Saturday, 19 September 2020

Open and unmasked use of fear as 'protection' against fear becomes unworkable

 The separation-device operates to mask the fear without undoing it, and so a bubble of control is maintained around a narrative that shifts and changes - but always to evade questioning or disclosing the core of control set over fear.

So the ego or masked sense of self, operates a self contradiction of fear seeking protection and a protection racket of fear and threat applied to everything and anything that keeps you listening to it - for such is the only life it has. It thus speaks to you as IF the only life you have. Its lack of substance underlies your lack of faith or trust in your existence - and so while there may be periods of success in keeping fear from conscious awareness, they are punctuated by reminders that 're-prime the pump' or reset the narrative, such as to defend against disclosure of what the mask is made to hide, and hide in. 

The internalisation of narrative beliefs, 'becomes us' - for the masking structure of whatever strategies are acted out, becomes invisible in social reinforcement as normal.

Any behaviours can thus be trained or conditioned to become normal. But that does not make them natural or aligned with who we are. The contradiction of social demands and conditioned compliance with who we are is itself a source of fear, for the 'world' we take as our 'reality' is a bubble that disintegrates or is transformed by awareness in truth - in which a wholeness of being reveals incongruity of thought, perception and response.

The willing alignment to a re-evaluation of self and world is a healing of the mind and of our relationships with ourselves and our world. But in a 'normal' that defends against true messengers in fear of change as pain of loss, the pressure of denials demands ever more resources and indeed sacrifice of the living, to maintain a face of 'control' that masks over trauma revisited. For the 'patterns' of our personal and social adaptations are sets of learned behaviours, much of which was in our formative experience - prior to the development of the mind of self-reflective reasoning or choice. 

The obvious and unmasked use of fear as 'protection' against fear becomes unworkable. It cannot hold allegiance or believability, and the nature of the device becomes more starkly revealed as coercive deceit in which we are more invested than we think. The emotion-backed coercive mind can terrorise, to set a lie over truth, but cannot make it true.

Truth requires nothing be added or taken away to be itself.

Separation from truth is a self-contradiction running in compelling emulation 'as if' its exposure is our damnation or utter undoing. But passing through fears demonstrates such fear is unfounded, while reinforcing investment in protecting them from awareness buys delay at cost of true fulfilment now.

As a collective 'breakdown' we are experiencing something like the fall of the tower of Babel.

The mind and world fragment into polarised compartments of broken communication.

If a Temple should fall, its lack of foundation is revealed. That we can engage somewhat gracefully in a process of change contrasts with, kicking and screaming all the way. But how we arrive at acceptance is not a determining of truth so much as willingness to re-evaluate our priorities in the fact of lack of support for our old thinking, perception and response - which runs 'subconsciously' as if to escape the leading edge of freedom to be the expression of a true fulfilment. For we have all experienced pain of a world that betrays us and sought never to allow such again into a heart - withdrawn and withholding from life as 'protection' from fear at our core.

Thursday, 17 September 2020

Boris on Moonshine?

If you are aware that a reset of the global social, economic - (and replacement of any political process )- with systemic controls) is operating under pretext of pandemic, then money as we thought we knew it, is also switching to a digital 'credit system' in which helicopter money enables provisional access to goods and services,  for compliance. 

'Get rich, be a snitch' is an overstatement, but may seem true relative to social exclusion and shame.

So the 'raiding' or redistributing such wealth as can be leveraged is operating in the same manner as making the most of a crisis in terms of increasing control and withholding or removing rights. Or riding the bandwagon effect, for where the fear is flagged to, the funding follows.

But there is another take on this, and that is to discern an insane script winding up to its own logical conclusion.

The shift from  a locked-down and protected sense of self-separateness running fear and control, but masked in virtue, to a transparency to the movement of being that gives rise to a relational expression, interaction and appreciation, is  as I see it, marked by looking upon the 'foundation' beneath the mind of fear and control, to immediately see it is NOT there.

That capacity for fear to operate as belief and become locked in by action and reaction, is for belief to run in place of an inner knowing - which is directly and presently felt connection.

The practical of this is a capacity and willingness to live from a contextual or relational field of awareness rather than operate as a disconnected  pathogenic fear, with no power of our own but what we can mask in so as to feed off the life that we think to manipulate to private agenda that  once symbolised something real that we longed for from a sense of lack, deprivation or denial.

The native awareness is prior to - or beneath the overlay of the mind and world we learn and adapt to 'normalise' as reality.

