Tuesday, 7 January 2020

Objective Reality, History and Subjective Conceit

I write here to the riddle of seemingly conflicting 'pasts' that do not easily fit a narrative or linear construct without denying experience to a present assertion - or using a selected or invented past to justify a current sense of self-experience.

From behind the scene, the belief in a single linear exclusive and objective 'reality is PART of and predicate TO such reality idea - because the term 'reality' is awareness or experience of.
You can imagine a tree falling in a forest that no one sees - but you must 'see' or behold that in imagination to consider it. At energetic levels that we call physics - communication is a state of relation of no truly separate parts and so a disequilibrium in motion is from any moving point of focus and balance within a totality. Now you may become aware of your nostrils as you breath - but this were not absent totality in the moment before, when the point of focus was given elsewhere.
But I can thus only draw attention to what you are able to recognise and bring to awareness through a shared language and underlying human experience of very very fast but shifting attention among a total information field. The totality is not 'fast' but instantaneous or synchronous - taking no time at all. The ability to 'assemble' an unfolding focus of explorative experience within totality is of course an expression OF the creation of experience.

In this sense the creature is the point of its creative matrix or total environment - that we can represent as a many levelled and many faceted expression of totality that 'fits' or is in relation to all other parts. This is the 'holographic' idea of the one in the all and the all or many in the one.

But the creative function operating through or within itself is without time or space - always already now - and insofar as a point of view or idea-perspective is sustained, it is a total creation in which all points or parts align, to generate the experience of object persistence - and changes of state of objects, in relationship to our view and to each other, which necessarily records as part of recognition and so memory of past states can hold expression and experience of the unfolding of idea as experience in-formation. The primary nature of which is resonance to its original expression of idea-extension.

The exploration of idea as freedom or creative rather than a mechanically closed system, is the giving and receiving of life - as resonant recognition of 'SELF' and through all and any forms of subsidiary or derivative identifications. Life can never be inside or outside a form, image or structure of identification but can be be-lived as if the ideal or idol is a reality unto itself and thus overlaid upon or given focus over the living.

Such a 'consciousness' as can seem to reverse cause and effect is our human conditioning. While the nature of the conditioning is a sense of splitting from our being as a 'separation trauma' - the development of such consciousness - and its world or experience - is part of and within a truly sustaining idea in the mind of one in all - but as if at odds with and in hiding from the reliving of trauma and the underlying conflict of identity that the sense of separation took form as or is associated with.

Persisting a misidentification effectively shuffles the pack so as not to know who we are of. A mind and world arise to cover a nakedness of self-lack - resulting from a sense of self-definition in limitation and loss and protecting such identity by aligning all things to support it.

The use of the past to assert separate or special self interest over all else is a collective distortion that periodically demands resetting as a result of unworkability or unsustainability. We can learn to recognise this as discarded or unconscious reality to a self that assigns consciousness to a state of such limitation and lack of awareness as to be largely running as subconscious routine to the underlying survival dictates of a mind set in conflict.

Re-aligning in the true of who we are shall include an embracing of who we have been - as part of a freely accepted currency of resonance, recognition and exchange or 'life'. This is both an individual and a collective because the indivisibility of a true expression is in truth collectively shared in. But insofar as we recognise and accept life by extending or giving it, we are accepting responsibility for the balancing of our consciousness within an expanding field of awareness. Not least by the releasing of who or what we recognise we are NOT. Trying to become or persist in what we are not, demands sacrifice of the true in with-ness and worth.

To all things there is a timing and a fittingness to an order that truly sustains all that truly belongs. We may experience this as being in the flow of synchronicity in any kind of endeavour, of alignment in inspired purpose, but also... in the recognition of the errors that call for correcting within life - instead of under judgement set upon life, by which we cast ourself out.

I didn't get very close to the interesting contents of Gunnar Heinsohn's views and others.
But when the narrative 'reality' disintegrates - we effectively revisit its substratum of archetypal broken communications that include the mind's ability to 'shuffle the pack' or re-obscure the persistence of a command and control narrative in a shifted mythic representation. The intensity of the emotional charge that we call fear, hate, guilt - and all its derivatives cannot be overestimated in its power to deceive - and yet it has all the power we give it under such identifications given and received as one. Garbage in; garbage out - or as you give so shall you receive.
Only a split mind can shift from victimiser to victim and back again in ever shifting 'compartments' of frequency domain - so as to play out a script of 'victory' over or 'eviction' from wholeness.

My point is that our own response-ability for our alignment in idea and intent is a setting of frequency that dictates the formation of correspondences of resonance. The primary error that protects the error from correction is of aligning or identifying against the feared or hated 'evil' by projecting to get rid of, cast out or exclude. That is how we KEEP in experience what we love - by giving or extending presence. Using the mind as weapon is thus choosing to suffer the measure we give as if at the hand of another - as a shadow from a PAST that made us in anger.

The assertion that the past makes us, is stamped over a presence of discernment, such that our presence is denied and used or exploited to re-enact such a past - as if 'this time will be different'. But because it is blind and loveless in attempt to possess and control, it cannot see its own futility as a driven sense of lack, seeking in time and space for what it denies by active self-definition.

