Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Who is the enemy here?

Who is the enemy here?

Praetor from the US (Comments on Parisians):
That is why they call them soft targets, no weapons or means of defense, just show the mind manipulated crazies some love, they will change their ways. How could anyone reject 'love, peace and harmony' for 'hate, war and chaos'. The U.S. has its 'love, peace and harmony bunch, but luckily, the majority know 'hate, war and chaos' is coming. The U.S. as in 'we the people' are a big problem for the one state.

My response:

Everyone already HAS rejected harmony for mind manipulated crazy - albeit redefined as normal. It may be seen that the identity within forms and ideals of love, peace and harmony attempts to hide or deny terror, hate, and rage - where those with an identity within anger, hate and revenge choose to try to actively get rid of, reject or deny the perceived enemy or threat.
Neither is open to communication of a true self-honesty here - or they would recognize their reflections.

I feel LOVE is the capacity and willingness to be with what is true - which is not as the world 'loves' - merely to get an outcome for itself. LOVE's willingness opens a different perspective from the reptilian fight or flight mindset.

From where I stand I see that denied hate, war and chaos (that the war-mind embodies in all its fragmented identities) is 'coming' - or rather is surfacing or rising despite AND BECAUSE OF the 'war on terror' which at its deepest level ,is the attempt to eradicate what is associated with terror so as to 'protect' the capacity to operate as a private power. Which is a deceit by which to operate from shadow power that seems self sufficient yet is really an oppositional and parasitic reaction to the power of Life. Yet in forms that seem rationally justified and self-evident to the mind that is seeks self validation at cost of honesty.

Whether the term 'we the people' actually embodies as a shared sense of LIFE - of truly shared worth - is to be seen. For the manipulation of minds with ideals and concepts is almost complete. Meanwhile the people are like golems, cattle, or lab-rats to those who understand and apply the ways of dominion over the mind.

All the people have to do is redefine themselves as terrorists, radicals or mind-manipulated crazies - and the New Global Order will have the justifiction for imposing itself that it nurtures and has been working toward for centuries.

How much the events in Paris are to be taken at face value is worthy of question. The only way to seek a truer perspective than manipulated reaction is to pause reaction - including thoughts - so as to allow discernment of the movement of being that is resonant with and relevant to the desire fro truth.

Desire for self-validation or righteous vengeance or superior understanding is all oppositional distortion to recognizing who and where you are in this situation.

Finding another way to meet hated chaos than denial and fragmentation might be opening a deeper honesty that the thinking could imagine. But that is why one must pause it to access an evolutionary path from a deeper embrace rather than persist that same exact reptilian primitive scenario over and over and over - through millennia. Generation upon generation.

Modelling love is being real and there are no rules or techniques for being real. Most so-called communication is manipulatory at its core - because our concepts are like our money - operating a negatively defined sense of self concept.

Redeeming our self and our world is exchanging a self-conceit of denial for a true relational willingness. This wont come from any ideas of such conceit - and the 'warriors' defending such 'self' will operate maximally to suppress any true willingness for communication - as they always have. If communication is deemed dangerous, it must be disrupted, suppressed, subverted, obfuscated, demonised, denied and defined in terms that trigger the most negative feelings - so that no one will break out of the conditioning - but would suffer pain of insanity and isolation.

A State of Illegitimacy

EUbrainwashing commented:
Clearly the French are hoping the result of this new endeavour will be something a fraction more successful than the outcome of OpÈration Harmattan against Lybia in 2011 - indeed the faction they are presuming to target this time, ISIL, are a direct result of the war against Gadaffi and the employment of al Qaeda to fight against that regime. And al Qaeda were the result of the forces assembled to fight the USSR in Afghanistan all that time ago. As the old adage goes: 'what goes around comes around' - obviously that logic does translate to French or could it be that all the governments that run with all this warmongering understand this truth all to well. I think so - they cannot be so otherwise stupid. There is only one solution to end such violence and lies - end the religious cult belief in the legitimacy and the utility of 'the state'.

binra to EUbrainwashing

I don't see that the State is more than a subverted form-meaning being used as disguised attack on our will - and by that I mean our true and sovereign will - not the version sold and sucked up by negatively defined identity.

So yes - recognize false beliefs and allegiances will fall away from them.

A war against Is - and indeed against the feminine aspect of Isis - is war on our own Life and Existence. As my typo suggested a moment ago - an act of exitance. (Suicide in defiance of Life).

Of course the associations being incepted with IS are terror by design.

