Friday, 15 May 2015

Reframing Religion and Spirituality

An article:
Reframing Religion and Spirituality
at the Daily Bell

I felt to address the mind's framing of the nature of being as the world we experience:
- - -

Everything true has already been re-framed - hence the separation and division of a war-mind - starkly or subtly operating.
Noticing the false framing within our mind, allows one to choose not to use it - and that invites and allows Spirit to illuminate what we took to be some other kind of matter.

The mind can be like a fig-leaf by which to hide from an exposure or vulnerability that has no basis in fact but that fear believes it so and thus fear makes it so.
Hiding fear gives it power in the dark or unconscious mind.

The 'end-times' are exposing the fear associated with the core beliefs of the human conditioning. Fear says there are no choice but as it frames choices. But one can choose not to listen or act from such a frame and thus awaken perspective upon it.

Perhaps its easier to say it is all about identity. When we forget our Source-Nature we lose awareness of That which identifies us perfectly and amidst the sense of limitation, loss and conflict that then ensues, seek to regain and assert our own identity from the presumption of separation. And no matter how idealistic we may attempt to be we are not rested or at one with the truth of what we are.

Presence pervades, embraces and transcends the form - but the would-be thief takes the form as if to have it specially for themselves. This worships form while denying Spirit. Yet even this becomes a gift to the willingness to love truth because it reflects that which is untrue of you as a way of releasing what was otherwise hidden and protected from change.

No one can really change another but that other chooses or accepts for themself. But no one can accept a healing transformation and still walk in the world that the fear dictated. Our vibrational state attunes our perspective.

Everything is religion - in the sense of attempting to fulfil or complete or unify some sense of self - but the true relationship is lost by searching from a conviction one is alone and apart and lacking.

Wholeness is our gift to the world; to our relationships - and is not the world's function to provide. But in a direct relating is the world framed as the flowing Now. And this is not a sense of self-lack but a cup that runneth over.

Of course the 'demons guard the treasure' - so only true love can pass through. And as one is willing to accept love - does it extend through us for such is its nature. Then see what you shall see.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Awakening Consciousness

A further conversation from the Ars Technica article on homoeopathy that felt to me to be propaganda for a personal agenda:

Another commenter responds to my conversations:
Materialism is a disease for which the only cure is a crisis, where it is clear that materialism is not working, and one has to try stepping out of that box.  We are seeing that in medicine and society as a whole. Materialism is not "wrong"; its just incomplete.

Actually a good homeopathic proving can cure materialism too! ;)

I reply:

I'm with you in re-evaluating and abandoning what does not work - and indeed cant work. But I don't write to play the blame game. Clearly material existence is a consciousness of. If only material exists = no consciousness. It is possible to argue that one does not in fact, exist. But is it possible to consider this without laughing? Of course we may not exist as we think and believe ourselves to, but awareness is its own incontrovertible proof and any process of thinking or perceiving can only support that proof - even if apparently setting up a system of thought by which consciousness is 'explained' in terms of energetic relations of material processes.

Regardless the terminology or symbols employed, Consciousness is the root expression of awareness. Call it Father/Son or Non Local and Local - or don't call it anything - but Consciousness is always by nature extended in Idea that reflects as experience. It does not seem that way when exclusively focused in the effect through a conditioned mind, but to have an experience of anything requires some act of self-definition relative to that thing. That is to say What Is - Is - regardless of anything that may be said about it. But to say anything about it is to experience it through that idea. That I am is simply evident. But what it is that I am, will be experienced by what I extend and receive. This is not the level of the personality - but the expression of Consciousness.

The box of and exclusively materially identified Consciousness is a negative loop in the conditioning of one's own experience, absent the recognition of the beliefs that result in the experience. To recognize false or dis-serving beliefs and thoughts as the cause of conflicted or dissonant experience is not an appeal to magic to make them go away - nor to try to escape them by focussing intensely in complex problems of a secondary or even illusory nature.
It is simply honesty of observation, welcomed, appreciated and integrated.

