Thursday, 14 November 2019

The greatest threat to our world at this point in time?

I posted this to a health site I wont name because I accepted they may not feel able to publish it.

The greatest threat to our world at this point in time is Global Climate politics. Not because CO2 greens the planet and supports Life on Earth, but because it is a long, persistent and massively funded and 'astroturfed' campaign to shift the global Economy to an initially carbon guilted system under the IoT (5G+) - but as you know once you have the law and system in place those who decide what the consensus shall be can expand the parameters for social debits of any mandated regulatory 'protection'. The issue completely diverts from all other pressing clear and present dangers and has conditioned humans to regard nature as a victimised grievance for which we hate ourselves and consent to die - not in those terms openly - but the enforcement of global austerity (for the saving of billions of computer modelled casualties) under globally set and enforced regulatory structures built into every level of social interaction is NOT Our or Earths's sustainability but that of the ability to persist in that which produces the toxic debt to dump or outsource it to our willingness to eat it - and feel morally superior for doing so. 
You may not feel to publish this and I understand if you choose not to. 
In which case it is simply from my heart to yours. 
You could look at the documentary 'Banking Nature' with a critical eye - (youtube). 
And research the headline before propagating it?

"Future is sustainability from the heart of one’s being. This may be said of a person, a family, a business, or a nation. ~ Jeshua from 'Love Without End'

A commenter said:
Climate change is a diversion from what's really going on around the world

YES. It is both a cover story that diverts from actual toxic dumping - across a broad spectrum and a means to shoehorn the gullible into a systemic subjugation to energy and behaviour control under the IoT (5G+) 
Why are people gullible? Because they are afraid to frame their own question and truly find out. But that ... is consciousness.
Use it - or lose it. Regardless the media and political circus the rolling out of global regulatory structures is inexorably proceeding without any real oversight or accountability - like so much else - the matrix runs to keep the food chain occupied.