You simply cannot 'think' it or think to make it so for it is always already 'movement' of focusing of intention and desire, but in a sense covered over by many levels of complex filters and distortion arising from conflicted 'foundations' which as I said, are no foundation at all, but like the cartoons; as long as we don't look down we keep running. Until the lack of support becomes no longer possible to redefine into terms of sustainability of self-invested illusion.

So the way we choose to see, is where we choose to look from. Regardless the multiplex of rabbit holes of complex fronting over intent to gain possession and control, that has its history in a world set in fear, is the capacity to align in the presence of what we willingly accept and give energy and attention to, instead of aligning by fear in giving attention to what we don't want - and bringing it in as the frame of a present set in terms of a past that is not here now.

You cannot tell another that their fears are unreal - when their world reflects them viscerally. But we can live from a basis that unselfconsciously shines to the willingness of others. Our idea of freedom has been self-will set in the body. I see free willingness aligning a relational appreciation. The capacity of the mind to get ahead and in our own way is much faster than what we call our thinking - that is already framed in 'doing' what life freely extends to our being.

I suggest we are 'meant' to recognise the lack of foundation to the 'control agenda' - which for all its claim to 'new order' has no life in it. What for 'the control' if the hollow within only expands to deny even the little that we hath?

I invite looking at the false so as to recognise it as false. 

Not looking for the false so as to package it as a process to manage or eradicate or marketise for a masked private agenda. But while we WANT to be 'made safe' we will 'see' its premise or profit as our protector and guide.

'Let the dead bury the dead' is a call to give full attention to the living - now, at hand, where we are.

The Call to love or for a truly Grounded Sanity, is not to the mind of our own thinking - nor from it.

Resting the mind, releases to a true 'reset' or refreshment and renewal.

Our thinking, clever as it may be, gets in the way especially by adopting the 'correctnesses' of insights that haven't truly been lived before bing marketed and leveraged.

Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Are we free?

 I pondered on themes in a video as I met them in the larger context than it presented.

But it was from this post:

Are we free?

A fundamental tenet of Christian witness is Free Will as our very creation - which becomes confused with our birth. Freedom does not belong or apply to the body - but the mind can limit and equate itself to the body in attempt to possess and control the symptoms rather than align in true Cause.

So that freedom 'to be who we are', can be masked over and 'locked' into or lost sight of to vain deceits or false thinking - is our 'Adversary'  - though in truth I feel it an innate adversity proceeding from conflicted roots, and not a created living being - if I can shift out of materia medica to use such terms. We can give life to fear and suffer and die from the belief. This becomes our new normal, and witnesses to a greater love than masked virtue have to be denied - at cost of further sacrifice and limitation, such as to lose all hope of healing to victim management systems that seek to 'understand' how life works, but only in order to usurp and replace it with something 'safer' to a convicted identity in control - set in place of a true relational and therefore free responsibility to meet the need.

The idea of the deceiver is not new, and Jesus in the idiom of his time (and translation) said 'resist ye not evil', and 'love thine enemy' and other such sayings that suggest to the fearful that they are wrong to defend, and are left to supply the doormat to Big Brother's boot, but that is not at all the witness or teaching he embodies (whether you allow this any reality for you of not), and so needs to be understood in context and indeed in a like willingness to pause the mind of reacting self-will, to open a receptive willingness for the Universal Will - that is also recognised as 'synchronicity' of giving and receiving as one - through the situation as a whole rather than as a rationalised or mythologised (actually both) perception-reaction - that is not wrong to feel or experience, but is from a past that is not here now.

If in being triggered by a past made in fear, loss or anger, we are 'possessed' of it, then we reiterate our past AS IF it is happening now as a self certainty at odds with our current relational situation or relationships.

Then we are phished to reproduce in like reaction the very act we move to eradicate under self-certainty of 'right' to attack as protecting the 'victim' that fear paints, models or projects as an inevitable outcome UNLESS  surrendering to an interjecting, overriding control. 

While an emergency intervention may looks like this, the genuine response to the need is altogether relational and the attender willingly 'gets out of the way' for the need to be met - and is guided and supported BY that Field of Intention - without having to take on what is NOT required, helpful or timely to the need.

Jesus offers a tuning fork for realignment of desire and intention of unified purpose - but what has been masked in by the fearful, stuffed the new wine into old thinking that wasn't ready to be looked at and released. I regard organised and religion to be not a free church!

But even so I was surprised at how passively God was taken out by a virus. But then the 'yeast' has been working through the whole all along, subverting everything to serve an image taken in vain as a self-willing sense of grievance.

Is the hurt a call for healing, or a means for masking in virtue set over 'no-go' areas of our psyche?