Homoeopathy is one of many permission slips by which healing can be accepted.The placebo effect is simply Consciousness and applies to every modality no less. What you actually believe in is a powerful context for anything you undertake - and merely asserting or wishing or trying does in no way change what is actually operating.

Consciousness is far far - I might say infinitely greater, than anything the personality level can conceive or imagine, but we cannot conceive or imagine anything without it - although the personal sense tends to 'take the credit' and presumes ownership and control, supported by the most limited and gross aspects of the body/matter that take on an entirely different purpose within the idea of private consciousness.

Privacy is evaporating in our world experience. And that is reflecting an inner shift. It is not possible to maintain the idea of a split off consciousness without incurring a burden of dissonance - however one interprets that, but it is possible to be aligned with who and what we truly are and that is associated with health, with joy, with unconflicted being, with kindness and compassion - and yet all of these and other like qualities are not added, but are integral to the recognition of one's own existence rather than entanglement in thinking about it and giving focus there instead of embracing that which moves and extends through you that you do not manufacture; creative spontaneity, play, joy, passion and excitement. You are your own proof - when true to your self; to the Consciousness that is all that is right where you story yourself to be. But it isn't a means of gaining control or validity or status. More a recognition that everything is unfolding in a way that includes you and includes what you need to know as you need to know it. This is not hard to glimpse in the Arts - or even in inspired intellectual pursuit. It is the flow of being that would harmonize the instrument to more conductivity - but the personality tends to operate the idea of using the flow as a personal muse or indeed a slave to personal will.
Resonance is the communication of meta-information. All communication operates resonant vibrational qualities of energetic information. Words in and of themselves are not communicating anything. Consciousness is the medium of communication and we are always operating far far more than the waveband we associate with 'waking consciousness'. And if and as there is curiosity, willingness and desire, the 'More' of what we are is restored to our awareness - and this is the journey of a lifetime. No one is here to merely survive, though that urge is is deeply in the template or there would be no continuity of the personality construct as the vehicle of such experience.
Writing this is an example that Consciousness is not 'something else that our life - and yet it embraces what we take to be our life whether we recognize this or not.
I feel it is time to pause the war-mind of materialism and regain our innate curiosity, wonder and appreciation of life, whether that expresses itself in scientific discipline or the Arts, or in unique ways that may seem oddball to others - because a diversity of unique and intercommunicating life is the nature of creative endeavour - NOT a centrally controlled monoculture. Science is not threatened by anything insofar as it is a willingness to uncover the already truth. When its adherents or institutions attack other perspectives than its current model allows it is operating a belief-investment of the same order it decries and derides in such others. Resonance reflects.

War-mind and the mask of decency

I wrote this to a perusal of the comments on an article about Monsanto and glyphosate as much as to anything about corporate and media deceit.
- - -

Our beliefs may be presented as part of our persona - to ourself and to others - but what we actually believe is operating beneath this virtual layer.

The war-mind is a deep set of cultural conditionings that operate as a false foundation for living. Everything that issues from it is some kind of war on Life but dressed in the name or form of power and protection. Such is the complexity of the deceit in which war-mind hides that anything can be not at all what it presents or is accepted to be.

The false flag mentality is one of coercively manipulating an outcome through deceit and to a war-mind 'truth' is whatever power asserts and imprints it to be. But a war-mind is essentially at war with itself as a way of persisting or surviving as an assertive will.

One of the ways we are baited into war-mind is when we perceive evil in the 'other' and feel justified by attacking it - as if its eradication is necessary and our life validated thereby. We become the enemy that we hate.

War-mind says you cannot afford to let yourself into your Peace, but only from a fresh and present foundation can one creatively engage rather than operate a conditioned reaction. Deceit is a consciousness level device that hides in personal reaction - and those who seek power through it practice how to trigger reaction in others to unsettle them and manipulate outcomes.

Has the Human Race Become Demonic?

'News' articles operate as clickbait - for they want attention.
This one showed up with the title

Has the Human Race Become Demonic?

I couldn't get my comment to the page but here it is:

Fear multiplies fear. Love extends and recognizes itself. Because fear says it can protect you, it is confused with self and thus fears love and loves to hate. Love can look on fear and know what lies beneath the forms of deception - and correct it.

