Wednesday, 29 June 2022

The True Matrix of Life


On what the mainstream calls “exosomes,” I haven’t reached a final verdict but it certainly looks like they were just a rescue device for virology and I’m not motivated to prioritize looking more into the idea by anything I’ve seen so far.

This doesn’t mean I write off the concept of intercellular communication; in fact I rather suspect it happens abundantly.

The mainstream terminology is almost always really messed up. Are any of the things they call “exosomes” something worth studying? Maybe, but I bet if so a cleanup of the semantics is warranted, because it seems very likely that plenty of what they call “exosomes” are just dead cell debris, and as far as debunking virology that’s probably going to be the central point.

I noticed two points that I reflect or expand on.
That 'cells' cooperate or share unifying functional attributes with a whole far in excess of a sum of seeming parts (that can be assigned or imagined  BY current theories of function), is "life, Jim, but not as we (think to) know it".
So communication is the true matrix of life (and physics) as synchrony of field effects, that express as energy exchange that includes chemical and kinetic elements.
An object model (rising from a self-imaged 'thing-ness' or separateness) taken out of its psychic and spiritual context, is the leaned capacity to perceive a world of broken relationship as the resource or indeed compulsion to 'put together again'.
If we march to the drum of All the king’s horses and all the king’s men, we will be out of synch with a prior or Given wholeness, but entrained to an off-centric or segregative attempt to maintain a split purpose, such as to generate protected dissonance as a tax or toxic burden to the individuation of the Infinite we call a life - yet is never really just a thing in and of itself.

So the other point that came up is of the term, 'just dead cell debris'.
The spotlight of our mind hides more that it reveals, so relative to what we give value and focus to the label may somewhat apply, but biology doesn't just recycle, but does so within a greater intelligence than a blind watchmaker, so that the nature of our current discards may hold more value as our understanding grows.
While my sense of DNA dogma/theory is unsettled, the term junk DNA was later recognized key to 'epigenetics'. I have a sense that bio-computing is vastly richer than binary, such as to be unhackable by its product. But we have always had a freedom to get in our own way AND to assign the dissonance away from a separated sense or rather concept of self.

While we (in my view) cannot edit or manipulate our true being, we can come into a resonant alignment or coherence to a wholeness that heals, but never a thing alone, because there never was such a thing so much as a contract to reaction.

Tuesday, 28 June 2022

The Ego in the Science

The Ego in the Science


in response to the themes in RobRob:

Also, off topic but why do Kaufman and Cowan believe in the structured water making pictures experiment? It hasn’t been verified by others, just like virology. They also think that a special wand somehow can cause the water to be more structured. Ok, cool. So do an experiment with a regular stirrer as control.
Nope… Not going to happen.
It’s just annoying that they do not apply the same scrutiny to alternative things as they do to mainstream things….

I can join in noticing that Kaufman & Cowan - each in their own style - bring critical reasoning to bear on what they then make an identity of reaction and resistance - or fight against. Identity will be defended as self-reinforcement and so is where a presumption to being right over wrong or good over evil, filters, distorts or block awareness.
There is a reason J said 'resist ye not evil!'.
To turn from such temptation to make a self to a wholeness of being, is the basis from which to recognise, real questions and receive real answers.

Any claim to define or arrive at truth should be absent from the tool of science, except as a distilling of truly workable and helpful models of understanding to who we are currently accepting ourselves and our world to be.This living context is fundamental, for conscious purposes can be recognised as framing the focus, while masked or unconscious purposes operate covert agenda by definition.

I am not seeking to frame blame as a tool for arriving at outcomes, but identify where responsibility or indeed faith is misplaced by a mindset or frame of assumed authority rather than extending true witness to a reality we do not create.

The realm of consciousness mattering or the matter of consciousness as we mind it is not at the end of our instruments, and so we learn to recognise what we are putting in as the parameters or predicates for what we are receiving as our result. Garbage in; garbage out - infers that that nature of logic is blind to its creative definitions. That is where I hold for spiritual responsibility or unified purpose - which also translates to workability. For conflicted purpose can only be said to work against function - as if to gain a private result.

It is possible to identify when we are in the realm of a freedom to look at anything from many angles as part of opening new perspectives on what we thought we understood or had 'explained'. This can coincide with chance observations arising from 'mistakes' that show up anomalies that an established ego of 'science' will look away from, dismiss or attack.
The spontaneous structuring of ionised matter in fluid states (or temporarily fluid states) is known and its interaction in water is the basis of life as we know it. The liability of any new perspective is its stuffing into the old wine paradigm of possession and control - or marketising and weaponising. We short circuit an expansion or abort our unfolding fulfilment. I sometimes call it the Herod effect, because an established order cannot restructure itself but that it persists its predicates.

