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Arising in conversation on waking from false thinking to living Idea #2

True Ideas share and faux ideas operate division. The "Both/And" operates a different frequency than the "Either/Or". (It also embraces it).

Just as the term 'I" or Me" can operate divinity (use 'humanity' if you don't divine my meaning) or it can operate a rejected and rejecting exclusive and segregative self-specianess - that works exactly as I just described but under the banner of 'justified pre-emptively necessary'.

A mere rationalism consider thought-derived meanings with as much connection to their original Contextual Meaning - if any! - as do social engineers, the corporate and financial decision makers, connect to the living reality (aka: 'relationship'), of those who are like pawns or statistical data or collateral damage.

So it is not that our (collective generalisation) thinking needs fixing or improving or evolving - it calls for abandonment in favour of reconnecting to true Thought. This is known in some sense - because the efforts to crack the problem only set out the desire and willingness. The answer comes of itself when ye thinketh not! (even if you then patent or copyright it or claim it as your own).

But the attempt to make a cash cow out of the divine, is a deeply self-harming self-deprivation - for it doesn't see a way Home to a Peace in which to live and let live but a cow to possess, defend and control - and as the pattern of power addiction in the world today illuminates - live and let die.

Much human thinking operates the attempt to steal and pass off instead of receive and share. It is a matter of a distorted foundation. But one thing that is noticeable in recovering a true sense of innate worth is that it is clearly and obviously true of everyone else - whether they know it or not. One does not 'give' a sense of worth to another so much as be in willingness to receive it. The first obstacle to peace is the desire to get rid of it - which might embody itself as a predisposition to see what is wrong with xyz.

I don't get time - correction - I do not make time - to dwell long on what I have written - but I do notice little gems with gratitude. Earlier up this page I found the phrase:

"It is very easy to react to what one has already judged, as if what one then meets is in fact outside oneself".

I see everyone participating in the unfolding of experience, insight, resonance and reflection. And part of this view is recognising and releasing the rules and demands I made up that the world might have temporarily seemed like it might be able to fulfil - but which are clearly futility recycling itself. If I actually was given power to enact some of these 'rules' I might be 'maniacal'. ;-) 

i might ponder why I am as I am and such as seem to be painted maniacal on the world stage are as they are. I see choices - some of which feel conscious - and some templated - which I accept as Soul choices or unconsciously made or forgotten/hidden choices. And I notice that some choices operate to dictate and define and falsely frame choice itself - and that is the choice I am actively releasing by NOT using it. I cannot override or make anyone else's choice - but I can learn to better discern the genuine need beneath the appearance and join with that even in the "maniac". Indeed if no one models an alternative to fear-hate elevated as status of Protection - then there is no reminder that Choice is open before such false framing is enacted. Living a whole sense of oneself in whatever we are and do is withdrawing investment from fear-framed identity - and its fruits. But not in order to change anyone.

"It is very easy to react to what one has already judged, as if what one then meets is in fact outside oneself".

The Context of this conversation can be viewed HERE

Short responses to further short points made in the same thread:

Desire and purpose align the experiences and understandings towards fulfilment. So all I can say is enjoy learning what you are truly moved to integrate. Other things you said already indicate core responsibilities. If you set the rules and outcomes there will be room for a relationship within yourself or with anyone else.

Yes the language we use frames our perception and experience. It is often frankly dis-honest. We couch things in stories to hide what is more simple and straight but we mask or avoid or hide it in code! My primary need is to be (true to) who I am - so if I sacrifice that to fit into some learned or acquired notion of what I or one is supposed to be - I will be likely to see the outer situation as the cause - when in fact it is the way I am defining and seeing the situation that is setting up the (self) conflict that then reflects as a conflicted situation on some level - even if not acted out.

This may not be understood here yet - but to forgive first and THEN understand is the undoing of judge first and then react - (and think you understand). Forgiveness is the release of oneself for having projected lovelessly onto another and then hating them for it (in one way or another). It has nothing to do with what they do or why they do it - but simply to pause enough - release personal investment and discern what exactly is going on and as you put it - what the real needs are beneath the appearances.

#1 EXTRA point offered:

When another does not follow the 'rules' we set for their behaviour, the conditionality of our love is revealed. But perhaps not - perhaps we enact our separation script and give them a role that actually is not who they are, or anything to do with their own perceptions - and indeed their own separation scripts! Seeking an honest communication begins with oneself - but extends a willingness for a healing communication or indeed a release of whatever trip we laid on them. So in some way you are doing unhappiness to yourself - and is best to not entangle or dump this on another until some ownership and clarity allows a clearer communication. Self-love is honesty, is it not - for only this allows a genuine appreciation OF self.