I am not dismissing that you and many are disturbed - but the dissonance of being can be used to reinforce a fearful or 'demonic' deception or as a wake up call to the desire and can I say prayerful need, for a true foundation from which to discern rather than be baited in conditioned reaction.

Much that was hidden is coming to the surface - not only the negative. We are beings of choice. Jesus was not misquoted when he said 'resist ye not evil' but few are willing to understand what he meant and why.

Don't be framed or defined it ITS terms under illusion of righteousness or seductions of 'protection' or 'power'. Wake to vigilance forwhat is NOT fearful, divisive, and dishonouring of the truth of being alive.

The attempt to hide the sin we fear within MUST seek to demonize others by projecting it out onto objects of hate. This is a very hard lesson because fear becomes 'demonic' by fearing it.

We each make our choices and are part of each other's choices because we remind each other that there is choice by witnessing for it. But no one can make another choose. Not how life works and so what doesn't work is being SEEN not to work so to allow it to fall away from our OWN knowing of who we are and choose to be from that. If coercive = insanity and hell, then drop it from your mind every time you notice it working through you. This will change the mind-lens one is looking through and that will support more housekeeping.

Truths that feed despair are not truly useful if all they do is disable and undermine and thus open up one's treasure even further to robbers and rot.

Homoeo-phobia or attack on Consciousness?

Ars Technica published an article on homoeopathy that felt to me to be propaganda for a personal agenda rather than sharing communication. The attack on homoeopathy is a current political agenda being driven by a self righteous and arrogant materialism that may or may not know it fuels and furthers pharmaceutical monopoly.

 - - -
I wrote this to the article and the commentators who associate truth with arrogance:

Once people believe something true, it is accepted as a foundation from which to interpret, experience and relate within - as if such an identity is in fact who and what they are and as if the world actually is as their thought defines.
The identity then naturally forms to seek validity and reinforcement and to resist, overcome or avoid threat to what is held to be true and one's self - and thus operates as a distorting filter to the actuality of what we truly are in asserting a bubble reality that can just as well align with fearful self-denying belief as with loving self-extending belief. Indeed belief can operate a reversal of consciousness such that love is redefined as fearful and fear redefined as protective to oneself against 'fearful' love. The 'need' to be right riding roughshod over the will of others just as it does within one's self.
That belief works is evident. The power beneath belief is the power in and of which reality is experienced as point of view. The attempt to manipulate belief or use it as mask merely adds levels of complexity and confusion over what is actually believed.
The belief we have and are a power unto ourself over life and self and others is 'playing out its bubble reality'. But the belief and the wish that causes us to want to accept it is at a cost of a true awareness of the power and nature OF consciousness AS reality - which is unlimited in its integrity as in its scope.
Wholeness IS health. Division and conflict operates sickness as a scam, as a racket. As a device through which to assert power to separate will over Life. Not that this applies to the one suffering their belief for they know not what they do, because they know not who they are.

A commentor wrote:
networthing wrote:
"Once people believe something true, it is accepted as a foundation from which to interpret, experience and relate within - as if such an identity is in fact who and what they are and as if the world actually is as their thought defines".

So then challenge your belief system by doing a homeopathic proving. See my response above.
I replied:

I have experience of homoeopathy 'working' despite or regardless that I did not believe it would work. I cannot tell you 'how' it worked - and I cannot tell you how this ever present moment of awareness exists. In fact there are innumerable aspects of 'how' that are beyond my capacity to know - and as I am not seeking to know in that sense - I don't need to know. I am communicating without knowing 'how' - although the mind can overlay all sorts of models as to what it wants to believe is going on. When people invest exclusively in one true model, they become ignorant of other perspectives and arrogantly seek to prevail. It doesn't matter what the model is, its an investment of identity.

I don't feel any desire or need to prove anything to anyone, nor to apologise or justify my own experience of being - and I extend the same freedom I accept for myself.

Controversy and conflict are attractive and exciting to some. I feel inflammation is a term for sickness. One can scratch it and manage it and make an identity out of it but it is not truly joyous. Each to their own.

