Friday, 8 June 2012

Girls as young as five 'forced into marriage'

The article (linked above) to which I commented (as below) is a blatant propaganda piece of titilation. When it suits, use those bits of truth or present those bits of truth in such a way as to support an agenda that has no basis in truth - that is - it is without integrity. The fears that fuel it are of a confusion that can be healed, if there is a willingness to release confusion as a way of hiding from truth.

Arranged marriage has been part of human culture for millennia. In traditional cultures we are a member and an expression of our clan and our tribe or culture and are not simply floating around in pick and mix egocentricity of surface desires. Along with cultural blindnesses or outmoded baggage is a wisdom and a way of being that held a culture not only of survival, but of a truly shared Life. This we (in a generalized sense of human society) have forgotten.

The globalisation of mass culture of a passive consumerism in which surface desires are stimulated and fed so as to dope the many into a compliance to the will of the very few, systematically undermines traditional culture - whether that is English or Hindu. It is a blind market that uses your desires to manipulate you.

The use of coercive force upon the will of another is illegitimate. We scream at it when it shows up to our blinkered vision and yet suffer to participate as victim and victimizer in all kinds of ways that are simply invisible or accepted.

A coercive will and a reactive will is part of a dance. To simply hate or fight against a perceived injustice doesn't address its true cause. The law can contain a means of protection and order against the excesses of behaviour but it itself is no substitute for a process of real communication.

In any cultural conflict of crisis is a deeper process of being exposed in our own cultural shortcomings - in other words we need to reconnect with the truth of the values that guide and inform our perception and our actions - and not merely be manipulated by a lip service that only allows truth in exceptions that suit us!

The nature of individual will is a great mystery - not that it cannot be experienced as an aspect of an Intimacy of Being - but that it does not yield to a coercive or controlling intent - but will present a defence or mask of adaption.

Be sure that all of us - of whatever age or culture, are clearly in the sights of that which would enforce its will as a means of exerting and maintaining power, and that the stirring up of emotional reaction is a way of distraction and deception.

Of course I pray that we find a better way than the use of force to share life on this planet - whether such force is expressed in crude or subtle scenarios of wilful ignorance.

Wilfulness is always ignorant - regardless of what the voices of one's own thinking may say. When we see that it is blind and cannot know love or life, we are awake enough to begin to find a better, living, way.

Marriage is the symbol of Unified will - and the source of such union is neither the ritual of the past, nor of the marketplace identity of mutual contract.

Beneath the mask is a desire both to hide - and a desire to be truly known. We all of us force ourselves to conform to fear in the former, and grow trust in releasing fear in the latter. There are no rules we can just make to substitute for 'feeling our way'. Listening and speaking in the heart is a guideline, but even so, it really is up to you and not the 'parent' forces.

To step outside the society that we have identified in is no small thing. But if one's integrity is being undermined, and communication is denied, then do not persist in allegiance, excepting to persist in the form as one's heart guides in taking steps OF integrity.
Wholeness of being is our gift to each other, to our world. But when we seek it from outside, we become trapped in loveless relation and in need of healing and renewal.

Love … an Innocent intimacy … is our essential Nature. It can be covered over by a world of conflicting desire, adulterated with wishful illusion and fearful attempts to control. We are all in this together - whether it feels like a forced marriage or not!

Here's to an awakening of the underlying truth that (step by step) heals - and the disregard of the machinations of hate and blame and judgement that merely conceal.

Thank you for your attention

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Worshipping (and getting lost in) image

The practice of using others (and Life), for one's private fantasy purposes is ubiquitous in every aspect of life and generally is socially invisible. It is a part of human consciousness that judges and plays out privately held meaning upon others, and the world, either in a mutual trade, or by coercion of a manipulative intent.

To give priority to fantasy over truth, is to disregard truth and to be out of true. This is the same as disregarding the heart in which a real relationship or communication extends the true or innate qualities of being into life. It is always a dissonant experience and any relief is alsways momentary. It is not at peace in itself except when emptied of desire - but desire is an expression of being alive, though the desire of addiction is to suppress or escape the conflicted meaninglessness of a life out of true, in thought and action.

To gain the world is to lose our Soul. This is simply self evident but not while the empty promise of the world is given priority. Stimulation is an attempted substitute for life that hollows out and reduces life to surface forms. This can be readily observed. The seeming freedom and hit of getting private satisfaction - even amidst consenting trade or contract is simply feeding an addictive nature that puts fulfillment in externals instead of abiding in a wholeness that gives itself wholly in love. In love we are undefended to our own being and so our being communicates itself wholly and without coercion. Love contains within itself the guidance to freely release what is not real and embrace the moment wholly. No image can be made of love and no rules can be made for love. This is what we forget.

