Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Becoming the thing that one hates

British PM draws up new strategy on extremists


 Becoming the thing that one hates

It is said that one becomes what one hates. Self righteousness is blind to the needs of others and to the wholeness of life, and therefore to one's own true needs. Fear unfaced, and guilt and inner conflict unowned, operate unconsciously to propagate fear and conflict. The belief one can use fear to coerce others or manipulate outcomes to align a private agenda is a seduction to the illusion of power. An illusion that always opens to being thus manipulated oneself, and so made hollow and powerless to another's agenda.

These things can be known in the heart. The heart can be ignored. We all make choices. The choice to ignore the heart is the choice to be blind to the needs of others and to the wholeness of life and therefore one's own true needs. Such choice may seem justified by fear to have priority over all else. It operates as a reaction of conditioning and identity that becomes trapped in its own perspective - out of touch with, and blind to the needs of others and to the wholeness of life and therefore one's own true needs. It then defends itself against SIGHT - in the belief that anything that undermines its perceived struggle and goal IS the enemy.

The enemy is unfaced fear and unowned guilt and inner conflict. One cannot solve an inner problem externally - and attempt to do so will only protect the problem from healing by hiding it in the world. One does not get rid of hate with hate. One releases what is seen to be self-contradictory so as to restore a unified will. The attempt to unify self or nation over and against enemy or fear can never more than seem to momentarily work. The hunger for power over externally framed and un-owned inner issues, sacrifices life to the illusion of gaining or wielding such power.

This operates a false god. The recognition of unconflicted will, is the power to know your right relation within a wholeness of being. There is no coercion involved in being who you truly are. The coercive sense is born of conflicted fear. Facing fear in willingness to align with true, is not martyrdom, but humility that truly listens to others, to the discerning of wholeness in the situation and to the true movement of our heart's desire. When fear becomes normal currency, love may seem extreme and threatening. Therefore, in dealing with the fearful, honour the capacity of choosing without joining in negative choices - for the power to choose is the power to choose differently.

Demonzing choices gives them power of a negative charge. Of fear made real. Insanity and error or sickness of mind is not a weapon in war - but a condition calling for correction. Foolish, hurtful, and self-harming choices are to be seen as exactly so - and not personalized into a great evil upon which to re-structure human society. There are many such evils that are no less worthy of correction. Factions fixate on different facets and polarize each other in an extremism that denies the capacity to simply live a shared humanity, and would place terror on the altar of our desires in guise of righteous power and protection.

Orthodox Quackery and the Throwing of Stones

I missed the comments window for this opinion piece in the Guardian online:

Don’t call believers in homeopathy idiots – it will push them further from science

Perhaps this is a rant with an agenda - but I state my desire is to honour and protect choice against the kind of deceits that would assert a pseudo scientific 'consensual reality' by law upon populations - actively regulating in favour of exclusive and coercive cartels of power and wealth extraction or asset stripping from the Living Body of Humankind.

Surely the belief that the cartel of corporate pharmaceutical and so called 'food' conglomerates are actually involved in health and healing or training doctors or the Good of Humanity is a bit too far fetched now for anyone to swallow it - unless of course the they've already swallowed the baiting of fear along with all the toxic and health undermining drugs, chems and exposures that then enable it to manifest in a slow motion suicide - for yes - until one is forcibly injected or administered or subjected - there are health CHOICES. And even so, there is a choice of Spirit or Purpose by which to shake off, and work against the usurping and undermining of true health.

'Vatican style' control mentality is alive and well in a vocal agenda hiding behind a mask of scientific militancy - who are only given encouragement because the particular targets are becoming themselves significant $$$ interests - as a result of choices made despite all the propaganda of an old paradigm. The health scam is as much the fear that gives power away as the fear that seeks to take it away.

Iatrogenic disease is a scientific name for sickness CAUSED by medical interventions and no statistics or protocols are in place to ascertain the true account - but is likely the third most likely cause of death in the US - and likely similar in other 'developed' countries. The Pharma farms a sickness but is fronted by reputable institutions, a cowed media and a false scientism that the lower ranks do not or dare not question or challenge. No the valiant defenders of the faith go after 'Homoeopathy'. Oh brave and dedicated champions of truth! Let power and wealth set off a meme and the mob take it up and enact it for free.

I recommend people tune in to an inner honesty from which to discern the nature of their condition, what their own part in it may be, as well as what it may be serving them or message it may be bringing them, and follow such discernment as to who and where and what they then meet in the willingness to health. If you want to have your sickness managed with things that make you sicker then that too is a choice. And regardless of all science pretends to know or represent, there are other ways or kinds of knowing and healing than patented drugs™, regulatory protections and cartels, and media propaganda.

