Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Primate Change, Science of a split mind and the religion of guilt

There are advantages to global warming, says minister

Owen Paterson, secretary of state for environment, food and rural affairs, says effects of global warming not all negative

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I expected to read that a great deal of corporate self-interest is poised in the investments of serving the protection racket to a scarcity market we have no say over by which 'British business' will prosper and all sorts of controls and changes would be imposed with the blank cheque of such justified extremity!
But I was wrong. There wasn't much of any article at all.

There is nothing so distorting of the mind as guilt and fear.
When minds invest so much in agreeing what reality is their very model of operation is brought into question when reality does not join the consensus.

I feel this issue will serve the breakdown of the scientific arrogance that puts the non-empiric to one side in disregard, and makes 'reality models' from its tiny focus upon those aspects of existence that can be currently measured in our tiny compass.

The search for truth has long been abandoned by orthodoxy as well as the search for healing and the search for wisdom. Such science marginalizes its relevance to life and becomes a hapless tool of the desire to manipulate and incept itself into every natural relationship so as to bring into manual control.

This is as much becoming the prevalent mindset in which social and economic decisions are made - because who can speak against it without being ridiculed, vilified or effectively denied validity?

Yet this is exactly the conditions in which love of truth uncovers and seeds new life - because this is exactly what is called for.

Underneath the desire to coercively control is the fear that its interference seeds, feeds and breeds.It knows no other agenda. It does not know or cannot bear to know it is a self reinforcing loop of negativity. So it seeks to dump its denial in ways that reflect back a relative innocence or a grain of righteousness amidst a world that its consciousness displaces onto.

Man is ever trying to 'solve' his consciousness in external terms.

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MIT scientist ridicules IPCC climate change report, calls findings 'hilarious incoherence'

We can see beliefs that do not agree in a polarized dance together. Some like to tango - it takes two you know. But what are the pay-offs or incentives that lead us each to WANT something to be true. In polarized reaction it is easy to seek and find whatever supports ones case in the errors of the other but less willing to observe one's own agendas.

The idea of global warming is a symbol of environmental guilt that is potent for many and has indeed become a pseudo religion. It can be a focus for such people of a leverage against what is seen as a sick or insane corporate-consumer death-trance. But the mentality underneath such a highly developed and highly intelligent corporate-consumer matrix, has already positioned itself to exploit this movement to its deeper entrenchment as the dominant global mentality. For the exploitation of life by the sacrifice of love's wholeness is highly adept at subverting and absorbing any new movement to its own agenda

Global warming/climate change serves now as an effective distraction device at the cusp of the most fundamental changes in consciousness, and therefore society and cultural foundation. Hardly anyone notices...
Primate Change is an attempt to manipulate humanity - and our world, that we all have some part in until we unsubscribe.
Whenever fear, guilt and blame are incited be sure that a deception is in play. If you want to use such unholy trinity to coerce your own life - then you will suffer its reflection in the world in terms you wont escape. One cannot make another's choice, but one can be willing to communicate where communication is possible. And releasing judgement allows communication of presence - for mere words are largely only for one's respective 'choir' now.

Make your own choices in the honesty and integrity of truly listening and feeling your way - and unsubscribe from the voices of guilt and fear in promises of protection from their own seeded agenda. If you want. Change is the only constant - but what you give out, you get back. There is one life in all and we are all in one life. You can test this by actually pausing from distraction long enough to truly feel and immerse yourself in existence - which is always here and always now and in which you can rest, refesh and regenerate. Don't forget to love yourself enough to feel your life and remember its connectedness to All That Is. And don't invalidate yourself because you did - and you do and your will forget. Guilt is the religion of darkness whatever packaging it present itself. Just say no!

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RobbRaw, who said:

Funny but it would appear nearly every man woman and their dog without a scientific masters is able to capitulate that global warming experts are interested in their bank accounts to that of the climate.

Well, self interest is a universal - but what we define as our self will make that take every kind of pattern. I regard education as a socialisation and indoctrination process in some part - so I would qualify as invalid in your definition. What we invest in, we identify with and protect. As you choose to define yourself is ever your choosing no matter what anyone else says or does. But remember that our consciousness seeks and finds reinforcements to its choosing automatically and experiences the world accordingly.

The defence mechanisms uncovered by psychology were not invented by their uncovering - but if their revelation is to serve an integrative or healing purpose then the 'scientist' cannot stand outside his own relational collusions - as if to hide or deny his own self interest at work beneath a professional mask. The self-interest in hiding such agenda and playing the mask is pushed to the margins as long as the presentation of the mask are maintained.

Now I am not arguing with self interest nor attacking the fundamental impulse of the scientific enquiry, but a transparency of interest is something humans generally haven't discovered the value of yet. The 'defence mechanisms' all work to subvert our foundations and yet they are not understood experientially and are largely employed in the 'war' of conflicting interests' rather than used to restore sanity.

As an example SCHOPENHAUER'S 38 STRATAGEMS, OR 38 WAYS TO WIN AN ARGUMENT was written as an expose to serve real communication - but is used by many to equip their arsenal with stratagems for 'winning'.

Frankly, I only need to discern the presence of such artifice to recognize the distortions present. I do not need a qualification. I also suggest to you that everyone has this capacity to discern a manipulative intent - even children. Especially children!
If we play the game we forget our name.
Climate change? We are in such fundamental changes that the global warming issue is serving as a distraction device

Alan C says:

What the Mail fails to tell us is that Lindzen ACEPTS AGW, he is of the "it's not that bad" school. Other things that he got wrong: "the link between smoking and lung cancer is weak", "Satellite measurements show no warming", and "Decrease in water vapor would allow carbon dioxide to escape from the atmosphere". (He has since accepted this as refuted and calls it an "old view."). he also has a history of repeatedly failed predictions, so a bit of an embarrassment to MIT!

Yes only a little research on the scientific corruptions in the smoking issue - particularly in the US - reveals that consensus can rule - at least until the evidence can simply no longer be distorted. www.ahealedplanet.net/medicine.htm

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Is big pharma really a racket?

New drugs 'can cure skin cancer', scientists claim
Skin cancer suffers could be cured of the disease with new breakthrough drugs, experts claimed, as they hailed the "beginning of a new era".

The above from Telegraph 'news' feed.

Is big pharma really a racket?
While anything that actually works has obvious value - the treatments that are allowed, supported, funded and reported fairly on are very heavily biased in terms of proprietary profit making 'solutions'. Have a look at 'medical racket' on ahealedplanet.net
In so very many ways, our virtual reality costs us the Earth. I call it our virtual reality because it is not our actual life - but the one we think we are living in which we think we are free. But it always leads to a dead end.
So much of our social and economic conditioning, is farming and managing life for power and profit of the very very few over the very very many.
We are free to re-evaluate our thinking from the most fundamental ground of our being.
So many are conditioned against even the possibility of this and cannot believe that they are more than their thinking allows, and so they don't even look - but follow their thinking - which they think is their truth that gives life and takes it away.
The thinking that we have based our self and society on is a dead end, so it has to shift!

We don't WANT to understand what life is and how it works while we WANT to control it for self-isolating agendas. Natural being is NOT allowed in 'modern' living. What is natural? Do you look to your head to answer? That's what is unnatural. If you do it to yourself, don't be surprised that society does it to itself!

We are free to limit freedom while believing it makes us free, but at some point the beliefs cannot be maintained - even with a dreadful stick or a juicy carrot! (Not many juicy carrots these days, because the dread is of such a pitch that has to be maintained, or the spell will break).

Don't let fear rob you.