Friday, 10 October 2014

Infection and proportionate response

To pause in allowing a greater perspective to reveal itself is the alternative to conditioned and often manipulated reaction. When one has become awake to the mind of coercion and fear, the pause may not take long, but when one is as it were infected with fear's contagion, disproportionate and displaced reaction expresses a confusion that manipulators are well aware of and not only milk as opportunity but nurture as potentiality.

The prevalent Western model of living is of being managed and directed by 'experts' who have specific biases according to an almost exclusively materialistic - yet reductionist set of filters and distortions.

What is being 'managed' and 'protected' is not the integrated whole health of mind body experience, but of the 'freedom' of the mind to persist in or under unnatural, misaligned, coercive and debilitating habits of thought, belief, identity and the acts that stem from such identification.

Conditions of war are recognized to extend to anything that can be 'weaponized'. War operates an economic facet of a power seeking identity long before it erupts on the 'big screen' in any conventional terms.  Corporates out-manouvre nation states in resources and influence. Populations are denied structures of real communication by 'rational agendas' that seem protective and helpful yet operate so as to decrease the freedom of exchange and initiative that is simply part of the larger 'immune system' of healing. They increase helplessness and condition dependency on external application of a coercive power, centrally administered, albeit in regional variations.

Medicalising everything and anything that once was part of living, growing and becoming, marketises and propagandizes its underlying or hidden consciousness agenda and uses extreme examples of high focus that make what seem unarguable case because they are set up or framed in such a way as to invite vilification and ridicule to anyone who tries to actually communicate outside the proscribed narrative.

Rational thought coupled with an integrating honesty would serve very different outcomes than the coercive mentality that operates via back door inducements and negative incentives.

Disease has many aspects that mirror the consciousness, and the collective consciousness in the body politic. Self-attack being one. persistent and insidious undermining of the immune systems checks, balances and communication system being another.

It is possible to degrade the consciousness and its physical expression to retrograde humanity towards a slave system under the aegis of rational progress believed.

Instead of focusing on the agents of potential threat of death, take pause to include and integrate the vectors of personal morale within cultural integrity, sanitation and clean water, clean air, nutritional abundance.

The corporate sector allied with mercenary technologism and revolving door stooges in positions of governance have been undermining traditional cultures, structures and ideas as part of sucking out resources and gaining leverage over events, outcomes and co-opting or corrupting agendas to their own peculiar version of consciousness.

Natural = inadequate = untrustworthy= dangerous = heretical = to be stamped out = power over = techno gods over slave objects.

The consciousness that operates at war with out true nature is simply insanity given the keys to our kingdom. Insanity is a sickness of mind even if it triggers the belief in an evil will. Recognizing insanity or addiction to insane thinking is the first step in becoming sane.

Everyone CAN discern a coercive intent. One smells a rat, feels something dissonant in the gut, things do not in some way make sense at a core level, something is going on that is not out in the open.

Reacting from fearfully identified conditioning takes the bait by which one is hooked into a powerlessness in exchange for promises. This wisdom is not new but our cultivated biases of self-specialness make us blind-eye any questioning of the 'authority' whereby we are maintained in self-illusion.

Slavery is a term for living in and from fear. Life is risk. Risk-aversions become crippling disease in its own right.

Where is the basis from which to live forth in true willingness FOR Life - In Life and AS Life? It is not in clever thinking, craftily contrived, and cunningly masked.

It is our capacity to let love operate through us and restore us to a truly integrated communication within ourselves, with each other and with Life Itself.

It's aright  to feel fear, but what then is one's conscious choice in relation to noticing the feeling and its associated thoughts, beliefs and impulses?

Trust in God does not mean do not tether your camel - they are one and the same. God or Life alignment embraces and integrates the fearful by not pretending it away nor feeding it with your love - for energy and attention IS the gift of your life energy and the focus of your active desire.

Belief creates experience. be mindful then!