cosmological experience is radically different from that of our forebears.

Another interesting perspective is that the re-emergence after the aftermath of the events of the end of the Younger Dryas - via Peratt's collumn (stickman on stone etc) and the Saturnian age that unfolds as the era of the gods, operated the activation, structuring and development of a subjective human consciousness - which in a sense has a lot in common with mind-control or the split personality under narrative dictate.

In this sense the creation of the world as we model and perceive and interact with, is not the matter (or energy) of a focusing of awareness in desire but the trauma of a separative and exclusive sense of subjection from which a world of separation, stamped with 'split meanings' had to arise. The 'gods' provide the archetypes of a broken family constellation - that re-enacts in all that happened since - as the core dramatic themes of the 'hero of a thousand faces'. But when we assign and derive meaning from mythic or symbolic image and form, the narrative identity rules out as if to rule or control its own division - that also projects to its world and relations - and we override and cover over the inherence of the meaning of being - of self-aware existence that 'knows Itself in all that it is'.
Rather than assigning the split mind to an 'evil' is the potential to reintegrate the split sense as an awakened responsibility for consciousness as an intimacy of extended meaning - rather than the compelled protector of a split meaning.

For we interpret through the mind (of beliefs and definitions) we accept true, and as the 'result' or 'effect' of a past made in fear, we are defined to likewise define all things fearfully. Only Inherency of being can ruffle the waters of a false reflection to break the spell of fascination in 'power'. But the insistence that an 'alien will' must erase the 'sins' of self-unforgiveness generates the experience of? disaster and calamity, as the chosen means of 'self-creation' absent the fact that we do not create ourselves - excepting in imaged symbolic simulations of a private agenda given reality.

The fact that reality is our function to extend is blocked by the self-imaged identification within a powerlessness seeking power, as if making powerless is the hidden means to get (it for) your self.

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Human nature and human deceit

I wrote into a couple of comments at the above:

Human nature is revealed by its denials and corruptions. You couldn’t have a usurping or fake reality without a genuine to pass off as.
Human deceit is a substitution reality – ie fake or masked. What we call human consciousness is generally a dissociated and displaced subjective model of self-justification for denial or evasion of the true – as a result of being phished into and identifying in the false – hence the reversal.
The nature of our being is thus filtered and distorted through layers of (self) definition – such that the movement of oneness becomes the urge to dominate (for example).
One of the things I feel in ‘world-watching’ is that it reflects self-knowledge that such a world was made to hide – ie – we WANT to ‘see evil’ OUT THERE to evade or mitigate our own core responsibility (to ourself).
The psychic-emotional construct of the personality/society is predicated to mask (deny) its fear and guilt by displacement and projection onto ‘others’ who are then attacked, penalised, made sacrifice of.
So the underlying ‘model’ is protected with the ongoing sacrifice of the living – where that model is a hidden or unowned addictive compulsion.
Living FROM a sense of self-lack is a form of tyranny whatever forms it takes. Uncovering the nature of simple presence in its own light – and not a a weaponised or marketised subversion of the masking form – is the restoring of the alignment in being – rather than ‘fear thinking’.
The nature of being is humanly expressed and embodied through the ideas we accept true for us (for whatever reason, and this includes ‘unconscious belief’).
Living under terror is no capacity to live – so where the terror is made real by reaction, that reaction is a form of appeasement or alignment by which to hide from or evade the fear and pain of loss.

Behaviour follows automatically from belief and definition - though it may be expressed or suppressed.
The study of guilt, fear, shame and wishful magic, is the armouring of the manipulator who can then interject in what the target is already doing (to themselves). They can also generate and cultivate the conditions that encourage and nurture guilt, fear, shame and false hope.
It is easy to see this in others. less so to catch ourselves in act.
Obfuscation of a direct awareness of reality is the engagement of 'thinking', identity in conflict but seeking to assign the cause away from itself - except where playing victim operates a better defence.
The idea of mind-control is built into our notion of the function and nature of mind.
The belief in power is almost exclusively rooted in a belief in powerlessness - such that shared power sounds like a self contradiction. But that is the true nature of true communication.

Who among us seeks out all that is worthy in those we meet or even think upon?
Does not the mind automatically judge and seek the witnesses to its judgement - and is not the judgement a sense of lack of worth - if not an image of things we justify hating, withdrawing blessing from and withholding the extension of worth?
Oh if people tick our boxes we 'like them' as long as they don't paint over the lines we set.
The mind is completely blind to its own activity and we see many examples of this in those we love to hate or judge against in (self) righteous arrogance.

First we judge our behaviour after the fact. And this fact is worth noting. Hindsight applied backwards makes guilt in place of learning, or awakening a true responsibility. Beware the deceiver and be awake to where you receive from. Self-hate rises from a false self image.

