Friday, 23 January 2015

False framing, manipulating perception, directing history

I notice a mainstream article in the Guardian crafted to deliver a hidden agenda in the guise of moderation.

"Now is not the time for Britain’s Jews to talk of leaving

That Jews face a heightened threat from Islamists is undeniable but society is not against us"

It says  to its target audience; who are distinctly separated from their homeland by defining as 'Briain's Jews' that "now IS the time to talk of leaving - ostensibly for Isreal - but really - just to be afraid and unsettled and thus drawn into deeper support for WAR on Islam - and back this up with the reminder the Society Itself may turn against .... an "us" that the writer presumably speaks for - and writes to incept in the readers mind.
To the Jewish reader, a sense of unity in persecution and victimhood, and to non-Jewish readers of a mainstream British news publication, an exclusion that re states Jews are different or separate from not only Islamists (who have been redefined thus as a hate identity), but from Society - whatever country you have otherwise embraced and accepted and participated in and contribute to as a human being.

The response I commented into is below:

Fear conditions reaction. If given power to do so. Fear-based conditioning operates emotionally triggered pathways of reaction that can then be exploited. Setting up a fearfully defined scenario as if it were true invites others to enter or participate in the definition and thus reinforce its claim to being true.

Consciousness works in strange ways. We co create perceptions, reactions and experience without 'knowing what we do' - although we all 'think' we know what we are doing - and that is where fear-defined thinking usurps Reason.

Jewish Britons, or Britons of Jewish descent, are a richly diverse range of individuals many of whom might assimilate more completely to their homeland - to the land they make their home in - if they were not conditioned to fear being invalidated, rejected, denied and persecuted just for 'Jewishness' - by the narrative of extermination by Nazism being kept ever fresh.

Very clever people - of any background, can learn how to manipulate perceptions. Though the wise, resist the illusion of power this confers. The problem is never 'Jewish', nor Islamic. The problem is framed in consciousness and reacted from as if true - asserted true and defended or fought for as true.

All of the mounting problems reflecting back at us in our times call out for re-evaluation within consciousness - and I would put a C to make it Consciousness - because human consciousness is a fear-conditioned device that runs believing itself free - believing its own thinking.

Thinking can contrive financial instruments that no one can understand - as part of an obfuscation. Whilst there may well be some whose identity expresses the right to deceive as a legitimate means to an end, more single mindedly than others, the 'deceiver' is never really "out there" but in our own unguarded capacity to drift from or adulterate, what we feel and know to be true of us.

The Past is a poor script to choose from when apart from its imposition, all creative opportunity and endeavour is open to explore and share in.

When I meet the presence of another - everything else is secondary. The refusal of presence is itself a conditioned fear - and not a proof of unworthiness for love.

Education always meets a willingness to learn. Self-righteousness is 'loving to hate' and always masks a 'hating to love'. There are many things in the world that are terrible to contemplate, but I do not feel to use them or be used by them as a foundation from which to make identity from.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Modern world: Communication breakdown

Why the modern world is bad for your brain
In an era of email, text messages, Facebook and Twitter, we’re all required to do several things at once. But this constant multitasking is taking its toll. Here neuroscientist Daniel J Levitin explains how our addiction to technology is making us less efficient

Is it the modern "world" or is it the acceptance of and identification within beliefs or self-definitions that are not true of us?

Is the brain-body the physical aspect of  a communication device that tunes to and 'translates' or bridges non physical Ideational information as an integral expression of such communication?

Is the personality construct not a counterpart to the physical brain as a kind of virtual avatar through which non physical consciousness accesses experience of physical existence?

Is therefore the brain-bodied personality construct not therefore an intentional device of stepped-down limitation to effectively block, limit, and filter the Process of Life or Existence that IS Relation or Communication within Itself as a personal focus of unfolding experience of Self Revelation?

I hold these can be answered by honest observation or noticing.

Limiting is part of focusing and not in itself negative, but exclusive focus becomes a negative when operating without regard for wholeness of relation aka sanity or Reason.

