Friday, 22 October 2021

Reflections on the artefacts of our modelling of biology, life & world

Malcolm Kendrick pens a witty foray into the complex realms of biological 'mechanisms'.



How do the elements involved know their part in a whole? - or the Inuit?
Pathogenic theory (Theos) posits fragmentation and conflict as its 'normal' such that All the king’s horses and all the king’s men fight for the narrative by which to officially model 'wholeness or function' under their Say So!
Wizards of Oz have ways to shout out any other fitting thought that of itself would rise to restore wholeness to a state of functional expression of a wholeness that of course precedes any attempt to fix it.
The complex of biology in chemical terms is a modelling of states that are always in flux. Its very difficult to find what you are not looking for, and so fitting fragmentary flux together again is firstly an artefact of the modelling by which it is identified as parts, each unto itself to play many parts in an ungraspable  but already living organ that is itself assumed to a part in a larger puzzle set in mortal consequence.
Electrical activity underlies all things as charge domains, patterns of order and resonance that align instantly as a whole field of fluctuating information and energy exchange. Blood and cell gel is living water. But what then is the breakdown of the capacity to support and carry the felt function of life?
Grasping from a sense of lack, as a claim to possession, defended as a face set in Say So!. Even this is a relationship of charged domain - excepting to seek completion by getting from others, while cannibalising itself as a stuck cycle of lack-driven compulsion. Closed systems deplete as non living nodes unless reintegrating to the terrain of which they of course cannot be truly apart from.

As for vitamin supps, synthetic or naturally derived, bioavailability, or fittingness is part of wholeness in function. When we take out what we call active ingredients we leave out the 'junk' which eventually is discovered to have informational qualities hitherto unrecognised. Seeking magic health from outside will reflect an unowned or 'faced' away from sense of self and life, perhaps in regard to relational conflicts in our formative years that set recognisable patterns of strategy for survival - but we are not there now.

I'm not sure about ascorbic as a persistent oral intake in regard to our gut biome - which is so active in adaptive transmutations but given little room in our mousetrap models, except to sell probiotics. Perhaps buffered C is better in that regard?
Some say supping D depletes A and needs K2. Imbalances may be adaptively worked around so as not to show up immediate symptoms. By the time things 'fall apart' the actual cause is forgotten amidst the drama at the crime scene.

To persist in a dead end is to become deadened.
But to recognise a futile or self-defeating pattern of thought and behaviour and release it is to suddenly reconnect with a greater life that was here already but diversioned from in what we call wilful, but which actually represents a loss of true willingness to a set mind.
Inuit or I knew it! is our innate or indigenous being.
Why journey into dead ends only to come home?
To arrive at our starting place and know it for the first time.

Sunday, 17 October 2021

Love or control, human or machine?

in response to the themes in:


The mind - that we are not - but which we acquired via a splitting or separation trauma - is a mythic or narrative lens or construct through which a filtered experience of All That Is, runs as a result of its rules and filters.
A Course in Miracles does not focus in the mind that 'makes a world' in its own image, but in the course for its recognition and release gives a comprehensive illumination of its devices.
Its fundamental premise is an ego-alien encounter.
While we seek within the self-separate distanced and masked covert ID we find our shadows or denials as if out there and as source of fear threat and justification to attack now or hide so as to attack later. This operates a self-reinforcing loop in which the Law of Mind operates a negative result. Ie to go forth and multiply lack, conflict, debt and toxic outcomes - because a mis-taken identity operates as an interjection in the Temple or template of filters that block recognition and alignment with who and what we simply are.
So all the assignations to 'Them', are versions of psycho-pathogenic theory that invert a Terrain Condition we can call 'non local' and yet with specific and recognisable characteristics.

Thinking that we made that was not extending One in All - or God - is loveless and though symbolic, is not the truth it seeks to possess in image - and so is a machine thinking or reactive programming that takes all the life it seems to have from our focus of allegiance and compliance to its voice as our own private thinking as a realm of possession and control, cast in the image and forms of virtues bolstered by setting against fears or evils.

Hence it cannot gain such allegiance or employment without enemies and threats, by which we invoke control for protection and displace guilt for loveless self denials by projecting guilt as blame, as attack and as manipulative inducements to eat yet again of the tree of judgements, such that a discernment at the heart is prevented from rising as the Obvious, and as the recognition and reintegration of denied self-experience, and release of others and world from locked down judgements defended against light of healing - feared as light of loss of face, of control and of self.