What then of conflicting 'realities'? They cannot be ultimate or absolute and so let them have brackets around them and perhaps probabilities or potentiality of service according to resonant truth of your own acceptance. 'You' also are therefore bracketed probabilities and potentials to align in as the expression of presence that shares - or masking presentation asserted. If you lose your balance you teach yourself a lesson for which you can then use to align. Or you can use the experience to teach yourself guilt, and generate a 'world' that supports your choice.

"What do I truly want", may therefore be the most fundamental question, because everything will be interpreted to support your chosen experience. But the quality of truth is self-revealing - and so asking a true question, waits on - and recognises true answer. Synchronicity of a shifted experience is recognised BECAUSE we made room for answer by asking.

Making more time in which to protect the mind-repeat of its past is a miscreative distortion of the ability to share in the qualities of the timeless - that are recognised 'Good' as resonant wholeness of life. The infinite is not absent any seeming finite expression.

Our World is innately psycho-physical and the quality of resonant attraction is not bound by time or space of distance. A plasma Universe is connected totality rather than lost in space. This has experiential recognition that is always already the case. Truth rises as the obvious when the false is released of investment as true.

The split mind is a realm of levels and principalities.The attempt to wield psychic power is the giving of power to the mind of imagery and symbolic substitution. Our perception of a world is of imagery that substitutes 'learned or acquired meanings' for a relational discernment of unified meaning.
At 'zero' or balance point there is no conflict. And yet through a seeming no thing - everything rises in an instant! - that includes you as integral - even down to a healed or corrected and inspired and connected perception.

Perceptions are never absolute but they can be innocent - and thus open to the shift from perceiving differentiations to knowing being. Undoing the mind-reversal doesn't deny us our world. It blesses our world. Forgetting what doesn't really matter, is remembering what does.

If it matters to you, why and what for? Self-honesty is the context for all true discovery. But finding ways to hide in false virtue works the cover story as 'discoverers'. That we are being lied to needs include our own thinking for our own reasons or motivations coming from a past we have largely masked over in a world of its unconscious re-enactment.

Monday, 6 January 2020

The idea that politics is the circus that hides it's active agenda

The idea that 'politics' is the circus that hides it's active agenda, is the idea that 'truth' is being contested by 'political process' from which identity is derived, strengthened or validated. It doesn't matter what facet of 'truth' is fought over - as long as truth is in pieces.

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
Couldn’t put Humpty together again.

Politics as social organisation - is how we choose or accept to socially organise - and to what we give priority of worth.

In giving power to unchecked technologism, as if to solve our communication/acceptance problems 'Out There' that are thus projected or 'false flagged' onto the realm of interpreted effects, we have a world in pieces - with priority given to means of leverage in a war of getting first so as not to lose. (A rendering of 'kill or be killed', put into marketing speak). Thus the real politic is of war made in the leverage of money, information, energy, food, medical and water supply. This chokehold on Life as Communication is called 'broad spectrum dominance' - as the corporate embodiment of the idea of fear-defined and directed control that both seeks its 'paradise' in fantasy gratifications that never actually resolve the underlying drive, need or compulsion - and yet identifies and protects in the fantasy of overcoming or escaping or at least controlling and managing an underlying sense of self-lack that is un-recognised and un-owned because it is falsely addressed or in common parlance false-flagged AWAY from 'self-fear' onto OTHER - as a cover-story or identity in self-control - or at least in the fantasy of such control set over against Total chaos, or Total Loss or Total humiliation in Total lack or annihilation/extinction.

Thus the 'rebellion' against 'feared extinction' works the identity or mindset of OVERRIDE upon Relational Communication (human being) as a psychopathic fear-fuelled PRIVATE agenda.
The breaking of a Relational Resonance of a synchronicity of mutually balancing interests within Wholeness - is the Broken Reality that is posited as a Golden Age that the 'King' as a focusing of collective power - is supposed to restore. The original idea of 'progress' was the restoration of what had been lost to Separation Trauma to a mind in pieces - that reinforced its investment in lack and pain of loss under grievance BY all attempts to escape or overcome its archetypal reiteration.

A self-reinforcing loop - is a kind of vortex of polarised charge that in terms of the human imagination or 'mapping and modelling of our existence' becomes a focus of 'self' within the Unspoken Self of Existence As Is. Bringing or 'letting' this 'self' into the quality of Current Self-Awareness - as a reintegrative embrace and acceptance - is our experience of revisiting and re-visioning our particular 'separation trauma' as the desire to truly know, and to heal the fracture of a mind set against itself (in other).

Countering the Reintegrative Movement of our own being, is the wish and sacrifice to a 'god' of vengeance that logically extends the idea of judging over Life as a 'jealous' or self-special self-possession and domination, and in usurping substitution for the God of Discernment within Wholeness in All Its Parts. Discernment is revealed to our willingness to receive it, as a true with-ness in place of strategically shifting alliances of a lack of identity seeking vindication, validation or power to become.

