Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Liberty without true joy is slavery in disguise

I read a bit of writing in the Daily Bell about personal liberty

I felt to reply using a quote from A Course in Miracles that exemplifies the confusion of freedom (in the mind of humankind):

The Last (end of) Judgement might be called a process of right evaluation. It simply means that finally all men will come to understand what is worthy and what is not. (What you put out is what you get back). After this their ability to choose can be directed reasonably. (Reason being sanity).
"Until this distinction is made, (Until Sanity dawns) the vacillations between free and imprisoned will cannot but continue. The first step toward (regaining awareness of innate) freedom, must entail the sorting out of the false from the true. This is a process of division only in the constructive sense, and reflects the true meaning of the Apocalypse". (The exposure and undoing of the coercive delusion in free willing choice) *

In simple terms free willingness is a lack of coercive intent operating in open awareness.

Imprisoned will or wilfulness, operates out of a coercive sense of the wish-belief that it is or can become free to operate from outside and upon relationships. That is is and can be an independent power unto itself without relational constraint or obligation. It thus imprisons itself by the opposing reactions that arise in opposition to the acts that express the identified wish. It further cements its identity by joining with others in endlessly shifting attempts to reinforce an agenda against the current sense of adversity or opposition - that it has become addicted to, as the justification of its use of power as coercive intent.

Back to the text of A Course in Miracles, from which I quoted above* (The brackets are my comment):

"Man will ultimately look upon his own creations and will to preserve only what is good. just as God Himself looked on what He had created and knew that it WAS Good " (God).

The liability of ANY system of ideas, rules, and even self imposed laws is of replacing relationship that requires actual presence, with a program that then operates and invites mindlessness - or lack of a present appreciation and awareness.

Along with that is the ideas that are magnified or implicitly built into the foundations of the system. Popularised and now outdated scientific expectations of coercing the mechanism of the biology to support and enable a persistent lack of responsibility (and proper regard for feedback to irresponsibility) of both a personal and collective nature.

We define ourselves into coercively oppressive experience by accepting and asserting what is not true of us…

But… if I really be who I am… it will result in [fearful and painful scenario].

The fearful definition justifies not only 'BUT' - it justifies the choices that perpetuate the 'devil we know' rather than choose what is - until we step through it - the 'unknown'.

Fear of the unknown is actually a negative projection which regardless of conditioning constitutes a CHOICE or decision.

To free oneself of fearful and coercive negativity, one may have to grow the new whilst persisting in the old. (Giving to Caesar whilst leaning into God - creative freedom of being who you really are).

This is similar to metamorphosis in that the new grows in the body while the old breaks down or is repurposed to the new.

There is no freedom but that one lives from it. Anything else is a pipe-dream that invalidates the present excepting insofar as it  is used to get somewhere else. While we are, where we are, we have freedom to see it from various perspectives, including spontaneous creative discoveries of the More of Life - of what we are. The search for freedom is generally the illusion that keeps the slave-mentality hidden, because there is no real appreciation of what it is apart from escaping the currently defined frying pan to jump into the fire.

Faustian pacts are the result of seeking PERSONAL freedom at the expense and exclusion of others. This is how 'shadow power' works - by appealing to a sense of self-specialness and superiority which it can also use to feed you to the mob.

True individuality is not exclusive to or identical with the personality or ego-self with its mentally self justifying cleverness. It is the truth of you in which you meet the truth of others and of the world that reflects you - in both individual AND collective, because Consciousness is not 'in' a separate mind in a separate body, but translates and extends through it.

Indivisibility extends from God to Soul to the Souls' expressions or creations. Oneness is operating as a complex and rich communication and reflection of the Many in the All. It is judgement that divides the indivisible so as to 'rule'. This 'divide and rule' is the lens of the belief in separation from our Soul freedom - the freedom to truly know and feel and share our being - as the ordinary condition of existence. This does not occur in the vacuum of isolated ego - but as everyone knows, nature abhors a vacuum! 

IT is always trying to get in - and IT is fear of loss, fear of inadequacy and humiliation, fear of pain, fear of guilt and punishment. Maybe dressed as the bill that you know you can't pay, the marriage you can't keep together, the person you can't stand to be with, the prognosis from the doctor…

Note that in the Zionic Protocol, the ideas of freedom are a principle weapon in breaking in to plunder and feed off the unmindful.

The nature of coercive power is that it gives a sense of self-power but without recognising one is in fact being used. This goes ALL the way up the pyramid. It is also called pride, arrogance and ignorance.

