Thursday, 12 September 2019

911 Revisited - Pervasive Corruption under plausible deniability and refusal to communicate

The idea - as I see it - is not so much identifying WHO, but of recognising HOW. Any 'who' can be under their own narrative assumptions within their own personal agenda of identity and purpose. Everyone plays a part at some level and to put this the other way around, everybody plays apart - at some level.

The division of Consciousness to 'levels' is on a 'need to know' basis - and to turn that around - is also on a NEED-TO-NOT-KNOW basis (*1 - see below ).  

The only 'how' for planning, executing and managing the narratives while operating the power grab -  of such a pivotal event that operates on many levels at once -  is of such a deep rooted and pervasive corruption as to effectively run as a shadow power or dark economy and network of influence. (Turning this around is to bring the deceit into the OPEN).

The core nature of this, is a logical outcome of the identity in private self interest that is no longer held in check or balance by moral recognition of self and life in being - except as each their own ‘private bubble’ of diminishing and depleting 'control' set against fear of loss that masks in substitution as possession of wealth or power - which is itself set over the powerlessness of others as a hierarchy of sacrifice - by which a true cooperative purpose is lost to Corporate systems of control.

All as a result of becoming blinded by substitution of a false self-inflation - forever seeking 'sustainability' through the interjections of scarcity and threat by ingenious recourse of (any and every) means as if ITS survival is too big to fail . In other words your identity investment is so deeply entangled as to induce you to PAY the sacrifice as ‘survival’ set against a greater fear that is never named - but is in effect an Orwellian 'room 101' of projected but denied hates, fears and guilts that each bubble or personality structure was in a sense built upon - as its survival response to its particular patterning of separation trauma. Everything of the mind is to NOT relive its trauma - except as re-enacted adjustments - in which for example - roles may be reversed, or emulated - often in vengeance on the past taken out upon the present or as partial - but ongoing -  sacrifice of the present to ensure the past does not ‘break in’.

The 'system' of substitution for true awareness and appreciation is the need for making alliances set in mutual protections and self-reinforcement - tied to the drive or compulsive need for 'more'  because there IS no substitution for love and life that CAN satisfy - and so the ritual of ITS fantasy life - raised upon the death or denial of 'other' - is re-enacted as a destructive and degenerative addiction to which the addicts themselves are blind in the 'need-NOT-to-know.

A fungus that spores above ground is not the cause and controller of the threads of its being in the soil. Likewise the propagating effects of the mind-in-its-own-spin are not powerful or causative in and of themself - but are given power by a willing HOST - who is then in a sense 'hacked' to serve a dual or split allegiance in which the Call to Live is replaced by the fear of pain of loss of Life.

Addressing the forms by which we are deceived is not without risk of being drawn into deeper deceit unless we do so within the living context of the Call to Live - which contains the qualities of Life - such as the Call to heal, to joy and to reintegrative perspective. In opposition, the 'Call to War' will seem loud and powerful and compelling to any mind trained to subjection and powerlessness, set in search of power OUTSIDE to escape or overcome chaos within. But a willingness to KNOW is not setting conditions on truth, (see *2 below), so much as releasing them to a deeper self-honesty of being, which OF ITSELF re-aligns to an integrity of communication that incrementally transforms the personality structure. And does so, one willingness at a time - because truth is not coercive, and - to put that the other way round - a coercive thought system effects the exclusion or masking out and substitution of - truly resonant and congruent thought, word and deed - to an experience of struggle in separation trauma - normalised and rendered tolerable for the persistence of that experience.

"To all things there is a season" - speaks to the cyclic nature of the world and our experience of it. This also speaks to the releasing of 'old identities' that no longer serve their allotted purpose within a greater whole and so are finding lack of support in the rising of a New Perspective - like a tide rising all boats irrespective their size, type or location. In a sense the New is no recycle of the 'same old' -  but our Original, given service and expression through the re-purposing, of the mind of abilities grown under fear and division. Whatever agenda 'denial' accepts by acting out, it cannot LEAVE the truth it denies or seeks to image, grasp and control it - and so suffers subjection under its own measure.

The idea that we made evil and we have to get RID of it (*3 - see below) - is a trick-minded deceit operating as a rolling present of the stamp of its own PAST JUDGEMENT into a future like itself. Orwell showed this but couldn't see any way OUT. Yet in his terms, 'control of the present' is the 'narrative' identity of a mind - set within its own framing - unrecognising its overriding substitution for the heart's command as experience of a breakdown of communication - taken as actual separation, disconnection and loss of guidance, power, love and support. 