#2 EXTRA point offered:
There is a sense in which your being already carries this capacity of navigating and relating - and the insights and ideas (shared here) are prompts or invitations to reconnect with a flowing relational and natural movement. Articulating insight (in words) can create the impression that insight has to be understood by the surface personality in order then to be applied to life. This is not so - one need but listen in the heart - and that which needs to will crystalize in its own timing. Explanations offer a temporary accommodation, for life knows how to be when we are able to - in a sense - get out of the way and simply hold the focus and desire. 

I do not mind some conversation extra to the themes and focus of the context - but here we are (were) in a page on an FBI director's ideas of 'forcing creativity' - which seems more a desperation of no clue as to how to relate - or indeed a play of words to cover the intention to force a destruction that a particularly aggressive form of power seeking and economic theory believes to be necessary to force a new growth - that can then be guided or farmed as a new world order. This is confused with 'creative'.

Arising in conversation on waking from false thinking to living Idea #1

To see the larger context - the conversation is HERE

Is it not so that the ideas themselves are not new - though they are always expressing themselves in terms of accommodating to the prevailing cultural needs of their time. It is the experiential uncovering of their true meaning - which is Alive - rather than as you would say jackal or faux substitutions for meaning.

A false currency of money is often brought up at the Daily Bell. A false currency of thought and meaning underlie its manifesting as our choice.

Many would angrily insist it is not their choice but is done to them - because within a false thinking one will gather the witnesses to support its premise and deny or reject those that do not. And meeting opposition that can clearly be seen to operate a loveless or self-serving and masked agenda will only raise its level of defence.

The FBI, the CIA, the CFR, the NSA, the IMF,  and of course the TLA and the ETC are all examples and embodiments of fear of the undermining articles in your list and blind to their real need. As one fairy story says, there is a simple error behind the rings and layers of defence around the 'Horror' - from which fear mounted upon fear and begat its own shadow power - that gets ALL its power from what we give it. For we are no longer simply running away or we would not be reading this - and continuing to read.

One of the liabilities of increasing use of fear as an overt control (stick) rather than as a subtler disguise in apparently positive outcomes (carrots), is that joylessness is less and less bearable - whatever form it takes and whatever carrots are dangled. The game is up - its all a scam. But disillusion is itself a very persuasive illusion. True dis-illusion is awake beyond faux thinking and the wish-identity that generates it.

One of my recognitions is that we do not personally have to achieve this - because it is Already the truth of who we are beneath the facade. And so the simple willingness to release fear's grip - that seems our own thought - and let be this moment, or relax and breathe out and breathe in - and notice the coercive tensions falling away and awareness 'rising'. Well awareness didn't really descend or rise - but a reactive and coercive mentality effectively pushes it down. If our identity in fear is deeply invested, we also generate devices to make sure it stays down so as not to threaten or overwhelm what we take to be our self. Such devices include false flag self attack in order to maintain the victim-threat and victim-righteous power mentality. From the perspective of dire need and survival it does not seem maniacal but a choice between the devil and the deep blue sea - and the 'devil we know' always wins out when there is a fundamental reluctance to embrace the Unknown. And so everything is changing yet nothing really changes - because the collective demand to hold onto a power that is known to be hateful and blind - but seemingly all we have amidst a feared and perceived chaos, defines the 'human condition' whilst squashing and degrading our Humanity.

Ideas in an of themselves have no power. All the right or best ideas do not make a jot of difference excepting perhaps to be woven into more subtle disguise of presentation. It is the acceptance and embrace of Idea as true of you that gives it all the meaning it has for you - and that meaning you will teach or demonstrate in your living out as who you believe and accept and act yourself to be.

I realize that as always I have expanded from a personal response to a universal consideration - but then that is how I see the Universal being called or invoked - through a true willingness of communication - and not simply cultivating mutual agreements and reinforcements. (Games people play).

Your quote uses the inspirations of those before us as the giant's shoulder. This is part of our experience of inheritance. But at a deeper level I might say there is a higher mind that is non-physical and in scientific parlance - non-local - that is, Everywhere and nowhere specially. The physical mind - or the personality construct is neither designed nor intended nor capable of functioning without the balanced relationship with the non-physical.

The attempt to operate half-witted is one of burden, struggle, conflict, coercion and chaotic confusion in which at last death is called upon for release from. But informational energy does not just stop - because it never just started. There is a Larger Context to what a blinkered and fear-threatened mentality operates within as 'reality' and there is another way than fear of death or fear of loss, fear of our own un-recognized thinking - and fear of fear itself.

It doesn't matter how long a light bulb has been disconnected from a power source or what stories and experiences seem to justify such a disconnection. When it is reconnected there is light. Immediately - now.

Now I am not operating the Promethean error of putting such light in old wine bottles as if to then bring it into the realm of weaponising, shielding and prevailing over perceived shadows. I am bridging an invitation to wake where the light is - which is the core or center of your being - and then live from there - as that - in whatever way style or fashion is your unique signature to enjoy being. For there is nothing so free as doing your will, but this is an expression OF wholeness and completion and not a seeking FOR it outside - as if to wrest or coerce it from another.