A cure is a reawakening of conscious health - not merely management of disease. Materialism limits humanity to mechanism. I'm ok with noticing mechanism in act but not with the drive to control Life thereby. I am still in the Science that seeks to uncover what is already true, rather than assert an establishment model in the name of the one true way. Frankly I see scientific establishments as corrupted by corporate agenda and their ego or self-image. Not that scientist are unworthy but that scientism is used as part of managing perception - which is neither the job of science nor an honourable intent.

Ultimately, whether something is 'true' is not an asserted definition so much as a yielding whatever obstructs awareness of it. I clearly 'come from' a different set of presumptions than you - but that doesn't mean I don't honour your own unique journey of discovery.

I received this in return:
Good on ya'. Its nice to exchange with someone who actually has experience with homeopathy. I didnt read that into your post. I assumed I was dealing with the usual so-called "skeptic" whose understanding of homeopathy is limited to an intellectual level: "its too dilute; it violates the _known_ laws of chemistry and physics therefore it cant work"

I find it so often, this unwillingness to challenge ones own paradigm. I was there at one point, myself. I decided for other reasons that my life wasnt working, so I decided to start getting out of that box and trying other approaches that challenged my beliefs. Some worked, some didnt but it got me out of my very circumscribed way of thinking and being.

I think a homeopathic proving conducted by "skeptics" would work on two levels. They would have a direct experience which is more powerful than an intellectual understanding AND they would have objective data that they could evaluate.
To one who chose to ridicule our conversation:
Funniest thing I've read in a while.  Thanks!  I guess my 'spirit' needs some kind of a tune-up so I can understand things on a higher level.

Flippancy will one day flop and flip. Enjoy yourself - but of course. But neither you nor anyone do not owns or controls a 'Spirit' and the illusion that you do (as an 'independent thinker' is the basis of believing that your own understanding has usurped it. And while your control reflects your confidence, you may swagger as you will. What is generally presumed to be 'understanding' cannot but eclipse more inclusive perspectives - for all that a higher level is, is a matter of perspective - not of personal status or accomplishment.

Nothing is so blinding as the belief one already knows. When you need to understand on a higher level you will find your own way to access it, but while you don't it is in the pile of discards.

Yielding what we think we know is the way to access perspective. If what you have works for you, why demean or invalidate what others find working for them? Is that not an insecurity on your part? Is resort to ridicule the first sign of an un-owned self questioning?

- - -

 interjects another:
"Your dealing with a dog that wont let go of this bone".

No I am sharing a willingness without coercion or persuasion. The attempt to change others only invokes opposition and defence, whilst revealing one's own need to seek what one must therefore believe one lacks.

The mind in argument with itself sees argument everywhere by putting it there. While victory seems meaningful, such conflict will be treasured. But when it is seen to cost one's treasure, it will be abandoned.

Some things that touched me in times past, flowered in their time of readiness. Who is to judge?

- - -
To others comments on the placebo effect:

Prozac is a placebo with additional payloads. Internal reports revealed placebo to be 100% as effective as prozac. Public reports edited that to 80%. The nocebo is also very effective - such as being told you have only a few months to live. Placebo is much much more pervasive in everything including the 'power of the established reality'. Belief - like so many things - has surface masking complexities and primary core components. As a surface masking persona, you have no capacity to challenge or question or believe core belief because the persona is made OF it and to hide or protect it from exposure.

Consciousness is not the 'hard problem'. It is the soft and permeable Answer - but only to a like willingness and not to the set of rigidly defined self-assertion. Arrogance and ignorance operate self-delusion. Willingness Listens, discerns and conducts.

- - -

Someone responded to my posting with a phrase as if I had written it:

[Hi. I came here to claim that magic is real]
You are welcome to your self-empowerment philosophy. I think you're a loon.
My reply to them:
Did I write "I came here to claim that magic is real"?
No - that is a personal interpretation.

