Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Responsibility for our thoughts - not blame!

I’ve just bumped into Consortium News (via the Bush/Bin Laden ‘symbiosis’ article and I appreciate its desire for honesty. This comment came into an article on 'who is to blame for Egypt's chaos) - but it is addressing our participation in a mentality as an extra step in our responsibility for our experience of our world.

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This article uncovers some of what is going on but uses the headline ‘who’s to blame’. This mentality is part of the problem and not part of the answer.

I feel that the analysis of event in the world needs to be distilled to the mentality that is shared in one mind – albeit in different degrees and in different forms.

Only by identifying the mentality that we share within ourselves – can we ‘repent of’ or unsubscribe from it. Moral self righteousness over against the perceived (magnified or projected) ‘wrongs of the other’ or in a word ‘blame’.

The shift in perspective that comes automatically from disengaging blame leads not so much to a better analysis as to a clearer discernment. They are quite different, because an analysis breaks a thing into parts and decides, compares and weights according to a set of values or conditionings of one’s own self interest, but discernment opens an honesty that integrates and unifies to a Universal self-interest.

The goal, purpose, function or intent of our lives may not be ours to change (at the level of our sense of ourselves in the world) but it is a freedom as to how we get there.

When we lock into our own method as the only method, we make all else invalid to our sight. This is self-righteousness or ‘judgement’.

Awakening an addict to his or her addiction is not easy unless they have come to the end of their capacity to deny it. But such an education can be in all our communications.

Those who awaken to their insanity are defacto no longer completely insane. Sharing a willingness for regaining trust through a greater honesty invites renewal.

The basis upon which to live from is not covered by the past or denied by its extension into the future – but is a living presence of connectedness, relation or embrace – that CANNOT be substituted for with conceptual identifications and mutual definitions.

This comment may seem irrelevant to the particulars of the situation in Egypt – yet is relevant to every instance where a perceived conflict of interests leads to a breakdown of communication, and war of one kind or another.

The war of terror and the making of history

Occasionally he’d stroll across the field to chat to his eldest son and admire his cow, while munching on an apple and some chocolate

Be acutely aware that you cannot expect reliable news coverage of anything to to with the 'war of terror' being waged against our minds - if we suck into it. History is being made... indeed.

The Bin Laden family are VERY close to the Bush family. (One random example of many) When all planes were grounded on 9/11, an exception was made for the Bin Laden family to escape the actual physical company of the Bush family.

Oil is central to the world power struggles and the markets and power of influence of the supplier/pusher make any other kind of drug induced corruption insignificant - even if all added together.

Corruption is when one loses one's integrity for a false promise of power or self protection. Without integrity, power struggle replaces a unity and all that seems to be on the table is war - through 'fair' means or foul - but when the masks no longer deceive - only the foul can be seen.

In the sheer insanity of war, the mind screams out for integrity - for a basis of meaning that restores sanity. But in the masquerade that collapses to reveal the most heartless intent, all go righteously in unconscious reaction.

Anyone public tends to be remade in the image of the media - and the mind of the masses. Their symbolic use in the collective mind is created and their actual existence ignored. This is not just terrorists and celebs - it is you and I. We have no real existence in such a world but only what can be got from us. A heartless intent that sets up and destroys as its whim decrees.

As long as this heartless intent can be masked or seen for the most part on the OTHER - then it can be killed over and over - while luring the mind to believe its own relative innocence and allowing it to be suggestible to manipulations that purport to provide 'protection'.

But the attempt to control life, other people, the world, only leads to a more and more out of control situation - at ever deeper levels of madness. There is a better way, but the voice for self-specialness will not allow or accept it, so we have to be willing to release it or put it behind us by not being drawn into reaction, but standing in a shared sense of value.

Don't give in to the terrorists - the fear-mongers, the hate-sellers and grievance grocers.
Find a place in calm that can communicate or simply relate without war.