The exclusively identified persona perspective has effectively got everything in reverse - as if IT alone determines and decides and plate-juggles life as ongoing crisis management in which the more 'control' is invested, the more 'out of control' the experience of self becomes. This triggers further layers of defence to cope with not coping such as to effectively redefine insanity as normal, and maintain such investment in this defence-identity as to regard anything sane as a threat... calling to be defended against or subverted to serve a weaponizing mentality and so it all operates as communication breakdown or dysfunctional collapse - or it might if the 'war-persona' didn't use war and death as a substitute for life and creation, for the power to destroy seems to be the power OVER life to any mind that is so exclusively identified within its own conflicted self-sense (albeit in projection) that it has forgotten the qualities of Appreciation and Gratitude that is the core nature of relational communication OF and WITH the non physical.

The simplicity of pausing long enough in in active willingness to connect with one's peace is the conscious unwillingness to persist in conditioned reaction and regain a perspective that can discern the practical step within a wholeness of being - aka joy or heartfelt connection.

The term 'I' or indeed 'you' is a relative terms - not only to each other - but can and does often refer to a disconnected bunch of thoughts that  - if paused and investigated are NOT true of you (or of me).

The disregard or neglect of this primary responsibility AS consciousness, is the indulgence of a powerlessness seeking power, a lovelessness seeking love, a fearful vulnerability seeking security and protection. And no matter the intensity of such experience, it reflects less than true, for you can leave unchosen that which is untrue of you, and can give your attention in alignment with your true desire and can wholly stand in what you know to be true of you now and live that as an unconflicted flow of being that naturally knows how to be in any given situation without coming from a negatively or fearfully defined sense of self.

Monday, 19 January 2015

A Game of Puppets

Article: What game is the House of Saud playing? | OpEdNews

The writing was prompted by a commenter believing the mess is the result of incompetence rather than a manipulated outcome.

- - -

When the British Empire was deconstructed the USA was groomed and prepared to host the next cycle was it not? And so it would be foolish to expect the deconstruction of the US(A) is not part of a further shift for those insiders of the insiders that have the motive and capacity to influence global events over generations and across apparently hostile borders.
Are there only the blind leading the blind - or are there wolves leading the sheep? And is there a shepherding protective and guiding element at work that neither blind sheep or blind wolves can see?
Rationalism is a kind of blindness that reflects the 'world of wolves and sheep'. Reason is sanity - which is not established by clever thinking but as expression of a wholeness of being that rationality cannot know - because it was brought forth to justify un-Reason or dis-alignment of heart and mind.

US(A) wars are a means of redistributing wealth and power, bleeding even the host dry as well as the world at large. Power corrupts because all power is of God and the identification with self-image sleeps within its own reflections. So another way of reading all this stuff is to see the lesson within the reflection we have generated.

comment to the above by Paul:
This is dense to the point of ambiguity. You should unpack it.
Apparently power should not corrupt if you know it for what it is.
To Paul:

I don't use the word 'should' except in sentences like this one ;-)

It may be dense but it is definite. If there is something unclear I gladly respond.

The illusion of power corrupts. Power itself is incorruptible.
Attachment to the illusion of power generates an identity of addiction of a self-sense that is falsely identified.
So yes if you know the nature of power, you will not be corrupted because you know its shared nature. It may not seem so in a world so fear defined but the world truly is not as fear defines it - excepting as the experience of anyone who believes the thoughts that fear elicits to keep it hidden.

BTW I agree with your comment on love's potentiality only I would say that we ARE that potentiality and cannot utterly eradicate or cover over our original nature - although clearly the attempt to do so is deeply embedded as a kind of second or learned habit-nature that operates a kind of protection racket.

Perhaps density merely expands here - but I find the burden of security screening and translation is a lot of what impedes the freeflow of Idea - but of course getting used to anyone's way of communicating has a certain syncing dance. If there is a resonance or relevance then there is a motivation to focus in on a communication. If it were batting opinions around then that's ok but doesn't vibrate at a level that communicates more than a willingness to compete. (I don't find that in you btw).

So you could say - would you unpack it? - or perhaps focus the particular part that has more interest as re-writing what is already clear to me will otherwise provide a different slice of the same pie that may be equally indigestible.