Interpretation is a kind of magic. It can make things seem to be other than they are.
That it occurs is real, The experience one gets from it can be considered really experienced, but the interpreted reality is not true.
What I think of you says more about me than it would about you so I use what I think to learn more about what is running beneath my thought.
What you think of me is not my concern. That you extend some sense of a communication is received gratefully.
The power of the mind is unlimited - AND it can create the experience of being an almost powerless but separate mind within an external reality to which it is almost entirely subject. Of course one is free to believe whatever one chooses to accept - but having laid a foundation, the rest will follow within the parameters laid down - unless the foundation is brought into question.

I believe that much of what is generally accepted as 'my thinking' is a sort of surface routine that is a running of background processes that are not true of us at all.

Enemy without?

I commented beneath this Daily Bell editorial as much to the comment as to the article for I look at the ideas from which we operate rather than invest and identify on one idea against another.

- - -
Standing our ground is to abide in our integrity of being regardless the circumstance.
Everything else is temporary.
It is right to question political organisation - for that buys into the outsourcing of integrity to ideas and others. Any shared endeavour depends entirely on the conscious integrity of its membership.
However the extension of integrity is the most fundamental act a human being can make and is the basis of 'our'.
The idea of 'enemy' tends to operate a device of division into blind or distorted reaction.
Disintegrity within our own mind is the 'enemy' - and the lack of integrity in others cannot be merely personalised and vilified and damned - and as a result somehow become our own integrity justified.
The enemy of liberty is that which defines freedom exclusively for itself at expense of others as a sort of self-specialness or exceptionalism - or indeed supremacy.
However one is free to limit or withhold oneself until one uses that freedom to choose differently - and experience of limitation, conflict and isolation all weigh towards re-evaluating one's choices. But not while the cause of one's woe is pointed exclusively at others.
The looking to also be aware of the mote in our own eye is not about self-guilt or self-invalidation but of true foundation.
The loss of awareness of true foundation is the dis-integrity or disintegration from which all else automatically unfolds in like kind.
Individual has come to stand for self-asserted independence. Now Corporates shout their 'freedom' all over the Planet.
Individuality, like true sovereignty of will, is an expression or extension of a Source; an indivisibility of being. This cannot be found with a battlefield one refuses to transcend. A battle in which one is defined against 'others', rather than being identified within an integral brotherhood - no matter how insanely any of us are identifying at any given moment.
To see the lie as sin to be damned and stamped out is to become the hater through which the lie has just propagated itself.
But seeing the lie as an error to be corrected at the level of its choice and not its appearance of bait or persuasion is the releasing of the lie and of allegiance to the lie - which is much more pervasive than its symptoms would suggest. Hence the attempt to war on symptoms merely persists what it purports to manage or control.
Giving 'enemy' to others is a choice. We all get to experience to consequence of choice and thus refine it to serve the ideas we hold most dear. I would open those ideas by which everyone then acts forth as they do, to awareness. Hatred disallows such freedom.
Though of course I understand it arises within the dissonance of disintegrity because it is intolerable and the desire is for the pain to go away. I find this to be either where one yields the mind to align more truly, or invoke and fortify the mind to deny and split off from and project the hatred away. But if one notices oneself in act, one can no longer believe it true. And this awareness has now come into had before operated a closed system of a kind of tyranny of which one wasn't previously aware.

I received an appreciation from the DB:
Excellent, excellent post, binra. Thank you for this significant food for thought and personal introspection.
I replied:

Thankyou for joining in a willingness to pause and consider. (The parsing of thought-forms can occur algorithmically without any actual relationship - not unlike computers reacting to each 'other' in 'market trading').

