Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Save Yourself: Can The Governments Save The Market?

How refreshing to read Sense!
Discernment is of a willingness - and indeed a commitment - to feel the truth of a situation, and is one with inspiration. It may seem to be a kind of thinking - and often can occur after a process of thinking has reached its limits, but it is an intuitive quality that simply feels which way to go - or whether in fact to go at all. It can sense the nature of the roots or root intentions, without having to explore all of the branches. Trying to run without it would be like running as a template instead of as a participant in a greater relationship that is of a wholeness or presence that a template cannot 'be' or 'know'.
Unlike thinking, discernment does not yield to will or suffer to be controlled, but the personal sense is deeply and habitually invested in exactly that, and yields to compromises and makes alliances in order to gain its own advantage.
Discernment is like Manna - in that it cannot be stored and repackaged as ideas without becoming another template. It is a responsibility of remaining honestly present.
Everyone has it, but if we use a manipulative consciousness instead, then we become full of our own thought and listen only as our thought dictates, if at all.

A reevaluation of values and purpose is called for. Alarm should not inspire fear, but summon an alertness of full presence. For fear is not the guide of a present discernment but of reaction and reenactment of past ignorance.

When the 'system' that is itself an expression of our culture, that we all use, share and depend on, disintegrates or fails, is there not a call to awaken from the habits that ARE the problem - and attend to the Living?

Our political and financial situation is mirroring the fundamental structure and 'dynamic' of a consciousness that is in many ways a global 'culture' that does not express or honour a genuine presence of life in its expressions.

'Save yourself', by stepping out of the mentality of a template based thinking and be inspired to a fresh curiosity as to what we are and what our world is. Perspective awakens, shifts our focus and grows willingness and capacity to invest in a reality that at its root, is of shared being.

What we appreciate, appreciates. Fear and greed are the same. We do not need austerity so much as a refocus in an honesty of heart. I sense our vanities will be stripped away whether we are willing now or later. But to even be able to see that we are vain  - and conditioned - in our own thinking and image, is a measure of noticing. Of awareness.

Discernment is a natural expression of awareness that feels.

Thankyou for your attention.

Reflections on the emergence of a conflicting neural network

The complexity of the neural networks that are developing as an externalised infrastructure of mind is like to our own 'internal' consciousness.
Not the higher qualities of awareness, discernment and inspiration - but the 'mechanism' of rule-based manipulation and processing of data.

Absolute separation of one computing device or network from another is not  possible in any practical working sense. 'Walls' can be made and work to a degree, for a time. But the evolving complexity of capabilities of feature means a constant 'war' must be maintained against 'that which threatens to obstruct or undermine one's own intention'. (Amidst ever conflicting intentions).

Consciousness can lose its reference to any grounded or whole capacity to relate or respond directly, or sanely, amidst an overwhelming complexity in which false and polarized centers of identity 'fight' against integrity itself. This is called insanity because it is completely dissociative. Attempt to over control leads to 'out of control' - in a negative sense of being possessed by one's own imaginations. This crashes or conflicts in ways that paralyze.

Consciousness may then be limited to a minimal set of capacities, which can then be easily controlled - but the sense of deprivation is great and the methods of control are brutal. The'new' mind can then grow but wall out those aspects of consciousness - now associated with pain - with taboo of guilt and fear. That is - as an imposed 'control over' rather than a harmony of parts working as a whole.

The higher qualities of mind are non local - though they have local expression. When the mechanism of mind substitutes for a true intellignece, a template runs. We seem to like 'autonomy' even though it always inherently results in a prodigal wasteland.

The willingness to open or listen for the inspiration, that is a genuine response to a discerned need - rather than the persistence of the template consciousness, will result in experience that unifies and harmonizes from a wholeness of perspective. That is to say; it works.

The short term consciousness that seems to work - and that seems unarguably fact - is simply an inherited cultural investment in a previous adaption to an ignorance.