When - as Malcolm and I both say "don't just do something, stand there!" - it is to make the space of awareness in which true questions can be asked - that is they address the true need rather than the questions that 'fit the narrative' and protect the problem by repackaging it - which is a form of mind-magic seeking and targeting the profile of the susceptible. So as to all learn to look away from what we learn not to see. And yet toxic consequence is no less active for being airbrushed, or covered over and put 'out of mind'. But now runs without responsibility, beneath the face of control, set an impossible task and burden, for which it is neither fitted nor capable nor able to recognise such for it 'knows not what it does'. We can all see this when we get in our own way in struggle and act against our own fulfilment.

In God we trust, but in viral fear we are trussed ;-)

The word 'god' doesn't matter if the heart hasn't opened a communication within life and thus with the life of others. But what we actually believe or hold true at heart is known by our fruits.

This and every moment is perfectly valid feedback, but we forgot the question. Learning to align in the impulse of a true question bring more coherent result. 

Sunday, 13 September 2020

Not Blaming your Oppressor

I differentiate blame from responsibility.

Just as I differentiate emotional reactivity from feeling awareness.

It is for you to ask what your motive is and results are from blaming your oppressor. 

My experience is that this gives power away to a false sense of 'being right' emotional validation and as I say a sense of personal validation - all seeking vengeance.

What practical function does its serve?

As I see it generates a polarised identity against the hated and feared, that becomes available as a proxy of leverage for the manipulators who operate golems running as reactive identities.

If you don't want to be someone else's lab rat, uncover what your primary responsibility is - as a feeling awareness - that is - NOT from a mental dissociation.

So fear is being propagated and guilt leveraged as a means of control.

There are the agencies of its planning setting up and execution, and there is the realm of responsibility that is your mind. You can investigate the former and as we say go down the rabbit hole, but will any of that address the core need for restoring or maintaining the integrity of your mind?

Caveat, no one who is hacked believes they are hacked.

Until the exclusive diversion to the Outer is brought into alignment with a restores Inner - we are literally running as conditioned responses under belief we are free - or rather that such reactions are the means to freedom.

I agree that looking at social, economic and political terrain will give more light on what is happening here than blaming a personalised or totemic enemy.

The ability to frame the narrative is the goose that lays the golden egg in terms of financial and corporate investments seeking profits and controls that become effective monopoly cartels running behind multiple fronts.

Huge resources are applied to the ability to shape and frame the narrative. For various reasons this is becoming more out in the open as 'post truth' politics. It no longer pretends to reason or argue because it has no substance if actually challenged. It weaponises thought and language - ie framing the narrative .

I applaud this article above for beginning to reveal this element - because otherwise everyone reacts within the narratives and identities provided. However, we are free to choose our experience or rather we are free to live the experience provided or to shift perspective.

How much does all this stuff going on require that you internalise and replicate what you are fed, told or exposed to choose from? Who can oppress you like your own thought can - and does. 

If you find stepping stones of help in Marx - who am i to argue( (I don't). We all need all the help we can line up in and let in. But if you want help in grievance driven vendetta, you are looking to deny in return as if that in itself is some sort of answer. And there are those who literally use such polarised emotional states as a battery. How did Trump get in? On the charge that had been built up against the Establishment. They are extremely cunning and way ahead of our capacity to out think. However, I don't have to engage with the bait to react in the frames they set. I do not have to 'think' to know. But I use the word in an archaic sense here because modern meanings for knowledge are related to possession and control, not intimacy or transparency of being.  

Seductions to false knowledge that inculcate self-lack cultivate dependency in the subject, such that nothing is certain and there for everything is up for grabs - hence the competing narratives of a split mind. we don't have to 'understand this' to release what isn't truly ours and accept only what truly is - moment by moment. And writing it (like this) can only point to something that is our core responsibility of willingness. Until we release what is not truly serving us, it will oppress us. Don't wait for conditions to change to be the life you have and are. And yes these are very challenging times - that compress everything such as to make oppression magnify intolerably. But if we bring this to a feeling awareness rather than feed it to a blame mindset, we learn more of who and what we are. I don't say that you should. But I do witness to that this is an education if we are up for an inderstanding that aligns in appreciation, freedom and gratitude, rather than understanding equated with control - which I could call the lock-down mindset).

Herded into a Lack of Immunity 

Mass society in terms of a herding together has become an industrially managed entity. While massing would have occurred in the past it would have been in extreme conditions. Tribes became communities became villages, towns and city sprawls - along with ever faster transports and communications systems.

The human consciousness - like its societal expression is fragmented and fitted to a corporate dependency on outsourced networks or systems of intelligence. 

BTW many seemed to be independent voices who folded for the covid psyop - as OG have noted. We may think we are independent until the ground is pulled out from under what we had heavily invested in as our reality.