We have forgotten God

My Comment:

The alternative is of course to actively remember.
The true Creation operates timelessly beneath the shifting appearances of worlds.
Rather than focus in the error as a sense of guilt.
Be refocused in the true, as the sense of correction of a faulty reality formulation - or misidentification.
The insistence that we alone must do, undo or redo correction of perceived error, is the shifting blame and power struggle of narrative framing.
'WE alone' or 'I of myself' can do nothing - because that is the error of a false sense of self joining with its fear and guilt definition of 'survival'.
Pausing from energising or re-activating the self-bot of ancient fear, is the current connection and it is felt (not thought) as a wholeness of being.

When life is mapped out and defined in its problem, the answer can relieve our burden without being recognized as answer, for we are self-invested in 'problem' and our filters operate automatically to induce us to re-shoulder our burdens and deny our own life - because it does not fit where the thinking is going. 
Forgetting God is remembering ourself in a world that seems outside us, because we are focussed 'outside our self' (dissociated and displaced in thinking). Intimacy is not the joining of separates, but their dissolving to un undercurrent recognition.

Life knows Itself Life.
Noticing the mind of thinking, and noticing the life, becomes the discrimination and discernment as to who you are - and what you are not. This is now the basis of a freedom of true choice.
If you cant abide life - it is only the thinking in which you have wrapped it that makes it seem so.
God or Life remembers you now - always and in all ways now. The witness for this is your very existence and the awareness of this comes with it - and is not an overlay of thinking about existence, overlaid upon it.

In the attempt to change the world (as if it has separate existence from your gift to it) is the result of being subject to the changing world by the power of your own word. Cast out and assigned to random change, guilt of failure and evils that run unchecked - your word has in a sense cursed instead of blessed. So own what you cannot make into a silk purse and change it for a true currency of worth. You may hate 'God-Given' if you give God meanings of hate. Of course you can simply accept, embrace and extend the innate. The words and symbols are either serving true purpose or substituting for it. Only you can choose for you.
God Remembering is an inside job - even when all the outer aligns within it.

A prodigal wasteland is a perfect point to question an old pattern and walk out of it in willingness to reconciliation at heart - and without asserting demands of entitlement on our own terms.

Hidden Terrorism

(Rather than focus in Jordan Peterson or personalities I went with the emotional charge associated with attempts to smear and deny him a voice).

my comment:

Terrorism works in the mind as the demand that terror be kept hidden or at least mitigated, and that the investment in such 'identity' is both predicated in fear and victimhood, while aggressively defending to deny or limit anything that undermines the 'identity-as-defence'.

Terrorism demands sacrifice of life for hollow compliance in a conformity of fear directed identity. The hollowness of life is seen as the right and the freedom to assert your own meanings upon life and seek power to impose them.

Terrorism mostly operates in the dark - that is - the terrorist is identified as victim, self-justified in identity-survival, and unfairly treated by life and others and therefore withdrawn from or withholding of relational communication under a posture of 'you don't love me'.

Terrorism operates loveless agenda under the spell of a love of self-image taken as if true. Looking through and from a predicate in self-illusion is not obviously so to the experience that such a mind induces.

The protection of terrorism from a light or awareness is investment in identity politics or persona-masking instead of addressing the issue. Focussing on and in moralising (self-justifying) judgement is appeal to sympathy in victim identity seeking vengeance.

Where identity is strongly invested in self vindication - everything is interpreted to serve its purpose. But this negative reinforcement works equally for a truly positive appreciation. For the mind is an interpretive filter to the purpose it accepts or is predicated upon. Loveless purpose masks in all kinds of justified self presentation, but if you do not accept love for yourself you must actively block it because it is the core nature of your being to embrace all that you are in the true of what moves you and not in the rules and filters of a mind in its own spin.

Fake news and fake exposures

My comments into the theme and to various commentators:

HOW it (fake news agenda) is effected is secondary to THAT all aligns to the purpose being held, in this case collectively.
Obfuscation is part of “knowing not what we do” or indeed what we are.
Diversionary tactic keeps attention in conflicted displacement.
False flagging assigns responsibility away from self in order to bolster a weak of failing or threatened self-sense.
Persona provides narrative by which to cloak strategic acts under plausible deniability.
Persona works the emotional reaction.
Fake selves, a fake world make.
At cost of true.
The purpose of fear-protective self-specialness runs the world of guilt and punishment, or sacrifice.
So yes, true witness, genuine dialog or enquiry is avoided, because all ‘parties’ unite in seeking to remain in darkness.