The ignorance is a result of attempting autonomy. As if the mind could run its own operating system separate and apart from Mind Itself. Of course we can play this and make it real to ourselves and each other by our thinking (as if) apart and alone. But false promise cannot deliver anything but the loss of sharing in the true.

Integrity and trust have to be engineered into our system. IF, we  want to share in the life abundant.
The playing out of personified hollowgrams in virtual reality must be separated out from the direct functionality of meeting our collective needs.

Our greatest present need is to give and receive love, because only in that are we ever truly realizing and sharing what it is that we Are. But in a fragmented consciousness we do not remember what love is - or who we are. Far from being a call to make ourselve 'spiritual' or affecting behaviours that 'handshake' love, this is a capacity to Be out from a wholeness and presence of Mind that cannot be 'done' but can be done through us. We are being breathed and we are awake to awareness without 'doing' life. When energy and attention is released from 'doing' what only complexifies and obstructs life, it is free to channel as life more abundant.

Until it is released, war and the cost of war, persist as a deceptive loop of experience that is so much less than what we are as to be both tragic and comic. Ultimately or actually, we meet our mind in its reflection.

Thank you for your attention

Monday, 30 July 2012

Apple's latest ads, advertising in general and the fruit of a different Tree

(Comment after being invited to comment regarding the latest ads from Apple - see link in title above)

The 'message' is that you can do things with a Mac very simply (once you know how), and using software that is included with the Mac - which is not just up-market hardware but the only (practical) hardware you can run Mac OSX on. For a Mac is unified software/hardware and not just the box.

In order to 'get attention and hold it, the adverts are trying to use humour, and putting out the 'genius' idea that indicates a support network for the new user. Many new users demographically believe that they are an idiot as far as computers go - or rather that they are clueless regarding the use of such technology.

In order to appeal to one market, Apple inevitably invite derision from those who are relatively literate regarding the use of computers.

Advertising in general is not merely conveying information, but seeks to implant associations, in the minds of many and expresses manipulative intent. Because it is so 'normal' in our times we accept it as almost invisible - and yet it is a kind of warfare being waged.

The inviting via suggestion and insinuation of personal associations that promise a getting or enhancing one's identity from either adopting or hating a brand or product or range of services, is what all advertising tends to join in pushing. This is part of the insanity of our time. It is also reenacting the essential mythos of the apple in the Garden in the Bible story. By listening to a false voice, one seems to become made in one's own image - and exercising a 'freedom' of individual or personal judgement in which one is actually blinded to a true discernment of reality and infatuated with self image; the Prodigal error of an imaginative mind playing all by itself as if it was the thing it imagines.

It is the way of all scams, that they sucker those who seek something 'too good to be true' or that promise more than can actually ever be delivered. The mind that wants to believe its own stories, is manipulatable.

The mentality, and its resultant culture that it embodies, is what is really going on. To see past the deceptions, one has to eat of a different Tree!

It is usually the way that the mentality of the 'top dog' becomes inflated, paranoid and out of touch. 'What is good for me is good for the whole". Such self serving mentality can only call for a fall! But in amongst the tares is a harvest of true service.

There is a process of externalising some aspects of our  'brain' or mind in Information Technology, and Apple are playing a significant role in this rapidly developing extension to our otherwise organic existence, not least in making a 'front end' or user experience, that can actually be used by a very larger portion of people (who otherwise demonstrate a range of resistance or fear regarding the adoption of new technology).

But in 'succeeding' at widespread adoption, There is a losing out to the 'market forces' that are essentially driven by surface desires and short term 'hits'. This cultivates dumb consumers as a sort of cattle for the 'clever' to prey on. That they are 'stupid' is a presumption that is therefore reinforced in EVERY advertisement or PR spin campaign.

It doesn't matter what tools we use so much as the conscious purpose that aligns them to serve the purpose in the heart. 'Identity' conflict is a sort of game that gets out of hand. But there is a great appetite in the human conditioning, for competition and the attempt to personally overcome adversity - hence the Olympic Games - in which all sorts of nonsense is concurrent with shining a spirit of excellence.