I didn't get on to the gene modelling and now the biotech interface for external control, but I note the dance of victim and victimiser operate to 'explore' experience set in conflict, limitation and denial. We cant pretend our way out of an already running pattern, but must release the blocks to recognising and releasing it to align in a wholeness that underlies all masking in mutually reinforcing definitions/reality distortion.

Monday, 11 October 2021

No where to hide - what to do?!?

My writing at any length is dense - or rather cannot be read from within a mind-catptured attempt to escape its own predicate, but I have been accepting the tweet character limit for succinct points of sketching a bridge to who we think, model or rehearse ourselves to become, from a relational field that simply Is.

One of my Companions in life is A Course in Miracles. 

While its intent is release of mind-trap to awareness and appreciation of true inherence & relationship, its depiction of the 'ego' as a substitution or masking reality distortion, is both without recoil, and with a means to recognise what we are not at the point of true choice.

While I stand in what I value, I don't push or teach so much as embody an integration that teaches and learns by living and giving - for we are always 'teaching' who we believe/accept ourself to be, and learning from our own result.

But to recognise what we are teaching is the grace of noticing - which calls on a perspective from outside our current belief or self-imaged narrative identity.

Safety in lies is a way of delaying or evading truth. But its temporary security is then a pervasive and persistent threat-management system until truth is re-cognised prior to the split or partitioning off of a dissociation.

What we do embodies or automatically follows from who and what we accept ourself to be. The 'freedom' within a locked down mind is then to act out or inhibit the action component.

The Call I share in is to strengthen inhibition of fear in hate and harm, within the active dis-inhibiting of love.

Love is the willingness to be with what is to the point of recognising truth.

Truth cannot be defined yet is the basis for identifying everything truly - hence is never a private agenda or ego-alien encounter.

There is a readiness or ripeness for 'coming out' from self-made identity habits.

But the mind can induce a false start or a fools artifice.

Discernment is the capacity to question 'reality' that tells you you are naked or threatened and lacking. Real questions refine to reveal the answer, perhaps even as we ask, or in some relational event or encounter.

The cock crows thrice and the denials set as personal security suddenly hit home as the self betrayal - ALREADY FORGIVEN! - That's where 'what did Peter do next?' is irrelevant.

Wednesday, 6 October 2021

True Need and Its Substitutes


Praise and blame are the basis for a social debit system of control. Or a guilt based presumption of existence set in drive for external validation or vindication as a 'getting mechanism' or survival strategy.

To thank or praise God, Creator or Innate and Original Nature for being is giving due to truth so as to abide in remembrance of our true being. If we mis-take the image, form, agent or principal for truth we give due unto power set in the world of imaged rather than felt reality, and receive identity in the like kind or measure of our giving.

When thanking or praising another for their willingness and witness for life, we are thanking God or the Source of life, for radiance has no strings attached to its giving and deserves appreciation by acceptance for God by the receiver.

On the contrary the use of virtue signalling as the outer forms of praise or appreciation is a manipulative leveraging of judgements by which to mask a private getting agenda in the 'acceptability' of whatever social idiom being affected.

The 'evil eye' of envy sees what it believes it lacks, in others and seeks to steal it, by flattery or self-depreciations set as invocation for sympathy.

I like the simplicity of 'it takes one to know one'.

This calls us to match the vibration of those who inspire us, or attune in compassion to those who are blinded by lack to attack truth in order to protect a pain they are not even aware of. For even if I do not join in the current set of choices or conditionings that another is enacting, I can join with their right to be and the freedom to make choices, as part of unfolding experience or consciousness in which to live and be. For I know the proclivity of the mind as a means for-getting and would release that in myself by no longer wanting to project it to others as guilt by which to claim relative 'innocence'. True innocence is looking at what is, as it is, in willingness to recognise truth. From the recognition, love spontaneously arises and blesses all involved. A limited sense of life may think one is the doer or giver and set them 'up'. This is never true but in appearances. Setting people up, can only prepare the fall guy. We set ourselves up to fail, over and over, yet look outside for the perpetrators. As a social agreement, this generates a 'blame game' or presumption of guilt and imminent retribution, that takes ever shifting forms, while power struggle for positioning such as to deal  or redirect sin & blame rather than pay its demand for sacrifice.

