Wednesday, 14 April 2021

All Sickness is Mental or of a 'split mind' (conflict)

Lost in a dark wood: Replying within a larger mixed thread:

If “illness” is used in the medical sense, then “mental illness” is a logical impossibility. If “illness” is used in a moral or metaphysical sense, then there is no justification for the involvement of people trained in medicine. Either way, psychiatry is inherently fraudulent. And if Kaufman accepts the validity of “mental illness”, then he is also a fraud

Another view is that all sickness is mental or of a split mind - as in distanced or dissociated, locked down as in denied and denying, and masked as in narrative modelling in place of - or set over identity.

This is asserted in A Course in Miracles - which gives the most complete account of the 'psychopathic' anti-Christ from a perspective of its undoing and therefore of what is 'going on' in our world - because it illuminates the mask or mind though which we think we think alone.

This page: "Sickness is a defence against the truth" is an example.

Of course all words and terms can be mis interpreted by fear, but my appreciation of the work is its release from fear.

The freedom to call others a fraud is as free as you want to be.

FWIW Andy Kaufman is meeting proponents Hamer's New Medicine approach in which psychic shocks or conflicts can be enacted as biological processes - the healing/resolution phase of which we tend to attack or suppress and fear and project onto as 'disease'.

So yes if illness were materially based in organism failure as a result of external violations, or internal susceptibilities, the mental aspect is merely a movie running in the brain that has no real voice or role excepting of course to comply with a terrain dictate.

Logical impossibility or self-contradiction is what ACIM posits as the basis from which a fragmentation of mind and world seems to replace All That Is.

Did you ever read of the THUD experiment - by which the previous iteration of psychoanalysts was revealed to be without substance? When invested illusions are 'destroyed' they build back better! or rather incorporate all that was used to destroy them in their defences, not least by masking in virtue.

Every 'panacea' or solution is thus a means to mask or repackage conflicts AS IF to solve them in externalise or physical displacements. If we understood this, we would be free of a lot of baggage.

Conflict patterns are not just 'personal' or individual, but are broken family constellations at all levels. Separation trauma generates a mind dissociation along with physical 'storage' of encapsulated conflict. The lock in to a body as separator and limit on Communication Feared, generates an adaptation or normalising of insane self-contradictions.

I encourage intuiting beyond self-certainties set in grievance. The Child is innately free to simply ask or question ANYTHING because it does not presume to know but still trusts that truth can be known. That this is masked over is our 'world'.

The nature of denied self is to seek acceptance, and if that denial continues to be met, vengeance. What we resist, persists. It may persist in the very 'WAR ON' whatever we demonise or seek to cast out and eradicate. There's the rub.

The Most Fundamental Error

As others commenting here are on message with exposure of false science. I will mention the deeper patterns of consciousness.

The response of the mind to fear of its own conflict by limiting consciousness, while projecting the conflict  'out and away' from a sense of self as a covert and locked down control, sets the frame of what we live as our world.

A Course in Miracles describes this - but not to the problem solver in the 'world' - only to a willing desire for a peace that is not IN conflict and its repackaging and masking narrative presentation.

In the Course's terms, the 'mistake' is at the level of mis-identification, rising from taking ourself in image, from which a conflicted sense of fear and love set the basis for a fundamental confusion, such as to hold fear as guide and protector, love as threat to  private 'control' , and become normalised to then love to hate, (fear masked in forms associated with love) and hate to love, (attack and denial of open and honest relation and communication). 

The effect or experience of all this is death in life, or indeed dissociation from LIfe even in the midst of Infinite Life. And though the idea is considered archaic or misused, of the wages of sin is death, where sin is the persistence in self-illusion set against truth and life as relational presence.  AS a mind-capture or possession by fear, resulting from a mind set  in wishes taken and protected as if real.

That in general terms many choose to align in a death cult unawares is a revealing of underlying claims of identity set in fear that for the most part, the mind is set to distance from, lid over and cast out of its surface level by dissociating to narrative rules, filters and defining beliefs.

