Monday, 16 April 2018

Geopolitical Soap Drama

To commenting under an article on the geopolitical stage and its players.

Yes it does, but you are engaging in the soap opera with personal identity investments. From this moment with you, I now reflect upon the nature of identifying in personal narrative. (Of course you are not personally addressed or required to join me or engage in any but your own interest).

It is the nature of persona to mask, and then the mask operates as coded signals that run a bit like those financial computers that reacted back and forth in microseconds and generated all kinds of financial aberrations that had no basis in anything actual - apart of course from their programming.

The eyes of the world play in the mask, but the eyes of the 'Spirit' look at the mask so as to look beyond it.
The mask is always superficial - no matter how complex the rabbit holes of its own obfuscation in symbolic displacement or diversionary lure, because it is the covering over of depth.

The mask of personal and social identity is the development of a dissociated consciousness seeking survival and fulfilment in terms of defined self interest - where the predicates of such definition are split by the experience and reaction to 'separation trauma' that is by definition a predicate and not an object of the strategies that develop to mask out or use. Personality types are not better or worse, so much as archetypal patterns that are always entanglement in a fragmented sense of conflict or breakdown of communication. The personality layer can recycle or self-replicate the patterns of trauma and conflict endlessly under the belief it is pursuing power, protection or fulfilment in its own terms - without recognizing that the terms are in fact a kind of program running unaware and unattended as a kind of shadow power, in which our own denials operate through us  and call to us the very shadow experience that our personal consciousness was predicated to escape in the dream of overcoming it, vindicating our grievances, and exacting fantasy gratification in a personal sense of power over that which we rejected or found unworthy in our self.

If you consider the core theme of this, it is the universal theme of a personal sense of power and thus inherently defining a personal sense of lack - that experiences its sense of lack or loss in terms of attack, betrayal, rejection and abandonment by an 'other'. This is the core fear, guilt and grievance that fuels the attempt to empower or protect against the evil seen in the other as the attempt to escape the consequence of holding to a segregative and exclusive wish for power... and protection.

In personal terms the false flag operates to bolster the narrative 'self' by re-triggering the inner patterning of self-reaction in terms of a phishing ruse. The capacity for deceiving ourselves is the 'ability to see' the cheat in others - regardless their actual extending of communication. And so the fruits of the illusion of power - as a personal weapon or attribute - is cynical and paranoid isolation in subjugation to its own unrecognized and un-owned fear.

There is a monkey trap that uses a staked down gourd, in which is placed a fruit. But the hole is only big enough for the monkey's hand. The monkey has to release what it wants to free itself - and if it cannot re-evaluate the contextual priority - it grips the fruit as if it is its life - and is stuck - and collected by the trapper.

The willingness to re-evaluate our entanglements at our root is not the persistence of the strategy to 'win' and escape the consequence onto the 'loser', but to uncover our true self interests as a result of engaging in listening and speaking through such willingness as can be brought forward now.

To write this into the political comment section of ideas, actions and events that promise the unleashing of catastrophic destruction is not an attempt to make anyone else's choices for them, but to illuminate that the choices dictated by the mask all work the same core agenda and run on an unrecognized and untaken choice to look on the mask. While the nature of psychic-emotional defences is known, it is rarely used to serve the healing or undoing of the mind of the one who thinks to be the psychologist, or social engineer, but rather as a weapon of market (need) and mind capture.

That we are already running (or being run as) identities is not cause for blame and shame, but for a true education and rehabilitation from who we thought we were and what we thought the world is (or should be).
And we engage this amidst the baiting and triggers to all kinds of habits that are unwise to run without bringing to a true conscious appreciation. If we truly desire to embrace what life is, rather than persist in trying to force it to our own image even when such 'victory' is in death or conditions that death is called on to save us from.