Thursday, 23 April 2020

Masking hidden agenda and masking reactions

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Just supposing there were to be hidden agendas, other than control and monetary opportunism, what could they be? Restructuring of finance, country or world? Grooming for more Artificial Intelligence? Keeping roads and airways less busy and reducing pollution? Population control through vaccination (fewer childhood deaths= fewer children born)? …? 

The 'alternatives' you posit to possession and control agenda are all exactly instances of the same.
Perhaps part of the issue here is the split between masking narrative to self, self group, and to others, and actual behaviour. The capacity to say one thing while persistently and consistently doing another is both the mask of the deceit - and the cognitive dissonance arising from believing one's own lie. There are some who can wield such a deceiving intelligence from a sense of self-possession but there are many being used who become sort of plastic, hollow puppet like people that run a parody of life.

If people for their own reasons believe, or heavily invest belief, in agendas or technologies or systems of control that would NOT find social acceptance. Then they see society as the essential block or enemy, from alliances of the power and intention to breakdown opposition and remake society via coercion and deceit instead of via cooperative or relational processes of communication that still include the attempt to convince, persuade or make the case for aligning in any particular ideas or issues.

So as well as the masking over or social invisibility of hidden agenda - that can be hidden from our own direct awareness while supporting and enabling agenda of malice or callous disregard for the lives of others while taking the benefits or advantages of denying, robbing or exploiting others - we have the business of the manipulation of the masking social identity.

Adapting the mask by which to survive so as to access carrots and avoid stick - while aligning a secure supply of carrot and insulation or protection against the stick is 'incentivised'.
Training behavioural response is thus the application of conditions of reward, fear and penalty.

Also very relevant to this 'conspiricist' smear is the identity gotten or lost by blame and shame - and the stick by which to wield it. An understandable response on discovery of being deceived by means that hide in trojan trust - such as our medical or other institutional authorities - is outrage rising from betrayal, coupled by powerlessness as a result of disempowerment relative to such institutional or structural power, that then turns sideways to warn and motivate their peers in ways that come across as polarised reaction - because they are emotionally reactive, and set a basis for identity founded against specific forms of or agencies of deceit assigned to the personal intentions and motivations of 'Them'.

Humiliation has an element of  feeling grievously wronged as a result of getting it so wrong and allowing ourself to be so deceived. But unless we accept our error (regardless the actions of others in their own responsibilities for choice), we will learn nothing from it.

When we indulge hating the persona of others are we not casting our own motivations onto the target and making sacrifice of the scapegoat as a private gratification - even if ritually enacted as social righteousness by which to align in 'virtue'?

Science is right to deny emotional reactivity the keys to the car. But it is more dangerously wrong in denying the feeling, breathing, rhythmic resonance of connection as the prior or already living context of our capacity for thought, meaning, identification of worth and shared endeavour.

The first will crash the car and deliver carnage - from which we can yet learn about responsibility for thought - before giving it power to run. But the latter has already locked the car and its destination and denies the capacity to learn and grow for control over life as a sealed unit.

Fear has run as lockdown and lockstep of self-isolating, social distancing, in any number of ways as a basic survival mechanism. And those who cry 'wolf' have learned to farm the fearful as food, energy and proxy stick.  Not just as 'evil psychopaths' but social complicit obedience and conformity. Life has a symbiotic basis - within which imbalances and toxicities can and do align off-centric inertial fulcrums. This pattern is part of our current human development as a 'possession and control' or self-survival running blind to its living context. It need re-integration - not eradication - but from a recognition of alignment of relational communication.

Fears will take all the power we give them and run with it - while giving us a false sense of secure accommodation and identity. The limit to our imagination unchecked by, and kept hidden from love, by substituting appeals to virtue, is our limit for tolerating and normalising pain - including pain of utter futility and meaninglessness.

