Friday, 27 September 2019

Aligning in health, naturally

This post contains responses to three news articles on ANH's newsletter.


Preset beliefs operate as weaponised identities for the attempt to fit or conform life to our (or our controller's) illusions.
Those who SET such narratives as your article willingly relays in the frame of predictions - are similar to predictions of robotic and A.I replacing human beings and human relational endeavour. They are predictions that are realised true by the fear and expectation of their coming about.

Mixed farming in communities as part of a micro-economy is like unto the health of the soil or our gut biome. The chaos of centralised control - no matter how cleverly systemised - is the death of the sharing in the heart's acceptance, decision and command - which are the nature of truth recognised, aligning in and loved.

ALL the mainstreaming narrative - fed or 'astroturfed' by 'global' organisations - are fronting private corporate agenda for the sustainability of profit, possession and control - or at least the ILLUSION of such in the context of toxic debt, dispossession and loss of humanity to compulsive or tyrannical thinking and reaction. (Human as robot or golem).

So the whole notion of TELLING PEOPLE WHAT TO DO is linked with and part of undermining or depriving them of their own capacity to know and be and share in their own lives unfolding as a cultural and creative sense of shared worth and value.

'As you sow so shall you reap' has a depth that goes all the way down - even as does 'judge not leat you be judged'.
Factory farmed humans can be seen with a spiritual discernment in the hollowed out and lightless inner lives of those who live only within the denials of others, of their past or social conditioning. But this is also manifesting as factory pharmed sickness and degraded dependency to either yield up service to unseen masters or yield up life to a culling by stealth that transfers wealth and power to an illusion of power seeking life's substitution and replacement.

Freedom to love is freedom from fear, But fear rising from conflicts of lack, shame and guilt of self hate is THE DRIVER of a negative 'Economy' deemed too big to fail - and willing to dump ANY COST via ANY DECEIT onto the people as outsourced pain of consequence for sustainability of profits as a captured revenue stream.

Freedom of communication and association is being undermined and terrorised by manipulative triggering of fight and flight response - via fear and guilt targeted to the indoctrinated and conditioned who have been farmed or framed in such thinking as their inheritance and adaptation to a world of lies.

Biodiversity is recognised as health. Why then even consider allegiance to top-down canopy economics of denial and subjection to lies that deny us light and regulate and disincentivise the right to move.

Paralysis within polarised identity conflict is effectively turning us to meat robots. Soon to be replaced...
So is there a choice?
IS there another way to SEE this than in the frame of our acquired and inherited currencies of thinking?
Even to ASK is to create the potential for a true answer.

The 'thinking of the world' is limited and limiting as a result of being divorced from the heart's knowing of loving connection - of relationship -and this is compounded by the attempt to enact control-mentality as substitution for and narrative overlaid upon true sustenance.
To quote Jesus again - it is what comes out of our mouth that corrupts us - and yet for the most part we know not who we are, what we say or what we do - BECAUSE we are framed in a mind or persona of a narrative investment.

Top-down consciousness or control-mentality is part of and sustained by the heart's despair - as 'the lesser of evils'. Waking responsibility of transparency to our true sustenance includes our thought - much of which runs as hidden agreements, beliefs and definitions of acquired or inherited survival strategy.

Life can be treated as a slave, or as hateful and deserving death. But Life supports us unconditionally while we reap the consequences of our own thoughts, perceptions and experience. That we can act self-destructively is not in question and nor that we can justify this to ourselves - often by assigning the guilt to others, or using grievance and guilt as a means of manipulating others to 'save ourselves'.

Technologism is without human scientific coherency - as it merely sustains the private agendas of those who fund its marketising and weaponising - albeit under the mask of saving the world, feeding the world or serving the 'greater good' of human progress. The idea of progress is extremely destructive to life on Earth in its corrupted form because it operates the destruction and denial or replacement of the past. Yet this IS the model of the replacement of True Cause by self imaged adjustments and agreements that we then operate in and under - instead of living and giving true witness or indeed true with-ness.

The diversion of the mind into false positives as a cover story for active negatives is pervasive and unsane.

The difference between contraction (enforced austerity of applied scarcity) and compression (doing more within less) is the difference between suicidal sacrifice and qualitative alignment towards a new expansion through the conditions that rise to support its expression.

Diet is sustenance on all levels of our being, and FOR wholeness of being. The breeding of a slave class - not to mention genetic and biotech experimentation is an embodiment of hate, degradation and ignorant arrogance by which to 'create' life in our own private image.