I like to turn that phrase around. To invite or discern 'Thought for Food' in all circumstances - that is - to become responsible for my diet when it comes to thoughts explicitly or implicitly communicated to my awareness. It doesn't matter what thoughts come in so much as what I validate by reaction. That is an area of choice many are unaware of.
If I suck into thought that actually is out of true with who in all honesty I hold myself to be, then I invite conflict and distortions or limitations into my mind - (whilst likely blaming someone or something else). It is an ongoing education - often an unlearning of what I had thought or needed to believe was true.
So while of course we have to operate various structures of organisation as a society, I feel these will  inevitable embody and reflect the accepted thought of the times. What may be less apparent is that the human conditioning operates on many levels and guises such that what we present or think we believe is out of true with what we actually believe but have in a sense designated to 'unconscious'.
The illusionist distracts attention to hide what is going on. The mind is distracted to look only 'outside' by a kind of illusionist within that is also tapped into by manipulators without. For the attempt to hide our fear or our sense of inadequacy or unworthiness is NOT undoing or healing it. Rather it gives it power to operate in the shadows. And it is these apparently weak points of self-doubt or self-rejection and division, that manipulators target. But they are only weak while we are unaware that we hold them. An honesty to our fear allows us to be in relation to it and to move through it or past its dictates. A willingness to look within and without concurrently brings back the focus of a true mindfulness. It is our natural presence. The dictate to NOT look within operates the self-protective program of hiding what we were in the past, unwilling or unable to face or to tolerate.
I might suggest that the 'unconscious' that was supposed to have been put out of mind, is rising all about us as our experience of the world.
It is not easy to communicate THAT there is a coercive element in our inherited consciousness make up to the persona of belief that survival and freedom lie in KEEPING it hidden. Hence the often insane lengths that people go to against all reason in defending a personal agenda to which they have no perspective on or relationship to - because it is 'running them' as 'reality'. Those who 'know not what they do' may believe they know exactly what they are doing - but it is all within the re-enactment of their separation programming - ie: the attempt to overcome, deny or coerce that which their separation script is projected upon. But NO amount of coercing symptoms actually deals with the cause - which simply re-manifests in what is generally a subtler level of symptoms. Thus we become victim to our own complexity of 'defence' until the 'structure' breaks down and a greater perspective comes through.
The hidden personal agenda lies within the forms of accepted 'righteousness'. What else can a mask be made from BUT the forms that pass muster? But who remembers who they are, free of mask - when there are levels of masking each defending the others - to which one is automatically triggered or baited into with hardly a moment's peace in which to notice?
If we look upon our script and recognize it is a script of our own making - albeit with others, then we have opportunity to release that which no longer serves and let a truly fresh appreciation inspire us. People try to teach this as a form of coercive personal accomplishment - perhaps because that is the only framework that many see as holding value. But is there anything so dangerous as good ideas applied by the 'well intentioned'?

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Death and Taxes

A lie is a form of death to a whole or undivided awareness. As if a personal investment has spun itself separate of it true context and then spins a redefinition of its context to support the lie. Taxes are the overhead of maintaining a lie. Lies grew in the mind of Human a very long time ago such as to adulterate a true currency of Thought. However a lie feeds upon truth even whist denying it for there to be ANY true capacity to believe it or want to believe it. The parasitic mind of the lie interjects between a wholeness of relational being - between the need and the provider of need as the 'moneylender in the template' - and does so within the fear of fear or the wish to hide fear and escape magically by clever thinking. Devotion to the lie as if it is the truth of order against chaos, or power against powerlessness, relegates it as the lesser evil and therefore accepted conditioning from which one acts oblivious because it is not questioned or challenged - and to do so will merit rejection and exclusion from fellow devotees, as a lie must seek external alliances of reinforcement - positively or negatively, in attempt to validate itself.

I write at the level of consciousness. The world reflects back the ideas, beliefs and definitions that fruit in the various scenarios that unfold. The idea of coercing the world is the idea of coercing Life. Such gives rise to materialism of a sense of disconnection from the higher more inclusive levels of consciousness, and the will to power and its resultant spiral of reaction. Its war on symptoms and refusal to address true cause - always projecting it away onto the world in a device of diversion and division.

If the problem is a false foundation (re sentence 2 above), the answer is simply the recognition and release of the false - for the true is already there to replace it. The mind believes this is nonsense or heresy because it is the belief that it is the guide and protector of the self and all else is enemy. And so everything sets up as a defence of the mind that has been given a function it cannot really perform of fulfil, and as coercive control engenders reaction, so does it ratchet up the perceived need for more control. It is an addiction to a sense of power outside oneself that one otherwise lacks, and we 'get our fixes' in a multitude of ways of multi-layered complexity. False needs set up a false economy. Until the economy relates more to what is destructive to or undermining of Life than to any actual abundance, and yet the principle of abundance is simply operating in the negative, as an abundance of lack, of debt, of problem, of fear.

