Monday, 7 April 2014

Tont Blair sticks to his guns - and his chums!

Public opposition to war doesn't 'invalidate' invasion, says Tony Blair as he claims he saved Iraq from Syria-style civil war

Mr Blair offers a glimpse of a tip of the iceberg.
The Mafia 'capitalism' that is practised beneath the financial, political and corporate fa├žade is war. It has always been war by stealth and uses overt war when resisted, but in the past there were more checks and balances or natural limitations. Globalisation operates a consolidation of power - regardless of the appearance of 'nations'. Power corrupts.

Corruption's war is on all that lives. So of course anyone else's perspective - no matter how many or how honestly or passionately held - is invalid. The victors write the history, make the movies, and manage perceptions. Therefore victory is the only politics. Power dictates all outcomes and uses whatever means it determines. What is the power behind Mr Blair? It isn't the Labour Party!

Overt war such as on Iraq is waged on nations that block or attempt to break away from the global dominance of the so called 'west'. And when required, on institutions, corporations, science, media or anything else that does not align to its directives.
War is used to destabilise all sides of conflict and profit from destruction.

The adage and modus operandi of such power is divide and rule. To some degree we already have differences and fears that can be fanned into flames. And new terror threats can be designed to shock and hold a state of emergency... indefinitely? Or long enough to establish conditions that cannot be overturned or reversed.

None of which allows for the natural processes and functions of consciousness, community, society to align along healthy or wholistic lines of growing trust and communication. Technocracy is a cover for power agenda. Modern Economics is not a science, it is a weapon.

True economics is the Golden Rule - and is succinctly stated in what you put out, is what you get back. This does not SEEM true because we are already deceived into a scam that costs us our vision. But it is true. What You put out is what You get back.
If you put forth ideas of vengeance... there you go.

I feel that things are getting to such a situation as to refect our consciousness back to us as crazy, addicted, insane. Only in realising we are insane can a spark of sanity begin to light the way. Otherwise see everyone ELSE as insane and join Mr Blair.

Israel, a symbol of segregation and war

True peace is worth more than war can imagine.

To say one thing and act another does not invite or elicit trust in the integrity of anyone's word. The 'price' for peace is that of 'forsaking' war as our guide and protector. Perhaps this freedom is only available to individuals, who then open a new collective possibility.

Incongruence of word and action says; "we choose to assert power and use words to justify that power over and against others - who are not our kind nor recognized as kindred. And we use words to present ourselves as we choose to be seen - as hated, threatened, persecuted... and so in vengeance, to be feared".

As if to be feared is to be honoured and loved. As if power over others answers some deep hidden outrage that can never be assuaged or healed.

True peace connects us within ourselves and such presence of congruency extends without desire or need for coercion or deception. There's no peace without self-honesty! To merely see others as unworthy is not to see the mind we are seeing WITH.

The power of our peace is a unified resolve. No matter how intensely or forcefully one might impose a segregated 'unity' upon the 'other' - (as reflection of our own consciousness) - it can only enact the choice for a mind at war - a mind that cannot 'live' without an enemy of its own rejected and projected shadow self, for it has no positively integrated being to extend and multiply.

'Israel' it's peoples, its leaders, its international supporters - all are a potent symbol in the world, that reflects a mind divided against itself. A mind that 'knows not what it does' - for it believes it own word as the only world it knows and so sees no cause for going within and beholding all things anew.

'Eradicating' problems, only propagates their causes. Bringing the true and full nature of human problems to the light of a simple and innocent curiosity will always seem humiliating to our pride, to our asserted identities, yet is ever known to be the way to a peace on which a true order can grow. The 'peace' that war brings is perpetual war in the FORM of an imposed and engineered 'unity'. The old may need to believe it, but the young will feel no life and so will bring it no life.
The idea that war and shock can be used to make the new mind - or world order - is a deceit. But the willingness to look upon deceit and know it for what it is must uncover that which is undeceived unto itself.

Action and reaction are the old world of opposition. Resonance and relevance are the discerning of the new. If  we use the new within the focus of the old we recreate and reenact the old as if it is the old!

War is a way of navigating fundamental shifts, distraction in war is a kind of amnesia to one's peace. All our weapons point back upon ourselves - but within a split mind it seems as if war can be won. The 'victory' of war is a split minded war upon peace.

Peace is dynamic, challenging and calling upon resources we do not know we possess until we choose to align and act in faith of them.

If Israel - in its full international aspect, wants peace, then let it be revealed as a recognizable truth. If they are divided, let it be seen that the choice for division is already a choice for opposition as the operating mentality.

My prayer is that Israel and indeed humanity, does not want war at any price. It is not a petition to 'coerce' or persuade the Mind or minds of others. It is simply witnessing to Potential of another perspective.

Without a greater perspective we limit ourselves to seek freedom and power where it can not be found and then suffer as if it's denial were the act of the 'other' or in outrage at Life itself.

There is hatred in our hearts that is not owned and so is beyond the reach of healing until it 'comes home'. This is not punishment, but consequence. We cannot change what we have not owned and cannot see what we refuse to own.

All of us who are not awake are in some sense exiles seeking to establish a home in adversity, for such is the mortal condition of our physical existence if taken out of its true context. But true home is uncovered and restored as a true foundation that recognizes itself in all.