We seem powerless in the world no matter how unacceptable it is becoming - and yet we are not powerless in our thinking, in our choices and in our honesty.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Extraterrestrial life

Articles on E.T Life that make the news tend to be those that fit comfortably with the scientific paradigm and anything more specific that doesn't arrive as microbes, fossils or distant radio waves is too risk to be seen to be associated with and still have a 'reputation'. So I looked at a tag for extraterrestrials when Google had an article on scientists begging for a million pounds to fund ET searching, to see what else flagged up. Not a lot. Not such as THIS fairly recent event featuring many credible participants - including a Canadian defence minister

But I looked at this page - (Are we alone? Athens State speaker to discuss evidence of extraterrestrial life) - that had a poll:

Do you believe in life from other worlds?

The vote suggests that life comes from worlds. I cant vote for that! All life is an expression of Infinite Intelligence (for lack of better words).

Human consciousness - AS ASSERTED - is based on - AS IF - we are separate from Life - as a self existing orphaned or random entity. We are not alone, but All One. When we step outside the fences we use to differentiate our mind from our experience, we will re integrate to the MORE of what we truly are. The limitations of our thinking give us the experience of the 'Universe out there', which our current science looks to, in order to solve the riddle of its own existence. Truth is NOT 'out there', but our perception and experience is a valid reflector of the active 'background' processes that are most intimate to our sense of identity and our identifications and definitions of our world, and each other. 

The infinite expression of Creation is a whole or unified extension of Mind or 'God'. There is no separation except in thought - that is, there is no 'self' alone and apart and mysteriously possessing powers of autonomous control - though you might say it has a virtual reality in the focus of your attention.
Aliens are others are un-recognized brothers. For Life being the Source of all - we cannot NOT be family. But this is no less true within our own local world - in which we have tended to act out not from the felt quality of communion - but from the assertions and validations of specialness that focus almost exclusively on difference amidst a mentality that operates by divide and rule. We call THAT intelligence - but it is a distortion of coercion and attempt to control. 

Just as family dynamics express needs that we each are invited to work out with each other, so with Earth Consciousness and some other Intelligent species. The key is integration - the lock that seems to deny is the urge of control. What we attract is simply reflecting where we are coming from. However, modern man sleeps on the surface of his mind and thinks his self-justifications are real - but beneath the trance are suggestions that are our own limiting conditioning - along with those who take advantage of our suggestibility. Search for Bashar if you are willing to listen to the communication of an 'Alien' who is in many ways Our Future. We are always free to disbelieve - or else the Universe would be coercive upon us - and this can not be so - because of That which truly Lives us - even if we hardly recognize Life in our busy distracted and self absorbed reactivity!

The politics of perception

Snowden deserves an immediate presidential pardon
History will probably be kinder to the American than to his pursuers, writes Stephen Walt


The politics of perception has become a politics of polarisation in which the parts of the corporate body attack each other and itself in fear of losing power as power is defined and played out.

Truth is not a matter of propaganda and presentation - but of conviction, the expression of which, in act and deed is an extension of trust.

Without integrity, there is no basis for trust. Fear and guilt become contagion and all is given to madness.
The decision to come out from the closet - or the bunker - and stand in witness to truth as best as it can be discerned and honoured - is to be restored to our true living - regardless of the way the cookie crumbles - because the perspective of integrity is not a self inflated justification for the lack of it!

A tyranny of fear that uses guilt to manipulate has all the power that fear and confusion gives it. Therefore to withhold allegiance to its dictate, is not to react or protest so much as to reclaim the power of one's own creative freedom to discern and honour Life rather than seek a private self protective advantage over Life - and over others.

When fear and guilt are given power to create - we can reliably expect monsters. Reason is more than rational manipulations or justifications. It is Sanity Itself. Our models or images of Man and the Universe are setting the context for the social, political and economic templates of our times. Surely it is time to wake up from a self defeating war upon our very Life - upon ourself and each other, by which we are deceived.