If the deceiver can get you to give and live out from hatred, rage and fear, then the Presence of Life will be rendered invisible and intangible amidst the conflict and carnage and resulting order of compression in frozen 'consciousness' of no capacity to actually feel and move, Alive and Whole.

Insofar as organisational structures are given legitimacy to serve purpose they can be corrupted by subverting that purpose. Then it seems as if the corruption is OUTSIDE. But as you say - what goes around comes around - or as I say it - what you give out is what you get back.

The primary power we have is in what we accept true of ourself (in relation to any circumstance or experience) - for what we accept we automatically give or live out from - and becomes the framework of value or measure of our interpreted experience.

In this sense power is at the level of definitional Idea - believed. To accept what is not true of you (and this is for anyone) will be to conflict oneself - and that inevitably incepts the purpose of resolving conflict framed in external terms. Which MUST propagate and maintain conflict as the basis of self - unless and until the original error is revisited and perspective revisioned.

The original error may be described as taking an image of self - or an image of reality and accepting it true IN PLACE of the true and living movement of being that may image itself infinitely and richly in the unfolding of all that it is - but is not locked or frozen in assertion of self-definitions arising from the inherent conflict of identity in self concept.

The tendency is to 'solve the crisis' - and different approaches conflict - whilst sharing this underlying definition. The capacity to feel the crisis as messenger and message from a higher or deeper or more inclusive perspective - that is not to be killed but 'opened and received' despite its most unwelcome insulting and humiliating experience.
EUbrainwashing replies to me:

Boy your comment is hard work to read and digest! I think I get it and I think it is a very deep and true series of points you make, but boy oh boy, as usual, it takes some prising out.
My reply to EUbrainwashing:

Well I (truly) commend you on your willingness and trust that any discovered depth is a measure of your own in-sight and recognition. If you find a way to make the same points in simpler or clearer ways - go for it! There are key factors that operate a reversal in consciousness of a kind we are becoming more able to notice and unmask in our world.

I know it is possible to translate some of this into more accessible accepted idioms - yet that translation almost always operates as a 'new wine into old wine bottles' where the FORMS of insight and recognition are lost to a subtler manipulative ploy that uses them to block and mask its intent. Willingness to bring attention present is a key quality that a deceptive rationalism does not require or desire.

I feel that discernment works different to judgement. The latter censors everything whilst running it through a database of past association and so cannot deal in anything whole or truly present - being locked in the past. But an openness to the whole of what is present allows the heart to feel and tune into the resonance and relevance to what is desired or called forth as the need of the situation.

A tangible sense of 'where something is coming from' is a key to reading it. If something is coming from a place of coercive persuasion, then even if it borrows facts - it is working a hidden agenda. Likewise if we read seeking only reinforcement of an existing hidden personal agenda - we will not let information in - in case it upsets our 'established order'.

The way to navigate and transform obstructive and challenging situations calls for becoming truly present with ALL of what is here - which is a transformative act. Humanity has become very 'lazy' seeking to run on auto or sleep mode while leaving a sort of template to run everything. But as is becoming evident - the moneylenders have usurped the template as the assertion of control and power over needs and the meeting of needs.

Whilst one can turn over a few tables and make a temporary drama for a day - the key teaching - as I feel it - is to use the reflection to uncover and identify the corresponding pattern within our own consciousness. I recognize that the terms consciousness has become redefined to mean something that is generally very weak, ineffectual or even imaginary - excepting by those who are awake to the power of the mind - either for healing or for coercive fragmenting and manipulating. (Divide and rule).

Thanks for a friendly response. I just live here! (meaning I simply clothe insight in such a manner as a normal behaviour). However, the insight is never contained or defined in the form alone and can only be shared as a recognition. Asset stripping is nothing new. 

The deceits and illusions of power
Bruce C  Commented: ... If people are going to be cowed by these acts of Islamic jihad and go along with whatever reductions in freedoms for all (i.e., no exceptions unless you're a "VIP") then why not insist upon and encourage personal gun ownership and concealment? At least then we/they don't have to know the answer to the riddle of who the real enemy is quite yet because when it becomes more obvious we'll be ready. 
Given the trends and the rhetoric, so far I'd say the real enemy is the centralization of power.

Look at the model of consciousness in usage and see if indeed the same devices are not active as are reflected in an insane world.
Proxy 'enemies' are best named as such - or one supports the assertive narrative in which less and less perspective or indeed choice, is possible.
I doubt anyone can be 'ready' for the revealing within our own mind of such as it has so forcefully and ingeniously hidden from awareness. 'War' or defence against exposure to terror is the prime 'duty' of such survival consciousness and yet of course what one resists, persists - and indeed becomes that by which one is defined.

