Thursday, 8 December 2011

What would Jesus Do?

(First comment)
What Love would DO would express what love Is. Mere mimicry in self-righteous force of will is not loving.
All that we 'do' proceeds from what we think and accept true. The thinking by which man is deceived is undone by a true willingness to love. Jesus, may symbolize  and support our willingness to see love's presence and to be love's presence in place of trading in or asserting a false presence.

(Second comment)

Discern the apparent polarity of action and reaction. Step back from 'sides' or personal investments - and listen in the heart for wisdom, in peace. Trust what comes from such a wholeness, be unafraid and don't worry. (or subscribe to any thinking that undermines the 100% of its wholeness). The Spirit of our Source is One. A mind may be legion - but only by fighting its shadow. Are you tired yet?

Astronomers Find Biggest Black Holes Yet

That minds can understand ANYTHING of the universe indicates that Universe is an Expression of MIND and that minds are not in FACT independent little persona's riding in a temporary organism - but Expressions of Mind.

While mind is asserted to be merely subjective, imaginative and essentially separated from and defined by material reality - ONLY material interpretations will be perceived or accepted.

But the Unified Field is MIND, or Non Local Indivisibility of which local instances of apprehension occur as instants that reflect and express 'Know Thyself'. Being knows itself in the act of being.

"Be still and know God" is evidenced in the Awe of Awareness Intuiting its own Existence.

The presuppositions of the self as separate actor and observer are no less wishful thinking than of a God of a different Nature to Awareness Itself.

THAT anything Is, is the First Wonder, WHAT anything is, already focuses attention on a 'separated facet or part' of a Singularity of Being, temporarily ignored or forgotten in the persistent definition of the image of Itself. The awakening of Unified Wholeness, is not an intellectual act or option, but Is the Ground of Being regardless of the use to which mind is put.

To experience a wondrous Life in place of divided, managed and controlled life, remains a current option, and also allows a greater discernment to inform our participation in relationships, allowing the distorting lens of action and reaction to fade to a restored Perspective.