Sunday, 31 October 2010

Robin Hood Tax

When there is STRONG feeling of wrong or injustice, there is every liability of such emotional charge being manipulated for private agendas that are  disguised in the apparent good intention.

Initially it seems that only a fool or someone high in the financial sector or supported by it directly, would not sign up to the campaign premise. However, what is needed - I feel - is a deeper reevaluation of the basis on which we live. Because otherwise the same 'power' politics of hidden intent and manipulative self interest will continue to be exercised on a personal and collective basis.

There is a need to limit and hold to account, the lawlessness of the Global Corporate activity - which works within and is  dominated by the International financial sector. Governments do not have the power to do this outside of a global shift of consciousness - for they only operate within the mandate that the consciousness of their peoples give them.

For such a shift in consciousness, there needs to be a willingness to demonstrate a self honesty and unanonymity  founded in a conviction or faith of life rather than a consumer or herd like identity in a mass movement. Because the latter is always an unconscious manipulation and the former is always a living self responsibility.

The one who desires to change the world must first understand the deeper mechanism of consciousness that predicates the world as it is humanly experienced. Or it merely reenacts the same loveless and exploititive insanity in the name of a self deceiving agenda.

For deception is the art of using complexity, confusion and and distraction in order to achieve a desired outcome of appearance - whether in financial, political or personal activities.

Taxes have a part to play - but the real issue is not adjusting the mechanism but of pulling the curtains on the 'Wizard of Oz' in our own Mind.

This is my heartfelt contribution at this time. It is offered to be considered - as you have willingness and as you can discern relevance. True Justice involves a restoration to the wholeness of your being as a basis of discerning and experiencing truth. This is unconditionally available and yet will also serve to guide the healing and restoration of right relations amidst the conditions of the world as we know it.

Hate is never creative and cannot create a just world. Yet in our grasping for a validation of ourselves and our opinions, we can so easily love to hate the scapegoats that seem to carry the sins we hate - in our own mind.

Tax the loveless thinking such that it has to serve a re awakening Purpose - instead of running on unnoticed - in the dark - as if it represented our heart's desire.

I am an individual member of the human family and have no organisational affiliations. I declare an interest in desiring sanity as a shared condition in which we learn to share and therefore enjoy and appreciate a commonwealth of abundance instead of creating artificial scarcities in a fearful and lonely state of possession.

I call not so much for new thinking - but for a surrender of thinking to a shift in purpose - a shift in the Heart. This inevitably brings a change in thought - but thinking itself will not be the foundation. As if meaning itself can really be encapsulated in thoughts or as if value itself could really be encapsulated in money.

Thank you for your attention.