Self forgiveness for mistaken rules for happiness and demands made of others to conform re-opens a sense of self worth from which to receive of or recognize others anew - literally anew. Even if you've 'known them for years'.

So what is the obstacle to receiving a gift? A locked-in locking out mentality-identity that is essentially demanding "I WANT IT THUS!". No matter the intensity of its expression - I ask you - is this faux thinking or your true will?

To see the larger context - the conversation is HERE

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Hidden coercion; blackmail and the trap of self-specialness

This comment on this page
Something never mentioned in all the Snowden-fallout discussions - one has to wonder exactly who is getting blackmailed... your Senator, your Supreme Court justice, your Elliot Spitzer 'Sheriff of Wall Street', your President.... if they can 'sniff everything, see everything, hear everything' then they can also blackmail anyone.
It is completely obvious to all the people who have seen through the lies of 9-11 that the real terrorist on this globe is the U. S. government and especially the military and the NSA. While they keep wondering who hates us and try to bomb every last one of them off the planet, they never stop to consider why. Maybe having your child blown up while he's at school (collateral damage, sorry about that) causes a bit of revengeful thoughts, y'think?

Yes, thankyou for raising the theme of such hidden coercion. There are many ways to induce a will to act against its will. That's the whole agenda; to bolster, defend and prevail in asserting a will that overrides our true nature - our true Will. Such is the nature of the lie and the father of the lie.
If in your own life - in any aspect of your relationships and endeavours, you find yourself coerced by threat of fear to choose against what would otherwise be your heart's choice, then welcome to the human conditioning. But now we can look at it rather than enact it.
There is a payoff in the status of societal acceptability and respectability in that one's person or persona is NOT being attacked, rejected, vilified, scorned, killed - at least not in the raw - not in the open - not in public. Rather it gains some sense of validation from without.
In some sense the development of a persona-mask, is that of a self-protecting AGAINST the fear and guilt of our separation trauma - in order to hide it and to hide from it by a mind that offsets or redistributes pain of conflict it is unable to tolerate. A split mindedness in which a fragment can be identified with as a whole - and associated within the idea and sense of wilful control - of manual and ongoing survival as the persona.
Such an identity is thus programmed by its fear to make a self for itself and validate it in the world, and this self differentiation operates as self-specialness of judgement - for it takes itfenced off self as the centre and the source of its world and yet feels itself disconnected from its true source Nature. And so it seeks to manually replicate life in its own image - which has at its root a conflicted imagination, fixed by fear and guilt.
In so many moments and ways we may seem to almost 'get there', or feel the promise of victory or success - only to be sabotaged or betrayed or left hollow despite the form of success. Chasing carrots, running from the stick.
Who hasn't 'skeletons in the closet'? Or fear and guilt issues in their consciousness? Let them throw the first stone. A sense of dissonance of self is no sin, but a messenger to alert to the condition of conficted currency. Persisting wilfully to bolster the lie that protects against disclosure of dissonance - because one thinks to save their persona investment thereby - is sin. It effects the killing of the Messengers of reintegration and wholeness, in the name of a segregative and coercive agenda of hate - for a hatred of what one's self is feared to be, operates its very foundation. And the more one tries to reject and deny any facet of oneself, the more forcefully it seeks to re-integrate. And this will be perceived demonic while fear is engaged as one's interpreter and guide. And the PRIMARY device of maintaining such deception is the active willing and justified hatred of evil seen OUTSIDE oneself. And so the mutual alliance in stone throwing of attack, rejection, vilification, scorn, and murder -  in the raw -  in the open -  in public.
"Give as you would in love of truth receive", for it IS an unconditional love that supports you in your freedom to receive and give as you desire - including the capacity to imagine and identify in a conditional 'love' that sees itself attacked and betrayed and abandoned - and thereby 'justified' in acting out the illusion of power in giving as it asserts itself to have received. This is the 'god' of vengeance invited into our minds and let loose upon the world. Vengeance induces addictive dependence and propagation of its seed to future cycles of sacrificial insanity. Indeed, feel what you feel, and bring it into safe expression and true acceptance AS your OWN feeling. Beneath and within it are your own pain - and the understandings that release you. Excommunicating pain is painting your world in red and woe.
The father of the lie is a wish of self-specialness. All thought attracts its own kind, and the greedy know how to manipulate the greed in others. But then the love of truth knows the love that truly moves in others - regardless any costumed presentation. Tune into the channel you prefer.
"Resist ye not evil" means - "don't feed the troll!". For the fear-mind is a baiting and tempting deception that operates to deny you your true will. Put it behind you and feel and know the movement of your true being. It is practical and appropriate to the situation at hand.
There is NO way to control the unfolding of events so as to keep your persona untransformed. But there is a way to align with your true signature vibration so as to truly live the life you are. No one else has your part. Integrally part of a greater whole. Life is a Gift that shares. What you choose to gift yourself and thus share into the All is not fixed down by tyrants... unless you insist.

