Saturday, 4 June 2016

Herd Immunity to truth?

Notes on Herd Immunity from Andrew Wakefield

My comment:

In the forms it takes such ignorance and arrogance is tragic outcome of evil consequence, but the core pattern revealed here is part of the human conditioning - and I feel to offer consideration of the underlying conditioning which has multiple outcomes of a similar nature in setting what is generally accepted as the 'human condition' and regarded as necessity , nature or reality.
The mind's intent or attempt to usurp the movement of being, the nature of being and the experience of being is that of a mind at war or in conflict within itself, with its world and other minds.
Whilst some of the forms of this are socially acceptable and even core foundational elements of the current social paradigm - such as 'conquering nature' or redefining evil in terms of germs or genes that can then be manipulated or replaced with manufactured 'improvements' or chemical and genetic interventions.

The quack-mind sells an 'answer' to a problem defined in terms that hide or obscure the real problem and it is appealing to those who are afraid or unwilling to embrace or open to a communication of such conflicted nature - who willingly invest instead in ways to hide or redefine and redistribute the problem - into terms that effect a mitigation of awareness of pain and fear and a narrative by which to keep such issues unconscious or denied acceptance to conscious awareness.

When the narrative paradigm or model breaks down as a reality it persists as a lie at expense of truth where before misperceptions and mistakes operated in a false framework unknowing. The conviction of self-righteousness is gotten from opposing the feared 'evil' of negative and conflicted feelings that have been projected and associated with the narrative forms of sin or sickness and therefore also to any who are seen to undermine or oppose the righteous cause of denying such fear to arise/such disease to break out.

This is collective insanity of dissociation and identity confusion - but the underlying fears or conflicted sense is reality - even if pushed into unconsciousness where it operates as shadow activity through us while we do not realize it is so. Such is the nature and power of the mind-narrative of self-justification; it is unaware of the mistaken or incomplete nature of the ideas from which it operates and thus literally "knows not what it does".

The desire for vengeance and the eradication of 'evil' sets a false foundation from which to live and gives power to hatred under a sense of self righteousness. However, it is healing to be truly received and given acceptance for being, and the experience of being denied is a deep-seated sense of separation trauma that re-enacts indefinitely regardless the shifting focus informs and roles of cultural fragmentation. We have each grown a sense of self to 'survive' notwithstanding the sense of loveless disconnection that our life in the world has become almost equivalent with.

Sanity of wholeness is an integrity of relational communication, within and without. The replacement of communication with coercion or war, is revealing of unresolved conflicts that are refused or denied healing through a willingness of communication - a term I use for the noticing and embodiment of Life and not merely for verbal mental constructs that have attempt to define and control as their driving force.
True presence is not a presentation of oppositional assertion manipulating via guilt and fear. In seeking a true discernment, we have to release our investment in such identity to recognize and align in a truly felt quality of being. Or else we are deceived by a mind founded upon our own  unrecognized fears... accepted as unquestionable truth.

Such a mind is 'immune' to truth and herd immunity means that only moments and glimpses break through and are immediately denied or subverted to serve the persistence of the war-mind in masks of acceptability - because this seems to offer power and protection where love seems weak, unreal, or ineffective amidst  fear's Reality - and so must it stay, if such power is not to be lost - and at whatever cost.

Free willingness to embrace our humanity is un-willingness to sacrifice it to loveless agenda. Even though we open to conflicts seeking resolution or symptoms calling for healing and wholeness - it is a perspective shift to release the sacrificial struggle and grow willingness for life in Life's terms, rather than conforming to fearful or negative self-definition.

Rather than being defined by fighting the old, to grow the ever anew by living out from a felt quality of our being instead of a mesmeric mentalism backed by ancient fears and hates. Speaking truth to that which is accorded power is actually extending the worthiness of love's awareness to the potential of recognition. Otherwise we become polarised within the attempt to force an outcome in self-righteous arrogance and become a new version of the thing we say we hate.

We all have belief systems that limit our capacity to imagine and embody Life, and yet are part of each other in uncovering and sharing life. Or we are all part of reinforcement for each others fear - and the call to power that such fear elicits. I can only live my willingness as I find it. I cannot influence anyone who is not of a like purpose, and if I try I will generate opposition without and lose presence to a coercive investment; to a power struggle.