I extended way past your point. But much as I appreciate their willingness to speak into the lockdown of mind under covid, I have not found resonance with the roles they are now taking up or taken in by. Nor am I surprised that as the terrain changes, so does the focus.
I appreciate where the questioning of what is found questionably unfounded extends - such as on this site - rather than ritually running over and over a song for a choir of believers.
It isn't that I seek to sow doubt and disinfo to a THEM that 'lie to us' as a matter of course, but a desire to prepare the way for the movement of a true recognition. I don't hold post-truth to mean anything real - though it carries connotations of a crucifixion.
Are scientists guided by the higher faculties of thought?
Is truth a Self-revealing to the willingness for removing or releasing blocks to our awareness?

Monday, 27 June 2022

Looking At the False as False Opens the True.

in response to the themes in:

Traversing the Land of Fanatics, Part I 

Yes. Well said.
The 'hidden hand' of a self & world set in sacrifice of truth for what each can get (or 'get away' from), for a 'self' set apart from others, such that shifting alliances operate a temporary 'security' masking and distancing over conflict avoided so as to buy 'time' to delay the 'inevitable' where truth is assigned to death instead of this very moment of truly being that we are.

The foundation or entrance to such a world is through the willingness to justify and invest in hate as 'self-protection' and thus as love - for we are love and love is Self-extension as relational being.
The form of hate doesn't matter but will shape our personality as a split mind - for who can attack, deny or hate their self in others and world to be whole and know and share it?

I see the 'satanic or luciferian' agenda as a self-image under gaslight - but that an acceptance of false self is always my own underlying 'gaslighting' - even under relationships (sic) of deceit and coercion - however suavely masked or starkly threatened.

Walking out of or releasing a false, fruitless or meaningless and thus destructive 'relationship' or complex of thought and emotions that will inevitably manifest in our relationships - is the gift of our Spirit - of the truth that can be masked over and lost sight of but that remains ours to live FROM or extend - and thus remember, appreciate and re-inetgrate or heal to a quality that can share in or call forth and honour the true with-ness in others who are never the masking we give them or they present as.

Acknowledging the blocks to communication, without making them the focus of a 'corrective' blaming judgement, allows giving focus wholly to what we truly want and are - in place of to what we are trained by fear to NOT want, as if to get our self in opposition to an 'evil' or threat of fear of pain of loss.

For recognising who we are NOT is already the basis for acting out of an integrity of being we claim by acting from. To be truly moved is not really 'trying to be', but whole in being.
Life is a movement of embodiment that breaks the illusions of attempt to possess and control it. But any destructive intent is entirely our making given co-creative reinforcement. Finding the balance points within the tides and timing of an always changing is the discernment within our being integral to life - not set under or over by judgements set by grievance.

Life is not of our making, yet we are free to make of it to share in as our experience.
This is what we get backwards when we bamboozle ourself but blame it on our world.

Friday, 24 June 2022

Reflections on our freedom to accept Reality or Not...yet

 I could have added this onto the last blogpost but I'm going to put it as its own:

The sentiment expressed in this quote are not uncommon in our current era.

"I’m a enthusiastic seeker and seer but this dark science holds no possibility for me. It’ll all largely be washed away in a few short years anyway."

Well yes, everything changes, but the fact remains that what we give sets the measure of our receiving. therefore to know or be certain in our own purpose and desire is the find a grounded reference point of  recognising and appreciation ourselves in each other and everything.

For while we have a temporary or time-bound experience of a life, we each have a unique perspective within the Infinity of being that partakes of it - knowingly or not.

The nature of our will is that it is free to accept reality or not, in time. But what we accept will either know itself free or at some point recognise it has been phished or mis-directed to seek freedom from self-conflicted premise, that automatically redefines will and freedom to its own framing. So here the experience of 'being lied to' but also the awakening responsibility for what we give authority or credibility to. And as a result sharing or growing the culture of such a renewal of the mind we thought to have lost to lies and denials that are never wholly attributable to others or to an 'othered' terrain, but are an expression OF terrain in unique expression. This likewise automatically restores Cause to it total Event, rather than casting out to a fragmentation of conflicted causes seeking dominance or even the right to be.

Without a Grounded Reference Point

 While this writing was in response to

But what I wrote stands not just to a particular case or question.