The willingness to identify with humanity and with life, is not itself a herded narrative identity - but a wholeness of being.

Put it this way; if you make others into something to selfishly manipulate, then you cannot recognise them AND choose to persist in loveless thought and behaviour - therefore it is part of the predatory intent to assert strong defences against being undermined or weakened of resolve, by recognising the lives of others as of the same Life.

Part of covering over such loveless intent is the masking in 'virtues' of caring, sympathy and concern.

I don't say this to deny the virtues of any genuine relationship, but that we are masters of masking and making a masking reality. One way of assigning a herd mentality is the adoption of  the masking that offers protection against fears or finds favour under the current sense of power struggle.

Masking can be knowingly engaged as a workable disguise, or unknowing identified in as our reality experience. In that sense unmasking is an Intimacy of being that does not have to do anything about the masking reality - which may be rendered transparent, fall away or operate peripherally instead of as interjection, distancing or coded and conditioned reaction.

Standing in our own being or drawing on resources we didn't know we had, is not likely to occur at any depth within a social support bubble but on leaving or losing it. But uncovering who we are - rather than what we have been conditioned to accept and run, is a basis from which to relate from a wholeness - rather than as a mutually reinforcing set of conditional contracts, jostling for position or cliques of alliance.

If a relationship becomes lost to empty ritual as a result of not valuing the relationship itself, and is persisted in for fear of change, its may seek to bolster itself with all kinds of contrivances to save the appearances - which is the hollowing to a protection of a mask running over lack of substance or loss of respect for truth.

There is infinitely more going on in the moment at hand than its continuity for our story

We don't 'do' reclaiming innocence. But yield to being present.

Most of our problems are the result of getting in our own way.

Being, is prior to or beneath anything we attribute to our existence.

Hence the 'be still and know'.

You say that we live in artificial settings - well we can surround ourselves with our own making  and yet where IS the living happening?

Life never really leaves Source or Nature.

But we live the experience of a world that in a sense we have made - for the meanings we have derived, assigned and associated with recognisable patterns and conditions, objects and events are at some level, 'artificial' settings. An innocent perception can open wonder in place of a 'familiarity' that no longer even really looks - because it thinks to know.

Judgement operates both ways - but the one who judges thinks to be separate from and set over or apart from what is judged. Judgement splits the mind - indeed fragments the mind. But only in the mind that judges. Not in truth - for the root of mind has no inside or outside in truth and yet we may rarely glimpse or be stirred at that level of awareness - though it is our natural state.

Suffice to say that the mind and world we take as our reality is also a 'mask'. A narrative is a mythic construct. A story is also a casting out. We meet parts of ourself in everyone and can uncover the more of who we are as a result of releasing judgements. Unless you are so locked into story that you are not ready to look at it for what is is and does.

However there are times when, ready of not, major change occurs, and how we experience or adapt to this is a lot to do with how invested we are in our own self-illusions or how present we are with what is truly current.

The attempt to force change is in the realm of action and reaction, but the whole is always changing - and aligning in what is already moving is not trying to push or pull the flow of events.

When we identify in the wish and belief that we can and have - then we lose awareness of the whole for a technologism of thought that ultimately generates such a systemic experience subjection, compression and denial as is operating as a control mindset - dissociated from whole and regarding itself as autonomous and thereby becomes an automaton.

Technologism masks in scientism rather than Natural Philosophy in which science uncovered human significance and not merely marketisable or weaponisable technologies sold under the propaganda of the human good or progress, or power or protection.

Likewise a false thinking runs under a sense of possession and control masked in 'virtue signalling' according to the current identity. I don't only focus on the extreme or obvious examples - I point to systemic corruptions of thought and meaning that leave us defenceless or susceptible to deceit and manipulation.

Experts can be extreme examples of a highly specific focus. But those who are dedicated in the field are always uncovering more that they do not know while those who are self-seeking are more given to mask in knowing more than they do and coming to believe their own spin as both an effective persona and who they are - or depend upon, to be who they are invested in presenting as.

We are all somewhat alloyed - for we all have some sense of investment in self-validation that reveals itself when it is not met.

We will repeat the unlearned lessons of the past until we do not need them. Often under the intent and attempt to avoid them. And so new parents swear not to make the same mistakes that they associate with their own upbringing and though the forms may change, the underlying issues are not often addressed and all kinds of fears, feuds, denials and exclusions flow down the generations as an 'energetic pattern' - not unlike eddies in a river.

At some point the recognition of presence opens a capacity to draw from the past or future what is truly desired - instead of seeking from a sense of lack-driven necessity, to get to somewhere else or away from a past that is not here now - and yet is invoked and brought here by the very intent to escape or overcome it.

