Thursday, 12 September 2019

911 Revisited - Pervasive Corruption under plausible deniability and refusal to communicate

The idea - as I see it - is not so much identifying WHO, but of recognising HOW. Any 'who' can be under their own narrative assumptions within their own personal agenda of identity and purpose. Everyone plays a part at some level and to put this the other way around, everybody plays apart - at some level.

The division of Consciousness to 'levels' is on a 'need to know' basis - and to turn that around - is also on a NEED-TO-NOT-KNOW basis (*1 - see below ).  

The only 'how' for planning, executing and managing the narratives while operating the power grab -  of such a pivotal event that operates on many levels at once -  is of such a deep rooted and pervasive corruption as to effectively run as a shadow power or dark economy and network of influence. (Turning this around is to bring the deceit into the OPEN).

The core nature of this, is a logical outcome of the identity in private self interest that is no longer held in check or balance by moral recognition of self and life in being - except as each their own ‘private bubble’ of diminishing and depleting 'control' set against fear of loss that masks in substitution as possession of wealth or power - which is itself set over the powerlessness of others as a hierarchy of sacrifice - by which a true cooperative purpose is lost to Corporate systems of control.

All as a result of becoming blinded by substitution of a false self-inflation - forever seeking 'sustainability' through the interjections of scarcity and threat by ingenious recourse of (any and every) means as if ITS survival is too big to fail . In other words your identity investment is so deeply entangled as to induce you to PAY the sacrifice as ‘survival’ set against a greater fear that is never named - but is in effect an Orwellian 'room 101' of projected but denied hates, fears and guilts that each bubble or personality structure was in a sense built upon - as its survival response to its particular patterning of separation trauma. Everything of the mind is to NOT relive its trauma - except as re-enacted adjustments - in which for example - roles may be reversed, or emulated - often in vengeance on the past taken out upon the present or as partial - but ongoing -  sacrifice of the present to ensure the past does not ‘break in’.

The 'system' of substitution for true awareness and appreciation is the need for making alliances set in mutual protections and self-reinforcement - tied to the drive or compulsive need for 'more'  because there IS no substitution for love and life that CAN satisfy - and so the ritual of ITS fantasy life - raised upon the death or denial of 'other' - is re-enacted as a destructive and degenerative addiction to which the addicts themselves are blind in the 'need-NOT-to-know.

A fungus that spores above ground is not the cause and controller of the threads of its being in the soil. Likewise the propagating effects of the mind-in-its-own-spin are not powerful or causative in and of themself - but are given power by a willing HOST - who is then in a sense 'hacked' to serve a dual or split allegiance in which the Call to Live is replaced by the fear of pain of loss of Life.

Addressing the forms by which we are deceived is not without risk of being drawn into deeper deceit unless we do so within the living context of the Call to Live - which contains the qualities of Life - such as the Call to heal, to joy and to reintegrative perspective. In opposition, the 'Call to War' will seem loud and powerful and compelling to any mind trained to subjection and powerlessness, set in search of power OUTSIDE to escape or overcome chaos within. But a willingness to KNOW is not setting conditions on truth, (see *2 below), so much as releasing them to a deeper self-honesty of being, which OF ITSELF re-aligns to an integrity of communication that incrementally transforms the personality structure. And does so, one willingness at a time - because truth is not coercive, and - to put that the other way round - a coercive thought system effects the exclusion or masking out and substitution of - truly resonant and congruent thought, word and deed - to an experience of struggle in separation trauma - normalised and rendered tolerable for the persistence of that experience.

"To all things there is a season" - speaks to the cyclic nature of the world and our experience of it. This also speaks to the releasing of 'old identities' that no longer serve their allotted purpose within a greater whole and so are finding lack of support in the rising of a New Perspective - like a tide rising all boats irrespective their size, type or location. In a sense the New is no recycle of the 'same old' -  but our Original, given service and expression through the re-purposing, of the mind of abilities grown under fear and division. Whatever agenda 'denial' accepts by acting out, it cannot LEAVE the truth it denies or seeks to image, grasp and control it - and so suffers subjection under its own measure.

