Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Masked denial?

   Who knows what is happening here? At face value we see or are supposed to see intolerance denying the right of others to congregate around the sharing of ideas by seeking to coerce an outcome instead of communicating toward an outcome. But short term self gratifying righteousness plays into the hand of shadow support or misguidance. Fantasy identities can only conflict with life as it truly is. and so they work to rule out anything true by masking the forms of truth in dead symbols and concepts given worth-ship - while other living people are blanked and scapegoated.

If only what force allows to be said can be said, then what can be said is the mouth of tyranny no matter what appeal is made to hate figures, terrorists, rogues states, or any other blanket hate terms by which to deny perspective.

Tyranny embodies the fear of losing power, face, status and life. Those addicted to power at the expense of true relation and communication, operate deceit, justify and defend it as the only way they know to live.
Power envy is easily stirred in those who identify a sense of lack that can be enraged as the fault of others. And as easily directed in ways that confirm and reinforce such identities on both sides of any conflicted sense of self and reality.

Fascism is collective corporate cartel power working through various masking or fronting proxies.
It is always many steps ahead of the reactions that can then be used to promote its agenda, because it is organised, disciplined, transnational and transgenerational. It is the consolidation of the idea of power that segregates and subjugates to a personal gratification. The conferring of privilege in power, status or privilege has a hidden catch - like the Faustian pact. It hollows out to deny even the prize in victory - and drives an insane appetite.

Social and individual rights seem to be at war because mind capture requires a state of war to be maintained - that is, the trick depends on a darkness of no free awareness and attention. The very few may be willing or indeed feel compelled to subject the very many to an inhuman system of tyrannous overlordship as the logical expression of an unnatural idea. And the very many may consent to be thus conflicted in themselves and effectively subject themselves to an imposed idea of loveless intent as if their own thinking.

Is there something other than such thinking by which to be identified in life, power, presence, and appreciation for being despite its challenge to our comfort zones? That is - is there something we missed back when, hidden within the foundation of our thinking? Not a better weapon, masking or marketing technique, but a basis from which to live that is not fear-defined as getting and losing in power struggle?

And are the parts played out serving the meanings we give them, until we open to such a change of purpose? And is the media serving the directing of thought or the opening to the capacity to question and discover for ourselves, together? No cast-iron answers. This is a dance of a willingness to know - not a set mind in reactive lockdown.