Saturday, 13 June 2015

From Plunder to Wonder

Production Versus Plunder
By Paul Rosenberg

Paul Rosenberg has been publishing his book Production and Plunder in instalments on the Daily Bell. Historical perspectives can be revised in the light of seeing them in terms of unfolding idea rather than 'kings and wars. I haven't written below in direct relation to the article - but to some of the presumptions inherent in his current perspective - that are part of the framework of seeing production and plunder as different rather than polarised aspects of a framework of  thought.

- - -

A common cause creates a focal point. Any focal point becomes an identification. Identification can become egocentric - such as to define its own existence in terms of surviving or prevailing for its own sake - rather than as an expression of living cause. This is identity in power for its own sake - which is not actually power - or it would not have to struggle by force and deceit to attain or maintain itself as 'power' to all that it then interprets as threat to itself and likewise driven by force and deceit.
See power outside in external terms, usurps the power innate in serving and aligning true cause - which includes the power to relax, release and move on - rather than mutate the idea of 'Klingons'.
Fear of death is part and parcel of fear of Life and one cannot be and align and share from an identification within fear, and so perception and communication is distorted and devalued to serve and reinforce fixed identities amidst the flux of Life - as if that is defacto true, rather than a self-conditioned point along a learning curve.
Organic life reveals itself to us as always more complex yet integrated as a system of a unified stability through or as  its diversity - for everything plays a part in everything else on some level and in some degree. That is, there are infinite focal points of consciousness embracing what seem to be discrete and different forms. The mentality of science has a very strong but disguised component of mapping in order to command and control - which is the worship of power for its own sake - but via the deceit of serving humanity - for the very nature of a manipulative intent, is to operate within and as part of the vibrational nature of such intent and thus become a target for subversion and usurpation by whatever elements of negative agenda are attracted to neutralize it if threat and gain influence over it as extension of leverage.
Human life, shares an intersection with organic life - as well as with the vibrational communication of an energetic nature that informs and manifests all forms of correspondence - of attractions and alignments and synchronicities. But it also operates within or through a virtual reality or model of its own conditioned experience which is in a sense the world as is mutually defined and agreed to exist, and this model is on the one hand arrogantly presuming to prevail over and manually control organic life - whilst being completely ignorant of vibrational life - for want of a better term.
There is a phrase in Buddhism called "entering the stream" that relates to awakening - and I use this term to indicate the shift from fixed mental constructs of a polarized and defended sense of self, to a flowing and always changing movement of being in which a discernment of what is actually present in any current moment - which of course is always this one - or one's presence - as the consciousness that embraces and includes all that arises within it - in all its apparent diversity and perhaps seeming chaos - so as to recognize and align in what is truly resonant and relevant to who you - as an integral facet of that expression - know and accept and in that sense believe or decide yourself to be. It is called "entering the stream" because it is not stabilized or consciously integrated within the Flow or Movement of being, which cannot occur while trying to push the river and finding oneself drowning or bouncing off rocks, and so one recognizes the call to release the fixed and rigid sense of control - which is to yield up the self-will that would otherwise persist after the focus of attention has fulfilled itself. For true will is not coercive upon, but creatively revealed or uncovered within the flow or communication of event.
Each of us and all of all together are in the classroom of Humanity in which a curriculum have been generated that unfolds both an individual and collective experience of far greater richness than what the virtual self in its 'matrix reality' can conceive or imagine as the embodiment of a fixed and exclusive identity within power struggle that exclusion and rigidity generate as if in opposition to being subsumed by a Life that is now seen as 'other' or threat - for it is the idea of a private unshared or withheld 'mind'.
Production is in truth the activity of Life - whether in growing food, or the growing and crafting of needs met. But it is not conceived as 'production', because one is part of and not apart from Life. The Giver of Life is evident in all that sustains and serves our individual and collective need - and I mean our need in the sense of serving our true Humanity and not an intellectual analysis of material needs.
'Plunder' is the mentality that wishes and presumes to lord it over Life as a power unto itself - and this focusses through the divisive analytical substitution of a model of Life or an image of Life for the Intimacy and richness of the Felt Connection. The Mother/Child wholeness is overridden by a 'changed and divorced nature' that inherently fears and despises Nature and 'sees' it and therefore others - as plunder. As assets to be attained or stripped and used and evaporated.
A focal point of negatively operating identity operates as an abundance of lack - because the nature of Consciousness is to magnify and embody whatever is given focus. re-awakening Consciousness responsibility is the release of a negative or self defeating identification to what seems a void of 'not knowing' - but that is exactly the condition in which a spontaneous appreciation of a direct awareness rises within us as the living focus of our attention and desire. A transitional shift from plunder to wonder is not a persistence of wilfulness so much as a willingness to give up what doesn't work in willingness to be uncovered in what is working. One cannot change what one has not first owned. The 'plunder' mentality needs to be observed to be released but the blame and shame of secrecy and deceit in fear and manipulative guilt forbids such clear awareness. It is never to late to be on time.

By Paul Rosenberg

Friday, 12 June 2015

Is there anyone... in here?

Using Disqus forum software, I get emails with invitation to join discussions.
This was one such:
Is there anyone Out There?