The idea that we made evil and we have to get RID of it (*3 - see below) - is a trick-minded deceit operating as a rolling present of the stamp of its own PAST JUDGEMENT into a future like itself. Orwell showed this but couldn't see any way OUT. Yet in his terms, 'control of the present' is the 'narrative' identity of a mind - set within its own framing - unrecognising its overriding substitution for the heart's command as experience of a breakdown of communication - taken as actual separation, disconnection and loss of guidance, power, love and support. 

The mind CANNOT and is not designed or intended to control and manage life - but rather to hold the focus of the heart's intention and desire - through which Life Happens! (But which the mind will make praise and blame of). In order to know or be found in our true desire, we need simply release active investment in the false. And to then grow a consciousness of heart-connected (integrative) willingness to replace a fear-divisive OVERRIDE of Life in mental anguish that outsources conflict as emotional and physical displacement, as a basis for seeking magical solutions of sustainability by limitation and sacrifice by which to buy 'time' for delay  set against the exposure that actually serves ‘bottoming out’ - and restoration of a true foundation from which to live.

The ignorance and arrogance of the mind-in-its-own-spin is 'alone in all the Universe' - such as to regard Universe as dead and even Life as merely patterns of mechanism to control, 'improve', enslave or exploit for a private self-agenda. The un-spinning of the mind from a false or mis-taken foundation is its transparency and release to a truly free self awareness - in place of a narrative self-consciousness. The noticing of the 'old habit' is the awakening responsibility to the choice not to use it. The old habit will seem to bait reaction by which to reassert itself by any and every means - but as such it NOW offers an education in recognising and releasing who your are NOT and what does not belong to you and which in your right mind you see you do not even WANT. 

What we resist, persists.
What we leave unused fades from non use.

'Ground Zero' is not just its 'nuclear namesake' but the zero-point within All That Is, and the Source-Nature of All That Is. And the 'Gateway' from the mindset of polarised conflicting forces and things, to a resonant recognition of an all embracing and creating Life  - that to a dark model must be ruled out - and so "it is life, Jim, but not as we think to know it".

The meanings of our life and experience are not set by conditions or by 'others' of whatever agenda - but by the decision and command of our wakened heart. All things serve 'double duty' according to the freedom to accept love, or deny it by accepting something else in substitution. Because the word 'love' is so degraded by misuse, along with all other words for the qualities of being - we have to release old currency to get with what is truly Current - or we see through a glass darkly. The nature of the Current is also a Totality of Communication. What we draw down, in or attract and align in sharing the value of, is according to what is given allegiance in the heart. The heart has been willing to limit, sacrifice and suffer loss of joy in support of  ‘life on Earth, as the private mind in its separate body in a world of things outside and apart.  But the imbalance to a negative or fearfully polarised exclusion of life is a mind of the intent to deny the embrace of Life and its sharing - as a ‘rogue’ programming running in and through our own projected denials.

Waking up is a Call and Response both. You cant have one without the other. Receiving and giving, teaching and learning. The Golden Rule depends upon truly guided perception. Healing our perception is awakened responsibility for the framing of our thought - from which outcomes automatically proceed. Until we see our own thinking, we suffer a thought reversal in a world in which “Everything is BACKWARDS; everything is upside down! Doctors destroy health,  Lawyers destroy justice,  Universities destroy knowledge, Governments destroy freedom,  Major media destroys information, And religions destroy spirituality".                     (Michael Ellner).

*1. Who seeks to know that which would undermine their separate or private existence as they believe and defend themselves to be? Knowing - or having and being existence - is of qualities that are intimately felt. The interjection and overlay of narrative structured identity and world is the mind of a personal or private judgemental division, distortion and denial or 'shadow' substitution that filters or rules out wholeness of being by assigning it to narrative identity - and outsourcing or projecting conflict away - onto 'others' and 'world' out there as 'not me - and therefore threat or resource to use, manipulate or exploit for survival within the FRAME of assertive power that is both victimiser and victim to its own shadow reflection in others and world - because it PUTS it there and WANTS it there.

*2. The frame of Security as the overriding CALL to power OVER all else is the weaponising and marketising of 'truths'. Such that only the subversion of truth can run in a negatively or fearfully defined 'Economy', Model', System' or Identity. This is a persistent and perpetual fear-triggering, running as if autonomous or indeed as a self-conditioned programming of a personal AND collective entanglement in false with-ness or worth-ship.

