Friday, 9 February 2018

More than hot air

Carlsbad Woman Puts Petri Dish Under Bathroom Dryer, Breaks the Internet

Personally, I abhor the very loud NOISE of these dryers more that the bacteria.
It may well be that fecal transplants are more common that we thought - but exposure to bacteria does not mean susceptibility or hospitality to disease - and can as easily mean the opposite. Is you life always expecting the worst while wishing it wasn't true?

Life is Biota. Anti-biotic thinking is fear-thinking going back to Pasteur and of course back beyond that to fear of evil spirits. Different kind of 'church' these days but the same underlying pattern. Raise the health, vitality, immunity and restore the balance to an awakened and restored responsibility for our own experience - because life is what we make of whatever it seems to be.

Compromised immunity - which includes compromised gut-biota - and psychic-emotional ill health (as downtrodden, fearful, denied, unvalued sense of self) - generates the downward spiral of sickness. This will be seen to correlate with susceptibility to sickness. Compromised health results in large part from toxins, de-natured food or malnutrition, and toxic exposures to chemical and emf/radiations. But also from psychic-emotional stress and strain. Life in event is never compartmentalised into parts. That is the mapping of our mind.

Health should be resilient  - not 'fragile' and requiring trillion dollar support! But treating everyone as IF they are fragile is itself an educational program - excepting we are programmed to weakness of mind and body - and feeling, by which to induce docile compliance under a corporately owned and regulated world.
The knowledge that air drying spreads germs rather than containing and confining them to paper towel bins is NOT new. Lack of connected action is not a 'failure to connect the dots' but a party to the sickness industry running under 'health and safety'. All plausibly deniable of course. But is it consumer demand ALONE that drives the corporate 'capture' and encroachment of power over civil society and representational governance?

Of all the thoughts we could have, what to we attract and cultivate? It is the same with microbiota - except that the body doesn't lie - where the mind can think it is thinking loving thought while actually engaged in hateful denial and exclusion. Those who want to 'engineer society' in their own image, may think they are ridding the world of 'evils' and replacing a sick, weak and failed humanity with rational technocratic systems, (with bio-tech and A.I rolling out to plan. But the actual communication is nothing to do with trust, relationship, service, and recognition of worth. More of a caged experiment under rules of contract and undue influence. While money is held as the energy system by which to subordinate all else to a system of control and manipulation. That's the nub of the matter, systems of control operating as the denial of the Human Spirit. Nothing new there then!
Life is more than energy or even information. Life is feeling and knowing the field and nature of our being - as embodied in act. Don't foul your own nest! Or rather give as you would in truth appreciate receiving. Why did I add in truth? Because when people hate their life, others and their world, they do not regard themselves as worthy of love - and would defend their own judgement against their own (and others) Good.

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

The statin of the Notion

Reading ANH on the statin of the nation prompted reflections that don't belong there in full so I put them here where they can be read by the interested.

Surely it is very simple. An overlording class effectively owns and runs what we take to be our governance, Media, justice system, education system, medical, defence and security systems etc.
It does so as the logical expression of a kind of thinking that is part of our development - but is not truly human.

Globalism as a mass produced technocratic management system in which inputs and outputs and profits and costs are manipulated to grow the most profitable crop - which of course has nothing to do with our health, wealth or wellbeing, but only their self-interest. Big Data serves the fine tuning of stress testing and refining the management system.

But as an awareness of the living, I see differently. Our denied fears are given power. Denial operates to outsource self conflict by assigning it away from self onto others, the world or even our body, and hating or fearing it there as a diversion and dissociation from an inner terror, shame or rage.

Our model and experience of our world is made to cover over and escape from separation trauma, that is largely unrecognized as such because our developing mind was predicated on not knowing it. In order to 'survive' under such a system, we have to sacrifice life to fear. In order to bear our lives under such a burden, we define it in terms that seek to limit, evade or delay our sacrifice so as to protect that which 'survives'.

The 'Medical State' is not science, nor the state it still at times pretends to be. It is a facet in a system of mind control, in which we think our thoughts are our own, rather than something that is not truly belonging, given free access to think in our stead.

I essay these sketches in the wondering if it is possible to say this and be received - and whether such a shared moment is a light in a sleeping humanity by which others can stir from a different purpose than salvation by separation from the feared and hated.

I am living my choice, in witness to that we are beings of choice. But fear-defined thinking frames only the choices that keep us fixated in looking away from Cause - because in between us and our original or true nature is a gap that fear made, to protect itself.

Why did I write this? I felt the article above is pussyfooting around the issues - when of course the between the lines message is - we are being manipulated and deceived and need wake up to a true basis from which to discern what is worthy and what is seeking to pass off as if it has worth or means what it purports.

I don't know that people used to live savage short lives. History is cast in the same mould as medical studies are. That is - once there is investment in a particular narrative, it is protected and reinforced against any real change. Our definition of our self determines our experience of our world. It is always changing. Much of what is seen as change is simply a redistribution or a reworking of the same themes in different forms.

Fear of life and living masks in fear and pain of loss in injury, disease and death. As if adding more investment in the defence against feared outcomes will 'add' to our life.
A life that is redefined in terms of risk factors determined from a past that narrows down to database parameters and sets our thinking into pigeon holes - including 'other'.