"Go forth and multiply" can be interpreted materially as is generally accepted, but it is the fundamental nature of consciousness itself - for what we give focus and desire and value TO by accepting as true of us - DOES go forth and multiply.

In respect of polarized arguments that fail to achieve communication, I invite the consideration of a third party that profits from such distractive device. In the world there may appear to be those who work to manipulate from the shadows while diverting attention with bait that sets the attention elsewhere. This is the pattern in the template of human consciousness as generally conditioned, that I draw attention to. Even if one can deal with one or more of the symptoms, the cause remains.

The cause can be compared to a bot-net of compromised computers that are not aware of being reprogrammed to operate a foreign will. This also occurs in many parasites in nature who have the capacity to alter the thoughts and behaviours of their host to act in the parasite's interest and not of the host or its colony.

A fundamental truth is that an unwatched mind has left the door open to any kind of thinking and often may not be aware of being deceived until a prodigal wasteland really hits bottom. Deception is a choice we don't know we are making. When we become aware it is a choice or the result of a choice, we are free to choose differently. More in align with who we know, feel and believe ourselves to be. And this resonates a wholeness of being; a joy within, even amidst adverse circumstance.

Creative endeavour is a collaborative synchronicity inspired by passion and presence both. It embodies and reflects an inner wealth of the inspiration and imagination to a shared appreciation, and a growth of a wider culture of valuing the source of the movement of true desire.

The shift into a negative or fearful imagination and agenda is evidence of a breakdown of communication within our own consciousness and not a proof of an evil will to be hidden or denied and yet lurking in the shadow to come out when 'justified' as vengeance or simply hate.

Vigilance, or being mindful of the thought beneath perception, and a willingness for discernment of resonance with who we truly are detoxifies the mind and brings it back to its core functionality. For like a government it is a servant of a greater - shared will. Not a mob mind or a lobby of coercive intent - but as the dynamic balancing of interests within consciousness - as opposed to the rational constructs that seem like good ideas but have back door agenda unbeknown to their followers.

One is simply not going to talk to the false identity and expect it to listen. But within every living call is the instinct to move toward nutrient and away from toxin, but the mind of fig-leaf justifications for false self-definition, would make the nutrient more fearful than the devil we think we know. Thus are we more than capable of believing we are choosing for our good - or against our greater evil, when in fact fuelling and maintaining the very framework by which we are unknowingly deceived. Witness the love of hating and the hate of loving - such that 'kindness' and smiles are used to mask loveless intent, and 'truth' used as a weapon for private agenda.

Sickness can be an evacuation or retching forth of what does not belong - and as such a process of renewing health. But to seek to get rid of our hatred and fear by scapegoating the other is a temporary relief that fuels a deeper cycle of suppression and inevitable crisis.

Bringing forth integrity of being through whatever we do and whoever we meet is not a call to sacrifice life to a moral coercion. It is to be restored to the joy of sharing life as an alignment and expression of who you truly are. The 'How' is usually demanded by fear of change; by the establishment. But one step at a time is an ongoing practice that shifts perspective from manually controlling life as if it is hostile to us, to an inner rebalancing and integration in flow - that includes and embraces and harmonizes the identification within the personality, so as to become more conductive to the intuitive AND truly intellectual qualities of expression, rather than locked into rationalisations of a failure to love. Love is an extension of the gift of Life - in all its qualities. To seek to make our self special is to reject the Gift in order to exclusively focus on our pet project - which can only result in a conflicted experience.

I write to add a perspective to the consideration that each is of course always free to receive or not, and accept or not, as is resonant and relative to the currently active purpose in the reader.

I wrote this into a Daily Bell editorial as a willingness to illuminate beneath the forms of polarised argument, and toward restoring a true foundation for economy and culture.