Friday, 3 June 2016

Conspiracy to govern?

Social Networks Show They Work for Government, not Private Sector

My comment:

If any area of R&D is likely to yield weaponisable or marketisable advantage - then funding will be aligned for the purpose of directing or subverting the nursery so as to abort any threat or usurp and control any asset of seeming opposition or divergence. The flipside that drives it runs the belief that if you don't get there first your 'enemies' or rivals will. Survival instinct harnessed to insane or hateful appreciations of existence operates a 'Luciferian agenda'.
The oppositional agenda has a built-in sense of enmity for it hates its own Life while directing hate anywhere but to the receptive acceptance of hate as love's denial. That is the last thing that such hate would allow - better to die and take all else with us than be undone of 'will and power' to the Feeling of Existence Itself!

- - -

 Isefree said )commenting to the article):

"We have recently launched a Daily Bell Facebook page, so "like" us there to get the latest news right in your newsfeed."

Why would you want a Facebook page if you believe Facebook is just a tool of US intelligence agencies?
My response:

Putin suggested the Internet itself is a CIA creation - but its usage as a medium of communication means it is where attention is being directed and if you want to be found you have to be somewhere findable in current terms.

Verbal mental language is a device of a separative competing and conflicting war-mindedness in which true relational communication is often lost to or covered over by imposed rules and meanings of a divide and rule mentality - yet using words does not mean allegiance to such mentality - and Jesus use of the tricks and deceits of the agents of the establishment of his day to communicate beneath their radar to the true nature of awakened responsibility is a worthy example.

Tools can have unintended consequence - and what was intended to harm others will inevitably turn to hurt the wielder.
"As ye sow, so shall ye reap" seems a threat to the fearful who would deceive - but is simply a reminder of the nature of Mind to the thoughts we accept true for us within it.

Is anything 'just' one intended meaning? - Or is it serving agenda beyond the current scope of perception?
Is this 'devil' of hates and deceits really 'controlling' human destiny - or is it a role within a larger revelation unfolding? If we give power to the bad guy - we can seem less guilty than they and also somewhat righteous in opposing them. That's enough for most; a bit of relief from pain and a boost of power within a sense of powerlessness. Lather rinse and repeat...

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Intent to eradicate and deny Human Existence

Eerie Silence about a New World War
By John Pilger

As the U.S. government plunges toward war with nuclear-armed Russia and/or China, there is an unsettling silence — or unnerving consensus — regarding the potential extinction of human existence, as John Pilger observes.
My comment:

The pervasive nature of the deceits and hateful  - I could say 'evil' acts that are so persistent as to be the reality beneath a veneer of pretence - defies unravelling - for the complexity of the conditioning and resultant identities in operation is too much part of our patterning of consciousness - our sense of self - our basis for thinking. Of course we each don't believe WE are part of the problem - for despite appearances we feel justified in who we are embodying and acting forth to be. Victims of circumstance who are unable and unwilling to question their own consciousness - because conditioned reaction runs in place of conscious presence - or rather masks and filters and distorts so as to operate a false presentation within a falsely framed perception.

As for the 'agenda' of the lovelessly deceived, I believe there is a hidden intent to destroy Earth that corresponds to the oppositional refusal or unwillingness to embrace Life on Earth in any terms but total victory - which is a fantasy ideal that no form of embodiment can ever fulfil.

I applaud a willingness to witness truly amidst a culture of deeply driven deceits but feel the practical point of change is not at the behaviour level - of effects - but at the definitional level - of tacitly or openly accepted ideas and meanings that conflict with the true of who we are. False currency generates insane outcomes. The currency of our Thought is largely hidden within and beneath the 'human conditioning' which is a verb of acted choices out from ideas that reinforce their original imprint.

I sense a general loss of consciousness as we approach a nexus of transformation that seems to split many ways. Lost to fragmentation and conflicted dilution and adulteration of presence. Even if this sense of being shocked, numbed, bewildered and paralysed as prey for the harvesting by predatory 'others' it is still our own individual - and therefore together responsibility to uphold and value our liberty, as an integrity of being - and not a set of rules to war under.

The confusion of the 'thinking' persona with true individuality is a kind of mind fragmentation along with mind-controllers. The deceiver operates almost unnoticed - but where there is noticing - an eerie silence contrasts with every kind of sideshow noise.