*3. The attempt to get rid of something we have already identified in is an attempt to kill ourself. This insane and ultimately absurd doublethink is a self in conflict with itself or a split mind. The true Nature or Mind is 'sow AS you would reap - and reap AS your would sow'. For garbage in; garbage out shows the value of the ideas and definitions FROM which we go forth in finding witness of reinforcing experience. That Life itself inspires its own Expressions is lost to the mind that is trying to put its garbage OUT as if to get rid of itself and become or achieve Life - in its OWN terms - as a new world order. A true New Order is a living inspiration to align in and be expression of, but it is New because it is not a persistence or recycle of the old 'God' of guilt and sacrifice as divine punishment - although it works the transformation of the old towards its capacity to recognize its way OUT of an impossible situation - by revealing it is IMPOSSIBLE and so we are not IN IT. This allows what we ARE in and of to move or vibrate to our RE-Conition.

Saturday, 7 September 2019

Life is what we each and all are choosing to make of it - now and now

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Life is what we each and all are choosing to make of it - now and now -  regardless our circumstances.
The intent to empower victimhood rather than serve the awareness of the capacity to make choices with regard to improving perspectives and conditions, is to effect sympathy as a mask for manipulative agenda. Instead of asking for or extending love.
Compassion is the capacity to be with what is present, as an active willingness to join in strength and support in any opportunity of shared willingness.
False sympathy seeks escape from what it cannot abide by framing in emotional appeals that seem to join but actually separate as a sense of control, distance and manipulation.
This facet of our human conditioning is perhaps the most in need of honest awareness, because the learned habit of sacrificing honesty to a form of 'correctness; is exactly the vector of our being delivered into deceits - such as work backwards.

“Everything is BACKWARDS; everything is upside down! Doctors destroy health,  Lawyers destroy justice,  Universities destroy knowledge, Governments destroy freedom,  Major media destroys information, And religions destroy spirituality". Michael Ellner

Manipulative opportunism makes its home in our fears. A recognition of separation trauma is the timely opportunity of its revisiting and release. But the use of grief and grievance to re-enact separation trauma as if to get even, is its recycling in ever depleting cycles - that is then used as justification for ever tighter controls and ever greater sacrifice of freedom.

The recent poster to the magic bullet idea is simply to the idea of magical solution which is wishful thinking given power as avoidance of the unthinkable. This can be any form of treatment - and the orthodox may simply represent the current socially invested belief - with its failures chalked up to the 'power of the disease' and thus the call to persist the official treatment - else the evil will ravage unchecked because any other belief or approach is the 'quack' to the billion dollar invested corporate authority. Especially if it not only works, but undermines the belief in the 'incurable' as a cause to keep pumping billions of dollars into - along with traumatised people pushed to 'act now or else!
The magic, or manipulation of appearances, is already in the 'model' and the diagnosis that proceeds from it. If a wrong turn is taken - everything else can then extend the error no matter how honourable their intent or how intense the devotion to its cause.
Our current science stands on the shoulders of giant mistakes that have been capitalised by corporate manipulative intent under which the many believe to be their guide and protector.

One cannot build anything stable on wishfully manipulative foundations. Mistaken investments call to be written off and released for freedom to be restored to legitimate creative endeavour. Imagination has a vital role in the science of our appreciation and relation to our world - within an  integrative expression or solution. Not the conforming and complying of life to a tyranny of fear and grievance.

Mind-as-defence is more than able to manifest diversion to what is a deeper fear

in reply to

Very good points to what otherwise could run as 'accepted currency'. Misinfo and disinfo is only a matter of intentions. The last point raises my point that the mind-as-defence is more than able to manifest diversion to what is a deeper fear, and lock into the diversion even if it is a disease condition. I write because I have an appreciation of the psych-physical nature of our existence and yet also see that 'cause' can be inducted as say guilt regarding parents unhappiness, so as to 'take on' what does not belong to them, and suffer the conflict of it as if an inner failing, or project what IS theirs but what they want to get rid of, hide in or hide from which of course will always come home regardless the technology applied to 'whack-a-mole!'.
So perhaps a stinging criticism, taken to heart, can be displaced to the 'appearance' and even hold the meaning "Look on what you have done to me!" as a diversion of a vicious self-hatred.
Speaking of emotional expression can seem irrational because at a rational level we learn to mask over and control such feeling-reaction - and are considered to have 'lost control, be shamed' and deemed socially incapable in transparency or naked 'vulnerability'.