I added the following proesy :

Is there anyone... in here?
Be assured that your beliefs about yourself - the core definitions from which and by which you live, are operating as a filtering and distorting lens to your experience of a Living Universe of multiversity that you are not in any way shape or form separable from - except in concept.
The alien is otherness and 'the other' is the unrecognized self or it would not be a UNI verse, but a chaos without even the possibility of knowing itself chaotic.
"Out there", is a special or very specific way of experiencing facets of Consciousness as separate and external to you who are thus defined as a walled off consciousness seperated by space and time from Totality, so as to have the experience of a lifetime within an ignorance of Totality, but which carries the spark of awareness that can recognize Itself in 'others'. or persist as if it is all alone (and hint: a power unto itself).
ET's - include other variations of humanity. But the capacity to let anyone else into our awareness is not merely a physical confluence for no one will let another into their heart unwilling - but will SEE the justifiction for withdrawing and withholding - including NOT seeing what is otherwise in open sight.
In arrogance and ignorance we generally presume 'advanced' to mean technologically developed, not recognizing the embodiment of ignorance of subtler cooperative communications of resonant synchronicity that operates as a jamming signal to such communication. Nor the arrogance of asserting a coercive will upon our Planetary Consciousness (Ourselves) as if our agenda is meaningful or serves the flowering of Life as the infinitely rich creative expression of Planetary Consciousness.
So in a sense it is the human of Terra that is the alien - even within Home Planet. Who has no clue that his particular version of consciousness is an inside out and upside down reversal, and so is gently shepherded and supported in reintegrating to wholeness through every true willingness shared.
The fear-agenda of the belief in a disconnected and unsupported consciousness will be and is being shifted by ANY disclosure of Life beyond the boundaries that symbolize and maintain 'isolation'. Do ET's and Universal communication break through the eggshell? - or is it the Rebirth of Awakening Planetary Consciousness breaking it from within? That depends on perspective. For both are the movement of One impulse.
I enjoyed writing this. You may use it or lose it in line with what is resonant and relevant to your own themes, needs and desires. Truth is not determined or decided by what we believe - but belief can and does limit, distort and deny us a clear and true perspective of All That Is - as it is. Until we can regain a capacity to actually - and I mean intimately, communicate an integrity of being, it is unwise to operate an Open House Policy - for we will simply frighten ourself by attracting what resonates to a fearful vibration (regardless we mask it in delusional dissociations). But individually, we are Individuated expressions of Consciousness - which has local and a Non local facets both operating as one - but as I say, we have focused exclusively within the local, for our own reasons of exploration and discovery.
Well, how are you finding the experience of a physical Planetary embodiment thus far?
I trust you have not invested in 'taken-for-granted-ness', because to sleep through such a marvel is - a sort of marvel in itself - to anyone watching, if not to the sleeper.
Stories and pictures connect us with Higher Mind, if we let them.
Consciousness is the Frontier that finally brings us to our beginning and space is full of energy and information that is of a greater Consciousness of which we are a part and not apart from - although of course one is free to experience that as well. The thinking mind is an incredible tool, but remember to put it down and check in with whether it is in fact called for.
A book I love states: "There is no life outside Heaven". But where you choose to look for meaning is up to you. If one thinks outside the box, the boxers will think you a lunatic - and that is essential for the box in which to think alone.

'staberdearth' responded to my writing with:
Not much comment for this. Learn how to express what you mean. This above is all stilted. Somewhere in there I am sure that you have a point.
That's a comment.
I mean every word. Or rather I have consciously accepted every word to convey the meaning. We all have a point of view. Mine is not asserted but invitational. Opinion is not so much a point of You as an identifiction of thoughts. One can say that such an identity is an experience of oneself as a point of view - but always framed in oppositional terms.
Is there life out there and if so - would communication be possible?
This is posited on the presumption there is life - shall I say 'down here' on Earth - or indeed 'in here' in terms of general beliefs as to where it Is. You may think that a self-evident fact - but is there life in your movie, tv or screen 'realities'? Is there life in automatic or conditioned programming of mechanism that mimic life?
So part of my point is that the assumption from which we ask are already a conclusion. including what is exactly meant by 'we'.
Just as life is not defined or contained in form, so questions can in fact be statements or reinforcements of belief, expressed in the form of a question.
'What is the purpose of life' is already operating a mentality that defines life and purpose as separate and different.
My main point here is to invite a deeper curiosity for where we are 'coming from'. be that thinking or the communications and actions that automatically proceed from thinking. There - that's a synchronicity! The thought is where a creative living event arises, and the structural expression and development and fulfilment of that thought expresses as an experience of the fulfilment of that thought. There is a saying in the Bible not to attempt to put New Wine (metaphor for Life) into old bottles (existing or old paradigm structures of identity and control).
I have learned to express what I consciously accept as meaning that shares rather than made up meanings that jam the signal to operate a private world - an all alone world. But of course this makes no sense to a wilfully private and controlling mentality - and that is as it should be.
My feeling is that if something stirred enough to comment at all... then there is at least something that you  feel within yourself as a result of meeting me here, and that is yours and not my 'doing' so much as a serendipity or synchronicity of life. No one can receive or perceive what they are not the vibration of.
My sense of the 'advanced' or multideminsional nature of  more inclusive consciousness than our current level of balance, is that it would be overwhelming to us (Terrans), not by intent, but by a lack of resonance and grounded stability. And so there would be the polarising duality of seeing as gods and giving all our power away - or as demons and believing all our power has been taken away.  Doesn't this pattern already reveal itself as the pattern of life on Earth as being lived within our already existing system.
However... the discovery - and disclosure (important point) of even microbial life beyond our Planet will Shift our identity - for indeed we are NOT alone - and that foundation of a thought system that has reinforced itself in almost endless questions over millennia - will give way to a capacity for a quality and capacity of Communication that our physically conditioned program could not incorporate - yet it will not be denied or negated but integrated.
I am happy for this to be a made up story that doesn't have to be proved or disproved in the empiric or socially reinforced sense of true to convey information that resonates a Humanity awakening.
As above  - so below - if our template is corrupted so as to give a stilted 'above' then our 'below' will faithfully reflect that. The "moneylender in the Template" is the idea of 'middleman' between life and its purpose. To be 'on purpose' is a wholeness of congruency and alignment. Technological overreach amplifies conflicted purpose - which is magnifying purposelessness.
If you were able to serve the restoring of sanity to those who don't even recognize their own insanity, would you?
Is it enough to imagine and not deny the possibility that there are those of greater awareness than our current sense who do serve - but not so as to undermine our own awakening self responsibility.
Somewhere in all this is the point of Everything. For when we miss the point we mistakenly generate 'points of view' that reflect a sort of pointlessness, that then we struggle to make meaningful. Rather than relax 'back' as it were into the point we forgot when we engaged in such struggle - which as you know, is very easy to start and seemingly hard to put down - such that it becomes our identity and we cannot 'see' any other possibility.
Humanity needs renewed vision, not re-branding of the same old storyline. This means stretching our minds and abiding in what we don't yet understand without forcing it into the 'old paradigm'. Not because we should - but because it is a true desire - albeit stirred awake by some sense of 'running out of rope' for the old identification. Everything has all the meaning You (in totality and not just in act)  give to it. Not more. But never less. But this speaks to the heart of a true connectedness and not the mind that seems to manually spin alone.