The pain of Separation trauma is associated with intolerable and overwhelming experience that dissociation, and displacement to diversionary unconsciousness, by which NOT to know what we are unwilling and unready to accept, and death in this context is seen as saviour from pain or even reward of proving a sense of life-denial 'right'.

All of these considerations run beneath the world we think or respond to and reinforce by reaction.

Intuitive Reflections in the Theme of a Plasma Universe

My reflections in such themes as plasma cosmology, are part of reintegrative acceptance. 

Perfect equilibrium would be static, and yet charge differentiation patterns a disequilibrium, by which balance points extend a static or infinite to a relational unfolding of principles or derivative values or states.

I clicked here because this site is cosmologically invested in a mainstreamed model or rather fudge by which to lose empiric science for a dissociated modelling set in technologism of markets and controls. Plasma or Electric Universe perspectives are part of releasing an object model that has become Saturnian in terms sacrificing or feeding on life rather than serving its movement in synchrony with all that is..

Recognition of Law is indeed a balance - and all relational expression embodies balance.

The = sign in all equations is itself a representation of Is.

The nature of resonance in frequency and rotational spin is part of a 'feedback looping' as the generation of communication or synchrony beyond scale and distance. Whether zero-point or ' = ' or some other signifier to Is, set in motion. Yet never truly defined.

The predicates we accept by extending give their results. Adaptation within our results develops the idea as exploration of themes for experience of the only Existence. If we lose awareness of Communication as a Field, it is to structure.

The interplay of communication and form is Life or Existence that is the balancing of inner and outer qualities, states, that are always relational and never 'thing-in-itself'.

Object model reflects the idea 'self-in-itself'. An imaginary posit. A creative act of 'dissociation' or self-differentiation. Reaping as it sows, as masking overlay upon 'know Thyself' to perceive the idea of non-existence by reactive boundaries set as a segregative, oppositional identity.

Thanks for sparking this reflection.

Saturday, 10 April 2021

Blind spots, cover story and disinfo

I smell smear tactic here.

Rosemary Frie called out Bossche who runs a scam to shoehorn Biosecurity state via the ‘Good Cop’ syndrome. But then smears the Tom Cowan – while downplaying the smear as ‘a random example’. Both of them are operating divisively with disinformantion.

The very use of the term ‘fact checking’ is suspect, and then why does she deal out other’s blind spots without laying out her own?

The blind spot is where we think we KNOW, or where we identify in or against a narrative as our primary source of identity. That errors and omissions, biases or poor quoted studies, comments or associations can be invoked to smear the character of another is the INTNT to attack the messenger so as to destroy the message.

I don’t recommend FOLLOWING anyone anywhere that does not ring true, whether you love them or not. I appreciate Those who are actively challenging ‘pathogenic virus theory’. But while I hold them dear, I also hold anything they say that I hold to be questionable or inconclusive or not fully formed, in ‘brackets’, for I am not a follower, not have I any followers – excepting companions in a willingness to uncover truth.

The ‘war’ narrative dictates that your enemies enemy is your friend. Conditional ‘love’ uses others for whatever you can get from the affecting of relationship while conditions fit the terms and conditions. No thanks. It also dictates that you must not be critical of your ‘side’ or cause’ and must all rally behind it as a ‘unified’ lockstep. As in post 911. “You are either for us or against us” – Bush.

I don’t buy the war narrative at the level of Truth. Though I see that lies and deceit sets our mind in conflict with itself and with each other.

Without this deceit-backed conflict – that runs as conflict-driven deceit, fear and control would be undone to a true presence – instead of stamping on the face of a present set in the image of a past made in grievance of attacks led by blind hate – set as justified by grievance set over truth.

Blind spots are set by what we do not want to know, to be exposed or seen, by cover stories that become the vector or Trojan horse by which we act out the very thing we hate under a narrative of ‘masked virtue’. We all share a part in a world of self-illusion. And yet the way out of lies is to truly address the issues that cover stories offer diversion and redistribution of psychic energy, funding and control – so that SOMEONE ELSE pays the consequence.

An elitist clique wants everyone else to pay for (suck up the toxic consequence of) their sins. But they are also reflecting something held in everyone else, that can be called ‘control mentality’.