I don't like the phrase non-violent because it takes meaning from what it is NOT.

Living relational being is already Communication on all levels and prior to the establishment of 'levels' of consciousness. Recognising weaponised language is the opportunity to choose not to use it or let it run as accepted currency in our mind and our witnessing. But not the right to accuse another of sin and attack them for it as a short circuit of our own healing into a false sense of self-righteousness set in hate given power.


True need unfolds fulfilment. Lack-needs seek external fulfilment.

A Course in Miracles is not written for a better understanding of the world, yet in the appreciation of true need met, our mind and world are revealed, redeemed, reintegrated.

The assignations to ego or personality masking level for who you - we - truly are can be and are misapplied. It really is a matter of where identification and appreciation for being come from, give to and share reflection.

Jesus used the Father' Will for the true need, call and gift of the moment at hand.

This opened a way that was no conflict of wills but the release of conflict to true willing (ness) freely given.

We are so used to thinking, seeing and reacting from a sense of defended and masked lack - that we assert ITS needs as our own. A parasitic and self defeating sense of lack-driven addiction to external conditions as the basis for accepting and loving existence is exactly backwards.

Weaning from such habits from the shared witness of the miracle is a revealing of my true need and desire from under the masking against the pain of love lost, indeed love made weak, treacherous or false.

Recognising your need as my own is not thinking about how to please you or make you feel better. In recognition is true feeling restored and I thank you for the release of a mask of thinking from an appreciation of shared being - but not shared separatenesses each apportioned their lot.

Ego/jackal defences do the thing they seek to protect as self fulfilling desires and expectations. We don't think our desire is met when we choose to hold grievance and WANT to be right, and even 'love' to hate. Yet our will is done even while we protesteth much!

I love Marshal Rosenberg's witness and exemplification of compassionate communication, but I choose my own vernacular or rather tune in to the worlds and phrase that serves the moment at hand from the gift that is given me to share in.


The Ego as a framework of needs, starts with its own self-making or core definitions and beliefs. Within such frameworks we live through a 'reality' distortion filter with normalised or conditioned and internalised structures of 'getting' - as substitution for true need.

A conceptualised framework is already a 'getting' set for definition as a means of control. But our mind can be renewed and repurposed to express alignment of implicate wholeness of giving and receiving as one. Synchronicity is the basis for re-cognition of true need, because instead of seeking on basis of a past in a modelled future as the framing of a presentation, we connect with what is rather than what we think to be. This may be useless to those invested in fixing the world, as vindication or validation of a self sense of dissonance. But presence is never useless to any endeavour in which we have given commitment and engage as a teaching learning experience.

Tuesday, 28 September 2021

The Need to Release Fear

 Those who cant  or are not yet willing or ready to face their fear are controlled by it unawares.

Those who fixate in fear think to understand but are drawn ever deeper into deceit.

The need to look on the desecration of our own altar is the need to realign our dedications and devotions.

This means looking only into the fear or horror to the purpose of releasing the mind or fixation such as to be free to look past it.

This is the gift of the Holy Spirit of true discernment, or the Voice for God - as love. My word-terms do not define truth, but our desire to heal and be healed lets truth in - as your own recognition.

Of all the teachings that serve my recognition of life in Spirit - through the body and mind of the world, A Course in Miracles, reveals to my capacity to look on stark and destructive insanity FROM the revelation of the Miracle - that is from love's nature, shared.

ACIM is a specialised tool and for most probably incomprehensible, but operates on many levels, for ALL inspired teaching can serve a real relationship with Spirit, God, Life or an innate intuit that life is not insane (even if I may be partially so). Partial recocognition is a light from which darkness can be dispelled. Without a point from which to see truly, we only 'see' as fear dictates and thus are not even aware of our own dissociation - except as a world of pain, conflict, sickness and death. IE: Externalised conflicts that have some correspondence with denials that unconsciously project and separate as IF to make safe.

Unless awakened to peace in which love arises of Itself, we are NOT awake.

The quality of peace is not manufactured by human (or inhuman) thinking. Our current mindset is set in getting rid of peace, as conflict is what we get identity from, and thus the need for hate and terror symbols against which to keep a separated sense of self 'alive'.