Give as you would in truth receive. There is no other way to recognise the truth in what you ARE receiving and allow it to free you of a matrix of false thinking that passes as a substitution for life while in a sense plugged in as feed to a machine-mind.


The corporate capture of Science cannot be underestimated in its subversion as a technologism of weaponising and marketising private top down agenda - masking as a global 'Good' - or global necessity for surviving extinction. 
That such statements can be allowed into our mind is of course because such fear is already within us and is being 'farmed'. 

Brexit the psyop? 
How much political theatre is working diversion while armies of lawyers institute secretly drafted 'deals' into power of law by a bought or emasculated political establishment? 
Leaving the regulatory constraints of the EU can indeed be an opportunity to RE-Vision a qualitative alignment with biodiversity from the soil, and our guts up. I would not WAIT on it but start now - and make it the purpose of our now to hold a qualitative discernment as the context of any quantitative outcomes. 

To live and share in the primary qualities of life may seem an austerity - but is is free willingly integrative to finding more with or through less which is not a contraction or retarding but awakening focus in the true balance points instead of reactive identities seeking fantasy gratification in ever more divisive and dissociated social fragmentation - of dependency and control.

That the 'Mainstream Media' is NOT on board with anything BUT the conforming compliance with a State-Corp driven narrative ought to be obvious. But clearly it not only isn't, but remains as effective a framing and directing of thought and behaviour as in Germany in the 30's. 
“No one understood better than Stalin that the true object of propaganda is neither to convince nor even to persuade, but to produce a uniform pattern of public utterance in which the first trace of unorthodox thought immediately reveals itself as a jarring dissonance.”
Alan Bullock ~ (Hitler and Stalin: Parallel Lives) 

Once a narrative is 'embedded' it becomes 'self-sustaining' for the fear of penalty rising from not being seen to conform is that of being rejected out of hand - regardless distinguished career or nobel prizes - regardless of self-honesty giving witness as an unwillingness to sacrifice unto the sustainability of a lie passing off for true - that then wreaks destruction from within our own thought.


Human thinking is the only thing that needs change for our Planet to become an intent of healing and reintegration rather than a blind and deceptive attempt to coerce and control life to fit our illusions - not least of which is giving power to the mind of structure as the power of sustaining possession and control OVER life-feared as chaos.

But the narrative of deceit posits and propagates human beings as the virus, cancer or problem and conditions us to self-hate. Division is then the basis to recruit for crusades by which to regain some 'social credit' or offset our carbon-life-form sin.

Diet is not OUTSIDE so much as a psycho-physical exchange.
If we are tricked into giving 'virtue' to foods displaying health associations, or (at the other end of the scale) to privately fronting global NGOs under similar Orwellian doublespeak - then we eat toxic debts while believing the instruments of its packaging - and thus sustain those whose invested identity is deemed 'too big to fail'.

Vigilance for our unconflicted peace (joy or wholeness of being in life) and against deceit is the key to our re-education.

So to the 'deceiver' - "Thanks!" (for the educative opportunity) - "but no thanks!" - to phishing ruse by which we lose identity to a false framed reality.

Uncovering wellness in place if iatrogenic disease loops

I connected with Dr Healy's work via my own re-educative willingness across the whole spectrum of presumed (directed and filtered) knowledge.
I am 64 and haven't taken and don't take pharma drugs for by far the greater part of my life - especially because events in my early adult life opened a psycho-physical appreciation of existence rather than a physically derived psychic assertion.

I have no doubt but that interventions in the electro-chemical pathways and balance of the body-mind can and does effect an off-balance adaptation such as to operate as a negatively reinforcing pattern of psycho-physical dysfunction.

In principle I see that we can lose our true alignment to errors, to crisis of fear and threat conflicts and attempts to mask or hide or deny these. I also see that we then often focus on what seems to be the cause of the iatrogenic disease along with the symptoms of its 'side' effect. This may be instead of focussing in realignment at the core - in life and in our life.

Realigning and reintegrating our self and life is a 'spiritual' or conscious purpose accepted at heart as a recognisable and at least partial willingness to notice and perhaps address or release the 'blocks' to an unconflicted self-awareness now. A key understanding being that the mind and body can be used and are used to hide or hide from relational conflict within self as between our self and others or world.

This is no less true of our collective or socio-political body-mind - which as an example has financial 'experts' hiding toxic debts (fraudulent consequences) in complex repackaging, as marketable financial assets or real currency.