This goes deep, for everyone protects their ‘self’ as they define and accept themselves to be.

If we hate deceits that betray us to evils and insanity, then we have to be willing to grow in responsibility for our own conflicts of interest. Yet a social ‘normal’ works to make these conflict invisible by looking OUT from shared agreements that are tacitly or behaviourally taught and acquired, much of which is a personal and social masking strategy learned in infancy or childhood before we has any consciousness of a means to evaluate or articulate our experience.

WHATEVER we hold in mind will go forth and multiply, because the mind’s function is a projector. The issue is not of self-reinforcing significances, but of a true alignment or integrity of thought word and deed. Conflict/garbage in; garbage out. But as @dollar vigilante ALMOST says in his latest offering; “You can ignore reality, but you cannot escape the consequences of ignoring reality”. Therefore to persist in self-illusion has to generate masking cover story to account for the increase in conflict by externalising to false flags, that then justify the role of ‘rule’ over the increase of denial, hollowness and ritual parody of life ‘at home’.

So regardless anyone’s faults, I celebrate a willingness to call out a lack of substance in the ‘robes of externalised authority’. If there is a false call, then the authorities or those in such positions can easily demonstrate this rather than obfuscate, smear and attack the messenger, and drive the question out of awareness by use of securitised narrative dogma.

For when ‘authorities’ are used to assert a Big Lie, most are automatically aligned to support their investment in established roles, positions, privilege and prospects, and seek out only the ‘fact checking’ that tells them they don’t have to look or listen because ‘experts’ have already done all the work, and so they are exempted from responsibility as well as implicitly assumed unqualified to comment.

If anyone has interest in spiritual synchronicity – this was my reading today.

If I defend myself, I am attacked

Who would defend himself unless he thought he was attacked, that the attack is real, and that his own defence can save himself? And herein lies the folly of defence; it gives illusions full reality, and then attempts to handle them as real. It adds illusions to illusions, thus making correction doubly difficult.

And it is this you do when you attempt to plan the future, activate the past, or organize the present as you wish. You operate from the belief you must protect yourself from what is happening, because it must contain what threatens you. A sense of threat is an acknowledgment of an inherent weakness; a belief that there is danger which has power to call on you to make appropriate defence.

The world is based on this insane belief. And all its structures, all its thoughts and doubts, its penalties and heavy armaments, its legal definitions and its codes, its ethics and its leaders and its gods, all serve but to preserve its sense of threat. For no-one walks the world in armature but must have terror striking at his heart.

Defence is frightening. It stems from fear, increasing fear as each defence is made. You think it offers safety. Yet it speaks of fear made real and terror justified. Is it not strange you do not pause to ask, as you elaborate your plans and make your armor thicker and your locks more tight, what you defend, and how, and against what?

Tuesday, 6 April 2021

Choose Not to Play The Game
(A worthy read from James Corbett)

There's another angle to this and that is to recognise the frame of a deceit and choose not to play in its terms.

So in this sense you cant 'win' the covid game, because it is a mind trap - or rather something fundamentally running in the reality fear gives it by reacting in its frame.

Jesus expressed this as 'resist ye no evil!' Which does not mean do nothing, affect helplessness or turn a blind eye as a doormat or complicity. It means do not take the bait of reacting to the framing of that which is targeted to or corresponding to your own profile of thought, fear, sympathy and judgemental bias.

Resisting temptation to such reaction is vigilance FOR peace. Awareness is key to recognition of truth, and fear - no matter how well masked as control or the attempt to regain it - distorts awareness or filters it through a conflict of interests.

Jame's article is spot on for how to escape from a conditioning we ahve ALREADY acquired or succumbed to - and that is to accept and align actively in where we DO hold freedom of choice and responsibility. Quite apart from actions in the world this also applies to decisions as to how we see our world, the meanings and values we give and therefore set as the experience we receive.

If for example we set our goal as changing or waking the minds of others, we give our current evaluation of them priority and set ourselves to impact, persuade, incentivise or coerce them into 'waking up' what we believe is needed to save us. A moment's pause may let it be obvious that that is the problem, not the answer.