The core of motivation is to move toward pleasure and away from pain - as one defines oneself to be in any given situation.
This is our natural motivation.  A cell on a Petri dish will move toward a nutrient and away from a toxin. However a human mind operates a layer of learned or acquired definitions that effectively operate as subconscious rules from which habit then operates with hardly any conscious attention or intention - and so we all 'live' and act out within ideas of which we are for the most part unaware - for we take our experience as self-evident 'reality. Mind-splitting disturbance or trauma is part of our sense of self-differentiation in the human world we then entrance and acquire as a movement of personal survival under threat. But the mental breakdown of such modes of control gives rise to the re-integrative movement of Consciousness within the structure of our developed abilities. These may seem to conflict - but all conflict is actually within the split-mindedness - but we have learned to mask it - whereas the opening or de-closeting of such conflictedness to the light of awareness seems to BE conflict - but actually is the opening of perspective upon it - instead of reacting within it's script. This is the threshold of our times. It holds the same meaning as 'take up thy bed and walk', but one can only recognize in readiness of free willingness. The opportunity of a greater perspective comes because we want it. Or war comes because we want to persist in it. No one else makes our choices or abnegates us of our true responsibilities.

Insane decisions reflect insane thinking, and so correction is in addressing the thought beneath the perceptions, belief and identity.  The use of guilt and blame to coerce another's behaviour is not correction but the appearance of a temporary effect that masks the persistence of the insanity and propagates its ideas as currency. Fear, guilt and blame are NOT our true or original currency of communication - within our consciousness or among ourselves. They sacrifice our true appreciation of worth for an evapouration, over and over... and over again. The self-blinded know not what they do for they believe their own fear-thinking reveals truth - and so anythin true is therefore a heresy of deceit to be stamped out, subverted or substituted for.
This negatively defined ego-self is a 'maniac' in that it operates from the wish and belief to override others, the world, Life Itself. Extreme examples serve as a teaching-learning example. What you choose to learn is up to you - but that is what you will then teach or demonstrate by your own acts - and learn from.

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Obey me or else!

Fear judges and love embraces. I meet many commenters who are angry and speak of 'them' in pejorative terms, where 'they' are the ones seen to be causing pain and limitation in the world. Personalising issues and agendas operates a sort of mythology that may bring some temporary relief from letting off emotional charge, but then obscures and diverts from the issue and also communicates to others involved, in ways that feel offensive and thus call for defence rather than communication.

I feel to put this next article here as an example of opening to something that at first made no sense and had no appeal as it seemed merely angry and dictatorial. But then there is a moment of connection to me that acknowledges difference yet stays in communication. THAT drew me to join with the seeming 'zen koan' of "Obey me or else!" that felt to be a core element in the perception of the criminal behaviour of 'them' and as an example of justified anger that then operates fight or flight.

Here is my rejoinder - which I appreciated writing. The message to which I respond is at the bottom of this page.

- - -

Yes, we clearly 'come from' different presumptions, but there is some commonality.

If another approaches me with 'obey me or else', I will read the situation on a level beneath the form - that is - I am not who they think I am and nor is what they are presenting of themselves the truth of them. The way I frame or perceive the situation is the 'reality' I then choose to live. Being open to what is truly present is different than closing the mind in judgement and personal reaction - whether acted out or not.

That kind of scenario is one of presumed or asserted authority. Jesus gave a good example of responding to false authority with true authority. I also use the word and not the sword. And that of course includes the willingness to rest without answer or response to that which is not a true question or communication.

Dealing with fearful people fearfully only reinforces fear as currency. I am not saying there is no call for force as part of our range of communication. Where possible the harming of self or others calls for limitation and restraint.

When in Rome.... Caesar's laws apply. A certain degree of self-forgetting and resultant insanity is part of our entry ticket to the human experience. While there is a perceived need for the imposition of a coercive will upon a feared sense of chaos and threat of loss, then it will be invoked and given allegiance as to a Protector at one with the self it protects. But it is part of the forgetting and fuels the insanity until there is an awakening to an integrative willingness. Whereas the fight of flight mind 'sees' everything only in terms of its own personal survival (and of any extensions of that identity of 'my and mine'), the integrative willingness recognizes - re-cognizes the situation in a wider or more embracing perspective. One cannot meaningfully talk about the wider perspective to a fight or flight survival mechanism, because it is not listening or capable of listening unless there should be some relaxation or unguarded moment of being in which the guards and defences are neglected or forgot, and Life Happens simply because Life Happens.