- - -

To another commenter on this main discussion topic who said:
Hmm, I'm relatively new poster for Disqus forums so far I'm afraid many of the topics I've been commenting on tend to be a bit more controversial and perhaps not ripe for this kind of comic format.

With that said, there is one discussion where one might could draw enough good quotes to make a similar comic, but I'm not sure.

"Ask Your Neighbor: Do you care what others think about you?

I reply:

Do we ask our neighbour? Or do we ask someone who we have already 'made up' with what we think they think of us as well as believing they are what we think they are?

Do people think about me?
A: Not a lot! Though most everyone thinks about their own 'me' constantly.

Controversy is a baited hook until one is ripe for a kindness of cosmic format.
If I let what others think about me matter, I would censor and disallow my true presence in order to please what is not true of me. On a nip-picky note - 'about me' is not me - so I would rather join in shared purpose or willingness that find contractual agreements of reinforcement for the story of 'me'.

A Matter of identity (An identity of matter)

I posted this in response to the following comment to an article about the destructive nature of identity politics; "Should Freedom of Association Be Conditional?"

Excellent analysis. I love the italics in your summation: "Nobody should be forced to do anything."

One observation: " in ... force..." as a secular religion? Is a "secular religion" an oxymoron? I believe so. Perhaps a better characterization would be "superstition", as in the book, "The Most Dangerous Superstition", by Larken Rose. You will enjoy it

I see it all as a matter of identity.
Bottom line is that a disconnected sense of self from life is divorced from its inherent meaning and identity and thus seeks to make and validate a substitute which in many ways mimics or passes off as true but is revealed false by the fact of being backed up by force and based upon self-assertion.
This could be summed in the phrase, "what does it profit a man to gain the world if it cost him his Soul (awareness). But the Soul-less identity (those who assert a self-in-world exclusive or independent of Soul, cannot and will not understand anything greater and inclusive of themselves - excepting as invoked and called upon to validate its identity, and as an idea that can be wielded to support a self-specialness in which the 'other' is invalidated, attacked or denied so as to serve the exclusive interest of the asserted and believed 'self'.
The Soul is not a rational construct, nor the only concept to signify the movement of being that is - for the life of you closer to you than your thinking. And so the phrase 'your Soul is backwards. You are a Soul expression and as such you are Soul, and not a 'someone' who has a Soul.
Relating on Soul level (Soul contains and transcends the idea of levels), is an intimacy of presence.
Everyone to some degree is obliged to deny their Soul in order to enter the human experience. To cover and mask and in that sense 'lose' the spontaneous intimacy of presence for the adaptation to a world predicated upon the tacit usurpation and denial of Soul. Upon fearful and guilt distorted self definition of a coercive sense of self - called up to protect the pain of chaos and loss that serves the birth of identity within conflict.
I have written this sketch free of any moral obligation or coercion as a picture of a covering over and subsequent loss of an integrity that is innate to our existence and not the presentation and achievement of a set of rules, definitions or abilities.
The capacity to recognize that which resonates with the true of who you feel and know yourself can be obscured by a self-protective identity around un-owned fear - which can present itself in any number of shifting forms and justify itself to itself in its thinking, its asserted identity in persona and its reinforcement of physical, emotional and mental experience. But all of what is not true of you, requires effort to maintain and even though this learning can become as second nature, it is extremely taxing as an attempt to control life rather than be life in expression, and is exhausting and joyless, beneath whatever force of allegiance is still accorded to such an identity in hope of fulfilment and in fear of pain and loss.

If one becomes free enough of the right and wrong of a such carrot and stick mentality, one can recognize a more honest and direct relationship with one's own thought, belief and definition instead of being run by them as 'shadow power' that seems then beyond one's control or to trigger up the threat/victim mode that immediately abandons true reflection in conditioned reaction (that then acts so as to reinforce the fear-mind in others).