I have a go at writing toward bridging to a point of intuitive recognition, and not as yet another 'side' of polarised and conflicted identity.

We are now in times that oblige recognising the primary need for truth that releases or heals conflict, in place of our own masking substitutions.

We cannot afford to leave the mind unwatched such as to be baited and hooked by every kind of emotional reaction, if we would hold presence for self as for another, in the dance of relational recognition, synchronicity and exchange, that judgemental, rules and filters would rob us of for illusion of specialness set against and over the judged.

We don't need 'answers' so much as the stirring of true curiosity and desire that we then live as the unfolding of answer in life - not as acquired data, in a system of control masking over fear.

Our 'mindset' is being revealed for recognition and release - if you so will. Much that is denied or unconscious is overwhelming without a foundation in a truly relational willingness, for the mind can rush ahead, and become addicted to the rush of taking life into a vanity of personal bias that effectively dissociates to a false sense of creation. There is no peace in it, and therefore its innate conflicts set everything awry, as a compounding of a sense of opposition, that frames our mind by attempt to get rid of it.

Living survival in a true sense of ongoing unfolding evolving Consciousness, is of the truly fitting. The Relational Field is not an object model of fragmented parts to put together again, but an Implicate Order we actively ignore and  forget by operating from a sense of lack, brokenness, grievance and the driven intent to resolve these 'externally'. Victimhood of self or selected other is not the basis from which to love or restore power and peace in our hearts and our realm of relationship or world.

Willingness to heal begins with recognising we do not know, but can open to That which knows, as we are willing to receive rather than demand under terms and conditions running as acquired or inherited learned responses.

Re-education rises of itself when we un-learn or release what we thought to be our mind and world to a felt Connection. As the now of our living and the timelessness of being.


We shall not cease from exploration 

And the end of all our exploring 

Will be to arrive where we started 

And know the place for the first time. 

Through the unknown, remembered gate 

When the last of earth left to discover 

Is that which was the beginning; 

At the source of the longest river 

The voice of the hidden waterfall 

And the children in the apple-tree 

Not known, because not looked for  

But heard, half heard, in the stillness 

Between the two waves of the sea. 

Quick now, here, now, always-- 

A condition of complete simplicity 

(Costing not less than everything) 

And all shall be well and 

All manner of things shall be well 

When the tongues of flame are in-folded 

Into the crowned knot of fire 

And the fire and the rose are one.

                 Little Gidding V, - T.S. Eliot 

Thursday, 23 September 2021

We are what we, in truth, Receive

 We are what we Receive.

This must be so as we do not create ourselves even if we can and do create personality constructs as strategies of self-imaged enhancement, self mitigation against fear or pain of loss to such self, and narrative identity by which to only see or give focus to what we want to see or perceive and believe in the light of such internalised structure.

What we receive thus sets the measure of our own giving and living in terms of the meanings we both assign or assume and then accept or take in - with regard to everything/everyone we meet or eat!

Thus at a level of conscious decision very few are aware of, it is by the Word that comes OUT of our mouth (mind) that corrupts a wholeness of being to become conflicted in doubt, fear and pre-emptive attack as a contraction of self-defence.

This wont make sense to those who WANT material causation to override their psychic function, when the latter is assumed and believed pathogenic or pathological, and made so BY reaction TO such a 'threat'.

Wholeness is NOT going to be found or delivered by All the king’s horses and all the king’s men. Rather such attempts to regain a broken wholeness, compound and consolidate power in externalised 'reality'. And here we are.

Diet in its whole sense is our Sustenance, as that by which we live and share life, and know that we live and share life. Both, and as one.

Give only as you would in truth receive, and look that what you accept as true for you is aligned in who you truly accept yourself to be.

The stepping down and filtering of an Infinity to a lockdown in masking limitations and distances is a result of neglecting our 'Field' for the focus in 'object-modelling' of self-imaged reality or symbolic representations running as a phishing ruse or mis-taken identity that is then compounded by layers and layers of complex defences. And here we are.

The addiction to conflict and drama is thus set in the very foundations of our mind-in-the-world, as is a fixation on horror. What else is loss of connection to the heart at Infinity than a terror from which to recoil? Hence a false sense of Source, Origin or Creator, as a mind made by fear, set in pain of loss and seeking OUTSIDE itself.