An economy founded on debit for being alive - as risk-infection vector, extremist-infection vector, and carbon guilting for energy exchange, takes the misconstrued and weaponised notion of original sin, to a technocratically distributed system of surveillance and enforcement for those who can 'offset' their 'sin' onto others who are systemically forced to suck it up - so as to abuse and pollute with impunity by 'virtue' of clearing the land of vermin so as to protect their investment in 'Nature'.

Tuesday, 21 April 2020

Don't Feed The Beast!

As someone not at all inclined to accept germ theory as a whole truth but only as a part truth taken out of context and re-contextualised to serve narratives of  state and commerce, I see the susceptibility to believe it as an extension of ancient fear of divine wrath, and virology as a rational construct over demonology.
But the underlying biological reality is an episode of sickness within conditions of resilience, or not, of trust and solid nursing, or not, and of deeper understanding, alignment and acceptance of life, or not.

The Black Death was much more virulent in the Americas with up to 95% of people dying. This occurred to a very great extent BEFORE the European settlements, who found death had gone before them.
My source for this was the research published in 'Lies My Teacher Told Me - Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong' by Professor James Loewen. He doesn't question the cause or source of the plague - but it clearly pre-empted and pre emptied a lot of farmed and cleared land for easy occupation.
The 'Indian native who guided the settlers from the Mayflower in establishing their settlement was a twice escaped slave who had escaped England, failed to get home via Nova Scotia, been captured again but then escaped from Spain. On finally returning to his homeland everyone of his tribe was dead.

Fred Hoyle, a former Astronomer Royal, had come to believe that microbes came from space - which as he put it was a trip from London to Dover - upwards. Since his time there is a lot more recognition of a constant interchange of energetic particles. When Christian Birkeland first claimed the Aurora were caused by particles from the Sun he was ignored or ridiculed by the closed mind/closed system models of the day - until the first space explorations simply proved him correct.

While it may be possible that there are forms of life that exist in some microbial form that can travel through such conditions, I am much more of the opinion that ionised particulates of organic and inorganic molecules are the 'dust' of such filaments currents and tails that are increasing visible to our various extensions of sensing magnetic plasmas. The potential events I lead up to being the tail of comets or of Venus - whose plasma tail now reaches just short of the Earth and Moon - who really share an orbital fulcrum by the way.

Great Fear and dread of comets characterises our history and is part of our collective experience of the prehistoric 'mythological era' that is opaque to our rationalising surface consciousness and yet formed the very archetypes of our narrative mind. Not least as separation trauma and no less buried or denied as a species than can be observed in individual experience of psychotic dissociation.

While there are various factors in the current outbreak of 'plague' that may be changing as it unfolds, the initial outbreaks were areas of known and recorded extremely polluted air. I have yet to see expert toxicologists brought in to offer their perspective - but with the initial AIDS cases, they had feasible explanation and remedy that was simply swept away by the 'gold rush' of the discovery of a new virus, and thus of a whole new range of drugs. The vaccine never came because the presence of 'HIV" antibodies - (as supposedly revealed by just such tests as are currently revealed as able to give false positives from a number of other vectors) - is taken as INFECTION - NOT immunity. 

Note: Gallo was found fraudulent in his initial claims. Montagnier extracted the viral soup that was then claimed to be the CAUSE of AIDS though it was never isolated. At a later date the search for such an inscrutably dark retrovirus, was abandoned for the HIV cloned virus that was effectively spliced from code fragments. NOTE this ability to 'generate' the genetic definition from a composite. NOTE also that the identified and usually short code strings needed to provide a 'match' are within varying percentages (I have read both 60% and 80% from different sources. But I have read that the percentage difference in DNA of human and chimpanzee is 1%. Are we consulting the goats entrails?

