Monday, 31 October 2011

Steve Jobs last words ... Oh Wow!

Infinite Intimacy seems to be limited by a defining awareness experiencing its perception.  In wish to be a creator on its own thought, it loses universal awareness to focus within limitation, which is a temporal ideation construct.

Losing the world must regain the Soul - but Soul is never really lost - only obscured. That which never really left wakes to that it always already is.
The idol of i will - plays out as our world, but Universal Will or the Movement of Life remains our only true Source and Condition - even if the illusion of independence is an insanely great and addictive idea by which to think different from God, for a while.

The hardware is in fact running in emulation on many levels of binary thought. When our avatar identity is released, the light or awareness of being is revealed - knows itself - as is - instead of filtered. It isn't an object - its the living context all along.

Steve Jobs is becoming a symbolic function to the world mind - he is chosen as serving as an exemplar of success and vision - albeit within a narrow social technological framework. But Steve Jobs the man was the love AND the call for love - both -  like we all are, without exception.

Machine-minded man believes as his structural determinants dictate. But the heart's truth of man is love's expression - whether he knows it or not, cooperates with it or not, integrates with it while alive or not. Love is also embodied in excellence. Art is a process of expressing or embodying the Movement discerned within.
Cultural vision is the embodiment of ideas as fresh expressions rather than derivative template mentality.

He was in touch with Wow! as part of being who he was. His mind tuned into bridging inspiration into practical effect. Though it seems  a trite phrase, Wow! is a precursor to Awe, in which we can only behold and be silent.

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