Fear-given power is fear, given power. Nothing good comes of it excepting the recognition that it is NOT you/worthy of you and so 'thank you but no thanks' leaves it in disregard.

Statism is a corrupted idea with… corporations warring against and feeding off populations via whatever opportunity available. The church of scientism is in bed with a cancerous state-veiled corporatocracy and the dark ages are back with vengeance.

But beneath all of that is… so what!

What is that for me to focus upon accept and live from? So there is a coercive intent in our mind that seems to run amok and induce us to sacrifice our freedom for a struggle that never ends. The first casualty of war is truth so that once entranced in the mindset, one cannot see anything truly. One doesn't have to make war to hold to one's integrity and give a true witness into a willingness to listen. We can't MAKE people listen, but we can create and support the conditions in which they are more likely to re-evaluate their choices.

We can MAKE people be healed, but we can embody the frequency and the conditions in which they allow their healing to occur.
The It that is trying to get in, is the You that was rejected in adopting an imposture. Healing is the natural movement of reintegration to a wholeness of relation and function that coercion is blind to.

Ha! I thought this would be a short one!

A Course in Miracles is freely available out of copyright to legally read online or download.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Just be our selves (Hope to faith to belief to knowing)

(I didn't keep track of the post to which this replied but it expresses hope for our world, but in perhaps a wishful way that does not activate, call forth or manifest very strongly)

Did you know that certain kinds of metamorphosis in nature have a crossover period in which two systems occupy the same body - and express the same DNA.

The parallels are strikingly resonant in me.

Hope is more than hope when it actively manifests a faith that itself becomes a knowing - but if one sets conditions and outcomes one hopes only for something that fits your shopping list and don't recognize or follow or grow the prompts that the energy of hope will bring into your day.

While there is a responsibility in communicating our presence in whatever way we most feel moved and in the arenas we feel called to engage in, there is not a personal responsibility for the form of the outcome excepting only this; that you will see it through the lens of your definitions and belief systems and will use it accordingly.

Humanity tries to force the mirror image to conform - but what is reflected in our world is a manifestation of our Consciousness - which is infinitely vaster than our personality structure - though that is the lens that is either transparent to aligned experience or 'a glass darkly' whereby we recognize nothing and know not what we do.

What is it to align with your Spirit or with the feeling of excitement, passion or joy that IS you and you know that in its expression as being on track regardless of the mental stuff of self-invalidations?

Crisis can awaken and stir us - but is fear of pain and loss the basis for our energy? It can be. It often drives the human world as a negative agenda. It can also be a way of running away from our self.

I feel 'lucky' (I prefer blessed) that YOU have 'come along (Praetor). The young have their own unfolding - but for sure we can inspire simply be being and holding any kind of true presence - because that is not more of the same attempts to coerce that calls forth THEIR defences.

We can only be ourselves. What if ALL that is really called for or required, is for us to be our selves? Obviously one can hide in that as an intellectualisation - but I'm not suggesting being an intellectualisation of yourself.

Tyranny is fear given power

Tyranny IS fear given power. By aligning with fear one reinforces the tyranny in oneself and teaches it to others.
But only if they are already sharing the same error.
(Regardless what comes out of the mouth, we all teach what we accept true for us and actually believe - all the time).

It is fear that comes forth to protects us from fear, as a way of persisting in the power it seems to confer.

To abide in what you know is true of you despite the baitings and conditionings of fear.
To step out of the bounds of one's own fear.
To relinquish the falsity of self that accompanies the lie, to be who you are because it is who you are - and ride with the consequences whatever they may be...

...is the essence of awakening to Life. It is an energetic transformation of focus, perspective and experience - rising out of a willingness for a true integration of being.

Recognizing the fear that is actually at work opens the perspective, that a negatively defined sense of self can seem to operate as a conspiracy of evil intent. In which case fighting the perceived 'evil intent' is a diversion from addressing the root fear AND feeds the justification of fear in others toward anything you are trying to communicate or propose.

Fear - is something to embrace, include and more directly observe. This can only occur while it is in awareness. Fear makes the mind that attempts to deny exposure of its working.

'The deceiver' is of such subtlety that never in a billion years would anyone out-think it or beat it at its own game. Yet that is exactly what its baiting provokes - the belief that YOU can win - which extends to your group, your plan, your agenda etc. There's a line in a Leonard Cohen song: "You win a while... and then it's done... your little winning streak".

In general in recent times we have collectively settled for so much less than we are. Under the spell of a promise that corrupts all who take the bait.

If you want to wait for others to come out of fear's closet, you can join all the others waiting for something to change - something to save them. So something is changing - everything is getting more and more difficult to live life in and this may be a 'saviour' in that it shifts the balance of risking embrace of change vs the 'devil you know'.