If not for tragic and painful consequence, the ability to ‘construct a world’ and live as if it is true is quite an amazing feat.
The mind of its own illusion is not aware of its own ‘attack’ on reality in giving weight to wishful thinking that it wants to be true, but as a stakeholder to its belived reality naturally defends ‘its truth’ against what is now perceived to be a threat that is then ‘justifiably attacked’ on behalf of a self-convicted sense of self and world.
That conflict is not the way to establish, uncover or know anything, is because it runs from a presumption to know, that hijacks the mind of its capacity to give and receive truly or wholly.
To know – which is the nature of being, is thus masked over with derivative claims that are set indirectly, in symbols of association rather than direct witness or indeed with-ness.
Another way of referring to the isolation claim, is whether in fact we find what we say we found, or whether we find signs and traces, associations or bio-markers that themselves rest on or persist the indeterminate nature of other assumptions or modelling conjectures.

I see the same pattern in the realm of finance, whose corruptions then feed the tooling of science to protect and extend a capacity to literally make things up as the means to persist and protect invested revenue streams as if a living complex of life support for unresolved conflicts.
The encapsulation of conflicts that become toxic as a result of persistence, operates a temporary expedient that can become a loss of freedom of being or functional joy in being, to death and taxes – or sacrificial conflict management as war over life seen as threat – rather than as a realm endeavour that involves decisions, evaluations and true appreciations.
Worship of science as the arbiter of technological extensions hailed as ‘progress’ has discarded the qualities of being for the ego of becoming something ‘else’ than what we simply and always are. What an amazing feat! But at what a cost to gain a world of conflicting illusion and lose the capacity to know anything truly!

Giving and receiving are the nature of mind or thought. As we choose to accept or receive so will we give or live to others and ourself. The fact of a resonant match is not a matter of purity so much as actuality. The quality is where signal is tuned so as to ‘lose’ the noise.
If something has being, it can be truly known as part of you, as part of all. Reality is democratic in that it is for all, not for a favoured few. Indulging a-tempt to make a private agenda will conflict, but the conflict is always with ourself for reality cannot ‘attack’ itself.

In this quote, the term ‘grounded reference point’ is pertinent to human social endeavour that has lost sight of it.



 in response to the themes in:


Functional activity or process of change is a verifiable fact, but what we assign as meaning is drawn from the fact - that is a selection and a focus of interpretation according to priorities of an already established mind or structure of consciousness of intention and desire.

The nature of what a claim can be used for is proportionate to the requirement of proof.
Mapping out nanoparticulates to functions that are patented and leveraged as black box 'science' by mutating specialisms of unimaginable access to (or tooled) funding, is in the realm of sorcery, because no matter how naive the 'researchers needing more research' they are tooled to applications of such radical import as to literally seek to make life in their own image.

The ability to create or set definitions  and languages as the basis of leverage over all that partakes of their attributes, is the mind's capacity to model reality and to shape it to its own preferences - as a local or private adjustment - within the absolute limits of workability.
A dysfunctional model can be persisted in but only at cost of sacrificing to its demand as the driver of needs. Which will be the experience of countering or managing a mounting chaos.
A principle aspect of which is the seeking out of restoring lost functional wholeness - as the attempt to rejoin separated or disconnected parts in ways that suppress awareness of conflicts, in fear, pain and loss, by repackaging them to more complex definitions of support FOR a mindset as control or as tooled by suppressed and unaddressed conflict to cling to as the mask over fear of loss of control.

I realise I expand from the issue of whether exosomes have in fact been found or are only inferred to exist according to various indirect processes that are not at all a direct observation, but involve a plethora of attempts to probe the invisible via instruments or tests that are open to multiple variables, yet adopted as standard procedure within corporate and institutional biases and habits.

Archimedes postulated a lever by which to move a whole world. Technologism 'finds' such leverage in the basis of what we accept and define the basis of our world to be.
Yet we attack or undermine and deny ourself by putting our spanner in the works.

Many scientists assign probability to ideas. I see that as an ongoing evaluation of whether they are truly fitting and workable, but the world truly in this is everything. For who or what?
Garbage in; garbage out.

Thursday, 23 June 2022

We are never ONLY addressing a world.

While this writing is in the ongoing theme of the existence or not of various scientifically claimed particles as functions assigned them, its scope is contextual not competing in an attempt to convince or discredit others so as to maintain my own convictions unquestioned.

