Thursday, 31 May 2012

The power to kill remotely, anywhere at anytime - under the aegis of 'war on terror'

Fear is not the basis of culture, nor the protector or guide to the renewal and upholding of that culture. But it would coerce our minds to believe it was.

Fear is taken advantage of and even directly triggered or fuelled by manipulative intent to control minds. It is very effective in seducing its wielders into a sense of having power - and using it to serve personal or private agendas.

To 'legitimize' assassination at will of anyone, anywhere by technological means is first introduced by the US, but will be implemented by other 'powers' as they get their supply of weapons systems. The use of such weapons illegitimizes the power that wields it by revealing the brute will at work, divorced from any kind of process of communication or appeal.

The only counter to technology of such capacities is transparency of information, and a process of communication that disarms deception by refusing to collude in it. At some point this may result in being branded a terroristor  some equivalent 'status' and being dehumanized and 'processed' accordingly.

Fear is on both sides of every conflict and plays to keep the game of conflict/control going. But the real enemy is not where fear points to - but your own fearful thoughts believed true.

If politics has failed, it is only in its present forms - for human relationships and organizations have always been conflicted between communication and control. Whatever the world may seem to play out, we each are able to make peace within by choosing a true communication in which fears can be observed and dissolved - rather than hidden and allowed to 'control' in the dark.

The way to shake off evil influences is to become wholly harmless. This does not mean the removal of force from the range of our communication - but desisting from employing hate and fear as our intent amidst disguise of righteousness.

The change that is called for is in the hearts and minds of those who see the nature of the deception and recognize their own part in it.
Those who are without the proclivity to 'sin' do not throw stones, but seek a true communication - with both hands above the table!

The embodiment of an evil will or intent, invites psuedo religious righteousness in opposition to that evil. For that is how one covers over and distracts from a self-sense of invalidity or illegitimacy.

Criminal acts require proportionate response. The 'war on terror' is really a war on Sanity itself. While each plays out their own part in an insanity, it seems to make reality support their own delusions.
There is an alternate to fighting the shadow of a hated aspect of our own mind, but not if one does not WANT to find it!

In Peace