The mind is very quick to run ahead and mask in the forms of what passes of as virtue, when in truth it is a hiding place through which to persist the same patterns unchanged but in 'woke' or 'correct' terms relative to a particular groupthink, or narrative identity.

No one can fail who seeks the truth, but everyone knows how to seek everywhere else BUT where truth is, so as to protect the problem from being truly addressed by some kind of war in problem, projected out and away in diversionary displacement.

Covid - at least for some now - offers a key to recognise how a nothing can be given power by fear, and thus become fearfully destructive by reaction. For our 'defences and reactions' are the actual means of degradation and undermining of health and live and social cohesion, not a pathogen. So how do you get out of a problem that is not real? You cannot, and any attempt will compound the belief it needs escaping and make it real.

You don't need to escape from what you were never truly in, but you do need to grow in vigilance against consenting to play its game by unwatched thought word and reaction.

This is another way of saying freedom truly belongs to you as the mind in alignment with the heart - and is then expressed at body level as our experience of relationship and world. The idea freedom is a body is ALREADY a locked down and distanced mind under masking narrative.

Hopelessness and despair are active faithlessness to life, or if you prefer, faith invested in hate and fear and self-conflict.

The latter will dissociate and isolate an alienated sense of 'thinking' as your representative masking protection against fear of exposure to a greater hate within. However the key i wanted to stress in all this is that it is very possible to suffer from a fear of something as if it is a self conviction in truth, when ONLY the attempt to evade it has every given it any reality it has. The mind is very powerful, but not in the way we think. Although the limiting of Mind to such 'thinking' as can seem to trap the mind in its own thought, is fully in line with Jame's Corbett's article. For any action repeated, becomes a learned 'normal' expectation and reaction pattern, that can only be changed by choosing to NOT use the old habit by making a new choice - at a level that is within your current reach of willingness and desire. The 'identity' of the old pattern will operate an inertial resistance against change, until you persist past the tipping point to simply know what you want and choose who you are - instead of engaging temptations to indecision played out as a conflict of wills. If the old pattern has a social reinforcement - such as a medical industrial complex or similar, then that 'group' will endeavour to reinforce the resistance to 'weaken' it by withdrawing support. I think the addiction patterns serve well enough here. You may need to separate from that identity ritual to grow the strength to stand in your own light before reengaging from a more integrated place.

Fear is not overcome by force of will, but by true and free willing decision to align in who you are rather in fear of who you think you have become. Grievance and hate can distance and dissociate, but does not truly escape by denials, projections and diversionary distractions. At some point crisis demands attention, but if the fear is great, the crisis will be repackaged or reset into deeper denials and limitations so as to persist as 'control'.

Saturday, 3 April 2021

The Disappearing Flu

The Unexpected Case of the Disappearing Flu

An invested and protected belief will gather all interpretations from all possible means to 'survive' as accepted identity and authority. 

The presumption of each virus as THE pathogenesis or CAUSE of each disease disallows all other ways of accounting for empirical evidences that are effectively 'disappeared' by the structuring of thought, definition and ability to shift parameters to support the 'model outcome'. 

Phlostogen did not have such a huge gov and corp investment, because it didn't offer such leveraging as a cover story for toxic degradations (and evasion) or for the capture and control of minds (not cells) by terrifying bogeymen, to otherwise patently insane 'solutions'. 

The wherewithal to set and reset definitions, change parameters, and obfuscate within arcane and impenetrable complexity, AS IF the practice of Science or Reason is a hijack of our mind, by which to lock life into prison cells.

Our MODEL is become a death cult. Structure can become a dead thing to which life is sacrificed for what it has become associated with, but no longer truly represents. Science is not allowed to interfere with 'virology', or other protected narrative dogma. 

An Alloy of Love and Fear

The alloy of love and fear is not a true mix and so there are tares in the wheat as well as a baby in the bathwater.

The ego in the sense I use it here - masks in virtue and so will seek to use virtue as a cover by which to prevail against the threat it perceives in truth, as so will also mask in association with truths so as to devalue and discredit or undermine them.