 - - -


It is not an existence of a thing or a matter so much as the postulation of functions to assumed things that are part of our mind's imagination, narrative or theory of causation.

That communication occurs between the various parts of an organism or living complex is redundant - for that is the life. The actual nature of such communications is complex and subtle such as to elude - in my view - any strictly materially based consideration.
The drive to reduce all causation to material action and reaction is itself a human reaction against 'vitalism' or the assertions of causations associated with mythic or symbolic stories that are associated with religious dogmas, denial of facts, and refusal to accept reality as it is.
However, this becomes a dogmatic counterpart in accepting only what currently invested and established theory can define and control. In this the underlying magical assumptions & superstition remains unchanged regardless the new arena through which they now operate.

We are never only addressing a world. We are always meeting the results of our mind. That is a process of thought structuring beliefs and definitions that operate as a filter of values, interpretative perceptions, and emotional and physical responses. The quaint notion that science is seeking truth or even the greater good, belies the linkage to applied technological applications within a distorted economic and social order of marketisation and weaponisation of insider or specialist knowledge, as the action of definition, possession and control.
The authority that officially defines is the inner and higher ruling from which all else proceeds.

It is here where I see the corruption of a true witness for the support of private agenda, which can grow from seeking private gain to seeking to technologise definitions as law by which to undermine the social order, so as to reconstruct an order as perception management or indeed mind control of the many by insider cartels of private self interest.

One of the most insidious of such is our social alignment in reacting against a perceived evil
such as to willingly distort and deny truth as a means to war on evil. Hence an ideological mind capture of groupthinking zombies to deepset propaganda masked as science. It is the predicates that are in error, such that good intentions can mask over hates and fears that go forth and multiply weaponised narratives or heavily funded and invested lies, by which we actually DO the evil we THINK we are protecting against.

The nature of joining in hate as a booster for a disconnected state of fear, is not truly joining in living purpose, but runs AS IF a power of guidance and protection relative to feared conflicts rather than upon and within a current and relational fact or unified conscious purpose.
Thus a symbiotic nature (messy as that can seem) is subjugated for emotion-backed demands driving a segregative and dissociative psychic-emotional threat/survival complex.

The specialisations and fragmentations of science effect a breakdown of communication. The centre cannot hold. Instead of all hands playing a part, they all play apart - that is to protect a private self interest while paying sacrifice to the mindset in appearances of social virtue.
The validity and reliability of the scientific literature is no less alloyed with toxic debt than a corrupted financial banking system, such that its tower of Babel has no other possibility than to 'fall' or rather be revealed as lacking true foundations as a structure that has taken in and been usurped by false premise, not just in error, but by intent to bury the corpse and crimes of grievous errors under weaponised and defended narrative dictate or dogma.

As we are all in some sense stakeholders, we all have some skin in the game of an illusion of control that costs us our freedom of natural being, not just in asking and uncovering answer, but as joy in life. The scientific method is a tool serving the purpose we give it. Our liability is to become identified BY our toolset, such as to in effect be tooled by and internalised thought system running unquestioned. The capacity to question our experience, or perception-response to a mapped out 'meanings' or conditioning, runs contra to the mind we learned as an adaptive strategy of survival and becoming UNDER False Evidence Appearing Real.

The mind is very quick! In an instant a complex scenario can be invoked by which to mask over an experience of exposure as invalid. A whole 'world' can rise to justify or divert from and conceal a split mind, so as to maintain a continuity of self in currently accepted terms and conditions.

I am by nature predisposed to seek and find support for creating the conditions that support life. But by nurture I have acquired and learned a masking persona within a culturally shared or mutually defended separate sense of both control and isolation. This has usurped or masked over a true appreciation and communication of life at all the levels we assign it, though the nature of  such an appreciation is a qualitative recognition of embrace and alignment of coherence - that the ego will always seek to interject as a means to re-establish division as control. At least for as long as we attend it as a source of guidance and protection.

The weaving of partial truths and untruths requires All the king’s horses and all the king’s men.
But what if truth itself never 'Fell'?
Health assigned to the body is an extension of a sickness of mind acted out on bodies.
The field of resonance as the basis for integrative patterns of recognition, communication and exchange is not a manually contrived  arrangement of particles. But IS present as the particular situation or relational expression - as it is. Memory effects can operate a past and future displacement field. Such as to effectively compartmentalise and 'time-share' temporarily conflicting 'realities' or models running as experience that is necessarily conflicted or unresolved to true or whole and simple presence. The mind can fragment in concept, but the Mind of which it partakes has not gone anywhere else!


