Saturday, 9 May 2020

Waking from a hypnotic suggestion
Yeah, really good video. I’ve seen a lot of stuff that convinces me there is no coronavirus pandemic. …. but yet, I’ve just spent half an hour washing a huge delivery from Asda.
The fear is real.

That's a recognition though. The reality is a fear-reaction identity being leveraged.
There is no real risk from covid 19 for 99.98% of us - and for the others - everything is a risk!

Intellectual understanding does not dispel fears - you have to accept it in your heart by stepping OUT from the lockdown of your own mind.
This is perhaps the GREATEST OPPORTUNITY of this event. To graduate from fear rehearsals into a willingness to incarnate.
(I know you are already born - but as a child we are undermined of a core trust of life and shut down in our innocent curiosity. But I state to you that these are covered over and not truly lost.

I don't say you should do this break your habit, I invite you to open any moment of simple curiosity about your fear and move with what you recognise and accept. Then you are not trying to fight a part of yourself that is in fear - regardless of what anyone thinks.

This fear is not 'new' it is simply targeting fear you already had. Now you are in touch with it.

If I had a vision for the future of Humanity, it would have to include regaining responsibility for our consciousness - for our habit-reaction - and its polarising into conflicts.

The other thing that comes to mind.
If you are going to act for you defence in such ways as washing down the outside world before it can come in and become part of you, at least make it an act of self-love.
I don't mean narcissism, but because you care.
Fear does not care for you, but tyrannises you.

I am nearer 70 than 60 but see my risk as gov.thugs official or otherwise because I don't buy the story or give attention to the tellers. But I have met terrified people when shopping, and see still a lot of fear-conditioned distancing that isn't simply physical.

Terrified people can be vicious at worst and suspicious at best. There is no love in it - excepting to call on or seek protection from the very sources that triggered and fed the fear.
Hence to criticise their clapping or loyalty to those who are on some level knowingly and selectively destroying the economic basis of the lives of billions globally - is to be perceived as the virus itself!

I appreciate your honesty. And a release of judgements in me that helps me  in relating to so many who have in many ways entered another reality to me, though we walk the same Earth.
To be the love that you are is to align the reality that matches you.
You may not feel or think you are love - but how then could you feel betrayed or rejected or abandoned?
Broken love seeks to put itself together again with bits of wreckage and wishful magic.
Even those seeking control or dominion are seeking a substitute for the power and meaning of their lives where it cannot be found, and in ways that reinforce the driving belief.

Followup to an appreciation:

I appreciate that a resonant connection has found you moving in response.

If we are invested in a narrative or mythic identity, then we are filtered by its interpretations. We all 'know this' in theory but that doesn't mean that we cant become engaged in our own doubts as a kind of internal battle acted out in our perception and response of a world.

Waking from a hypnotic suggestion is then the issue for any of us who have effectively 'taken the bait' of identifying in reaction to our narrative as true, rather than awareness of a story as a story. The collapse of identity into character is both an extraordinary capacity to experience our own present through the lens of an imaginative supposition or premise - and to forget or lose current awareness of a presence that is open ended and infinite - not in the sense of big or small, but as a quality of connected potential.

The capacity to persist a dream even while being communicated with from a truly current calling, is of interpreting everything of the shared relational world in terms of the dream. Likewise those qualities of our being that are on the cusp of awareness are brought in like new wine into old bottles to further support our narrative identity - instead of serving a true and spontaneous renewal.

The taking up of insights and good ideas as leverages to make a better dream always operates the same underlying premise of a subject separated or singled out within a creation that is set in and of a sense of lack, limitation and conflict - to be solved, overcome, escaped, or understood so as to define and control - but still from a point set in judgement over its narrative creation, that seeks reinforcement of lockstep with others, to generate systems of support or leverage by which to overcome the evil which each sees in different shadows or perhaps in the same target but for different reasons.

I used the term dream here, but not to demean or dismiss our human experience.
The creative imagination is a gift of infinite potential - regardless the use to which it is put. Given to a capacity to generate conflicted fear that feeds on itself to generate an inertial fulcrum operating AS IF separate, locked down and locked into survival mode - that by its very nature shuts down higher 'instant evolutionary' potentials of connections, communications and synchronicities.

