Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Truth, truths and a war of lies

Truth is simply and absolutely beyond belief. But experience of truth will be freely and fully believed or accepted true. Such unspeakable quality of wholeness of being is not available to a thinking, judging mind. Not can it be expressed by such.

But there is a quality of just and honest measure and witness that serves to hold sanity, health and harmony in our lives. We can discern truth if we have some basis in ourselves that is awake to the false in our own mind.

But to that which is altogether engaged in illusion, there is no free awareness to notice or listen, so the Spirit of Truth works in subliminal ways to loosen the dreamer from their dream. When we 'get' it, it is not at the level we thought we were in.

The mind can take and use truths out of context and then they are not truth as it is - but truths used to serve a wishful or imaginary context. Truth cannot become what it is not, but truths can become lies and war become the protector and determiner of 'truth'.

When the living context, in which truth is experienced as it is, is disregarded by the mind in its own determinations and definitions, a state of conflict is experienced which usurps reality as soon as we attempt to overcome or prevail against a dissonance of being inherent in being - as it were - out of true.

Is there deceit and conspiracy to manipulate? Yes, but it is more complex than good guys v evil guys, for the nature and complexity and enormity of the fears that drive the human machine are not of a nature that are felt be allowed exposure. But they leak anyway. Truth will out.

There's a symbiotic relationship of those who seek to deny or escape responsibility and those who are obliged, or inclined, to take on what cannot altogether be evaded.

To manipulate mind is simply part of the norm of modern societal control. Those who dissent will be invalidated or rendered impotent. The power is not with politicians. It seems to be with the corporate and financial system that owns most nations and companies. But it is all a system of thinking - something that we all made up, so it is all something that can be unmade or abandoned. Something that can in our own experience, be reevaluated.

Deconstructing believed or perceived reality is not so much an act of person, as a desisting from act, it is a withdrawal of support from a mentality or motive in oneself and one's society that has been uncovered as false, unworthy and destructive to our peace. When that which doped or denied or distracted is released, life knows its own way from a different basis than pursuing secret self interest.

The world will seem at times to bait us or persecute us when we step outside its mind. But that is because it was made in the desire to step outside the mind of Truth. But Truth is not somewhere Else, someone Else or somehow Other - to the Movement of our very Being. It isn't necessary to call Truth God - because that which is beyond definition is not partial to the forms of address - but to the way of an opened feeling or intimate relationship, it is truly and universally loving. This is something that humanly, we forget. We forget the true nature of love. We think we know, forgetting that the mask is not our heart.

Our world is shifting - more than climate and more than socio political balances.
Fear seems to have the first say when change renders the old way obsolete. But the capacity to look on it, and feel past it for wisdom, is innate to our being - if not to our training. But we can align ourselves anew with a living relational participation - if that is the desire in our heart.

As for disagreeing about our personal paths, beliefs, mythologies - does that have to be a point of contention, if we can find a true willingness to communicate and share what life simply is experientially?
How does a new paradigm rise? By thinking? No. By recognition and welcome into our hearts. What is the desire to share life in peace? Innate. Why isn't the world running on such a basis already? Because we wanted something else in the meantime - but the imaginary meantime is fast running out. So now time is restored to always, because truth is always, already and only true, but that which changes is not a basis or foundation from which to live. Though our world can reflect and share the good, the beautiful and the true

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