So aphorisms that are not untrue that could be a call to the heart are used as a front for a masked or hidden agenda. We are all in this together" - but what 'it'? and to who does 'we' signify? Context is everything.

Deceits that target us must be turned to an education that serves our capacity to discern them before taking the bait, as  a deepening awareness and responsibility for the as yet 'open back doors' through which we are still invested in some measure of correspondence or 'sympathetic' vibrations.

Emotional reaction to a provocation can release or purse strings or our bow strings - as an invested identity taken from the bait.

In the terms of the article - it feeds our ego, and we run with it as a sense of self vindication, instead of bringing it to a direct awareness or centred presence - that rises as the natural awareness to the release of egoic self reference (our own thinking). The gift of a discernment is a practical intuitive and integrative moment of perspective from which we live this situation. It is not a setting of judgements by which to set a right over a wrong - excepting as we freely release in ourselves whatever is recognised as not serving us, and align in recognition of what does. If we are apparently not intuitive this will operate as reasoned recognitions that clarify thought and action, but the actual shift from mind to a unified expression of heart and mind is recognisably an inspiration, encouragement, reconnection to joy, that shines or shares by nature, and presence of a peace beneath appearances that - like symptoms, may persist, but no longer besiege a sense of struggle.

This may be forgotten to habits of thought and reaction in an instant, because such habit runs without conscious oversight or evaluation, as a 'normal'.

Words can always be taken out of context in a world that is taken out of Living Context, but the search for love or fulfilment or answer as an external condition or set of conditions is a sign of a hate within, from which the mind is set to look away, so as to 'make you safe' by focussing in substitutions for Who you truly are, that set in image and form as if to regain or protect against further pain of loss.

But the Spirit of a truth that has never left its Source and Nature works with our mind, and our world to release an identity in lack and grievance set to vengeance, and free-willingly align in who and what we are revealed to be the unfolding of. This is always a relational whole - that the situation will then serve, and yet we can only talk of self as a mind and body rather than integral to the Terrain which is neither inner nor outer, for such divisions are mapping out of what cannot be in truth, separated from. Only in concept.

I know a shop called "Concept curtains, carpets and blinds". It gives me a smile to recall it.

I cannot say what is or is not a stepping stone for another and what is a diversion to nowhere set in futility. I cannot rescue anyone from their own decision, but I can join with and reflect that they are beings of choice and are actively deciding and so are free to evaluate their choices and make better choices in terms of aligning with who they recognise to be.

False hopes still hold the idea of positive change, but are founded on premises that keep the mind safe from any real transformation. Perhaps also because a false understanding of any problem sets its answer in the realm of a false directive - which can of course be manipulated so as to seem to work, for a short time.

Hope springs eternal, but is more of an intuition of eternal life, than a basis for predicting and controlling outcomes. Addicted to (the conditions associated with possession and) control - is a sense of driven lack, that finds a world, to know not what it is or does!

The ego, runs off with a virtual copy.

I have faith in truth alive to undo addictive results of a mistaken identity, but unless I live such a willingness as my life, I have hopeful wishes that become a cover story for a persistent unwillingness to  align thought word and deed. These are very open to being targeted by a manipulative intent.

Release and be released, or judge and be judged!

Each of these has a very definite fruit or result, and one is joy, the other counterfeit.


Some attempts at communication occur as a mutual relationship, or field of resonance, and others are like meeting conditioned reactions or programmed responses. The 'ego' is in my sense of it anything but self-aware, but is maximally alert to threat to what it is predicated upon as 'self' in image and thought.

Self-aware in a true sense is self-less or transparent in the usual sense of self as separate or private authoritative mind in a body or a world of bodies (object transience).

That you are is edgeless, immeasurable and always, but what you are is your self-defining acceptance that extends as relational expression. So if you accept ideas as true of you, these operate as your self-imaged or ego.

The human consciousness is currently locked down, distanced and masked as a normal - and any attempt to talk to normals results in communication failure.

The true Nature is never really a normal, because normal is a conditioned mind while naturally felt quality is wholly present.