True Power does not hide behind a mask

Snowden’s revelations highlight the moral decline of America

(Commented on an FT page)

The immature or disconnected mind, wishes to change external reality to make itself feel better or less dissonant, without any process of transformational change or growth of perspective. As it attempts this it not only meets opposition and adversity which reinforce the 'problem' in the terms it set; and validates the use of power or force as a necessary protection from the reflection/reactions of its own unowned acts.

A 'divide and rule' polarity sets up mutually reinforcing shadow fears, the 'other' becomes the means of justifying the breakdown of trust, of communication, of the extension of a sense of worth. This is then expressed as some kind of self-specialness, which in a sense is a 'war on truth', insofar as it blocks and distorts... the extension of a sense of worth in trust that communicates an integrity of being that includes all.

The understanding of our mind - in actually transformational terms - is not at all the mining of the data of spiritual or psychological insight in order to get a better handle on manipulating our world.

Yet such programs run blindly on in every walk of life including the US Government. It is the zeitgeist that needs to change/is changing and this is  - if you will - a wave of recognition within us that many will accept, rather than seek to deny. What does not work and can not work is more than futility - it is depriving us of what can work and does work - while we engage, employ or give our lives to it.

Speaking truth to power is not so much a tactic as an extension of the presence of a shared worth. An act of witness. True power does not hide behind a mask - yet we give power to the mask of perceptions and presentations and play out as if this were all true.

The nature of Mind has some immutable laws; as you give, so shall you receive. There is NO coercion in this law. A coercive intent will reflect and rebound! The wish to keep it will hide in a masquerade in which a relative innocence is asserted as justification to defend - indeed to attack first! - the ones who are seeking to steal, deprive or threaten.

In all cultures are seeds of truth and tares of distortion. That which seems to threaten may in fact be that which serves to grow our perspective - and which cannot be avoided. The refusal to grow clutches a past that is not here.

Monday, 8 July 2013

To control chaos is to override choice?

Alternative to military intervention was a country in chaos, says former prime minister

The exercise of power is necessary in this world. Every parent knows that - and indeed every child!. And yet every parent realizes that they do not have it but are serving a role on behalf of the one who is growing and learning to be in the world. Integrity is the congruency and honesty in which power does not corrupt, because it is not then an assertion of personal force upon another - even if it appears to be from the perspective of the one who is growing.

The corruption of power is a control-mentality that substitutes a personal sense of power for a lack of integrity. For such mentality of control believes it is necessary and called upon - indeed it is a saviour from a chaos that it finds intolerable. And this argument can be induced in any mind that has lost its capacity to truly communicate amidst a polarized struggle that it perceives outside itself.

I write this not just to identify this mentality with Mr Blair, or the Egyptian military, or the vested interests that have great influence over the Egyptian military - such as the US - nor indeed the few who have great influence over the apparent governance of the US.

It is in everyone - though it manifests on stage as the powers of the day or indeed the age. Behind the scenes we are all participant until we opt out of its dictate within our own mind - where it runs as if our own self protective thinking.

Because it costs us our true living and substitutes false powers and freedoms in exchange for the fundamental and innate dignity of our essential humanity.

There is an alternative to conflict - and it involves starving the conflict of its fuel. To stand in a sense of value and integrity as an expression and a call for a just life must recognize that one can only war with brothers and sisters who are as ourselves but with whom we have become divided.

The control mentality needs and wants you to have enemies, to fear them and to hate them and to find righteousness in so doing - and this is because it has not righteousness in itself without them and can be clearly seen as a self-specialness of no loving intent.

The willingness to give allegiance to that which generates fear in the guise of protection weakens when it can no longer keep fear hidden. 'Chaos' is here REGARDLESS of any attempt to control others - even be it World Government with biotech capabilities scarcely imaginable. It simply changes forms.

To embrace chaos is to release self-certainties and private self interests enough to allow an honest perspective to arise in place of of programmed reaction. This is always one step at a time. We live the moment we are in as an expression of Life - not as a template of thinking.