The fundamental result of splitting the mind is of a self-invalidation in which the lack of worth or 'bad instincts' is then projected out and away from what is now taken as the self onto the other. This apparently self-evident lack of worth seen in others provides the basis for such belief-expressions as the following quote"

3. It must be noted that men with bad instincts are more in number than the good, and therefore the best results in governing them are attained by violence and terrorisation, and not by academic discussions. Every man aims at power, everyone would like to become a dictator if only he could, and rare indeed are the men who would not be willing to sacrifice the welfare of all for the sake of securing their own welfare.
4. What has restrained the beasts of prey who are called men? What has served for their guidance hitherto?
5. In the beginnings of the structure of society, they were subjected to brutal and blind force; after words - to Law, which is the same force, only disguised. I draw the conclusion that by the law of nature right lies in force.
6. Political freedom is an idea but not a fact. This idea one must know how to apply whenever it appears necessary with this bait of an idea to attract the masses of the people to one's party for the purpose of crushing another who is in authority. This task is rendered easier of the opponent has himself been infected with the idea of freedom, SO-CALLED LIBERALISM, and, for the sake of an idea, is willing to yield some of his power. It is precisely here that the triumph of our theory appears; the slackened reins of government are immediately, by the law of life, caught up and gathered together by a new hand, because the blind might of the nation cannot for one single day exist without guidance, and the new authority merely fits into the place of the old already weakened by liberalism. (The Protocols of the Elders of Zion).

This constitutes a naked materialism that regards itself as honest - and it is true to its foundations - but they are false definitions of self, humanity and life, from which insanity and destruction logically and automatically proceed.

Here is another quote from an altogether different foundational premise:

From an idea of self as two, there comes a necessary view of function split between the two. And what you would correct is only half the error, which you think is all of it. Your brother’s sins become the central target for correction, lest your errors and his own be seen as one. Yours are mistakes, but his are sins, and not the same as yours. His merit punishment, while yours, in fairness, should be overlooked.
In this interpretation of correction, your own mistakes you will not even see. The focus of correction has been placed outside yourself, on one who cannot be a part of you while this perception lasts. What is condemned can never be returned to its accuser, who hated it, and hates it still. This is your brother, focus of your hate, unworthy to be part of you, and thus outside yourself; the other half, which is denied. And only what is left without his presence is perceived as all of you. To this remaining half the Holy Spirit
must represent the other half until you recognize it IS the other half. And this He does by giving both of you a function that is one, not different. (~ A Course in Miracles).

It is true that man cannot function without guidance - but in self-deceit we take fear-thinking to be our own independence and reject the inner knowing of a discernment that is entirely within the presence of the moment, rather than a seeming power that operates as if from outside and upon it - and whose cost is to lose awareness, appreciation and gratitude for living presence in exchange for a 'world' that is wilfully blind in protection of conflict from any true resolution. One doesn'thave to stop such a world to get off it - but merely to disengage of it enough to see one is not in it. Our focus of attention operates from beliefs and definitions that are mostly invisible to us but witnessed by their effect - which we call reality - and it does feedback as experience, but not necessarily reflecting what is true of us. Perhaps it was Socrates who is quoted as saying "an unquestioned life is not worth living", but this is saying to me that what is experienced as self and life is not our true worth but a kind of sleeping sickness from which to awaken and walk free of - as a result of looking within being shifted to an integrated and unifying perspective - which embraces and celebrates uniqueness and diversity as a signature quality of Creation - and not as a means to self-differentiate and dissociate or split from Creation so as to assert a power of judgement by which to coerce and control life itself to fit and support your thinking.
We are free to hurt ourselves until we wake up to that we do not want to make joy out of pain and pain of joy and thus release the mind from supporting futility to regain its natural function.

A further point arose in me while posting this here.
No one IS forced to do anything, but by our own (albeit often unconscious) choices as to what we accept and believe our self to be in relation to whatever arises as the current awareness.
The statement "Nobody should be forced to do anything." contains self contradictions. It can better be stated, 'no one need be forced against their will'. This is saying there is a way of communication in place of attempt of coercion - with the idea of communication expanding far beyond verbal mental concept. For life itself IS communication.

Later on this same subject was a comment

Thursday, 11 June 2015

The lie by which we are deceived

The true nature of a coercive and fearful tyranny is revealed by what cannot be talked about.
I have become aware that much of what I had been brought up and conditioned to believe was never true, though it has been and still may be believed true and defended as such by many.
The personality is not only a masking construct - but an experience of a world. The disintegration and transformation of the personality structure is the rising of a greater perspective. Not greater as in competitive value, but of a greater embrace and inclusion of more of what you are, what life is and sharing it.

An exclusive identification within the personality structure inherently defends against integration and intimacy of truly shared purpose - because it is believed and perceived threatening to its sense of identity in control. And it does so by devices of deceit, diversion and dissociation. There are innumerable reflections of this in our world, that are maintained as effective by their keeping attention focussed away from what must remain hidden in order to persist in the identity in control.
This post was written in relation to one such reflection.