The true nature of power is not weaponisable and is therefore invisible and irrelevant. The idea of power OVER is the reaction to a sense of being overpowered or overwhelmed by what seems unrelated to one's own thought act and deed. Therefore the power of true reflection is the capacity to recognize and correct errors of self definition.

I see the attempt to unify a separated or split off and fragmented sense of power in powerlessness - as the persistent refusal to reflect or look within. Such war CANNOT afford honesty - excepting very specific exceptions of moral convenience.

So beneath the attempt to consolidate power is the deceit of a separative identity and intent. Self specialness howsoever it is masked - and particularly in such forms as most effectively confer the deceit in belief one is acquiring or growing in power.

But if the true nature of enemy is a case of mistaken identity - the answer is to extend a true founded presence in place of being baited to reaction. While this by grace is given, the capacity to recognize and receive it is one with the willingness to share it.

Everything in the 'world' of privately controlled consciousness, operates AGAINST such recognition.

The reflections of experience in the world can serve a deeper willingness to break allegiance with coercive inhibition and distortion of true or free willingness - despite the negativity of such experience and because the spark of truth is felt. Truly Felt. Not more tricky thinking that cheats us of life while seeming to confer superior advantage.

If 'love thine enemy' is a profoundly transformative truth and not merely mind-games in rehearsal - it is because our 'enemy' reflects what we most hate, fear or despise in ourselves. Yet can also serve to most effectively free us from having to in any sense own or recognize in our self. Another angle on this is to say that each of us is the casting director in our own life and there are no roles being enacted that are not correspondences with something in our consciousness - even if it is profoundly held unconscious.

The model for the power to separate or split consciousness is the Judge - and indeed the power of communication or execution.

Guilt denies, invalidates and rejects Life. Judge no - lest you Be judged is another way of saying what you give out, you get back. As you sow - thus are you reaping. But to understand this only as linear temporal process is a dilution of an instantaneous recognition.

Denied fears invite guilt - or shadow power. Owned fears become aligned to consciously held purpose. If one is willing to feel and listen within the movement of the feeling rather than devote EVERYTHING to getting rid of the shit feelings ASAP!

Trying to get rid of that which is part of us unrecognised, feeds it negative charge and gives it power in the dark while SEEMING to achieve a temporary escape. If anyone get this it may be very helpful - but it wont save anyone from living the territory. No one else can really 'protect you' from your self-attack. But then nor can anyone prevent you from looking on it and finding it to be a false sense of yourself. Not a false set of ideas to now work on - but something that no longer commands allegiance and therefore has no power to 'make your choices for you'. 

Monday, 16 November 2015

When true expression is feared then war on truth seeks to prevail

The Intercept has a series of articles on the drone method of assassinations.
Secret military documents expose the inner workings of Obama’s drone wars
The Assassination Complex

"It’s all in the mind. The battle is for our minds.
That is the most valuable real estate".
The comment above invited this general reply:

The battle for fragmented (secret) minds is operating in place of unified or functional communication. To put it another way; the denial of any real process of self-reflection is achieved by projection, blame and attack.
Such denial dictates looking ONLY at effects (outward) and thus to avoid looking at cause (within). Then to assert cause as blame within the appearances of effects - and seek to assert power over effects.
The attempt to coerce reflections without aligning or healing the cause, is an exercise in dislocation, insanity and tragic futility - yet to the 'survival mentality' operating out from a past made in terror and in anger - it is considered necessity and non-compliance , a threat to the order that only war can maintain.
The real estate of our mind is not self-possessed or stolen - but is a reality of God's Estate from which we have defined and believed ourself in terms of a mind at war with reality - for a mind identified in self image can ONLY defend and act according to the dictates of such image.
Reality is not fixed, static, stuck - and Meaning Itself is infinitely rich in expression and appreciation... if one is open to receive and share it.
Identifying AGAINST something is giving power to it - in secret - and getting a false power in seeming to be able to get rid of it. Our guilts and fears and rages give power to the shadow that  - far from being 'got rid of' is negating our very consciousness by inducing us to war upon our own unrecognized denials and reflections. The 'battle' is the war by which truth is denied. There can be no true victory in such war and yet there may be a call to stand in the truth of who you are against the temptation to make a self in hate. Discerning what is true is the result of looking within - not asserting power by stealth or deceit in mind-games to protect a false sense of self against exposure.