I write to intuitive recognition, not as a call to action. That we act is always an expression fo who and what we accept our self (and world) to be.

“Everything is BACKWARDS; everything is upside down! Doctors destroy health,  Lawyers destroy justice,  Universities destroy knowledge, Governments destroy freedom,  Major media destroys information, And religions destroy spirituality". Michael Ellner

The reversal is NOT an Outside Job - but that we insist, while we believe it serves us to give power away so as to then align in or attack accordingly.

Once You See the Pattern

Once you see the pattern, the variants on the theme are merely fronts by which to fool the unwary.

Alas that 'old normal' includes any remaining vestige of transparency to a relational account.

Which is to say the perfect transparency of a systemic predatory intent or human as farmed stock is revealed regardless the ruse. Except that living people are only a 'cell culture' or 'lab human' on which to grow sickness or try out new means of chemical and bio-technical surveillance and control.

A diabolic predicament that sneaks through under cover of brazen and open lies backed by bankers, set in regulations, and enforced by authority.

My sense of 'Dont feed the Troll!' includes abusive 'relationships', gas-lighting authoritarianism, and guilted fear driven manipulative dissociations.

Looking after our heart is essential to being held in a larger field of guidance and support.

Dissociation from the heart is the loss of bio-resonance to a manually managed mind-control system - every step of the way.

Friday, 17 September 2021

Where does physics stand entirely free of nocebo?

 I watch (news from) Orwell City - and anywhere else that the graphene narrative rises, looking for more concrete revelations of what makes admittedly dark sense of behaviours in terms of both outer and inner human thought and expression. Orwell City has yet to move past fears, beliefs and assumptions within narratives that can compel or fixate an identity in following.

Where does physics stand entirely free of nocebo in terms of framing beliefs and perception-response? I don't ask for thinking up answer but to let the question stand.

The denial of lawful relationship led to toxic conflict/consequence, that was then covered over or masked by narrative 'solutions' such as 'contagious pathogens'. The failure of which was diverted into the 'solution' of  damaged 'genetics'. The failure of which is being diverted to solution of nano-biotech as surveillance and systemic micromanagement of body-mind functions by hacking or jamming bio-feild communication/relational balance. All driven by investment and leverage of narratives that 'take' as 'Wetiko' contagion in a lawless or unpurposed mind.

Any mind-substitution for Reality is a local temporal  condition of filtered distortions/misperceptions that generate an oppositional sense of self as if 'mind' can be limited by anything other than its own attention/intention.

The current covidian scenario is a perfect awakener to recognize the 'Wetiko' behind the lived experience. (see Paul Levy).

Bio-field resonances are continuous or not separate from what we have called physical or manifest material. Re-aligning lawful relationship is not All the king’s horses and all the king’s men, but a re-cognition from which wholeness has already undone what was never real outside the minds of reaction to it. But no less than the reality we give it, as a 'learning result, or feedback to attention/intention. Mind-traps are a feedback loop to unrecognised inputs, false flagged to rogue or pathogenic outputs, that then subject mind by reaction - ie programmed conditioning.

In contrast to WEF's offer of a living death I read this recently:

"As a well spent day brings happy sleep, so life well used brings happy death." 

~ Leonardo Da Vinci

Thursday, 16 September 2021

The Clot Thickens 

The clot thickens.

Toxic exposures of particulates and radiative fields, imbalance, and lack or block of functional nutrition all provide the basis for understanding what is assigned to infection.

The disclosure of a toxic agenda costs disclosure to true accountability, and a negative Economy that has captured and replaced Reason by stealth and guile. or in our normalised or trained 'thinking' terms, honesty doesn't pay our way within a Bandwagon to hell - but grab a mask and jack up some boosters...You'll be happy and know nothing.

As for the effect of nanoparticulates in blood, particularly graphene, magnifies bio-electric responses in truly novel ways. Sunspots could be much more correlated to heart failure than ever. (Lately data collection of sunspot activity has been changed to give about 30% lower than actual according to 'suspicious observers' channel).

Who would have thought that after all the physics of plumbing and all the chemistry of a molecular biology devolved and spun out of the MIC - that's Military not Medical complex - we should discover the Bio-field, just before it is jammed and managed over by machines of grace and beauty (not!).