I had recently came upon Ursula Haverbeck's video witness twice; on you tube, and then on Paul Eisen: I want to tell the British people
I followed a link in his comments to some news of her and left the following comment:

I recognise and appreciate Ursula Haverbeck for her willingness to bear and share witness free of guile or appeal for a hate agenda.
When the false is brought into truth, it cannot abide or stand - but be seen clearly false.
The manipulation of minds.... of perception, is in some ways more disturbing than the fearful belief in unthinkable evil hiding within our minds, by which to cripple and emasculate our sense of worth and power, whilst being prey to the power of those who use that conditioning as hidden leverage in directing and controlling the narrative and thus the thinking and actions of others.
But it is not 'the Jews' who operate deceit and coercion as such, but a power cartel who operate within a Jewish identity, just as any wolf in sheep's clothing can operate through any identity. The Jews are themselves conditioned to fear being persecuted, attacked and even killed en-masse just for being Jewish - and this fear leverages global funding and support in any number of agendas of an 'intelligentsia' whose identity is indeed in seeking power for its own sake, and who are very focused and disciplined in achieving their goals without scruple because power is also the power to dictate 'truth' - and so it is whatever 'power' asserts Because it asserts it in ways that range from the subtly laid plans laid over time in which to play others through their own vanities and deceits so as to bring them to a compromised or dependent position, as well as the force of direct belligerence and outrage that effectively blitzkiegs opposition. They are a lobby that is far more effective than any other. But they are not 'the Jews'. They are operating the psychology of deceit and coercion - just as most everyone does - but at a level unthinkable to most anyone - because it is not felt by them to BE deceit and coercion to overcome obstacles to their goals, for they are engaging in life as they believe life to be - which is war.

The device within consciousness whereby truth is sacrificed to war is most fundamental to any true awakening of Humanity as a whole. Because we all partake in the lie from which only a conflicted war on life can issue. And we all hide that in our consciousness just as we see this 'horror' has been triggered and incepted within our collective consciousness by design.

Hate and fear and guilt and vengeance are the progeny of the lie. Self-righteous hatred seeds the hatred in our beliefs and identities and puts us in the vibrational range of being manipulated - because we are engaged in manipulating our own mind in the directing of inner conflict ONTO others, investing in offense and using it to 'justify' hate.

So I offer this pause to look more honestly at our own participation in being baited or scammed out of our true appreciation of living, for the device that is revealed as a result, becomes an open door to freedom. The manipulations and coercions of deceit may promise power and freedom, but there is no freedom in the compulsive reaction of the drive to validate a lie upon the truth. But there is the capacity to notice it and not choose to persist in such identity. Hatred and opposition feed this identity, so it sows the conditions hatred as the sane sow the conditions of love. Love of power is meaningless without the sanity of real relationships. Self-specialness may be exemplified in exaggerated examples but is a key lovelessness tacitly hidden in our thinking - and easily hacked.
Who loves to hate, hates to love.
Reverse this reversal, if you will. Who recognizes the self-defeating poison of hate will not attack their self with it by investing and growing such identity.
Al hate comes home to its sender. But what one owns, can be released and a different message given, and received.
If you no longer hate your self, the hate of others will be seen to be their own unhealed issue.
Why would we hate our self? Because we fear we are evil, unworthy of love and unsafe for love to approach. The personality masks what we are afraid to face directly, until in one way or another the construct of lies disintegrates and we look within and know the truth which fear denied our awareness.
To be the true of ourselves is to invite and meet the truth in everyone and everything. Jesus found this even in playing out the release of his personal will to the true Will of our Father, through a most dramatic and extreme event. He saw those who know not what they do, and that these were one with that in himself that he willingly gave up in love of truth.
What is the Will of our Source -Nature? It is what one feels and knows true and whole when pausing the reaction of thinking that seems to reflect and reinforce a sense of separation from and power over Life - for a sense of self arising from the belief and seduction of such power.
What passes as thinking is worth watching and checking, to see if it is in fact truly speaking for You - who are vastly more than you think you are, yet are so conditioned as to not question or challenge that which defines you, your life, your world.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Flip the switch!

Slave or Rebel? Ten Principles for Escaping the Matrix and Standing Up to Tyranny
By John Whitehead at the Daily Bell
This editorial posits everything in political terms - of a materialistic thinking - not that religious thinking isn't often the same with a different mask - but that there are core beliefs that embody themselves inevitably as the world we 'suffer' because we are unaware of the true import of the choices we make