Being is already both individual and collective. This will seem to make no sense to a locked down sense of separated or distanced personal control set against fear of undoing in pain of loss.

the idea that you or we have to collectively organise is exactly the way to abort a living movement. It is exactly this divorced and dissociated mentality that judges life as stupid, dumb, broken, weak, and sets itself as the righteous defender of faith in its own thinking. or what it takes as its own thinking - for collectivism demands the sacrifice of living thought. Only what can be marketised or weaponised to serve its agenda is actually seen or taken from an encounter with insight. Unless of course the identity in such a mindset is brought to question in the light of living thought or free awareness.

Life moves us as we are willing to receive. If you want to run your own show, then in a sense our spiritual life is put on hold while we dally in the realm of struggling to become something or someone that we think we want or should be.

I don't for one moment subscribe to the idea of the individual as an ego and so you misread my gist. An individual is of the whole and only as such is whole. You are not a body-bagged mental case set in 'control' of your life - but you are free to have the experience as long as you want.

We all live within each other and within the whole - there is no physical model for this in our current thinking - which assigns life to separated systems but ignores the total environment of which they and we are in expression of and with. There are energetic substratum to the realm of appearances that are in a sense filed-effects or patterns of resonance within One Thing as Many and Many within One. I don't ask anyone to believe this, but I have no basis to disbelieve it. 

Lot of people use truth now as if it is a weapon or a movement set against lies, but that is not truth, that is ammunition seeking impact.

Accepting the truth of who you are is the releasing of what you are not. This is never a 'mental' exercise'. 

The psyop of the mind (leaving 'Them' out of it for now), is the identification with mental image in place of felt intimacies and qualities of our being. And so we run off with a copy in which love can be broken - because images and idols cannot be maintained against change or the always new. But the grief and grievance can be grievous when what our heart is set upon is rejected, abandoned, and betrayed.

There is infinitely more going on in the moment at hand than its continuity for our story - but even this has a function of serving alignment in wholeness, when released of it separative self-specialness of judging against. If you value freedom, will you acknowledge and honour freedom in others? Or will you 'should' or shame and blame them to comply?

Can you trust the movement of being who you truly desire to be? Or must you force this down and blame it on everything and everyone else for not coming forth?

I haven't focussed on the difficult and in the light of the last paragraph, I suggest there are often hidden reasons why we back off from re-opening old fears of lack of support, rejections, inadequacies or whatever set that aspect of out life into atrophy or under armouring or diversions.

How do we be in the world of fears and coded avoidances under masking defences or disguises? In a sense, best to recognise that you cant, and the attempt will cost you awareness of being. Jesus tought a few directly in love to live from presence that he called the Holy Spirit which is the heart's discernment.

If you want to live from discernment instead of suffer your judgements, you need cultivate the Receptive by resting a dissociated projective mind, enough to let life in - and through you. In making music we might recognise that getting out of the way is a releasing of self-consciousness to being moved.

Being Found in a True With-ness from Which to Live

 To consider illusion as a masking over that passes off as true, is looking at a false belief set by reaction and thus a misidentification running as a 'cognitive dissonance'.

Consider illusion as a masking over, that passes off as true, so as to look at a false belief set by reaction of misidentification running as a 'cognitive dissonance'. Not us a rejection or invalidation of the truth beneath appearances that may seem self-evident to an adaptation to seeing them.

I am not suggesting there is no true or living reality, but that our current learned or acquired sense of world is running on a conflicted foundation which offers a false and unreliably shifting guide, to which fitting our sense of self and world leads us unto conflict of coercion, and conflict repackaged in instruments of deceit and 'normalised' as currency of exchange.

The idea of peace is not IN the world but that your willingness extends it to your relationships that share a world.

Of yourself (conflicted as a product of your history), you have no peace and there would seem to be none.

The idea of conflict is thus the idea you are 'of yourself' while history is set by the mythic or narrative creations that support a separated, locked down, distancing, masking narrative identity, that represents your survival set against separation trauma - which is masked over as if mitigated, salved, escaped or cast out, and yet structures the very mind of such 'escape'.

Running off with a false inheritance taken from a father who yet lives - as a world for getting, set in defence as fear of losing, and against disclosure of guilt for error made 'real' and the squandering of everything for a wasteland.

'Bottoming out' is the term used for where and when an addiction is truly undone of its conflicted foundation, and a foundation of wholeness shines peace without a word and by no act. Addiction operates a compulsion to seek outside our self from a sense of self-lack - given power or priority as our set of mind. But our use of the term tends to those forms that show as anti-social rather than those that operate invisibly AS socially reinforced 'normals'.