Everything has its strength and its liability. Discernment can feel for the original impulse that underlies the apparent form of a conflicted state and therefore work to reveal lines of communication in which trust can be rebuilt.

When our shadows are seen on others and hated, we become the shadows of others. This need not be.

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Tennis Teachings

I watched the women's final yesterday of the Wimbledon Grand Slam.

France's Marion Bartoli won the Wimbledon title with a 6-1 6-4 victory over Sabine Lisicki of Germany.

What struck me was the contrast of the two players.

Sabine was overwhelmed in this match and yet has within her a fluency of game that is sheer delight to see when she is in her element. And though Marion has credit for not letting her be in her element, it was not really Marion's denial but  Sabine's self-doubt that manifested as her most crushing opponent.

Marion had wanted this championship since she was 6 years old. At 28 she is close to retiring age. Her serve would make her a laughing stock - if it were not such a winner - because it looks so ungraceful and in theory should not work well - and her demeanour can at times seem more of the 'ugly duckling' than the 'fairy princess' - and yet the shining of her spirit reveals a true beauty of character.

Marion demonstrated a singleminded determination to stay on purpose and I felt that she was not aiming to see how far she would get but set her sight and her belief in the championship itself. She DID have to have the tennis skills to win - but she also had to maintain her focus and play her best tennis consistently - which she did - and won the championship without losing a single set throughout.

Her aggression was not directed upon herself in becoming cross nor at her opponents when she was under pressure - but was a inner coaching directive to stay on the beam of her desire. So what I saw was of the subordination of her personal reactions or thoughts, to a true desire that she felt within her being. This is what I recognize as 'getting out of the way', so as to be an instrument of expression; to let her Life flow freely and purely in Expression - without taking credit or usurping the movement with personal wishes. So I felt her as a demonstration of a wish being uncovered to a true willingness.

Sabine is much more the princess, not just in her grace and beauty of demeanour and movement, but her authority in a fluency that reads the game, the ball the court - as her own body. And there is an innocence of delight that shines in her when she lets herself into her true game.

But she is not yet integrated as singleness of purpose, such that her wishful personal aspect starts to insinuate itself into her game and distracts her with hope and fear, to squelches her natural fluency in self-doubt. When she is in her element, she goes for winners and gets them far more than missing and holds the crucial points. But when she persists in playing out-from a disconnected sense, she compounds it to present a self-defeating failure to engage.

On her rise to the final she came up twice from 3 games and one set down, to win her match (one of these against Serena Williams), and this also shows her capacity to regain her game from the very jaws of defeat. Indeed it seems that she needs to come to such a pass in order to finally 'wake up' to who and what she is.

So in this final, Sabine largely demonstrated a wishful disconnection that wanted the game to line up with her dream and was crushed when it wasn't happening how she dreamed it. It isn't that she cant win such a championship - but that the dream itself is still an expression of herself in image rather than the movement of her Life unlocked into clear focussed action.

At the level of the world there seems to be winners and losers - but everyone is a winner, for the uncovering of what we most need to know at this moment is a win win situation. Marion is in a fulfilment of purpose that serves the rest of her life and Sabine has opened a clear lesson in humility in which a self-specialness has become exposed as a complete liability. I don't know if she sees this yet - because it takes time to see when so much self judgement is in play. But is its there for her to see when she is ready to walk out from the wreckage of disappointment, rejoin her Life and say ok - what do I need to learn from this?

I notice when watching, that I do not feel any engagement with a game or player unless I feel they really want it - and when both bring that desire actively present, the game shines. It is possible to want what we do not want - and act as if we DO want it - but it is not possible to be whole in such desire, and therefore are conflicted in ourselves.

To follow desire that integrates is to enjoy creative freedom.

The path of a Self-acceptance that passes through great obstacles is one path, but the acceptance of Self is only blocked within the dream of guilt that rises from the wish to prevail over Self!

For what is a wish but a pause from willing, in which to assert an imagination as if it were true?

Yet what is a wish revealed, but a hidden desire to awaken - activated?