Now why would anyone coming across this in the middle of a sporting match see it as ANYTHING to do with winning the game? While a game is worth the candle - we give it our light to play out. Leaving or dropping the game in truth has to be willing to alight in what is worthy, instead of seeking to persist in a futility as if 'this time it will be different'. But the experience of releasing the familiar - or the devil we know - as an active faith without conditions or expectations, is fear of loss of self in the terms of control.
But how much of such control is gotten FROM a fear running as if a thing unto itself - but then choked back or locked down and used as a prop?
And ... do you WANT it?
Is this game worth the sacrifice of a greater light - or is it timely to alight in a releasing of stories to reveal their blessings  instead of the attempt to imprint new stories on the destruction and demonisation of the old?

A true blessing is simply shared life - or shared resonance in life.
When we frame blessings in a sense of self-specialness, or indeed curses, we are choosing to give our light to private mode - in which a truly shared reality is muted or put on snooze so as to pursue the experience of our thought and imagination.

Your gift joined in bring this posting. Resonant energy is integrative and synchronous.
patterns of negatively polarising conflict are no less synchronous, but are experienced as mistimed and misinterpreting breakdown of communication. In other words we don't really LEAVE the 'field' so much as generate compelling experience of what I generally refer to as separation trauma - and all the strategic defences that rise as reaction to lockdown an infinite potential in a net of polarised stagnation in which nothing true can move.

Beam me up Scottie !

Mikovic and bio-weapons

I don't disagree with the despicable criminal treatment of Judy Mikovic by the authorities. Her finding of the viral contamination of vaccines was also something that was strongly suspected or known by insiders - read 'Fear of the Invisible' by Janine Roberts. Its a very good read - especially in the light of the weaponisation of the virus theory - and an excellent introduction to a basis from which to legitimately question virus production as the CAUSE of disease.

But HIV never was actually isolated by Gallo OR the French - who took a viral serum sample from patients suffering the clinical symptoms of what was named AIDS. (but not pure isolated HIV - and which was not proven to cause AIDS.
Toxicologists had already found rational causality for AIDS and in L.A had instituted a program that had drastically reduced cases - but with Gallo's (fraudulent) claim given global headlines within a global AIDS plague fear campaign, ALL funding diverted to vaccine and antiretroviral drug treatments.

1984 marked the date when the presence of an antibody was used to diagnose INFECTION instead of immunity - for the first time in history. IE HIV. This was then diagnosed as demanding treatment to delay the (then asserted) inevitable onset of full blown AIDS.
This is now demonstrably recognised untrue. HIV does NOT = AIDS and can also be test positive from a number of other conditions.

Whole the early drug for the first AIDS patients (AZT) was simply fatal, as the diagnostic demographic grew (under the assertion of sexual infection which is NOT proven but widely and automatically believed, the HIV pos who did NOT have clinical sympoms, took longer to die. In time a rotating cocktail of drugs was developed to flatten the curve of cell death from treatment.

Mikovic claims and was no doubt part of discovering that HIV test positive does not automatically of necessarily lead to AIDS or even clinical disease. The fundamental health issue is an ongoing attack and undermining of our immune systems - some of which we are induced to do to ourselves, some by doctoring and toxic exposures - and yet also the undermining of a spirit - for which everything else follows.

The whole definition set and diagnosis for AIDS in Africa is its own political issue. Read 'Fear of the Invisible' by Janine Roberts.

The assertion that bio weapons are being deployed is part of reinforcing the virus fear. If sars-cov-2 or its covid19 disease is a bioweapon it is a dud. (Covid19 in over 50% of positives has no clinical symptom AND the test reliably gives false positives and has NO diagnostic merit). Even with all the conflating or assigning of stats to COVID19 INFECTION as cause of death - the overall cause of death is within normal average cycles statistics.

I have no doubt it is a Plandemic but the principle weapon is the psyop.

NOTE how EASILY the mind of the general population is captured by fear of contagion - now add bioweapons.
I have no doubts that every kind of attempt is made to generate bioweapons but our biology is in and of itself NOT a weapon but a self-healing system. The attempt to hack into and control human DNA is seriously being mounted on the wave and wake of the covid blitz.
No need to first test new 'immunisations' on animals when a captive humanity is induced to want it NOW! Either by fear promoted saviour, or lockdown releasing coercion.

Judy deserves her day in court, but that doesn't mean everything she is invested in as a denied virologist is true.