How much of our rationalising justifications or explanations are in effect a form of psychic-emotional armouring? Social or peer investment in the defence is a large part of its service as defence and this applies also to the idea of vaccines as a small ongoing sacrifice to fear by which to hope to escape a much greater pain of loss. But even this basis is become absurd to the expansion and mandate of a global state vaccine subjection as a sort of compulsory religion to which reason itself must be sacrificed. But then that may be to arrive at our starting place and recognise that giving power to fear, and then seeking a counter power to offset or hide it, is to make psychic emotional 'antibodies' or negatively triggering associations as a mindset against reliving a fear and so also against revising or revisioning our mind and model or interpretation of own self and world. This is the resistance to change that mere appeal to reasoned argument cannot reach, because we cannot see in others, what we are not accepting of or open to in ourself. And so we only 'see' through the lens of our own currency of acceptance or indeed not really see as a result of judgemental withholding of rights and worth.

Whoever has the most freedom of awareness is in the position to extend a true communication which - whatever its content - is addressed to another's worth and not at or about them in ways that 'un-person' or smear, attack or deny - which to my view is a dump of our own conflict onto others - within negative associations that wall out, deny voice and set us into a subjection to suffering our 'stuff' as if the power of others to deny us - because our 'defences' put it there - where it cannot BE resolved. At some point it may become obvious that we suffer our defences and lock into them, rather than suffer (live) the original conflict as our need and active call to find true resolution, reintegration, reconciliation or healing.

Friday, 6 September 2019

The idea of beliefs or ideas running as if having a life of their own

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Who indeed was 'Shakes spear' (Pallas Athena). I lean to Francis Bacon as the likely artist - though not to say there may not have been understudies working under or with him. 'Pulling the wool over our eyes' has been attributed to the passing off of 'William Shakespeare' for the forming of a British Identity, in language and so in cultural expression. The ideas are a resurgence of largely Greek perspective of drama as the 'divine archetypes' of its playing out in human tragi-comedy. Art reflecting Life?
Regardless any bias of its times or who penned it, I see the work as standing in its own right as a mirror held up to the human condition. Not so much the intent to run a business model on knowingly false assertions - that are passed off as true to those who have been induced or chosen to give authority away. This will shift to hide in new forms as the nature of a mind in denial and evasion of its true Authoring or Nature. I suspect the demonised will be recognised as health supporting when we stop casting out fears, so as to then attack them in 'role' and thus 'prove them true' by the generation of further disease or conditions of scarcity and lack.

The idea of beliefs or ideas running as if having a life of their own, is part of the nature of 'narrative reality' or social engineering - because narrative identities are not based upon truth so much as the 'world we grew up in' and inherit and acquire by adaptation.

Once an idea of set of ideas can be propagated to 'take' root in the minds of many, those minds automatically protect them, by seeking and finding justifications, reinforcements as defence for their own existence.

This is in any case part of the nature of a narrative identity of personality structure as story of self, family, and world.

To what degree do we each and collectively 'make our reality' as our interpretive construct - through which we then experience the only Reality that is?

We may say we 'make sense of it' - but to whom? To the heart and mind of a conscious self acceptance? Or to a conforming and complying adaptation to the demands of a learned survival?

The definitions and beliefs we accept for ourself extend to our relations and world, and the experiencing of that relationship then reflects as a world to which we adapt or are conditioned by.

What do we actually believe, why do we believe it and what do we get out of it? These are fundamental curiosities that will only arise from the willingness to question our reality experience or narrative identity because it is dissonant to who and what we are and we are no longer willing to deny or sacrifice our sense of our own existence or being to a dissonant model or set of ideas.

In terms of 'causes' of disease, we are in the realm of magic and superstition as long as we are identifying first cause OUT THERE. A chain of logical effects does proceed from giving cause away, and this chain can be meticulously studied as if to prove itself - but only within the initial presumption or assignation - ie Heart function fails and cholesterol is the bad guy. And therefore in the avoidance, denial or manipulative distortion of unsupporting or conflicting evidences.