Now are people idiots who give their power and trust to those who knowingly or unknowing do not know or care as to the causes and cures of sickness - excepting it is provides an ongoing revenue stream and an upholding of the model by which  a 'scientism' usurped a true scientific endeavour?
They may seem to be making idiotic choices as a result of the perspective of other choices by which they blinker themselves, from which in time, they will learn, one way of another - in this life or the next.

 I wish you all true health and happiness - even those who do not believe in happiness - but substitute it with the seeming power and status of getting more at someone else's expense and passing off as real.
As for associating My Corbyn or anyone else with perceived invalidation - the trick will start to backfire. A coercive agenda is neither science, nor communication, nor an honest integrity of relationship. It is hollow will directed by fear and fed with illusion. Just say 'No!'

Monday, 20 July 2015


I've come back to this thread to say that a strategic response to a situation and indeed a strategic identity is a way to lose freedom for the promise of getting there in some future moment or reclaiming a freedom believed lost as a result of the analysis of the moment at hand.
I'll add that this is the normal ,but is not the original nature of human being. Yet if it is the predominant belief structure it must be worked with to open it up to a more direct and less obstructive communication - or there will be no communication.

Such strategic analysis accepted and reacted from as true operates as a conditioning reflex that becomes in a sense and automatic response that maps out the situation in terms of definitions and meanings made and accepted in the past. Indeed the range of such judgements and strategies constitute one's sense of identity in the world; our conditioned sense of self. The sense of freedom of such an identity is freedom FROM perceived threat and freedom to maintain self-protection and prevail over such threat or at least keep it at bay.

The resort to offensive strategy as effective defence then follows and is justified by the perceived threat, and wounds from the past become valued and restated as value in supporting one's offensive or justified strategies of prevailing or manipulating outcomes and behaviours.

The 'chess game' of reading the strategies of others and developing counter strategies becomes the box within which thinking then has to operate to have any validity. One strand in the overall game of strategies is that of libertarianism. All strands operate and support each other as an identity in struggle or game of power - where power has been redefined in terms of minds that are equated with or limited to bodies, acting upon each other, along a set of meanings arising from the belief and experience one is not free, whole, and worthy.

THAT such conditioning occurs and becomes our personality construct is observable. But the capacity to observe it in act - within our own consciousness is itself an awakening of consciousness at a level that is not enacting the identity of conditioned reaction but free to accept it, or allow and invite a fresh perspective that is a current take on the whole situation - accommodating to one's readiness and willingness to accept and act from a perspective of wholeness. This is a spontaneous event and not the result of machinations of mind - and yet it may be filtered through machinations of mind as part of accepting it is in fact what is desired.

The be free flowing presence may be similar to being 'in the zone' because its spontaneity is in a sense quite thoughtless and selfless - yet not as a result of any denial or coercive intent to suppress or diminish thought or self. there is simple a sense of getting out of one's own way and allowing a unified desire - that is no longer oppositional to but embracing of all that is present in relevance and resonance to the current theme of focus and desire.

Oppositional will is a key idea in the redefinition or the negation of free will - which is prior to any idea or definition about it. Indeed  minds that think they are bodies may define freewill in body terms to act without restraint  - without opposition - and yet also to limit and restrain the acts of others that do not support or ally with their own ideal or idol or model of conditions that must be met for them to feel themselves free.

The shifting balances of meanings, judgements, reactions and perceptions that operate as the 'balance of power' themselves become the object of attention - to come up with strategies of negative cooperation in which self-limitation is imposed and accepted as an attempt to equalize or bring parity wherein specific points of focus are partially addressed at the level of behaviour - if not at cause. Such 'sharing' and 'equality' then becomes a new arean of offensive manipulation through which any minority 'victim' can become a proxy for a third party agenda to use to undermine existing levels of integrity and function - and indeed engage naked enslavement plunder and coercive dominion in the guise of regulatory capture and control through the ideas and identities developed in the attempt to become free. Checkmate!

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Love's movement subverted by coercive and fearful agenda

I write this because I value MediaLens and what it embodies. It arose from an entry on their Facebook™ page about climate change 'denial' that I felt to respond to.

- - -

The end of civilisation as we know it is occurring in front of our eyes across the whole range of human affairs and is synchronous with significant Earth Changes, but for many the dominant narratives operate to protect from such disturbance and the transforming effect such self-honesty automatically operates. The projection of guilt into external scenarios, scapegoats and red herrings, is the device to keep most of the disturbance outside and away from one's direct awareness and facilitate a self-righteous focus of fixated identity and activity that persist such a psychological defence.