The mind CANNOT and is not designed or intended to control and manage life - but rather to hold the focus of the heart's intention and desire - through which Life Happens! (But which the mind will make praise and blame of). In order to know or be found in our true desire, we need simply release active investment in the false. And to then grow a consciousness of heart-connected (integrative) willingness to replace a fear-divisive OVERRIDE of Life in mental anguish that outsources conflict as emotional and physical displacement, as a basis for seeking magical solutions of sustainability by limitation and sacrifice by which to buy 'time' for delay  set against the exposure that actually serves ‘bottoming out’ - and restoration of a true foundation from which to live.

The ignorance and arrogance of the mind-in-its-own-spin is 'alone in all the Universe' - such as to regard Universe as dead and even Life as merely patterns of mechanism to control, 'improve', enslave or exploit for a private self-agenda. The un-spinning of the mind from a false or mis-taken foundation is its transparency and release to a truly free self awareness - in place of a narrative self-consciousness. The noticing of the 'old habit' is the awakening responsibility to the choice not to use it. The old habit will seem to bait reaction by which to reassert itself by any and every means - but as such it NOW offers an education in recognising and releasing who your are NOT and what does not belong to you and which in your right mind you see you do not even WANT. 

What we resist, persists.
What we leave unused fades from non use.

'Ground Zero' is not just its 'nuclear namesake' but the zero-point within All That Is, and the Source-Nature of All That Is. And the 'Gateway' from the mindset of polarised conflicting forces and things, to a resonant recognition of an all embracing and creating Life  - that to a dark model must be ruled out - and so "it is life, Jim, but not as we think to know it".

The meanings of our life and experience are not set by conditions or by 'others' of whatever agenda - but by the decision and command of our wakened heart. All things serve 'double duty' according to the freedom to accept love, or deny it by accepting something else in substitution. Because the word 'love' is so degraded by misuse, along with all other words for the qualities of being - we have to release old currency to get with what is truly Current - or we see through a glass darkly. The nature of the Current is also a Totality of Communication. What we draw down, in or attract and align in sharing the value of, is according to what is given allegiance in the heart. The heart has been willing to limit, sacrifice and suffer loss of joy in support of  ‘life on Earth, as the private mind in its separate body in a world of things outside and apart.  But the imbalance to a negative or fearfully polarised exclusion of life is a mind of the intent to deny the embrace of Life and its sharing - as a ‘rogue’ programming running in and through our own projected denials.

Waking up is a Call and Response both. You cant have one without the other. Receiving and giving, teaching and learning. The Golden Rule depends upon truly guided perception. Healing our perception is awakened responsibility for the framing of our thought - from which outcomes automatically proceed. Until we see our own thinking, we suffer a thought reversal in a world in which “Everything is BACKWARDS; everything is upside down! Doctors destroy health,  Lawyers destroy justice,  Universities destroy knowledge, Governments destroy freedom,  Major media destroys information, And religions destroy spirituality".                     (Michael Ellner).

*1. Who seeks to know that which would undermine their separate or private existence as they believe and defend themselves to be? Knowing - or having and being existence - is of qualities that are intimately felt. The interjection and overlay of narrative structured identity and world is the mind of a personal or private judgemental division, distortion and denial or 'shadow' substitution that filters or rules out wholeness of being by assigning it to narrative identity - and outsourcing or projecting conflict away - onto 'others' and 'world' out there as 'not me - and therefore threat or resource to use, manipulate or exploit for survival within the FRAME of assertive power that is both victimiser and victim to its own shadow reflection in others and world - because it PUTS it there and WANTS it there.

*2. The frame of Security as the overriding CALL to power OVER all else is the weaponising and marketising of 'truths'. Such that only the subversion of truth can run in a negatively or fearfully defined 'Economy', Model', System' or Identity. This is a persistent and perpetual fear-triggering, running as if autonomous or indeed as a self-conditioned programming of a personal AND collective entanglement in false with-ness or worth-ship.

*3. The attempt to get rid of something we have already identified in is an attempt to kill ourself. This insane and ultimately absurd doublethink is a self in conflict with itself or a split mind. The true Nature or Mind is 'sow AS you would reap - and reap AS your would sow'. For garbage in; garbage out shows the value of the ideas and definitions FROM which we go forth in finding witness of reinforcing experience. That Life itself inspires its own Expressions is lost to the mind that is trying to put its garbage OUT as if to get rid of itself and become or achieve Life - in its OWN terms - as a new world order. A true New Order is a living inspiration to align in and be expression of, but it is New because it is not a persistence or recycle of the old 'God' of guilt and sacrifice as divine punishment - although it works the transformation of the old towards its capacity to recognize its way OUT of an impossible situation - by revealing it is IMPOSSIBLE and so we are not IN IT. This allows what we ARE in and of to move or vibrate to our RE-Conition.