The inhibition of the ego is the capacity to block our own channel of expression. To get in our own way and interpret the results in terms of separation trauma.

I think the term mask works for much of what 'ego' represents.

The capacity to mask from ourselves as the hiding and denial of feelings believed threatening, is also the presentation of a masking identity - which is in a sense a psychic territory - ostensibly set in or with the body and its possessions and relationships. but principally set in the sense of private thinking. Masking thinking.

To identify the mask as power of protection is to accept it as self, and in general people become masked over from their inner being or childlike wonder and curiosity. Only in special conditions might the underlying innocence of being shine unselfconscious as joy in being.

The mask operates to 'make us safe' from a point of self-conflict that we are at that time unwilling or unready to face, to own and to reconcile or resolve. And so it is encapsulated and covered over in ways that limit awareness of conflict by both a denial or dissociation and a casting out to others and world, where it can hide in 'solutions' that do not address the conflict but provide a cover story or masking narrative in seeming to seek answers by means that persist and protect the problem.

So what I mean by ego is not a Freudian slip so much as a mis-taken identity running in the name of power and protection relative to truth feared - or intimacy of being as threat to the capacity to maintain the mask of limitation and control.

Unwanted realities are experienced as rejection, denial, deprivation, abandonment, treachery and betrayal as pain of loss.

We do not know we had terms, conditions or demands on Life until they are crushed and broken by withdrawal of support or open denial.

However, we can and do set ourselves up to fall.

Maybe QD meant that accepting narratives without questioning them is letting them trigger and frame our own mind unknowing.


Unwanted inner conflicts are problems we refuse or are unwilling and unable to face and address where they are and so we seek 'solutions' outside by which to cast them out from us. When the 'solution' fails it not only leaves the underlying problem unaddressed but mutates as seemingly new problems that are intimately linked to our inner conflict but outwardly unconnected - because the external solution was a wishful cover story of self-evasion given all the force of the emotional charge of the underlying inner conflict.

Until we own what truly belongs to us, we will attack and deny others and our world for what our mind perceives as hateful intention and motivations that have roots in our own conflicts. If we were at all aware of this the world as we know it would not find support. For the world as we know it has operated this entanglement of shadows, false hopes and hidden denials, until its conflicts rise up to reveal their true address - or in common terms, all of what is ours comes home to roost.

To invested identity in masking self-illusion this is like a world of toxic debts that the ego must desperately externalise to an ever more hollow and false sense of prevailing by masking deceit.

But to the desire to heal, it opens the Way Home, as we release what does NOT belong to us that we had mistakenly taken on. There is a peace in being who you are that no illusion can give, no matter the presentations and postures of self-assertion.

When we took a problem as our self we tried to use the world as an answer for it. We have set the whole world in the frame of our problem, excepting we release it of our demands, terms and conditions and bring awareness present to learn anew of what we have learned NOT to see as anything but threat, weapons, ammunition, allies, armour, hiding place, diversionary false flag.

So yes, we are a 'built in problem' looking everywhere ELSE for solutions.

I see the psyoperative deceits as a means of revealing us to ourselves. But hooked to the bait is the experience of being played and reeled in as the belief one is freely acting. But as I said we can and do set ourselves up.


When you can bear to be sober, you can meet me half way.

Because the 'normal' is so dysfunctional, the natural can induce psychosis to the sense of mind in lockdown under masking control.

You live as if you are deprived, denied or lacking connection to Infinity. How did you manage that?

Ah! You've been thinking again haven't you!

Why would you make a stash when everything is here for you already?

The supply for you is 'hidden' in not indulging what you take as your thinking. Let the mind rest. Your true thought connects you with everything alive. Live your own Q, and listen for your own A.

No point in trying to comprehend answers to a question you have not asked. No experiences are going to give you anything more than the receptive you open to receive them.

contd response to query on use of dysfunctional normal

The 'normal' is being memed as if natural - I use it to mean conditioned 'reality'.

In a world where :

“Everything is BACKWARDS; everything is upside down! Doctors destroy health, Lawyers destroy justice, Universities destroy knowledge, Governments destroy freedom, Major media destroys information, And religions destroy spirituality".(Michael Ellner).