Such device can be seen as something manipulators do to infiltrate, subvert and weaponise a movement of love of Life, of the Earth and its Natural diversity of beauty, wonder and healing resource. But manipulators need suckers whose fear makes wishes seem true whilst carrying Trojan agenda. And so the self-righteous act out the design of a manipulator who sacrifices a part of the old in order to own and control the new - but it is not new - it is business as usual - or even austerities, deprivations and limitations imposed by law with no redress or voice or process of communication and relationship. How dangerous is hate and fear when sold 'salvation' in terms that lock it in to a 'civilisation' founded upon hate and fear.

Well I will say that the end of hate and fear as meaningful or legitimate tools of leverage is the FOUNDATION of Civilisation. Anything else is a house divided against itself - projecting its split onto the 'world' that is does not then even truly SEE, because only the intimacy and innocence of love's presence and love's willingness can allow the recognition of Life in each other, our World and our self included.

Change IS afoot - and those who want to embrace its invitation for a true renewal will recognize coercion and abandon it in their allegiances to any FORM of communication couched in such terms and most of all, in their own thinking. Polarized identity is a symptom of unowned fear and guilt - along with the negative fruits of such - which are not ONLY in the hated, invalidated, scapegoated and excommunicated 'other'. Beneath the divisive device is a more personal set of beliefs that are for many - a no-go area.

Our persona and its mind have developed to 'protect' our conscious awareness FROM such intolerable sense of conflict and powerlessness, inadequacy and invalidity. But I say that THAT is the core issue to be addressed by a willingness to own and accept and be curious about and challenge and invite and allow fresh perspectives in as a result of NOT hiding or denying that we have such core self definitions and that they in a sense rule what we call civilisation from the shadows - where manipulative intent works unseen and unchallenged. The issue must be expressed in terms OF true relationship and communication OR it is an agenda to undermine and block the very nature of our Humanity - regardless of the form it takes or the 'authorities' that is hides behind.

One does not have to KNOW in such a way as to then impose upon others but if one chooses to believe - as a result of ANY process of consideration, then one acts in congruence with one's belief, founded in a current sense of who you feel and know yourself to be. In the shift of perspective that comes from acting with conviction, passion and presence - new perspectives open in which one may or may not revise or replace the previous belief - without invalidating its usefulness to your unfolding integration and expanding clarity. Humanity is not generally awake to the core beliefs it operates FROM.

Crisis is a device by which to face fear and recognize opportunity. Manufactured or usurped crisis is the attempt to use the fear as power - as in false flag attacks, destructo 'capitalism' as the breaking open and plundering of relational and organic systems to strip assets and discard or enslave the forms life to a 'NWO' (sic), or the sheer audacity and chutzpa of asserted lie as in certain 'political' (sic) and corporate 'relationships' that are everywhere 'communicated' by an owned or cowed media.

The triggers we are manipulated by is each our own responsibility to uncover and reclaim to truly conscious discernment. And that responsibility is core to being free of deceit, open to receive, and discerning in willingness to embrace what resonates relevant and true - and live from it. THEN see what happens.

The WANTING to hate evil is also hating to love. See if it isn't so! Deceit is deep in our consciousness and the belief one is free of it is itself deceit unless you are willingly free of the need or compulsion to see it in others.

"It is easy to react to what one has already judged - AS IF meeting something outside yourself".

Freedom and the State; Caesar and God: ends and means

This article on freedom and the state and strategies of libertarianism prompted various responses. Mine is below.
Rothbardian Thoughts on Strategy
By Sheldon Richman

It is easy to react to what one has judged unawares - as if one is relating directly with an external or oppositional reality, when whatever is occurring is one's own definition overlaid upon the arising relational situation. Hence the adjunct to be vigilant against deception.

Mutually agreed definitions and judgements become competing 'realities' or 'truths' or ideologies, within which apparent unities of purpose or endeavour faction and fragment like the tower of Babel, when the context against which seemed a unity, shifts... as it will.

I do not regard myself as Christian - in the traditional sense -  in fact I do not regard myself as anything in terms of a locked in identity - because I find my true identity in the expression of the freedom to relate, to receive and to give and to know that freedom in act as well as recognize the same quality in others - regardless their current choices. But Jesus also addressed the issue of worldy power and obligation - vs inner allegiance and congruity of value in thought, act and deed. And yet an exclusive or militant materialism cannot engage with the Meaning beyond the form - for all forms have locked in meanings and the mind of such assertion is locked in its own thinking by its own choice.