It transpired that I shared a daily reading inspiration directly after writing this that also speaks to the theme:

Excerpted from A Course in Miracles

Chapter 6:  'The Uses Of Projection' - 


Any split in will MUST involve a rejection of part of it, and this IS the belief in separation. The wholeness of God, which IS His peace, cannot be appreciated EXCEPT by a whole mind, which recognizes the wholeness of God’s creation, and BY this recognition, knows its Creator. Exclusion and separation are synonymous, as are separation and dissociation. We have said before that the separation was and IS dissociation, and also that, once it had occurred, projection became its main defense, or the device that KEEPS IT GOING. The reason, however, may not be as clear as you think.

In the ego’s use of projection, to which we are obviously referring, what you project you disown, and therefore DO NOT BELIEVE IS YOURS. You are EXCLUDING yourself by the very statement you are making that you are DIFFERENT from the one on whom you project. Since you have also judged AGAINST what you project, you continue to attack it because you have already attacked it BY projecting it. By doing this unconsciously, you try to keep the fact that you must have attacked yourself FIRST out of awareness, and thus imagine that you have made yourself safe.

Projection will ALWAYS hurt you. It re-inforces your belief in your own split mind, and its ONLY purpose is TO KEEP THE SEPARATION GOING. It is SOLELY a device of the ego to make you feel DIFFERENT from your brothers, and separated from them. The ego justifies this on the wholly spurious grounds that it makes you seem “better” than they are, thus obscuring your equality with them still further. Projection and attack are inevitably related because projection is ALWAYS a means of justifying attack. Anger without projection is impossible.

The ego uses projection ONLY to distort your perception both of yourself AND your brothers. The process begins by excluding something THAT exists in you which you do not want, and leads directly to excluding you from your brothers. We have learned, however, that there is another use of projection. Every ability of the ego has a better counterpart because its abilities are directed by the mind, which has a better Voice. The Holy Spirit as well as the ego utilizes projection, but since their goals are opposed, so is the result....

Wednesday, 22 June 2022

The Heart of Healing

This writing is to the theme of what is healing - or indeed sickness - in the light of the current reversal of a pathologically driven system, not just of medicine, but across the spectrum of social & economic institutions and endeavours.

There are fundamental beliefs and definitions in individuals and as cultural inheritance that frame all that proceeds.
Trying to communicate that to those who currently identify in and perceive through such beliefs is exactly the issue we meet when trying to reach a virologist (professional or lay believer) with the serious proposition of its non existence - or at least with there being no basis in empirical reality to support its claims.
Among other 'companioning guides' I find A Course in Miracles one of the most clear expositions of the nature of a breakdown in communication running as a masking defence against disclosure to lack of foundation.
The primary healing is the undoing of fear as a basis for denial, attack, conflict, sacrifice, & masking defence in substitution for love of life. The body is not credited with a creative will, but the confusion of levels in a split mind has assigned part of its own will to external conditions, symptoms and projections - just as many do regarding a pathogenic hijacking virus.
A Course in Miracles primary invitation is to the opening of conscious relationship with the 'Holy Spirit' - which is given us as the means of reintegration to an underlying wholeness we have dissociated from by mis-taken identity, in lack-based judgements by which we seek adjustments to a sense of self and world in conflict.
A Course in Miracles holds the ego of self image as a clinging to limitation, division and control, that uses the body - including its sickness and frailty - as its most powerful defence against our truth in Spirit - which is beyond the body but blesses all that is true within our miscreative errors - such as to renew and repurpose from a mind set for 'getting' to a mind for giving and receiving as one.
The Miracle is thus any witness to love's reality, such as can be recognised and share in even an instant of willingness. The healing or awakening is not at all what the ego would gladly engage in as a reflection of its own sense of becoming, and so like all that it takes on the form of - operates a reversal - not least by first making sickness real and then seeking to solve it.
The judgement that locks us into reaction operates as if we already know and thus do not pause to ask and listen or wait on answer to reveal.
I have had many occasions for quoting the Bible to the current revealing/reset of a covert identity:
"And WHO told you you were naked?" said the Lord.
Taking 'naked' to its root of a self-consciousness set in dissonance that is driven to mask in mutually agreed definitions or 'groupthink', is then naked in the light of being - now associated with a self-dissonance or self-wrongness that can attach and associate itself with anything and everything - until released.
Complete healing back to God is then associated with total loss of self and world, and so the attempted compromise between love and fear that becomes their reversal, when we fear & hate to love and yet love to hate (in the mask of false virtue by which to mitigate or escape blame and penalty).
The gift of the Holy Spirit is the stirring in our being of the freedom to ask and receive answer truly, as distinct from the questions framed by and for the masking over unowned or denied conflicts.
Because healing is release from fear, those who are not ready to receive meet an accommodation that allays fear through mediations that join with a patient' current beliefs such as to take a step from fear set in self-conflict towards release of conflict.
Gaslighting is always a self-attack or else it wouldn't draw a corresponding reaction.
In sketching FROM the Course's terms can seen abstract or unworldly. But its application is always specific.
There are other guidances for wherever we that witness for integrity of being and function.
Joy is our function as the freedom to be who we are rather than self-evasions that lead us unto WHO we are not! Spirit is the Context in which realignment to heart in health is restored as a place to live FROM - instead of a goal set in some OTHER moment to GET to or attain.
A pathological or negative appreciation of life sets gratifications in self illusion as the drive for a fulfilment that is gone even as it seems to be had. The bottoming out of an addiction is the 'Prodigal son' theme. I find this a better metaphor than the ego-alien adventure of being trapped under a predatory and alien Power.

