Thursday, 7 May 2015

Corporate 'self'

Corporations vs. Capitalism
By Philippe Gastonne in a Daily Bell article


The oil cartel recognized a long time ago that to extend their market capture to oil derived synthetic drugs, they would need to wield influence that then became control over the principle medical colleges. This operates as 'philanthropy' and gives both positive PR and leverage in one agenda.
Economics often attends to an ideational construct that does not perhaps fully address the underlying issues of power - to which money flow or financial status is simply a tool.
Power can be defined on different levels and those who subscribe to and trade in such definitions give it currency.
When insanity is no longer disguise-able, it behoves the fragmented consciousness to yield to a true sanity that is not manufactured as a re-definition by a would-be power - nor merely reacting against such perceived evils and thereby being negatively defined By them.
Corporate law is a significant factor in the 'entity' we call corporate.
Much of what we decry or hate in our world is simply the logical outcome of ides and definitions to which we give allegiance by regarding them as meaningful. The definitional templates of Consciousness by which we live and act and experience being human may be coercively imprinted in our conditioning, but they are not actually operating against our will. That is to say, there are hidden pay-offs that are involved in our subscriptions to fear-based thinking, which dissolve or are seen as without foundation when brought to light.
The corporate is effectively outmanoeuvring the state and capturing regulatory bodies such as to mean there IS no state in terms of what ever that once meant - but more a regional puppet reality through which power operates. When the global state is in place, corporate power will be stripped back just as Stalin used and then eradicated the industrialists... for power - or rather the will to power - only uses its puppets until they are no longer of use - and then they are discarded or neutered of any potency or voice. It is a kind of death wish in the form of a carrot worthy of attaining or a stick too fearful to face.
The distortions of fear give rise to the mind that seeks to hide from fear as well as the mind that hides its fearful agenda in deceits. They dance together. The idea of Sovereignty is much deeper than that of political kings - it is the idea of free will at the very foundation of what it is to Be Human. That this idea has been corrupted and adulterated and thus usurps Sanity is a basis from which to uncover for oneself the recognition and nature of what free will actually is - instead of operating from inherited conditionings of generational compounded errors.
My own witness is that willing has become subverted to a conditioned wilfulness that believes itself free. Hence willingness is the capacity to pause this mechanism from its defaults and question and feel and know one's own purpose - free of such distortion or false framing.
Without a true foundation - all else can only persist in variations on a theme yet to be brought into light and recognized as false or meaningless. No one persists in the meaningless once recognized as such. But while it can be defined in terms of 'increased productivity' or 'opening trade from regulatory barriers' - it can still attract allegiance.
It is all a matter of choice - but unless one lives and knows one's purpose, one has effectively chosen to let others decide for you.
What is purpose? It is what comes First. Those who seek to fit the Life into their goal seek power at cost of Life. It is a lesson plan in futility.