I feel an anger in your writing - not in your response to me - but in your posting generally and I wonder if anger is what occurs when Life or others or events do not obey the rules we have set for them, and we feel betrayed, abandoned, rejected, diminished, attacked, unseen and unvalued - so in some sense our anger might be saying "I AM HERE AND I WANT TO BE SEEN AND HEARD!" - but often articulates itself in ways that then further the pattern of communication breakdown. Other people may not give us what we need in terms we set. It may never happen.
My focus in consciousness - in what goes on beneath or behind the actor in drama - is to notice and re-evaluate such terms as I have set and forgotten are there. I notice there are all kinds of what I might call karmic associations whereby we draw to us exactly what is needed to release denied will and so I am curious with regard to who and what I meet in the light of such opportunity. 
As a result of my conditioning, I have shut myself down or denied myself within the idea of guilt and fear. No one else has the trigger - though they may supply the ammunition .
If you push my buttons - my responsibility is my buttons - not your behaviour. I can and will communicate with you or anyone else who comes into relationship with me, but if I merely react there will be no communication, only a re-enactment of a separation script. If I am aware of the buttons and not interested in re-runniing that script because it gives me nothing I want, then I am free in this moment to relate on a new basis - and that calls forth the creative imagination that is our divine inheritance - to align in the joy of knowing and being myself rather than fitting to a coercive sense of who I am supposed to be!
The limits and edges and pains of the moment cannot be entirely put 'OUT THERE' on the world or the behaviours of others. A separation script is running and operates like a filter or a lens, in such a way as to perpetuate itself.
The insistence that happiness or completion MUST be found in the terms you set allows no other possibility. Is that not the decision to  be 'right' rather than happy?
Completion is wholeness of being. I believe we deprive ourselves un-knowing and then rail at adversity and misfortune - without connecting the cause with the symptoms. The world generally seeks to 'eradicate symptoms' rather than use them to identify cause - and remove the cause.
If I give you (or anyone) the power to push my buttons, I can change my mind and instead use the situation to remind me of my power to not be baited into reaction - but to choose along the line of my own core sense of value as it unfolds to me in any given situation. Because Life is Happening. I don't 'do' it so much as find my self in relation to what I give value by focusing on. My model of reality is becoming more fluid, more open, more transparent to a range of communication that a fixed and walled off sense of PRIVATE KEEP OUT! - simply deprives itself of, in order to have its PRIVATE self experience.
Physics reflects no such self - excepting the establishment clings on to the gravitic model regardless the evidences that All is in a sense Electrical Vibratory resonance and reflection - with neither God or self apart from or outside it. In fact no 'outside' only the expansion of the recognition of what Is Here.
In some sense the PRIVATE KEEP OUT! mentality is disintegrating and this is freaking everyone out. The art of safety is to give ONLY as you would in truth receive - for the devices by which to give lovelessly and seem to escape the symptoms or reflections are no longer even seeming to work. That's my take in this moment of writing you. Lots of fear coming up and the buttons are being pressed every which way. It's all out on the table - so to speak. Choose who you want to be out of all that is here. be part of a re-enactment of power in futility or of a New World - because we are living from a new place of recognition within our living. Of course the control mentality is going to strut its stuff. But beneath it is a desire to be truly safe - articulating itself in ways that defeat its own purpose.

I feel this addition is important.
I add that within myself, the prompt to 'obey or else is' not in fact a coercive will upon me but a prompt from within  - from a wholeness of being - to pay attention and maintain focus in a particular way - because I want to find or accept a way through a challenge or difficulty. The 'or else' is the smudge or distortion of a mind that - instead of simply and wholly doing and focusing in what it wants - it fears. It fears that it will fail or sabotage itself in some way or that something will not line up or will rise to obstruct and deny it, and so it invokes penalty as a coercive motivation - and this does add a charge but it also sacrifices freedom. It can charge through or override apposition and feel a sense of power gotten from fear. This is how one 'falls' from grace.

in reply to:

All I can say is that those who threaten "Obey or Else" are fools, since "Obey" is a very specific demand (a very small part of the possibilities of near infinite reality), usually a survival hit of some kind, immediate, or longer term. "Or Else" is pregnant with far more other possibilities that the motivated (whether by opportunity or, by survival threat) can innovate / tap into. As they say: necessity is the mother of invention and, our collective predators are making "solutions" to the problems they pose compellingly necessary. Their criminal methods and collateral damage of their goal-seeking are a self terminating "problem" for themselves, as well as us.
So when the crazy opine: Maybe no one will be creative enough" ..., "unless you force them to."
they have no clue regarding the creativity that will be unleashed in OPPOSITION.
As stated previously, we occupy very DIFFERENT intellectual paradigms. Not a critique of you, just a caution: we may not be comprehending each other.

