Sunday, 20 November 2011

Don’t call children obese, health staff are warned

Has anyone noticed that the usage of names changes - such that a name becomes stigmatized and rendered unusable. Thus we become ever more managed as to what we are allowed to say. But all along it is primarily the spirit - the energetic relational context - in which something is said that is either honouring the other - or is in some sense judging them.
So if we are to look at language as a tool to release us from guilt, fear and conflict, it is not enough to try to change the surface. We need to wake up to a sense of worth in our own and each other's presence - in which difficult or necessary communications can be shared.

What we have in our society is a confusion between self and self image. Our self image is necessarily in conflict with reality - because it is a wish - no matter how deeply or heavily we invest in it or ally ourselves in attempt to protect or support it.

Our self is innocent of such confusion and conflictedness and can be shared in what is called the practice of loving - (another word that has been devalued by mis use). To acknowledge and recognise and honour the presence of life in another is not only the way to open and abide in a like quality of life for oneself - but is the way of a truly practical harmony and functionality.

Self worth is not something that self-image based self can effect or accomplish - because it is Already True - but obscured by the active distortions introduced by a wishful - and indeed wilful selfishness. Such a selfishness is not a basis for blame - but for correction. In other words, a state of the forgetting of love's presence is a call for the rewakening of love's presence.

I am not merely speaking of or to a mentalizing capacity that seeks to control life via understanding or applying ideas - but of awakening the need and the call and the willingness for and active expression of love - as a practical expression of well being.

When a culture of 'protecting' gives rise to a tyranny of blame - in which one is disinclined to actively exercise and grow TRUST - we should not be surprised that our world is in bankrupt, in ruins, rudderless and clinging to illusions in futility.

There is a sense in which we are all fat - beyond an abundance in gratitude and have become hidden from and over protected from ... Life. We all have different masking strategies. It is always easier to see in others what we do not want to own in ourselves and it is that which gives rise to a desire to blame, judge or scapegoat others. Education begins at Home - and shares out from lessons learned - in willingness to grow in our own capacity to love.