Thursday, 20 August 2015

Consciousness in denial; The poisoning of the Earth

Consciousness in denial may be a loving essence seeking acceptance (but via unrecognised symptoms which are thus denied). Or it may be so polarised in denial as to simply deny everything but its own need to deny - including denial that it denies. In discerning the difference between these two is your/our salvation and our joy - because while we persist in giving acceptance and allegiance to the death-wish of the intent to escape loving acceptance - we draw it into our manifestation - our life, our society, Our Earth. We give our power to beliefs that then deny our inherent worthiness for loving acceptance which then leave us without recourse to our true presence. And we feel thus polarized into at least a conflicted and trapped identity - and its proclivity to negative expression.

Regardless of the words or forms around it, we who seek to share in Life, need our true presence and NOT a programmed conditioned mind of fear that is itself part of the denial consciousness that supports and feeds the death spiral that is NOT personal power and protection - unless the truth of the love that creates you - that you are - is truly the "Enemy" to what you most consciously accept and choose yourself to be.

I put this message here because feelings DO need to be felt, expressed and accepted in a way that is fundamentally safe. For within such acceptance are understandings released that are not available any other way and which we need for our next step. The 'mind' in which denial hides is not the Mind of a true receptivity. The heart is the balance point of a true receptivity.

Connection restored within ourselves is the synchronicity of connection uncovered in shared purpose. It CANNOT work the other way. One cannot coerce Life into forms of rigid assertion but that one 'kills ' awareness of it.

Planetary suicide is a choice one does not have to judge against with fear and hatred to leave unchosen, while giving one's whole attention to a willingness for Life - based in truly felt relationship. For that which we are most afraid of and work against allowing to happen is still that which we are (unconsciously) feeding with energy and attention.

Energy and attention is the nature of the love that is you. Give it where it is genuinely called for and moves from. "Unconscious" agenda is denial agenda. Our world reflects what we think to have 'escaped' via 'choices' dictated by denial. If we TRULY want a different choice, we have to recognize and release choices that have in a sense become rigidified and locked in as our 'reality' belief.  I suggest we are the unwitting bot-net of denied or un-owned fear that 'THEY' get their energy and support from - whether they be knowingly or also unwittingly complicit in destruction agenda.

(This writing arose from one instance of a destructive agenda - but there are very many that effectively work together, not as a conspiracy - but from a shared assertion of denial that operates as a separating and segregating coercive mind upon Life).

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Call to wake or alarmist agenda?

Earth Overshoot Day: Humanity consumes 100% of planet's resources in eight months

What is the true alarm or call within alarmist articles?

Humanity is vastly more resourceful as is The Earth - than the cartels of limiting and controlling supply  would allow to flower - or they would lose such 'control'. But something is correct here - the persistence of a coercive control mentality increases deprivation by the layering of denials and controls of such denials. death is the logical outcome from denying and limiting One Self - be that replaced with judgements of self-justified righteousness of any kind - in their illusion of power that splits off from un-faced fear to then seek to resolve, fix or overcome it in externalized projections. A managed living death is all that is on offer from a blinded and corrupted idea - but clinging to the fantasies of fulfilment as a virtual reality layer by which to make such pain and futility bearable.
The Foundation is lost to a false sense of self and thus Everything is out of true. Restore the true Foundation and see just how unimaginably a healed perspective can align resources that we have forgotten we have denied and deprived ourselves of.
It is the mentality of a false foundation in denial of its true state that is to become extinct. The meek shall inherit the Earth because they  are receptive to their true inheritance. The version of Earth that is seen through a glass darkly is as false a currency as debt-based money creation which expands debt as a form of control. Denial mentality grows denial in the FORMS of gaining power and control over unrecognized fear - as a result of false foundational beliefs.