The belief that reality can not just be influenced but manufactured by the PR/mindcontrol/social engineering crowd is running apace. 'Steal an identity' and your proxies don't need to know the nature of their own capture no matter who is called 'king'.

The control of narrative masking identity is the organising principle over the conflicts of the 'self-identified'.
...All the king’s horses and all the king’s men, couldn’t put Humpty together again.
But in the intent is power drawn from lack in fear and pain of loss, as the 'protector' against feared chaos. Whether Humpty Dumpty was a false flag, or a misidentification of panic is a matter for revision, rather than persistent re-enacting reaction.

A psyche or identity and culture built on grievance runs as (self-justified) hatred of life. While the pact with a corruption of power may start off in fantasy of self-vindication, but soon descends into madness.
The propagation of grievance (hate) operates a divisive tyranny under narrative seeking reinforcement, that finds offence in not finding compliance - and so is reinforced by perceived threat to its identity.

But we are truly identified in the extension of worth to another, and to our world. Fake substitution operates false currency as 'normal' that then becomes the basis for the demonisation of the natural. In this case it isn't butter or sunshine but communication and indeed relationship itself that is associated with evils.

The use (invocation) of evils (terror symbols) to rule out wholeness of mind and make dumb under lack of power for true thought) is very old magic.
Tyranny of terrorism operates a split off mind that thinks (interprets) only for its own survival under threat and of course has no intention of ever losing its grievance, its enemies, or its sense of offence on which its rage feeds.
When we cannot get what we (think we) want by force, we attempt manipulative ploy, appeal to sympathy and leverage of discerned guilts and fears in others.
Of course we could just ask - but that would mean bringing what we want into the light of a shared awareness. The love of hate, is also the hating to love. Extending worth for love is the extension of having as a result of willingness to receive. Not a manipulative ploy at all.

Yes - everything is being employed or made up  to condition your thinking (not just you ;-)

And the self-special presume to enact their fantasies on the living regardless of any law in the book or the heart. Because their wish is their command.

Fantasy fulfilment is part of the 'privilege' by which to also ensnare and enslave the influential.

When Satan was 'let loose' on Job, we are given the story of Job hanging in through loss and adversity with an integrity of being, regardless the temptations of the (mind in the) world.
But from those who have not, more shall be taken away - even the little that they have.
Integrity of being is not moral self-superiority that would stone in others what it most hates in itself.

Love of form at expense of true is worshipping (giving worth to) fantasy at expense of true, that then operates a ritualised robotic society. However, for some, waking up to recognize this error, is a nightmare in which they perceive themselves trapped. And further entangle in lies by attempts to escape, evade or cover over.

Off the edge of the map are monsters. We may think these reside in a few depraved people, breaking the law, but they might be revealed in our thinking in a manner and a degree to which we are not fitted to meet. The compartmented mind is a defence against communication.
The excommunication of 'sins and evils' is the denial of communication as if to kill them in ourself.
But as with all considerations on the nature of power, who decides and who effects the decision? A process of true communication? Or a coercive imposition upon communication?

Do we make some sins 'special' while blind to other forms of the same error?
I'm not proposing how anyone should think or act. I only live the life that is given me to live. I cant live the fate of another or make their choices for them. But a blind eye to the callous abuse of others is complicit in false witness (fake news). Insofar as I become aware in myself, I withdraw my allegiance and support from its 'mindset' by focusing in something true or truly worthy of acceptance, joining with and sharing in. It doesn't need the word 'God' - but it does need to embody a sense of communication and connection that holds the power to abide through the difficult or indeed the insane. I don't mean communication as in the writing I undertake, but as the qualities of being that are yet with us - should we calm the mind enough to notice and give welcome to.

It is known that 'money' is a confidence trick. Why would 'power' be any different?
The belief in it is its currency. perhaps there is an adulterated mixture of true and false, but the nature of the false is to protect itself at expense of true.
So the currency of belief in security or protection is leading the blind to ever more desprate needs for 'power' over the inevitable. Aka 'insanity'.

In the context of the medical paradigm, I recently met a case where a whole faculty in all its departments we willing for change from the old paradigm, but that the underlying structure of the institution and its rules was effectively blocking any real change.

Rules can be in the books or in the mind that thinks by them, and while they appeal as security and protection in their moment, they often become something else by the purpose they then serve against needed change (life), and this is quite apart from assault on society through the vector of contractual law (IE 'Trade deals'), where a top down corporate canopy effectively blocks light and nutrient to all beneath. This is much less entertaining than political personality clashes - which may be more of a 'reality tv circus' than any of them being allowed to decide any significant policy outcomes.

The systems of economics, power and perception management operate on rules that are inhuman because they demand the sacrifice of humanity to dead rules.