The page this communication occurred in is Here I write as binra (a play on brian)

Monday, 13 July 2015

Fear, the Other, and Escalation of Conflict

FBI Director Comey is a Maniac
By Philippe Gastonne

"FBI Director James Comey on Monday defended his agency's position that too-tough-to-crack encryption poses a threat to national security, arguing that terrorists are increasingly using the technology to lock out law enforcement and coordinate attacks".

It passes through my mind that the general belief and perception that proprietary technologies are 'secure' is what is needed for the tech sector to be able to sell them. Just as the perception of stability is part of the markets game. In fact so called leaders or the puppet-masters behind them are giving more energy and attention to managing and manipulating perception than they are to actually connecting wirth reality - excepting within the scope of their own spin -  such as embodying the phrase "unless you force them to".
On the other hand, the attempt to manage 'reality' albeit at perceptual level is a hugely complex and taxing - indeed exhausting - enterprise. So much so that the disguises are peeling away and the underlying psychology revealed in raw sight. I believe that THIS raw dump of fear and guilt is what human consciousness has - in a sense demanded protection from.
Caught up (identified) in the role and character of 'protector' or 'saviour', and drifting into self-justifications that protect against ANY other way of looking at or even approaching the core issues involved, the programmed robot brings on its own destruction whilst believing it approaches victory.
The key to the false identity in fear is in my opening paragraph. One only has to conceive and believe in a threat to erect a defence against it - and that defence then propagates and persists the very thing it was supposed to defend FROM as perception of threat. This then withholds the essential basis of trust and communication by communicating itself as a strategic presentation -  indeed a mask of communication  - in the guise of some currency of mutual acceptability or justification.
The mutual projection of fears onto each other results in fearing, hating and fighting the other - as if to resolve or expel a split within one's own consciousness that is designed to hide itself within the desire to SEE it in the 'other'. In the one who is no longer recognized as sharing Life and the qualities of Human existence - but is put down to raise one's own perceived status 'up' - or indeed set up to be exploited and then put down when stripped of value. In this perception, one has lost sight of one's innate or true worth and is struggling to make an identity of relative worth with the materials and resources to hand - the first of which is judgement.
Judgement fixes and locks down perception in meanings that are always loveless - even if couched in terms of caring or kindness. And so it almost always results in a reflection of defence, opposition and adversity.
Investing in an identity of one's own making - that is - the achievement of adapting to a loveless existence and actually believing it is true power and presence - when in fact it is an assertion of a defence against one's primary fear-conditioning - becomes the currency of mutually agreed self-definition that for the most part operates tacitly - because we almost all of us - most of the time operate from such defended reaction as normal. But that does not make it natural.
Our nature is an 'Is' but our personality structure is a 'does' or an act that requires the constant vigilance, maintenance and defence of a continuity manager or else the true nature will restore because it is the actuality and wholeness that is present - but denied awareness and attention by a split off sense of self that no longer trusts or recognizes its true Self - being fitted to the fears and demands of its world.
The devices by which such self-imaged identity is maintained include every kind of obfuscation, diversion, dissociation and denial. For YOU are empowering such defence in belief that the thoughts , beliefs and perceptions of threat are fixed, real and demanding of immediate response - indeed automatic reaction.
The projection of the 'shadow self' is different for each of us and yet the same in its fundamental function of seeming to split us off from a truly FELT Sense of Life, Presence and Communication - and thus scrabbling and struggling for power OVER what seems to be a chaos outside of us.
Safety is an inside job. Regardless the circumstances - this is so. Nothing external will actually bring a sense of safety to one who is divided, unsettled or disturbed in themselves. Problems always expand to fill the space available. There is no end to them.
To feel safety is actually the undefended relationship to one's own true Source Nature - which paradoxically can know such safety through the course of a crash, a fracas or an otherwise challenging situation, without self-conscious reflex to attend one's own needs because they are integral to serving the need of the whole situation.
So what we call self-worth is a cover over a sense of inadequacy by which we feel specially invalid in some way, and what we call safety is a temporary sense of security that by definition does not abide or last - and so like an addiction must be forever attended to.
In American movies the corny line of promising safety is almost a signature trait. The promise of safety is not in the world, but in the Spirit or true Consciousness that  is all that is presencing Itself right where you Are, regardless of any challenges arising to you in your experience of what is here and now, or indeed from your recollections or anticipations of what is otherwise NOT here now.
What else do the movies offer? The bad guys and the protagonist or central characters - who regardless their faults are the good guys.
This kind of thinking is mythological. The device of seeing what is wrong with everyone else and the meeting with that which is in some sense coming to get you  - because it is part of you unrecognized and wants to be released, not rejected.
As long as the investment is in the war-minded personae script, nothing of the consciousness responsibility can come through. For if anything does, it is only allowed so as to make a better image or a better armour or a better weapon. This world can be easily seen. I invite you to shift perspective and see an entirely different world - even if the forms are at first the same.
Railing at 'bastards' and loving to join in hating scapegoats is exactly what perpetuates war-mindedness in which offensive or pre-emptive defence is seen as totally justified - and collateral damage unavoidable. Stop acting like prey. Stop acting like potential predators. Find another way. Address the issues with more honesty than the personal investment would otherwise allow. It is after all, up to you  and not your employed 'defender'.