Why believe it? what do we get out of believing it? To the layman, the belief may be in the higher knowledge of the trained specialist, and the application of that knowledge as technological interventions. But specialisation becomes myopic without a unifying context such as to become tooled by our own tools and controlled or trapped in our own thinking.

Definition comes first and in medical terms; diagnosis as the basis for treatment is the discernment or interpretation of the presentation by which to respond. Likewise in medical terms, the diagnosis is an 'expert' categorisation of symptoms assigned to specified disease definitions in which the believed mechanism is seen as the cause and mechanical interventions applied to block or suppress its expression.

Magic and superstition are a freedom of the mind to make its own connections and associations and learn from them -  or it would not be a mind but a mechanism. Insofar as we can make ourself in our own image, we can substitute for awareness of fulfilment of function, and generate a breakdown of capacity to support or maintain the model, the body, the social structure. And call it progress, profit or sustainability.

Fear as self fulfilling prophecy

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I have uncovered the same overview and urge a deeper appreciation of the significance of  'fear as self-fulfilling prophecy'.
The sense of deep betrayal, of hideous mistake or grievous outcome arising from honest enquiry in this and other issues of trust in protection - are all in and of themselves potential nodes for the persistence of negatively looping experience.

In essence the possession of a sense of control is the power by which to escape or mitigate fear - without attending or undoing its cause.
Fear will be associated with and attach itself to conditions, that are then seen as causal.
But the nature of fear as a self-feeding structure of belief running beneath our surface awareness, is of conflicted purpose or desire.

The body is a miraculous event of unified purpose - in terms of an ever more revealed complexity of collaboration of cells, bacterial life, and organ function - all at once - in real time - as the support for life that we take as our own where in fact we are of it and have it by sharing or living its relational expression.

Aligning in health by manual override of body function is the belief something has gone wrong exported to the body or world and addressed their by interventions that not only do not address the cause, but introduce new vectors of expression for the un-address cause. In mythic terms, three new heads grow for every head chopped off. Feeding the problem under guise of resolving it can then demand ever more funding and sacrifice to maintain the 'power' set up against the feared threats, enemies, adversities, such as to operate not unlike a tumour in its encapsulation and containment of the issue as a split off or rogue and malevolent intent - outside and set apart and against the will of the attempt to eradicate it.

'Too big to fail' can also mean too embedded in systemic foundations for social order. Our social order is structured upon and reinforcing of core beliefs that are not true - but their story is held as truth by all who are invested in it as a sense of power and protection from unowned and masked or hidden fear.

No one can force another to become willing to see or know what they are unwilling or even unready at this timing to look at. The attempt to 'control' outcomes as if the outcome is the disease is a thought reversal that corrupts even the best of intentions because it frames life falsely.

The rising insanity of a world in which 'Everything is backwards!' is thus a deconstructing or disintegration of our framing beliefs and the institutional structures of their expression. In any case fear is like a genie out of its bottle and the control structure of elitism (power set over rather than representative trust) seeks to keep the lid on while appealing for sustainability as the call to a much tighter and granular human control system - because the idea of 'malevolent virus' has become an active identification of human beings - us. When the very idea of 'contagion' is at root; the transmission and induction of fear.

Thinking from fear is driven, compulsive and tyrannical even as it is compartmentalised and dissociative from the love that characterises any real relational communication. The alignment in healing is for both the therapist and the client - else a sick model persists in missing the true need of the client's current expression in its imposing of a model of 'treatment' for correcting or managing the condition. While the client uses the therapist to get rid of what they see as a violator of their life or malevolent expression of threat to their life. Where these conflicting purposes SEEM to coincide is a mutually reinforcing illusion. A negative feedback loop running as healthcare system.

It is recognised that for many, coming off of such a mis-diagnosed and mis-taken 'support system', needs its own process of weaning to a more integrative responsibility - depending on the degree of dependency on adaptations to a mistaken model or derivative identity.

Immune support is even more needed in those who have lost natural immunity, as well as a world in which immune function at cellular level is being systematically destroyed. Fear-defined and driven human thinking works the propagation of the 'viral' threat not human being. Nor any segregated groups of beings demonised for thinking at variance to an unquestionably applied model. Not least because independent transparency and accountability would reveal it to be unfounded or baseless - and no more than a grab or a clinging to possession of power set in fear of loss of control. Here is a messenger we would be wise to heed.