Brexit: Even the term is a media construct. I did not see any real debate leading up to this, It was stage managed, and I do not trust it to be what it seems. How much this is consciously planned and how much it unfolds from negative self interest that include hedged bets on all outcomes, I am not privy to. But the corporate cartel of power has moved all the goalposts and none of the old identities but play in their theme park or wont play at all.

Humanity is being erased, attacked, mutated, pharmed, and re-engineered to serve corporate purpose - and of course the corporation wont be allowed to have power once they have deconstructed cultural identities and institutions. First usurp the law, then the money follows, then power protects its investment, and outsources pain, debt and loss in maximising 'private profit' at cost of wholeness.

Collapse is from within

Chris Hedges: The collapse is coming, get ready 

my response:
The idea that human intent can shape and control events and outcomes is no longer credible - whether the collective demos, the collective of corporate cartel or the tyranny of individuals who capture or usurp the collective will.

Part of this is that we have created systems that now effectively run us - and so have established frameworks of thought that run narrative identity considered 'too big to fail' or more accurately, a failure too big to own or allow.
And so the art of the possible is reduced to narrative control over a wasteland of compulsive subjection to a bankruptcy mitigated by redefining as the new normal, along with thinking that fits the human to systems of utility of increasing purposeless in a world where everything is backwards.

The presumption that medicare for all is crusade against pharma is naive in terms of corporate pharma usurping the medical paradigm and regulators to set up what is effectively a medical mafia under which medical treatment as the 3rd leading cause of death (possibly higher because heart disease and cancer may both have pharmaceutical factors), hardly raises a question.

The capture and manipulation of human thinking is the post truth society. It operates by targeting guilt, fear and shame with false hopes - and operates to deny thinking that is not sharing such a predicate, under the accusation of its own intent.

The reversal is revealed in such blatant hypocrisy, that appeals to a sense of victimhood as the justification for power, and frames its assertions to defend such a sense of victimhood, threat or lack against any real change.

The collapse occurred long ago - in terms of the loss of connection, communication and relation to a false sense of self and world. The war on symptoms is the war on the inevitable, because the consequence is a true feedback or result to the underlying beliefs and definitions. No matter how we employ ingenious thinking, toxic debt is a false contract of negative consequence while being packaged as or secretly held to be a positive asset. This applies not only in financial frameworks, but in the biblical sense of debts of unforgivenesses persisted in as if the basis for a self-will associated with personal vindication, salvation or vengeance at the expense of the whole.

The second coming is not a future event so much as a decision awaiting acceptance. As long as power is invested in external symbols of life and authority, the natural and true authority of our being is denied, subverted and usurped to operate destructively under masking and masked agenda. The recognition and release of false thinking for that of the movement of the true as a wholeness of being, relation, communication, is not fixing Humpty or dealing with the 'dead' concept, but embodying a presence that is both received and given in the living of life from being - instead of the denial of life under 'narrative control'. Using some Christian terms here is not partisan to any social belief systems that have become associated with or sought authority from an externalising or conceptualising identity. The territory of our being is formless and nameless to the attempt to grasp, define and control. But what we truly possess and are and align in purpose holds the qualities of being through all that we do.

So the most fundamental error in identity generates the development of consciousness we identify in and are subject to. The manipulative intent of political and corporate power-seeking illuminates the 'mind' of both the hacker and the hacked. To be hacked or phished for reaction by which false identity is triggered, is a call for awareness and vigilance for integrity of being. But only where we have woken enough to recognize the nature of the deceit, for its surface is to induce a fear of (intra or inter personal) communication while asserting programming of a past 'protection' against terror. It is the protection racket that is deconstructing of its capacity to mask itself in fair or justified forms.
?Yet we for the most part fear our fear and seek to hide it by various forms of tacit agreement- such as to indicate we for the most part demand unconsciousness and give power to anything that provides to our 'need'. Fear can collapse and contract the consciousness to 'thinking' within a clenched sense of compulsion in defence against feeling or expansion. But faced and felt fear moves through us while we abide in relationship, purpose and faith in the qualities of life, such that 'thinking' is not invoked to set up an exclusion zone, a protector or indeed filtering denial and distortion of life. Much of our 'thinking' is shat out or rendered nothing by life moving directly through us - and if we 'look back' in the defence of such identity we feel attacked and totally threatened by life - as seen through filters of fear and denial.

?It is not necessary to understand what I write to awaken the intuition of being from amidst the insanity of false thinking. But in writing, I extend a witness that may find resonance and recognition regardless of cultural identity. Living from being is not using the present to get toward becoming it in some other moment. You might notice that the carrot and the stick operate to keep you moving to the will of another - or perhaps your own self-guilting judgements.