Flu vaccination is well known to increase other respiratory diseases etc

in response to the themes linked above:

Flu vaccination is well known to increase other respiratory diseases - including corona virus related. It is also a 'small percent' effective in terms of matching the active yearly virus expression, and has antibody reaction that in some people bind to other (CV19) viruses in adverse ways. It is also heavily marketed under and protected by state authority for private gain and developed without transparency, accountability or oversight for safety and efficacy. The measurement of antibodies in and of itself does not confer or equate immunity, resilience and is part of inducing vaccine dependency as both a lack of actual resilience (compromised immune systems) and political and social control.
Any business or agency that cannot be litigated against for criminal fraud or negligence with regard to its promotions, claims and services is a direct invitation to criminal abuse.

Vaccination needs (also) to be considered with regard to death by all causes and not just the narrow focus of one disease expression. I respect your freedom to choose to be vaccinated. I do not support any overriding of basic human rights as to what is done to or directly put into our bodies or our children's under whatever pretext and regard biological experiments on human beings without a true and informed consent as a violation against the spirit and sanctity of life and attack upon the basis for human civilisation.

Protecting from fear by superstition can seem to work, but only by limiting and resetting the mind.
The role of science is in questioning narratives that limit our perspectives and participation under subjections and controls, so as to regain creative understandings and freedoms of being that serve a richer biodiversity of consciousness and life. This is impossible under sacrifice to systemic dictates or mandates that deprive us of the shared experience of living and learning together. 
The onus of self-responsibility and a true character development, is what deserves and requires social support.
The current regime is backwards and allegiance or loyalty to its thinking is to give up the capacity to think with life - for yourself and others.

I thank you for recognising that global mandating a (new mode of DNA editing) 'immunisation' on the pretext of a covid19 terror propaganda blitz that lacks fundamental substance as a genuine threat - would constitute a genuine threat to the human species.

The only parallel in nature for such behaviour is in certain parasites that take over the nervous system of their host as part of reseeding or sporing themselves.

I recommend Zach Bush's perspective for a knowledgable, articulate and compassionate source of inspiration. Don't let the interviewer (Del Bigtree) be a reason not to listen, Zach speaks for himself and is on no one's partisan platform.

Illegitimate lockdown founded in nothing but manipulated fears

in response to the themes above:

The covid19 pretext is NOT the global pandemic threat it has been aggressively and persistently asserted to be. Contagious terror has been given power under a network of deceits that are both pervasive to our society, but orchestrated and fed by cartel monopoly interests that ARE under threat BECAUSE their basis for control is increasingly being brought into the light, as both falsely assumed and falsely supported or extended them as social compliance.

The lockdown is illegitimate, unfounded in anything but manipulated fears, and serves no purpose other than control agendas of a financially backed corporate elitism that has succeeded in attaining regulatory dominance over the laws and lives of humankind through the progressive exploitation of (identifying within) our base nature.

Compassion for the fearful does not extend to sacrificing humanity to DNA editing 'immunisations' and endless lab-rat conditioning procedures to fit a 'New World Normalising' to incomprehensible denials of innate living rights to BE our lives, to unfold and share in them, and to grow and learn by our changes and challenges instead of being smart-caged to incentivised  compliance.

There is Fundamental Change inevitably occurring, but the control agenda's 'front' or narrative for this, is simply a fear driven survival of diminishing returns that 'escapes' the masses to a virtualisation' as a much limited and managed human derivative.
They have NO VISION.
There is no love in their plan - regardless the Orwellian doublespeak of Your Safety Being Their Paramount Concern. There is NO-ONE THERE! It is a bunch of people hopelessly out of their depth surrounded by a Vastness of Life - that they think to structurally limit and systemically fit, to a control model.

Well we CAN choose to stagnate under polarising conflicts that by cancelling out effectively lock down creative will to reactivity in chains.
But I would reflect this as a choice that we would not knowingly or consciously choose - if we allowed consciousness to pause our reactive identity. And I know that reactive identity operates a narrative set to limit, mitigate of self-protect against our fears and hates and backstory or history of hurt and betrayal.

Where you elect to emerge from this madness - that some intend to make normal, is not dictated by circumstance but by where and who we each, and thus together, choose to live from. This freedom cannot be taken from us, even if we sacrifice it to circumstance - as if not to know that we accept fear as our god of  resource and refuge under a socially reinforced cover story. It's a lie - but if we KNOW that we can begin to bring it to a curiosity instead of a crushing sense of self-betrayal.

I reccomend Zach Bush recent interview - he weaves almost all of the parts to a wholeness that inspires.