I restate that because this is accepted normal does not mean it is not dysfunctional. the quote is back from the AIDS reset to a failing virology platform.

The dysfunctional human world is largely invisible, internalised and normal. Its structure is reflected in our technologism ( I could have called it culture, but its destructive to any real culturally shared appreciation of worth).

In the context above the presumed norm offered was that a distorted or drug altered conscious is necessary or appropriate for understanding. I invite you to consider that what is considered normal is already a dissociated and fragmented evasion of reality seeking to escape itself.

Associating another;s writing with mock humour and drug use can also be a subtle means of invalidating and distancing without actually engaging at all.

I appreciate your question. I hope that you now see it was discordant to your current expectation of meaning and usage for 'normal' - which can mean anything - for anything can become 'normal' is persisted in or under. So in the terms of the narrative setters it means 'conditioned' pattern of behavioural adaptation and response'.  But to those being played it is being taken as reality, or natural.

The dissociation of words from the territory of what they signify is a result of using them as weapons of deceit and leverage on our self and others. Dysfunction as normal is self-evident. Not least as a result of imposing functions to life that kill it, or sacrificing life to false profits, false narratives and life denying systems of control under fear and guilting.

The function of narrative displacement identity is masking

 That China will 'catch a cold' was leaked in advance.

That the cold or flu is CAUSED by a virus is an extremely protected narrative of leverage.

So to swallow the virus is to take the bait for the core element on which the others all depend.

Sickness is not in question, but that there is one sickness to which a specific virus is flagged to as its cause is false and diversionary to an honest and open investigation of disease conditions that share various causes and whose symptoms will often but not always include short samples of RNA/DNA matters resulting from cell death. The presumption and even science of contagion is predicated on a model that can be tweaked to give the desired result.

The deeper point is not a moral outrage that points the finger, but to reflect that the narratives that gain support or traction are those that attract funding or investment and in this fear provides the opportunity for 'solutions' that not only attract great wealth and positions of control to protect the revenue stream, but a bandwagon effect, where once it becomes embedded or 'normal' to mask, slosh antibacterials, vaccinate and track and trace, all these become iconic attractions to align business towards, and away from what else would have operated as a market economy serving human culture. And so corruption sets in to protect a negative Economy as a private taxing of the Living in death, taxes and degradations, for the sake of 'saving the System' deemed too big to fail. And so everyone else has to fail, and the narratives that are invoked and planted often decades in advance are pushed with disproportionate financial leverages that disregard any process of reason, to install global guidelines that mission creep to regulations and enforcements right down to local level. The capture of the brain, nervous system, defences, blood supply are all symptomatic of a parasitic 'infection' but this is ultimately an out-picturing of our own projected denials set in grievance and blame, as hated and feared.

Some elements of the Chinese ruling elites are corporations and stakeholders. Thinking in terms of independent nations in today's world is a circus side-show - and yet the pivot of power can and does shift from the nations it has hollowed out to a new host.

Back to fundamentals; a lie is without substance even if weaving in the truth of a love that fears to hurt or be hurt, and willingly limits and denies itself to allay the fear. And so it is lack of love that allows the reactions and defences to be the actual agent of destruction, regardless the Fact, we operate on fear as if already true, and in doing so are its masked or secret agency even while propagating warnings, rules, solutions and protections. It is our heart and mind that is infected with a kind of thinking that self-replicates and uses us while telling us it will make us safe. Lack of love is a result of giving love as energy and attention, value and focus of worth - to that which is unworthy, untrue, and unshared or private, locked down, distanced, masked and running as attack on truth. No matter how disturbing, bringing the problem into the arena of love, is releasing the diversion and delay in false flagged evasions of 'trouble so close to home, that it leaves us homeless, armoured and attempting to control a chaose we are not aware of causing - excepting by the accusation of blame to others and their attack, suppression or denial - be they living or imaginary agents, motives and dangers assigned to this then that and now another 'enemy'.