This pattern is pervasive to our human psyche as the ingenuity of cleverness and deceit in avoidance. To take a search for 'psychological defences' and consider humanity the patient is to see we are structured in a negatively reinforcing loop of 'conflict management' in which sacrifice of the living is made to maintain the sustainability of the 'Model' and of course the priesthood and power structure of the model, worldview, mindset, or narrative identity.

And so I also see that there are those working to induce such sacrifice in Others  as their attempt to 'sustainability' as survival in their own frame of belief. Population control by stealth is part of a global human engineering project that is hidden in plain sight and under a broad spectrum dominance that uses the forms of human Good to both recruit sympathy and support while hiding agenda of power set over others and over life - which is a core pattern of a 'psycho-pathy' as a sense of possession and control running INSTEAD of and at expense of true relational being. Resulting as experience of dispossession and loss of command of our natural being.

Physical presence is a transparency to now - which is relational awareness. Loss of relational appreciation and response is a psychic-emotional substitution. Insofar as we manifest or meet 'blocks' to our growth and life they also operate some sense of defence, payoff or cover story of a lesser evil for something more greatly feared. Fear itself operates a block against exposure until there is willingness to see or perhaps re-vision what hidden fears dictate or deny.

Awakening as a willingness of self-responsibility for healing has to move past the grievance and identity in victim and its vindication in vengeance. This does not mean tolerating and persisting in injustice - but healing calls on the truth that heals while vengeance seeks to weaponise truth for the reciprocal sacrifice recompense or destruction of the perpetrator - and thus has investment in wound and grievance as a identity seeking righteously to reclaim worth.

There can be much hurt and hate in fear and rage in our sense of losing the life we thought was ours. All of which persist in robbing us of the life we are wholly worthy of  - now - but for the grace of noticing and the willingness to accept an alignment in appreciation. One moment at a time.

There are always more elements than the 'model' presumes. The human psyche is already a 'jack-in-the-box' of cultural and personal conflicts that can be triggered in multiple and various ways and lead a false trail from the certainty of being wronged or damaged by forces or powers outside our self.

I write from outside the 'box' but not without much personal experience of our psycho-physical conditioning - both pain of isolation and disconnect and joy of freedom in shared being. My sense of life is of embracing the first in the willingness of the second. My vision of human culture is of finding and growing support for a deeper self honesty than our current 'model' or identity is predicated upon, and allowing of - including our transparency to, and expression of love - in all our diversity and freedom of expression. IE: being truly ourselves, as the basis from which to extend worth-ship and with-ness. I hold that this is Un-covered in true willingness, rather than re-covered by struggle to regain a lost life, love or power. The experience of active willingness is in the abidance through the dynamic of conflict - and so may seem to be 'struggle within or against temptation of old habits that are being undone and replaced by new and consciously aligned choices - or acceptances.

A quantitative logjam or indeed breakdown of communication calls for a qualitative shift of priority and focus. To bring all and only what is needful together to our desire to live and share life - instead of old patterns of sustainability set against fear and threat of pain of loss.

Accepting and acting on thoughts and beliefs offered us without truly checking in at the heart is a kind of 'running on auto-pilot' or indeed unconscious placement of trust outside ourself.
How do we ever learn but through recognising mistakes and correcting them by making better or more aligned choices?

Outsourcing power of decision (our core responsibility) is pervasive and conditioned by a collective cultural alignment in seeking autonomy in the form and frame of the body as both a weapon and separating shield. This is hidden by a surface normality that denies the undercurrent of psychic emotional conflict. Much 'breakdown' of order is of an incapacity to maintain sustainability of an imposed order counter to our core or original nature of being. But WHEN it happens - and however it happens - is the opportunity and indeed the Call to release what doesn't and cannot really work to the willingness of being found in what does.
If 'I cant do it!' was a simple FACT - then the attempt to persist the impossible would release to what is not only possible but already present - but displaced or discarded by the desperation of struggle that sets us against our own grain.

I find there is no talking to those who are still actively aligned to the 'model' as protection of a life set as an escape from conflicts rather than of a self-honesty of at least some willingness to own and embrace them towards finding better ways.

Addiction is to whatever enables NOT KNOWING what you (or anyone) is currently unwilling or indeed unready to know. Most addiction is socially internalised and invisible in a world where :

“Everything is BACKWARDS; everything is upside down! Doctors destroy health,  Lawyers destroy justice,  Universities destroy knowledge, Governments destroy freedom,  Major media destroys information, And religions destroy spirituality". (Michael Ellner)

My next step is to notice we are looking 'through a lens darkly' - that is through thinking that reverses or inverts cause and effect.
We generally have it all backwards. Stepping out of the 'group-think' is of course where 'there be dragons'.