Killing the Messenger is the refusal to look or listen to an expansion of perspective, relative to a personal sense of invested identity that fears transformational change as it fears death in life and so frames life in fear and suffers the burden of pervasive and persistent strain and isolation.

Mind over matter is obvious in the realm of our body - and yet is it 'control over' or is there a support of reinforcement experience to the intent and desire being given priority - regardless whether running consciously to our noticing. The walling out of 'perceived threat' is a kind of attempted immunity but the perception is not a fact but an interpretation. All response proceeds from an interpreter. The cult of experts is not a culture of true mastery. Mastery is the development of a balanced awareness of all that pertains to a situation as the movement of its fruitful expression. 'not knowing' is therefore the call to pause and be open to the movement and recognition of that which does - because life is not blind mechanism so much as an energetic relational expression. The attempt to present expertise as knowledge-control and legal application is itself a blind mechanism given allegiance and support by the willingness to subjugate or sacrifice our relational awareness to a politically manipulated social 'correctness'.

Friday, 23 August 2019

Defending identity against life changing expansion

in response to the above linked article

Abiotic oil is widely held true in arenas I focus in. One often finds that a technologism of self interest (which is usually extending possession and control) USES new knowledge while narrative identity in model or worldview protects its investment. This makes for 'insider or inner track science' that is essentially privatised - leaving a mainstream face of narrative continuity and control. (I see electrical discharge events where mainstream presumes meteor impacts) Telluric currents  underlie earthquakes and vulcanism - along with electrostatic to kinetic pressures in crystalline rock. And are of charge flow and capacitances within  and above the Earth, that is all within a Solar plasmasphere or capacitance (and beyond). In a sense the element of fire is revealed as matter in plasma state - as self-oganising electromagnetic structure within and underpinning much that we took to be self-existing 'stuff' of things and forces in mechanical expression. (in our own image).

Part of your theme of resistance to change is the mind's role as reinforcement for ANY idea given acceptance by acting from it.

Everything will be perceived in support of 'who and what you have accepted yourself to be' while that idea is active. This gives us the richness of the experience of what we are accepting/aligning with - regardless its empirical truth. Our experience is a result of giving reality to, that we then become defined or conditioned by - as a feedback loop that can be integrative or segregative. The sense of separation and the need for control can run a negative self-reinforcement set over and against fear of pain of loss.

Dissonant experience may lead to the questioning of belief given status of fact - or to further investment in the belief by extending the model to account for the anomalies. The greater the investment the less awareness and attention is free to re-evaluate.

The mind that cannot choose is to busily engaged in a complex of already active choices that seem to be a world of necessity or survival - but which is framed by core beliefs protected as 'non-negotiable' or 'too big to fail'.

The bacterial underpinnings that are only now being recognised as almost a 'Mothering' to what we took to be independent organisms (ie: in our own image) are a biological matrix of communication and exchange without which Life on Earth would not be. The line between organic and inorganic energetic informational exchange and organisation is not as Cartesian as "I think to be".

Bechamps - by the way - discovered living biota from Jurassic rocks and if his meticulous observations had been followed in place of Pasteur's courting of power and fame, we may have collectively woke from its corruption sooner. But rather than wish our life away, accept that revision is part of correcting the record. The foundation of germ theory is questionable - and yet also recognisable as a persistence of the invested belief in a separate and independent 'self' within a defence set against violation, dispossession or indeed 'repossession'.

Such that self-doubt, division and fear (lack of immunity to perceived/believed threat), invokes defences against forms of  'otherness' assigned and associated with un-owned, un-faced and unhealed inner conflict. So our 'defences' restate and reinforce the thing they are generated to escape or overcome. Unless an expansion of perspective re-evalutes what IS present instead of reacting within the frame of the problem. No need to fear your cholesterol!

But key in this, is to differentiate beliefs we like to present, or be seen in, and beliefs that are invisible because they are internalised structures of conditioned learning, accepted as self-evident fact and providing social and cultural (and corporate) support, to a model of existence and therefore survival - we have learned to perceive as self-evident. (As with the Emperor's new clothes)

I am always seeking to point towards the underlying patterns of belief that run as psychic-emotional underpinnings to what we think and how we see and act. Not as attack on what currently works for you - but as the invitation to release what doesn't truly serve and so align consciously in what does.