Are you truly IN such a world and of it?

I can summarise my current position as; minds are in and of, a quality and field that is Communication, through a complex of filters and rules that generate the experience of a relational interactive world of reflection or feedback in representation.The mind creating the filtering beliefs and definitions is of a different level to the mind of adaptation to its 'world'.

As the ego structure from the spirit informing.
The positing or limiting of our mind IN and AS a body is such a filter through which a masked and distanced sense of communication of both need and fulfilment shares within a medium of
resonances that are the inner matrix of all communication - rather than the structural or material symptoms of its expression and embodiment that we experience as a realm of cause and effect and the development of consciousness as both segregative and reintegrative.
Intuitive knowledge is a felt quality that cannot be framed in limiting frames of meanings without partaking of their predicate. Extracellular communication is a symbolic representation of the medium of which 'cells' are posited as segregated domains of living organisation and homoeostasis of inner and outer conditions relative to their boundary condition.
The inspiration to look for agents of cause and effect is part of a reintegrative accommodation to a segregative differentiation. But this is a consciousness in development often taken as a necessary or morally worthy answer, relative to a closed mechanistic isolation to object-subjection.
The idea of virtue unselfconsciously going forth of itself as a quality of resonant wholeness underlies the same law operating the self-conscious attempt to get or become whole from a presumption of lack, inadequacy or need set in isolation and disconnection requiring impactful intervention to gain traction or 'become real'.
In our own integrative paths and choices, we do not need to empirically validate ideas that work for or serve a true sense of evident helpfulness, as 'permission slips' to be who we are without waiting for external permissions, but this is not a right to impose our current choices on others as facts. Nor a need to attack other's choices where they are living them from and in a lawful freedom to learn, live & grow.
But where ideals, models or ideologies are set over relational honesty, they will undermine and attack the very basis of our communication, which is in and of love, even if set by attempt to force outcomes from a reaction to lovelessness or 'pathological conflict' repackaged as intent and 'countered'.
Our ideas are stepping stones to an expansion of embracing perspectives. But in their moment they may seem to be the only way to see, such as to set as our home and defend it. To kill and die for it as our right to be. But our being holds the right to question our thinking, and the 'realities' or fruits and results. This actually Is life rather than a position imposed on life that generates conflict as an identity by reaction.

Obscure theories on which a bio insecurity depends

I wrote this into a comment thread on the lack of having actually isolated viruses or indeed exosomes in a manner than can definitively demonstrate their claimed or assumed characteristics - which are taken as fact and used as basis for a medical institutions and industry that locksteps with corporate cartel monopolism to literally overrule the rights of living human beings, society and nations.

Exosomes are believed to perform exogenous/external or intercelluar functions. Like the idea of non pathological 'viruses'.

/Snip for context

Mike Stone

Can you please show where exosomes were originally purified and isolated from the fluids and then characterized biochemically/molecularly?

Can you please show where the functions ascribed to exosomes was proven?

Can you please share how the particles known as exosomes are different from those claimed to be “viruses” without using theoretical functions to separate them?

Ultracentrifugation is considered the “gold standard.” I never disputed this. However, I have shown in numerous sources that Ultracentrifugation can not properly purify nor isolate the particles as claimed.