- - -

The device by which freedom is seemingly lost is deceit believed and employed - as a result of which one suffers a seemingly unjustified loss that is then blamed on the other.
That such devices can in a sense trap attention in false identification is evident. That this is the predicate of what we take to be a unified independent consciousness called 'myself' is less evident.
The attempt to 'solve' what are essentially inner conflictedness masked by asserted self in external terms is the world of conflicting personal wills and agendas - but they ALL share the tacit agreement to keep hidden, and in that sense make unconscious, the true nature of our relation within Consciousness. Otherwise; the game of powers cannot persist or 'survive'. Calling it a game is not to underestimate very serious investment, without which the game would not be experienced real.
Choices are made unconscious or are 'forgot' as part of engaging and unfolding the life-time, so though it is true to say that a personality construct did not choose to be born, it is also true to say that the personality construct is a result of choices that in some sense template the collective and individual themes of any particular relational expression.
The surface or screen 'reality' is overlayered - as a distortion filter - upon an actual movement of being within awareness, whose nature can be accepted and known in embrace and extension - but can never be separated from and objectified - EXCEPT in concept.
The idea of separation is the idea of being other than what you are. Investing in this idea in order to experience it necessarily requires the temporary forgetting of awareness that knows or Self-awareness - the rising of Thought by which Existence knows itself existing. This forgetting operates through an exclusive definition of WHAT we are - as a specific perspective of what we are.
Such a focus of reflection is distorted by the coercive force of an exclusive intent. For there is no limit on communication in what Mind is excepting an idea of limitation is believed in order to then use that as a focus. The tool of a specific focus might be likened to a virtual reality scenario. When one puts on the VR helmet - one is in 'the matrix' of experiencing a differentiation reflected back as an external reality in which to explore - and in a sense to be as gods. Plural because no separate power exists - it is always in relation to other.
But the coercive idea makes of Life, a fragmenting dissociative force that merely goes forth and multiplies itself as a divisive and destructive distortion of Life, and yet which is clearly fascinating and addictive to a trapped identifying investment of attention within it.
So what are the devices by which truth in plain sight is hidden and usurped with illusion but thinking!
The core tyranny under which one believes themself bound is a result of thinking. The power of conscious thought has been deliberately diminished - excepting of course by the awareness of template level consciousness from which all else is in a sense framed and formed. In its place is a sort of thought jamming device by which a kind of thinking pervades and directs the imagination of independent identity according to the template definitions that it accepted or chose as its adaptation to the physical existence.
Yet this device runs within and depends upon the very Life it appears to usurp. Identity in denial must first be the thing it then denies in order to seem independent or a power in its own right. But conceal this by diversion. By the incitement of inflammations and offence that re-enacts the coercive idea as the 'survival' of a seemingly separate self.
If you don't consider it possible that an imagination could usurp your truth just look at how present with what is, you are in any given day or series of minutes. The mind makes all kinds of spin upon and around whatever actually is here to experience. It also seeks and finds reinforcement with others in social transaction both positively and negatively, to validate and maintain the personal capacity to be in control of one's own life.
But the above is a sketch of the segregative movement within a Consciousness that does not stop being Itself, regardless that a spun off focus is operating within it within a belief of exclusion and rejection. Consciousness Itself hasn't 'gone anywhere', it has simply been redefined in terms that seem to be different than it is, and while it did so, it was known and supported in its choices for what is the gift of free will but unconditional love? The true knowing of who you are can not be got rid of, and so is in a sense held in trust for you to come back into as the truth you know and love without any shadow of doubt and which seems lost, forfeit or beyond conception within the evidences of a world of fear and struggle and loss.
The integrative movement is in some sense like a rubber band that automatically comes back to its natural state of rest when the distorting force is no longer maintained. That is to say the willingness and desire to notice and desist from coercive thinking or reaction becomes an opportunity for the restoration of a joyful or truly connected presence - along with all that is called for in the practicality of the situation.
'Creatives' know that this is so - but often abuse it as a more subtle way to feed the ego from what is actually a living relationship - as if the Muse of true inspiration - was there to serve a self specialness. Well up to a point it may - but only to the purpose of reflecting the nature of your choice to you. For there is nothing blameworthy in learning by one's choices to make better choices.

But few know the choices they are making - though they believe the are awake and free to choose as they will - because the framing of such choosing is itself a deeper choice of which we have by design desired to be unaware of. What is the 'mind' that frames our choices in only fear's setting but fear itself?
The nature of un-owned or hidden fear is of a shadow power that sabotages or inhibits and disrupts what would otherwise naturally communicate and manifest and fulfil. What is such 'shadow power' but the beliefs and fearful or shameful definitions that we have accepted, believed true of us, and sought to deny, escape or overcome?
Fear of fear operates a negative loop - an unarticulatable tyranny from whose perspective there is no escape - but there is no truth there to escape from -  if brought out into the open and looked at honestly. This in itself is a simplicity - but arriving at this may involve any kind of process of delay and procrastination as a result of identifying the fearful as protector.
But when anyone finally releases baggage that deprived them of their true lightness of being - they say "why didn't I do this years ago". Or they might attempt to communicate with others who are weighting for something they believe they lack and find they cannot  - without a mutual willingness.

Raising one's level or vibrational quality of consciousness is not in order to change others or the world, but it will reflect as a greater perspective in which to recognise everything with less fear and so uncover and transmute or undo the deeper fears that surface fears operate to conceal.

Its all about love and fear, Its all a matter of perspective within Consciousness of which you are an active and integral expression because you exist and make choices by which to experience your existence as you prefer - which can be guided by your joy or by a fearful sense of self-protective control that unlike joy must convince you to abide in it. It must use a carrot and stick to keep you from joy or you would abandon the idea of coercive control.

But of course Life leaks into even the most tightly controlled system, but is airbrushed, diminished and subverted so as not to break the continuity of the past into the future in which the presence of all that you are is sacrificed to feed and maintain a tightly controlled system.

Flip the switch.

Control addiction

Hungry FBI Creating Fake Terrorists
By Philippe Gastonne of The Daily Bell


While the symptomatology becomes more indicative of an insanity, the desperation of the addict becomes more apparent. That this kind of attempt to control reality rather than understand oneself in true relation to what it actually is, works against one's true interests is simply part of the price that the seduction of the illusion of such power demands.

The addiction is not only particular to the FBI or any other TLA (Three letter acronym) - but the consciousness that participates in its control agenda.
We are humanly conditioned to a fearful sense of self that equates such control with sanity, respectability, and acceptability - all of which relate to GETTING validity FROM outside, and which conform us to operate in ways that we believe others or society demands - so as to avoid or escape shame, rejection, powerlessness, ridicule and invalidation or even violence, loss of career, relationships, personal freedom or even our lives. But essentially a masking over and overriding of our natural being.

With the most part of a whole society tacitly sharing modes of being that operate defensively and offensively in a self-protective avoidance of intimate or true communication, the various devices of manipulative and contractual interactions replace relationships. This means that much of our exchange is coded ritual behaviours that sacrifice our true presence - and that capacity to receive it of others - to coercively maintained presentations. If they are socially acceptable, such behaviour is invisible or accepted as simply justified - perhaps assigned to 'human nature' as if normal meant natural. But when they are not socially acceptable, they are looked upon with blame and shame as if from a high moral ground.