On the same page : to this comment by 'fern'

28 pages from the 9/11 report released might clear up some questions re manipulations of geopolitics. Joining BRICS might send the world a message that the U.S. is returning to the principles of the Treaty of Westphalia. Otherwise we proceed with WWIII and extinction. But the human addiction to love/agape may be hard wired from birth, at least, that's my viewpoint. The parasitic Wall Street high rollers, Saudi puppets, fraudulent Malthusians are dead walking. Now would be a most satisfying time to occupy the cognitive domain and have fun as a human being. It's your choice.

I haven't read the report but addiction is to eros (not agape) as the Life Energy from which one feels disconnected, disqualified, abandoned or rejected, and is party wired or templated into human birth - and further reinforced in infancy as social adaptation into the inheritance of loveless fears and double binds that induce fear or anger but forbid expression. A 'managed and manipulated' consciousness is hardly going to reflect a free and flowing world.
One can uncover the template of self-definition and cast out the moneylenders - which are an apt metaphor whatever does not belong to you that then operates as a usurping and jamming signal relative to what truly does. For what you love is what you give yourself to - and not what you sell your Soul (feeling-awareness) to get.
Now is the only time in which to invite and extend the knowing of joy in life. The walking 'dead' re-enact a past made in anger that denies Presence, in perpetuity or until perhaps the pain of meaninglessness outweighs any sense of fun in getting a fix for your golem. That's one reason to want conflict - because conflict gives a 'hit' of identity by being against something.
That choice operates is a worthy meeting place. All perspectives arises from accepting definitions that are believed in the moment of acting out as if they are true.
Human beings who believe they know usurp the receptivity in which knowing is freely given. There's another reason to want conflict, for it supports the scare city principal of separateness guarded by 'elite' access to knowledge.

Terror blowback?

In response to an Article: Europe's terror attacks: The blowback from Western intervention | OpEdNews

- - -

We live in an era where false flag and staged events are a significant possibility among actual events.

Where journalism is told what to write or trained to know what not to write.

Notwithstanding this, un-managed or unexpected events also serve or are seized upon for serving political agendas with distorted interpretation.

If the 'terror' is the instigator AND the intended effect - then terrorism is the new politics - not that it was absent in the old. Terror-victimhood and fear offers the 'justifiction' for the assertion of power upon populations by established powers.

Fear triggers reaction. Fear conditions patterns of identity and reaction. Fear thus operates a self reinforcing delusion unless its alarm is used to awaken our consciousness to align more truly and deeply within Consciousness.

For personal agenda overrides honesty and we all know that truth is the first and implicit casualty of war.

Not that truth stops being true - but that fearful coercions and deceits are brought into effect to heavily discourage witnessing or communicating truly. 'Protection rackets' are scams that impose and magnify the conditions by which they are validated and necessary and powerful - and defend against anything that actually facilitates peace.

Yes, if provoked enough, one can often generate 'blowback' reaction. If one cant, then one can carry out such actions in ways that are perceived as intended. This will not always be so. But it is sometimes so.

They live - we sleep

That Very First Billboard Decoded in ''They Live'' Wasn’t Put There by Accident

To an article on the Film 'They Live".

Self-attack splits the mind into a victim and victimiser both - but redefines and masks its separated and separating fragments so as to hide the split and appear unified. This operates as subconscious and unconscious levels of hidden agenda beneath the surface dream of the resultant experience of an apparently independent will, within a world that partially protects but yet is insecure and hostile to survival too.

These patterns within Consciousness have come to operate habitually and automatically as if they are a separate or segregated consciousness, identified in opposition and reaction within the illusion of power that is actually an ongoing series of conditioned reactions. Illusions are reinforced by mutual agreement. Some awareness of this subconscious layer extends the idea of power into manipulating others by guile.

Whether by transaction by force or by deceit everyone seeks to get what they believe they lack and need FROM each other and FROM their world. This pattern is a symptom of having become displaced from consciousness of true relation with Consciousness, with other living beings and the world at large.

Displacement from truly aligned consciousness within Consciousness is the effect of attacking Self and projecting the attack onto others, and then using the past made in anger as a basis of atonement or vengeance that effectively operates a script of re-enacting one's past by using it to interpret the present and make it continuous with the future - thus enforcing a linear continuity of broken cause and effect upon the ever unfolding Now of True Presence.