Covid the clinical symptoms, is a novel name for a blood disorder, causes yet to be determined.

The shock and shaped charge of its narrative set attention and investment into a redistribution of thought, wealth and power by which to build over the lies of the past as a bright new world.

Yes it is very very dark, but once normalised, a bit less pain, seems like happiness.

Munsch's painting inside every act of collective compliance.

Biofield research might do worse than look at "the helical heart' - then listen to Manel Ballister - who used to work in heart transplant surgery field.

Life was designed to be lived by the life that unfolds its function.

Not the mind that seeks to usurp and replicate life.

Live this day well!

Wednesday, 15 September 2021

Dispelling Wetiko

This post was in the comments to underlying themes. The video is short and worthy in my opinion, but the link is for context if needed.

The underlying principle is an ancient facet of our psyche.

To make a screen grab available of a relevant bit (via Google books) I tweeted it at

By the way I see a kind of witch-hunt mentality of seeking anything with any associations to 'identified evils' as a right to self righteously smear them. This is a perfect example of 'wetiko'. In that something within our own thought is repackaged as a claim or assertion or insinuating suggestion regarding an other, with the pointing finger and the invitation to join in a feel-good moment of dumping hate as if to reaffirm we are the good guys. This, regardless of whether others have involvement with loveless, criminal or misguided acts in their past or present behaviour.

The magically determined act of excommunication is a social requirement so as to blank and distance from any demonised target of social guilt. To speak for the humanity of such a one is to be accused of apologising for and condoning the sin.

If you would that the life you HAVE truly lived and shared is saved from the masking struggle of self conflicted dissociative thinking, then give what is due to the living instead of reenacting self-hate on a world of division as if THIS time it will work.

Waking within this world to recognition of a dissociation from reality seen in others but not yet in our own mind can be deeply unsettling. We are finding this disturbing in the current time as a natural division from lies no longer beleived or accepted true - regardless they are 'marketised and weaponised' as a magically determined 'official reality'.

A mind and world that is at it deeper level set to deny Who and What You Are, but from a self-conviction that such disclosure is more fearful than all of the terrors and devices set to distance and defend against it.

As such terrors and devices come into awareness, they would reactivate or reset defences in shifting narratives, as the intent and attempt to dump off or escape intolerable conflict, pain and hate - that might occur within a microsecond intended to be forget. Yet here is a deeper self-honesty from which a futility and dishonesty of self can be recognised in willingness to find another way of seeing.

To use the world of relationships as a dumping ground and a realm for getting a masked sense of adjusted reality for a deep sense of lack and conflict - that cannot seem to be even conceivably escaped, so much as mitigated as partitions of control - is to withhold and withdraw from what love is, and therefore who we are. Self-convicted guilt is set as mind and emotional certainty in irrevocable dissociation such that love is replaced with manipulative contractual self-illusions. But a mind set in its own thinking is not created by such thinking and therefore not trapped in the dictates of guilt and fear running a masking control of judgement as power set over life and apart from the living.

Monday, 13 September 2021

Whose idea of normal?

in response to the themes in above link article.

Whose idea of normal applies to ‘previously normal people’?

Is it not simply an expression of previously presumed and accepted reality or identity?

Terrain theory posits the individual or specific as an expression of its relationship with terrain or context. This is more of a Field of resonant communication than the object model of external or material causes.

Automatous theory assigns causative agency to specific entities as an independent entity, relative to a world of objects and forces in which it presumes or is presumed to exist. This is the projection of an image-belief we create our self.

The normalisation of pathological theory as a basis for social masking of inner conflicts as a basis for survival as a distanced, locked down and masked separateness is a human expression of self-consciousness as trauma to be denied, escaped and adjusted for in a social persona through which an augmentation of reality substitutes for natural recognition of life and existence as it is – as I am.

While the mind is masked in its own image it does run as an automaton in place of an aligned will within the Will or Desire to live and share being. It cannot see or hear or know anything by virtue of a self-investment in oppositional thought and intent given power as a split mind acted out on the body of the living.

Anything can become habituated and adapted to as normal, but there are limits to tolerance for pain at all seeming levels of our being that root in the heart of original separation trauma. So in time we will come to question insane ways of ‘thinking’ that self-contradict and mask over the cracks, that dictate ways of ‘seeing’ that initiate reactions of a dissociated mind running its own convictions in polarised support of the shadow projections of another broken relationship.