The whole business of 'justification' for acting lovelessly - that is - without integrity - is the investment in offence FOR the purpose of self-assertion that draws its power not from a true presence but from the attack and undermining of another which is relinquishment of self-responsibility as the presence that you are - for the mask of social and personal justifiction.
Maintaining mutually agreed justifictions that take power from undermining others while masked in pretensions that one becomes actually identified in, is an addictive and destructive breakdown of communication, that defends itself against any real communication, because that is threat to its control of the narrative justifiction.

As long as one supports the justifiction, it can maintain its mask to itself. Attacking it also supports it by providing the enemy that validates its  The escalation of perceived threat becomes the escalation of dissociated insanity.
It always was an insanity, but it always seems like someone else's insanity until it comes home to roost.

When the perceived promise (of control), or threat to supply, power or obstacle to its promise of power, is significant enough, all kinds of evils are perpetrated as collateral. To those making such decisions, their definitions of the situation essentially frame the devil we know against a greater fear - and the devil we know is the attempt to coerce outcomes by fair mask or foul.

I do not expect institutional reforms excepting to switch masks in the same game - but individuals are brought to the test of whether to give allegiance to what is increasing breaking through the justifiction as a deep dissonance of being - or whether to use the dissonance as a fear symbol whereby to draw 'power' to maintain and magnify darkness from the light of a true alarm.

The way in which we communicate is as much our communication as the words we use. The 'devil' or command and control mentality operating deceit, can 'jump' to the self-righteous hatred of seeding itself in any new movement - because it is already latently there - and is triggered by the resonance of the fear and guilt.

To be vigilant FOR one's peace is to be on guard against 'divide and rule' deceits - but then also to be the presence that can communicate regardless the provocations and baiting of those who assume you are as they believe themselves to be, and can thus be manipulated - because that is all they accept to be true.

On a local by note: I met some of Alan Grayson's youtubes - particularly him questioning the cartel of corruption that transferred vast sums of taxpayer money to banks, which give a great example of calm incisive and persistent presence in the face of 'power' though of course he did not see it as power but as a deceit that does not bear scrutiny.

Someone made a comment to the article (with which I enjoined)

I get the picture that you don't suck into the scare tactic. But do you see the agendas that use 'terrorism' as a deceit by which to effectively strip rights and usurp governance, as terrorists  or resorting to the use of extreme threat and fear as a justification for taking power as it were 'from within'.
And you know that if you treat people badly enough for long enough, you will grow a crop of 'terrorists' - who can be nurtured and equipped and used as proxies in geopolitical global agendas.

Exactly what one means by a term is debatable, and crying foul! or calling wolf! does not mean that the grievance is true or the wolf really at the door. But it often works because we are conditioned by experience of threat and fear and loss to automatically self-protect before checking in with reality.

There are any number of names given to the enemy, the bad guys, the evil threat that must be eradicated. Sometimes they get to become statesmen and shake hands and hang out with the other leaders and dignitaries - such as was with Israeli terrorists. I feel there is truth in the statement "we become what we hate". There is a polarising hatred that works both sides to devour or hollow out the centre where wholeness can find balance points rather than attempt usurp wholeness from one end of any such conflict.

There is a lot of information revealing that unprincipled power will use any ruse to ensure that they don't lose their predation upon those who are farmed and discarded refuse. In some way I feel there is a need - from the point of view of the 'control mentality' to keep fear on the radar - in the news - in a multitude of ways. But this actually serves an awakening for all who refuse to accept what is not true - and thus are stripped of obstacles to a greater recognition. But as long as fear is setting the agenda, the awakening is only stirring.

OK... I now see you were identifying 'terrorist' with guilt tripping kids to conform.
The bogeyman - or the deprivation of magical blessings - are very real as fears within the human mind, its emotional constructed identity and it bodily energetic of contracted and blocked energy flow. We have different patterns of fear and so different imaging of what represent it in our experience.

But that which confirms us as believing we are not good - the fear of which deprives us of Presence, is part of our adaptation to the family and culture of our birth and sets up a particular framework that can be challenged and healed or not as the choice may be.
The lovelessness recycles until it meets a willingness to no longer pass it on.

When we no longer put it out, we know ourself and our world differently. What we give out is what we get back. But a mind divided against itself knows not what it does.... trying to make the grade and meet Santa?

Shades of deceit?

Fifty Shades of Grey" spin-off book stolen?

- - -

Why pay for advertising when you can insert it into corporate 'journalism'?
Why insert memes into the 'herd' mind?
Why act out power games over those who choose to be tied and blindfolded? Why seek 'more' than a true intimacy of being together?
Why give more worship of attention to the fantasy of 'more' when it delivers an isolation that costs awareness of being love's presence and seeing love's presence?
Why is love feared and fear of love dressed up in forms to make it seem attractive?
Why do I ask these questions?

Because whatever anyone else is apparently doing or suggesting or inviting, what we accept and choose as true of us will frame and dictate our choices.
The attempt to 'control and direct the narrative' is not special to 'shadow powers' seeking their own agenda by deceit, it is part and parcel of what we call our own thinking. But is it our own thinking...? Or is it framed and directed by manipulations of fear and seduction?
It's up to you. You choose!

Monday, 8 June 2015

Insurrection or Ressurrection

Mike Adams runs
His site has become increasingly reactive to 'evil agendas' and has expanded from a primary natural health resource to a fear-agenda propagation.
This article on a netflix series he sees as deliberately orchestrating attack on Christianity is an example. I do not say such intent may not be active - but that his involvement and experience with it is the result of his conscious or less then conscious choices.