Surely the first real change is the relief of self-honesty and the peace within that is sacrificed by living a lie.

The mind is a tricksy thing until it is placed in service of the heart's knowing. Learning to notice and release that which isn't you is easier in a crisis - because one simply cannot afford it and you know it.

So let the dead bury the dead... and join with the 'rest of us' - and have rest at a level fear does not want you to know exists. Fear distorts perception. A truly clear or innocent perception judges not good or evil but sees the reflection of the light of its own awareness. What you choose to focus on is up to you. Fear shouts or terrorises to make you look down or seduces you to look away - but where You choose to focus your attention is up to You.

You cannot step into the light alone. Your acceptance cannot but extend to others - automatically of itself. What we live to each other speaks a language that our words tend to be used to disguise or hide. Why do we not see the love that we know is there? Fear of love is obscured by fear of evil. There is a catch 22 at the foundation of our thinking - that then inevitable reflect in our world.

Acting with integrity, passion and presence without making it conditional on specific outcomes is 'being who you are'. This cannot NOT extend and grow its own reflections in our world. Growing the new foundational structure is not the work of the same old thinking. One has at some point to be 'cut' from false or shallow roots and come through to a natural un-manufactured conviction as to who and what you choose to be - and then discover what that life is by living it.

(NOTE - it reads both ways: Tyranny is fear, given power. and tyranny is fear-given power).

The writing above was prompted by reading the following post:

Bologna in The China Shop said:

This promotion implies that honest journalism and hard hitting whistleblowers can reform the existing system. This is a nice narrative for those naive individuals who are awaiting our heroic media to arrive on a white horse. These well meaning journalists will inform our do-gooder government officials (who only have our best interests in mind) of how to best reform our society.

For the rest of us, we can see that our current form of fascist corporatocracy precludes media networks from delivering a messages which could result in meaningful reform. Similarly, our government bureaucrats can not hear or act on such messages even if they were aired by mainstream outlets.

Expecting reform under the above circumstances is an impossible catch 22.

Perfection here and now

Here's a reply to one of my comments that prompted my further reply below:

We will never enjoy a perfect world here on Earth. Yet, the powers that be can not have their wars without central banking fiat money. It was no accident that WWI broke out in 1914 after the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. We take that away from them and free ourselves. It can be done if we focus on it.

Why not start with perfect moments and expand the idea? I am enjoying writing you now - and have no other agenda. Feels like nothing needs to be added or taken away - and thank you for your synchronicity.

The powers that be are exactly reflecting the beliefs and definitions OF power (and powerlessness) that are engraved but not indelibly so upon our hearts and minds.

I understand that racketeering evolves from the belief that if you don't get it someone else will, and whatever you get, someone will try to take it from - you just as you took it for yourself. A 'Mercantilism' that ITSELF becomes the host for a more disconnected parasite perhaps? The pursuit of power for its own sake without regard for anything else. It is a kind of inverted religion; a complete package, a path of self interest that seeks to become pure of any moral inhibition whilst using any form of any currency of beliefs to further its agenda. It is not without logic but its foundation is obvious by its fruits - though perhaps less so for those who follow their Faustian promise and actually believe they can win. Their victory is not glory of vengeance exacted, but death that initiates them to the opportunity to choose again. It is certainly possible to degrade one's consciousness further and yet further into terror and density but is that our choice - seen for what it is?

You've read the Protocols of Zion? Not the disinfo. It illustrates a comprehensive strategy of materialism given dedication and focus over generations. Regardless of whether this is correctly identified or merely setting up one particular tentacle of many as a proxy, it illustrates the personification of the negatively defined persona through time.

Like the Snowden NSA thing, it can seem that one uncovers forces that seem all powerful or almost… But that is also the mask of presentation by which one collapses and gives allegiance. (and collapsing into reaction is another form of allegiance because a true presence expresses its consciousness without collapsing and dissociating into displacement personae.

One has to be vigilant when opening to information that itself is not of a higher frequency. Fear can be contagious. If you do not open to that which inspires and so enjoy perfect moments in your day, you will become dispirited and recruitable for fear's agenda - whatever side of whatever issue.

You may be on track to undermine, limit or deconstruct the set up whereby a private sector cartel is effectively manipulating the US and indeed global financial system. But the way that is least able to be provoked into draconian reaction is of an honest willingness to communicate without oneself operating an agenda like unto their own. Maybe it's their job to be the Bogeyman in our times. I can't choose FOR them excepting to choose from an integrity that is also theirs if they are willing to yield to it. For integrity is not externally achieved in man's praise, but opened to in humility. We are all created equal - but I did not say born equal.