Trying to wake from a mind-trap in which we have in some way or at some level set ourself, yet know not what we do, is a way of persisting in struggle under psyop or deceit we are actively identifying in or taking identity from.

The call for truth - which may indeed be a cry of no words left to mask in - is at root a signification of willingness to release the 'mind of guides' by which to justify ourself to ourself.

Conscious alignment in true witness holds the qualities or virtues of the peace of the heart. Checking in with heart and mind includes physically reflecting symptoms such as agitation or tight gut. We pause to check in with peace - or we run instead as reaction to loss of peace.

When we mask in the false, we compartmentalise, or split the mind and use the split mind to justify our 'self' to others and ourself and develop a 'conscience' of rules.

There is a place for the protection of order by rules, but not as the replacement of the living heart of wholeness by systemic correctnesses set by blind identity in reaction.

What could be more practical than checking in with where you are coming from - so as to recognise and align in life rather than reacting entanglement in lies.

The redeeming of the word and the world, is bringing it to a quality of willing and open awareness by which what is worthy is brought forth and magnified, and what is without substance or true 'with-ness is undone as a means from which to draw or extend meaning.

That we look through a lens darkly, is the thinking and its basis, that frames our perception and response. Jesus didn't teach guilt and damnation for sin - but extended true with-ness to the willingness to immediately and simply release it.

None can release what they are terrified to look upon or bring to a simple awareness. Yet truth waits on willingness, not on time.

While we persist in compartmentalised futility, we effectively give priority to a mind-habit or automaton, of judgements seeking priority over true.

Pilate asked - what is truth?

But the mind of itself can neither ask a real question or recognise the answer is already given.

How practical is that?

What we seek with sets the measure and kind of what we find.

The forms of Jesus' teaching have been marketised and weaponised and devalued or degraded as simple way-showing.

But this is true of all living communication that comes into the mind that is split between two mutually exclusive guides. The forms are masked in and subverted to serve a fear and control agenda. But the spirit of living purpose is not IN the world so much as gifts a fresh basis from which to recognise and share in the living - even through the conditions to which we have been conditioned to regard as unquestionably real - in and of themselves.

History holds a nightmare I keep 'walking' into but sufficient unto the day be the evils thereof. Look to the moment at hand and live this day well. Be simple and practical in your love of life for it is beyond measure - and this is what a mind of measuring forgets.

Saturday, 12 September 2020

Novel Narratives



But IF there had been no 'discovery of novel virus' and media driven focus in hysteria, and we had simply looked at the respiratory complications of sickness and death as a group of scientists would we have discovered any different?

So is the term 'covid death' a scientific term or a media narrative meme?

Would we talk about cold deaths? There are such - and in end of life or immune suppressed, a cold can provide the pathway from this world.

Not many note the breakup of the UK, nor the replacement of the NHS by a CHS. The old names may be retained but the public is being fed to a private 'partnership' that is corporate capture running under PR.

Why capitalise covid?

The narrative interpretation of events can be a fiction while of course something has happened or is happening. Once invested by reaction it is hard to 'see' any other way. The manipulator knows this and uses all emotional leverage to induce the initial reaction by which to seal the deal.

A pandemic of obesity gives lip service to a virological term for a systemic result of toxic food supply to mis-educacted people whose gut has been undermined - and with it cognition, digestion and immune function.

It is industrially designed disease. Not that corpulence is new, but that used to be for the few who could afford over indulgences that got the better of them.

IE: The condition had a very different clinical profile.

Malthus wanted to site the poor in areas of marsh and swamp that were associated with sickness - so as to retard their capacity to breed. That mindset is discredited on surface but only grew in influence to work from the shadows. What else would biosecurity entail but the control of biology?


Sweden confessed to some lockdown deaths – but otherwise hasn’t as yet trashed its economical life support system.

The result of doing this to ourselves is more than a passing seasonal death toll that is almost identical to average seasonal death tolls in number and demographics.

The capacity of the ‘covid’ mind capture to operate as The Narrative to which all else is subordinate used to be called a ‘god’.


Insanity piles upon insanity until the Call to Sanity moves within the disturbance that the mind can no longer mask in rationalisations.

Gentle is the spirit that calms the mind of its inflammation to reveal the heart’s knowing. A true resonance does hold a sweet spot of recognition, but in the time of the Mad Emperor, everyone is masked in imaginary minds.


Twists in the plot that suggest yet another rabbit hole keep the attention in the ruse.

The conceit operates ingeniously.

You can go back by the way to a mine in China a decade or so earlier. See Swiss Doctor site

Novel toxic environments provide novel viral response to weave into novel ways to manipulate the human biological response as novel opportunity to profit thereby.