Generally, only those whose 'worldview' or invested identity has broken or lost support are open to look with new eyes. But nonetheless a collective dissociation rising to awareness sets the context for profound revision. 'The times they have a changed!'

The great news of an uncovered deceit is that truth is now free to reveal itself to the willingness to receive and align in it. Instead of seeking only for the 'truths' that self-reinforce our private sense of possession and control that isolates and disconnects from life even when collectivised under systemic 'care' provision that effectively monopolises and regulates 'Care' to serve ITS possession and survival.

Recognising the hallmark signature of the mind that knows not what it does - (because blind to its predicate is the blind allegiance to a falsely framed sense of self and world BE-LIVED) - is the key to uncovering our own correspondences instead of running on habits of thought and response that seem to be us. Here's the crux - when we are called to a true account - are we curious in desire for the coherency of being that only truth gives? Or are we already distracted, turning a blind eye and already running a cover story?

To be trapped (invested) in a lie is to cover the truth by pointing the finger of cause away - with a curse of accusation for others to join in a 'War on Symptoms' so as to keep cause hidden. For these ones, 'war is peace' - for while conflict is outsourced AWAY from self, it doesn't have to be owned and addressed - but plausibly denied and publicly decried while privately mitigated.

Conflict; as attack, violation, denial, rejection, exclusion, offence, and etc - are all reflected to an interpretive framework of meanings acquired or inherited from a largely unconscious past. The meanings we give, set the measure of the meaning we receive. But we experience as if effects have escaped their cause and are attacking us or 'done to us' or just happening as our subjection - with no sense that we may have set ourselves up for a fall. GIGO or garbage in; garbage out - is a recognition that logic is not itself creative or causative - but rather a lawful extension of premises. While garbage can be assigned to dysfunction - it first applies to the underlying errors of commands that inevitably result in dysfunction downstream - as sympton.
Because the heart is the seat of command the capacity to change the program is the result of bringing the error to light such that it no longer runs. But the heart's despair is subjection to the mind's control. Awakened response-ability is an expression of health and wholeness as a true premise that all else will align to as a result of living from and as who we now recognise and accept to be. Certainty is no longer sought in the mind - but extended and shared as the heart's recognition to each situation as a unique expression. The time and timing of this shift from mind-control to freedom of acceptance and decision is all down to willingness. The attempt to force Life is the resulting 'attack' or polarised and divided fragmentation in conflict. A true listening is not setting conditions on the form of the answer, nor shouting as if to make an impact, but is moved WITHIN a movement of being as a quality of connectedness in active willingness for life.
The strain of (defending) constant judgement is an intolerable burden. The physically defined and structured mind was never designed or intended to 'control' reality but only to serve the focus within our reality experience. Because a resonant match is a oneness or 'not two-ness' that manipulation or arrangement of forms cannot more than mimic in rituals of symbolic re-enactment that become derivative currencies of conflicted meanings or doublethink of the attempt to unify a true good within a false substitution and so sacrifice ourself to a temporary illusion of security, over and over again.
The model is the conceptual expression of the idol or symbolic substitution of imaged form for living relational freedom of being. Many here are recognising that blinding belief of assertive and defended dogma works no less through the scientific cultural paradigm - and perhaps in more insidious ways. But if we stop with seeing this only in special or selective others - we are not recognising the underlying psychic-emotional framework of which cultural expressions are symptoms. In other words we personify in narrative terms that are always of a good and evil assertion - each in the other. Rather than release all of that to a desire for truth - as an unmanufactured and direct recognition and appreciation. The scientist recognises the need to 'get out of their own way' but in the process threw the baby out with the bathwater. Creative endeavour is a consciously accepted unfolding of desire to fulfilment.
I desire to live in a world that aligns and reflects truly - regardless what others currently want or seem to want. How can accepting this bring an untrue result? Only by interpreting results as failure rather than reading the data in the light of the guiding and aligning purpose.

If the underlying goal is how to sustain an illusion at cost of (awareness of) truth - then failure is built in - but the game is on. When the game is not worth the candle, walk out of the frame to open a fresh take without damning the mis-take that is integrally part of who we now recognise and accept ourself to be (the unfolding of).

Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Uncovering a mythic past with plasma physics

Look into Perrat's (once top secret high energy) plasma physics and his collection of ancient petraglyphs that match.

That we see patterns and make faces is one of our first learnings as babies - (and incidentally of computerised cameras).
A plasmoid is a toroidal field whole energetic or physical expression is mediated by its intensity, and the terrain in terms of the medium of expression. The doughnut or circular ring can appear as two eyes perhaps joined by fainter arms. This can also give the owl motif.

The 'stick-man' in its essence is a vertical streaming pattern with 'legs' or splayed feet or tendrils (not unlike red sprites)and plumed 'feathers' or hair or the shapes seen in Egyptian Pharos's 'hats'.

Cosmic awe - also terror or overwhelm - induces both an activating and spliting of consciousness. Consciousness is a focusing of awareness that seeks an integrated outcome. In simple, we seek to find relational recognition within the thought, feeling and experience of existence. 

That which is seen as overwhelmingly powerful is that to which we seek protection from and protection IN - such as in appeasements, ritual reenactments, offerings, sacrifice and covenants of allegiance.

The belief in power of personal and tribal or group protection - given power in response to trauma, becomes the forgetting or hiding of the trauma in the 'consciousness' and culture of a ritually ruled narrative definitional structure. 

Hence such a 'consciousness' is a true or loving awareness operating under a thought reversal that is conscious of threat as a subconscious survival default and as a diversionary and evasive survival within all kinds of symbolic substitution for wholeness - which is known and shared as the qualities peace and joy that are one with an innocence of self-aware being and embracing of the mind of division as a higher perspective in which new ways of seeing and being can grow new pathways of a truly aligned consciousness, in place of the conditioning of a binary survival reflex.

The change of conditions such as to no longer being witness to or re-triggered by catastrophic cosmic events rendered the past account as mythic imaginations and in a sense this is not wrong because 'story' is the sense of unfolded Meaning in time and space - even if Meaning Itself is innate or prior to the scripting of themes, characters, action and motives.

However having derivative cultural developments of early experiential signatures serves to make restoring a clear sense of what actually unfolded very difficult to discern or very easy to misinterpret. But such as we are accepting, does provide the underlying structural definitions or reality beliefs that all else is thematically embodying as life on Earth or the Human condition.
Some understanding of how the past can be used to control the future (Orwell et al) opens the realisation that the past is continually re-created as part of our back-story. Some take this to mean they can manipulate the future by manipulating the past, but this is the original error and not a true premise - and so works a false promise. Undoing the past in the present releases the future to extend the present. In this sense, sufficient be the evils unto the day thereof, because where unconsciously destructive or joy denying patterns come into a day lived well - is exactly what is timely to address - not as a sense of a witchhunt or battle but in simply willingness to SEE or be shown what is true from what is false - under a recognition that the mind we have developed and think to use for possession and control (and defence thereof), cannot tell the difference and is as apt to see slavery in freedom and take pleasure in pain. Of course IT does not think this - but if you look at your thinking rather than let it run your mind - and responses - you will see for yourself that the mind can deceive and be deceived - with painful and destructive results.

That everything is 'coming up' to awareness must seem disintegrative to the sense of possession and control given to blind structural allegiance. Insofar as life is energetic expression of love it gives form to qualities through the relational experience of quantities, scales and dimensions.This is a transmutation or translation of higher energies into forms of lower intensity of density that provide the waves of metaphor for the waking of intuitive recognition as a participant within a wave. Identity in thingness or thing-king is a forgetting of the 'field' of resonant relation that is all embracing - even of the ability to forget or deny existence under 'thinking'. Awakened relational responsibility is the heart's decision or acceptance. That we seek comfort in forms we can accept is not wrong except we make idol of the comfort instead of a stepping stone of growing through experience. And this is only 'wrong' in terms of generating 'wrongness' as some kind of violator or offence to a peace of exclusion and isolation - that must attract crisis towards restoring life.
Crisis is both danger and opportunity - but as with what I wrote above, in and of our reactive thinking we are apt to reverse these and  act against our Good under a sense of saving a falsely framed self-sense.

Every kind of story can be played out in image - but the point of that is to arrive at a coherency of story in ACT.
Only what we live from is ours to share in.