Most of us find our integrity severely undermined by terror, and then the devices we employ to cover over that sense of powerlessness also contain the seed of what they are serving to hide. There are some very driven people who are not aware of what really drives them, but only of their sense of necessity.

A strongly held focus can indeed accomplish more than can be at first imagined. Our motivation is always filtered by our definitions. If we come from a place of fear we will propagate fear even though our surface reality is full of the best intentions and the self-righteous certainty that fighting evil confers. As far as I see it - that is all within the scam and does not actually address its cause at all.

So I feel that if we focus on the Lifegiving - we can uncover the perspectives and resources needed.

But if one is drawn to become fascinated with evil - well do I have to spell it out for you?

Don't feed the troll!

Howbeit we are deceived?

The issue of Geoengineering as a blight upon our world and our lives comes up from time to time. I came upon this site initially in the context of articles on the Middle East madness and then commented into a page on the 9/11 deception. In particular to one who themselves commented "How can so many be so deceived?"

Because they do not want/are not yet ready to face their fear.
Be aware that running away from one's fear does not portray itself as such. It will spin whatever story protects it and assert it true over and above any 'facts'. Have you any idea how powerful is the will in one's own perception as opposed to how weake it generally presents itself?
The reflections of the world can serve your awakening FROM what you took to be your own mind - or at least the thoughts you accepted true for you and have thus used as your foundation.
One way of looking at what is going on is that fear - indeed terror - is exerting an increasingly intense suggestion of commanding allegiance to ITS agenda and you and I are obliged to choose whether or not we want to live within its agenda and base our lives on its assertion of power. In its own terms it holds the power of death, destruction, depletion and desecration - for it makes all things in its own image.
But it only has the power we give it in fear of change perceived in terms of death, pain and loss.
These fears are coming up ANYWAY - and the 'world' the mind collectively makes to try to keep them at bay is disintegrating.
Waking up is not just to that the alarm clock is going off - but recognizing from outside the dream what that actually is as your own Call to Wake. So walk out of the dream/nightmare to the embrace and guidance and support of a dimension that one might call inclusive Consciousness rather than a world of mental displacements and separations.
The alarm is not to be denied. But the use of the alarm to persist in the dream is a subtle deceit of seeming to wake up - but persisting in the mentality that IS denial, that is mental sickness in all its legion of personae and devices that defend the sickness.
Change: you cant fit the new wine (Living Idea) into the old bottles (mental framework). The desperate attempt to do so generates the kinds of crisis we are calling upon ourselves.
So if you choose you can live in a reality where SHIT happens and adapt to that as best you can OR you can decide that SHIFT happens by MAKING THE SHIFT of perspective within your own consciousness that realigns you to who and what you Truly Are - and not persist in asserting what does not and can never work.
The demonstration and witness of this consciousness is what triggers the metamorphosis or shift back into a unified expression of Consciousness Knowing Itself through all its parts - rather than the grandiose adventures, discoveries and conquests of an arrogant ignorance fed with Life Energy to prevail over whatever any shifting aspect perceives as evil, adversity, opposition.
Everyone plays their part whether they know it or not, but the awakening part is the willingness to live and love anyway - any way that you make your own because it is resonant with your core being. Love as a word is degraded and disinfo'd - so let love be the willingness to see and be that which is real in any situation. Life happens through you - not to you.
Changing the channel is an alternate to compulsive fascination with horror, a channel of true worth shared is one from which it is natural and easy to wake up gracefully.
Perhaps the destination is simply that which facilitates the journeying.
Perhaps forgetting who we are is part of setting up the journey home. Why not?
A judgment of evil tends to be that which we judge against with most intensity - giving it our power and energy in a presentation that then perceives itself as righteous - at least relatively so.
Jesus story - not the disinfo of fearful separation interpretations of magical wish manipulation - speaks directly to human beings. Thirst for truth only rises in those who have been disturbed and exposed to their lack of foundation - or the adulterated and distorted confusions as to who and what they are.
Everyone chooses what they in the moment define to be in their best interest, without exception. The key word is 'define'. Freedom is at the level of evaluating the definitions that dictate our conception of our self, our perception of the world and our experience of acting in it. As you are no doubt aware the term freedom can be used for slavery. It is up to you to be clear or honest with yourself.

How can you deceive yourself? Just watch the mind. Humans are expert at using deception to generate particular kinds of experience for themselves alone. We've been at it for millennia - but is the game of mind alone worth the candle?