Wake up to the recognition of the need for love, from the honesty that what we have made of it is a grotesque masking parody of manipulative substitutions. Fear not given protection is the exposure to inner conflict that IS the Call for help - but has been directed to Fear for protection, as a casting out and limiting narrative identity.

No one can see what they are as yet unwilling or unready to accept, and so regardless the fact, their mind will provide something else as a block, buffer or delay, until they change their mind about their mind.

Negatively defined self-interest does not have to overtly conspire, but the capacity to frame the thoughts of others so as to direct their behaviours appeals directly to the need for control rising from a sense of self lack - which is lack of love. No amount of control will ever be enough to supply the lack, and in seeking it, will the underlying insanity hollow out and possess those who are addicted to or driven by compulsive traits or appetites that master them instead of being brought into a relational balance.

None of this tells you what to do or not do. But do you must, for the physical life has an action component. If willingness for joy, truth, love, peace, or any primary quality of human being is guiding us, then we are not wholly habituated in blind reaction to perceived and believed realities that some time later when the emotional context is passed, we can see as a misguidance from a past set of associations running as if to escape or overcome ancient hates and fears, from which our mind folds away in recoil to a contraction from relational communication set in armour against its reliving.

Thursday, 1 April 2021

Now is the time to walk out of false narratives

My response to Rob Ververk's pushing of Vanden Bossche:

Now is where Presence embraces empirical evidence, but Rob, you are using now as part of a PR leveraging presentation.

For those who have uncovered lack of substance in the virus narrative, in all its obfuscating complex of self-referencing conceits, NOW is the time to stop using it as a basis for authoritative identity. This includes a merely reactive assertion of anti-virus narrative investment.

'United against', is never the unified field and purpose of wholeness, but is a phishing ruse by which to enter a frame of division and deceit or self-illusion.

Unite in seeking and uncovering truth that shows us we are free.

The potential for the mRNA 'vaccines' for catastrophic collapse is independent of Bossche's industry promoted narrative framing of its own toxic legacy as the basis for its own saving 'solution'. That is how the fear protects itself from disclosure to the awareness of a Unifying Field or Reintegrative Purpose that we call healing - or the undoing of the false frame to the release of the trapped mind to realign its true 'Terrain'.

So why and how indeed may we be toxifying ourselves, each other an our living Biosphere in our masking agenda of  attempts to 'solve problems'?

Please do ask!

But if fear porn is your loving concern - consider yourself  an addict.

Where you go to or give your attention and energy for connection, meaning and a  sense of love and life is up to you. It is not dictated and determined by fear, unless of course you insist!

But if you cant yet walk out of a dead end, at least bring that much self-honesty to an awareness you do not create, but are the expression of.

Your reference to 'official madness' - recalls an old Microsoft joke:

Q:How many MS engineers does it take to change a light bulb?

A: None, Bill declares darkness to be the new standard.

If the investment in darkness can install its OS into your bodymind, it will.

This is a classic bad cop/good cop ruse. It sets you up to WANT to suck on what 'good cop' offers you after 'bad cop' terrorised you.

Fear Sells.

Love Shares.

You think you are sharing valuable or even vital information as if its hidden payload is inconsequential, like all that small print in a sales contract or Trade Deal (sic).

But perhaps someone has to fill your role in this, and so why not you?

In a larger reality, a self-betrayal may prime a deeper self honesty against temptations to take the bait. We all live within a larger reality than we think.

The WHO and its gov assets or stakeholder partners do what the global banking sector dictates.

If they want a narrative to pull back a parameter of their live experimentation on fellow beings, they will insert it and use it because at root they are funding or choking what they seek to grow as their cell culture.

The currency of thought be which we give and receive is corrupted by its persistent usage.

The intent is to possess and control thought as a privately owned state managed tool, asset or disposable.

Perhaps they see this as 'unifying' under Monopolar power 'restored'?

Perhaps they don't really 'see' anything but through a mindset in vengeance for life set in lack and fear of pain and loss and so (we) attack our own projections and suffer the result as if from an alien will, or some pathological invisible representation.

Whatever the sickness. Aligning truly is the context for healing to be welcomed instead of locked down distanced from and masked over. 

Thanks as always for a comment box.