So if poisons can pervade our atmosphere from comets as well as volcanic activity, and now from industrial and agribusiness pollutions, where is the contagion? Hoyle and a mathematician whose name I don't recall, did exhaustive research on data relating to transmission of flu - and found meteorological conditions were the primary vector. But does this mean the virus is airborne - or does it mean that toxicity triggers immune response. Organic toxins are cleared by bacterial or fungal agents - when the immune function is supported and functional. But inorganic toxins would kill the macrophages etc - and so the cells produce solvents the break down and get rid of the toxin - through the body to such outlets as mucus, pustules, and sweat, as well as via the normal eliminations of the body but more extreme - such as vomiting and diarrhoea.
I have read that another vector for the triggering of virus is fear. I haven't found if this is a nocebo effect or a cortisol imbalance. But a life ending diagnosis can kill, even if if the test it was based on turned out to be in error.

Apocalyptic fear is not just a Judaeo Christian legacy. The Aztecs so feared the coming of the end or the 'Sun' or Era, that they had elaborate sacrificial ritual as not just their attempt to forfend the End of the World Age - but based their identity on doing so and made way upon all other tribes as a supply of sacrifice. Even during their war with the conquistadors, they maintained such practices and the resources to enact them. It was their sacred duty to save the world by war and sacrifice. This pattern is repugnant to our current moral sensibilities - but the forms it took then were out in the open, while the pattern remains hidden and unhealed.

Terror from above and below is not our current sense of a uniform and gradual stable world that we project back millions of years as essentially the same and forwards to its falling into the Sun by clockwork calculations of closed system thinking. But I pose that such terror - and also awe - has been - and has structured human consciousness in its 'imagery' or symbolic representation as meaning wrested or inherited from chaos.

So the Black Death may have been both pollution and great dread - along with fervour. Crops were left unharvested and yet the End did don't come - but starvation and disease together with every kind of madness did. The physic and the psychic become fused by association. For we have a mental equivalent to antibodies in terms of triggered past reactions that can also display physical symptoms. Perhaps even periodic bouts or surfacing of unhealed trauma that has no name, so much as patterns of re-enactment that flow down the generations.

The separation of psychic and physic or mind and matter is a direct result of recoil from Infinity at the Heart - as a split off sense of mind in self-isolating lockdown against the Messengers of Wholeness of being - who are NOT in lockstep under 'He who must not be named' - and speak in ways that question the defences set against The Great Enemy as generating the very thing they are set against.

Life under closed system, is war, depletion, sickness and death - however managed or contested by shifting narratives. Now we arrive at a time where narratives no longer serve to extend and share Meaning - however imperfectly, but have become leverage of mind controlled mindlessness of conditioned responses under those who would be as gods - and those who align by sacrifice of life under power  set over it.

However, the very nature of those who would 'control' exhibits exactly the errors they fear and accuse and seek to eradicate in the OTHER  - and indeed in the people - especially upon the curve of a rising consciousness to the nature of their true condition.

The Opening of the mind, can be the reopening of deep fears.
And we need no experts to tell us that fear can run contagion regardless any basis in fact.
The fear of others can be felt as imprisoning, demanding and hateful - and trigger a like response in a moment to make social distance psychic as well as physic.
Compassion is the quality of recognising others in ourself and ourself in others.
But sympathy can judge ourselves in others and - in a moment - use them to raise a sense of self-vindication seeking reinforcement.
In this difference is all the difference between descent into hell or unfolding new potentials.
The underlying Messenger is Change.
But compassion has to start with the embrace of our own psychic-emotional patterns - and their physical expression.

"Don't feed the Beast" holds a truth that is misrepresented by the projection of fears that are attacked in the Other or the world. It can be said in innumerable ways - but to be understood, it must be recognised, that the 'beast' is fed by emotional reaction operating without consciousness in the Heart and short-circuiting the Heart so as to run a usurping narrative exclusion zone.

If you only 'woke' to nightmare - you dream still.
If 'woke' is to dream set against nightmare, then lockstep in a dream bubble set and guarded within Fear that may be temporarily mitigated by giving love to isolation and exclusion - so as to all feed the means to technologically - and bio-technologically provide it.
To cross this bridge - break step - but to the attunement of your heart's desire. This is not reactive nor apologetic for existing. Nor do we seek to deny the right in another that we hold true and worthy in ourself. Liberty is set against tyranny. But freedom to be ourselves is already given but for the willingness to share it.