Oh and of course the idea of enemies of ANY kind having a secret means to operate 'behind your back' and under your radar - is acutely fearful to our 'protectors' - as is their ability to do so to any of us for any reason any of them decide is justified, without due accountability for some blanket cover of "National Security". They are priming the pump of fear by persisting in such unscrupulous acts as have been revealed and found to be their normal fusion of corporate and national interest - though those on the inside know it is not the nation that is being protected, but the growth that it hosts. Until its assets are stripped and it is discarded for another host - for which strategy is already in play - for their investments demand it. The term intifada means a 'shaking off'. This must be primarily an extension of Presence that communicates itself wordlessly. The fearful seek to dehumanise and then manipulate and exploit. Meet the fearful, not the 'powerful'. Find your true Roots - not in the past - but in living presence. You are still here hiding your light because the world was not safe enough to be your true self . Well its hard to see anything in the dark except fear's imaginings.

To another commenter focussing in part on the phrase:

Maybe no one will be creative enough" ..., "unless you force them to."

I don't feel to engage with all your various points many of which I resonate with, but to observe in an individual's life, that crisis are often generated from denied fears such as to eventually force some degree of integration and transformation. This is a Collective Lifetime - indeed an epoch ending. A Big Shift. Or maybe a Big Extinction. Perhaps we each choose every thought, moment, minute and day the world we wake as living - and the idea of the One Objective Reality is simply a good backdrop for the particular kind of play we have obviously agreed to set up together - or we would be playing something else.

The blindly despotic may think they are forcing their agenda - but Life always has other plans - and uses everything that is available in our consciousness to serve towards an integrative resolution for each perspective and all of them together. No one has to listen, but there are increasing inducements to do so.

Someone I forgot said "If it weren't for the last minute, nothing would get done". Between a rock and a hard place, an expansion of perspective is the only out. Indeed it can show everything in a new light without having to change. And then one can choose what one prefers without the dilemma of the split mind in negative charge and attempted defence. Death also opens perspective - bit that is not what I was suggesting - though in some sense transformation is inherent to all that is invested and identified within the world of change.

If State paranoia is going to figure my exit and not a bear or a bus or a burst blood vessel - then let it be whatever it will be. Right now I am interested in wholeness of being - for in that is a freedom I cherish and embrace and enjoy anyway.... any way I can imagine or uncover in my experience of relationship called 'now'. I am not driven or attracted to hate. I have uncovered it within myself enough to see why human beings needed to project it away to 'survive', but I am finding a willingness rather than reinforcing and propagating a wilfulness. But this is not an imposed set of ideas so much as learning by living.

The need to know opens resources that otherwise are simply not available. If you exceed your remit you will meet a 'permission denied' in one way or another and have fun with a bear... I bet you find Phil Zimmerman is focussing in what he believes is legitimate rather than in what he hates - or he couldn't embody the pathway he is in a sense sharing by loving what he does.

Slave to Fear

The history of British slave ownership has been buried: now its scale can be revealed


Is guilt appropriate for a past before our own time? For guilt operates an invalidation of Life while attempting to coerce rather than communicate.
Is a variant form of slavery operating under different guises today? The financial and corporate sectors have captured the regulators. A new era of slavery awaits us - at least such is the logical outcome of TTIP and similar moves to bring corporate governance out of the shadows now that societies are utterly indebted and wealth so unevenly redistributed.
Are we slaves to our own thinking? Merely reacting without capacity or inclination to challenge it for fear of penalty or threat?
Exploiting others starts with invaliding true value in oneself - for only those who hate or fear themself look out hatefully and seek power to get from others so as to seem more.
The use of evil as a leverage of such power seeking is one of its primary deceits.
However, the question at hand is always a responsibility to your honest sense of what is true of you now. We inherit all kinds of thinking, all kinds of behaviours, all kinds of institutional structures and identities. The desire to possess, to control and to exploit Life, Others and our World is often disguised under the false flag of self-righteous reaction.
Big Pharma, among others, operates a different kind of slavery. Can you actually see it - or are you presuming it is founded in defacto realities?
People have actually been conditioned to CHOOSE to trade their freedom for a scam by which they are then further denied. But one still has to persist in such choice for it to operate - albeit 'subconsciously'.
"...but whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken away even that he hath.

Greece Today, You Tomorrow?