Mike, can you please provide a single scientific paper that achieves 100% purity of a substance?
Regarding chromatography (also known as immunoaffinity), that is a common purification method used for studying exosomes.

end snip/

My Reply to Michael S

What do you possibly hope to gain from such a position?
Only the perception of an undermining of another's claims?
So you cant isolate rats from mice or frogs?
Sugar from salt?
So as to characterise unique identifiable characteristics?

At far from human scales, the means to observe become artefacts to their instrumentation and interpretation of data finds according to what is sought..
As there are always more factors than can be 100% guaranteed to be currently known, you can assert knowledge impossible whenever it suits you not to accept the practical import of a situation.

The theories that are being questioned and found lacking are foundational to a global coup, set over global mass poisoning and live human experimentations whose results may be far worse than death.

If a particle or packet cannot be definitively demonstrated, its supposed function returns to the mind that made it. You can have your own belief, but you have no power to make it true.
That you (and many others) WANT to believe it, is to my view an interesting symptom of a narrative identity of personal & social masking that can be seen as a conditioned mindset operating as autonomous habit instead of relational awareness. 

Humanity sets conflicts as the basis of an identity of protected conflict. It protects by hiding or masking over a lack of true foundation. That's it's purpose, to run on its 'own' premises rather than share in reality. Of course no one can achieve this 100%. Or in truth at all, but a distortion of function can seek to gain a self from a sense of broken function, as in All the king’s horses and all the king’s men, and that is the nature of 'seek and don't find' running the form of a reality while actually running an obfuscation. Good Day!

Monday, 20 June 2022

Parasitic tricks of a mind in story

The assignment of the parasitic attempt to possess and control by deceit to its agencies never gets to the root.

Self-image can be taken vainly - that is - as if it is truly reality, rather than a collection of thoughts about, reflecting or representing a Reality that can never be rendered unto imaged forms, yet can be recognised and accepted and shared in.

The identity phished by image and form is a masking over.

When we grasp at a beauty as if to possess it, we mask over a sense of lack of beauty that drives such a grasping. While we 'love' our creation, it is an image referencing a moment passed, a symbol to something that now needs boosting so as 'not to lose it'. Again reinforcing fear of lack.

The ego or masking attempt to get for self or get away from feared threat to self, runs as a learned habit of perceptions and responses seeming set in a wish to get or become something , but carrying the baggage of unowned or denied self.

The addict is then running away from true self and Self as a sense of a driven self for 'getting'.

This runs a false or covert identity parasitically running over a fear of the true.

Why would anyone fear truth?

By identifying in and believing untruth.

Truth is not a manufactured identity but a quality of being unconflicted, at one and at rest as awareness of felt being - as distinct from thoughts set in idea by which to fail or find unworthy and in need of a masking over.

"And WHO told you you were naked?" said the Lord, can be understood as WHO judged you in lack, division, fear and shame, such as to be 'susceptible' to terrible exposure, humiliation or retribution?


The attempt to manipulate and control our own masking (to ourself) is internalised gaslighting or guilting judgements that attract penalty unless complied with.

If we can so easily observe this behaviour in ourself, why should we be surprised to find we mask to and manipulate others? Such as to generate a social masking order set over conflicts that doesn't truly address them, so much as judge in ways that seek to get for self and get rid of the conflict (away from self to others and world).

I see the Bible quote as the gift of the Holy Spirit - for the freedom to question ANY 'reality' we make by be-living it or reacting as if it is true and thus believing it, while investing the error in the masking or defensive 'solution' as hidden baggage.

Our 'defences' are insanely complex, but truth is of a simple willingness to give and receive.


Sunday, 19 June 2022

Radio Eugenesis?

in response to the themes raised in:
Stephers comment:

For depth and breadth on radio-eugenics, review this analysis by Drew Hempel (2003)

In one form or another I meet these ideas and of course live a world that is in some sense coloured or framed by them.

There is a true foundation within our being, from which only truth extends.
Releasing the false allows acceptance of truth revealed, that was covered over or masked by self image set in conflict, by which ideals rise as if archetypal to our experience as its effect of a pale copy of a world unworthy of love, such that we seek to abuse or control it so as to remake it to our images of order.
This is all backwards.
But investment in self image is deeply defended against awareness of reality.
We attune to and receive according to what we teach and learn, so while I can recognise the matrix of control or predation as an active them, I also regard it like covid, as a complex construct by which to maintain a covert identity, seeking or struggling within a world of fear, pain and loss. IF we buy into its premises.