What am I already doing or believing and enacting that limits my freedom to align this moment with the truth of who I am? No call to feed the blame - but willingness to re-evaluate for the potential of a release of suffering and limitation regardless current circumstances.

Cock up or Conspiracy?

Dr. Malcolm Kendrick commented on The lockdown is NOT a way of beating this virus.
Stories emerge, evolve and change. I must admit the first reporting of this seemed… unlikely. I am not, never have been, a great conspiracy theory kind of a guy. I am more of believer in a cock-up, followed by a conspiracy to cover up the cock-up, kind of a guy.

'Cock up' may itself be used as a term of damage limitation and plausible deniability by which to cover up a blind wilfulness that was indifferent or in callous disregard of others.

It then operates a very limited sense of responsibility of mistaken incompetence - by which an active agenda is protected from being held to account - and persisted in.

This is one of the reasons to use sock puppet politicians and other fronts. They operate as crisis actors to implement policies and sell narratives to the people under provided scripts, under background protection for service rendered.

And so the illusion of a collective rational intentions imperfectly planned or failed in - hence always on the cusp of being properly implemented under some 'new idea', is maintained as a cover story to the machinations of GETTING characterised by predatory or parasitical behaviours. Only now this is the nature of the systems and institutions that were originally set up to protect against such forces or hold them in check.

To the adaptation of a bubble reality, the disclosure of an underbelly of loveless intent - or hateful agenda is both abhorrent and disturbing. Hence the mind recoils to seek and find  some way to not know or un-see what it cannot as yet accept. This sort of dissociation operates automatically as a self-preservation. It also gives up conscious presence for unconscious blind spots in and through which crime operates in the open.

The seeking of a normality in which we do not have to address our own fears is the joining in the demand and provision of narratives of evasion given heavy socially reinforcing investment.
This is the lockdown of the mind that isolates against knowing what is going on - excepting through shared code of indirect representations that effect the assigning of responsibility as guilt and its payment in exclusion and denial. This ancient archetype can be manipulated by the power to set the narrative to false flag the guilt or agency of harm to almost anyone or anything.
IE: the device of pointing accusation from loud and repetitive claim of being unfairly treated and etc.

The inability to face fears, and the recoil and dissociation into denial and lockstepped social identities, is directly resulting from lack of love. And the persistence of exposure to the hateful without the centring and support of love only renders a mind mad in terms of driven or compulsive negative identification. On the other hand, the covering over of the hated and feared operates a false positive as a captive identity to the use of positive masking to hide what lies beneath. This literally hollows out the capacity to truly share in love of life and renders an artificial evasion running scared of its own life but seeing its own fearful shadows everywhere and claiming virtue by identifying in their denial.

Insofar as 'cock-up' can be read as a Freudian slip - we all have the capacity to be taken in by infatuations, glamours and fantasies that we WANT to be real - and as a result give up reality for - but open some relational perspective as a result - but which we may hate to own and so seek to offset to others or circumstance in attempt to regroup our working narrative identity from an unsupporting experience that transforms us - because we cannot really go back to not having opened such experience and so must integrate it or suffer the strain of refusal to accept relational honesty of being.

My desire to open the nature of the error to awareness is not to damn us, but to join in a willingness to integrate an expanded conscious responsibility as a result of  choosing not to give power to reactive emotional compulsions - while holding compassion for that we feel strongly - even unbearably so. This is willingness to abide and listen for the movement of being that is naturally and spontaneously integrative - but which the mind can and does short-circuit to effect a  self-reinforcing negative loop from which it cannot of itself escape. Because the mind is not 'of itself' even in self-isolating and self-referencing conflicts that effectively lock down its own functional expression.