Greece Today, America Tomorrow?
By Ron Paul

I share some of Ron Paul's perspective - but go further:

Captured regulators mean that corporate cartels effectively 'govern' in such a way as to suck out the life and assets in order to evaporate it as debt while locking established 'power' structures into unchallengable positions.

Working through the proxy of the corporate 'ego' - which has no obligation of care or support of the populations or societies upon which it feeds - is some degree of globalist agenda - which is fed, supported and maintained by populations who choose to hide fear in protection rackets rather than face it and challenge its premises.

The use of regulatory laws to control people is increasing as the willingness or pretence for process of debate or communication is abandoned.

The appeal to the 'science' of maths and money - or indeed to any kind of scientism, moralism or rationalism is but the sheep's clothing over the wolf's agenda.

The regulatory structures that create cartels or rapacious and unaccountable and untaxable corporate or financial entities are the primary template error from which no other world CAN come but this one.

Drift nets can be used such as to catch and kill even the small fish. Allopathic interventions can kill healthy cells or gut flora. Monoculture creates pests and plagues. To open the regulatory structure for a true biodiversity of interactions at micro level whilst imposing limits of responsibility and accountability at the macro level would be my political call.

If you want people to work for their benefit and to work together for a common benefit - let them live and work without obstructive regulations.

But society has almost solidified itself in such rule and regulation, as fears unfaced invoke such 'protections' that are then further fought over and coerced in destructive opportunism of negatively defined private interest that knows nothing and cares nothing for the Good we have in Common.

When growth is largely operating destruction with a temporary monetary yield, one must recognize the cancer is not a positive expression of the whole - but an alarm from which to wake up and realign with wholeness.

Facts to meaning - or Meaning to facts?

Comment arising from:
From facts to meaning, through beauty
by Deepak Chopra

- - -

The Idea of Science operates a mind that gathers data to construct a model of reality that holds and reinforces the same inherent 'meaning' as the mind that thus seeks.
For such a 'mind' is inherently regarded as separated from its experienced 'world' of objects and thus free to act upon it, manipulate and exploit, map and define and control it.
Originally this arose from confusing a sense of dominion over nature that is inherent to the Creator level of Consciousness, with the 'mind' or personality construct of the central character in its script of unfolding experience.
While the Creator-Spirit identifies in character, that one is as one asleep - who knows not what he does.
Yet the Fact of Awareness of Existence is immutable - regardless the unfolding or expansion of idea as experience.
The illusion of power always costs the awareness of the power of illusion - that is the power of Idea accepted, believed, experienced and identified as reality by the mind that thus thinks.
Awareness of Existence operates through differentiation and desire to create unique and infinite reflections of Meaning. The core qualities of such Meaning include Beauty, Truth, Love, Joy, Peace, Reason, Justice. Such are the fruits of the Spirit of Wholeness.
A divisive, possessive, and coercive identifiction with the image, symbol or form of any of the Qualities of Existence redefines such qualities in its own image - as through a falsely limiting framing by which things seem to be self-existing entities.
Such modification of a symbolic representation of Awareness of Existence Itself, is an overlay by which Original knowing is filtered out, obscured and distorted.
When an moment of Transcendence of such identifiction is shared or gifted, there is a shift from the limited and limiting 'mind' to a direct experience.
Awareness is exactly coincident with its experience. There is no separation. This may seem the loss of one's power to 'become' a someone in one's own right - and all the hopes and desires that go with it, but is the restoration of an Embracing Perspective to that which struggled in idea of the imposture of rejection and exclusion.
Science operates on a material or external world that inherently rises from the rejection of the Spirit or Wholeness of an undefended Open Consciousness.
The nature of such rejection is a deceit by which to seem to be defending against un-chosen and unwarranted threat. Thus the split into conscious and un-conscious compartments - not in matter - but in meanings accepted, believed and asserted in reaction.
Science can serve as a technologism of weapon, shield and strategem for the segregating sense of self, or it can serve a love of truth in honest and undefended opening to the ALREADY true.
In war truth is whatever one can assert and pass off in order to support a private agenda.
In truth there is no war.
How can there be no war in the face of such experience as we take for the human condition?
By recognizing the deceit of self-attack, upon which is raised the seeming self of a split-minded struggle.
Within the perspective of struggle - all is war, but of seemingly varying degree. To the perspective of Wholeness or Peace - we but do this unto our selves.
The reality of the 'other' cannot be discovered but through your own. In another you meet your split-minded reflection in an alloy of alliance and rejection OR you meet the freedom to be That which you are - without first defining what you are in terms OF exclusivity and rejection.
Science, re-aligned to serve an integrating wholeness, supports and reflects the Qualities of Awareness of Existence. We are not personae in fragmentation, but channels of Creative Expression. There is no way to communicate the latter to the former what so ever. Let beauty and joy restore a unified Experience - and use that perspective to act from - instead of attempting to stuff the New Wine into old paradigms.