The Meaning beyond the form is that from which all forms derive their meaning. Perhaps I might arrive at a useful exposition of this here.

Any sense of exclusively personal power immediately and inherently opens the possibility of personal powerlessness and inadequacy to meet the situation at hand. This feels dissonant as conflicted feelings and purposes - ie: a chaotic psycho-emotional state that is intolerable.

The desire to persist in the personal sense of power is not associated with the powerlessness which seems to be a result of oppositional wills or forces.

Identity in powerlessness (victimhood) appeals to the personal sense of power to protect and unify it against intolerable chaos. That is , it gives its power away to the idea of coercive control as 'protector'.

The resultant coercion suppresses and limits the range of the expression to a will and projects the conflict outside and way from what the realm of personal control it now identifies as itself.

The denied will is thus rendered 'unconscious' and the projected conflict perceived externally and reacted to as such 'protects' it from its core fears whilst embodying them as unrecognised external relations of separate and disconnected reality.

Perpetual war is the condition of living within such an identity - but it can be expressed and distributed in such a way as to seem to contain arenas of victory or truce, alliances and paths of discovery of freedom and enlightenment. But always the core conflict is propagated through all of its expressions because it is inherent to its predicate and is this its predicament.

There is no freedom within a compulsive identity of reaction but there is always the freedom to choose not to use it and thus release the identification in coercion.

In the fragmenting of the mind was Meaning lost to conflicted meanings that are by definition meaningless, but the desire to protect the meaning of personal power becomes a central focus through which attempt to unify the self operates and ascribes its own meanings to everything that it incorporates into its world. For everything is judged according to its perceived use or threat to the survival or persistence of the personal sense of control.

However meanings are not fixed and investments are released and some of this occurs as part of the normal process of development or adaptation to the 'world'. Some as a result of crisis that forces a transformation of thought and identity or trauma that reopens the core separation experience.

The recognition of the coercive will as unwanted may arise from realising one's self destructive scripts, or the meaninglessness of hollow victory, the pain of a sham , or any number of avenues of arising honesty.

The recognition and release of what does not in fact protect or belong is freewillingly embraced as an acceptance of reintegration through the separation experience to the free flowing restoration of unified purpose - which then expresses itself through the personality construct one had in a sense grown as a segregative attempt to unify or make a self of that which is not true of what in clarity of discernment is now seen to not be who you are.

Purpose is the underlying orientation of desire that focuses and aligns the mind. There is already Purpose inherent in Life but it is not coercive upon its expressions as to how that purpose is expressed or reflected.

The freedom to believe one can abort, defile, destroy, poison or oppose such purpose is inherent in a truly un-coerced and free imagination and the Human exploration of such ideas of limitation, separation, opposition, conflict, war and vengeance are experienced real because we act from the desire and belief that the power to do so is our reality. Freedom is expressed even here - but in ways that do not know themselves free - that do not know who they are because they choose to believe what they are not and blame it on their world and hate it for failing them and meet the hateful and are worn down and entangled in the taxes of their own defences. And so crisis necessitates transformation.

When everything shifts it isn't just that what doesn't work any more doesn't work - it is seen that it never was true but seemed so.

The old currencies of thought are not only unworkable, they cost - or work against the arising of the new. Until the mind of such thinking can be noticed rather than enacted. Then the devices of persecution or suppression work to more clearly illuminate the self-definitions we otherwise unknowingly carry that are the obstruction to our own appreciation of a truly lived existence Now.

Living from the already free is not a matter of effort, but of consistent and persistent willingness as awareness - not thought. One does not become free. One becomes more aware of the freedom one is. False notions of freedom enslave. Discernment is inherent to a true self worth. The wish for magical solutions invites a manipulative magician to synchronize with your current reality - but conflict is not solved by wishing - but resolved in wholly willing. There is no unity in a fearful agenda. But fears that are owned and embraced and lived through become the very means of releasing what does not belong.

What you give out is what you get back. Forgive and be (know yourself) forgiven. The attempt to get rid of hate and fear by projecting is the way to KEEP it fixed in your mind. One does not get rid of anything - one releases what is not belonging and focusses entirely on what does - what one truly resonates with in the knowing of that unique quality of being you know is you. Your world will in its own timing reflect an entirely different perspective as a result of you having changed. You cannot access such perspective from changing the world. That is the persistence of the attempt to solve ones inner conflict in external scenarios.

Anything I write is simply information or idea that can be freely considered or ignored. Authority dwells in the discernment of the receiver, for no matter what the apparent form of the source, it is the quality of recognition of true resonance and relevance that opens the insight or inner knowing that is beyond words - and yet can communicate through them in the qualities of life.