Unless a movement from which the question reality as adapted to and normalised, no introspection is possible because the mind of masking doesn’t and cannot know you, for not knowing who you are is your chosen defence to which it was invoked to supply.

Fear of infection can lead to casting it out onto others. Hateful and loveless thoughts are made real thereby in the denier and can infect the denied if they are susceptible to the same learning errors. While we deny and disown hate and fear, we will seem to escape temporarily, at cost of diminishing and disempowering the mind of our freedom to release such a choice in aligning anew. Instead we repackage ‘reality’ in solutions by which to mask the problem in external pathogenic actors and agencies that shift and mutate with every attempt to eradicate them.

The insane fragmentation of such a ‘reality’ collapses under its own contradictions to reveal a lack of substance or basis in reality.
Instead of seeking influence and impact with such conflicts, consider what is it that the mask of lies was set to hide or make safe from?

It was an error in the past, whose consequences the whole world is suffering today, to believe that in order to conceal the truth from the unready, untruth should be told to them.

For with the growing capacities of men growing rebellion against being misled was certain to come.

~ Paul Brunton

Thursday, 9 September 2021

Truth Resurrected

 "...whilst the truth is constantly battered and bruised, and lying in a bruised heap the corner, it is still breathing … just about alive. Sometimes it is capable of weakly raising its head and whispering quietly into my ear. I shall let you know what it says."

This kind of creative imagination has everything to do with framing 'truth' in terms of what we make instead - no blame here but noticing.

Our awareness of transparency to truth, and our willingness to give true witness, as transparency  to being, is inversely proportional to our investment in competing self-illusions - as the alternate to resting in truth that we don't make and then have to defend.

Science uncovers a modelling that can never be the truth it represents, but can be more or less functionally representative and significant to who and what we are. Science cannot reveal who and what we are, but our modelling will always reflect and reinforce such metaphysical presumptions, and can be driven by them instead of serving true need or desire.

Truth is is not crucified, excepting invested narrative identities that we set our heart in (or against) such as to die with them. The results of any set of postulates and questions are always valid feedback to an honest curiosity. The results we wanted to find may not line up to our hopes or expectations, but the result is valid information by which to refine our questions.

Most silencing is self-censor within a charged field of psychic-emotional forces that shape the mind to narrative dictates. It can also be well intended friendly advice from colleagues or family plea.

This is a world where 'noble' lies are told to under the belief that the many must be protected from full disclosure. That this can start off well intended and serve to hold social bonds in adversity is not what it mutates to become - yet is deeply associated with.

To attack another's illusions is neither helpful or kind regardless their liabilities and burdens.

Especially if we direct what we hate in ourself, onto others as an emotionally invested agenda.

They will pick up on the hate and claim the right to defend against the content.

There is another meaning to silence.

Silence as a stillness in which nothing is added and nothing taken away.

No push nor pull. Neither ahead of ourself nor lagging behind.

Silenced from Within is being Called to truth.

The revealing of a true alignment is no great mystery or special attainment, but of the renewal of your mind in the heart of wholeness of being. We can say this just happens, or that suddenly we drop to such an awareness because we have neglected to feed attention to perpetual and restless conflicted thinkings and doings. Answer or perspectives , insights and inspiration are associated with this simplicity of being, along with felt presence of connection in life.

If we persistently discard and defer the Call to truth, we will roll our own and smoke it.

Habits are not really imposed on us so much as acquired and persistent as if conditions determine our response. Bringing habits to awareness without blame allows recognition of a choice. Now the habit is devoid of any creative cause, for you have awakened choice. You can choose to follow old habit or you can choose to 'work on it' as 'trying to change', but these are choices now, and not just habit energy running default. There's no way back to what can seem like a prior innocence in ignorance. But the attempt to regain 'what was lost' is regressive and denying of being with what is present in its own terms, and not in resentments set against change of habit.

Why do we demand unconsciousness and defer truth?

An Ancient Story told and retold in every generation, as the framing of the moment at hand.

Are we a product of our past?

Or beings of choice?

If we choose to cast ourself in the reworking of old symbols and archetypal drama, we are beings of choice running 'covertly.