Moralizing is a kind of attempt to control - and is also a fantasy practice in attempt to control with guilt. Guilt always undermines and blocks any true expression of life - but the insidious nature of hidden guilt means that it maintains a fantasy of freedom from guilt within the illusion of a private self will. This 'hidden' will is an act by which we seem to live separate and special - whether seeming to prevail or to be acted upon. The attempt to act this out without guilt is simply the fuelling of the fire. Guitlessness is not self-wilful, but is of an innocence of being. In all things we can learn to discern where we are coming from and so can see the nature of private thinking or fantasy at work in our own experience and evaluate its fruit. Until we see it, it runs as a mechanical identification with forms - and a dream of a life is allowed to usurp a true love.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Vampires found with iron rods through their hearts in Bulgaria

Belief in magic (remedy or spell) counters a fear of evil coming home. Burying the dead is also an internal matter, where forgiveness allows a selective memory to allow the memory of those we know to rest in our hearts. But unforgiveness leads to being haunted by the past.

Different cultures have different forms to their fears - but a true forgiveness releases the seed of fear and doesn't rely or appeal to magical beliefs and rituals (which confirm the fear as real in the mind of the practitioner).

Evil coming home to roost is an archetypal motif in human consciousness. Scapegoating is the essential 'magic' to cast out and kill the sins of our own mind without ever realizing they are and remain - where they originate.

The notion of the living dead is fleshed out in the vampire story, but just look around - and maybe in the mirror. There is much that passes as protective thinking that sucks the joy out of our lives.

To root it out and dissolve it in sunlight is possible - but the nature of fear will always tend to push it down and away until one is no longer able to pretend that this actually works.

The current fashion for the vampire genre in stories and films seems to appeal to that part of the mind that wants to feel legitimate in nullifying or killing  - as well as encoding a sense of secret special identity for teens amidst 'normal people'. (Not that I have watched or studied these in any depth).

Consumer society is not quite the same as being blood-milked and mutated in nature - but it has a lot in common!  (and also sucks the culture and resources out from our commonwealth and future generations for the suck of unquenchable surface appetites).

I always question the scapegoat - and look closer to home. If we didn't all subscribe to a vampiristic mentality (albeit hidden behind Darwinian or other theological justifications), those possessed by Corporate Power run amok would not find such a willing host.

Meet in a shared sense of value and not as hungry ghosts and even our economy would bloom. (though not while predicated on a scam).

Not a very funny post - but fangs for reading ;-)

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

The teaching of death by power

Teach only what you want to learn. Give only what you want to receive. For the nature of 'what goes forth and multiplies' is the thought - (and the deeds that express that thought) - that you accept as real for you. This does not make real, but does establish rules for what you allow into your mind as real - at least until you change your mind about your mind.

"Taking out" the enemy is an ancient archetypal script and embodies the denial of the possibility of communication. When both 'sides' of an apparent confilct see the 'enemy' as the 'other', they feel fully justified in their attack on and denial of, life - AND believe that they are allaying or limiting the power of death that their 'enemy' represents.

That 'death' may be literal in terms of physical assault - but is really a fear of loss of power. The apparent power to make and control reality ALWAYS brings fear (of loss) and guilt (of hidden and shameful deception - along with expectation of payback or vengeance.

While there are aspects to the surface event to be addressed, I feel always to feel for the deeper significances and so I offer this post to pause from reactivity or any kind of self righteous position, and  consider opening the mind to a state of true communication, in which fear and guilt feelings are no longer alowed to be the triggers in the manipulation of our mind.

When justice is not seen to be done, just acts may be seen as unjust, while amidst the mesmeric allegiances triggerred by fear and guilt unjust - or evil acts - and their source intent - may be applauded and treasured in our hearts and homes.
Who is here to judge his brother? A moment of power over another by billion dollar tech or suicide mission? Or a process of true communication that is vigilant for the sanity of truth and against the false allure of a manipulative intent - and then on behalf of the health and sanity of all, including the 'judged'?

It doesn't matter ultimately what others seem to choose, for through our own choice will we see clearly or not at all. The capacity to see is not the legitimacy of judgement or power over another - but is the direct experience of discernment in a capacity to communicate and navigate the WHOLE situation, as an expression of a wholeness of mind. It is true that in this we give up our self-specialness and all the sacrifices offered to its altar.

Our experience of the world becomes a step by step guidance in releasing a madness of mind that we no longer hold dear or give allegiance to. Until then we clutch a divisive and conflicting falsehood, that cuckolds our true joy in life. None of what I say is really news. When enough loved ones or loved ways of sharing life are 'taken out' in the name of security, the foundations of such thinking will be realised to be utterly false. And then the mind of fear will insinuate itself in a new and rebranded mode of 'protection' to make sure it will never happen again. And so the notion of fear and control is accepted as if implicitly true and all evidences are collected or fabricated to support it and none other are allowed.

Divide and rule is applied at the level of one's own mind - as one's own wish. No matter how terrible the effects are of such a split, the truth remains true. To look for truth is to presume it lost. To determine or define it is to presume it yours to make. Truth is not 'taken out' by a lie - but the lie's persistence operates as a distraction device.

A game played very seriously works as a game to get identified within, but there is always the option of simply walking out of a bad movie. I don't mean self destructively, but a shift of allegiance from thought to the heart of true discernment.
Thank you for your attention.