This is A way to use the mind - but it is not the only way and it is not a joyful expression of the freedom to be all of what you are in ever new experience of existence. Waking to recognize what you are NOT facilitates the re-Membering of What you ARE. For an Idea cannot attack the mind that thinks it - except in concept of a wish given temporary precedence and accepted true.

The identification within a 'lie' is a kind of love - only it loves that which truly is not and can never be. But love never opposes or attacks, or coerces, for love is the creative, and the appearance of the destructive as an opposing force is a shadow from a love of the false - from that which is not true of who you know yourself to be.

In truth all willingly yields unto its Source without destruction. In attempt to survive in form, this is scripted in fear. The scripting of the self and world by fear IS a coercive manipulative reaction to the fear that always results from acting out of true. Pausing from activation via reaction re-awakens the connected joy as a movement of wholeness of being. Abiding in and as this is the presence in which distortions and limiting filters of false definition are undone.

Those who seek to lure or bait you or terrorize you to abandon your true being are echoes of the 'self-attacking' attempt to hide the 'sinner' and nurture the sense of being sinned against.

Underneath appearances are choices you can own, that then can be released as unwanted and indeed meaningless and irrelevant to who you know yourself to be - and learn to recognize in all you meet.

This is - you are - Consciousness. Your choices generate your experience and the choice to limit, divide and hide yourself can be uncovered to be released rather than used for hate and vilification,blame and shame and another round of 'self-righteous' war. It's our choice.

Sunday, 18 January 2015

An alloy of Ideals and hidden agendas

On article titled: "It's Finally Official - Pope Francis Demotes Highest-Ranking US Cardinal Over LGBT Issues"

The judging of good and evil is the false mind that seems split off from Intimacy with God. Any individual is free to discern what is true or false with regard to their own core being and live from that as their true extension of presence into the world. Not that it will be agreed with, accepted or tolerated by others, but that the joy of an unconflicted presence extends peace through whatever it does because it is not at war with itself.
The idea that humanity's function is to determine truth for or impose it upon OTHERS, arises from the fear of a sinful nature that must be fought against, overcome, controlled and conformed to a coercive idea that may seek to represent ideals or may be hijacked by agendas seeking private power and gain through the trojan horse of protection and guidance.
Insofar as identity and sexual orientation have been increasingly politicized, these also exhibit an alloy of Ideal and hidden agenda. But love seeks not to GET from.
Indeed all kinds of Ideals are now corrupted with such manipulative deceits.
While attention is diverted and distracted with polarising conflicts the deceiver sets all things to serve a joyless or Soul-sacrificing agenda of manipulating... but manipulated egos who worship beliefs or definitions of themselves and Life, that effectively deny or indeed crucify the Innocence and Intimacy of being for persona-power.
Difference of unique qualities is to be celebrated. The attempt to differentiate from Life, from one's true nature, so as to 'get something' for oneself at the expense of others, is to identify falsely - regardless what form it may take. That is to say, one can make an identity out of anything and use it as a mask, a manipulation, and an illusion of vanity and arrogance.

Indeed we all have this mentality within us and while we do not own our own - and attend to our own integrity - we are likely to focus somewhat exclusively 'away from home' in the world of conflict and diversion.


What we believe in our hearts manifests as we stand in it and give it witness. The convoluted rules of the head that tries to usurp the heart are not loving and operate coercively in the name of the heart's symbols.
Symbols, images and Ideals cannot define or replace G-d. This is a Fundamental error in which a mind thinks it can judge good and evil WITHOUT Intimacy with God  - with Soul, with the Guidance and listening of the heart surrendered in willingness for truth.

The Second Coming can be accepted as the Awakening of the same mind that was in Jesus - in Humanity, starting with oneself, now. Jesus was not a Christian, nor was he constrained by his own Law and tradition. But he demonstrated love's will in place of a masked or personal agenda of self-apart interest.
Symbols CAN be used within awakening Life rather than substituting for it, and indeed the Holy Spirit is the innate capacity to communicate on all levels - including symbol and archetype.
The mentality of war operates exclusively as 'either/or'. The mind of peace operates 'both/and' But without peace is contradiction - which is war. The only peace is to discern and be the truth you are. The endless war is to attempt to be what you are not and defend it against 'what Is'. When humanity loves its own identifications more than the light by which it lives, it 'knows not what it does'.