So regardless the hulabaloo I don’t buy the virological basis for disease – even thought I recognise it is an established religion. However, I can still see toxicity and distress operating in the environmental exposures as well as in the treatments and prophylactics.

The difference between infection and injection is that the first has to make it through the protective membranes, find a receptive condition and be taken in and multiplied. The second gets in via the mind of the target as permission to bypass all checks and boundary conditions, to take over the function of the body politic.

This is what we have. A high ‘security’ prison that makes us ‘safe’ while robbing us of all this is ours – in our name. This might be a re-run of the prodigal son story in which we are robbed of a living inheritance by die hard, wasteful, extravagant, spendthrift, improvident, imprudent, immoderate, profligate, thriftless, excessive, intemperate, irresponsible, self-indulgent, reckless, and wanton habits – given permission to run their course.


No proof of causation of a specific disease has been established for the novel virus. This statement can be extended but start there.

Causation is assumed, believed and fitted to as dogma.

Parallel: the accusation and assignment to cholesterol and saturated fats of causing heart disease was 'The Science' that had been effectively bought and run for 30-40 years before lack of evidential support correlated with the PR campaigns that operated corporate and government interests in setting such a narrative - and consequent food control system (Big Ag based on oil and chemicals).

An underlying pattern can be observed in the demonising of the naturally evolved adaptation, for novel forms of capture, control and defence against disclosure. These are presented as progress or new and improved, necessary or moral protections against our demonisation for their toxic results.

The biosecurity state is a replacement of human love and life (for all our faults), with a built in guilted control system - whether as carbon units, infection vectors or narrative-critical awareness (non compliance under Thought control).

Is this the end of the human experience to the beginning of the human experiment? In some ways it has always been both - at least since the mind of 'As If' were invested with priority over 'As Is'.

The reiteration of trauma shock as reset for control 

I had often had the thought that if I had just appeared within the human experience, I would wonder what great shock had occurred that everyone was so psychically locked down and normalised to masking over and masking in as their social model of conditions, perceptions and responses. (Precovid).

The breaking of the normal by a reiteration or re-invoking of such shock or 'separation trauma' is the resetting of the god idea as 'control' or lording it over - rather than the idea of life as One, and its expressions as of a kind each according to their kind.

You may not be able to read that because the masking of a mind is itself a defence against disclosure to fears that are as a result unnameable - for the mind operates the naming of asserted meanings rather than an awareness of discerned qualities.

But the fear-mind effectively covers over and usurps a direct relational awareness (or being) by modelling its reality as a gesture of control, and identifies in control in fear of loss of self.

And so the recognition of the model or imagination or possible way of seeing, for what it is rather than using it for what it does, is the bringing of the mind of thought, perception, and emotional response to a willing presence of awareness, where they are revealed, released, undone or repurposed to serve a relational whole, rather than a gesture of recoil to the fear of losing control as a result of investing in the image, form and model of reality - (mind) as our self.

The re-cognition from Self-Awareness is enlightenment, and yet the attempt to marketise or weaponise this is the Promethean error of stealing the light rather than being transformed and repurposed within the light. The mind habit seeks to interject control - which is the attempt to put new wine in old paradigms.

As such it is ingenious in its capacity to mask in virtue and believe its own spin.

The virtues of truth recognised and extended are alive and are known and shared in life as qualities of resonant communication and experience.

To run a model or set of assertions, presumptions and agreements that has no basis in what it claims to proceed from or speak for is to dissociate from reality. While this seems to feed or fulfil a sense of self-imagined gain or profit, it serves a self-inflation, but being fundamentally untrue, means its boom is assured to bust - and pride thus comes before a fall.

Uncovering a true Ground Zero - from which all else proceeds has been misperceived by many as a result of destruction - as if the old must be deconstructed and destroyed before a new order can be built upon it. This is entirely in error - or the 'zero' in truth is the Unity Point from which all polarities arise as a whole constellation. Nothing exists in and of itself. Even as we do unto the least we do unto our Self.

Polarised or split identity perceives or interprets the zero point from its own fractured presumption of lack, loss, denial, deprivation, rejection, abandonment, betrayal into terms of such a mind-framing. The zero is thus the point of Infinite potential assigned destructive or negative expression IN the mind of acceptance and alignment in negative or segregative conflict. That this induces a recoil from Infinity is hardly surprising because regardless the mind, our being rests in truth.

There is more to Finity than meets the eye of the mind that set limits on Everything.