I might add that I found the issue percolates a sense of 'answers' or at least perspective that offer release to the mind from its attempt to control - by which it suffers to be controlled. The proof of course in in the pudding.
The demonic fuses both fear of love with hate of fear set in conflict.
The mind is a receiver/transmitter that can be said to be locked down to specific frequencies as a sense of 'survival' by the very thing it hates. That is by denial of love as threat to a split sense of self creation that experiences its mind as if reality, through the lens of unconscious or internalised denials.

The development of ego as a system of allegiance to false principles, can be repurposed to serve the true, by the opening of the true Receptive in place of the stamp of the past as the mindset by which we think we think alone.
This is a change of perspective arising from a wholeness of being.
Old habits die hard. Perhaps we expect to die with them?
Self illusions running with all the force of reality are only released from a mind restored, not by the dreamer who merely shifts within them as if to reset or boost their game.
Core agreements to the Game are its principles and laws that proceed.
I might think I have my own mind in the game (world) but it is predicated within a 'script' that I am not free to change, but may come to a freedom to release to a mind of Christ - of receiving and giving as one.
Yielding to true Cause will pass through the reliving of a false to expanded perspective. Opposing the false may die in polarised will, that serves a basis for reframing further exploration of its themes. Giving up a living will to a false will die to escape pain of a life set unacceptable to its current conditions.
The mindset of a false sense of self is a radio-eugenic or telepathic deceiver.
The belief you are your brain or a programmed result of a past are active miscreations.
The capacity to notice or watch thought process, is innate to the root of awareness, if not to the consciousness of the themes of their development as a consciousness.

Friday, 17 June 2022

Unravelling the mind we mis took to think with

 in response to the themes in:


How were exosomes proven to exist?

The cell debris may be said to exist as an empirical observation - assuming it is not an artefact of the means for observation - as with electron microscopy (Re H Hillman's critiques).
But the name implies extracellular exchange or function.

The modelling and mapping out of body function has a lot of reliance on in vitro experiments and dissections of the dead, and the captive. Along with techniques that are invasive that carry their own capacity to influence results. But not least of which is the basis from which we already presume to model our self and world, and operate from as 'normal' or presumed self-evident. Which is to say we cannot start with a blank slate, but only use such tools as we have already developed, as part of an ongoing development of modelling, imaging and theorising or theologising our sense of self each other and world. The key fact being that the image of reality is never the reality. But resonances found helpful become mapped in as part of explorative focus and experience.

I sense the nature of cells in reality is not at all as our frozen snapshots have led us to model - along with all the fudge that then attaches to or is imagined within. The physics of water as self-structuring according to various terrain attributes is opening a much more complex and alive symbiosis than a pathological model rising from a species in trauma from which it has yet to waken. The way of which calls a discernment of felt resonance or kinship in our being, rather than confirmations to boost an invested thinking as a private sense of control set over life. Or at least Gaining the illusion Of such a Function by the lens of narrative distortions given priority.




A common theme to the idea of both virus and exosome is of communication or transmission and reception to information energetically encoded or carried by cell debris. Either to and from 'cells' or within a Biome that is greater than the sum of its parts (Terrain as total environment always embraces its seeming parts)
Another common theme to both is of communication occurring outside the mind - as the posit of separate minds in, as or through separate bodies, though our own mind is no more 'isolatable' than the postulated virus.
My current assumption is that some extracellular communication or process has been observed that involves or is associated with exosomes. I haven't read up on that. But is there anything to support any of the dramatic functions assigned to virus as exogenous hijackers of cells, by which to propagate a contagion of cell functioning as some kind of attack on the body? The cytopathic effect is a cytopath-etic prop for a dying cause, given solemn worship within the church founded on a War against Disease. Only a trained monkey could believe it demonstrates the existence of its god.
BUT the virus theory carries all the signature characteristics of the mind of its maker. It is this 'jump' from an externalise casting out of our mind to an awakened responsibility for thought that I give most focus. When fear is denied and masked over, a state of dis-integrity runs as a masking over, supported by a diversionary defence, that is itself masked over, such as to have not just turned a blind eye, but compounded a mindset by which blindness dictates what can be seen or at least interprets and accepted.
The primary issue to me in all this is not that people for their own reasons believe or act from beliefs that may be self-destructive (or educationally instructive) to their own living, but that such beliefs are weaponised as a cultic demand for sacrifice or tyranny over those who freely choose not to share those beliefs and behaviours.
As I see it the invested and defended lie has run out of time and space to maintain an ability to pass off as true, but many will die with, rather than release, the identity it gives them.