Ground rule 1: What is the purpose that __I__ am actively engaging in, because THAT is the determiner of the meanings __I__ receive and experience and then live out from as true of me. The 'world' I thus perceive and believe is then lived out from and shared into the larger mind.
Un-owned fears are hidden, masked or disguised in beliefs or self definitions that are out of alignment - are dissonant - with who you truly are.
The segregative and separate self sense arises from trying to unify self-conflict within a coercive will that necessarily deceives to 'self-protect' from pain of conflict... while persisting in the conflicting thought and belief.
If you can grok this, you can see that 'the lie and the father of the lie' is not any persons or group or power OUT THERE - but is the persistence within a falsely and fearfully defined sense of self - and therefore of existence.
BUT the meeting with the fear-agenda in relationship with others in the world is revealing a vibrational resonance that  - if we are willing - we can use to de-cloak our own correspondence with.
This might be simply to more clearly recognize who and what you are NOT - and which has no belonging in who you now know and feel yourself to be and so it is not chosen or accepted nor given a positive or negative charge. Thus one is not triggered or baited into reaction, but rests in a clear connected choice that naturally and spontaneously operates through you - because your are whole in alignment  for such is The Life.
It might be that self-honesty uncovers all kinds of correspondences of thought, belief an desire that one may be tempted to shut off in regaining 'control'. This is also a choice that can be made and being made consciously, allows the knowledge that there is such an 'inner territory' of unresolved conflict that you have begun to make relationship with instead of being programmed by without knowing.
There are any number of ways of relating through who you choose and accept to be and the core issue is being true to yourself and not living anyone else's idea of who they think you should be.
Films can be a way of accessing issues that cannot be safely accessed within the physical waking dream. But whatever 'agenda' is apparently behind them, you are the capacity to accept the purpose that can align all things to serve awakening truth - which is not the perpetual warring of agendas that serve to deny, divert and distract from true appreciation.
To know one's purpose, one yields one's own thinking to a true and simple desire and willingness for peace. For grounded sanity NOT of the thinking mind's making. And in the silence or the 'void' of a compulsive mentality does the Movement of your being register with - and as - your true awareness. A wholeness of being. Live from There.
Listing 'within' is no less part of listening 'without' for to perceive 'out there' without listening within, is to be deceived by your own thinking and flee or attack your own co-creations unknowing.
So look NOT outside for 'what is really going on' or for mutual agreement or reinforcement, for that IS the patterning or programming of the compulsive dissociation of the fearfully split mind in search of identity in power or validation - that seems to achieve it by undermining and invalidating the 'other'.
Look and listen and live from the within-ness of a wholeness of being - as did Jesus - who by the way was not a Christian - but exemplified the way of reintegrating and yielding up of the falsely defined to the Father - to the Grounded Presence of true Source Consciousness. Being Christ-ian is not an assumed or acquired identity in which to save or validate or empower oneself alone, but to yield into the Movement of Being that identifies you perfectly.
Focussing on the difficult makes fear the master, but sharing the experience of the easy grows the courage to move through fear. Doing what we love and enjoy and are truly inspired or desire to do, cant be difficult. Unless thinking makes it so.
I haven't watched the series. But if I don't get a resonance and relevance I don't persist in it.
One has to be free of fear-reaction to observe. It's unwise to give focus to forms of conflicting agenda without a very clear grounding in peace, but there are times when one is shown the nature of 'the beast' - as it operates within the human conditioning - and this may serve healing, because now you know who you are NOT - and regardless your brother's choices, nor is he - or she.
"Resist ye not evil" - says Jesus. What you judge gets to stick to you said Bashar.
There are superficial (fearful) misinterpretations of this foundation.
If Christianity is being 'attacked' then let the event serve a true resurrection rather than a false and fear driven insurrection - but of course as always, it's your choice.

Comment #2

Attention is like voting. What one gives attention to and what one then recycles out into circulation is a consciousness responsibility, because one's own consciousness is conditioned by one's own choices. What we learn we teach and what we teach we learn.
This makes a negative loop if we accept a negative agenda. It can just as well operate a positive loop.
One of the ways I know I have changed is that when baited by provocations, I am no longer triggerred, and indeed have a freedom of perspective.
I feel Jesus exemplified this non judging fearless embrace as an example to follow. But Christianity largely persisted the old religion of sacrifice as a basis of consciousness.
It is true that there is a rich symbolic level to our cognition and it is also true that a symbol can be worshipped (accorded worth and devotion) in place of the living reality - and at that level there can then seem to be 'war in Heaven'. But that is a war of symbols of light against symbols of darkness. The mind is simply at war with itself through the identifiction within symbolic image of the Living Relationship that cant be defined or attacked or edited, but it can be denied awareness within a mind that attacks itself and then points the finger away and cries foul!
If no one brought their attention of identification to the arena of conflict, the combatants would find it very hard to fuel their hatred. We literally co create our world-experience but then also filter and distort it through hidden guilt, fear and hate - which is often masked within the apparently good works and spiritual symbols of form and ritual.
One of the good things about all of it coming to the surface - as it is - is of being able to clearly choose - for oneself - who you truly are, and this is often served by stark recognition of what you are truly NOT. The fear of evil within manifests it without. One has to clear the blockage to one's own vision before one can clearly serve the releasing of others. And that is by accepting perfect love in your here and now - which necessitates releasing all the devices put up to protect against it.
Fear of love is the root fear all other crap unpacks itself from.