Life in the body is inherently set in a realm of flux and change that is temporal. Re-Cognising the Ground of our being is a perspective that is more apt to recognise as life through the body, rather than locked down and masked IN it. This is a profound transition of identification that is inherently exposing to latent fears, and yet opening to qualities of a greater embrace that are compassion itself.

Identification in self-illusion will hold all of the compelling dramatic emotional framing of its casting out. In this sense we each have a personality structure and strategy of survival and adaptation to a broken human constellation - that if seen as a whole would reveal a net of entangled fear, set in grievance and denial against reconciliation and release.

How dear to us are our grievances?

How willing are we to protect pain and pass it on to our children?

How willing to disown such a burden from our family, culture and world, so as to accept our own alignment in truth of being?

Owning that and what we feel as our own experience, opens steps of willingness where there is willingness to move and be moved. Our responsibility is our own alignment to the Field of our being. We are truly moved by and in a process of self-revelation - which is the revers and the undoing of a training in control set in self-assertions, judgements and denials.

The freedom to persist in the old normal of a lockdown in 'control', is the willingness to bear the fruits of an increasing awareness of self-betrayal. Pain has a limit.

Friday, 11 September 2020

Government Consultation on Covid vaccine

After reading the above page I filled in the form at

I checked all the areas of concern and then made the following comments:

Temporary authorisation of the supply of unlicensed products:

As there is no credible basis for panic response, all authority should be reserved for fully licensed product and practices, fully evaluated and shown to be safe and effective.

Civil liability and immunity:

The  waiving of liability for being held accountable for actions is the removal of a significant public protection both in standards of testing and development and of redress for negligence of fraud. The record of the pharmaceutical companies regarding fraud has many many billion dollar charges found against them. They are in business for profit and PR as well as wielding huge influence across political media and other institutional influence. The public needs protection from abuse of power.

Expansion to the workforce eligible to administer vaccinations:

The basis for this is the presumption of mass vaccinations - under either coercive or high levels of disincentive. I see no need to expand the workforce for the provision of vaccines to those who freely choose to have one. The overall death statistic and disease profile is in the region of 99.8% are not significantly threatened by Sar-Cov-2. The call 

for vaccination as necessary, is ignoring and overriding the science.

Vaccine promotion:

Vaccines should not be promoted as safe and effective unless proven to be so. The promotion of any health measure must always be in the realm of transparency and accountability. Currently neither apply. Merely stating assertions from a place or disproportionate influence does not make them true, but can make legitimate questioning or reporting impossible, and thus a lack of information from which to make an informed choice. Vaccines should not be 'special' or exempted from the due process or accountability in science and under law.

Provisions for wholesale dealing of vaccines:

Regulatory process needs to be in the public interest and not in the pharmaceutical companies claim to the public interest. The revolving door of corporate and government effectively means we have a corporate government. I call for a reinstatement of true Governance, and the rule of Law - that even pharmaceutical companies and the other bio-tech 

sector must operate in - or else we become a laboratory experiment for predation by corporate interests without human right, voice of freedoms.


Commented to

If there was more than a token masking in 'care or protection' we would be educated and supported in joining to uncover solutions.

The recognition of a blind totalitarian or monopolistic power grab behind what we took to be healthcare, government, media reporting and education is based on lies feeding upon wishful self-illusion.

The intent to induce dependency as the basis for control uses fear working on a sense of self-lack.

Self-lack is a sense of inadequacy to meet the moment or be equal to it - and so it seeks to hide a loss of wholeness in masking narratives set over conflict - as if to have escaped it.

Immunity is functional wholeness - and resilience is the capacity to live through stress or indeed distress and heal or release the conditions of imbalance of toxicity that temporarily pertain. Life support is part of the will to live - but the will of a whole desire is not the same as the willing subjugation to a mind of fear and control.

Awakening responsibility for connection and support in life is served by the release of a false idol - once we move past a sense of betrayal.

Whatever else happens, the willingness for a re-education in life that embraces the whole of who we are is open because we are alive now.

Reacting to what is not here now from a projected sense of expectations and modelling of trends is a way to lose our Now by reacting to what is not current.

There is so much in the recognition of a world gone wrong that can feed a negative imagination, that then dispossesses us of recognition, reason and relational response, that a context for our re-education needs to be simple joy in being. However we open or allow that, and in whatever way that works for us, as part of our day, it offers wordlessly a place of wholeness or unconflicted being from which to prioritise and align our energy and attention.

I can only invite the consideration that our alignment in our being is an energetic context for whatever else we choose to do, eat, exercise, study, or engage in as an expression of living rather than fear of dying or simply fear or pain of loss - which can so easily run unnoticed beneath what then is a token attempt to align or restore the virtues of living to our functional expression of being not more nor less than ourselves.