Truth is already true - without a word - but the word we give and receive can frame us in separation from wholeness of resonant Communication - and in competition, opposition and threat.
The psychopathic killer is rooted in a deep and blind hatred of being denied life - but without any awareness that the denial is in the word WE give and receive - and not set Other or Alien to us as a god or devil to rage at, or align in as rage made 'holy' by the fantasy of vengeance as victory over all 'denialism' flagged to Others.

Whenever 'Others' are used to symbol parts of ourself we hate, fear or deny, we are giving worth-ship to an Ancient Hate - as if a current reality - and so are dissociating from a Current discernment - in self-contractive recoil from Infinity - which embraces finity in true appreciation.

The closed system thinking of the 'tenant landlords whose Master had left them in charge' is that which kills the messengers of the Master in fear of dispossession - and then in fear of penalty.
The judgements we enact against 'Other' set up the measure of our own subjection.

Therefore the whole of the above is really about an aligning awareness within the Current discernment of relational being - that we each and together experience according to our resonance of recognition or dissonance of rejection - and make or model our reality upon. But in our true signature vibration we are without conflict. Taking in or taking on what does not belong to us, becomes the neglect, discard or denial of what truly does and which we thus truly share with others in free association.

Fear of life rises from taking in 'death' or anti-life as an opposing and ALIEN will - which then has all the life you give it as the seeming 'protector' of a separative self-specialness.

But I don't want to go among mad people," Alice remarked.
"Oh, you can't help that," said the Cat: "we're all mad here. I'm mad. You're mad."
"How do you know I'm mad?" said Alice.
"You must be," said the Cat, "or you wouldn't have come here.
~ Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

The translation of self-specialness to a special role in the Awakening - is to truly be who you are - and let your presence shine through what you do - whatever your life is the unfolding of.
Assigning presence to feared Powers or Principalities and THEN seeking to align for favour or appeasement of pain of loss is the 'religion' of fear and sacrifice.

Joy in being is the release of the idea of sacrifice, when you give freely of who you are because you know who you are and live this as your always current decision. Stating it clearly is to serve recognition of your own signature vibration - and thus show up the dissonances or baggage by which we struggle in the dark  as opportunity to let these be lightened.

The attempt to bring light to the darkness is the way of the sacrifice of light in sympathy for the 'life in pieces' but the willingness to let the dark be brought into the light of a current Self-Awareness is the movement of Compassion that embraces ALL of what is here instead of focusing in selected token presentations masking as the whole.

Our Part as an exclusive, is a partiality set as if against against truth. That we CAN choose to identify or create in the false is a masking 'mind' - but beneath that - is the recognition of freedom to accept truth. What does that mean? Everything - or rather it hold the Infinity of meaning. Recoil from Infinity is recoil from Intimacy - for a point that is Everywhere or All at once can hardly be little or large and so is beyond scale or comparison. But while we are Alive - we are involved in what we have accepted responsibility for, by opening or entering relationship WITH- and will not 'escape' who we are by shifting forms - so much as entangle within an incapacity to recognise anything true.

When the attempt to be what we are not is recognised to be a game no longer worth the candle, light is automatically withdrawn by giving attention to what IS worthy. But the trick of the mind works to SEEM to do this by opposing the unworthy rather than align in the worthy.

Worth is recognised by extension.
At the root of all being we extend what we accept and give focus to - as worthy of giving Life.
But this is One Movement - that may be given to 'double-thinking' of self-contradiction given weight of gravity (taken seriously).

Thought systems extend their premises. To operate under false premise is to limit and conflict with the true. I am inviting the Heart of Discernment in place of a system of targets and checkboxes to any dictate of 'correctness'. To seek and align in the balance point of an embracing communication or relationship rather than persist the polarising exclusivity may be called the 'zero-point' but a 'no thing' from which All That Is - knows itself within All That Is - can hardly be 'nothing' so much as a One in All that can only have experience through differentiation. The will for experience IS the valuing of self-differentiation as 'idea'.The will to know is the quality of recognition or re-integration.
Confusing the levels is to give Life to what you do NOT want as if you DO want it. Technologism cannot resolve what you WANT and DECIDE to align and embody. But it can serve the persistence of false-framing confusion as a DELAY in order to persist in negative or fear-framed fascination.

I met a woman walking her dog on the beach who threw pebbles into the sea that her dog loyally chased and always failed to find - but never failed to return to be given another. (This was the owner's routine walking the dog exercise). Unlike the owner, the dog was bright in presence - because its purpose was in its relationship. Not the pebble itself. Human thinking characteristically frames us in futility of LOST relational communication - call it love if you will.
Recognising this currently is the freedom to release an old pattern to be aligned by the movement of being - such as we are willing to know and be the experience. But it is also the releasing of a social or culturally adaptation and identification, worldview or sense of connection that is not actually what its seems.

Because limiting fear of pain and loss is not really where having and holding abide. Regardless how many 'agree' under its dictate and demands. Politics as conflict, sickness, debt and toxic consequence management is giving worth-ship to war and sickness as the driver of a usurping 'Economy' under an 'Alien will'.

I wrote this to
as a relational synchronicity.